There is still time to BURY Noynoy Aquino!

Filipinos everywhere are now rising to a call that befits a true society of the 21st Century! Rather than flock towards the comfy and brain-atrophying forces of primitivism (heroes, bread, and circuses), we are now taking the road-less-traveled with the sort of courage and conviction that breeds truly great nations.

With ninety days to go still, erstwhile presidentiable choice of the star-struck Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s long on-going slow-but-sure sink at the polls reaches a psychological milestone as a leading rival begins to overtake his lead. Regardless of who becomes president (as if whoever is president makes much of a difference in a society where dysfunction is pretty much ingrained at its very fabric) the last vestiges of the kind of ocho-ocho politics that are sad relics of the utterly wasted 1986 “revolution” that made one-time “heroes” of fishball-chomping street parliamentarians is finally being laid to rest.

Out of the ashes of that euphoric but addictive political drug that painted the colour yellow over much of the last fifth of 20th Century Philippine history, comes true evidence of hope that Filipinos are finally moving on from the bankruptcy that their intellect had suffered from decades of hollow-headed demagoguery in the hands of their neuron-killing traditional political “experts”. Indeed, when one sinks to the pathetic low of likening Noynoy Aquino to U.S. President Barack Obama, the real outrage becomes more about the prospect of the ordinary Filipino blog reader continuing to lap up such obviously moronic “insights”.

But in order to move on from those sad — but hopefully temporary — blights in the Filipino’s collective intellect that I have made my personal mission to string up across cyberspace for the global community to gawk at, we need to fill a philosophical void in the already barren landscape of Pinoy thought, one that was so well expressed by esteemed blogger Reyna Elena in the following excerpt from his lament over the spiralling fortunes of Noynoy Aquino:

You see, CHANGE will not happen if people don’t want to change! I guess in their minds, nothing is broken.

He implies, of course, that Noynoy Aquino stands for “change” and his closest rival stands for the status quo — an assertion that, regardless of who this “rival” is, in reality, lacks any solid basis. The fact of the matter is, these surprises we are seeing in the survey numbers (reflecting a characteristic volatility in Filipino’s tastes for their politicians) point to the vacuousness of much of what underpins any of these candidates’ campaigns. Filipino voters get sold on the personality rather than on any kind of palpable change that said candidate pitches or, worse, on meaningless political goals rather than on any true personal principles they harbour.

[What follows over the next several paragraphs is based on a comment I posted on that blog article]

People do not “want” to “change” because those candidates who make a pitch for the highest office in the land fail to provide a clear roadmap for change. They do not articulate in categorical terms how they envision the Philippines of 2016, nor do they take strong positions on relevant issues that impact or enhance our ability to change to begin with.

How then does one even begin to expect Filipinos’ lazy arses to move in the right direction when no such direction is even discussed or debated to begin with.

It is indeed quite simple folks:

Filipinos deserve their government.

– and –

Filipino leaders reflect the character of their constituents.

There is no infinite regress in blame to step back to here. Ultimately three fingers point back to the average Pinoy schmoe whenever they presume to judge their leaders with their pretensious “morality”. Burying the so-Twentieth-Century brand equity of bozo politicians like Noynoy Aquino is but a first step in the long road to true enlightenment in our society. But it is a first step we have not seen in the more than half a century since these famous words were spoken:

I would rather have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos than a Philippines run like heaven by the Americans.


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20 Responses to There is still time to BURY Noynoy Aquino!

  1. Tondo Tom says:

    Now we are talking!

    This essentially refutes the argument of those who wanted people to choose Noynoy for winnability. Finally, this election is getting interesting.

  2. rego says:

    yup nabuhayan din ako ng loob. But still the senatorial survey is not very encouraging…

    • Crazy Canadian says:


      Let me give you some advice.

      When playing the stick game Sha-Toh, the first two stages are not very important. It’s the third stage, the one called Bati-Cobra, where the game is won. Make sure you hit the stick 3 or 4 times so you get triple or quadruple points!

  3. ilda says:


    You sound very hopeful in your blog, hehe.

    Another spin on Reyna Elena’s statement would be:

    You see, CHANGE will not happen if people don’t want to change their chosen candidate from another Aquino to someone else more qualified!

    See you around! 🙂

  4. rego says:


    Heres a very enteresting revelatio from Manolo Quezon column:

    ” Manny Villar is strong in the 25-34 (10 points) and 35-44 (4 points) age groups”

    The hope of the country seems to lie on these “enlightened and independent thinking ” age groups.

  5. benign0 says:

    @ rego,

    There could also be something about how the older generation grew up with the more deeply ingrained but one-dimensional notion that corruption is the mother of all roadblocks to progress.

    The younger generations on the other hand perhaps grew up with in an environment that afforded them the opportunity put corruption in a different perspective and see it as just one cost to living and doing business in Pinoy society (compensated for by other things which did not exist during, say, in the Marcos years).

    As BongV put it in a previous blog of his:

    Noynoy’s solution however is a tired solution – the same old tired solution peddled to generate different results – Noynoy and his handlers expect something new out of this same old solution – and for lack of critical thought – suckers are buying.

    Noynoy’s solution approaches corruption as if it were just a matter of putting in place administrative/institutional reforms to address systemic corruption. Administrative reforms are obviously important – but on their own, are not enough to address systemic corruption.

    I believe this systemic nature of corruption actually has to do with a system more aptly characterised by a lack of trust — something I discuss extensively in a previous article as well. In that article, I regard “corruption” as a mere symptom of a deeper system of distrust that is ingrained at the very fabric of Pinoy society; i.e.;

    Our failed efforts to combat corruption are echoed by the hollowness of the above-cited slogans. They have one thing in common: They all address the symptom and not the root cause. Corruption is a mere symptom of an underlying dysfunction — lack of trust. And as we have shown above, our attempts to stifle the symptom merely nourishes the environment that breeds it. By attempting to stifle corruption with controls, we nurture an environment of mutual distrust. By making self-righteous calls for “discipline” and “restraint”, we merely highlight that Filipinos are, in fact, an undisciplined and unrestrained lot and enforce our perception of one another’s untrustworthiness.

    The ol’ “let is fight corruption!” slogan has become a commoditised banality in Pinoy politics. And those who apply this slogan the most while putting themselves on a self-built pedestal of “integrity” seem to be the losers now in a society that is increasingly wisening up to this campaign farce.

  6. Empress Maruja says:

    I’m pretty sure at the back of Reyna Elena’s mind, the SCTEX issue still casts a cloud of doubt in his support for Noynoy.

    As he told me (when we were friends on Facebook), the SCTEX issue could be worse than Marcos. Oh well…

  7. UP n grad says:

    7P’s — Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

    I expect additional drops in Noynoy survey numbers because:
    (1) Noynoy attractiveness to classes D/E very shallow. The outpouring was from Cory-death, not belief in Noynoy leadership. Pakikiramay sentiments waning very fast.
    (2) OFW’s –8 million strong, and you have to double that to 16 million (practically all voting age) once you add spouses and adult dependents left in Pilipinas. Villar. OFW’s. The question — What has NoyNoy done? — obviously also resonates into “What has Noy done for OFW’s?” Whether or not you wonder what Villar has done or what Villar will do special for OFW’s, it remains true the only candidate who has staked out the OFW sector is Villar.
    (3) Women-vote – the pro-Catholic women have no doubt about Villar’s position. MannyVillar had not hemmed nor hawwed about this.
    Quick — what exactly again is NoyNoy’s position on unplanned pregnancies? Apparently, the guy can’t even mention IUD’s and the condom word when making public appearances.

    In the end, Noynoy is an accidental candidate. You’d think he would have been there when Cory was visiting baranggays or making appearrances about micro-finance and other programs for the masa. Accidental candidate — nonoy never made preparations for this run for Malacanang.

    7P’s — Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

    • benign0 says:

      Fair enough that he had risen to the top of the polls on the basis of his pedigree platform. But he should’ve hedged his popularity by building a campaign on the basis of something of a bit more substance in anticipation of the eventual wearing thin of his I-am-an-Aquino claim to fame.

      Instead Noynoy put all his campaign eggs in one basket, depended entirely on that one thing — his pedigree platform — to prop up his bid for the presidency, so much so that when this pitch started to wear thin (as evident in the way his performance in these “surveys” are starting to go pear-shaped), he finds himself with no other leg to stand on.

      Poor bozo. A victim of the bad advise of the morons who surround him. 😀

      • UP n grad says:

        to benign0: I agree.
        But he should’ve hedged his popularity by building a campaign on the basis of something of a bit more substance in anticipation of the eventual wearing thin of his I-am-an-Aquino claim to fame..

        But nonoy is this —- “Bahala na”. And “bahala na” is not “in anticipation”.

        And then this : (Maslow) … if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.
        So noynoy’s ads – images of candles / funeral-reminders.

      • vasil valdz says:

        if we are talking about intelligence, why noy Kris Aquino? i think she’s more intelligent than Noy…

        How about Charm?– well as you can see anu charm ba meron si Noy

        Experience– Kris Aquino has done so many movies… whether horror, drama, comedy…

        how bout him? did he do anything when he was a congressman and now as a Senator?

        Kawawa naman ang bansa natin….people vote based on popularity ….

    • Noynoy is a loser says:

      Agreed UP n grad…

      You’d have thought that Noynoy’s background as the scion of a political family whose own father was a bombastic orator and seasoned politician and his mother was an opposition figure and later president would have given him a peek vis-a-vis what statesmen are supposed to do.

      If anything, he would have at least been exposed to campaign sorties and observed how things are done. He’d have probably been told about what kinds of things his father did and somehow he’d probably have been encouraged to try to emulate his dad.

      But unfortunately, none of this helped at all. Noynoy remains to be the number 1 Senate Slacker, beaten by Lito Lapid by the Lapid’s ability to get one bill passed into Law. In fairness to Lito Lapid, the man is actually “self-made.” Starting from humble beginnings and never even entering college, the guy was just a lowly stuntman before getting real roles himself and making his own name from nothing.

      Obviously, that kind of background doesn’t make him ideal to be a top law-maker, but you can at least excuse him for his lack of the “proper background.”

      As for Noynoy, there’s no g*dd@mned excuse for his lackluster ZERO laws-passed incompetence and substandard performance. He’s from a very rich family. His family on both sides are very political. He had every opportunity to observe how things are done in the world of politics, and yet he never learned. Nay, he was never INTERESTED in statecraft.

      It’s all out there. Noynoy is lousy. Noynoy is not meant to be in politics. Noynoy is not going to be a good President. Noynoy is not even going to be a credible “puppet.”

      …And Noynoy is a loser.

  8. UP n grad says:

    By the way, my conclusion is that it is WHO, not WHAT that gets a blogcomment deleted. Rather, who you embarass by the blogcomment. Rant against benign0’s Aussie-ozzziee and you have a ready FV audience.

    Now guess what can happen if a comment points to chinks in arguments that embarasses ellenT in her own site, or one of the good people at FilVoices? JoeAm has already pointed to kissy-sweetie-um approach and onion-skinned personalities.

  9. benign0 says:

    To be fair to Noynoy, I think it is really the people that surround him — wankers, drama junkies, hopeless romantics, and sentimentality-imprisoned losers — that really did him in and ran his campaign aground.

    For one thing, there are a lot of leaders out there whose main contribution to his party is almost purely charisma and engagement with his constituency. But the good ones recognise this strength and compensates for whatever shortcoming they may have with the actual technical details of leading a government by surrounding himself with SMART people who provide him technical support and advise.

    Noynoy Aquino squandered his popularity by surrounding himself with morons who jumped on the popularity and pedigree bandwagon but contributed NOTHING in the way of boosting his credibility to people who apply a bit more of a technical brain.

    As Obi Wan Kenobi say to the bewildered Luke Skywalker in the excellent film Star Wars as they clambered out of the cargo hold of the Millenium Falcon

    Who is the bigger fool? The fool or the fools who follow him?

    … or something to that effect.

  10. UP n grad says:

    There continues to be a lot of emotional pontification from “the opposition”. The sense of rightneousness falls very short, though, like the taunts of “GMA Talsik Diyan” or C5 at Tiyaga, taunts trumped by planning and execution.

    GMA becoming representative 2nd-district Pampanga is her way of shrugging of the reported GMA plunge in ratings. Just like Villar shrugging off the C5 as he continues clawing away to retrieve the sympathy votes that went to Noynoy after Cory death.

  11. Anne Boleyn says:

    You know, noynoy decided to run at the height of the people’s clamor for him to run for president. Now, it seems that he is losing supporters… He should withdraw his candidacy ASAP to avoid getting humiliated.

    I find her so bright and pleasant for her young age that I am more beholden to you for sending her to me than you are to me.— Archduchess Margaret of Austria, who trained Anne as a maid of honour in her household.

  12. Caesar says:

    I wouldn’t follow a man who cannot stand on this own, cannot defend his principles, and before his mother’s death, a nobody and a slacker..

    Looks like he’ll be handing our country to hell in a basket…if we don’t make a move…

  13. Empress Maruja says:

    I'm pretty sure at the back of Reyna Elena's mind, the SCTEX issue still casts a cloud of doubt in his support for Noynoy.As he told me (when we were friends on Facebook), the SCTEX issue could be worse than Marcos. Oh well…

  14. MangJuan says:


    BWA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    KAHIT SINO WAG LANG SI NOYNOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE GIBO OR ERAP OR GORDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. jk says:




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