News Flash: Senator Dick Gordon is the Saviour of the Philippines

I once met a guy whose nickname is Dick. He insisted that his name is spelt “Dict” (with a “t” instead of a “k”), not that this made any difference in the way people hear him say his name. Most would still react in a funny way as they associate the name with something else. If you were the sort of person who judges another by his name though, then you would miss out on how wonderful a guy named Dick is.

Take Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon, for example. He is certainly not one of those who would insert a letter “H” in his name to change its spelling to “Dhick” just to make it sound softer. He is the sort of person who, after spotting you from across a crowded room, would enthusiastically meet you halfway and give you a real man-handshake. He’d say “Just call me Dick, Dick Gordon”. You might even mistake it for “Bond, James Bond”. One look at Dick Gordon and all the bad name association that evokes snickers will be gone in a second, for he is a jolly good man with a smile always pasted on his face.

Personally, I see Dick Gordon as the real life version of “The Cleaner”, the character played by Harvey Keitel in the film Pulp Fiction. If you’re not familiar with that excellent film, The Cleaner is the operative that people go to when they want a messy situation rectified. Like that character in the film, Dick Gordon routinely oversees thorough clean-ups with military precision of any disaster, whether it be natural (volcanic eruptions and mudslides) or man-made (such as the U.S. military withdrawal of 1992).

Dick Gordon started his political career at an early age. He was even a delegate to the drafting of the 1973 Constitution of the Philippines. You can tell that he applies his degree in both History and Law to how he does his job as a public official. His own father was a victim of political assassination in 1975 but unlike that other popular presidential candidate, Dick Gordon doesn’t use this piece of personal history to solicit the sympathy of voters. He simply does what he does to the best of his own abilities. He’s gone through a lot of upheavals with little resources to work with, a lot of detractors along the way, and just his enthusiasm and his fighting spirit to see him through them. Nowadays, as a Presidential contender, he is probably facing one of the toughest battles of his political career, one that pits him against the emotionally-appealing option and the moneyed option.

The Man and the City

Everybody loves going to Olongapo City. I don’t know anyone who has never been there. Even when I was still a kid, I already had fond memories of going there. Olongapo City has gone through a total transformation from being an R&R “sin city” during the period of the U.S. military presence there, into what is now hailed as a “model city”. Olongapo is a model city because it has a high rate of volunteerism among its residents, operates a proper waste, health and sanitation management regime, and was the pioneer for a colour-coded public transport system. There is a good community spirit in Olongapo City overall.

Next to Olongapo City is Subic Bay which once hosted the largest U.S. Naval Base in the Far East. The area is now called the Subic Bay Free Port Zone. Kids nowadays might not even know that it used to be a military base but when I was a kid, everyone I knew who had been there was always at awe of the wonders they saw within the U.S. Subic Naval Base. One of its notable features which I found funny was how every Filipino visitor was very aware of its very different set of traffic rules. Within the base, you really had to stop or give way when the sign indicated Stop or Give Way. Every Filipino driver who entered its gates became totally obedient of the road rules while inside. Most likely because the place was run by Americans, Filipinos found greater shame in getting caught not following the rules. Inside, the roads were well paved and the facilities were first class. It was also renowned for having one of the biggest un-touched forests that hosted protected wildlife. This is where the U.S. military did much of their training. We have to thank the Americans for what the Subic Bay Free Port is today, paving the way for how Filipinos use it now as an economic and tourist hub.

I still recall the aeroplane that stood as a monument near the entrance of the former U.S. Naval Bases. It had Dick Gordon’s name on it, a reminder that it was his unofficial playground, a playground that he loved, protected and kept well maintained for Olongapo residents and the entire Philippine population to enjoy. If there are two things that should be associated with the name Dick Gordon, it would be Olongapo City and the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. There is no way that the success of these two places could not be attributed to Dick Gordon. His name is synonymous with the acronym SBMA (Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority) for having been instrumental in its establishment and for administering it from 1992 until 1998.

After taking stock of all the stuff he’s gone through, you would say to yourself “man, Dick Gordon was right all along” on all the major issues that faced the Philippines back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. These issues are the same ones that are coming back to haunt him and the rest of the country today.

Dick Gordon campaigned for the “No” vote on the 1987 constitution which was framed by the late President Cory Aquino. It is the constitution that is now being criticised as currently imploding and vindictive. It is the constitution that is hampering the growth of the country because of its unfriendly foreign investment laws. It is the same constitution that prevents past presidents from running a second term, giving little opportunity for incumbents to finish what they started. Dick Gordon was right when he campaigned for the “No” vote on the 1987 constitution.

Dick Gordon led a nationwide rally in 1991 for the retention of the U.S. Bases in Subic Bay. He knew at that time that apart from being a major income generating client of Olongapo City, the Philippines was in no way ready to protect itself from militants and terrorists who were sleeping in its midst, not to mention threats to its security coming from outside. He was unsuccessful in his campaigned but has since been proven correct. Militants who were put off by the U.S. presence in the country, have since regrouped and are now free to wreak havoc and terrorise the rest of the population in the country and elsewhere. The Philippines is now the Number One choice training ground of Al-Quaeda operatives in the region. It was the late former President Cory Aquino who hammered the final nail into the coffin the U.S. military presence in the Philippines. It must not have been easy for Dick Gordon to be working against the tide back then (and even now). I can only begin to imagine working so hard for your beliefs only to get disapproval from a popular but incompetent president.

Dick Gordon is not the type of person who easily gives up. After facing one of the most destructive natural calamities in the region with the eruption of Mount Pinatubo 1991 and prevailing over the threat of looting of the abandoned U.S. naval base in 1992, he successfully lobbied for the conversion of the military infrastructure for civilian and commercial use and the establishment of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. During these trying times Dick Gordon managed to rally and mobilize the citizens of Olongapo to help clean-up the ashes that engulfed the neighbouring towns and protect the massive infrastructure left by the Americans. There was a very high community civic spirit as a result of his campaign and a passionate demonstration of volunteerism coming from his constituents. These are achievements that very few politicians can boast. Dick Gordon made it look so easy but not everybody can be as enthusiastic and as fervent in his conviction as he.

The name Dick Gordon can also be associated with the words reliable and consistent. Consistent because once he puts his mind into something he really sticks to it. He has been reliable with his roles in the Philippine National Red Cross, in pushing his advocacies, and in helping in various natural disasters throughout the years. He was consistent in actively marketing the Philippines in several tourism expositions and has also been credited with putting the Philippines in the international tourism map. His singular focus on converting the former U.S. Naval Base into an investment hub, created jobs and convinced bluechip companies to come to the party in the Philippines. His most recent noteworthy achievement the passage of Republic Act No. 9369 or the Automated Elections System that he hopes will prevent cheating and post election controversies.

It would be a real crying shame if Dick Gordon does not get elected to the presidency this coming May elections. Dick Gordon can rally the whole country behind him just like he did the whole citizenry of Olongapo City when he was still Mayor and Chairman of SBMA consecutively. Dick Gordon can undertake an effective clean-up of the mess the country is in now.

On the 10th of May, do not forget that the name Dick stands for something more than whatever it is that makes people react to it in a funny way. Dick Gordon stands for someone who is fit to be the next president of the Republic of the Philippines.

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102 Responses to News Flash: Senator Dick Gordon is the Saviour of the Philippines

  1. imp_of_lannister says:

    well he’s better than a lot of those running thats for sure. i just think that people associating his apparently superior record of past achievement and assuming such will surely translate to instant good governnace are just as deluded as those expecting noynoy to clean up the government given that he is integrity made flesh.

    what i really find funny about some hardcore gordon supporters is their unyielding belief that he will “discipline” the philippines. i just wonder, do we REALLY need a single person to “discipline”us? and how will he do it? micromanagement? military rule? police statehood? mass hypnosis?

    he’s an option for sure… but lets not get carried away. putting all your hopes in one man (and a man with little or no machinery to further his platforms which he hasn’t even articulated yet) is no less silly than voting for that other messiah in yellow expecting him to turn water into wine.

    • Artemio says:

      It should strike anyone as pretty obvious how nonsensical it is to attribute to a single person either all the evils or all the successes a society, such as ours, is actually responsible for, and yet it seems that hardly anyone sees the absurdity of blaming all our woes on a single person–Gloria–to excuse the need for the rest of us to make a concerted effort to change ourselves before the country could change as a whole. In fact, it is the Aquino camp that has been exploiting this hatred towards Gloria the most to gain the public’s sympathy and approval. Notice the difference between the slogans, “Sya na nga!” (roughly, “He is THE ONE”) of the Aquino camp, and “Change IN MEN…” of Gordon–Which one of these obviously recognizes the need for individual citizens to contribute in nation-building for the whole country to change?

    • ilda says:


      A person’s enthusiasm can be infectious. Enthusiastic is not a word that we can associate with Noynoy Aquino. Dick Gordon on the other hand, despite having been in the political scene for a long time now, hasn’t lost the enthusiasm for his job.

      Each and every Filipino still need to do his/her part in creating a better environment for him/herself. Where in my article did I say that Dick Gordon can single-handedly discipline every Filipino? There is no perfect candidate. At the end of the day, Filipinos still need to vote for a president in the coming election. We need someone who doesn’t have a lot of baggage like Noynoy or Villar. We need someone with a tract record of achievement.

  2. Fauxx says:

    I agree, he may not be the one who could “discipline the philippines”.
    But he surely is the only one who advocates and has the balls for that.
    Others are busy being politically correct.

    • ilda says:

      Discipline should start at an early age. Some people in our society are beyond being disciplined. They already belong behind bars. The only way to discipline those who still have the capacity to change is to show them that people who don’t follow the rule of law should be locked up away from society.

      We need a leader who can clamp down on people who have no qualms about doing criminal activities at the expense of others.

      • chigo says:

        We need a leader who can appoint the right man or woman to clamp down on people who have no qualms about doing criminal activities at the expense of others.

        Tandaan: Hindi lahat ng nasa kulungan ay nagkasala sa batas at bayan. Prison cell is synonymous to “rehab” or Correctional Institute.

        The critical thing for a president to do is the job to appoint someone in crucial government positions.

  3. Homer says:

    I agree with the first comment for the most part, but rather than ask if we REALLY need a single person to discipline us, I think the correct question would be: CAN a single person discipline the country? If it’s possible, we’ll take it. Yet, it is understandable to feel skeptical about it.

    Personally, I don’t know any one person who can unite the population. Getting Christians and Muslims to live and work peacefully (for example) will be much more than a big challenge for any potential leader. How ’bout getting warlords to cooperate under a program of unity? Sounds funny already, doesn’t it? We’re too tribal, and already too divided to easily give-up on customs and traditions that we have been accustomed to for generations. AP readers know better, but we are just a piece of crust in the whole pie.

    Perhaps the word “saviour” may be too strong a word for any potential leader. The Presidency is a thankless job, and many times, the President will find him/herself in a damned-if-I-do-damned-if-I-don’t situation. They will always be credited for what they don’t do for the country, rather than for what they’ve already done. If not for the “perks and rewards” that come with being on top, I don’t know who (in his/her right mind) would want to enter Philippine politics just to serve…and expect to win.

    There’s something to be said for a campaign with little or no machinery: There’s a lot less “utang na loob” towards any campaign contributors whose interests are to be protected in exchange. Sadly, our voters have a tendency to choose the candidates with heavy machinery…so the general public ends-up paying the price in the long run, while the interest groups get busy collecting from all the “utang na loob” that was generated during the campaign period. As usual, it doesn’t get any better. Judging from the past, we’ve been suckers for this kind of situation.

    I, for one, would be shocked to see Dick Gordon win the Presidency. Having said that, a little shock therapy may not sound like a bad thing for the country.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Homer

      I got the word saviour from the song Flash Gordon by Queen. Hey, if Abe Margallo can say Noynoy Aquino is “The One” and describe him as someone like Obama, I can certainly use the word saviour on Dick Gordon considering he has saved countless of lives by creating livelihood for people and also through his advocacies with disaster relief efforts together with the Red Cross.

      We already know that Noynoy is dividing the country more than uniting it. Same with Villar and Gibo. At least Gordon is a bit of a neutral choice compared to them. He’s got the ability and the experience. I heard from someone that Gibo said that if he loses the election, he will quit politics. I mean, if Gibo really said that, it says a lot about his inability to handle crisis and his immaturity as a politician.


  4. Jericho Dexter Salvador says:

    He’s perfect to be the next president…
    He can surely put our country out of the third world or even put it on the top
    He already have my vote from the time he decided to run for president,
    When he said he’s going to run for VP he has my vote and now he is running for president
    I definitely would vote for him

  5. J.B. says:

    In an egalitarian society, Gordon is for sure the strongest candidate but sad to say Philippines is not. I assume a number of people enough to leapfrog him to the Palace have at least some knowledge of his accomplishments since his stint as wonder mayor of Olongapo.

    The problem now is how to learn from the mistakes of Salonga or Roco that solid performance alone did not translate to the highest seat of the land. Erap seems to be have no chance of winning after his myth got busted. The survey if to be believed favouring tend to reflect the mindset of the people that it comes back again to wide exposure translate to a winning formula.

    I could only wish Gordon can do some spin into his campaign and wont repeat the same mistake of the past star performers failing to get the solid vote.

    Btw, going back to the single saviour does not sit well in our political system as the opposition is equally powerful unless you are a Ramos doing a magical rainbow coalition.

    • ilda says:

      I could only wish Gordon can do some spin into his campaign and wont repeat the same mistake of the past star performers failing to get the solid vote.

      Your wish is the same as mine. The more Noynoy goes to public debates, the more people will realise that he is not very statesmanlike and is incapable of handling a crises/crisis.

      Maybe another incident where he loses his cool or another scandal involving his sister, Kris will finally wake up the Filipinos who support him. Hopefully, when that happens, they will realise that Dick Gordon is “the one”.

  6. BenK says:

    You have a point, but on the other hand, the solution to the country’s problems has to start somewhere, right? It might not be reasonable to assume a president can solve everything or even make that much headway….but you’ve got to elect a president nonetheless. Elect the best one you can.

  7. BenK says:

    “Dhick.” Heh. That was funny.

    I guess if I start calling Noynoy a “jhackass” and a “dhummy”, it won’t sound as insulting. Thanks for the tip.

  8. Tacx says:

    One man may not be able to discipline a nation, but a leader with integrity can set an example that the population will follow. Any one man can make a difference; and they are called heroes.

    “Ask not what the country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy

  9. Lala says:

    Lee Kuan Yew did say we have too much democracy for too little discipline to go with it. Discipline is something Dick could lead many to adopt, and that’s already a step in the right direction. And what better presidency to deserve the people’s support than one capable of leading by example?

    • Renato Pacifico says:

      HA!HA!HA!HA! Lee Kuan Yew commented about Filipinas. Filipinos are so incensed! Filipinos accused Lee Kuan Yew of meddling in our internal affairs. SEE? filipinos do not want to take advises. A Filipino who gives advise is a dead Filipino.

      ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! AS SOME WELL-MEANING POSTERS IN OTHER BLOG SAID TO ME ….. “We all have prayed. All failed. Maybe what is lacking is Renato’s prayers” HA!HA!AH!HA!HA!HA!HA!

      Funny, I even rubbed my lotto ticket in Buddha’s tummy nothing happened. I place my lotto ticket under Senor Santo Nino. Nothing happened. I placed my Resume to a call center between bibles. Nothing happened. AND NOW THEY ARE NEEDING MY PRAYERS? HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! THESE DUDES GOT PLENTY OF FAITH IN THEM ….. HA!HA!HA!HA!@HA!

      • Lala says:

        Well, the “winnable” candidates wouldn’t mind Filipinos to remain blindly waiting for their prayers to be answered. Gordon on the other hand emphasizes an empowered approach to seeking change – starting the change within. That’s not unreasonable for upright thinking Filipinos, I mean, it’s one variable within each individual’s control. To me, that trumps prayer any day. Best if you have the right balance of both. Faith alone (or fatalism that stems from it) makes autumn leaves of people.

        Mail that resumé Ren. 🙂

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  11. Renato Pacifico says:

    Jesus Christ, the “appointed” God, is the saviour of the PHilippines. BUT WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THE PAST 480 YEARS AND STILL COUNTING and Filipinos are blamed for our predicament. This God of theirs is goot at blame-game. But if Filipinos are successesfuller God grabs the credit. NOW THAT IS A BAD EKSAMPLE. An Eksample that Filipinos has emulated perfektly.

    I say “appointed” because in other forums when they are faced with the fact they vaccilate and slimy. Because according to them Jesus Christ did not proclaim himself as God but the apostoles. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE. BUT THIS I BELIEVE, FLIPPERS BEEN PRAYING FOR THE PAST 480 YEARS AND IS STILL ON-GOING BUT NOTHING HAPPENED.


    • Renato Pacifico says:

      ANOTHER FACT THAT CANNOT BE NEGOTIATED NOR DEBATED: Filipinos pray to God. If God fails to make true of our prayers, GOD BLAME FILIPINOS. If FILIPINOS are successful GOD GETS THE CREDIT. Now try that in your real life. SEE IF YOU EVER WILL LOVE YOUR BOSSES.


    • Renato Pacifico says:

      HERE IS ANOTHER FACT THAT CANNOT BE NEGOTIATED: Filipinos find America and Europeaneses immoral for making porn as the biggest film and performing “art” industry not even Warner Bros, Paramount Pictures, MGM combined cannot outperform the porn industry. Filipinos find the Americaneses and Europeeaneses blasphemous for uprooting ten commandments and crucifixes from public places. For not allowing prayers in the classroom. AND YET FILIPINOS GO TO AMERICA AND EUR0OPEAN and they become “successful” in the land of the evils, immorals and devils and claimed to be ‘BLESSED BY GOD” of their successes. WEIRD? HUH? THE FANATICAL RELIGIOUS FILIPINOS REAPED WHAT THE IMMORAL DEVILISH AMERICAN AND EUROPEANSES HAS SOWN.



  12. Renato Pacifico says:

    DICK GORDON IS OUR DELIVERANCE AND OUR SAVIOUR. Despite my blasphemous statement, posters and bloggers for making Dick Gordon above God as saviour I SAY LIDA, RIGHT ON! I REPEAT AGAIN, RIGHT ON! Despite our corrupt politicians … THEY HAVE BETTER BATTING AVERAGE IN MAKING PROMISES TRUE AND FULFILLED COMPARED TO GOD THE JESUS CHRIST.

    When my lamppost bulb burned out. I prayed to God to have my bulb changed. Days went to Weeks went to Months. Nothing. Tired of waiting I called city hall. In one week time they changed the bulb. PRONTO. And these idiot religiosta claimed that City Hall were the once who responded to my prayers by way of God. UNSWA? WALA SILA KYAFE? This is the curretn mental malady of the Filipinos ……..

    DICK GORDON IS MY MAN!!!!!!!! MY SAVIOUR …. FIIPINO’S SAVIOUR…… Sana i bise-presidente niya si ERAP-para-lahat-pantay-hERAP

  13. Renato Pacifico says:



    If we voted Ampatuan to presidency I would not be shocked at all. THERE WOULD BE NO SURPRISES BECAUSE WE ALREADY KNOW THE OUTCOME …..


  14. benign0 says:

    The thing that jumps out here in this profile of Gordon is how he pretty much went against the popular grain in most instances and somehow prevailed.

    Through all these he exhibited that virtue that is just such a rare gem in Pinoy society — personal conviction. Real personal conviction sticks regardless of the what is in or out in the popular sentiment of the moment. The U.S. bases thing, for example, was an issue that captured the popular “nationalist” sentiment of the time that, unfortunately, went against retention of these fine military facilities in our sadly degraded island nation.

    Gordon stuck to his guns on that one and, failing that, worked with the subsequent outcome and turned what was an otherwise unfavourable situation into an opportunity for his constituents nonetheless. That kind of grit, determination, and resilience is not present in some of our more revered candidates. There are many unfavourable situations in the Philippines that a person who cut his teeth turning around bad situations can seize and make something of.

    Perhaps Gordon had his personal agendas in pushing for retention of the US bases, and all the other initiatives he pushed for Olongapo and Subic Bay. But that’s fair enough considering that he had a personal stake in these issues. What he successfully pitched to his constituents though was that what he considered to be of benefit to him personally was also of benefit to them. In effect, he was successful in demonstrating that his stake in the issues he highlighted and initiatives he pushed were things that he shared with his constituents.

    That is what statesmanship is all about — an ability to exhibit leadership of the sort that motivates those led to follow said leader into battle with true conviction.

    In a way this approach mirrors the ethic of people who subscribe to the principles that underpin most of the content and messages that AntiPinoy and GRP put out there. Things worth fighting for are not necessarily things that are popular. And what sets apart the men from the boys in the imperatives of excellence in governance and leaderships is the ability to turn the unpopular notions into worthy ones and develop roadmaps to face or get around formidable challenges.

    • jethernandez says:

      Things worth fighting for are not necessarily things that are popular. – benign0

      I’ll drink to that…

    • Mmmm922 says:

      benigno: “That is what statesmanship is all about — an ability to exhibit leadership of the sort that motivates those led to follow said leader into battle with true conviction.”

      exactly. and that is what Dick Gordon is, a tried and tested statesman through and through. 🙂

    • Velcrohair says:

      Regarding Gordon’s fight to retain the bases in the Philippines, it should be noted in fact that Lee Kuan Yew had a similar fight back when the British decided that after Singapore’s and Malaysia’s independence from the UK, they’d rather fold their military basis in Singapore as well. Lee Kuan Yew tried his darndest best to try to convince the British to stay put precisely because a huge chunk of Singapore’s economy was based on the bases. Somehow, people’s business were derived from the bases. Numerous nice hotels and restaurants catered to high ranking military officers and their families, many shopping areas were patronized and frequented by the British sailors and soldiers, and many Singaporeans were directly employed by the bases as janitors, civilian workers, translators, drivers, cooks, caterers, drydock technicians, repair workmen, etc.

      It was precisely a mirror image of what happened in the US bases, particularly Subic, because Singapore was primarily a Naval Hub.

      When Lee Kuan Yew was unable to persuade the British to stay (they had more pressing concerns back home), he realized he needed to tap into the existing infrastructure that the British left behind in their bases, and thus proceeded to turn it to his advantage.

      Dick Gordon, therefore, is the Philippines’ Lee Kuan Yew in that respect. Both fought for bases retention in their own countries, and not getting that, they proceeded to turn that into a major opportunity that would create jobs that would replace the ones lost.

  15. Renato Pacifico says:

    Pipol in Olongapo favors Dick because like Dick are dependent on US Bases. Dick failed in retaining the US bases, his constituents are angry not at Dick for the failure but at non-olongaponans. So, even if Dick backhoed plenty of non-olongaponans the olongaponans will side with Dick. Natural Filipino reaction.

  16. Pheeew says:

    He’s a sure win for a vice president. But he’s a good bet!

  17. losing hope everyday says:

    i wanted to vote for him because he is not just a leader, but a cheerleader.
    in today’s time morale is essential (after arroyo’s reign)
    i will vote for him not because someday i will get to have my own house
    or to minimize corruption.

    i will vote for him because i wanted to be proud of being filipino,
    not only by pacquiao winning another bout, or any filipino making their names
    abroad. but us in general.

    i wanted to help in rebuilding this country.

    this election as i think, is the pivotal point of us filipino (make or break)


    if he will not win this election*(likely)
    i shall get out of this country, f*ck patriotism!
    i am afraid that all my faith and hope in this country, is no more
    antipinoy i will

    • ilda says:

      @losing hope everyday,

      I can detect a bit of frustration in your writing. I can understand how seeing so many people campaigning for Noynoy can make an otherwise rational Filipino like yourself feel disillusioned. It’s just madness how a lot of people believe that just because Noynoy is the son of Cory and Ninoy, he is already fit to be a leader of more than 90 million people. However, the fight is not over yet. With our help, we can convince those who are undecided to vote wisely. Just keep spreading the word about Dick Gordon.

      BTW, leaving the Philippines does not mean you are unpatriotic. Jose Rizal himself spent some of the most productive years of his life abroad. He used the knowledge he obtained elsewhere to call for change in the Filipino mentality. Don’t feel bad about any decisions you have to make that will be good for you and your family because only a handful of our politicians really care and know what they are doing.

      I have just the right article for you to uplift your spirit. I hope you enjoy reading it:

      How to become a Successful Filipino!

      Have a good day!

      • losing hope everyday says:

        i have already read it.. and will surely apply it to my profession.
        the problem with me advocating gordon among my friends.
        is that i look too righteous. my only problem is that he(gordon) is
        too damn good to be missed as president (my opinion).
        while, their candidate is… (sigh)

      • ilda says:

        You’re welcome!

        Don’t feel too alienated when campaigning for the least popular but more logical candidate. I know it can be hard being a thinking fellow. Sometimes you just want to belong and go with the flow but don’t give in. Be strong in your resolve to vote for whoever you believe in.

        Here’s another article for you so you don’t feel you’re on your own in this fight:

        We all live in a Yellow Submarine

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  19. UP n grad says:

    A propaganda technique — go with the bandwagon — is being used to browbeat folks into supporting NoyNoy.
    “Don’t waste your vote”, pro-Gordon or pro-Perlas folks will be told, along with a reminder that the will of the majority should be followed. Don’t be fooled, especially with misuse of the word “majority”.

    UPn grad
    February 22, 2010 at 8:54 pm
    Folks really should not misread the results of the surveys. More than half of those surveyed — the majority– find that Noynoy is lacking. The thinking of the majority is this one — Go find someone other than NoyNoy. More than half of those surveyed find that Noynoy is lacking (in the preparation, in leadership, in an understanding of the problem that faces Filipinos in Pilipinas) Majority of Pinoys would rather have someone other than NoyNoy in Malacanang.

    Above-comment is awaiting moderation.

    • ilda says:

      Hi UPn

      Your friend at FV will interpret that bandwagon effect as “the will of the people”. We are people too and Noynoy for president is not our will.


      • Renato Pacifico says:

        PLEASE DO NOT MENTION FV. FV is a scourge of intelligent Filipinos. FV is dead. It is a goner.

  20. leo says:

    I want Gordon to win, but how?
    He is very low in survey 😦

    • Lala says:

      Surveys aren’t crystal balls that foretell the future.

      As long as we vote for whom we think really could and really should lead – Gordon in our case – as the next president regardless of whatever popularity contests they conduct wherever (such as those surveys), then we’ve done the right thing.

      Align your (well-informed) convictions with your commitments and you can’t go wrong.

      So don’t worry. There are more of us. Go out and vote this May. 🙂

    • CyanFox says:

      If survey says that most Filipinos believe that “smoking and getting drunk is okay” does that mean it is also okay for you?

      What if survey says that most Filipinos believe that “cheating on your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is okay as long as you dont get caught” does it reflect everyone’s belief too, or make it true?

      And lastly, if everyone says your child will die “because he doesnt have a chance to live longer” will you give up and just wait for your kid’s funeral, or will you fight for your own miracle?

      So, will you choose to believe the unthinking “millions” saying “Gordon cant win” or will you join those committed “few” who would rather follow a true leader – sink or swim?

      I rest my case.

    • SurveysAreBullShit says:

      Surveys in the Philippines are RIGGED. So don’t believe any of those shit. Every Filipino should realize this.

      I personally spoke to an insider in Gordon’s camp and learned from him that those survey groups would call them to offer their services for a fee in the range of MILLIONS. They would allow candidates to dictate the type of questioning and even how the results should come out. At the end of the day, negosyo ang mga ito, at the expense of our future.

      Since Dick Gordon would rather not spend money on crap, he “loses” on the surveys.

      Just vote for him. Lahat ng mga Pinoy alam na magaling si Gordon, pero kung lahat naman ay nag-iisip na hinda siya mananalo, then sayang ang boto kung ibibigay mo sa “lesser evil” na in reality ay “mas evil”. Kung akala ng tao “lesser evil” si Noynoy, actually mas evil siya dahil sa SCTEX at Hacienda Luisita massacre! Parehas lang sila ni Villar.

      Maraming ayaw kay Villar kaya kay Noynoy sila. Marami ding ayaw kay Noynoy kaya kay Villar sila. So swap lang ang mangyayari. Pero kung lahat tayo susunod sa ating konsensya without worrying about surveys, then mananalo si Gordon.

      • ilda says:

        In some societies, people usually go for the underdog because they recognise that being popular is not always a good thing. I don’t know why most Filipinos would rather jump on the bandwagon without a valid reason instead of using their brain.

        It has a lot to do with the culture of “pakikisama” which has a negative effect on our society.

    • ChinoF says:

      SWS itself admits (through Mar Mangahas) that never at any time had surveys successfully predicted who will win the elections. It’s always someone else from the surveys. Sige, itanong mo mismo sa kanila.

    • Aquablu says:

      In the previous election, Gordon was 27th on the senatorial survey. And yet he won and got the 5th place.

  21. dzieyzone says:

    proNoyNoy and proVillar were brainwashed because of popularity, media exposure and reigning local leaders. If we want a LEADER to win not just a PRESIDENT, evangelize the good and bad of the candidates. Mr. Perlas and Mr. Villanueva can be a good cabinet members, Mr.Perlas to be a DENR, and Mr.Villanueva to be a spiritual leader to the government. Mr.Gordon fits the job being a LEADER.

  22. zoomzoom says:

    very simple

    go to hacienda luisita masacre tarlac, if you like the place and see what he has done so far, and if ur emotional that u think u are doing tito ninoy and tita cory proud – vote noynoy(ive nothing against noynoy, but mar roxas is so much better)

    drive through c-5 extension, the reason why gsis’ money is missing is because villar used to prosper his business, if you like it and ur the type that wants to continue the trend of traditional politics – vote manny villar

    if you want nothing good to happen to our country – erap para mahirap, erap is not really bad, but he cant move the country forward and he has a lot of opportunistic cronies

    go to subic and olongapo, and if you dont like the cleanliness, orderliness and discipline,- don’t vote for dick gordon coz the whole country might be like those model city olongapo and economic powerhouse sbma

    • ilda says:


      go to subic and olongapo, and if you dont like the cleanliness, orderliness and discipline,- don’t vote for dick gordon coz the whole country might be like those model city olongapo and economic powerhouse sbma

      Obviously, there are Filipinos who don’t appreciate cleanliness and orderliness. They have no problem with litter around their neighborhood. They want everything the way it is.

      Imagine, Noynoy’s mum was the ultimate “mabait” president and yet, she failed to inspire Filipinos to change their ways. I don’t know why a lot of people would want to continue that failed legacy. Filipinos rely on their president to clean up after their mess. At least Dick Gordon inspires people to volunteer and help clean up the mess.

      What is that so called Aquino legacy again? The Liberal party just wants to win the election that’s why they are using a name associated with “mabait”. Kung mabait man si Noynoy, incompetent naman kagaya ng nanay nya.

  23. CyanFox says:

    Hmm, you compare him to ‘The Cleaner’ but I think it would be more apt to compare him to Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan”. He was an obscure character until a very critical incident led him to rise due to his competence and skill. From being an analyst to the CIA and US VP and finally as US President, he executed his duties admirably and delicately.

    Dick Gordon may not have received medals (especially from generation of self-serving administrations – except Ramos’ whom I give my due respect and admiration, too), but he is the most competent compared to everyone else. I want a President who can think calmly and effectively through a crisis that may or may not happen, than a President who relies on others to give the right advise while maintaining popularity just to please the people…

    • ilda says:

      Hi CyanFox

      Mas guapo nga si Jack Ryan 🙂 but Pulp Fiction is one of my favorites.

      Dick Gordon does fit the bill of all those Hollywood characters that rise to the occasion.

      Welcome to Anti Pinoy!

  24. rafterman says:

    The reason why Dick Gordon is a winner in my book is because he is the only candidate who holds THE PEOPLE responsible for their own fate. Others will blame “corruption” and “bad governance” for the poverty that plagues the nation. Dick Gordon said “what we need is not a change of men but a change in man”. That is very simple yet profound. The people also need to do their part. He made it happen in Olongapo. When the Americans left and Pinatubo ravaged the place, Filipinos who would normally blame the government and other external factors for their fate have rolled up their sleeves and rebuilt the city THEMSELVES. Instead of whining about help from the government, the church, the United States or Bill Gates, they all volunteered and got the place together. That’s the kind of “change in man” the country needs and not empty motherhood statements about being “hindi magnanakaw”.

    • ilda says:

      As usual, tumpak ka Rafterman! Filipinos just need to start with the man in the mirror and ask him/her to change his ways. 🙂

      Dick Gordon can definitely convince people to do the right thing for themselves and the country.

      • Homer says:

        Hi Ilda,

        i must commend you on your song reference above. I just went over the complete lyrics, and I thought it makes sense as a good rallying cry for those who advocate a change in men.

      • ilda says:

        Yeah! The song says “Flash, a-ah…saviour of the universe!” I just changed it to “…saviour of the Philippines!”

        I just started appreciating Queen’s songs recently. They have quite a number of classic hits. I’m sure you grew up with them, hehe!

        Flash Gordon’s lyrics:

        Flash – a-ah – saviour of the universe
        Flash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us
        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
        Flash – a-ah – he’s a miracle
        Flash – a-ah – king of the impossible

        He’s for everyone of us
        Stand for everyone of us
        He’ll save with a mighty hand
        Every man every woman
        Every child – with a mighty flash

        Flash – a-ah
        Flash – a-ah – he’ll save everyone of us

        Just a man
        With a man’s courage
        He knows nothing but a man
        But he can never fail
        No one but the pure in heart
        May find the golden grail
        Oh oh – oh oh

      • Homer says:

        uhh, i was referring to man in the mirror.

        this one above is kinda…spooky. 😀

      • ilda says:

        Ahhh…ok. hahaha. At least, readers will now realise where I got the word “saviour” from. hehe.

        You’re obviously not a Queen fan 🙂

  25. Homer says:

    Those who REALLY know a thing or two about music can attest to the fact that a lot of the best music available anywhere are the ones that usually don’t make the charts or get media exposure. It’s always been that way ever since the culture of “payola” existed in media. The “hit” singles are popular and meant to sell more, but they are manufactured crap in most cases. Ordinary music fans are therefore denied of real, quality music when they continue to count on the mainstream for their music choices.

    Same thing with the choices of candidates. Manny and Noy may be the hit singles for the moment, but they can’t hold a candle to the likes of Dickie Boy (the non-commercial choice) when it comes to substance, integrity, and lasting power. Ordinary voters are therefore denied info about the more qualified and deserving
    candidates when they continue to count on the mainstream (and those f**king surveys) to do the thinking for them when making their choice.

    Is there still time for Filipinos to finally break-away from the influence of the mainstream and the surveys?

    • ilda says:

      Classic example of people with hit singles: boy bands and girl bands. Where are they now and are their songs still being played today? Dunno and no.

      Former president Erap Estrada was a popular choice too. We already know what happened to him in the end.

      It’s incomprehensible why those who support Noynoy cannot see the obvious lack of substance in their choice. Mas marami talaga ang walang taste sa mundo 🙂

      • BenK says:

        “Popularity” and “quality” are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Case in point:

        Brian May, before: lead guitarist/songwriter for Queen

        Brian May, after: Ph.D. in Astrophysics, Chancellor of Liverpool Johns Moore University (where he replaced Cherie Blair, wife of the former British Prime Minister), CBE (which officially makes him Sir Brian May to peons like us), and has an asteroid named after him (52665 Brianmay).

        The problem, of course, is that too many not only don’t realize the two ideas are not incompatible, they don’t even realize they’re two separate things and assume “popularity” means “quality” (yeah i’m talkin to you, Lila Shahani).

        Dick’s already got the quality part covered; I guess it could be said that in appreciation of that fact, we’re all doing our little part to help him out with the popularity aspect.

      • ilda says:

        Wow! Brian May is way cool! Imagine when someone mentions the band Queen, they instantly think only of Freddie Mercury because he is the lead singer and more popular. Meanwhile, the other band members are virtually unknowns but contributed greatly to the band’s success for they are the one’s who wrote the band’s greatest hits!


  26. losing hope everyday says:

    ilda, why do you always have to hit noynoy?
    he is a no challenge,
    why not villar? the guy wearing the orange shit*r and embracing the masa
    as if it was his, and can i just say this to all the politician out there, can you all “CUT THE CRAP, on ” PARA SA MAHIRAP”, o “NANGGALING SA HIRAP!”o “DUMAAN SA HIRAP” if i were so poor(i eat 3 or more times a day, dunno where to classify myself), i would not let those politicians call me “mahirap” instead “NAGSUSUMIKAP”,
    makakain, isang beses isang araw would be just fine.

    it really is frustrating to send your point across, all the facts are their you can even write it down
    on who is more than the other candidate. and yet their just their looking like zombie, heading to nowhere


    its easy to please a person that’s hungry,than a person hungry of knowledge

    • ilda says:

      It’s not Noynoy per se that annoys me so much. It’s his supporters that do him a disservice.

      Villar’s camp does not use hate propaganda like the Noynoy camp. Noynoy’s camp accuses even bloggers like me as paid hacks and being pro-Villar without any proof. Noynoy supporters don’t like it when people question Noynoy’s credibility. Noynoy supporters are irrational. They do not have any other reason for voting Noynoy other than he is the son of Cory and Ninoy. Noynoy supporters forced Noynoy to run for the presidency. Noynoy also agreed to run without using his brain (he just prayed). So, in a way he is annoying too.

      I happen to know some Villar supporters and they are respectable people. They can defend their reasons for voting Villar. So even though I am not a Villar fan, I respect them. Villar is innocent until proven guilty.

      Noynoy’s camp brands other candidates as evil including Dick Gordon. I know of a certain Noynoy fan that goes by the name of Engineer who claims that Dick is just Gloria’s manok. They are bordering on the crazy and ridiculous. There’s just too much about Noynoy supporters that has to be exposed.

      • jethernandez says:

        Noynoy’s supporters should cut this crap of GOOD vs. EVIL B.s. Simple lang naman ang mga tanong… pero pina pa complicate pa ang sagot. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? WHY DO YOU WANT TO DO IT? HOW DO YOU INTEND TO DO IT? Unang tanong pa lang wala nang maisagot. Laging sa WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO? na kaagad. my goodness, these are basic questions for a project manager or a CEO and you have to answer these questions in the order stated. your credentials have to match the position you’re applying for. these are basic questions of COMPETENCIES. Noynoy’s camp has even clouded the campaign with vagueness of certain concepts such as INTEGRITY, SOCIAL CONTRACTS AND MORALITY. they’ve tried to redefine the meaning of ACCOMPLISHMENTS or redirected the issue of NON-ACCOMPLISHMENT to INTEGRITY issues.

        i hope that these three gentlemen Gordon, Gibo and Villar (along with their supporters) maintain their gentlemanly manner till the end of the campaign period. as far as my perception as a voter (not a campaigner) is concerned these three have answered them well. others presidentiables haven’t met my selection criteria. noynoy is even at the bottom of my list.

        I do hope that this website still be an instrument of EMPOWERMENT for an ordinary voter even if the cat is already out of the bag for Gordon. In my case, i still remain neutral for the three gentlemen.

      • BenK says:

        I’ve already come out backing Dick Gordon on my own (a position, in the interest of full disclosure, which was expressed even earlier and with great enthusiasm by my wife, the actual voter in the house), I’m not comfortable with Manny Villar, and I’m skeptical about Gibo Teodoro. But I agree with you that these three are the only realistic candidates; I might have a preference already, but the men themselves and their supporters – for the most part – conduct their advocacies and debate in a grown-up and respectable way. Which neither Noynoy nor his supporters do at all.

        To me, it’s just like science, or doing a math problem: Gordon is just the right answer. People like you who have expressed neutrality, hey, no problem — you just haven’t finished your calculations yet. People like Teodoro’s or Villar’s supporters who have already come up with a different answer…well, I think they made a mistake, but generally they seem willing to stand up and explain how they arrived at their answer, and that’s okay, because that gives us all something to talk about as thinking human beings. Noynoy and his supporters are the surly emos sitting in the back of the class, complaining that “math is stupid” and that the test is hard “because the teacher hates them”.

      • ilda says:

        Good on you Jet. Do not feel pressured into picking a candidate just because majority here have chosen Gordon. It’s really interesting though, that without influencing each other, most of the AntiPinoy writers have gravitated towards Dick. That should say a lot about Dick and how well we considered the other options.

        Have a nice day!

  27. bokyo says:

    I really don’t get why people are betting on their roosters instead of voting for a president. Big deal, if the Filipinos sees election as one hell of a cockfight, then I’ll go for the one with the lowest chance of winning but has the highest payback. At least if I invest for my one little vote I won’t be disappointed.

    Screw winnability, we need the man fit for the job of a President. Gordon just made it on my list.

    • ilda says:

      Thank you for your comment bokyo. I hope more people like you will be enlightened. Now you know you are not a lone voice. Please spread the word! 🙂

  28. “Ang disiplina ipinatutupad dapat para sa lahat, walang mayaman o walang mahirap. Disiplina ang kulang sa Pilipino! At naniniwala ako na matalino ang Pilipino para pumili ng leader na kayang dumisiplina sa lahat.”

    Gordon will discipline Filipinos in arresting criminals, corrupt filpinos from Tugegarao to Sulu BY HIMSELF BECAUSE THE REST OF 99.99999% OF FILIPINOS ARE JUST NATURALLY CORRUPT.

    The question: Who will dumisiplina sa lahat? Not my neighborhood big-tummy policeman. Not my corrupt konsehal.

    I WISH GORDON LUCK! I HOPE HE HAS THE CHARM TO CHANGE THE CORRUPT BY MERE WORDS. I am way too fatalistic I wish I am wrong mistek.

    In America, if Bronx is banged-up barrio they blame the Mayor or the Governor not the PRESIDENT. Here, in the FlipLand, the IDYOT PERYODISTAS BLAME THE PRESIDENT ON WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MAGUINDANAO!

    VOTE FOR ERAP! Erap-para-lahat-pantay-hERAP! ERAP SLOGAN: “it is better for a poor Filipino to pass thru the eye of the needle than a rich Filipino” ERAP WILL DELIVER YOU TO HEAVEN THRU THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED AND FILLED WITH THORNS!

  29. Conyo says:


    There is much I could argue against you Gordon worshipers but I will “hold my fire” since I like you.

    Besides, basta hindi Noynoy, pwede na!

    See you at Starbucks 🙂

    • ilda says:

      Hey! 🙂 How’s it going?

      Please tell me what’s wrong with Dick Gordon…. don’t be too hard on him though 😦


      Your friend Renato scares me, especially with his Chucky Avatar…I’m glad he’s not using it anymore…Anyway, I didn’t know that not all trolls are funny and witty.


    • Conyo says:


      Beneath Renato’s rough exterior is a Pinoy that WANTS to care. The problem is finding a reason to care or even a practical method of caring. I know this because I have used my super empathic powers to read him. You, on the other hand, are quite difficult to read. Does your last name start with the letter V?

      See you at Starbucks 🙂

  30. ChinoF says:

    Although I’m for Perlas mainly, you’ll never go wrong with Dick either. Especially when he’s bigger, longer and uncut! 😛

    At least you make the choice based on rational reasoning and substance, rather than all that yellow (and black) propaganda that’s going around!

    • ilda says:

      That’s it Chino! Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to write an article about Perlas.

      You have to carry the flag for your presidential candidate. Let us hear your reasons for choosing him.



      Would you believe the name Dick gets censored at Pinoy Exchange! Hahaha 🙂

  31. kikay says:

    well…Iused to post in facebook all his saying and remarkable words.. I really admire this man and I feel sorry for the existence of those people who think that they will be smart-enough by voting a man who seem to be intellectual but lack in experience, they might just also hoping that heroism is one thing that can be inherited or to be passed by one generation to another…and worst thing is to think that it is really possible to eliminate poverty in this country. Discipline is what it takes to improve ourselves and this country..and Gordon as well as Bayani Fernando is the best tandem that we must vote on May 10 election. No one is more competent and more deserving than these two gentlemen! And I feel that it is so unfair especially for Gordon himself for not being too much recognized by media just for the reason of not paying too much for the adds, same with the famous artist of this country that just can be bought by high compensation or talent fee for their support in is really a matter of millions??!!

  32. Pingback: Gordon is a Champion, there’s no time for losers | The Anti Pinoy :)

  33. Genno says:

    Voting to Gordon despite being tailender to surveys and not having a “winnability image” only sets my conscience to stick to the them..

    So that when a candidate wins with a “Maka-masa”, “Win factor” or “Heroic parents” but ended only with the same Mediocre performance in running the country…
    For sure I’ll be laughing for those who vote for them…

    “You get what pay for…” Maganda lang sa packaging, bulok naman ang loob..

  34. marissa says:

    sabi nila kawawa daw si gordon pag natalo, sabi ko naman hindi si gordon ang kawawa kundi ang pilipinas….kasi lulubog na ang pinas ng husto pag hindi si gordon ang nanalo daig pa ang may tsunami…hahaha

  35. 358 Days says:

    I will definitely vote for Gordon in the coming election. I admire his enthusiasm and his dedication. He may not turn the Philippines full 360 but I believe that he’ll start something good.

    I’ve never been a fan of Noy-Noy. He’s using his parents’ achievements as his platform, in all honestly I didn’t know he existed till her popped out of godknowswhere and ran as a candidate. He is popular by osmosis, he’s absorbing the fame of his parents and uses it to fuel his campaign. I see no promise in him, he has no track record to speak of in his 9 year term as a Congressman, no bills filed as a Senator.

    Many Villar on the other hand… I cannot explain why but my Spider senses tell me that he’s shady.

    My vote will definitely be for Gordon.

    If we give in to this bandwagon, nothing good will happen to this country if we give in.

  36. matez quirante says:

    i am for gordon as a president, i certainly believe in his courage to carry out his objectives, however there is this annoying pest that keeps bothering me, he is claimed to have a girlfriend from red cross who should be dealt with for any red cross transaction. pls your thoughts on this. thank you

    • ilda says:

      That’s news to me. I’m sure somebody who has too much time on their hands just made that up. People will try and make things up just to make Dick look bad.

      We shouldn’t really dig into his personal life as long as he is doing a good job. No one has moral authority on other people, really. It’s hard to judge people unless we have walked in their shoes.

      Be strong!

      • Kahlil says:

        that’s funny coz’ i have this gay friend in the office who says he knows someone in red cross who became a boyfriend of ‘The Dick’, and of course it was followed-up by the quip ‘a basta, may kilala ako na ganito…’ i just find it hilarious that these things even come up at all.

      • Ray Rodriguez says:

        My gay co-worker said that Gordon and Gibo had a romantic get-together in Boracay. According to his sources there they were seen holding hands while walking in bikinis and holding tightly to each other in a banana boat then they were seen dancing the salsa very close to each other. Then Villar came and Gibo suddenly hid behind the bar but Villar saw him. Then Villar started slapping his face screaming taksil! taksil! pinagpalit mo ako diyan tampalasan ka!!! hu hu hu hu…

      • Kahlil says:

        hey ray
        this just shows how easy it is to come up with these things 🙂 no need for verification, the more outlandish it is, the more it catches on.

      • Zadkiel says:

        hahaha! As far I know Dick Gordon’s BF was Ace Vergel.

        But then I would still vote for Dick because of what he can do….

        … for the Country

  37. fred says:

    GOD IS WITH US!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HE will not fail those who have REAL FAITH in HIM.
    Gordon never failed in an election.
    The CBMAP (Christian Bishops and Ministers Asstn of the Phils) are with us praying for our success.
    Let us stand firm in our belief.
    We will WIN this race!
    Katiting lang sila kay SEN. GORDON.
    Sa lahat ng mga Gordonians, Thank You! you are true Filipinos, wise,intelligent future heroes!
    Allow me to share a short story:
    I was in a 2-day meeting (Aprl 20,21) at the diplomatic quarters here abroad with a British Landscape Consultant. According to him he worked in the Palawan Development Project and the Central Phils Dev. Project. So I ask him “How do you like the Philippines then? This are his words: “I Love it. Id like to spend my life there after I retire. But the Philippines is a very unfortunate country desperately in need of good leaders. I beleive in Richard Gordon, he is a doer”.
    Some Filipinos are so blind that they cannot see what foreigners can see.
    PS .
    I have more than 50pages bond paper size of blogs campaigning for Dick Gordon

    • ilda says:

      Hi Fred!

      I’m glad to read of your enthusiasm in supporting Gordon. I blame the Philippine media for being instrumental in influencing voters that Noynoy is the chosen one. I really hope the trend will not continue this way. We still have time to convince them that Gordon is the right one.


  38. fred says:

    HERE IS THE OFFICIAL RESULT of the Electronic mock polls for Clean, Transparent, and Honest Elections which was conducted at different UP campuses (UP Baguio, UP Manila, UP Los Baños, UP Diliman, UP Miag-ao, UP Iloilo, UP Cebu , UP Tacloban, UP Mindanao, UP Open University.
    Botong Isko 2010, which was conducted from March 18-25:
    1 – Sen. Richard Gordon got 1,236 votes
    2 – Gilbert Teodoro (923)
    3 – Sen. Manny Villar, Jr. (698)
    4 – Sen. Benigno Aquino, III (591)
    5 – Eddie Villanueva (100)
    6 – Nicanor Perlas (79)
    7 – Sen. Jamby Madrigal (32)
    8 – Joseph Estrada (22)
    This electronic mock poll is actually a true-to-type election which was conducted by the scholars of the University of the Philippines. For the senatorial level you can see the result at their website at botongisko2010 com (with a . between 0 and c).
    I am impressed and I am happy with the result of the mock polls. These are the youth, wisemen and future leaders of our country.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for the info. It looks promising. I hope he will have the same favourable results after the 10th of May 🙂

      • Homer says:

        Think about areas outside Manila, particularly the provinces controlled by warlords. Take another few seconds to consider the difference from the train of correct thinking that we have here.

        Makes one wish that UP would vote for us all nalang.

        Just a dream…:)

      • ilda says:


        I guess we’ll just have to wait for D-day to know what’s really in everyone’s mind 🙂 But even then, someone might contest the results 😦

      • Homer says:

        Yah, I know…..there’s a feeling of uncertainty in the back of many minds that causes a lot of speculation to flourish all around.

        I guess its because it’s a crucial time for all of us, and the moment of truth is just around the corner.

        On the other hand, the “win-at-all-costs” tactics of the LP is also on a last-minute rampage, with a LOT of help from the oligarchs.

      • ilda says:

        hmmm… “win-at-all-costs”…sounds like another blog to me 🙂

  39. fred says:

    In my opinion, the result of the true election on May will not be far from the result of the mock polls held at UP campuses. Gordon no, 1, GIBO second, Villar, Aquino, Bro Eddie etc. Voters now are more intelligent than before. Gibo declined because of his mismanagement and resignation as chairman at LAKAS. His party is disintegrating and shifting to other sides. His resignation is like a soldier who prepared powerful ammunitions but left them in the barracks and went to the battlefield empty handed. He bowed and accepted the responsibility few months back and at the peak of the game he left them when they needed him most. He left during the planting season and will come back when time to harvest.
    He also failed in choosing a right VP EDU. VP is very important. VP is the one who will takeover if something happens to the president. Gibo is not yet ready as president. He has lapses in the decision making.
    Villar and Aquino are mudslinging with each other. As per the news NP claims as I quote “Aquino has mental disorder and a marijuana user”. LP claims Villar is a liar etc.. The effect is a great advantage to Sen Dick Gordon. Their supporters will shy away and opt to join us. WHY NOT, they are most welcome to the safe side. The impact is double effect on our side. Their votes is lessened and added to ours.
    WE WILL WIN this race!

    • Do says:

      evermore rejoice!!! 😀 it feels so good when the truth is on your side! FACT: GORDON OUT QUALIFIES THE REST! HOY GISING!

  40. ME says:

    … time is running out.. everyone must open their minds.. where the only nation in southeast asia that was not prospering… 1958 is the golden age of philippines.. 5 decades past… where are we?.. in the middle of some powerful nations.. japan, korea, china, malaysia, singapore. how come that these countries change the tide in a short time..the answer is good leadership.. we need a good leader that has proven the right thing.. CHANGE!!! Damn!!!.. how many times that people tell to others vote wisely.. time has come and this is the right time for us to choose the right leader that will end these chaos.. gudevening.. sorry for the grammar.. GORDON is the only choice right now.. keep your mouth shut saying unnecessary things..why other candidates can’t throw allegations to him??? because he proved something good that others don’t have.. PAG WALANG CORRUPT.. WALANG MAHIRAP.. KAMUSTA ANG TARLAC???.. TAPUSIN ANG KAHIRAPAN ??? PUTANG INA NASAAN KAYO NUNG ONDOY???GAGO!!! CNU SUMUGOD SA MINDANAO PARA MAKIPAG USAP SA MGA REBELDE??? TANG INA NIO PALA EH.. !!!never use the popularity.. Fellow people.. GOD gave us this oppurtunity for the last time.. we need to open our minds and eyes.. VOTE WISELY!!!

  41. haha says:

    “It is the constitution that is hampering the growth of the country because of its unfriendly foreign investment laws. It is the same constitution that prevents past presidents from running a second term, giving little opportunity for incumbents to finish what they started. Dick Gordon was right when he campaigned for the “No” vote on the 1987 constitution.”

    And this is one of the reasons why I won’t vote for Gordon.

  42. Pinay Goddess says:

    No question about Dick Gordon’s qualifications to become a head of state and capability to manage the affairs of government. But as I’ve pointed out earlier in another post, he could have prepared more before tossing himself in the presidential race. His party is not strong enough, in terms of machinery and resources. The sad reality is that we are still stuck to the transactional way of campaigning (despite our efforts of advocating transformational politics). Our present political system requires a well-oiled machinery and a deep well of resources to convert a candidate’s popularity into votes and ensure the support of local leaders who have direct influence on constituents’ preferences.

    So next time Dick decides to run for the top elective post, his political party should be institutionalized, with more members at the local level and a complete slate to support his bid.

    • ilda says:

      His party is not strong enough, in terms of machinery and resources. The sad reality is that we are still stuck to the transactional way of campaigning (despite our efforts of advocating transformational politics). Our present political system requires a well-oiled machinery and a deep well of resources to convert a candidate’s popularity into votes and ensure the support of local leaders who have direct influence on constituents’ preferences.

      This is such a lame excuse not to vote for Dick Gordon considering you started your spiel with this:

      “No question about Dick Gordon’s qualifications to become a head of state and capability to manage the affairs of government.”

      You just basically confirmed that Filipinos do not and will not root for the underdog. They always go for the popular and winnable. Sad.

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