Gordon is a Champion, there's no time for losers

Just before I posted my previous article about Dick Gordon, I thought to myself, Oh no, be ready for the avalanche of criticism. But that anxiety attack didn’t stop me from publishing it because I also thought, Well, fair enough that criticism should come because mudslinging is part of the political campaign period. I don’t expect him to be everyone’s cup of tea but so far though, the worse criticism I got about Dick Gordon are from the following commentors:

1. Mayabang si Dick Gordon from Jasmen

2. I just think that people associating his apparently superior record of past achievement and assuming such will surely translate to instant good governance are just as deluded from imp_of_lannister

3. I want Gordon to win but how? He is very low in Survey from Leo

C’mon, folks! Is that the best you’ve got? I had my gloves on and was so ready for the fight but the above just made me yawn. I even invited pro-Noynoy supporters to play the game but only one showed up. All this just confirmed that I made the right decision in choosing Dick Gordon as my presidential candidate.

To be fair, the last of the above three is actually not a criticism. It is more defeatist in nature. Like many of life’s baffling phenomena, I do not, for the life of me, understand why Filipinos just want to vote the candidate who is popular and not the one who is competent. If you see that your candidate is lagging behind in the survey, would that discourage you from voting for him on the 10th of May? It shouldn’t. On the contrary, this should encourage you to campaign for him more vigorously and to be more conscious not to forget to write his name down on your ballot sheet. Only losers get distracted by silly surveys and no-substance put downs by the oppositions.

As you can see, people have nothing on Dick Gordon. The first time I ever encountered the blogger Lila Shahani from Filipino Voices who is against Dick Gordon, she wasn’t really so against him. She couldn’t even put together anything concrete about Dick Gordon at that time. She said this:

Unfortunately, I know too much about Gordon from the FVR years, but of course you’re free to vote for whomever u see fit. I’ll discuss my views of Gordon when we have a Gordon blog since this one is getting pretty unwieldy na.

Don’t you think that the above is a bit cryptic and dismissive? If someone has something against Dick Gordon, then they should say it now or forever hold their peace. Silence means they really have nothing on the guy. She might be an insider or a family friend but it comes across as a bit iffy to be putting forward innuendos and then shrink away from backing these up. Of course, Filipinos are famous for their fondness for haka-haka so, let’s just excuse that statement and see it for the fart in the wind that it is (pardon my French).

What about the claim that Dick Gordon is mayabang (conceited)? The guy who said this doesn’t even have any basis for saying it. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who thinks that someone is conceited is insecure himself or insecure about his candidate’s competence. Does he expect Dick Gordon to hide his accomplishments? The truth is, even if Dick Gordon tried to hide it, he’ll have a hard time doing so because the success of Olongapo City and Subic Bay Freeport is so blatantly obvious. Why wouldn’t we associate Dick Gordon’s success in these two undertakings with the promise of future results when set to the task of governing the country? Certainly, people can be so lame. This is proof that Filipinos do not want progress in their own country. They prefer drama (Noynoy) over hard work (Dick Gordon). If they can stop the rest of the world and dance to the tune of Melt with You, the country won’t lag behind the rest.

These questions were also raised in the previous blog thread:

Do we REALLY need a single person to “discipline”us? and how will he do it? micromanagement? military rule? police statehood? mass hypnosis?

As Lee Kuan Yew famously said, “Filipinos have too much democracy but very little discipline”. For a guy who lives a thousand miles away from the Philippines, he knows quite a bit about us. Filipinos have very little discipline and we have no clue as to where to start disciplining those who act like animals among us. Discipline should start at an early age. Bad behavior will become ingrained in people if we don’t start introducing good behavior motivators from the very beginning of anyone’s life. There are some members of Philippine society who are beyond being disciplined. Some of them are even working as government officials. These people belong behind bars. They need to be locked up pronto so they can serve as a reminder to the rest of society that if you don’t act like civilized human beings or abide by the law, prison is where you end up.

This is where Dick Gordon comes in. He wasn’t coy about showing his disappointment with President Gloria Arroyo when she pardoned former president Erap Estrada. To Dick Gordon, this sorry act of GMA demonstrated that crime does pay. How in the world will our public officials learn to behave themselves knowing that a pardon is just a phone call and a schmooze away? Even the late former president Cory Aquino said sorry for being part of the whole process of illegally removing Erap from the presidency. This again, is another exhibition of loser mentality. No wonder our public officials are free to put public funds in their own pockets. Impunity is the name of the game in the Philippines that’s why we lack discipline.

Each and every one of us needs to do our part by behaving properly. We cannot expect one man to police us because obviously he can’t be in many places at the same time. We can pretend that someone is watching everything we do so we always behave in a well mannered fashion. Let’s do it for ourselves and for our country. Dick Gordon and his teammates for their part have come up with a plan to eradicate corruption in the country:

The first step is to eradicate corruption, the cancer that is eating away at the very fabric of our society. Gordon and Bayani have a three-point plan which will clean the Philippines of corruption in three years.

* * *

1. Elected ombudsman

Politicians are able to go on stealing from the people because they appoint the Ombudsman. Ombudsmen are only accountable to their corrupt politician friends, not to the people whose interest they should defend. Give people the power to protect their tax money. Give people the choice on who to prosecute for corruption. Let the people elect the Ombudsman.

2. Tougher penalties and stricter enforcement

To end corruption we must create stronger disincentives against both giver and receiver. Our laws must be obeyed. President Gordon and Vice president Fernando will ensure the rule of law is supreme. To create additional disincentives Gordon and Bayani will support minimum jail term for all acts of corruption, from small to big. In 3 years the Philippines will be as clean as Singapore.

3. No pardon for anyone convicted of corruption

Pardoning anyone or showing any leniency towards those convicted of corruption is what keeps the culture of corruption alive in the Philippines. In Olongapo Gordon was not afraid to arrest anyone, even policemen, suspected of corruption. In the Senate he was not afraid to ask for government officials to be arrested. He will put the corrupt in jail, whoever they are, and make sure they serve their terms.

* * *

The above are clear steps towards eliminating the cycle of corruption in the public sector. This might not make him very popular to the people who will be affected by his plans but it has to be done if we want to get rid of dishonesty in the system.

I wonder if this new article will finally silence the two Dick Gordon detractors and the one undecided voter I mentioned above. Oh well, I don’t expect to please everyone, especially Filipinos because they always find the lamest excuse not to vote for the right candidate — Dick Gordon.

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119 Responses to Gordon is a Champion, there's no time for losers

  1. Fauxx says:

    I am a Gordon supporter and I make it a point to challenge my decision every single day. So far, the only arguments I came across with are:

    – Gordon is “incompetent”
    – Gordon is old
    – Gordon doesn’t have a platform
    – His name is Dick

    • ilda says:

      1. Gordon is incompetent – not true. Just look at his achievements in Olongapo City, SBMA, Senate, Red Cross and just check this out:


      Richard Gordon

      2. Gordon is old – and so is Noynoy who is still single at 50 years old. Besides, age is just a number.

      3. Gordon doesn’t have a platform – who does have a detailed platform anyway aside from Perlas? No one else does. Don’t get me wrong, I would rather he had a platform but it seems the electorate doesn’t care if Villar, Gibo or Noynoy has one so I’m sure that’s why Gordon is not bothering. I’m sure if the electorate is more demanding from their candidates, he would have one.

      4. His name is Dick – and it’s cute.

      • Uncle Pinoy says:

        A cute Dick might not be a good thing.

        But aside from that, I think Gordon is the best candidate in the field. I personally don’t like him, but I’d vote for Gordon because what we need is someone to run the government efficiently. Voters have to get out of the mindset that we vote for people we like, or try to be historic by voting a black man into office. NO! We should vote for people who get the job done.

        That’s why I compare the job of the President to a building administrator. As long as he makes sure the building is clean and safe, rent is reasonable and services run smoothly, I would vote for him. I don’t care if he doesn’t say hello to me in the hallways, or is of a different religion or from a rival school – as long as he gets the job done.

      • ilda says:

        Good point on Dick Uncle Pinoy. And your justification on voting for him definitely makes a lot of sense 🙂

        I hope more Filipino voters will see it your/our way!

        Welcome back!

      • Uncle Pinoy says:

        Nice to be back, thank you. I was in that La Salle-Ateneo game where Gordon went on the court and flipped us the bird (to which we kindly returned the gesture) – I didn’t like him then, I don’t like him now. I like Gibo, I think he’s a real smart guy – but I have no idea of how he is as an administrator.

        And this best illustrates my point: we are not electing a Prom King, we are electing a President (i.e. a building administrator). All of Gordon’s character flaws and allegations of corruption is NOTHING compared to the superb job he has done in Subic. The argument that he has a quick temper, suplado, sosyal, or whatever is NON SEQUITUR and should not even be dignified with a defense. Next time someone posts that against Gordon, Ilda, tell them we’re not conferring sainthood, we’re choosing an administrator.

        Great job on this site, Ilda.

      • ilda says:

        Spot on again!!!

        People should definitely see what you wrote here. I was eyeing Gibo too before I decided on Gordon. I think Gibo is definitely intelligent but there was one thing that turned me off though. He said that if he lost the election, he would turn his back on politics altogether. To me, that says a lot about his immaturity as a politician; that he might not be prepared for all the nastiness of the job. Meanwhile, Dick Gordon just eats criticism for breakfast and doesn’t easily back down.

        Muchos Gracias Uncle Pinoy!


  2. Carlito's Way says:

    Lila Shahani is a pretentious bitch. I met her many years ago and she’s full of airs. Always name-dropping and giving all sorts of “I’m better than you” crap whenever her strong opinions get challenged. Every single thing you’d say, she’d say “Oh I know him” or “Oh I know her” and then she’d proceed to give some bogus “insider information” spiel of hers trying to show that “she’s in the know.”

    Her general attitude is like this: “I’m Royalty and you’re not. I know all the important people and you don’t. I’ve studied abroad and I’m knowledgeable and you only studied in the Philippines, and you’re not as knowledgeable as I am.”

    Real piece of work, that bitch. Turns out that I actually knew a lot of the people (I’m related to them) that I mentioned whom she kept on saying “Trust me, I know this person, I know his/her stand on that topic.” Absolute crap.

    Ilda, you say she gave you the “Believe me, I know too much about Dick Gordon” spiel? Well, she does that shit to everyone whenever you’ve trounced her opinion. Real piece of work arrogant bitch, really. Notice that she’s so old and still unmarried. Rumor has it that guys easily get tired of her attitude and them dump her once they’ve learned about her real attitude. There was a time that it was nice to be seen with her at cocktails and parties, but not with the current wrinkles she’s now got at her age. Kaya I heard puti lang ang papatol sa kanya.

    By the way, don’t buy that whole “she’s in the know because of the FVR years.” She may be a Ramos through her mother, but she and her brother Ranjit acted like spoiled brats, disrespecting their uncle Eddie and embarrassing him by actively second-guessing him several times. Notice that FVR stands by the Lakas-Kampi candidate Gibo, while Lila goes for the Loser’s Party. Her blog even showed her totally disrespecting her uncle, which her uncle really felt bad about, so it’s just really not right to even think of her as being “in the know.”

    Sure, that she is a “Ramos-Shahani” can get the ordinary peon-type Pinoys with no hint of pedigree totally intimidated into believing everything she says about her “I know those people” statements. But they’re all bluffs. I know, ’cause she bluffed on me talking about several people who I happen to be related to and what their stands are on various issues.

    • ilda says:

      @Carlitos Way

      I really don’t know Lila Shahani personally and what she’s like as a person. I didn’t even know she was related to FVR until someone told me after we had an exchange. I’m not really into knowing who’s who in the country. I’m sure she is a nice lady. More importantly, I am sure she will see my inclusion of her comment here as just a sample of how some people see Dick Gordon and nothing else.

      I am more into analysing what the person is saying, if she has a point or not. Second, since people look up to her opinions, it is important that there is a check and balance. I believe that our society has been lacking intellectual discussions because people just tend to think that only the elite or upper class members of our society know what they are saying.


    • Nick says:

      So, this is the great intellectual discourse we talk about?

      Freedom of speech? or freedom of hate?

      There’s a difference, I’m not surprised that those who run this blog don’t really care.

      As for Lila, I have nothing but kind words for her, she stands by her principles, and that’s more than what I can say about those who stand for nothing but being the anti everything in society.

      It just pains me when people get personal, as if they know a person.

      FV stands by the side of those who do not wish to sow ill will towards others and even towards an entire society. I’m sorry, but your attacks, and allowing this type of language against any woman should have you second guessing just what your priorities are.

      • Ma Xianding says:

        Stop being a drama queen and enjoy the articles of this great website.

      • Filo says:

        Freedom of speech? or freedom of hate?

        The downfall of FV could be attributed almost entirely to Nick’s inability to tell the actual difference, to compensate for which he only acts as if he does know what the difference is. (Histrionics is his forte.)

        How’s the love-in at your place, Nick?

      • Ray Rodriguez says:

        Why don’t you go back to where you came from? This is no place for crybabies like you. You are not really needed here. Go back to the Kindergarten where you actually belong.

      • BongV says:

        This news is so yesterday.

      • Ray Rodriguez says:

        Exactly. Nagpapapansin lang yan BongV.

      • BongV says:


        In case you didn’t notice when you lived in an actual democracy – there is no prior censorship of speech.

        Hate speech is sanctioned AFTER the fact, not BEFORE the fact because prior censorship is an affront to the first amendment. It is sanctioned AFTER due process. Ilagay mo yan sa utak mo.

      • ilda says:


        Don’t be too quick to judge as I feel you only know half of the story. Lila also engaged in personal attacks directed at me when it should have been directed at only those who made personal comments about her. As I said to Cocoy and Tubero below:

        “I reiterate, I did not engage in personal attacks on my blog. Please just direct your disappointment at the people who engage in this kind of behavior and respond to them accordingly. I cannot claim to have a moral authority on people. Ms Lila Shahani is the one who is stooping down to the level of those who attack her character, associating me with them and calling me lots of unflattering names because of it.”

        This link, courtesy of Cocoy is where you will find Lila’s unfavourable strike towards everyone:


      • The Real Deal says:


        I have to say that you’ve got some nerve coming in here talking the way you do. You’re the one who chased people like me away when you and your staff of onion-skinned moderators decided to MODERATE me and a lot of others and DELETE our posts.

        There wasn’t even any name-calling from my end or that of the others you guys banned. Instead all that happened was that your friends Abe Margallo and Manuel Buencamino got creamed and humiliated at the comments section because the arguments I posted against them were far superior to their slogan-and-plattitudes filled views. Quite obviously, I hit Noynoy’s candidacy and that got a lot you in the Noynoy camp going crazy, trying to contain the situation.

        So what did you do? You not only moderated (and/or banned) those of us who intellectually clobbered the arguments of MCB and Margallo, but you deleted our comments as well.

        Same thing happened when I posted a very respectfully-written response to Lila Shahani on FV. In a matter of hours, I couldn’t post and all my posts were gone!

        You have only yourself to blame, Cugtas.

        In fairness to BongV and the others whom you evicted, instead of whining about it, they decided to just be proactive. Since you wouldn’t allow alternative views on your site, they set their own up.

        Now look at your stats. Pathetic. Totally overtaken by AP.

        All your fault, Cugtas. You and your friends at FV should have seen it coming. Sorry na lang about being overtaken…

  3. Tacx says:

    Comment on:

    2. I just think that people associating his apparently superior record of past achievement and assuming such will surely translate to instant good governance are just as deluded from imp_of_lannister

    It came from you that he’s got superior record of past, you’re right. Assumptions? The reason why we have automated elections is because of Dick Gordon. He’s the current chair of the PNRC, he’s there hands on helping calamity victims from then til now. Since he came into politics he’s been doing everything right, that’s why there’s really nothing you can throw against him.

    Who will you be voting for? Noynoy’s full of crap and has proven nothing. His only claim is that he’s the son of Ninoy and Cory. Cory sold almost all government assets to relatives and business tycoons, they killed farmers in Hacienda Luisita. Yes, we got democracy because of his parent’s influence, but there are more hungry people right now because of it. The Aquino’s have done nothing to improve our country’s status not even Tarlac. How do you expect Noynoy to run our country? Noynoy’s running because of the hype from Cory’s death, well the hype is over! Truth hurts right?

    Villar? The way he buys his way out of trouble only means he’s incompetent. He uses his position to further enrich himself. He’s spent a lot of money trying to get sympathy from people (paawa effect) instead of making people believe in his platform; what the hell is his platform anyway? Para sa mahirap? Ano na ba nagawa nya para sa mahihirap? Look at Las Pinas! The city is so crowded and it seems that no one cares about traffic rules! The way he’s spending in his campaign only shows how much he wants the position and use it for his own business advantage.

    Gibo? He’s intelligent, but lacks experience. His lack of governing experience will only make him vulnerable against any obstacle that will come his way. He’d rely more on his cabinet than his own judgment, and when this happens we’re doomed. There are a lot of corrupt politicians supporting him. It’s like this; New packaging same content. He needs to prove himself worthy first before he tries and lead this country. Right now, he’s not ready!

    Filipinos need leaders who are competent, leaders with vision and commitment. One man can make a difference. Gordon did it in Olongapo, Subic, Department of Tourism, PNRC and the Senate. Bayani did it in Marikina and the MMDA. Can Gordon really transform whole Philippines together with Bayani? OH HELL YEAH!

    And if you’re still not convinced try asking yourself this, “Do you really want a better future for our country?”

    • ilda says:

      Thanks Tacx!

      This is a tough battle. A lot of Gordon supporters feel disillusioned when they see him lagging behind the surveys. I guess we need to act like cheerleaders for these people.

  4. All presidentiables are goot. All past and present precedents are goot.


    All past and precent precedents were accused of but never found GUILTY! THAT IS BERRY GOOT!

    DAT IS WHY IN CIVILIZED NATIONS THAT YOU GUYS LIVED IN IS PROGRESSIVE. BECAUSE THEIR PERYODISTAS ARE RESPONSIBLE JOURNALISTS. In the PHilippines, Fake-Ams believe whatever the idyot peryodistas publishes and they even relish the tsismis.

    In PHilippines, there are two kinds of laws. One for the poor and one for the rich.
    In PHilippines, there are two flavors of journalism. One for the rich and one for the poor.
    In PHilippines, there are two categories of truth. One for the rich and one for the poor.

    In civizlied world, Fake-Ams can now if they have been had by politicians. and yet, they get FOOLED BY IDYOT PERYODISTAS!

    HA!HA!HA!HA1HA! TYhere are two hard-wirrings of Filipinos. They can now what is truth if it happens in the civilized world. they have another wire sticking out in their membrain. They believe whatever gossips in the PHilippines.


  5. Gordon is a repeat of history, like any other presidentiables.

  6. HERE IS MY PREDICTION. I am very goot at it. MY PREDICTIONS IN THE PAST CAME OUT TRUED. My predictions never came out falsed.

    OK. LISTEN. HERE, whoever sits in Malacanang will come out corrupt. IT IS ABSOLUTE. The moment a president sits in Malacanang, there will be scandal.

    PROBE ME WRONGER! I was never proved WRONG! When it came to politics I was, am and will always be right!

    I HAVE A SOLUSYON. It is not a pretty solusyon. E-MAIL ME AND I WILL TELL YOU!!!!!!



  7. tricia says:

    Mr. Pacifico, Gordon IS NOT a repeat of any other previous presidentiable…
    Can you give a candidate, present and past, who had CONSISTENTLY done public service (as a private citizen and govt official)? Give a presidentiable who was able to POSITIVELY influence a whole city to achieve what Subic had achieve. The only person that comes close is BAYANI… Very loose comment you are giving, I dare you to prove it. BTW, you dont need peryodista to see this, look at subic in 1990s, look at it now. Look at the impact of wow Philippines…
    …. so I dare you, put a name there of a presidentiable whom Gorson is “a repeat”

  8. ernesto quiogue says:

    “Cowardice asks the question,
    ‘Is it safe?’ Expediency asks the question, ‘Is it politic?’ But conscience asks the question, ‘Is it right?’ And there comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular but because conscience tells one it is right.”i daresay, GORDON-BAYANI is RIGHT. He’s DICK alright..at least this DICK is far from being an asshole, capable of standing for the truth as long as necessary. and has balls of steel to show for it…

    • HA!HA!HA!HA!HA! You have not taken the IDYOT PERYODISTAS into the equation …..

      Just wait until Idyot Peryodistas unleashes their tirade at anyone sitting in Malacanang … IDYOT PERYODISTAS blames anyone in Malacanang for the harm the bureaucrats has done to the PHilippines regardless the bureaucrats has been there since Marcos, Cory, Ramos …. up to present future president.


  9. IN ALL PAST PHILIPPINE PRESIDENTS … there was always scandal … and the scandals were not even prosecuted …. the presidents were not even incanerated…. THERE IS A COMMON DENOMINATOR HERE … THE IDYOT PERYODISTAS …… THEY GO TROLLING FOR TSISMIS IN THE FISH MARKET … AND VOILA! IT BECAME NEWS!!!!!!!!


  10. DO NOT GET ME WRONG YA’LL. I am not anti-Gordon. I am anti-anything Filipino. That is why I went to America to have my life run by Americans than stay in the Flipland run by Filipinos.


    It is unfortunate American govt didn’t like my because I was explosive (TNT) so I was put on a freezer … ICEd … and sent back here non-stop free of charge …… 🙂

    • NOw my OFW parents are raising me for being a goot boy. I cannot find a job because I am discriminated here in catholic-land of subic-free PHilippines because my height is 5’0″. I am Satanic. I am brown-skin. I do not know speakengese goot enlgischtes. My spelling is heroic at best. Though, I am pogi and 25-years-old I do not have credentials because my only job experience is flipping burger in McDonald.

      Rayt now I am still fliping McDonalds …… 🙂

      • Hsing Tao says:

        Renato, can you please teach me to speakengese goot enlgischtes? Just like the idyot peryodistas?

      • IT IS VERY HARD. If I teached you speakengese goot country-club englischtzes with irish accent you might laugh harder …

        See in the land of Subic-free PHilippines (Flippers kicked-out Subic because they hate immoral Americans and running their lives) speakengese goot englischtzes is A MEASURE OF IQ. We are the only country in Asia dat head-of-stated did not needing interpreter beause FLIPPERS DIDN’T WANTED TO VOTED PRESIDENT WHO CANNOT SPEAKENGESE GOOT ENGLSICHTZES.

        It is difficult to teached you. I would not rather teached you or you became liked me.

      • Hsing Tao says:

        Thats too bad. I really want to speakingese goot englischtes so badly.

  11. tubero says:

    I don’t know if Ms Shahani will take the time to debate Ilda about Gordon or not. Ilda clearly made her point—in context, that the question was left open—and that fit her blog very well and was on point.

    What you’ve written here is nothing but a vindictive half-a**ed attempt at character assassination based on little more than that you met Ms Shahani “many years ago,” and clearly harbor hard feelings toward her for some reason. I admit that I only met her a couple of weeks ago and was only around her for a short while, but I was impressed by her intelligence, humility, her avid interest in the views of other people and, by the way, I failed to notice any wrinkles.

    In a blog where several important points were openly, intelligently and productively discussed, I found your attempt at a “hatchet job” on Ms Shahani more than just off point and out of place: it was ridiculous!

    • Ray Rodriguez says:


    • ilda says:


      Just to clarify, I’m sure your comment was meant for the commenter Carlito’s Way above?

      Also, thank you for agreeing with me as you stated below:

      I don’t know if Ms Shahani will take the time to debate Ilda about Gordon or not. Ilda clearly made her point—in context, that the question was left open—and that fit her blog very well and was on point.

      I have actually been waiting for someone from FV to write about Dick Gordon. I have been anticipating the chance when Lila will finally say the stuff that she knows about him but until now, there has been no article about Dick Gordon from FV bloggers.


  12. Beggarsmoon says:

    I too am a supporter of Sen. Richard Gordon and right now I’m trying my very best to campaign for him in little ways. I’m calling out all other supporters there to take advantage of the technology that we have right now; we the people now have the power to communicate and spread ideas like never before because of the internet, let’s make the most of this and do a viral campaign. Let’s prove the naysayers wrong and show the world that we are capable of choosing a great leader. Go Gordon-Bayani, Godspeed!

  13. calm_down says:

    To “Carlito’s way”, you sound like many Pinoys who I meet abroad. Mukhang inggit na inggit ka sa writer. I don’t know either one of you. Just comment on the message and not the messenger.

  14. marissa says:

    thank you…

  15. ChinoF says:

    I’m still for Perlas, but you who go for Gordon, keep on going and you know you made the choice on who you believe is the right person for the job and not on the winnability myth. Heck, If you vote for the winnable candidate, then your vote is actually useless, because the candidate’s gonna win anyway! And you just rode on the wave of popularity, which is akin to idiocy. Thus, vote for who you want, not who you think is going to win.

  16. cocoy says:


    I have to say I was really surprised that you had to bring up Lila Shahani all over again. Why not just talk about your own views on Gordon here? Besides, so many people are not fans of Gordon, so why focus on her in particular? FYI, the last time you used her name (“Open Letter to Lila Shahani”), you were dead wrong. She never had anything to do with Benign0’s being asked to leave FV or how anyone was moderated. The fact is that your open letter to her (which mistakenly assumed that she was behind what had happened) had not been moderated at all, but did not go through at first for some reason. But there was never a malicious attempt to censor you – if there had been, I would’ve known about it. You should really try to get your facts straight before you make these enormous assumptions, or people will start doubting your credibility altogether.

    At the time, Lila was surprised that you wrote her an open letter and not the actual editor not chief of FV, i.e., Nick or even myself as one of the moderators of the site. I guess it would be ok to share her reaction. It was something like: “why doesn’t Ilda stand on her own ideas and just defend them without having to use my name? Like Benign0, is she just trying to generate more hits on her blogs so their Alexa rating will go up by riding on my name? Surely she has other claims to ‘fame’ than having a disagreement with me? Why not get hits on the basis of the quality of their work and writing? It seems like an over-reaction just because I expressed my views in Abe’s Noynoy blog on FV.” I paraphrase, but that was pretty much the gist.

    I doubt if Lila has even read this latest blog (according to her, when people have pretty obvious prejudices, there’s no point in engaging with them any further) because I know she’s been extremely busy recently. So all I will say is that the comment you quoted is not particularly substantive and doesn’t even merit quotation compared to other more lengthy comments on Gordon by others people, and I can only suspect that u used it because she’s a “VIP,” at least in your mind.

    Maybe you should also keep up with what’s been going on at FV. Because if you had, you would know that she has written something far more substantive on Gordon (as a matter of fact, BongV even responded to it). I will post when I find it. In the meantime, why not write on Gordon yourself? People write about what they care about, right? So I guess the onus is on you and other Gordon supporters.

    Finally, I’m really disappointed that you would let Carlito’s Way write that way about someone both of you obviously barely know – it’s your blog after all and u could at least add that you don’t agree with the sexist and personal nature of his attack. There were absolutely no issues there and it reflects as much on you as it does on him, you know. He’s just a sexist boor, but I had really thought you were a lot more decent and reasonable.

    Carlito’s comment was riddled with prejudice and resentment, and clearly has some sort of character assassination agenda, as turbo says. I notice he defends Gibo and FVR, and calls the LP the “loser’s” party, so it’s not difficult to quess where he’s coming from. But he doesn’t seem to know that FVR and Lila made peace quite some time ago, and even saw each other recently. Also, I find it very interesting that one of your “fans” on antipinoy.com on Facebook are Villar and Loren, so it’s really started to make a few people wonder…

    Anyway, I asked Lila in passing if he knew Carlito’s Way and sent her a few pictures of him, and she was pretty clear that she had never met him. If you had met her, Carlito, where and when was this? Can you name dates and mutual friends? I suggest you take care to be accurate because a lawyer friend just told me that your last comment already constitutes libel. Lila may not know it, but there are a great many people who would defend her in a pinch, so we don’t really need her permission.

    She and I have also both discussed how critical we both are of the Filipino upper class. I highly doubt that she places much stock on knowing “important” people. If anything, she seems pretty unimpressed with most in general. But she did mention at one point that a close friend of hers had worked with Gordon and her brother had worked on a piece about him as well: both concluded that Gordon was emotional and high-strung, which Lila has observed as well. Besides, it’s hardly a crime not to be a Gordon fan – so why such a sustained attack from someone who is apparently the one pretending to know her?

    Some of my friends have known Lila for years. From what I understand, she’s turned down lots of marriage proposals, both from Pinoys and foreigners. They were even complaining that she’s too pihikan and doesn’t have much regard for sexist men in general. But word is she’s been with the same guy for over a decade (saw the ring on her finger myself) and they plan to get married when they both have the time, which is definitely not now.

    So I suggest you guys get your facts straight. Because antipinoy is really starting to read like a tabloid. I’m not even going to bother to tell her about all this because it’s so not worth her time. For that matter, why don’t you guys do something productive to help this country for a change instead of wasting your skills trashing people? Why not go ahead and just help Gordon?


    • Ray Rodriguez says:

      Who is Lila? If she is that popular I would have known her. I don’t think Antipinoy needs her for their Alexa rankings. They seem to be doing fine without her.
      See: http://antipinoy.com/welcome-to-the-new-visitors/

    • ilda says:

      Hi Cocoy

      Thanks for your comment. First of all, I want to make this clear. I did not attack Lila as a person. I gave an analysis of her opinion of Gordon which at that time, amounted to, not much. If I missed her more thorough discussion of Gordon at some point at FV, It must have been because no one really wrote a blog about Gordon and since I only tend to scan the titles that interest me. I have become shy to participate in the discussions there after the last time. Please feel free to paste it in here so we can discuss it. It seems that being emotional and highly-strung is the most she had to say about him based on your comment.

      You said:

      Why not just talk about your own views on Gordon here?

      I did write my own views about Dick on this blog: News Flash: Senator Dick Gordon is the Saviour of the Philippines.

      You might have missed that point in my introduction. As I said, I was expecting an avalanche of criticism but until now, there’s not a lot. I was kinda hoping while reading your comment that you would add your input on Gordon but there was none. Instead, you made it a point to focus more on Lila and Carlito’s comment. You also hinted that since you noticed that some of Antipinoy’s fan members are pro-Villar and Loren, it kinda says that AntiPinoy is pro-Villar, it’s not. But anyone can be a member of AntiPinoy, even you. I hope you can focus more on Gordon because the blog is about Gordon.

      Second, I do agree that this guy Carlito’s Way did digress from the topic of the blog. I believe I responded to him satisfactory and so did some of the commenter’s on the thread. Since I don’t own this blogsite, I am not at liberty to block or delete comments that are offensive to some. Let me stress that I do distance myself from his comment and any other personal attacks from other commenters on this thread. Frankly, you also engage in character assassinations when you said my credibility is questionable.

      You further quoted:

      why doesn’t Ilda stand on her own ideas and just defend them without having to use my name? Like Benign0, is she just trying to generate more hits on her blogs so their Alexa rating will go up by riding on my name?

      I do stand on my own ideas. You can judge for yourself when you have the chance to read my other articles. I only quote people to prove a point.

      Ms Lila is a big girl. As evident in the past encounter, she is a tough lady and can easily defend herself. Every blogger out there should know that once you put your views out there on the world wide web, you should expect not only nods and agreement but also people who will disagree and interpret your views. If every time that you encounter someone disagreeing with you you would instantly resort to hitting the speed dial of your lawyer for a possible libel suit, then you have no business being a blogger in the first place. I am confident that people don’t doubt my credibility because so many people have read this blog and hardly anyone objected to it. We should not underestimate people’s ability to judge an article for what it is. I give respect to Abe Margallo, Patricio M and Manuel B for not overacting every time someone disagrees with their views.

      Whether we like it or not, Ms Lila’s views are taken very seriously by a lot if people because almost everyone knows that she is a political insider and a member of the elite. Some pro-Noynoy supporters even think that her opinions are worth its weight in gold.

      As I said to her in the past, I have nothing against her personally. If someone else from FV said the very same thing that I quoted in my blog, I would quote them too. I sincerely believe that at this point in the campaign, we really have to be in full gear because a lot of people are still undecided about who they will vote for. We can’t just let them go for whoever is popular.

      Regarding the reason for me publishing my Open Letter to Lila at UMFV, I was with a friend during the time I was trying to post my comment on FV and that friend can attest to the fact that twice it got rejected or spammed. I had no choice but to ask UMFV admin for assistance so the message can get to Lila. I have no reason to lie about this issue.

      I hope to hear from you again. We can only move forward from what happened in the past if we continue to have an open dialogue. Your avatar made me feel like I am actually in FV :o)


      • cocoy says:


        i appreciate the reply. i certainly appreciate that you welcome an open discussion because it is the only way to bring about ideas.

        i think we’ve both said what we all wanted to say, and we’ve listened. so i will not comment anymore on it.

        lolz at re: avatar

        haha. For the record, i am no longer part of Filipino Voices. i’ve disassociated myself from Filipino Voices. This has been for about a week now.


      • ilda says:


        I didn’t imagine you breaking away from FV. I guess there’s too much politics even in the blogging world 🙂 Oh well, when it’s time to move on, it’s time to move on.

      • cocoy says:


        Oh, one more thing, I’ve been looking where Lila wrote a more substantial posting on Gordon that had nothing to do with being “in the know” and focused solely on specific issues. Unfortunately, I’m still trying to find it among all the threads. Anyway, it is somewhere there.


      • ilda says:

        No problem Cocoy.

        But it would be interesting to read it when you come across it again. Thanks.

      • Parallax says:


        first, mr. causing starts off high and mighty with

        PROVINCE, where he was among the 12
        senatorial candidates of Gloria Macapagal Arrovo
        who won 12-0 there?

        only to take it back and repolacing it with an edited version of that post that starts with

        Dear everybody,
        Note: The author edits his post on Gordon as he
        acknowledges he committed a mistake of stating
        as a fact that Gordon was among the winners in
        the 12-0 victory of Gloria Arroyo senatorial

        maninira na lang, mali pa.


        if you’d like to let your credibility erode real fast, cocoy, keep riding on rubbish like the very scholarly link you posted.

      • Ma Xianding says:

        Basura yang website na pino-post ni Cocoy. Only idiots go there. The answers are here in Antipinoy. We do not need to go to garbage websites infested with cockroach-brained morons.

      • Hsing Tao says:

        Wala akong interes malaman kung sino yang Lila na yan at lalong wala akong interes sa walang kalatoy-latoy at walang katorya-toryang website na pinopost mo Cocoy! Just keep that to yourself because Antipinoy is much more worth visiting and reading than that piece of junk. Doon ka na lang. Hindi ka kailangan dito.

      • ilda says:


        I read Lila’s comments and I must say her reaction to being quoted on this blog is a bit disappointing. There was a lot of name calling and attempts at put down (i.e, promdi, small minded, etc). Most of them were not even meant for Gordon. Frankly, I thought she was above that.

        You know, the writer of this blog doesn’t necessarily share the same views as the commenters on the thread. It should have been pretty obvious to her that I did not share the character assignations made towards her. There were even some commenters who pointed that out. Ms Lila Shahani reacts very hastily and irrationally sometimes. She even said “Poor Ilda has not written a single blog in the past few months that doesn’t address or refer to me in some way.” That’s such a deluded statement because I only quoted her in two of my blogs and I have written more than two blogs here at AntiPinoy. This time I only used 97 words to analyse her comment and it wasn’t even personal.

        Here are the reasons why I quoted her:

        1. Lila said she will discuss what she knows about Gordon when there is a Gordon blog at FV. As far as I am aware, no one has written a Gordon blog from the FV writers. I kept wondering why Lila didn’t want to write an article about Gordon herself if she knew a lot about him.

        2. A friend of mine shared a Gordon article on his FB page and someone from his friends reacted and actually quoted Lila’s views about Noynoy. This gave me the impression that some pro-Noynoy supporters do look up to her. Here’s the comment (name withheld):

        I mean no offense, **** but I hope you are not generalizing – that people voting for Sen. Noynoy are doing so ONLY BECAUSE he is popular, and bec of his illustrious family name. Some of us are voting for him because we believe in his capabilities – contrary to all the attacks against him which malign his intelligence and competence. As Lila Shahani puts it: “I’m happy that my candidate is not only a man of integrity, scrupulous honesty and simplicity; he’s also far more intelligent than many people seem to realize”

        3. Lila said “Besides, sa dami-dami ng mga nag-comment kay Gordon, why is MY opinion always the most important to her?” Well, she kept emphasising that being a political insider, she knows a lot about Gordon so why would I look to others when someone like her keeps claiming that she knows more? In restrospect, it was so naive of me to believe she knew a lot of useful info.

        4. My article is about how hard it is to discredit Gordon and I think that at that time and even now, she still has a hard time coming up with something concrete against him.

        I have quoted a lot of FV bloggers on a few of my other articles and frankly, they never reacted wildly like her. Quoting a blogger is no different from quoting famous writers like Shakespeare or Tolstoy. If I need a quote from someone to prove a point, I will use it. Lila’s negative reaction goes to show that she might be a little bit immature as a blogger. She can’t take criticism with a grain of salt. I’ve said it before and I thought she would have learned from it. She shouldn’t really let all the character assasinations from the commenters get to her because some are just baiting her. She might prove her detractors correct if she keeps reacting this way.

        She asked if some of the languange on this thread is okay with me. No, it’s not and I told you that I distance myself from them. I even had to reprimand the troll Renato for his blabber.

        I would have responded to her in Barrio Siete except I don’t think it is right to bore the people there about this non-issue. I don’t understand why she didn’t just post a comment here in the first place. Does she think I am beneath her?

      • Ray Rodriguez says:

        Bakit ba napag uusapan pa yang Lila na yan eh wala namang saysay yan. Sikat ba yan? Mas sikat pa si katsupoy kaysa diyan eh. Di na dapat pinag uusapan yan lalo na yung mga ibang site na nag-cocontribute sa paka-bobo ng mga Piliipino.

      • tubero says:

        @Ilda: I’m confused. You started this whole brouhaha off with a complaint that this Shahani person, “couldn’t put together anything concrete,” and was “cryptic and dismissive.” But when she publishes a blog raising six numbered issues about Gordon, you expend your entire response on discussing HER and address the points she raises not at all. What gives?

        You dismiss her as an “immature blogger” but she’s at least posting her opinions about real issues under her own name—unlike the cowards who attack her personally from the safety of their pseudonyms. (Ok, I use a pseudonym myself, but not as a shield to make personal attacks. Pseudonyms are great, especially in a country like ours where there are so many loose firearms—even during the so-called “gun ban.”) I congratulate you on moderating the language, but pseudonymous personal attacks on a person who backs up her opinions by publishing them in her own name? Ok, maybe I’m just old fashioned and delicadeza has no place in the blogosphere.

        Does she think you’re beneath her? I doubt it, but she has asked, more than once, why you don’t just write about your candidate. Then she raised six points for discussion—and look what you did.

      • Lala says:


        You’ve already explained yourself thoroughly on this matter, though I felt you really didn’t need to. How “tubero” remains ignorant of your clarifications is really just a reflection of how others want to keep dragging what isn’t important.

        The way I read this is that now they want your (the people behind AP) attention pretty badly.

        Honestly, I can see that they’re baiting left and right because AP has definitively exceeded the traffic of these crappy blogs that used to think nothing of you.

        So let others, if anyone’d be interested at all, deal with tubero’s being stuck with that issue. Don’t bother yourself with people like that.

        My unsolicited advice is let’s all move on.

        Btw, during Cocoy’s short stint at the throne, I got blocked too. Whether that was his doing or his trio of mods, I personally wouldn’t dignify much of what these people have to say now that the tables are turned.

      • ilda says:

        @ Tubero

        You said:

        …but she has asked, more than once, why you don’t just write about your candidate

        Ang labo nyang sinabi mo dahil prior to this blog, I wrote an article about Gordon. Can you kindly read the intro of this blog again to enlighten you? Lila didn’t publish a blog about Gordon. She just made a lengthy comment on one of the articles at Barrio Siete and republished it again as an article.

        What’s so unique about posting her opinions under her real name? It still doesn’t change the fact that her reaction to being quoted is immature. I reiterate, I did not engage in personal attacks on my blog. Please just direct your disappointment at the people who engage in this kind of behavior and respond to them accordingly. I cannot claim to have a moral authority on people. Ms Lila Shahani is the one who is stooping down to the level of those who attack her character, associating me with them and calling me lots of unflattering names because of it.

        Regarding her six points on Gordon, I did address that earlier and said that she has nothing concrete against him.

        Hmmm…let’s see. She was against the retention of the US bases and is against the VFA. Well, that’s her opinion, it doesn’t mean everybody else shares it. Japan and South Korea both have U.S. military bases in their countries and this has not deterred both countries from achieving true democracy and great economic growth. Even the former leader of South Korea recognized that strong military ties with the US are essential to prevent outside aggression. The problem with some Filipinos is that they have too much pride. They want to call themselves independent but as soon as disaster hits, ayon, tawag kagad kay Uncle Sam.

        She criticized Gordon for the slowness of the distribution of the relief goods during the Ondoy disaster but the complains were baseless and just the usual ‘balita ko ganto-ganto yan…” ehhh – dismiss!

        Just because Gordon is quiet about ZTE scandal and Maguidanao doesn’t mean that Gordon is pro-GMA. Is Gordon under investigation in the first place? Is there a senate hearing and he has been called as a witness? If there’s none, there’s nothing wrong with not saying anything about it. He’s obviously silent because he is too busy campaigning. Malapit na po ang election. Has Noynoy addressed the Luisita issues?

        Regarding prostitution in Olongapo during his time, you know, in a poor country like ours, it was simply not easy to stop prostitution altogether. Even if you try, the ultimate dream of most Filipina women is to marry a Kano and go to the U.S. If there were abuses during that time, well, obviously we have to look at each of the cases and see if they were really largely ignored. Prostitution is not a safe profession in the first place so the people who engage in it, both the buyer and the seller, should expect the worse. As far as I’m concerned, the transformation of Subic into a business hub provided a lot of people with livelihood other than selling their flesh. Wasn’t that a complete turnaround of events anyway?

        Lila is also against Gordon’s tourism campaigns. What’s wrong with making the Philippines a tourism destination? Thailand is the number one tourist destination while the Philippines remains a laggard in this area too. As per her objections on CCP, NCCA and NHI being under the banner of the Department of Tourism, again, that’s her opinion. I don’t see Gordon’s move on these institutions as life threatening.

        As for her allegations that Gordon is highly-strung or volatile, it is again, a matter of opinion. Who knows if her brother asked unwarranted questions? We don’t know anything about that. If you are the type of person who is overly sensitive, you might consider such high-pitched replies to your questions as being volatile. Frankly, my previous boss was fond of saying “heads will roll!” every time he got pissed off and it worked to keep everybody on their toes. I still respect him.

        Regarding her take on Bayani, I think it’s lame to blame the disaster all on Bayani because the zoning problem in most parts of Manila and Marikina in particular started way before Bayani’s time. Now that Ondoy happened, they should be able to address the problem clearer because they can see where the original designers of the city went wrong. Disasters should be seen as a blessing in disguise when it hits us. A chance to improve on things. Bayani and Gordon need the cooperation of everyone for their policies to work!

        Yun lang. I hope you are satisfied Mr Tubero. Enjoy your day!

      • ilda says:

        Thanks Lala and Ray! I had to reply to tubero kasi baka sabihin nya inis-snob ko sya!


    • Carlito's Way says:

      Da Cocoynut-nut is a Giant Nut,

      What “photos” are you talking about? I have no photos here, I shared no photos at all, so which poor unfortunate soul’s photo did you send to her? You know, Cocoy, whoever you are, I am not going to give away information about myself so that you can give them to Lila or to her lawyers.

      You think I’m crazy enough to do that? Take a hike, Cocoy! I met Lila (I won’t say when, I won’t give any info, because she will then know who I am, and I don’t want to destroy my life, baka ma-salvage pa ako) and she really does not listen to other people’s views and she shoots them down with her “I have well-placed sources” or “I’m privy to inside information that” or “I happen to know -insert name here- personally” and all forms of flexing her “connections” or emphasizing to ordinary people that she is well-connected.

      No one can deny that. Not even Lila herself. Read her blogs, and it’s consistent with what I’m saying. It’s just that in real life, she’s even worse with her name-dropping and flexing her “I’m in the know” or “I’ve got the connections” muscles.

      Why don’t you just admit you’re sipsip to her. Sipsip ka because you want to be connected and with the “in” crowd as well.

      Cocoy!! Use your coconut!!!!

    • Ma Xianding says:

      Da Cocoynay-NUT! Can you still breathe? Do you need a snorkel? Because it seems you are suffocating there with your head stuck deep in the @ss of Lila. Knight in shining armor routine ba yan? Boy, she is way outta your league. Royal Blood yan. Dapat ala-Maharajah ka kung gusto mo mag pacute diyan kay Lila. Ano ginagawa mo? Ikaw na ang ATSOY niya ngayon? Ang MESSENGER niya? Ikaw ang nagsasabi dito ng gusto niya sabihin? Let her come if she has something to say at huwag kang pa-atsoy effect puwede ba style mo bulok. Thats all. :p

    • Velcrohair says:

      Guys, better to just stick to the topic about Gordon instead of focusing on the Lila catfight and all this stuff about Cocoy being Lila’s lover or whatever.

      As far as I know, I have friends in Blogwatch and the word out there is that Cocoy is not courting Lila, but instead, Cocoy has a big crush on *ay wag na lang*… A Blogwatch girl. 😉

      Basta it’s a difficult situation for Cocoy. He’s not her type daw kasi she goes for mga “kalahi niya.”

      Have some fun, guys, chill out… Mr. Lover-lover!

      • BenK says:

        I agree. I had no idea who Lila Shahani is before all this, and now that I do know, I have to say I still don’t really give a hoot. Whatever point there is to make about the flaws in her positions or reasoning has pretty much been adequately made, as far as I can tell — she brought it on herself by airing it publicly in the first place, that is true, but she’s really not the axis of any world but her own, and there’s not much to learn about more important things by focusing on one particular personality that much.

        Even so, the freedom that all commenters are afforded here to speak out on anything regardless of whether their comments are thoughtful, informative, retarded, or just plain rude is a constant and enjoyable learning experience.

    • ChinoF says:

      At least the non-moderation of AP allows you to see the country as it is, assuming that each and every commenter and writer here represents a sector of Philippine society. If we read like a tabloid, then that’s how the Philippines is.

    • Parallax says:

      So I suggest you guys get your facts straight. Because antipinoy is really starting to read like a tabloid.

      why don’t YOU get YOUR facts straight and admit that this is an extension of your personal take on moderation? you know what the issue was with fv’s moderation back then and i think every argument to be made about it has been made already. we’ve moved on. on fv you can play supreme moderator; here you make suggestions only. (what, since leaving fv you couldn’t find anyone to moderate anymore?)

      now, not related to moderation: i read this article and understood that the mention of lila was only to raise a point using that important indented quote up there. it was obviously not an attack on lila. it seems pa nga that YOU are attacking ilda, even though di mo naman naintindihan yung nabasa mo. (ano tawag dun? EMO) you focus on the person, but we who participate in discussions here focus on the idea/message. if you can’t transcend that tendency that’s your problem.

      Also, I find it very interesting that one of your “fans” on antipinoy.com on Facebook are Villar and Loren, so it’s really started to make a few people wonder…

      if a bee chose to follow you home by its own initiative, would you say you made it follow you? sheesh! your attempt at casting doubt on where this blog stands is pathetic, cocoy. para kang trapo – the only way you can make yourself look good after behaving like the emperor with new clothes is by attempting to make someone else look bad.

    • The Real Deal says:


      There is no censorship on AP. So if there are weirdos like this Carlito’s Way character, they’re not censored out. However, you’ve noticed that even Ilda did not condone his post. People are free to defend themselves, very much unlike how you and Cugtas ran FV where people who were being maligned unfairly and attempted to defend themselves COULD NOT DO SO because you banned them and deleted their posts.

      I know because you and Cugtas (you’re both the same to me) did the same to me after I clobbered Buencamino’s arguments and he ended up hurling insults at me.

      While I didn’t hurl any insults in return, you onion-skinned FV moderators banned me and deleted my posts ANYWAY all because I wasn’t pro-Noynoy like the rest of you fanatics.

      • The Real Deal says:


        Tell Lila she’s free to come here and defend herself against her detractors and she need not fear getting BANNED or having her posts suddenly DISAPPEAR.

        But don’t come here thinking that you’ll be some kind of messenger when you have absolutely NO RIGHT to talk the way you do since you come from the group that was draconian with your censorship style.

        Most of us got banned and our posts deleted for non-inflammatory content. No cussing from our end, in fact we were on the receiving end of insults and cusses from your friend Buencamino and Margallo, and yet we could not even defend ourselves because you banned us!

        So again, tell Lila Shahani that she need to resort to sending you to come here. She should do it herself. We’ll hear her out and reason with her. There will be no banning, no censorship. But if she wants to defend herself, she should do it herself.

  17. Anne Boleyn says:

    HAHAHA! Actually, even if she knows some people “personally”, it doesn’t give her the right to say she’s an expert on whatever subject. She acts like a bimbo. Tsk tsk.

    I agree that she always brings up her so-called “connections”. What a lame way to defend her views. See, if you want to achieve something, stamping your little feet certainly won’t get you anywhere. That doesn’t show that you are in charge, Ms. Lila.

  18. benign0 says:

    @ Cocoy

    For me it’s quite simple. Blogs are open forums (at least some are). That application’s groundbreaking contribution to memetic natural selection (although message forums like PEx kinda beat blogs to the honour) is to accelerate the process of elevating the profile of great ideas and driving crap ones to extinction.

    So if one puts something out there, it either gets torn to shreds by cluey commentors or stands tall in its representation of what makes sense.

    As you yourself mentioned, Ms Lila finds no point in engaging the authors of articles about her or even to take the time to read said articles.

    Given those facts (as you state them) Ms Lila…

    (1) opted to remain silent on; and,

    (2) opted to remain ignorant of;

    … the information contained in those articles.

    What does this mean? It means she doesn’t care. And on that straightforward conclusion comes the only question left to ask:

    Why should you care?

    She’s a big girl Cocoy. She can take care of herself. You should respect her choice not to care. 😉

  19. Hsing Tao says:

    If Lila does not read this blog then she is not concerned about whats written here. I do not know what Cocoy is concerned about then if Lila herself is not. She is not needed here anyway and so is Cocoy.

  20. killem says:

    1. elected ombudsman requires a change in our constitution. ombudsman is appointed in order to insulate the appointment from politics, and an elected official, giving many people tendency to vote for name-recall rather than merits will prove even more fatal than the wrong it wants to cure. besides being an appointed official doesn”t mean that the said person will become a puppet of the appointing power.

    2. tougher penalties and strict enforcement – strict enforcement my ass!. subic remain one of the top smuggling places in the country, and we all know what is the surname who lords it over subic =)

    3. No pardon for anyone convicted of corruption – i don’t see the link between corruption and pardon.

    • Hsing Tao says:

      The smuggling started with Payumo who Erap assigned to Subic because he does not like Gordon.

      • killem says:

        assuming the fact that it started with payumo(which is questionable), still smuggling is still rampant in subic now that the gordons lords it over???? FYI Gordon was validly removed, his appointment as SBMA chairman is a midnight appointment done by FVR, in which gordon made “kapit tuko sa postion”

      • ilda says:


        You said:

        besides being an appointed official doesn”t mean that the said person will become a puppet of the appointing power.

        Obviously, with our fondness for the padrino system, the friend of a friend or the relative of a friend will always be the appointed official. We need to get rid of nepotism to end the cycle of incompetence.

        I can’t believe you cannot link the rampant corruption with impunity in our society. There are so many of our public officials who enjoy being exempted from punishment and easily get away with crime like stealing from public funds. As I said in my blog, Erap served as an example to everyone, even the foot soldiers in our public sectors that you can get away with a lot of things and be pardoned for your crimes. This is why Filipinos have low morale, walang accountable for their actions.

        How would you solve corruption yourself?

        Hsing Tao is right. The corruption started with Payumo and history should tell you that Erap was vindictive in removing Gordon as soon as he became President. Obviously, soldier ni Erap.

        How do you really know that smuggling is rampant in Subic?

  21. Jet P. says:


    Last time I check (www.sbma.com), the SBMA Chairman is Feliciano Salonga and the Administrator is Armand Arreza, so what do you actually mean by “the gordons lord it over?”…

    GMA appointed Merceditas Gutierrez, a law classmate of the First Gentleman, and check for yourself how she behaved, shielded and protected the First Couple from all the big corruption cases levied against them. An elected Ombudsman is accountable to the electorate and not to the appointive power who most likely are in the position to abuse its power.

    Relation between corruption and pardon? This is actually a take-off from the presidential pardon of Erap, which actually send a wrong signal that its fine to commit some forms of corruption since you will get pardoned anyway.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks Jet P :o)

    • killem says:

      the last time i check the mayor of olangapo is a gordon, most people who sits in SBMA who are their because of Gordon, or has his blessing(the Payumo boys are long been gone). Besides, if you claim credit on SMBA, is it proper to claim only the good side of SBMA and not the ugly side of it?(reminds me of nonoys`s followers perhaps)

      Remember oil link depot, ? for the nth time the custom try to closed the said depot, but some powerful person always try to intervene.

      the 2nd hand cars and it a street knowledge that if the registration of the said cars are from olongapo(zambales) and cagayan it might be smuggled)

      and ithere are some places in angeles and olongapo where you can buy duty free goods(illegally of course)

  22. killem says:

    Obviously, with our fondness for the padrino system, the friend of a friend or the relative of a friend will always be the appointed official. We need to get rid of nepotism to end the cycle of incompetence – so mean all of our gov`t official and employees should be elected in order to remove padrino system?

    The pardon on Erap is politcal act(remember may1 siege), it was given in order to stabilize the country. Sadly, but true a person can go unpunish from his crimes if he holds enough influence on the people, this is one of the flaws of democracy and we are not alone in this(watergate scandal). Pardon does not encourage corruption, it exist long time before erap and much bigger scale (Marcos kleptocracy, Aquino’ kamaganak Inc & Hacienda Luisita, Ramos Pea-Amari) its not pardon that encourages corruption, its the people themselves who encourages it.

    Besides, if you think pardon will discourages crimes then why limit pardon on corruption only, you might as well include all the crimes in order to discourage the doing of such act.

    Guiteirez did not shield FG and Arroyo, Arroyo is a sitting president, thus she is immune from suit, FG is a private citizen, thus outside the jurisdiction of ombudsman. If people have enough evidence to against FG then filed the said case to a proper court! But i guess, at the end of the day after so much talking and b*lls**t all the people who accused FG, are all talk and speculation. =)

    • Jet P. says:

      Hi Killem,

      Last time I check the city government of Olongapo (where a Gordon is Mayor) and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority are two distinct governmental entities.

      And the last time I check, I also don’t engage in gossip, witchhunt and insinuations…. So if you really want me to respond to you, give me verifiable information such as dates, names, places …which I will check !!

    • ilda says:


      I can understand what you’re saying. Things can sound good in theory. At the end of the day, it’s the implementation that’s important. Filipinos are not known for being good at follow-through. It’s as if kailangan meron some kind of boot camp instructor para ma-motivate palagi to do the right thing. What I like about Dick Gordon is that he comes up with his own plan of action and he has follow-through.

      I am actually a firm believer in the mantra that it doesn’t really matter how a person gets his job. What’s important is that the person gets his job done right. I can give you my own personal experience on this. I was recruited by my previous employer once just by being at the right place, at the right time, literally. I had no plans applying for the position but one of the owners of this very important mall in the Manila saw me reading a newspaper at the lobby and he asked his staff if he could talk to me which I did and eventually offered me a position in one of their malls. Mind you, it was a very good position and on my first day at the job, people thought I was some kind of family friend because I didn’t even pass HR before being accepted. I recognized that my colleagues were trying to size me up and were a bit uncertain if I was fit for the job so I had to put in the extra effort of making a good impression. I ended up staying with that company for while and even got promoted along the way. It helped that I really liked the job and I learned a lot from the values and principles of the owners of the company. I think I have never met the same kind of leadership like that in my short life. I really admire them. That’s why I didn’t want to let them down. To let them down meant that I let myself down too.

      Why did I have to bore you with those details you might ask? Well, everything boils down to the individual. We gotta try our best to do what is expected of us and more. We have to satisfy our own drive for perfection. This applies to everyone from the street sweepers and even more so if you are the president of the Philippines. Ang problema sa mga Pilipino, they have no drive to impress even their own self that’s why mediocre ang dating ng trabaho. Si Dick Gordon lang nga ang masasabi mong ok ang track record. Kaya nga hindi pwede ang padrino sa majority dahil palaging namimihasa ang Pinoy sa pwesto.

      As to the allegations that you mentioned about Subic and Gordon, your statements are all cryptic and baseless. Mas may basis pa rin yung allegations sa ibang candidates.

    • ilda says:

      The links don’t seem to work, sorry na lang.

      Sino ba talaga iboboto mo? Si Gordon na lang kasi. It’s so hard to discredit him, right? Right.

      • Homer says:


        Natatawa ako sa “power of persuasion” mo. 😀

        As I speak, I see your candidate on tv revealing a bribe attempt by Villar’s camp…which Villar expectedly denies. I didn’t hear the full details, but you may wanna look into it fyi. Methinks this story has a potential to get bigger as the days go by.

      • ilda says:

        Hahaha…I’m glad. Hopefully, Killem will change his mind.

        Yeah, I haven’t seen the news but I read the headline. Will look into it, sobrang busy eh.


    • BongV says:


      i’ll take the adivse of another commentor called killem – if they have a valid complain with evidence beyond reasonable doubt – sue ’em.

      if the complaint does not stick for lack of evidence – don’t go out on the streets behaving like a tool – you see both plaintiff and defendant – have to follow the rule of law and evidence – not just the defendant.

  23. kill_em says:

    i will note vote for Gordon, i received a bribe coming from one of his emmisary which i refused to name. i received the said offer 2 months ago, i told him i will never reveal his indentity, but im pissed of because, my commentary rating is always @ the bottom, but its not the rating but the comment itself that should count. Now, its time for Gordon supporters to proved it was all a lie.

    Gordon camp: It’s a lie. gordon is engaged in clear campaign and will never do that.

    Public view: Gordon proved your not bribing anyone.

    Gordon camp: How can i proved i was innocent? the emmisary is unnamed it did not even give the amount, killem said it happen 2 months ago and only chose to reveal now, he is clearly have some unwarranted interest or the act did not happen, and why he go to broadcast it on the internet, when the proper venue should be in comelec, clearly this is a black propaganda,and its just a desparate measure because im leading in the anti-pinoy supporters.

    a twisted version of last night news. (note* bato bato sa langit tamaan ay huwag magagalit =))

    Do you ever get the feeling that the only reason we have elections is to find out if the polls/survey were right?-robert oben

  24. Ma Xianding says:

    FORGET ABOUT THIS SHAHANI CRAP! There are a lot more interesting things in this world to talk about than her. Antipinoy can do better than that.

  25. Nick says:

    Oh please BongV or whatever name you go by these days, I assure you and your cohorts that this will be the only time I waste precious energy on this site.

    I write because I choose to defend honor and statesmanship. Freedom of speech, I repeat, is not freedom for hate. Calling any lady the B word and attacking her personally is a sign of great weakness.

    You, who pride yourselves in being above personality, it’s funny how everything seems to revolve around.. well.. PERSONALITIES.

    Again, if you have qualms, be respectable.

    Good day.

    • Artemio says:

      By “B word,” are you referring to “b!tch”?

      I don’t see it being mentioned in the articles themselves, except only in some of the comments left by visitors if you do a quick search. But, who cares who this Lila is? If she says stupid things, no amount of vouching can redeem her, except when she learns how to defend her own assertions herself. Readers only care about how her arguments stand or fall based on their own merits, regardless of whether she is a lowly pauper, a certified “biatch,” or the Queen of England.

    • Ma Xianding says:

      Wow, para namang si Santino kung magsalita ito. Your writings do not defend anything. Sige, SHOO! Layas na and go back to your place that is sooo Friendster.

    • Pastor Art says:


      What “honor” or “statesmanship” are you trying to defend when there aren’t really any?

      This site is not about hate but love of country, because it points out the flaws of our fellow Filipinos so that Filipinos would face them squarely in order to correct them or change their self-destructive ways of thinking, habits, or lifestyles.

      In fact, I use these articles here in my sermons and Filipinos realize their own faults. Sometimes, it is a life changing experience.

      I will pray for your enlightenment.

      Praise be His name!

    • Irony of it all says:

      Nick: I noticed there’s a feud going on in FV. Lila-and-Cocoy versus you-and-Rochelle. Tama ba?

  26. homer says:

    Huh? Defending honor and statesmanship?

    Didn’t these FV jerks lose honor and statesmanship when they started applying censorship?

    Now, they speak on being respectable when they lost the respect of many readers.

    Really…this mess should have stopped at Ma Xianding’s comment at 9:03am (3/3).

    For what it’s worth,, let’s welcome these ex-mods who are also personalities…..for us to poop on! 🙂

    • ilda says:

      FV actually lost their credibility when they endorsed Noynoy Aquino. I hope they come to their senses before the election 🙂

  27. Nick invited me to join Filipinovoices before but I liked Antipinoy better. So basically I told him to take the author account and shove it up his ass. I like Antipinoy better because it is more courageous, practical and engaging.

    FV is very dysfunctional. Look at your authors…you have the likes of MANUEL BUENCAMINO and LILA SHAHANI. The former is known as someone who writes articles that were so funny, I cannot believe he is actually an adult. The latter is no different from the typical pinoy masa….using hearsays as basis for her articles. Tsk tsk tsk.

  28. Mike says:

    Gordon is just one “mapapel na politiko”. I don’t think his accomplishments outweigh his being a trapo.

    1) How he handled Subic when his was term as administrator was over. Even going to the point of barricading the administration building.

    2) Look at the ICRC kidnapping last year, take note that even if he’s the chairman of the PNRC, ICRC is a totally different entity. Pumapel siya sa negotiations and nawala nun na release na ang ICRC workers. He was so noisy and interested in the kidnapping but suddenly went silent when notter and lacaba was released even with vagni still being held. (my opinion only but must have taken a cut in the ransom money).
    2.1) Proposes amnesty for the Abu Sayyaf (search google or inquirer)
    2.2) Promises to send Parad’s kids to school (why the dead kidnappers kids, why not other deserving students)

    3) A kindle for every student. (Don’t have enough books and buildings and he proposes a kindle for every student)

    4) After criticizing pol ads on TV, Gordon launches his own (typical politiko) http://www.gmanews.tv/story/177068/after-criticizing-pol-ads-on-tv-gordon-launches-his-own

    • ilda says:

      Hi Mike

      Thanks for your comments.

      Obviously, you see things differently. Subic was Dick Gordon’s project from the very beginning. He was very protective of it at that time because he wanted to finish what he started and see it succeed. If you read more about what happened, you will realise that it was very vindictive of Erap to forcibly remove Gordon from his post just because Gordon was very critical of him prior to becoming president. I don’t blame Gordon for not backing down without a fight in that instance.

      Regarding your assertions that Gordon took a cut from the ransom money during the ICRC kidnapping, well, it is your opinion and it has no basis.

      You are right about Dick Gordon proposing extending amnesty to the Abu Sayaf. This group indeed, is responsible for a lot of atrocities. We all know that fighting a group who is prepared to kill themselves will be hard. I prefer peaceful negotiations over long drawn out war. Try watching the film Kingdom of Heaven by Ridley Scott. In it, it explains very well that a peaceful negotiation is better that fighting a losing battle. It is a very good film and they portrayed Muslim men as noble beings capable of entering an agreement. Of course, Muslim extremist nowadays are fighting a different ideology but may I ask you this: Do you think our country can afford to be at war for a long time? I think what Dick Gordon is proposing has its merits. It might not work but those who out rightly oppose his idea might just be doing a Dick Cheney and are trigger happy.

      Dick Gordon did promise to send the Parad kids to school. What’s so wrong about it? Everyone deserves an education. It’s not like Dick promised to give them a house at Forbes Park or a scholarship in Ateneo. “Gordon said he believed education could be the key to solving the problems in Mindanao and that he had sent to school other rescued kidnap victims before”

      On him promising to purchase a kindle for every student, I agree that it is not the best plan but it is not such a bad plan either. We all grew up without a computer and we were fine with just books. I see this idea as something that will just meet its reality once he is sitting in Malacanang. I propose that you not worry too much about this because you and I know that it will be a long shot because of budget issues. The good thing about it is that you can see Dick Gordon has a vision and that’s something that cannot be said about the other candidates.

      Regarding his political Ads, he did complain about it but Dick Gordon realized that there was a loophole in the law against advertising:

      However, the law only considers any aspirant a “candidate” when he or she has filed his certificate of candidacy and the campaign period has begun. Therefore, any political personality who airs a political advertisement cannot be charged with premature campaigning since he or she is not yet considered a “candidate” in legal terms.

      Despite his earlier statements, this loophole in the law seems to be Gordon’s legal basis for coming out with his own ad.

      I don’t think you can blame Dick Gordon on this move because other candidates are so blatant about their advertising and advertising really works with Filipinos who are glued to the tube!

      Good day sir!

    • Jet P. says:

      Hi Mike,

      I am amazed how you will have a completely different take of things, when the news account of Gordon’s demeanor and participation vis a vis the ICRC personnel kidnapping was widely reported. I dont even want to comment on your view that PNRC is a completely different entity from ICRC.

      I dont know how you will say “nawala nun narelease…”, when he was the one who picked them up (at some airport) and presented them to the public.

      He promised to send Parad’s son to school when he was negotiating with Parad on the release of the ICRC personnel. He believes that if the children of these Abu Sayaff are only schooled and educated, then they wouldn’t continue on with their lawless (kidnapping) ways. I understand Parad’s position softened with this reassurance (of his kids’ continued education).

      An Amazon Kindle for every public school child while a real proposal by Gordon, I believe is more a psychological challenge to all Filipinos to embrace a view that there is no limits to what we want to set for ourselves… Do we really want to seriously pursue Education reforms or just pay lip service…. then why not have this Kindle and increase public school teachers salaries at P40,000 (now around P8,000 to P14,000) while Singapore’s are at P125,000.

  29. Ma Xianding says:

    Mike, mas gugustuhin ko na ang “mapapel” kaysa sa walang ginawa kundi magsayang ng papel.

    1. Gordon worked so hard on Subic and Erap wanted to put the corrupt and incompetent Payumo in place of him.

    2. Mabuti at tumulong siya kahit ano pang organization yun. Yung mga iba were just on the sidelines.

    3. Military solution ang ina-apply sa Abu Sayyaf pero kahit mapatay mo ang iilan bakit marami pa ring pumapalit sa mga napatay? Bakit ang organization andyan pa rin? Isa pa, everytime you give amnesty to rebel groups it sows distrust within the organization and if it does mas madali sila mapupuksa. You cannot use “stick” approach all the time. Carrot and stick is the most effective to deal with a group of people. Gordon is a good judge of human nature.

    4. Sending Parad’s kids to school is more of a symbolic move. It’s telling the country that the roots of people’s discontent is lack of education which is the root of dysfunctional culture.

    5. I think he is thinking long term. If all have kindles they will need to only download the book instead of buy them and they can read more books. His solution is to tax things like text messaging. Texting in Philippines is used mostly to forward stupid jokes anyway.

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  32. fz says:

    how bout the kids of abu sayyaf’s victims?

  33. gec says:

    NO to gordon!

    • ilda says:

      Yes to Gordon! No to Noynoy! 🙂

      The word “no” rhymes better with Noynoy don’t ya think 😉

    • usi says:

      why?? explain please.. 🙂

      • usi says:

        @gec: why?? explain please.. 🙂
        @ilda: no need to explain..i’ve found out enough..A-nybody B-ut NOY-noy..with his T-rapos, O-ligarch P-rotectionism A-nd Kamag-anaks..

      • ilda says:

        Do you ever get the feeling that Noynoy supporters can only do one liners?

        They should work in advertising. Duon limited yung words na kailangan sa slogan 🙂

  34. Buzz LIghtyear says:

    Not sure that Singapore is the best example. Lee Kwan Yu and his family and cronies are on the verge of bankrupting Singapore, give it a few more years.

    Discipline comes from pride and belief in something; self-discipline comes from pride and belief in oneself. If Filipinos believe in the Philippines and are proud of their country then they’ll have the discipline and right mind that the country needs. Gordon is proud; Ninoy was proud. The question is are enough everyday Filipinos proud?

    • Jay says:

      You have it the other way around. Discipline brings about the right kind of pride, one that stems from within and makes you believe great things can happen for the nation if everyone believes in it. The difference is Gordon is a firm believer of discipline and having Pinoys take accountability, while Noynoy is just satisfied with the same old song and dance and (believe it or not) have his way.

      If everyday Filipinos cared, they would be serious about having pride on who they put on the top seat for 6 years AND following that person all the way.

  35. danny buan says:

    Haaaaay naku, d pa ba kayo namulat??? walang walang kapapanalo si Gordon, sa kangkungan pupulutin yan.Iisa lang ang sigaw ng nakakaraming pinoy,NOYNOY AT WALANG NG IBA.fearless forecast, gordon at no# 5 or 6 period

    • ilda says:

      We all know you are just voting for Noynoy because he is popular. You’re just jumping on the bandwagon. It doesn’t matter if Gordon is not doing well in your so called survey and it doesn’t matter to us if he doesn’t win on Election Day. A lot of Filipinos won’t compromise and go for Noynoy just because you think their candidate is going to lose.

      A vote against Noynoy is not a wasted vote!

  36. maikimai says:

    I don’t agree with Gordon considering the possibility of giving amnesty to Abu Sayyaf, I mean, they killed people, I don’t think that would be a just thing to do.

    • ilda says:

      You are entitled to your opinion. I believe it was just a suggestion from Gordon. When someone gives a suggestion, the opposition can give a counter argument and justify why they are opposing it. Both parties should be able to come up with a consensus after their deliberation. That’s how democracy works.

    • Shaddap says:

      It’s pretty clear that amnesty doesn’t mean amnesty to the bad guys (top bigwigs) of Abu Sayyaff, but more like amnesty to the little fry who don’t call the shots and have limited culpability.

      It’s like plea-bargaining being offered to the least guilty in a group of perps in order to induce them to rat out on the bigwigs.

  37. Aegis-Judex says:

    The way I see it, there are only TWO meritocrats in this sea of idiocrats: Gibo and Dick. If either wins, it would be best for the winner to bring the other to the Cabinet. If neither win, however, whoever wins would benefit from BOTH of them in his Cabinet.

    • ilda says:

      Gibo is definitely more intelligent than his cousin Noy. But Filipinos prefer the less intelligent one. They want drama in their life not progress.

  38. wake me up, when your sleep(ar_chris) says:

    Haaaaay naku, d ka pa ba namulat??? walang walang kadating-dating si Noynoy, sa kangkungan pupulutin yan.Iisa lang ang sigaw ng nakakaraming matatalinong pinoy,GORDON AT WALANG NG IBA.fearless forecast, noynoy at no# 5 or 6 period.


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