Noynoy Aquino's yellow bus of convenient circumstances

Philippine blogosphere commentator par excellence Mr Joe America is on a roll! Over at, he adds yet another very insightful set of ideas (now in the form of a really hard question) to the national “debate” with regard to the campaign of runaway hit presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III:

Mr. Aquino’s strings: parents’ legacies, church, sister, funders, handlers . . . is he the leader or the follower? The architect or the subject of others’ dreams and architecture?

In light of Mr America’s undergoing a mini Age of Enlightenment, I thought I’d take the role for the second time as de facto developer of his groundbreaking insight into proper treatises. As I reiterate in my comment over at that busy hive of insightful thought, this is a very astute observation as usual Mr America. It’s almost like Noynoy simply stepped onto a moving bus and went along for the ride — a presidential campaign served to him on the sort of silver platter befitting a Haciendero’s Son.

It becomes clearer by the day why Noynoy routinely cowers from the light of free enquiry — because the minute he steps outside of that proverbial bus the smallness of the stature of his intellect and statesmanship becomes so readily apparent.

Noynoy simply goes with wherever the circumstances that surround him take him.

If that is what Pinoys consider to be a “leader” then it’s small wonder why not one good one seems to ever emerge even from what seems to be a big pool of more than 90 million souls. It is the reason why many of the really good ones or ones that show the slightest hint of potential leave for greener pasteurs. It is because Da Pinas is a society that does not reward true vision, true substance, and true leadership and instead coddles the shallow, the superficial, and the feeble-minded of the lot.

Indeed, this is a society that has doomed itself to selecting among lesser evils rather than from the best of breed.

Way back in 2006, I wrote in my book how:

Filipinos are spoon-fed behavioural cues and schools of thought rather than encouraged to explore, evaluate, and create options. I emphasise the “create” part. While there is a lot of opportunity to prosper by choosing the best from among known paths, there are far more vast potential payoffs in finding new paths to tread [boldface introduced in this blog for emphasis].

Our lack of inclination as a people (and as reflected by Mr Popularity himself) to step up to making bold leaps of imagination is disturbing to say the least considering that:

[…] huge leaps of development are now required for the Philippines to catch up with the rest of the world – the kinds of leaps fuelled by creativity and innovation.

Noynoy Aquino is a candidate who cannot even apply an ounce of imagination and originality to his own campaign. Can we truly say that such a man can be expected to introduce that much-needed breath of fresh air into the festering rot that executive governance in the Philippines has become?

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2 Responses to Noynoy Aquino's yellow bus of convenient circumstances

  1. Chino says:

    “Goes with what’s around him.” Sounds like the typical Pinoy. Just goes with the flow, even if the flow leads them to disaster. Maybe that’s what makes him appeal to his admirers. Being so typical.

  2. Conyo says:


    Damn man. Am I high on drugs or has the whole Pinoy blogosphere has gone into retard mode?

    You gotta admit that by attacking those dumbasses at FV, the Antipinoy crowd starts to look just as bad as them. Or let me translate into tagalog: mga tanga lang ang pumapatol sa mga tanga.

    C’mon dude, I miss your thought provoking articles.

    See you at Starbucks 🙂

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