Noynoy Aquino: Losing his cool

More than two weeks ago, popular presidentiable Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s most staunch lackey in the Philippine Media Conrado de Quiros blamed the campaign for his seemingly irreversible slide in the popularity surveys:

Challenged to keep the campaign high, the campaign responded by making it low. Challenged to make the campaign lofty, the campaign responded my making it dull. Challenged to make the choice sublime, the campaign responded by making it paralytic.

Amazingly, I saw de Quiros’s point at the time. My thinking then was that Perhaps Noynoy is an otherwise ok guy who unfortunately just simply stands for nothing. Indeed, there is nothing wrong with standing for nothing, really, so long as you stand alone and obscure as a civilian in your standing for nothing. Lots of people lead lives characterised by a banal day-to-day stand taken for nothing in particular. They harm no one because they are, for the most part, in not much of a position to do much damage to society as they live and die standing for nothing.

Filipinos unfortunately don’t really have quite a shiny track record of picking the winners as far as the sort of characters we build our monuments to goes. So it was quite easy for a so-so ho-hum stand-for-nothing guy like Noynoy Aquino to capture the vacuous spirit of that tired Laban cry of the “Opposition”. So as Noynoy basked in the glory of inherited popularity, he attracted a cadre of losers upon which he entrusted his campaign. That train of thought I entertained was my way of giving the bozo the benefit of the doubt given that so many of those in the brainier circles of our society routinely see past his pedigree campaign. Perhaps Noynoy Aquino, the stand-for-nothing politico and his gone pear-shaped campaign are simply the victims of the ill-advise of the morons who surround him. He was ill-advised to run for president to begin with and now his campaign creaks under the weight of Pinoy-style ill advise.

Lately though, Noynoy has proven this theory wrong. It turns out that he is after all capable of having a direct influence on the fortunes of his presidential bid. He showed us that he is capable of grabbing the controls and pushing his nose diving campaign down an even steeper descent. Observing how Noynoy Aquino lost his cool in a debate sponsored by the the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry by making a bald accusation that Biznews publisher Tony Lopez was “biased” against him, Ramon Tulfo wrote in the Inquirer that;

IF SEN. NOYNOY AQUINO continues to show his annoyance toward some members of the media on the campaign trail like he did on Tuesday, he’s likely to lose many votes.

Aquino should remember that many voters who are still undecided are scrutinizing every candidate’s action in public.

So there you go. Like the chimp who suddenly grabbed the controls of a speeding car and crashed it into a tree in a scene from a comedy movie I recall from my childhood, Noynoy takes control.

Nice work champ.

Still, many people think Noynoy is winnable. Lila Shahani, for example, in a recent comment she makes on a whatever article on remains consistent with three misguided principles:

Vote based on winnability

As for Perlas himself, I think supporting him is not only quixotic but downright elitist. Nicki is a decent and qualified guy but he doesn’t stand a chance, so it is a misguided idealism to think your vote will make a difference.

That simply exhibits the regard for the individual voter. The individual voter’s duty is to vote for who she personally believes in. The fact that said vote may be wasted on a candidate who does not stand a chance is a flaw of the system. An individual’s voting preference should not be made to subsume itself to the herd to compensate for said flaw.

What is popular is necessarily what is right

the fact is that all the people who support bottom-feeders IGNORE THE WILL OF THE MAJORITY OF FILIPINOS, see? It’s not just about “winnability”, Edward — a phenomenon u appear to consider to be deeply unsavory. The question is: WHY is so-and-so winnable? Because the general public prefers them for whatever reason, right?

For “whatever reason”. Indeed, “whatever” — basta — is about the best reason, the average schmoe who will vote for Noynoy Aquino can scrape from the bottom of the empty barrel that is his mind when asked why.

It’s all about what the candidate will not do rather than what he will do

I happen to choose the one who I consider to be less corrupt.

Right. Vote from the low bar we have so made a tradition of setting for ourselves. Spoken like a true winner (by Pinoy standards, of course).

Dumb down and be one with the rest of the population

Others who go on and on about the qualifications of the rest of the candidates (apart from Villar and Noynoy) r dismissing the will of the public and could therefore be considered elitist.

In other words, “you are either with us or against us”, right?

Compare this with the same spiel we read from Ms Shahani back about a month ago which I immortalised in my seminal piece Philippine Elections: a Buffet of Evils. These philosophies that run our sad society to the ground are so deeply-ingrained as to blot out any glimmer of enlightenment that dares break the impenetrable darkness of the Philippine National “Debate”.

* * *

And so we find that with our society in the grip of the kind of thinking propagated by what are supposed to be the most educated of our sad lot, it is not too surprising that we remain the odd-country-out in a region of winners. In one of those rare instances of the Philippines making international news, it is billed Asia’s Laggard in an article by Ruchir Sharma in an article on the Feb 1, 2010 issue of Newsweek. You can read the full article online here.

Sharma listed the following telling observations among others that point to the poignant backwardness of our sad nation:

Jeepneys continue to be the favourite mode of public transport.

– An average growth in the economy of 4% post-Marcos representing a gain all but overwhelmed by the country’s 2% per annum annual population growth.

– Highly subjective interpretation of laws leading to a shunning of the country as an attractive place to invest.

Saddest of all is a key solution to the changing the long-term fortunes of a society whose economic underpinnings are being pulled from under its feet even as it struggles to even muster a crawl in the race to become a prosperous nation:

An important measure of the country’s success will be if it manages to slow the pace of emigration. More than 10 million Filipinos have left the country since the early 1980s for better prospects abroad. The country needs some of that talent to return home and add to the economy’s underlying productivity.

As Elton John once sang:

It’s sad, so sad;
It’s a sad sad situation.

But it is unlikely that Filipinos, who continue to walk around with a silly smile plastered on our faces even as the outrage of our self-destruction unfolds before us, will agree.


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21 Responses to Noynoy Aquino: Losing his cool

  1. ChinoF says:

    Ironically, I think Ms. Shahani embodies the kind of elitism she accuses us of, and covers up this elitism with the sense that this elitism is actually popular opinion. She is an example of the people who uses skillful rhetoric and emotional cues to deflect people’s attention in support of a cause they contrived, which is to weed out the “evil” in the country. That evil is Gloria. But even this marking of who is evil is flawed. Obviously, they are deflecting attention away from the business magnates, government cronies and media bandwagons who are the actual source of the “evil” in the country.

    In fact, Noynoy’s popularity is a myth. He’s going down on the surveys… and he never reached more than 50% at all. He’s not the majority choice. So is the idea that he is “blameless.” I think people should look at this and find out more on the truth: . Blameless and “hindi magnanakaw” my ass. But a balimbing, he is.

    Look’s like the cat’s out of the bag.

    • jethernandez says:

      Kaya lang naman evil si Gloria kay Shahani kasi naging loose canon si Gloria sa poder ni Ramos. Nawala na ang collusion ng Macapagal at mga Shahani/Ramos.

      Election is either re-alignment of tactical alliances between elite clans or renewal of rivalries. The LPs are good in creating/manipulating clan alliances and collusion. They now have the obvious turncoats such as the Belmontes of QC, the Rectos of Batangas and the Linas of Laguna. At the top we have the Laurel and Hardy tandem of Ignoy and Maria. Iconic daw ang tandem ng mga anak na pinanganak with a silver kutsara. Nga naman being the son of Ninoy and Gerry na mga pasaway nung panahon ni Marcos can be a rallying point of the “Fight between Good and Evil”.

      Naka… GASGAS na yang GOOD and EVIL na yan. LPs have done evil things while they are still in good company with Gloria. Sabi nga dito ang mga LP (long playing a holes) are in thick of the cheating during the 2004 election. Kiko Pangilinan NOTED at every cry for foul… prrrrrt… FOUL… NOTED… FOUL… NOTED hehehe… . Sabi din sa article si Nanay at Anak na AquiNO, tried to dangle the Garci tape issue kasi i re redistribute na ni Gloria ang Hacienda Luisita. Blackmail!!! Booo.

    • jethernandez says:

      hindi nangangahulugang pag marunong ka ng rhetorical english… matalino ka na. hindi lahat ng pilipino na baluktot mag ingles katulad ko ay hindi nakaka intindi ng katarayan ni Shahani. walang correlation ang pagiging ARTICULATE sa pagiging SENSIBLE. Tawag dyan kay Shahani… ARTICULATELY STUPID. She’s just being babied by Cocoy kasi siguro either love interest yan o pocket interest. they need to DUMB DOWN like JoeAm.

      • ChinoF says:

        Onga naman, articulate naman si Ms. Shahani in trying to say, useless ang boto sa ibang kandidato porke matatalo, kaya dun ka nalang sa binoboto niya! Recruitment drive lang naman yan eh! Pero ang logic niya, di nga logic, kasi kung iboboto man lang yung mananalo, eh parang mas wala ring epekto boto na yan kasi mananalo na nga eh! Balimbingan nga. Mas mabuti talaga yung botohin mo kung sinon gusto mo, kahit matatalo, kasi panatag ang loob mo at hindi ka nagsisinungaling.

        Onga rin, may evil din ang LP. Karamihan na sa kanila yata mga supporter ng big bisnis dito, pati show bisnis. Langya, nung nangyari yung Hello Garci issue, si Noynoyee pala nag-vote siya na wag i-play yung Garci tapes. Pro-GMA pala noon. Tapos nung nag report ang fact-finding body ni Gloria, ang sabi ibigay na yung Hacienda Luisita mga pharmers. Kampante si Glo dito. Sigawan daw sila ni Cory sa Malacanang, at pag-alis ni Cory, anti-Gloria na siya. Selfish no?

        Dapat siguro i-seize na yung hacienda na yan at ipagkalat na sa mga farmers. Kung SIngaporean namahala diyan, siguro matagal na yan ginawa, hehe.

  2. BenK says:

    What, exactly, is so wrong with striving to be “elitist”? Since when does the lowest common denominator in any society represent the highest aspiration for the common good?

    • Conyo says:

      Exactly. What would Starbucks be without its price mechanism enforcing exclusivity? Would so many people still want an I-Phone if anyone can afford it? Would a supermodel still be beautiful if the average person looked just as good as her?

      Without a Top, there is no Bottom.

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

  3. BongV says:

    Di pa nga president, prima donna na. Wait till sumali pa si Kris, si Ballsy. yung mga alalay nila – yung mga alalay ng alalay nila.

    Ala na, pag nanalo yan, buong Pilipinas magiging kusina ni noynoy.

    lahat ng government employees – mga alila, tsimoy, atsoy, at atsay ni kris – tigakuha ng tubig, kape, lipstick, makeup, pamalengke, at kung ano pa.

    Am so glad to be out of that awfully forsaken hell hole.

    Kung gusto ng mga pinoy magpakamatay sa kaistupidohan, go ahead – anyways, am out of there, di na ako kasali sa collateral damage…

    tutulong pa ako ng mamatay silang lahat ng maaga, sabay tulak sa bangin..

    GOOD RIDDANCE maderpaker

    then i’ll have the place all to my lonesome…


    • Poppy Seed says:

      We need to set our standards low, that way we won’t be disappointed. (Yes, it’s cliche)
      Cheers 😉

      • Jomex says:

        stupido ka talaga, buti na lang hindi ka umuwi at baka mabatukan pa kita. kaya umuunlad ang bansa dahil sa ugali ng mga taong tulad mo. pero hindi ka naman kelangan sa pinas dahil bagahe ka lang don. sana wag ka nang bumalik.

      • waitwat says:

        by Jamex:
        “kaya umuunlad ang bansa dahil sa ugali ng mga taong tulad mo.”

        Wow! Praises for, BongV! Bakit ayaw mo pabalikin e uunlad pala tayo! Sayang naman!

  4. jethernandez says:

    DIPLOMACY will always be a part of the Presidential package. It should have “grace under pressure”. Tama si Bong… nagsisimula ka pa lang mataray ka na… paano na yung mga constituents na ang tingin talaga sa pagmumukha mo ay ABNOY ka. Look at the LP package… Isang walang DIPLOMASYA at isang MAHILIG MAGMURA… and it’s a FIGHT BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL… isulat nyo na lang yan sa toilet paper at i saksak nyo sa kung saan man.

    • ChinoF says:

      Tuald ng sabi mo, they depend on personal connections to manipulate and turn to their favor. Pinoy na pinoy ano? Ah, mali… anti-pinoy na anti-pinoy ang mga gago! hehehehe

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  6. ilda says:

    Hi there! The first time I saw how Noynoy supporters at FV use twisted logic, I already knew I was on to something 🙂 I can’t believe the way they put intellectuals down including their supporters. They try to shame people who use their brain. Pasensya na sa comment ko. I’m just trying to get an AP fix today using my phone. My internet has been down for d last two days 😦 I can’t even publish my blog. I have to get that wireless broadband soon or I might die!

  7. Ronald Montemayor says:

    After EDSA I, Cory and Doy Laurel vowed to remove corruption. In the end Doy got drummed out of Cory’s inner circle, betrayed by Kamaganak, Inc. et al., and the wealth from the Marcos cronies was just simply “confiscated” by Cory’s cronies.

    During EDSA II, then Vice Pres. Arroyo vowed to end corruption and bring then Pres. Estrada to justice.
    In the end she gets hammered by the “Hello Garci” scandal and accusations of her husband’s corrupt practices, and she never recovers from those scandals. The rest of the story you already know. Note that during the2004 presidential election, Kris Aquino campaigns for Arroyo..

    Now, Noynoy banners his “walang mahirap kung walang kurap” slogan, vowing an end to Pres. GMA’s corrupt legacy. With this I borrow words from a former official of Cory’s administration, “What good is a Blessed Virgin Mary if she is surrounded by Sodom and Gomorrah?”

    Think about it.


    You know why this is called an election, isn’t it? All people participate, whether they be “elite” or “masa”.
    Wake up boy, this isn’t Saudi Arabia where only the elites have a say in government.

    Besides, it’s the lazy-thinking elites like you who contribute to this mess in the first place. You have the power to educate the masses, yet you choose to hobnob with Tim Yap and party like there was no tomorrow. Elites, indeed.

    Instead of unity, you bring nothing to the table but division.

    • waitwat says:

      Is he (BenK) talking about the Filipino’s inferiority and mediocrity complex? Because that is what I can understand from his post.

      “What, exactly, is so wrong with striving to be “elitist”? Since when does the lowest common denominator in any society represent the highest aspiration for the common good?” -BenK

      I translate as:
      “What is exactly so wrong with striving for the highest peak of status? Since when is being mediocre or lowly status the highest aspiration for the common good?”

      Please correct me if I’m wrong…..

  8. Ronald Montemayor says:


    I think it would be better if we let BenK explain it himself. Too bad, ’cause based on his blog, he’s not really for Noynoy, and I actually agree with his opinions, if you read the first part of my comment it should be clear. It’s just that he decided to answer Lila Shahani’s argument on her own terms (basically agreeing with her premise); that’s when I took him to task.

    To be in the lowest spectrum of society doesn’t automatically mean one is mediocre, it just means one’s resources are limited. Francisco Balagtas and Andres Bonifacio (maybe Satur Ocampo) are the examples that come to my mind.

    Choosing a “non-winnable” candidate is not elitist (if we strictly follow the meaning of the word, which is “a group which believes that they deserve favored treatment by basis of perceived superiority”), in fact its the opposite. Nick Perlas isn’t superior by means of winnability (premise no. 1) so whoever chooses him isn’t really elitist at all, ergo, Ms. Shahani’s argument is actually a non sequitur.

    The people who are elitist in fact are the supporters of a certain candidate who consider his victory in this coming May elections a foregone conclusion, going so far as to fan another revolution if he loses, as if he is already entitled to the presidency.

    EDSA III redux anyone? 😛

  9. GCL says:

    BenignO, BongV and the rest of AP.

    In Cebu, it is not so much the “poor” who actually support Noynoy, it is actually the business elite. I could name a lot of them because I was once involved in their campaign until i saw what these people were only after for.

    The saddest part of it is they are very convinced that theirs is the “intelligent’ choice. it was perhaps better during the Erap days because there was a marked difference between the discerning and the emo-voters but in the case of Noynoy, Cebu’s elite isnt even asking why they seem to have the same choice with the people whom they accused of being “unable” to make an intelligent choice. instead, they call this a “collective” will. Is it really? Or is it that they have lowered the bar? or is it because Noynoy and his questionable LP leaders intend to extend their KAMAG-ANAK INC. which benefits this business elite in Cebu.

    if you look at LP Cebu’s leadership you would already get an idea of how Abnoy is Noynoy. Granting that he is a “good man” how can he control Tomas Osmena, Junie Martinez, Sonny Osmena and the rest of Cebu’s LP? The answer is clear, he CAN’T and WON’T. I don’t even think Noynoy would win in a debate against me. kasi i know i’m not good enough BUT Noynoy may be worse (Noy, wa’g pikon)

    Shahani’s thinking is distorted and traditional. Her writing is outdated religion – dangerous when taken by the less discerning. Anyhow, may we find forgiveness for Shahani, for she does not know what she is doing. In her hands lie the further descent of the Filipinos.

    Given this, I encourage all the writers of AP to keep up the fight! Even after the elections, continue to write responsibly for that is the role of Civil Society (journalism in this case). You must keep the space of Culture holy for its already being invaded by the lust of business elites (ABS-CBN) and traditional politicians like the LP, NP, NPC, and Lakas-Kampi CMD. Your sphere of influence must check the excesses of both polity and economy while policing your ranks from irresponsible writers like SHAHANI.

    Mabuhay ang Anti-Pinoy.



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