We all live in a Yellow Submarine

Juan de la Cruz is a man living two lives. By day he is an average bank employee and by night a liberal blogger known as Pedro. Pedro has always questioned his reality but the truth is far beyond his imagination. Pedro finds himself targeted by the other Filipino bloggers when he is contacted by Pedring, a legendary blogger branded as a lefty and a paid hack. Pedring awakens Pedro to the real world, a ravaged wasteland where most of Filipino humanity had been captured by a race of vacuous Pinoys called Noynoyistas which live off government dole outs and imprison their mind in an artificial reality known as the Aquinitrix. As a rebel against the Pinoys, Pedro must return to the Aquinitrix and confront the other bloggers’ super powerful mind-bending articles devoted to snuffing out Pedro and the entire Filipino rebellion.

If you know your sci-fi films, I don’t have to tell you where I got that plot from. I think most of you will agree with me when I say that Filipinos are living in some kind of artificial world — a surrealism where squatters, beggars and street children are right on our doorstep but at the same time don’t exist. And in this artificial reality, Filipinos are spellbound by the Aquino mania which started in the 1986 Edsa Revolution and continues to infest impoverished minds to this day. There is always some kind of laban or “fight” to wage, against strawmen named “Poverty” and “Corruption”, but there are no swords nor any kind of cohesiveness befitting a true army to behold. There is only a man who fancies himself the leader of such a non-existent army, yet his demeanor and stature does not befit that of a general.

Noynoy Aquino supporters will say that they are pro-poor and that they are against corruption, but we’ve heard that line before from the late Cory Aquino, Gloria Arroyo and Erap Estrada. Words like those simply ring hollow now. We need something more substantive than empty slogans — something we can believe in; something like a track record of performance in Noynoy’s previous and current position. He needs to convince us that he is not just running for the top job because an avid Aquinoist clique managed to coerce him into the effort.

For me, a person who is in control of his destiny is someone who can say no even if it means disappointing those who plead their case with him or her. A person with conviction is someone who will run for the presidency on his own terms and not just go with the flow. These are not characteristics that we can find in Noynoy Aquino. His supporters should be careful about selling him too hard. He may be a strutting peacock now but he may just as easily turn into a feather duster later on. Even the blogger Caffeine_Sparks, a Noynoy supporter, kept saying she was bored and unimpressed with Noynoy during the BlogWatch interview. I wonder how she can still write Noynoy’s name down on the ballot sheet after that.

I just can’t get over the fact that an event such as the death of Cory Aquino could transform the up and coming presidential election into a fight between who is perceived to be good and evil and not who is competent and qualified to lead the nation. I am trying to question the reality of all this. This makes me and others like me a target of bullying tactics and branded as being cynical and negative.

Is being quizzical equivalent to being cynical? The words rhyme but they have totally different meanings. Quizzical means to express puzzlement, curiosity or disbelief and cynical means bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic. I can hardly call myself cynical or bitter. On the other hand, Noynoy supporters are the ones who are spreading hate when they say that when we question Noynoy’s credibility, we are being hateful and despicable. Do Noynoy supporters expect us to just swallow everything they feed us?

This blog is dedicated to all those who feel displaced because a friend or a relative of theirs have turned their back on them for expressing doubts about Noynoy Aquino’s credibility and ability to lead a nation of more than 90 million. You guys don’t have to feel bad about it. You are not crazy and you don’t have to have your head examined. Noynoyistas are in some kind of trance. The only way the Aquino spell can be lifted is when Noynoy loses the election. This is going to be hard because no one wants to be perceived as a party-pooper and some people are afraid to lose friends when they are seen campaigning for someone else. Some people who don’t want to vote Noynoy have to live two lives. It will take a person with a bit of courage to break away from the mold and speak out.

Even I was accused of being grumpy once when I challenged a pro-Noynoy supporter about her reasons for campaigning for Noynoy. Not that I was really grumpy that time, but I don’t really have to feel bad about being called grumpy anymore because according to a new study on evolution, grumpiness could be due to being higher up the evolutionary ladder than people who are easy-going and always “positive”. Harvard University researchers for the online journal, Current Biology looked at two different kinds of apes – the chimpanzee, and the bonobo. The chimpanzees that are accepted as more evolved species in terms of their physical appearance, behaviour and social structure are also much more aggressive. On the other hand, the bonobo which are less evolved are much more easy going, playful and behave like juveniles. They have what is called a Peter Pan like nature. The study came to the conclusion that being aggressive, intolerant and short-tempered could be a sign of more advanced intellectual faculties.

This is great news for those who operate on a short fuse. As George Bernard Shaw once said “All progress depends on the unreasonable man”. Just imagine if we didn’t have people who became impatient with traveling by horse-drawn carriages. We wouldn’t have the cars, trains, airplanes or boats of today. Obviously, the computer and the internet were the result of years of irritation with the typewriter, an incompetent staff, and the post office.

I personally don’t care much for those with Peter Pan like personalities. I prefer those who have a killer instinct just like Bill Gates or Richard Branson. Do I see Noynoy as a potential Richard Branson? No siree, he is typical person with a Peter Pan personality. At 50 years old, he never left his late mother’s nest; he never married nor had kids of his own; he never held a job that he got on his own merits, and even his demeanour now is still very adolescent — not exactly one that you can ascribe to someone who aspires to be president.

Not surprisingly, in the Philippines, the populace for its part has a sort of Peter Pan like nature. This would explain why Newsweek has labelled the country Asia’s Laggard. In that recent article, the magazine confirmed what we here at AntiPinoy already know, that “The world has been passing the Philippines by, literally”. Here’s an excerpt of that article:

The world has been passing the Philippines by, literally. Back in 1960, the country had the second-highest per capita income in Asia, lagging behind only Japan. But by the following decade, South Korea and Taiwan had surpassed it, and by the 1980s, Malaysia and Thailand had, too. China overtook it in the late 1990s. And now—an event that many Philippine elite thought they would never live to see—Indonesia has sailed past the Philippines.

A recent visit to Manila after a 12-year gap confirmed that little had changed. I was back at the same hotel, as no other worthwhile option had surfaced in the interim. There were hardly any new companies to meet with, and the same handful of family-owned businesses still dominated the market. Jeepneys that trace their origin back to World War II remain the preferred mode of public transportation. While most other Asian cities boast fancy new airports, international travelers to Manila still have to trudge through a piece of work commissioned in the 1970s.

The jeepney as a symbol of the Filipino pride is likewise a symbol of lack of progress. When are we ever going to get rid of it? It single-handedly serves as proof that we are a people who are very sentimental and possess an easy-going nature. We cling to whatever piece of memory that brings us back to the glory days when we first got our independence from the Americans — the first time we ever had real hope of making it as a nation on our own. It doesn’t matter to us if the jeepney or whatever practices and values it represents hold us back from progressing, as long as it makes us happy in the short-term, it is ok with us. Just recently on the news it was said that in the province of Isabela, the farmers who are suffering from the El Nino drought still do not have the ability to cope with such a natural disaster. Farmers still have to make do with makeshift irrigation systems to cultivate their rice fields. Also, some parts of Mindanao might suffer blackouts during the election which will hamper the automated voting system. What will happen during the election is anyone’s guess. These are the kind of things that should have been addressed years ago. Our lack of foresight is phenomenal.

Everytime I go and read some of the articles on other Filipino blogsites, the more I am convinced that most of the bloggers out there are romanticising the problems of the country just the way Paulo Mangahas does. They don’t write articles that they think might offend the Filipino folks. They would rather write about their blind “hope” in Noynoy Aquino than discuss the dysfunction of Filipino culture that hinders achieving these “hopes”. Their cushy nature and softly-softly approach to tackling real issues with real solutions prevents everyone from even going beyond the level of political discussions. Most Filipinos would rather bicker and speculate about how some politicians obtained their wealth than accept clear ideas for moving forward. It is a hard reality to accept and can only be attributed to the bonobo mentality — a mentality that thrives in an artificial world which I call The Aquinitrix where everything will be okay once we vote Noynoy Aquino President of the Republic. I would rather campaign for the candidate I believe is qualified and be shunned for my beliefs than join them in their folly.

It is with great pride that I call myself a realist. Time magazine recently explained why some people might not be able to grasp the idea of realism. In their recent article about US Defense Secretary Robert Gates who was a self-confessed realist, it was said that “realism is a fuzzy thing; it can accommodate both darkness and light. On the dark side, it denotes cynicism, indifference to higher principles, opportunism. On the positive side, though, it implies a lack of dogmatism or ideological blinders, an ability to respond to the world as it actually is.” I invite you to join my world so together we can snuff out our countrymen’s inability to deal with the harsh reality.

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97 Responses to We all live in a Yellow Submarine

  1. Conyo says:

    Ilda = Trinity

    BongV = Morpheus

    Benign0 = The Oracle

    MLQ3 = Neo “The One” <— he doesn't know it yet. But if we convince him to leave the Aquinitrix, he will be unstoppable.

    See you at Starbucks 🙂

    • ilda says:

      Yey! I get a lead role. I better practice my moves!

      Seriously speaking, there are a lot of people out there who can’t even be vocal about who they would rather campaign for because they fear being bullied by Noynoy supporters. I saw a comment from one of the articles yesterday and this guy said, ‘I don’t want to let my boss know I’m not for Noynoy because he is an avid Noynoy supporter’. Even Empress Maruja said that Reyna Elena deleted her from FB because of her anti-Noynoy views. That stinks!

      • ChinoF says:

        If bullying is a tactic Noynoy supporters use to bring others to their cause, that tells about how imperialistic and @$$holic they are. They deserve to win.

        Bullying unfortunately is a rampart problem in the Philippines, maybe in Asia too. It was the subject of a recent article in Reader’s Digest. In our machismoic society, even adults turn to bullying, because for them it is a sign of strength. It’s a part of our damaged culture that needs to be disrupted.

      • ChinoF says:

        Darn, that should have been, “they don’t deserve to win.” May give the wrong idea. :/

      • losing hope everyday says:

        i already felt sorry for my actions last week, i bullied my friends candidates (villar, aquino)
        for gordon! i was on fire, speaking loud, addressing my point, clapping, waving.. for them to know, that i am disappointed by their choice. up until now, i don’t think they understand my point. because they are very much glued to their candidate,

      • Conyo says:

        I suppose my indifference to the bullying aspect shows my dog-eat-dog capitalist nature. I’ve been pummeled and I have pummeled. Give and Take. Just make sure you do most of the pummeling. Hey, its a shitty life out there so you need to align yourself with the right people. That’s just me being REAL.

        See you at Starbucks 🙂

      • ChinoF says:

        Yep… align yourself people with the right people… namely, the guys here at AP.

        Go figure! 😛

      • BongV says:


        Bullies victimize people that appear weaker and smaller.

        To feel better about themselves, they try to make others feel like less.

        They can be outright abusive and violent.

        Regardless of which what type of bully your are dealing with, you must deal with them toe to toe.

        Ang problema kasi nito, if you are a straightshooter – ang dating mo sa Pinoy ay bully, instead of a tough love-centric coach. Add the victim mentality, and nakupow – papaguiltyhin ka pa dahil naghihirap siya.

        Give em a helping hand, they swallow your entire arm.

      • Conyo says:

        Well intellectually, its really hard to ignore AP.

        You guys are so hard to troll because I find myself agreeing with you so much.

        However when Benign0, my teacher, occasionally strays from being a Realist into a Romantic, I have to call him out on it 🙂

        See you at Starbucks 🙂

      • ChinoF says:

        By the way, that dog-eat-dog capitalist nature was based on evolutionary theory which ‘evolved’ at almost the same time. However, I think that natural selection theory is a failure, because no matter how dog-eat-dog the Phils may be, idiots still exist! Natural selection failed to weed them out! Hence, I’m on the creationist side… since we know Pinoys are creating their own problems. hehehe

        See you as Seattle’s Beast. 😛

      • ilda says:

        Well, I’m lucky that no one has disagreed with my views so far. My first horrible encounter was with JoeAm but it was about FV and not about my blog. he shouldn’t have taken it too personally. He doesn’t own FV anyway and he didn’t know the whole story about the deleted comments.

        Thanks Chino and Conyo.

      • bp says:

        a friend told me that one local radio station was threatened with a pullout of advertisers. the threat was made after two of the station’s most popular dj’s mocked noynoy during their respective programs.

      • ilda says:

        If that’s not bullying then I don’t know what is…that’s the problem with people who are so self-righteous, they quickly lose sight of what is right or wrong.

      • ChinoF says:

        And they quickly impose their view of what’s right and wrong. “We’re right and you’re wrong. And we’re right because we have the money.” Go figure.

    • Conyo says:

      Yes I am very disappointed with a lot of bloggers, especially Patricio and Sparks. The rest of FV, I never really took seriously. But as for Reynz, he is what he is; an unapologetic social climber. You might not like him but he is no hypocrite. So in a weird way, I respect his “consistency”—if that makes any sense.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

      • ilda says:

        That’s true, consistency is a good thing. You should write a blog yourself.

      • Conyo says:

        I am too unconventional. If typical Pinoys find Benign0 weird… think how they will react to me? LOL.

      • ilda says:

        Ok, you’re saying you are too cool for school? You can’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

        So, secretly you just see us as “hopeful” lots…ganun pala ha..

      • Conyo says:

        Sure. I could blog about how I lost 70 pounds after reading a book written by a Mason in 1919. Right. Bong would think I was in troll mode. Like I said, I am so very different.

        But all optimism aside, I do occasionally learn something from bloggers. So keep blogging. The light you spread may only seem like a distant star in the night sky. But it is, at least, comforting to know that we unconventional minds are not alone.

        See you at Starbucks

      • ilda says:

        You forgot your smiley 🙂

      • ChinoF says:

        That’s true about Da Reyna though… unashamed of being unfair and biased. Honest nga about faults, pero di niya babaguhin ang faults! bwahahaha

    • Poppy Seed says:

      Gather around everyone! Right hand forward!

      Ready !?




      KAMPIHAN!! 😀

      Ah memories. 🙂
      Childish? Bah! Humbug!

  2. killem says:

    yeah. noynoy supporters and even noy2 himself bully those against noynoy, as if he has the monopoly of good intention, in which in reality he and the aquinos havs blood on thier hands!!

    • ilda says:

      No one really knows the true character of Noynoy. Everyone’s got a dark side. He is human; he can’t be the perfect angel that his supporters are portraying him to be.

  3. homer says:

    Perhaps it’s time you guys take a bow for being the realists that you are. Have you noticed the number of new commenters coming out of the woodwork to join you on your moral crusade? I’d like to think that some of them are now speaking up because of the inspiration they are getting from AP.

    Mentioning the other blogs (and the personalities involved with them) constantly is not what they come to hear, I would assume. It’s the convincing nature of your passion in writing about what AP is all about that is causing a number of alliances to shift towards you. Maybe for them, you are now becoming the “IT” blog to follow…..all because of the uniqueness in the way you stick to your guns. I think they are able to find something they can relate with at AP that they cannot find with the other blogs. In short, methinks that a number of minds are slowly being awakened to the sad and ugly truth about us Pinoys being part of the problem to our damaged culture, and not just the lousy leaders we have. Real change begins HERE (pointing to the heart)…..and I don’t know any other local blog that dares to be brutally honest about it.

    So before this gets too long for short-attention-span consumption, I offer my comment as an applause for the efforts you’ve made here. It’s true…NOT everyone will agree with you…but if other blogs eventually keep talking about AP, you must be doing someting right. Further down the road, the truth will separate the realists from the real anti-pinoys.

    • ilda says:

      Ikaw talaga Homer, you always bring tears of joy to my eyes!

      So true about the short-attention-span consumers of today. I’m even surprised people still read my long winded articles 🙂 I have to stop myself from writing palagi….like now, haha.

      I’m so happy to see a few more new commentors here at AP 🙂

    • Conyo says:

      I suppose the applause should be given to the bloggers for deciding to spend their free time on writing when they could be doing something else. And special props to the site owner who covers the cost and deals with the threats of legal action 🙂

      Saling pusa lang ako dito.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

  4. rafterman says:

    Brilliantly written Ilda!

  5. benign0 says:

    @ Conyo, I only stray into the forest of “hope” when said “hope” (which you seem to confuse with romanticism) has a basis that can be substantiated. 😉

    Having said that though, what really is the forest here? It seems Pinoys have it the other way around. The world of softly-softly and romanticist pining for a no-basis “hope” based on the false heroics of bozos wearing feudal pedigrees on their sleeves is actually the forest that people get hopelessly lost in. So in a sense, those who dare to think are really those that wander out of a dark forest to come home into the more illuminated world of clarity.

    AntiPinoy.com is that home where everything is (a) illuminated, (b) coherent, and therefore (c) clear. Compare that to that place which ilda refers to by the ironic title of this blog, the place where convictions at first glance seem to be clear yet, upon closer inspection, fail to exhibit coherence and logic. A lot of people get drawn to those first impressions but VERY FEW take that intellectual step towards asking the sort of insightful questions that reveal subtle but very fundamental flaws in thinking. Some do reach that stage but lack the cojones or the articulation skills to then go from questioning to actually challenging the instances of flawed thinking they find.

    Hopefully AntiPinoy.com provides a home for those who at least make the intellectual jump into questioning at the very least. AP can be environment where this questioning nature can further develop into a full-fledged nature where challenging deeply-ingrained and popular sentiment becomes second nature.

    So perhaps we should all bow to Homer‘s applause, because whether you are here as an author or a commentor or even just as a reader, we all in one way or another represent those who’ve actually managed to break out of the prison that is traditional Pinoy thinking to come home to where clarity dominates rather than languishes.

    • Conyo says:


      We have had this discussion before. I will re-assert my position that societal change is attrition. This is a 100 year marathon, not a 100 meter dash that can be solved in a few decades. You cannot talk someone into change for I believe that the pain of remaining constant has to be greater than the pain of destroying one’s old ways in order to incentivize the average person to “pursue” change. And as of now, you will agree, the pain of the average Pinoy is still quite tolerable. Sure, life sucks for the masses right now but its not really so terrible as to question one’s religion, traditions and reason of existence.

      As in our previous discussions, I am open to the possibility of great pain coming in the form of economic or environmental disaster that would force profound change upon us (think Great Depression, Peak Oil or Rising Sea Levels). But until this happens, I expect only a very long and drawn out assault on our inefficient ways by the forces of global commerce as the only reliable and consistent method towards our social evolution.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

    • ilda says:

      Parang naging escape from the artificial world na itong AP for people who have had enough of the song and dance routine 🙂

    • homer says:

      “…whether you are here as an author or a commentor or even just as a reader, we all in one way or another represent those who’ve actually managed to break out of the prison that is traditional Pinoy thinking to come home to where clarity dominates rather than languishes.”

      Bingo, Benigs! It’s exactly how I feel about what you guys represent. This isn’t just another bandwagon or blog-of-the-month…or a “cult” (as some hopeless idiot may suspect). It’s about a reality that we ALL must face…or we sink till death do us part.

      It’s so pathetic to see that a majority of our population is blinded and brainwashed by traditions of the past that has gotten us nowhere to this point. It’s time we awaken from our long slumber of mediocrity, and my applause for you guys is for being able to point-out what I have personally tried to articulate to others for years…and failed. I’ve stated before that I’m not as hopeful as most of you are for the country, but i will always be open towards finding solutions for a better Philippines…even if tough love is what it takes to knock some sense into the stubborn Pinoy.

      • Poppy Seed says:

        As for me, I’ve been reading GetRealPhilippines for 2 yearsand I can’t find new updates (so I thought you guys gave up) until the Platform Plez article directed me here.

        Chance encounter?
        Yes, but it’s a life changing experience. 😀

        Don’t give up guys!!

      • ilda says:

        Hey Poppy Seed

        Your name reminds me of the show Seinfeld!

        Glad to know you found AntiPinoy!

        I know Benign0 updates his GetReal website. It has been attacked by hackers a few times he said but I’ll let him know he has a fan in you.


  6. bleh911 says:

    Brilliant. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. I have nothing more to say

  7. ChinoF says:

    By the way Ilda, another way by which the Noynoyista spell can be lifted is when Noynoy does win… and fails their expectations. We at this blogsite know that this will be the most likely result of a Noynoy victory. But yes, the trance is still in effect. At least we know not all the masa are under it. Even the masa is split. And that’s what worries the Yellow Submarine passengers. “Unite the opposition!” they cry. But little do they know that they might shout this again one year later, and the “dissenters” were always right. hehehe

  8. Digio says:

    Gibo is buying volunteers in the net:



    this is vote buying in its most advanced form!

    just want this info to get out. like the article, btw.

    • Dilaw na Mantsa says:

      Then how about the CORY MEMORABILIA FOR SALE in Noynoy’s headquarters in Cubao?

      And by the way, VOTE BUYING is given to people who are UNDECIDED on who to vote, not to those who are WILLING TO VOLUNTEER for their chosen candidate. Get a reading comprehension class.

  9. John Amend-All says:

    Excellent stuff, Ilda. I particularly liked your support of the impatient because that’s me. It is frustrating to move from a country where things generally work to one where things generally don’t. Worst of all, though, is the common expat-in-Philippines attitude summed up as “ah, look at these marvelous people, they have such rotten lives yet still they smile their way through.” I wish just once it would turn into “wow, look at these angry people they are really up in arms.”

    • ilda says:

      Hi John Amend-All

      Thanks for the compliment. I guess I”ve always felt alienated in my own country because of my “impatience” with the lack of progress in all aspect of our society. That is my main motivation for writing here. I’m just glad that there are people who are in the same boat as me. I don’t have any grand expectations, like I don’t expect that this blog will be able to change the attitude of every Filipino. I’ve always said to myself though, that if I can touch even just one person and change his attitude, that’s good enough for me.


    • BenK says:

      Most expats are enablers of the worst traits in the people around them, though I don’t believe they do it intentionally. Consider, most of us have pulled up in the islands and burned the boat on the beach behind us — the financial and emotional investment and the effort involved in coming here is enormous, and going back really would mean admitting defeat and what’s more, suffering very tangible consequences of it. And that’s for anybody, even if they left behind a reasonable social support structure; and truth be told, a significant number of the expats here left behind lives that were, to put it delicately, less than promising for one reason or another.

      So in the ‘stereotypical’ expat attitude there are two forces at work: First, there is a general sense of decency that reminds us that this is not our home country, and that if the way of life here should be judged at all, it should be done so with objective standards and not those of our own societies. Second, for many (but maybe not all) there is a sense of desperation or resignation — we’re here, and we’re stuck with that decision, nothing to do but make the best of it. The net result is that a lot of things that are clearly FUBAR’d by any objective standard are overlooked, and consciously so. Which is not helping the communities around us improve.

      It’s a fine line to walk between being legitimately critical and being disrespectful to what is to us our host society, and it’s easy to make a mistake. I still do, although as the years go by, I hope less often. A lot of expats avoid the problem entirely by keeping their mouths shut. I can understand why, and I try not to judge them too harshly for it (although except for John up there and a few others, the reciprocal consideration is not often given — I am fairly unpopular with most of my fellow aliens), but the honest fact is it’s a subtle form of colonialism that takes a lot from the country and gives very little in return. I agree with John: I wish the scales would fall from more Occidental eyes.

  10. Hyden Toro says:

    The FILIPINO VOICES has become a Website Blog for the Noynoy Aquino campaign. It has become
    biased already. If you comment against Noynoy Aquino. They will moderate your comment and
    not publish it. They also feature advdertisement articles for Noynoy Aquino. With Bloggers and
    commenters favoring the articles. It is a shallow way to manipulate the media or form of informations
    to favor the Noynoy Aquino campaign.

    Nick Tingog sold the Web Blogsite to Cocoy Dayao. Cocoy Dayao may had taken the money from the
    Aquino campaign to promote his candidate. We are not fools. We are thinling people!

    • Conyo says:


      Is this true? If so, then, any idea what the purchase price was? Maybe I can buy it from Cocoy and make it a Starbucks Blog.

      Honga pala long time no see Hyden Toro. Comrade, nasaan na si Renatu Pacificu? The three of us used to be the Unholy Trinity of FV! Hehe.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

      • Dante says:

        Mister cocoy’s message will be this — “You guys are all wrong about FilipinoVoices, There is no
        censorship, FV welcomes every comment even from the anti-noyNoy. FV moderators just check
        and sanitize the garmar of anti-pinoys and heckling Renato-types.”

        To me, the FilpinoVoices moderators’ message is loud and clear —- idea-men like mister DJB
        the great debater, from People Power romanticsists like Abe Margallo, and from pro-Philippines
        like Joe Am are preferred to comments from hecklers and renato-commenters.

      • BongV says:

        Wrong my ass.

        Moderation is censorship.

        DJB – the great debater who left FV – because he can’t handle a true debate.. LOL.. oh I remember.. I so remember… Ghosts of 1896 and Tumatanda ng Paurong.

      • BongV says:

        Stupid statements need to be heckled ng matauhan.. nya haahahaha

      • Filo says:

        Let me restate a challenge (dated Jan 30 2010 @ 9:26PM) that your FV buddies are too scared to step up to:

        Put all the comments out in the open and show us whether even half of it all is “gutter language” or just strong dissenting arguments FV loyalists can’t stand seeing.

        plus this one:

        Substantiate the drama by publishing the evidence.

        You can click my name and find where the above were stated.

        It isn’t heckling or grammar they can’t stand. They can’t stand logical arguments against theirs that make perfect sense. And what you’re insisting remains hearsay until FV comes clean on it.

      • ilda says:

        Hi Dante

        Thanks for speaking on behalf of FV administrators but you are not aware of the deleted comments on other threads at FV. They were comments that did not go to the moderation queue. They were comments that already appeared along with the others but FV admin deleted them. You can ask Ms Lila yourself because some of her rebuttals to the said comments were deleted as well to eliminate evidence that there were deleted comments 🙂

        Here’s Lila’s explanation:

        I was just annoyed that MY response to Benigs had been moderated, so I asked Nick why. He told me he would check. When he did, he saw for himself what happened in Abe’s blog and decisions were made. Honestly, I have no idea if Nick or Cocoy make those decisions in general. But I certainly don’t! I never asked for Up n to be banned either, altho I did say I didn’t appreciate his tone. So what? I didn’t expect it would lead to anything at all. And it’s certainly not a crime to express oneself. U all certainly do. And how! 😀

        Here’s the link to that: http://filipinovoices.com/we-prefer-hope-over-cynicism/comment-page-1#comment-137000

        And then there were comments like mine that were moderated but Cocoy insisted that they weren’t even in the moderation or spam queue. I don’t appreciate his dishonesty especially when it makes me look like I am being dishonest.

        Good day to you sir!

      • jethernandez says:

        COCOY and NICK P.R.ICK are hypocrites… congenital liars… and cowards. I can engage them at any DOJO no gear no hand padding… or in any forum… no CENSORSHIP… no changing of names…

        Joe American is just an ordinary F.UCK.TARD (fncked up retard) who thinks he is Bruce Wayne and Cassanova.

      • UP n grad says:

        Many of the comments deleted by moderators are those comments that put the moderator or
        the blogsite owner(s) in a bad light. Just think Hugo Chavez, Putin or China Politburo. Then
        think what happens to comments that challenge and therefore highlight the dictatorial actions
        or badly flawed illogical thought processes of the moderator (or the blogsite owner).

    • ChinoF says:

      I won’t be took quick to say money changed hands. No one can be sure about that now.

      But I’ll just say that the guys there there are “bought” into their cause, just like agents who were suckered into a lousy networking marketing product. They have been told time and again that their product sucks, or is too expensive and it’s their money being sucked in by the MLM company. In fact, they’re the ones investing in that product, with the “joining fee.” But they still insist that they’re right, and their product is the greatest. They’re probably afraid of the realization that their product sucks, so they deliberately “buy into” their product, in order to avoid shame. That’s all it is. They’re afraid of being ashamed. “Hiya” in our terms. A very bad trait of our culture. Takot mahiya ang Filipino, kahit mali talaga siya.

    • Conyo says:


      Yes “hiya” indeed makes it difficult to change course. Quite unfortunate since I know some folks over there are really not so dumb as to actually believe in Noynoy’s capability to lead. Perhaps they will secretly vote for someone else or not even bother voting at all while still publicly waving the yellow flag.

      But all jokes aside, I was curious about the money aspect because IF there are people over at FV who were “bought” (and I am sure we are not the first to speculate on this possibility), then that radically changes the way we should look at these people. IF they are indeed mercenaries or pens-for-hire then, believe it or not, I might actually respect that. Why? Because the difference of truly believing in Noynoy abilities (naivete) vs. being paid to support Noynoy (political hack) are miles apart.

      Whenever I read their blogs, I always wondered: Are these guys really that stupid?

      Perhaps they are not the dumbasses we believed them to be after all.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

  11. Pingback: uberVU - social comments

  12. Jspice says:

    Filipinos who read this kind of crap and support it should be ashamed of themselves. If you hate the Philippines so much then go migrate to other countries. It is insulting for the filipinos who strive hard to make this country better, who has still hope that this country can rise from the ashes and be a great phoenix once again.

    . Papua new guinea bought a few jeepneys for there public transportation.

    Filipinos shouldnt read this because its ” anti pinoy”. Nothing great will come out of it. If you have nothing good to say for the country, you better shut up. Its a waste of time because we already know it.

    Vote for whoever you like except Villar.

    That came from a son whos father is running for vice mayorship under the liberal party.

    How can you tell that Noy Noy is a piece of shit? Do you know him personally for you to say so?

    Do you know his plataporma for the country for you to say that he is not a good candidate?

    The country is corrupt blah blah blah. We already know that. Can’t you say something good about the country?

    You keep on making reklamo, stop sitting on that chair, stop blogging about your ideal world and start helping those filipinos. The question is, can you? Im quite sure youll feel disgusted about helping those poor people, holding their dirty hands, going to their make shift homes.

    If you tell me that The Philippines is poor then your lacking in common sense.

    Our country can’t be poor because we can afford to be corrupt. Ironic isnt it?!. The leaders of Singapore cant go corrupt because it will ruin the balance of their country.

    If we are poor, so poor that we are dead poor then im sure WB or IMF wont lend us money. No one will do business with us because we cant afford to buy their products.

    Our country shouldnt enter into those free trade agreements because for an example. taiwan will send their computers tayo naman will send bagoong. Not competitive am i right?

    Excuse me my father, my uncles, even though they are pilyos are not takot mapahiya.

    Why do you keep on reading those articles about the Philippines created by those mentally retarded Caucasians?

    You should read the stories of the filipinos who are still doing their best, having meals two times a day, earning a few pesos a day. Those stories are worth reading, not NEWSWEEK. NEWSWEEK doesnt care about us, doesnt care about you, it doesnt care about the country and im quite SURE THIS ANTI PINOY doesnt care ABOUT FILIPINOS.

    As what ive read, walang maganda sakanila, lahat mali. This website is like FOX NEWS, nothing good about everthing.

    As for the filipinos who are reading this, study those presidentiables and dont relay on the news, or in this site or whatever site you read. Know their propaganda, their agenda and from there ull get the answer your looking for.

    As for this website, everything here is full of hate. Hate doesn’t make someone or something better.

    • Dilaw na Mantsa says:

      Problem is, it takes a foreign feature article to hit us hard on the head about the bitter truth that our dear country has been lagging behind. ‘Yan ang problema sa atin, masyado tayong nasanay sa sugar-coated patriotism. Natulad tayo sa “love it or leave it” ideology ng mga Amerikano.

      At wala kang karapatang kitilin ang KALAYAAN NG PAGPAPAHAYAG ni Ilda, kahit hindi ka sang-ayon sa opinyon niya.

    • BongV says:

      Identifying a gap and pointing out a deficiency, discrepancy, inefficiency is a POSITIVE thing to do.

      Being in denial is NEGATIVE.

      Say something good about what?

      Boracay and its E Coli?

      Feudalism in Central Luzon and call it Historical Preservation?

      Massacre in Maguindanao and call it Population Management?

      Deforestation and siltation coral reefs and call it ingenuity?

      Vote for anyone except NOYNOY! A lazy oaf – 3 bills in nine years, putanginang corruption nyan. pinagkaiba lang niya sa ghost emloyee ay dahil tinawag siynag Senador. Paano nya ginasto ang pork barrel nya aber?

      Mga Aquino lang ang kumita sa Hacienda Luisita. Sa C-5, nag appreciate ang value ng properties – hindi lang ke Villar kungdi ang lahat ng constituents niya.

      kung meron mang retarded dito – ikaw yun.

    • Hsing Tao says:

      Kailangan magbago na kayong mga Pilipino at matuto gumamit ng utak. Tamo ikaw Jspice, hindi marunong. Tatay mo bobo rin dahil purp kaabnoyan ang tinuro niya sa iyo.

    • ChinoF says:

      Jspice, read my article on this site about Philippine Corruption: As anove, So it is below, for a bit more perspective.

      Unfortunately, despite how unhappy it makes you, it’s the truth, and as BongV says, we’re the coach that says so many unpleasant things about the player, but they are the things that need to be improved upon. And we’re hitting them square on.

      I have a saying: Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan ay guilty. Na-guiguilty ka ba, Jspice? 😉

  13. Dilaw na Mantsa says:

    Wala ‘yang pinagkaiba sa CORY MEMORABILIA FOR SALE sa mismong headquarters ni Noynoy.

  14. Jspice says:

    Why, is boracay the only good thing the country has to offer? E Coli is found all over the world.

    Apparently you guys know the problem, why bother to read an article that you already know the content of it?!

    Why waste your time telling us, blaming the government?? Why wont you start doing it?! Apparently you guys know the wrong doings, you know the solution why not implement it?!

    My Macro Economics Professor told the class a story

    A japanese dude went to Mindanao. When he traveled and saw Mindanao, he said this ” Give me Mindanao and I can feed the world.”

    Do we need to be a foreigner to see the potential of our country?

    Mga Aquino lang?! Excuse me, Madrigal has a huge land, a very HUGE ONE.

    When someone was born with a silver spoon does it equate that he is not a good leader?

    Passing bills, creating laws it equates that your a hard working, corrupt less senator?

    I was calling those caucasians mentally retarded, not you, a citizen of the country.

    But, i would rather be mentally retarded but WITH COMMON SENSE than be SMART but has NO COMMON SENSE.

    You know guys, Common sense is a rare commodity these days. It is not bought nor taught 😉

    ” At wala kang karapatang kitilin ang KALAYAAN NG PAGPAPAHAYAG ni Ilda ”

    I have the right, first the blog is called ANTI PINOY. therefore it is ANTI to me, to my dad, to my neighbors and the rest of the 80plus Million filipinos.

    To hit us hard? Jesus Christ, im quite sure you ride a tinted car, u sleep while traveling across metro manila.

    But if you dont, im quite sure you dont need an article to see that our country is lagging behind.

    • BongV says:

      Excuse me, who is blaming the government – we did not say that, that’s a strawman. Yup, E. coli is found around the world and there’s a higher concentration in Boracay compared to other areas in the world. What’s the point plunging into blue waters and coming down with E. coli 😉

      mentally retarded and common sense don’t mix – that’s an oxymoron. in contrast, you don’t deserve to be called smart if you don’t have common sense – only a moron will mix that up.

      In case you forgot to read the About AntiPinoy – let me repost for your reference 😉

      Does your coach yell at you and tell you what you’re doing wrong in practice? Why does he do that? Is it because he hates you and wants nothing to do with you? You think so? Then why are you still on the team, and starting every game? Sometimes the harshest criticisms, those words that hurt the most, are what in the end lead you to achieve your best.

      daybreak1In a very real way, this is what we’re about. We’re not here to put Pinoys down for the heck of it, after all, we are Pinoys too…it is an altogether uncomfortable realization that the land we call home is a dysfunctional mess, but it is hard not to see the painful truth. We love our country, we want the Philippines and all Filipinos to improve, and for this country and society to live up to its potential. But before that can happen, we need to know what’s wrong about us so that we can fix ourselves and point ourselves in the right direction.

      So who is the Anti-Pinoy?

      In the day-to-day exchange that defines real life for most Pinoys, the daily news, radio and TV broadcasts, our cinema, and in casual conversation, the masa and those who celebrate mediocrity – those who are quick to boast about how ingenious Pinoys are and point to our colorful Jeepneys as examples, or who count the number of look-alike, sound-alike local celebrities or the once-in-a-generation gifted professional athlete as a measure of national greatness – set an UNPATRIOTIC example and lower the bar of public debate.

      The more the Anti-Pinoy glorifies these mediocrities and focuses on the vacuous and the trivial, real issues that affect ordinary lives and futures are forgotten or pushed aside. Like the unambitious student who is praised by his parents despite consistently doing poorly in school, the bad habits and low expectations of Pinoy society are reinforced, making it that much harder with every passing day to find the right path. So that’s where we come in, and we bring a message: The path to prosperity, the path to the place the Philippines deserves among the world community, the path of patriotism for all true Pinoys is to first honestly and bravely acknowledge the ills of society and then have the initiative to seek to fix them.

      The Filipino’s greatest enemy is himself – the Anti-Pinoy.

      The question is, are you?

      Actually, I would like to see an article that our country lags behind. Find out where are we lagging behind. What can be done so that we don’t lag behind.

      If you have no idea where you are lagging, how would you even know where are at this point in history – you are a rudderless ship with nary a compass or a navigator.

    • Hsing Tao says:

      What college do you go to?

    • BongV says:

      My Macro Economics Professor told the class a story

      A japanese dude went to Mindanao. When he traveled and saw Mindanao, he said this ” Give me Mindanao and I can feed the world.”

      Do we need to be a foreigner to see the potential of our country?

      Yup, the Japanese came once. He lived there, got kidnapped. He’s not coming back 😀

      Ayon nga e – nakita ng Japanese ang potential, anong ginagawa ng mga pinoy? Ba’t di nila nakita yun 😉

      As an individual – me – nakita ko yun, am making money out of it – profitably – ba’t yung iba di nila nakita yun?

      why will they choose na manghingi ng pera sa akin, o pagnakawan yung property ko, or pinababahayan ng squatter yung property ko – and if i tell them not to ask money for me, to work their lazy asses – that’s negative? Aba’y enabler ka pala ng mga tamad.

      • Hsing Tao says:

        Hahahahaha! Nagpunta ang Japanese sa Mindanao at nakidnap! Good one. Tapos yung Japanese nakita na ang mga tao ay karamihan sa Pilipinas kasing bobo ni Jspice sabi “I will now go back to Japan”.

      • ChinoF says:

        And that Japanese guy will also say, “And their hero even said that they are worth dying for? What dishonorable crap! Only those with honor are worth dying for!” 😉

  15. ilda says:


    You are certainly swimming upstream. Just have a read at all the comments that agree with this blog. Ikaw lang ang ayaw. That should tell you something.

    You try so hard to dismiss any analysis of the Philippines by members of the international media like Newsweek but you don’t realise that they are just doing their job. Try to understand the below:

    Fact 1. Foreign journalists who write for international publications have an unbiased view. They write based on their personal perception, personal experience, local information (news and interviews) and lots of data to support their articles. They don’t have any hidden agenda; they don’t have to please anyone; they give a very balanced reporting because they are from the outside looking in.

    Fact 2. You cannot stop foreign journalists from reporting about what’s going on in countries like the Philippines because the Philippines is part of an international community. What happens in the Philippines can affect other countries as well.

    Fact 3. Everything they say about the Philippines is true. It doesn’t matter if there are other countries that are dirtier or more corrupt, what matters is that what they write is truly happening in the Philippines and we have to address it.

    Fact 4. You are being a racist when you say those “mentally retarded Caucasians”. You are a typical Filipino who feels superior to other races. This is probably why you think our country is doing ok. Are you sure you are not Batang Tondo reincarnated as Jspice?

    As a Filipino, I would rather acknowledge the problems myself than wait for foreigners to tell me what’s wrong. This way, they won’t brand the whole country as stupid because they will see through AntiPinoy, that there are Filipinos who are aware of the problem and even have a solution for it.

    You said:

    The country is corrupt blah blah blah. We already know that. Can’t you say something good about the country?

    Do you want me to write about how many malls there are now in Manila? Do you want me to write about how our Presidential candidates are now resorting to their usual song and dance routine on stage to get the voter’s attention?

    The bad things still outweigh the good, my dear. As I said in my blog, not everyone can accept the harsh realities and you are one of those who are in denial.

    The thing is, even if AntiPinoy bloggers don’t write about the problems in the Philippines, others like that journalist from Newsweek or Time magazine will eventually write about it. So, wag ka nang magalit. 🙂

    • TheArch says:

      Amen to that, Ma’am Ilda! Every word you said rings true in my heart. 😀

      Every Pinoy should read this site. I’ve had enough debating with my friends on why Noynoy is NOT a good choice for the presidency. But they won’t listen… We clearly have better candidates (Gordon, Perlas, and maybe Gibo) on the list, yet Pinoys still resort to choosing the crappy ones.

      I’ve had it with the Philippines. Time to leave once I graduate from college. 😀

      • ilda says:


        Please do spread the word because we only have less than 3 months before the election.


      • Renato Pacifico says:

        There are only a sprinkling of blog sites like AntiPinoy.com . The rest are just total waste of Hard-drive space and bandwidth. Another site that I’m fond of is http://philippinebeat.com The original liberal free-for-all site that only says the truth and nothing but the truth.

      • ChinoF says:

        That’s a forum dude. Pound for pound the same with Pinoy Exchange –> the real orig unmoderated forum. And Antipinoy is worth every bit of hard drive space and bandwidth… you get the truth with every bit loaded from here.

      • BongV says:

        I’ve been banned from PEX LAFI, IP ban even 😀

      • ChinoF says:

        Yikes, so that happens after all. It seems that banning in some Philippine forums and websites constitutes protection of vested interests. Anyway, vested interests are the sad norm in this country.

  16. UP n grad says:

    Moderators cite all kinds of reasons for deleting blog comments. Commonly they will say
    “too many expletives”, but also a common reason is “thick-skinned”. Think China Politburo
    or Putin. Comments that put the moderator or blog site owner(s) in a bad light get deleted.
    A blog comment may be solid, but if they show the blog moderator(s) or owner’s dictatorial
    actions, or worse, show gaps in their logic, then “magic” happens and the blog comment

    • UP n grad says:

      ooops. I meant to say “blog moderator or blog site owner are thin-skinned “. Faced with heat
      when encountering solid arguments that show failures in their logic, their action is “delete”.

  17. Me-me-and-me says:

    It’s very difficult to speak a different mind here on this blog if your not WITH the writer and the people who comment here. It’s like when someone opposes what the writer says, they’ll be instantly branded as stupid and ignorant. Isn’t that bullying itself? Let people speak for what they believe in and not force your beliefs to them. That is true democracy.

    • benign0 says:

      Dude, nobody can actually be “forced” by anyone to believe in something. If you feel you are being “forced” or even “bullied” here, perhaps it is because you struggle to articulate your position clearly and convincingly. So failing that, you then resort to whining about being “forced” or “bullied”.

      That just sounds to me like a case of someone in bad need of a bit of stepping up to some basic challenges that participating in a free market of ideas demand of us, dude. 😉

    • ilda says:


      I have to disagree with you. The reason some people feel “bullied” during a debate or a discussion is because they don’t have their bases covered or their rebuttals are weak. Always bear in mind to do your homework first before you “speak a different mind” in any forum. Obviously, Jspice above felt frustrated and angry because he did not understand the real point of the article or AntiPinoy and is metaphorically challenged.

      If you will argue like Jspice and use words like “crap”, “lame” and “full of hate” in referring to this site without backing up your arguments, then clearly, you will be the one trying to deny us our democratic right to write our views.

      Just have a look at how Jspice referred to foreign journalists as “mentally retarded Caucasians” . I won’t blame you if you call him dim-witted as well.

      Have a nice day! 🙂

      • ….profanities, name-calling are filtered as I digest it I go to the meat of the subject, like, I filter adjectives, cross-referencing and quotes. Like, I do not read top-to-bottom threads. I wait for responses. I go search what made the response. Then I comment. I repeat the cycle. I do not have patience for long commentaries. Whenever I read Filipino columnists for fun I have my red pen ready. I strike-out adjectives. Quotes, 2nd. Cross-referencing …

        After I have done that …. I count the words … then reconstruct in the order it was written net of adjectives, cross-referencing and quotes.

        Despite my critique I still fall victim of other’s devices. Well, I am a Filipino, brown-skin, punk’d nose, curly tops, round-face, thick short neck … Like Filipinos there in America who are highly critical of english usage and spelling …. say what I speak fluent english before a non-Filipino …. BUT WHEN THERE IS A FILIPINO PRESENT …. I STALL … LOOKING FOR APPROPRIATE WORDS … I STUTTER …. I STAMMER … I FEEL, LIKE, YOU KNOW, CONSCIOUS… YEAH! THAT IS THE WORD ….

        That is why I do not want to deliver a speech before Filipinos …. Because Filipinos don’t mind what you are saying … they mind about englischtzes usage ….

  18. ChinoF says:

    Jspice’s calling foreign journalists “mentally retarded Caucasians” is a sign of ethnocentrism and xenophobia, and these are bad attitudes based on fear and hatred.

    In addition, rejecting the view of foreign journalists is like hearing another person saying you’re not dressed well and you snap back in anger. But when you look in the mirror or are marked in a fashion mag as a fashion flop, you will realize the truth.

    But Chip Tsao, a SIngaporean, also wrote about the Philippines and concluded the same thing as the “mentally retarded Caucasians”? Would you call him a “mentally retarded Asian”? 😉 I agree with him despite the controversy his comments caused.

    • Parallax says:

      jspice is an emotional adolescent. we may have to wait years before he calms down and understands how dimwitted he was on this thread.

      for now, since jspice so insists on finding something positive to occupy his time, he should just buy himself a dvd of dora the explorer. or that f*cking purple dinosaur.

  19. Me-me-and-me says:

    I believe that most people here just want to be proven correct. That’s the true meaning of a debate. It’s neither about “open-discussion” but simply, prides clashing to one another…. at least, that’s my opinion.

    Not everyone is able to express their feelings through words. Not everyone is as good as a debater. I suggest opening your eyes & ears to their context and keep an open mind, at least. We cannot be correct most of the time, right?

    It’s not like you guys are bad parents and try to force people to adapt your beliefs into theirs. Sometimes a subtle passive approach is needed to get the message across.

    I appreciate the messages here in this site. It’s very true to some aspects. It’s just that ganging up to visitors who air their ideas is such a good idea if you want more people coming in here. Don’t you agree?

    My 2 cents.

    • ilda says:

      To tell you the truth me-me-and-me, I don’t really understand what you’re saying when you wrote that we are ganging up on visitors especially on this thread. As far as I can see, si Jspice lang naman ang umaangal dito sa article na ito.

      Have you actually read Jspice’s comments? He was attacking this article; he was attacking the AntiPinoy site and he was attacking the innocent foreign journalists and calling them “mentally retarded Caucasians”. Do you think he made any sense? It is so obvious na wala syang naintindihan sa mga articles dito. In short, he is stubborn and narrow minded. If you read my response to him, I didn’t attack him. He was the one who attacked my article and AntiPinoy first. It’s not my fault if other commenters get annoyed at his arrogance.

      It doesn’t really matter to us kung balu-baluktot ang ingles o tagalog, yung importante eh kung merong sense yung comment nang tao.

      Enjoy your dinner 🙂

    • Parallax says:

      more visitors at the expense of the message’s urgency and true impact is rather counterproductive, wouldn’t you agree?

      the message is top priority here, i think. no candy-coated crap. (would you prefer to be fed crap if it were coated with candy?)

      people who use their brain adequately don’t have a problem participating in discussions here. everyone expects everyone else to act like an adult. read and understand before commenting, get facts straight, edit before clicking submit. i usually draft my long comments on notepad before putting them here just so i’m fairly satisfied with how it’s written (this saves me from having to explain further when i get misunderstood because i didn’t bother to be as clear and concise as i could).

      my opinion on what you think is ganging up is this: you’re taking being outnumbered a bit too personally. it’s not like people decide to gang up on dissenters here. many of us here were at some point lone voices in some other forum and yes, we were outnumbered, but we won debates anyway because our logic/reasoning was better and expressed more effectively. to us, being outnumbered did not, and does not, matter.

      it’s a democracy. if more people felt like joining the outnumbered guy in the argument with their own good logic, then they are free to do so. nobody coming to his rescue may be an indication that nobody has the ammo or cojones to step in and prove everyone else wrong, or perhaps the outnumbered guy is doing fine all by himself/herself.

  20. ilda says:

    @Holly Mass

    It is important to understand why the Philippines is considered Asia’s laggard.

    Majority of the population has succumbed to the Peter Pan mentality and would rather read articles by Paulo Mangahas.

    Some even want to continue living in a Yellow Submarine instead of being more proactive and finding out how to become a successful Filipino.

  21. losing hope everyday says:

    this is my home and sanctuary!
    *balat sibuyas lang ang tunay na anti-pinoy
    the awful truth really hurts..

  22. Ambrielle says:

    Ah, realism.
    High-time I found a blogger not hellbent on making the Philippines a loving family of Aquinos who they can never bring back to life. Sure they have a nice little love story mixed in with the love for country. Okay, makes for a good MMK episode. But what did they do, anyway? o_e

    We all have to notice that the glass isn’t just half-full. And it’s not just half-empty either. The fact is, it’s both.
    It’s the truth.

    And the truth is, no love story with yellow ribbons can fill up that glass.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks Ambrielle!

      I’ve always believed that the glass isn’t half-full if it isn’t half-empty.

      I don’t know why Filipinos are so pressured to project an image of “everything is A-Ok”. It’s not good for the country’s wellbeing.

      Welcome to AP 🙂

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