Noynoy Aquino Losing His Grip

The signs are everywhere. It’s right under everyone’s noses. You can practically trip over it. For the metaphorically-challenged, there’s a Filipino saying, “Kung ahas yan, nakagat ka na!” But why can’t Noynoy Aquino supporters see that he is neither ready nor qualified to lead our country? I’d like to know what medication they are on because they continue to hallucinate.

The same signs were there just before Joseph “Erap” Estrada was voted in as President, yet his supporters never wavered in their faith that Erap was para sa mahirap (“pro-poor”). Erap helped pioneer the idea that you don’t have to be intelligent or smart to become a leader of a free nation. He was the butt of all jokes but he also went laughing all the way to the bank. He also undermined the moral fibre of society by parading his mistresses, his gambling, and his alcohol addiction. He mistook the adulation and support as a license to run amuck. I believe giving Noynoy Aquino the same level of support without a commensurate expectation placed upon him to lift his game will give him the same sort of blindness to the incompetence that is likely going to mark the 2010-2016 administration.

In an article published recently in The Manila Times Tony Lopez highlights Noynoy Aquino’s progressive loss of his lead in a recent Social Weather Stations survey. This is great news:

So why is Noynoy losing support? The answer plainly is that the Cory euphoria has begun to wear thin to the public, which started to view Noynoy on his own merits. Aside from being the only son of the martyred Ninoy Aquino and the beloved Cory Cojuangco Aquino, Noynoy, 50 this February, is basically just a politician, having been a congressman for nine years and a senator for almost three years. What did he do in all those years?

Another columnist, Jojo Robles in the Manila Standard Today goes further to analyse Noynoy’s years in the private sector, a stint in Mondragon which was owned by an avid Cory and Ninoy supporter, Jose Antonio Gonzales:

Apparently stung by charges that his own (as opposed to his parents’ or even sister Kris’) resume is distinguished by a serious lack of experience in anything other than occupying his hometown’s congressional seat for nine years and spending three years so far in the Senate, Aquino proclaimed that, according to one obviously overawed newspaper report about Noynoy’s “experience in the private sector,” he was “a member of the team that helped Nike become popular in the country in the mid-1980s.

Doing what, exactly? Well, from 1985 to 1986, Noynoy Aquino was retail sales supervisor and youth promotions assistant for Nike Philippines and later an assistant for advertising and promotion for Mondragon Philippines, which once held exclusive distributorship rights to the Nike brand.

Obviously, the house of cards is starting to crumble. Unlike during Erap’s time, online campaigning has never been such a significant part of the race. Pro-Noynoy and anti-Noynoy supporters are at each other’s throats on the blogosphere just like what I mentioned in my profile of Noynoy Aquino. But like a spoilsport, Noynoy supporters are now blaming his decline in the polls on the aggressive online advertising of the other presidential contender, Manny Villar. Gees. They play the game but if they lose, they will say the opponent was unfair.

Even the blog site Filipino Voices which was once infested with Noynoy Aquino supporters is struggling to prop up their arguments for supporting Noynoy. Resident blogger and self-described Noynoy supporter Manuel Buencamino is just resorting to lame speculation about Villar being a Gloria Arroyo top dog. Buencamino also said the same thing about Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro — that an endorsement from Arroyo is like a “kiss of death”. Why does everyone think that if you associate yourself with Gloria, you are already evil? Don’t they know that each person is different? Likewise, if you work together with the leader of the country, it doesn’t mean you are bad, you are just recognising that you still have to report to the boss even if you don’t agree with the way he or she runs the show. For a nation who keeps preaching “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, they keep judging people by association.

When will Filipinos ever accept that a candidate who wins the presidency won it fair and square anyway? It seems that it’s always a case of “they cheated, that’s why he/she won!” How can people trust their leaders when even before starting the job, Filipinos already decided that he/she is a cheat? As Vince Lombardi would say, “If you can’t accept losing, you can’t win.” C’mon Noynoy supporters, don’t you think that riding on the popularity and achievements of someone’s parents is considered cheating too?

Painful as it may be for me to do so, I herewith give the following unsolicited advice to Noynoy supporters just in case their “man” loses the election:

1. Concede like a true man or woman. You will gain more respect this way.

2. Don’t be a sore loser by spreading lies about being cheated on. People will see through your lies eventually.

3. Accept that you have played the game and lost. There’s always a winner and a loser. There cannot be a tie in a presidential election.

4. Bow down to your new master to make life easier for you. The sooner you accept that there will only be one party to call the shots, the better for you.

5. Be the best person that you can be. Even if your candidate won or lost the fight, you as a person still win if you strive to perfection in your own craft.

So, Noynoy supporters, it will only hurt for a while but you gotta admit, it’s starting to show that your candidate is not a winner after all. Just look at it this way, if he does win, we all lose.

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50 Responses to Noynoy Aquino Losing His Grip

  1. Chino says:

    We’re going on a…. Road to NOYwhere… hehe

  2. UP n grad says:

    “”… if he does win, we all lose.” You can throw a punch for sure.

    Now Manuel Buencamino and Abe Margallo will really feel more pain when NoyNoy lead drops another 2 points next month. Every forum / debate seems to get NoyNoy in trouble.

    “Tapos na ang pakikilamay ko,” one waiter said. “Ano nga ba ang magagawa ni Noynoy, kailangang isipin.”

    • ilda says:

      I think they underestimated the intelligence of the average worker. When people are tired and hungry, they don’t have time to be emotional anymore. If Noynoy keeps skipping every forum or debate no matter how insignificant to him, people will start asking why. Finally, the cracks are showing.

  3. elevicpernis says:

    Just want to share this forum post from a certain KenQube. He used to support Noynoy, but an incident made him to change his mind.

    Damn i Changed my mind…

    Last night i was Driving home for Cavite… About 2am… That is when i felt my tummy Groaned for food so i Drove thru a Fastfood @ Macapagal Blvd. when this black Cadillac SUV went by when i was to enter the driveway… Nag CUT xa ng alanganin para maunahan lang ako at halatang nag mamadali sila. So i honk my horn to let the Driver of that SUV know how stupid he Drives… Then some Guy in a Barong got off the SUV then approached me. i Quickly grabbed my Phone Just in case… May Gun Ban kasi kaya Phone lang… so he knocked at my window… i opened it just enough to hear what he will say… then he said ” May problema ba Sir… Nagmamadali si Senator… Kayo rin ba?”… “OO.. sino bang Senador Boss mo?” i replied. The Guy walked away siguro nakita yung Sticko sa Windshield ko… so Minutes later.. kinuha na ng Fastfood Crew yung Order ko… Then i asked the Crew kung nakita nya kung sinong senator nakasakay sa SUV na yun… He answered ” Si senator Aquino sir…”

    Ano pa kaya Kayang Gawin nila Pag nanalo sila….. Buti nalang…
    i Said to myself i will change my Comments sa Thread na to FIRST THING in the morning to let my KASULITs know…..


    GORDON na ako at Buong Family ko…..

    • ilda says:

      Good one Elevicpernis. I’m not surprised this happened. Our public officials have been used to being treated like royalty and Noynoy is no exception. Especially since their family is seen as the Kennedy’s of the Phils. Thanks for sharing this. The more people know, the better for the voting public.

  4. Conyo says:

    Maybe another famous relative of Noynoy will die soon and then BOOM—90% Noynoy ulit ang mga gagong masa. Don’t underestimate dumb luck in influencing historical events.

    See you at Starbucks πŸ™‚

    • ilda says:

      Oh Conyo, where have you been? I was trying to find you at starbucks but you failed to mention what branch you hang out 😦

      By the looks of it, Noynoy supporters need something dramatic to happen in their favour so the tide can turn Noynoy’s way again.

      See you at the movies πŸ™‚

    • @Conyo: i will not be surprised if either the balls-scratcher in the senate or the biatch sister gets assassinated. but if the biatch sister gets hit, that will earn “His Laziness” more sympathy. BOOM!!!

  5. Conyo says:


    My New Year’s resolution was to be more positive in life πŸ™‚

    I suppose I’ve broken it already!

    Seriously: How can someone stay positive with all this crap going on?

    We all have our coping mechanisms. Some people try to save the country by blogging but that’s just not my calling—I ain’t that talented (or naive). So I will just hang out at Starbucks and pretend to be cool.

    See you at Starbucks πŸ™‚

    P.S. Movies are a good way to escape as well. Problem is, after the credits roll, I am back in this miserable existence. Why can’t I just join Starfleet and make my father (who commanded a Starship, The USS Manuel Quezon III) proud?

    • ilda says:


      If you want to stay positive, I suggest you skip the film 2012. Mate, at the end of the film you will tell yourself, “WTheck, it is so hard to stay alive!” You will wonder why John Cusack and Co. didn’t just join Woody Harelson and embrace doom. After all they went through, their Ark just ended up on some part of Africa. Which means they have to start again from scratch with no computer, no cellphone and worse of all, no indoor plumbing…oops…I just describe some parts of the Philippines πŸ™‚

      Seriously speaking, you can’t adapt an all out positive approach to everything. That’s just wrong. Remember, to cope in the environment you are living in, you need to be a realist.

      Try the film Avatar, it’s ok but as you said, when the credits roll in, you will ask yourself again “What was that about?”

      See you at the movies πŸ™‚

  6. Conyo says:


    2012 was depressing indeed. Imagine a life with Starbucks? I would kill myself.

    Avatar is true escapism (especially in Imax) but, if you think about it, parang Dances With Wolves with Aliens instead of Indians lang ito diba?

    But, on a DARE, I went and sat through Panday! One of the funniest movies I have seen in my life…. although I am sure that the director didn’t intend it to be comedy πŸ™‚

    See you at Starbucks πŸ™‚

    • ilda says:

      You probably meant to say ‘life without starbucks.’ That would be good for you. Caffeine can make you feel a little down after the effects of the high wears off (or am I talking about something else here? hehe).

      Dances with Wolves?? You are right. Mr Smith meets Pocahontas. But you’re showing your age my dahling…that was back when Kevin Costner was still a hit like how Zac Efron is a hit now.

      Panday the Movie? I didn’t realise that the CGI effects in the country is now better than Hollywood. Did they remake that film with the image and likeness of FPJ? πŸ™‚

      See you at the movies πŸ™‚

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  9. yobrufo says:

    I believe in Noy. In choosing the next president I use my head as well as my heart or gut feel.

    I would vote for him because his closest rival is a greedy businessman and a wise crook.

    I would vote for him because I believe that in contrast to his nearest rival who will go to great lengths to achieve his goal, Noy does not lust for power and in that sense is least likely to be corrup and most likely to govern for all including the poor and the homeless.

    Most of all, I will vote for Noy because of his character. The Luisita issue is not his own issue alone. While the C5 Extension Project is clearly the result of influence spawned by bestial greed.

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      Then you need to get your head checked cuz it’s giving you the wrong results. Time to defrag ofurboy!

      When do we party at Hacienda Luisita?

    • Ey rufoboy,

      I believe that the Ignoyans use their and not their minds.

      I would rather vote for that greedy businessmen whether he is Villar, Henry Sy or Gokongwei than a no-do-gooder-balls-scratching-lazy-basterd at the senate. in the Philippines you need to be greedier than the Cojuancos, Lopezes and the Ayalas in order to become a tycoon. Perhaps i’d vote that Harvardian lawyer who kisses the butt of a president with a lot of portfolios and credentials to dangle with than a moron who thinks that FISCALIZING is a function or the only function of a senator. My other option would be someone who likes grandstanding in front of TV cameras saying axioms as WOW AND RISE ABOVE IT… BUT GETS THE JOB DONE than a who doesn’t even have an itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny drive to excel and improve his educational and professional credentials.

      I believe that it is stoopid for any person to vote for a who thinks he can fool all of the voting population with FATHER-MOTHER-I (TATAYINA-AKO) axiom is already an accomplishment… He can never govern anyone… governance is not in his vocabulary… LAZINESS is. The poor and the homeless are not even close to his heart… He just wants to have them killed. Anti-corruption is his rant but he is corrupt himself. Getting a salary from the government without accomplishing anything is his forte.

      I will not vote for IGNOY because HE HAS NO CHARACTER. ooops correction… he is a character… A COMIC CHARACTER… any person who thinks he is a SAVIOUR and a FIGHTER OF EVIL can only be seen in Cocoy’s comic books. Boy oh boy… as a graduate of B Economics of Areneo he should have known that each labor unit is his responsibility as a congressman of Tarlac. Ergo, luisita farmers are his responsibility… those killed are his constituents… the laborers of their plantation…

      C5 is surely spawned by greed… no doubt… you can even add the Daang Hari… but those who have signed for their approval needs to be shouted at… HEY YOU FISCALIZERS!!! PAK YU!!! WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU ALLOW THAT GREEDY BASTERD VILLAR TO HAVE THESE INSERSTIONS?

      • noynoy from mandaluyong says:

        HARDCORE !!! i love the way you’re thinking…i hope that a lot of Filipinos can have realizations like yours…

    • ilda says:

      Hi Yobrufo

      Thanks for your comment. It’s not everyday we get a visit from a pro-Noynoy supporter.

      Your assertions are all based on your perception of Noynoy and Villar though. None of us know their true character. That’s why we have to base our decision on performance and record of competency in their previous and current jobs.

      You are basing your character assessment of Noynoy on his parent’s legacy and Villar on allegations that he put money in his pocket.

      I’m sure your decision to vote for Noynoy has a lot to do with the fact that he is Ninoy and Cory’s son. If this is the case, his association with Hacienda Luisita should also stick. They go together.

      As for Villar, it’s funny because none of the allegations directed at him seem to stick with his supporters. I’m not supporting him. I just find it funny that voters only have two options. It’s between popularity and catchy jingle/advertisement.

      You are free to vote whoever you like. Just vote wisely my friend.

      Good luck!

      • madame ilda….

        woooooot…. hehehe… sorry i can’t help it… thank you for translating my “FV-unacceptable” form of posting… next time i’ll try your format… hehehehe… ayoko nang maging member welcoming committee…


        i’m sorry if my biases have been expressed with a little touch of vulgarity. welcome to anti pinoy. be assured that BongV will not delete any of your responses. If he’s done so I will declare him persona-non-grata at any of the SM and Robinson’s malls.

      • ilda says:

        No problem Jet. We are all a work in progress. Even those who claim to have the moral high ground over us lose their marbles once in a while (you know who I’m talking about ). I just don’t want a repeat of last week’s fiasco!


    • Jay says:


      I hope you can match the intensity and willingness for our vote to Mr. Gordon. Or even those for Mr. Teodoro. We know the issues, what they bring to the table and very confident to follow them through all six years of their presidency, because they offer legitimate solutions to real issues including corruption (everyone wants to deal with that, not just Noynoy), economic growth and Mr. Gordon can show the people how to appreciate the progress of real effort and discipline, a kind of attitude you can already integrate with being nice in general.

      Try waking up every day, for the next 6 years when Noynoy becomes president. And tell us you’d follow his decisions all the way and continue supporting him. And never EVER bring up potential EDSA talks. And NEVER whine about his lack of effort or not being nice enough to the people or not making the right executive decisions.

  10. interesting group of people who share the same sentiment as i do. however, i am not as vocal as you guys are. I am more of a “graphic” person so please don’t hesitate to visit my blog (of course without words) and tell me what you think of my vids against the high and mighty prince of the Hacienda.

  11. pOll says:

    Just joined in..

    Please vote someone who is CAPABLE to LEAD and has a REALISTIC and CLEAR plan for our nation…

    Lets vote using our mind and conscience and be critical in evaluating the candidates especially the president since our vote now will determine the course of our country for the next 6 years and maybe more… Enough about who’s popular or who’s richer, vote someone who is not joining in the mud slinging frenzy..

    I had enough of the mud slinging and unrealistic promises which are the real signs of a TraPo…

    tnx… πŸ˜‰

    • ilda says:

      I’m with you on that. Please spread the message around. We only have a few more weeks to go.

      Thanks pOll. Welcome to AP. πŸ™‚

    • Jay says:

      You’ll learn here what kind of promises are realistic in this site. I kid you not. Because those are the promises worth fighting for. Not the idealistic fluff about Nationalism and Patriotism and Ninoy’s dead words.

      WE FIGHT FOR LOOOOVE! (fack year Power Station)

  12. bacchicola says:

    basta hindi namin iboboto si noynoy…tama na ang pagpapakatanga…di tayo palalamunin ng demokryasya mo..ayoko magpagamit sa mga oportunistang pamilya gaya ng mga aquino.di aq papaloko sa pgging relihiyoso mo.wag mo gamitin at ng pamilya mo ang relihiyon..bobo lang ang boboto sau!

    • ilda says:

      Good on you bacchicola!

      I’ve always wondered why Kris Aquino still behaves the way she does despite all the praying they do.

      Majority of Noynoy supporters are self-righteous kagaya ng mga Aquinos. Do you want to know why? Because they keep saying that Noynoy is a good person and they don’t care if he’s not even competent basta lang mabait.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        I can imagine the scenario of a Noy win… Ignoy being his sisters’ figurehead… Kris being the woman behind the throne… The sheer thought sends chills down my spine.

      • BernardP says:

        Hmm so if I am a “mabait na tao” does that mean I’m qualified to run for the presidency? I think not, I want a candidate that actually has a solid platform and not just muttering “We will continue to fight”, if I heard that line I would ask them “against what?” and follow up with “what are you fighting for?”. I am actually a GiBo supporter simply because of his plans of education where he can give each household at least one college grad. GiBo’s educational platform maybe base on how the education system works here in the US, where everyone can take a loan out and instead of giving it to the person it gives it directly to the school. So NoyNoy supporters if I ask you what is your candidate planning to do for the country I don’t want a response of “He will end corruption” I just don’t want to know what you will do but I also want to know how will you do it.

      • ilda says:

        Hi BernardP

        Yes – HOW?

        It should be simple enought to answer.

  13. guest says:

    I’m rooting for Gilbert Teodoro. I hope and pray that he wins. I agree with his platform of governance. And also his stand on the constitution issue.

    Ok, on to personality politics…

    Sila ni Gordon dapat ang tinitingala. Benchmark or inspiration kumbaga, most especially ng mga youth. They excel in their field. They are achievers. Hindi kagaya ng iba dyan.

  14. MJ says:

    “Majority of Noynoy supporters are self-righteous kagaya ng mga Aquinos. Do you want to know why? Because they keep saying that Noynoy is a good person and they don’t care if he’s not even competent basta lang mabait.”—
    i’m a catholic pero yang pagiging ‘self righteous’ na yan ‘daw” ay mostly hypocrisy. ang tamaan po wag magagalit. makita lang na laging nagsisimba,mabait na toink! ‘banal na aso, santong kabayo natatawa ako hihihi sayo!’.. no to noynoy , no way man! @ilda -i listen mostly to heavy metal music. nasa maling artikulo ba ako? lol wala lang, naalala ko lang yung isang post mo πŸ˜€ thanks ulit. you’re very intellectual.

  15. MJ says:

    noynoy aquino is a nut case. that’s my say. hmmm well…. grrrr just look at him! look at him! now, tell me is he not???

  16. Jackson Micheal says:

    @MJ: Okay, He is not! He is not normal πŸ˜€ abnoy yan si noynoy. Unang tingin palang, sa pag galaw, sa paglalakad, sa pag sasalita, NOT NORMAL. . Yan ang gusto ninyong presidente? oh come on… MASAYANG LANG ANG BOTO NINYO.

  17. ispanj bab says:

    Yan mga supporters ni Noynoy, parang mga hindi nag-iisip sa totoo lang, basta mabait ok na sa kanila, Oo nga mabait, EH ANO MAGAGAWA NG BAIT NIYA KUNG WALA SIYANG ALAM? SA SENADO NGA WALA SIYANG NAGAWA EH! NASAYANG LANG DATONG NG PILIPINAS PINANG PA-SWELDO SA KANYA.

  18. ALLYSANDRA says:

    karapatdapat talaga si manny villar para manalo. Black propaganda ni noynoy at ang negative campainging niya made me realize how bad of a person noynoy is. Pareho sila ni kris masama ugali.

  19. againstmrdemented says:

    ngoyngoy palaboy. Daig pa niya yung baliw sa may amin kung makapagsalita. At least may laman pa yung sinasabi ng baliw sa amin. Yung si noynoy, for someone na edukado, walang laman ang mga sinasabi niya.

  20. masungit says:

    aba ang tatalino ng mga ito!!!! putsang ALLYSANDRA ito wag mo nga kaladkarin ang pangalan niyang si villar dito, isiksik mo na lang yan sa singit mo ano!!! at saka bakit antipinoy ang pangalan ng website na to, bakit kalaban ba kayo ng mga pinoy?!!! puro ingles kaya hindi maintindihan ng lahat!!!

    itong Ilda na to ……. hindi ako naiingit kung matalinaw ka ha … hindi, hinding-hindi!!!!!! @#!#@!$#@%%^

    saan ba yang starbucks na yan at doon tayo magsuntukan?!! tse makaalis na nga mga NGETPA!!!

    • waitwat says:

      Sabay ok na ok magtrabaho sa call center at mag nurse sa ibang bansa pero kinamumuhian ang inggles. Hipokrito. LOL

      Ni-hindi binasa ang disclaimer at iba pang dapat basahin bago magbunganga ng kagaguhan. Ang pinaka pangit ay ang pinapakita mong ugali.

      • masungit says:

        aha sumagot ang tinamaan nyahahaha pangit!!! pangit!!!

      • waitwat says:

        AAhhh… panget na kung panget. Hindi ko naman pinababalandra muka ko e. At least hindi masungit.

      • masungit says:

        biro lang yan waitwat. alam ko naman na hindi ka ganoon kapanget eh nyahahaha!! nakupo biro lang ulit. gusto ko lang pasayahin ka.. hayaan mo at ilibre kita, kahit ano gusto mo hehehe… wag lang kotse ano!!

  21. masungit says:

    bwisit na JET HERNANDEZ ito!!! puro ingles, ayan binasa ko ng 100 beses!!! ang masasabi ko lang TAMA KA DYAN!!! pero sa susunod TAGALUGIN MO ANO!!!!

  22. masungit says:

    bakit ba merong picture ni gordon dito sa right side??? yang si gordon ubod ng kaartehan, pa-cute daig pa ang mga bakla!!! pakitanggal nga yang picture na yan at nakakasuka ang pagmumukha!!!!

    at ikaw ilda, ikaw ba yang nasa picture mo na yan???!! ha?!!! ha?!!!! maganda yang picture na yan ha!! kung ikaw nga yan …. well ….. hmmm …..

  23. BernardP says:

    Hi ilda

    I’m just tired of hearing this mad man (Noy Noy) rambling on without a solid plan on how he will do anything he says. I think the only ones I heard that has a solid plans were GiBo and Dick Gordon, but other than than I heard nothing on how they will achieve what these idiots are promising.

    • ilda says:

      You are not alone. In fact, I’m so disgusted at the blatant dishonesty just to claim the presidency . This is why we are working hard here at AP to stop the madness. You can help us by spreading our messages. We need to unite against this tyranny.


      • BernardP says:

        The biggest problem is the media’s blatant brainwashing of the general populace. I mean look at ABS-CBN it does not take a rocket scientist to see that they are backing one of their biggest star’s big brother,and this survey companies are the worst since your popularity depends on how much money you give them. 4w

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