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How Ellen Tordesillas inspired me to form an opinion about Charter Change

Up until now, I didn’t have a strong stand on whether the Constitution of the Philippines should be changed or not. That’s just me being consistent with my focus on issues and ideas to do with the fundamental nature of … Continue reading

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Filipinos, it's time to take back our Government!

It’s been a while since there was anything in the mainstream media that was worth reading. One can’t even read some of the articles for mere entertainment value alone because most of the columnists are either too politically correct or … Continue reading

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The payload of mind-poison in every ABS-CBN product

With ABS-CBN, before you can even get your head around evaluating the content of their programs, you need to get past their garish manner of presentation first — all those bells and whistles and fancy jeepney-like colour and graphics splashed … Continue reading

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Setting quantifiable targets for the future: Does Noynoy Aquino have the guts to do it?

Any Government is quick to associate itself — or worse, credit itself — with statistics that describe some kind of success or achievement for the nation. Even as the editor struggled to find Filipino “achievements” in 2010, Presidential Spokesperson … Continue reading

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A pathetic accounting of Filipino achievements in 2010 by the Inquirer editor

Having just finished an article indicting the ho-hum tradition of hacks issuing corny messages of “hope” that the Filipino can latch on to every time old gives way to new year, where else but in the do we find … Continue reading

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