Noynoy Aquino: The modern-day Erap (sort of)

No question about it (sort of). Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is the modern-day Erap. He is riding on a crest of popular appeal underpinned by a vacuous beholdenness to star quality that Filipinos have become world-renowned for. Noynoy joins Erap and the esteemed hall of brilliant entrepeneurs and business taipans (such as the venerable owners of Big Philippine Media) who have so astutely invested in a vast array of machinery to efficiently harvests pesos and dollars from a people all too willing to fork it over for brief jaunts in Stariray Fantasy Land. Indeed, our nation of starstruck ignoramuses is a sprawling bonanza for those who wield the sort of star quality Pinoys are beholden to.

Da Pinoy Stariray is always the common denominator when it comes to all things lucrative in the Philippines — be it in the field of business or in the field of power brokering. But former Philippine President Joseph “Erap” Estrada and Noynoy Aquino differ on a couple of important things, and these are things that highlight key aspects of Da Pinoy Condition that help us gain some insight around why we are so world-class at failing to launch.

Whereas Erap brings out the macho, Noynoy brings out the emo.

Face it, guys. Noynoy Aquino’s campaign is basically one big chick flick. It is a bleeding-heart appeal to our deeply-entrenched victim mentality and draws heavily on the collective effect of the big sob story that is our national history. So all you self-described macho White-Castle-Whiskey-guzzling God’s-gift-to-women out there, hear my blatantly politically-incorrect sexist appeal!

You all have been hoodwinked by a campaign that targetted your inner woman.

I remain so curious as to how our profoundly masculine society whose esteemed captains of the National Symbol so defiantly paint Basta driver, Sweet Lover on their iron horses could, in the same breath, throw themselves onto the emo campaign of a wus like Noynoy Aquino. But then that’s just me, forever scratching my head about what makes Da Pinoy mind tick.

Erap invoked a past achievement in his own campaign that was his and all his.

I gotta hand it to Erap. For all the flack he gets for using his actor persona to amass the landslide Vote he got back in 1998, that persona is an asset that he built with his own hard work. Compare that to the star appeal and pedigree that Noynoy Aquino bandies around in his campaign today. Is that political asset he brings to bear in his campaign a result of his own achievement? Is the Noynoy Aquino splashed in yellow all over the campaign trail The real Man behind the product being pitched?

Think again. There is still a month and a half to go. The thinking does not end until you are actually in the voting cubicle (or whatever the hell it’s called). Are you gonna vote for a middle-aged man who is still driving around in his daddy’s car?

* * *

Let’s not forget for one second what democratic elections are all about, dudes. It’s all about us — what WE want. Don’t be fooled by moronic appeals to winnability, and lest we forget, the multitude of late-2009 promises to step up to the challenge of our Platform, plez appeal has already been broken by these bozos who call themselves “presidentiables”.

The key to ingraining the wherewithal in our “politicians” to man up and be their own man is in our hands.


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15 Responses to Noynoy Aquino: The modern-day Erap (sort of)

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  2. Allan says:

    This article is pathetic. “Writer did a very poor job without the benefit of fair research and is very biased to say the least. The attempt to paint Noynoy like Erap is laughable and outright silly. To suggest that Noynoy will fail just because he employs Erap methods is undoubtedly moronic and suggest a lot about this writer than its subject.

    • benign0 says:


      – Poor job
      – Biased
      – Laughable and outright silly
      – Moronic

      Lots of adjectives but no specifics and therefore no insight of consequence on the matter gained from the above comment.

      Noynoy supporters and apologists certainly reflect the quality of their candidate’s campaign.

      – 😀

    • ilda says:

      Hi Allan

      To suggest that Noynoy will fail just because he employs Erap methods is undoubtedly moronic

      Duh? Your statement needs to be reviewed for errors and ommissions .

  3. ilda says:

    At least Erap was good looking (with a full set of hair until now); he is funny (without even trying and if you are into lame jokes); and had that bad boy image that appealed to a lot of women (and men).

    Now I still find it baffling what people see in Noynoy. Hindi na nga matalino, hindi pa guapo. He’s not even funny nor witty. If they say he is nice and kind, I know a lot of people who are nice and kind and they are not fit for the presidency either. Being mabait alone just doesn’t cut it for the top job.

    One thing they have in common is that their supporters don’t really use logical thinking. They are all emotional and irrational. They think that Noynoy is the only one who should replace a corrupt government just like before when they thought that Erap was the only one who should replace the previous corrupt government.

    So therefore, the real solution is to replace the irrational voters with a new system of electing a head of state because we all know that this stupid cycle of electing a stupid leader will not end until we do that.

  4. ChinoF says:

    Both are different in my view, and have their own ways of appealing to their supporters. But they do have one common thing: they are dependent on populism and myths that they fool the people with.

  5. bokyo says:

    I very loved this comparison:

    “Whereas Erap brings out the macho, Noynoy brings out the emo.”

    Lol 😀

    • ChinoF says:

      Different style, same arrive (parehong dating), lol.

      • ben says:

        “Different style, same arrive (parehong dating), lol.” i so laughed at that direct translation xD

        In all seriousness, this articles makes a lot of sense and it does articulate what I’ve been thinking this whole time about Noynoy. The brainwashed (in Villar’s, Noynoy’s and even Gibo’s side) have no idea why they are even voting for these unproven “incapables”. Each have been in government for so long, moving from department to department, position to position, without a single thing to show that their presence really made a difference in the improvement process of this nation.

        I’m actually a sort of “Balik-Bayan”, although I might not stay longer, esp after one of the aforementioned is elected. I was really hoping that Filipinos would learn at some point, but for 6 years, we’ve been making the problems worse as a people. The sad truth is definitely sad.

        I say, get rid of the Philippine Media, and our country will be GREAT! We would be forced to educate ourselves regarding serious issues such as PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS and not treat it as another form of “STARSTRUCK”!

  6. benign0 says:

    I say, get rid of the Philippine Media, and our country will be GREAT! We would be forced to educate ourselves regarding serious issues such as PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS and not treat it as another form of “STARSTRUCK”!

    Imperative indeed. It should be done one Establishment Blogger at a time and one politically-entrenched columnist at a time.

    I came across this insightful connecting-the-dots exercise done by Rom Sedona which i think so succinctly illustrates the whole problem with “popular” opinion-shapers:

    Seems like the Queen of Jolog Central isn’t above some lucrative partaking in the little goldmine that is Pinoy “politics”. 😀

  7. abner says:

    agreed the system should be changed to only let the qualified and proven to have a shot at the presidency most of all. This should go for all government positions as well.

  8. Mike Portes says:

    Can’t agree with you more. If there’s a link to this aspirant’s plan of action on the economy, governance, national security, culture and governance; I will regard him with the respect that a REAL LEADER should be accorded with. Otherwise, he is just a senator who got taxpayer’s money for not doing a job he is mandated to do.

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