The REAL threat to progress is being piped right into our homes!

Si Manong Abe Margallo nga naman talaga. By his own admission, he’s been so busy with his own rambling in that verbose pomposity that so characterises the sort of style that appeals to the Old Fart generation to whom much can be credited for running our sad society aground, that the laughable irony of what he says below in a comment to a contemporary of his as usual escapes his limited sensibilities:

I do like the idea of a “unified voice, when those of differing opinions come together to advance social justice.” Do you think that on a rather smaller scale it is something doable here in FV?

I’m obviously rambling at the moment as I’m past my sleeping time again but what comes to mind because of your provocation is this: Instead of demanding platforms from aspiring leaders who are courting our votes, won’t it be a better idea if we start creating the platform ourselves and by coming together with a “unified voice” for our common design, we tell the candidates: sirs, you have our votes if you promise to do what we say in here.

How is that for a start?

To spare you, dear reader, the effort of slogging through the ramblings of an old geezer who is up past his bed time, I might highlight a couple of things that together propels the above comment into the Hall of Fame of Ironic Reflections.


Instead of “demanding platforms”, create a platform “ourselves” that is a “common design” reflecting a unified voice. says the old man.

Dude, the trouble with folk such as yourself who are so sadly limited to one-dimensional thinking is that there is little room for the sort of routine multi-conceptual parallel-processing approach to problem-solving that describes the minds of truly great thought leaders. Indeed, why does demanding a platform and prescribing its content need to be an either/or proposition?

If you recall waaay back in September 2009 gramps, our resident Vulcan Ben Kritz came up with The BK Platform which attempts to put into practice a simple four-step development framework for such platforms at the sort of world-class quality that one hardly sees in primitivist societies such as ours. We used it as a brilliant sample (refer to the top row shaded in green) to guide the lesser minds that constitute the Philippine National “debate” that we so astutely predicted would struggle with such concepts.

Not only that, we were also demanding platforms from politicians since July of that year. In fact Margallo’s cyber-home,, is so honoured to have cradled the Platform, plez movement at its conception on the 20th of July 2009 which went on to become the paradigm-shifting campaign that forever changed the face of Pinoy-style political “debate” and the way the bona-fide intelligentsia regard Filipino politicians!

So get over yourself, gramps. While it is quite heartening that you now exhibit an iota of enlightenment and see the immense value that a focus on substance (rather than the quaint focus on form that you advocate) yields for the bankrupt “debate” that has imprisoned Pinoy politics for the last half-century, your form today all but highlights the chronic inability of the Old Guard to keep up with everything that stands for progress in the 21st Century. Having said all of that, I’ll be fair and give you some credit po: better seven months late than never!


Is creating a “unified voice” of “differing opinions” doable?, wonders the Great Elder while striking a reflective pose.

Well now, it depends on what you define to be the unifying catalyst of a collective blog. If your idea of unifying disparate voices is some kind of ill-defined vision of a “just” and “honest” society then prepare to be disappointed. Why? Well ask yourself this: How is such a vision different from the “substance” of the campaign platitudes of the average Pinoy politician? Does this question leave you scratching your head? Fair enough. It is therefore no wonder that talk of “unity” never seems to transcend low-brow partisanism in this sad society of ours.

In contrast, collective blogs that set the Gold Standard for collaboratively delivering The Truth to its readership do it with such elegant lack of effort — with no shared dogma to speak of and no specific partisan affiliation “prescribed” to its pool of writers. An emergent collective message can be discerned but no contriving of said message is evident. That is because it is not hollow-headed partisanism nor romanticed notions of “country” that bring members of such brilliant online communities together. Rather it is a shared approach to thinking that underpins the cohesiveness of their message even as each individual applies his/her personal style and perspective.

* * *


One of the things the Great Elder of the Pinoy blogosphere Mr Abe Margallo contributes to the collective wisdom is the lessons others harvest from his minus-one-factored insights.

In this case, it is that there is an urgent need to free our minds from the grip of the re-cycled thinking of ageing demagogues. Tired old memes still pretty much define the rhetoric of political movement and sense of “country” in our severely-challenged society. They continue to incite such romantically “patriotic” fervor, but like the verbal narcotic that they are, they are resulting in the increasingly severe crashes that follow once their effects wear out after the last fiesta election or ocho-ocho rally — and the pain of these crashes and the emptiness of purpose that follow are beginning to find a stable footing in the collective memory. That is evidence of some progress to pin one’s hopes on indeed!

But for this hope to be realised and the enlightenment we aspire for to be achieved, we must expedite the purging of the national consciousness of these obsolete memes and assert our sovereignity over the oligarch-controlled channels that so efficiently — and profitably — channel this horsemanure into our homes.

The first step is to vote with our remote.

Change the channel.
Tune in to The Discovery Channel.
Click on “exit” with your mouse;
And logon to blogs that truly value The Truth.

The above are a few of the many ways we can, so to speak, vote with our remotes. If we are looking for a new “revolution” to define the second decade of the 21st Century and hence, you can find its home in cyberspace here:

The true hadlang sa kaunlaran (roadblocks to progress) are no longer the politicians that we have decided to set ourselves apart from. The real disease that threatens our march to progress is being piped right into our homes over the airwaves and over fibre-optic networks and copper wires. And guess what: for your trouble, you even pay good money to receive these insults on our already meager intellectual faculties.

Do the right thing and take control.

Vote with your remote.


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20 Responses to The REAL threat to progress is being piped right into our homes!

  1. ChinoF says:

    You know, when people speak of “unified,” I wonder if they actually mean “imperialistic.” Meaning, “you unite with our view, we are right, and if you don’t side with us, you’re a traitor to this country.” George Bush all over again. Whatever happened to diversity and individuality? I guess guess Mr. M doesn’t realize or agree that allowing the differing opinions to remain differing and able to pursue their own goals is actual social justice. “Uniting” means that some of the differing voices would have been suppressed, which is social injustice.

  2. Filo says:

    Man, Margallo really is unequaled in coming up with rubbish like that.
    Uni ed voice of di ering opinions? They won’t even publish valid comments that
    go against theirs at FV. More likely, if Margallo’s bunch is to be followed, we’d have
    mob rule silencing dissent, which eventually appears like a uni ed voice,
    like B7 and ET.
    People like Margallo are so drunk from the concept of servant-leader that they
    conveniently downplay what it actually takes to be a leader and emphasize the ser-
    vant part (read: order-taker). This comes as no surprise as Noynoy seems to be the
    oligarchs’ perfect puppet to begin with. His tour of duty as puppet began when he
    decided to join the race.
    Margallo’s verbose pomposity should fall out of favor if more and more people
    did away with media products that stupefy Filipinos on a daily basis.

    • ChinoF says:

      That concept of a SERVANT LEADER has actually been intentionally confused as well through the rubbish piped into our homes. As a churchgoer in an evangelical church, I know that churches see the servant leader as one who serves the NEEDS of the congregation. The servant leader is actually the minister or pastor. He is humble, but uses his authority in the right way to influence and lead people to do the right thing to serve their own needs. However, he DOES NOT give in to the bandwagon or clamor of the members. He is not the “slave” who listens to the congregation’s demands. He also regulates and berates them if they call for something that is wrong.

      As for Noynoyists, they see the leader as their servant, so whether they need something or not, they want their “leader” to do this and that, and when he does not obey them, they’ll kick him out! It’s like many masters having one servant! A totally twisted concept. They do not know what a servant leader really is.

      Margallo is also of the school of thought that democracy is “following the will of people.” It is an inaccurate definition. The right definition is that the will of the people (and there are many wills too) interweaves with the government’s authority and power to achieve specific goals without running roughshod over the rights of people – whether they be people in the private sector or government. “Unifying” in the Noynoyists’ terms has the sense of one group running roughshod over some people’s rights to only their own view perpetuates in this “unification” – so they’re actually UNdemocratic!

  3. benign0 says:

    That ‘servant leader’ sees his role as leader of people as a service he renders to them by applying his leadership skills. But he sees that application as subservient to the good of his constituents. But what the constituents need to understand is that part of the application of said leadership skills includes making unpopular decisions and acting decisively even at the risk of not being overly consultative when the matter requires executive decisions. The constituents have to respect and accept that being subject to a leader (even a ‘servant leader’) has some responsibilities as well.

    • Filo says:

      So Abe and the Echoes (sounds like a bluegrass band, but no; it’s those who parrot his drivel) practically wants a gofer, not a real leader – one they could People Power* out of the picture if and when he does something unpopular. Definitely mob rule.

      *suddenly, People Power is a verb!

  4. homer says:

    It’s not easy to convince the average Pinoy to watch something different from the local fare. The masses are notorious for being emotionally attached to their brain-dead programs and favorite celebrities. It has been this way for generations with no change in sight. In some cases, they usually have trouble watching anything that’s not in a local dialect. Ok, there may be very few exceptions like NBA and (ugh!) American Idol…but generally, they stick to local fare like flies on shit. The challenge for this advocacy is to generate enough people to participate and get enough numbers to bring those ratings DOWN (where they belong).

    As for Ape (not a misspell), he’s insignificant.

    • homer says:

      D’OH! Comment above was supposed to be a follow-up to my last comment on the “vote with remote” post. I must admit…it’s totally out-of-sync with the topic here, except for the last line (hehe).

      My bad. Guilty as charged.

      I need to go to sleep for a long time…..

    • aside from brain-dead programs … recycled 60s and 70s VST hits. My mama and papa been pestering me to comment on this. So I did. Kase my mama and papa do not speak english.

      • BongV says:

        We’ve come a long way from Eddie Ilarde and Bobby Ledesma’s “Battle of the Brains” on Student Canteen to the sleaze of WOWOWEE.

  5. Filipinos hate the word “servant”. The Filipinos went ballistics went Tsip Tsao called Filipinos “servants”. A Filipino president definitely do not want to be called a “servant” leader in deep servitude to the people. A Filipino wanted respect. It is as deep as culture. It is implanted in history when Filipinos didn’t have a single iota to be respectable. We have been under Spain for 350 years. 50 years with Americans. 4 years with Japanese. Left-behind economically by our neighbours that went democratic in the 70s.

    Filipinos demand respect not collectively but individually. THAT IS THE TROUBLE. THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

  6. benign0 says:

    It’s not so much the poor masses as those who wield some influence or have the means to access the tools to publish thoughts that we need to target in our campaign to rid ourselves of the hold Big Media has on our minds.

    Those latter ones I cite, which include bloggers and Facebook activists for example, are emerging as the most potent channel for distributing and propagating ideas. The trouble is that if this sector of society remains in the grips of the influence of Big Media (which for the most part acquired their “protector” and “hero” status as a result of the obsolete “laban” call of the 80’s) then we end up with an otherwise clued-in sector of our society distributing crap.

    We need to:

    (1) Encourage more original thinking and less of the blind regurgitations of the ill-thought-out “ideas” thrown out by Big Media, moron politicians, and Old Fart demagogues like Abe Margallo and Ellen Tordesillas.

    (2) Encourage more thinking that is independent of the Jedi Mind Tricks that clever marketing unleashes on Filipino consumers — the kinds of things that induce wasteful and often damaging levels of consumption in silly seasons like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

    (3) Encourage a more deliberate approach to taking “action”. Filipinos are not exactly renowned for groundbreaking initiatives and ventures. That is because conformity rather than inquiry is ingrained deeply into our psyche from an early age. This is what makes Filipinos particularly susceptible to the mass hypnosis of marketers, politicians, and religious leaders.

    Anyways, thanks guys, your comments and the thinking these have induced in me have actually inspired a future article to be published on Watch that space! 🙂

  7. Hiya all! This link will show how to do invistigation. These inbistegeytors are not even ivy-school graduate compared to our ZTE invistigators who are SENATORS FOREIGN-EDUCATED IVYSCHOOL GRADUATE.

    These American invistigators do not telegraph their evidences on hand until this chap is arraigned. Here, in Flipland, Senators has arranged to bungled the whole invistiagation exercise to save GMA.

    Causes; of our calamitious Philippines are:

    1. Idiot peryodistas
    2. Change the president
    3. Change the idiot senators
    4. Change the dumb congressmen
    5. Change the Filipinos …

    I wonder what order of importance these should be ….

    • Conyo says:

      Actually None of the Above.

      The Answer is in the Bible my friend.

      Matthew 5:3

      “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

      And since the Philippines has a high incidence of poverty, we can be sure that we will have an excellent “acceptance rate” into heaven. Don’t envy or emulate the rich countries because, again the Bible in Matthew 19:24 says:

      “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”

      So instead of praying for our poor countrymen. We should be praying for the souls of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Kawawa naman sila.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

      • Parallax says:

        excellent point about dogma holding back economic upliftment, conyo.

        oddly enough, i’ve never seen an emaciated man of the clergy under normal circumstances; an exception would be when taken hostage by those abu sayyaf a-holes.

      • Conyo says:

        I was trying to be funny. But I think I’m a bit off this week…. must be the Valentine hangover.

        See you at Starbucks 🙂

      • Zadkiel says:

        Matthew 5:3 says “poor in spirit” not just poor.

        Matthew 19:24 merely says that you have to unpack your material possessions, because you don’t need it in heaven, but we need it here.

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