So what if Gloria Arroyo runs for Congress or appoints the Chief Justice?

Who cares if Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo runs for congressman in Pampanga after she leaves Malacanang this May? Let her. Specifically, let the voters of the fair province of Pampanga (or rather whatever the hell district Arroyo will represent) decide. So what’s up with Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros filing a “disqualification case” against Arroyo then? I suppose bozos like her presume to protect the people from “evil” people like Arroyo.

Puh-leeze. Spare us all your “protective” presumptions congress-meisters. Your “Congress” is the same institution that has a sorry track record of “protecting” the interests of the very people who “elected” its members to their comfy offices. So what if another bozo takes her place among them? So what?

Indeed, just two words describe the ultimate test for whatever grandstanding any political bozo makes in front of the TV cameras and the reporters’ mikes. So what?

Answer that question plez.

So what?

So what, too, if Arroyo appoints the new Chief Justice to the Supreme Court before she steps down as president? So what? It’s not as if Pinoys are such a law-abiding people to begin with. Who cares if one of a million other lawyers that infest our islands becomes Chief “Justice”? Are hundreds of Filipinos gonna be better off or worse off either way? So what then? Note how instead of sitting in their office doing their job all these so-called legislators yet again went out marching in the streets of Manila in that ocho-ocho fashion Filipino street parliamentarians have become world renowned for to “protest”:

“I’m totally outraged. The Supreme Court is the bulwark of democracy,” said economics professor and Inquirer columnist Solita Monsod as she and Sen. Francis Pangilinan led less than a hundred protesters in a noontime rally outside the Supreme Court offices in Manila Friday.

Holding a bullhorn, Monsod said: “Supreme Court, can you listen to us? Defend the Constitution instead of interpreting it.”

Any moron who is paid with taxpayers’ money to sit in comfy air-conditioned offices to get paperwork done who shows up in rallies organised by a bunch of commies simply highlights the reality that they failed in their revered roles as shapers of policy (and as in the case of Monsod as well) shapers of opinion. These are roles that are best fulfilled on carpeted conference rooms and offices rather than on the concrete pavements of Manila’s streets. Senators and Congressment in rallies are an even more pathetic sight. They supposedly have the power to craft the doctrines that underpin change and wield the necessary influence to get these passed so that results see the light of day.

But no. They’d rather strike a pose for the cameras shouting quaint slogans and platitudes on bullhorns in alliances of convenience with professional ocho-ocho rallyists. Answer this guys: So what if you are seen participating in a rally?

The reality is quite simple. Look around you. Look at the decrepit roads, the garbage-clogged stormdrains, the inbred Media, and the runaway population growth rate of this sad nation of ours named after an Inquisitor. Your job (and those that came before you) as officers of the Philippine Government was to lay the foundations for the prevention (or at least the management) of these issues that have now become the monstrously intractable but very real problems that directly impact the lives of the Average Pinoy Schmoe today.

Don’t think for one moment that expressing ha-ha “outrage” over an ex-President running for Congress or shedding crocodile tears over abstractions such as our hapless “Constitution” will distract the truly switched on among us from this real failure to do your job.

You may succeed in fooling the majority of Pinoys with your emo politics, but at the end of the day, you too belong to a nation that has become the top laughing stock of the global community today.


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32 Responses to So what if Gloria Arroyo runs for Congress or appoints the Chief Justice?

  1. Parallax says:

    isn’t bashing gloria the easiest way for these bozos to sell themselves to the voting public? “i bash gloria. vote for me!” is what they’re telling people thru their behavior. lots of pinoys are suckers for this stunt.

    • ChinoF says:

      Everyone wants to be a hero too. “I bash Gloria, I’m a hero….” before, it was “I bash Erap, I’m a hero.” Every time, the president of the Philippines is a villain.

  2. BenK says:

    So that’s what my mother-in-law was in a tizzy about. She’s one of those people for whom the TV is the Box of Truth — the way she was carrying on about it, I thought that there was a regular riot going on uptown. (Obviously, I didn’t watch the news)

    Like I told her: whether you like Gloria or not (she doesn’t — she doesn’t like anybody), the wonderful Constitution does not prevent the President from making a judicial appointment in the ‘no appointments’ period, just executive ones. And maybe that’s not good, but that’s how it is, thanks to that pushover Cory Aquino and the self-serving retards who wrote the Constitution in the first place. So where’s the actual problem? GMA or the rules? Don’t hate the player.

    • Persona Non Grata says:

      The stars have aligned for GMA’s midnight appointment. It is in the constitution made by Cory. This is a good mud against Noynoy.

  3. manila paper says:

    The media is only airing the side of those who are against the SC’s decision (for mostly partisan reasons). They are not showing the side of the Supreme Court.

    Here’s the gist of the SC’s rationale:

    1. The SC said Article VIII (appointments to the judiciary) applies, not Article VII (appointments to Executive). The ban on midnight appointments appears in Article VII not Article VIII.

    2. The SC said having the new President appoint the next Chief Justice does not guarantee judicial independence because the new President’s appointee can also be beholden to the new President. “In contrast, the appointment by the incumbent President does not run the same risk of compromising judicial independence, precisely because her term will end by June 30, 2010.”

    3. It is a myth that a Chief Justice will always be beholden to the President who appoints him. Former President Joseph Estrada appointed Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. who presided over Estrada’s impeachment and administered the oath to President Arroyo at the heels of EDSA II. Chief Justices Puno and Artemio V. Panganiban voted against positions taken by the administration of President Arroyo even though she appointed them both to their positions.

    Details here

    Please help get the word out, folks. It’s up to us sane and sober citizens to fight the senseless rabble-rousing. The public needs to know the two sides of this issue.

  4. Persona Non Grata says:

    So what if GMA appoint SC at 12:00 midnight? What is the difference if she appoints at 8:00AM? Or, 9:00AM?

    GMA is history anyway.

    Wait-a-minute. Wait just a friggin’ minute. GMA will appoint an SC that sways her way because GMA’s fortune-teller told her that once she is out of Malacanang she will be hammered from all directions with suits. She needed that extra SC vote.

    Can anyone tell me who GMA’s fortune teller is? I hope the fortune-teller is not from Guadalupe in Cebu City. Or, maybe from Sequijor.

    Just the same, GMA will not be found guilty for prosecutorial impropriety. 2ndly, the judge the suit will be raffled off will have a slant against GMA.

    So she have everything ready.

    Smart girl.

    • Persona Non Grata says:

      What happens if Manny, Erap, Gordon or anyone that sits in Malacanang pardon GMA? What will ever happen to the respective pro-presidentiables? Will they still be pro? Keep their mouth shut? Attack? Or, just plain eat their blogs?

  5. Persona Non Grata says:

    Benigs, let us stop talking about decrepit roads. Every after the rain, California’s roads and freeways can swallow your Hummer. We are talking about the 1st world not 3rd world.

    The Streets of New York seems like streets of the Philippines. The traffic is horrendous. The rerouting to do patch-up work. The blockages. And I thought I was in the Philippines.

  6. benign0 says:

    @ manila paper, that’s spot on and is another test on the moronic “news” being made out of the trivialities of Arroyo’s bid for Congress and her appointment of whoever to whatever post. So what? Does it mean they will do Arroyo’s bidding once they have been appointed? Does Arroyo’s election to Congress mean that she will go on to become some kind of evil emperor there? Some people forget that there are other people who run the Government, and most of these people are elected by popular vote as well. These other people will also have a hand in keeping people like Arroyo (and her anointed Chief Justice) in check.

    As Chino and Parallax pointed out, being on a “crusade” against some “evil” emperor strung up in effigy in front of an imagination-challenged public is the easiest way to earn brownie points in Pinoy society. You just need to mount a flavour of politics that mimics the cheesy and brain-dead plots of Pinoy movies and telenovelas.

    And yes, BenK, at the end of the day, it comes down to this so-called emo-designed “Constitution”. It is the blueprint that guides the way Pinoy politics behaves. That’s where the dysfunction lies and it does the job of reflecting the very dysfunction of Pinoy thinking that is ingrained in the very DNA of our society itself.

  7. FreeSince09 says:

    Yeah why should we care that GLoring will further consolidate her powerbase?

    • manila paper says:

      The same can be said for any new president who appoints the next chief justice.

      The SC said having the new President appoint the next Chief Justice does not guarantee judicial independence because the new President’s appointee can also be beholden to the new President. “In contrast, the appointment by the incumbent President does not run the same risk of compromising judicial independence, precisely because her term will end by June 30, 2010.”

  8. manila paper says:

    Yup, the emo 1987 Constitution that the emos refuse to amend is the reason why there’s a fuss about this. The Supreme Court says is only following what the Constitution says. Some framers of the 1987 Constitution refuse to admit the flaws of their work. They say that was not the meaning they intended, but hey, why didn’t you say so explicitly when you were writing the Constitution?

    Of course the wannabes are now milking this for all it’s worth. They so need the media mileage because they either need to get elected in May or they need to get someone elected in May so they can be given Cabinet positions, ambassadorships, or some other appointive position.

    And the “Starbucks masa” (my favorite term from Anti Pinoy’s potent vocab 🙂 laps it up, because they think it’s uso. Bashing GMA and spewing buzzwords like “corruption”, “NBN/ZTE”, “Fertilizer Fund Scam”, and “integrity” are no different to them than buying Crocs and wearing Live Strong bracelets. Ask them to explain what those issues are about, and you’ll just get a blank stare. Or the standard cop-out: “Basta! I want CHANGE!”

  9. Votoms says:

    Her terms is running short then her enemies is awaiting to unleash vast demands against her.

  10. Hi Benigno. I guess if there is nothing really under the law that will prevent PGMA from running, then let her run and let the people decide if they want her to represent their district.

  11. J.B. says:

    With all the accumulated allegation of la Gloria, even if she sneezed in front of a press con, she’ll be bombarded heaven and hell why she failed to cover he nose.

  12. benign0 says:

    For that matter, Mr J.B., when the Philippine Media plays its pipe, all the rats come out to follow it. And often the tune played by the piper involves Gloria Arroyo’s proverbial sneezes.

    We’ve got all the trappings of a “democracy” but one missing ingredient — thinking. Participants in a democracy and a free society have a duty to think. Like a teenager given a license to drive, the right to be free is really more of a privilege that is earned. To earn their freedom, Pinoys need to learn how to think.

    In the case of this whole media frenzy whipped up about Arroyo’s bid for congress post Malacanang, Pinoys need to be allowed to think. And if we are a real democracy, her becoming a Congressman after May should be left to the voters of that district in Pampanga she plans to represent.

    • FreeSince09 says:

      Gloria and Pampangga draws same parallels between BongBong and Ilocos. Expect Gloring to be House Speaker by the end of the election.

      • benign0 says:

        Just applying the principles I laid out in this blog to what you say above, Mr. FreeSince09:

        So what? So what if Arroyo becomes House Speaker “by the end of the election”?

        So what?

        – 😉

      • danny says:

        Indeed!!! So what?

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Would it matter to the entire country if that was the case? No! Why? Because the average Filipino has the “isang kahig, isang tuka” mentality. He just accepts his lot and doesn’t strive to rise above it, like a crass barbarian.

  13. manila paper says:

    There’s a US president who ran for congress whose name escapes me at the moment. And I don’t think he was the only one. There were others. But there’s only one instance where an ex-president actually won as congressman in the US I think..

    People who are afraid of GMA becoming House Speaker and/or Prime Minister need to understand all the steps it would take for that to happen. If they’re saying she’s been trying to do this for the last five or so years of her term (when she had the full powers of a reigning president and full control over the military and the congressmen’s pork barrel), but she wasn’t able to do it, what makes them think she can do it when she becomes a hamak na congresswoman?

    Can the conspiracy theorists please draw up the scenario? We already busted the “there will be no senate president” plotline yesterday. (Details at the bottom of this link ) We need something new to chew on.

  14. Wander-ruh says:

    Not to mention that trains are dirtier. Yikes!

  15. Sometimes it is fascinating to see that when the SC pens out a decision, the dissenting opinion gets more media mileage than the decision itself. In the recent case, those that oppose the SC decison, even if their arguments are already addressed in the decision itself, still got their coverage. Meanwhile the points stated in the decision are not even discussed nor argued against!

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  17. nbb says:

    Nothing is impossible in a corrupt country like the Philippines, so don’t be so sure that you busted some plot lines. With power and money you can do anything you want here. For example the already proven corrupt Estrada is now 2nd in the running for president. What kind of crazy shit is that, I mean it has already been proven that he was a stealing scumbag of a president. I need to get out of this trash land.

    • Parallax says:

      don’t fuss about erap ranking 2nd in the surveys. those surveys are a sham to influence people to vote for fabricatedly winnable candidates. let these stupid surveys give the deceptive candidates a false sense of security. when they lose they’ll be more disappointed.

  18. nbb says:


    So what if it’s a scam survey, my focus was not that he is in 2nd place. But the notion that even when Erap is proven to be the stealing cunt that he is, he still is able to run for president just a few years later. Thus nothing is impossible in a corrupt country like the Philippines. So GMA going for Prime Minister should not be ruled out.

    • Parallax says:

      well you did use it as an example so i said relax. i do agree with you that theoretically anything is possible.

      but like many others on top of this thread i’ll ask you about gma seeking position of pm: SO WHAT?

  19. nbb says:

    So it doesn’t bother you the most corrupt president in Philippine history can still be in control and continue her corrupt ways. Just because you’re not directly affected doesn’t mean the corrupt can continue to disgrace and bring this country down. I guess you enjoyed her 8 years of stealing of the work of Filipino’s that you wouldn’t mind it continues.

    • Jay says:

      I guess you enjoyed her 8 years of stealing of the work of Filipino’s that you wouldn’t mind it continues.

      Well on the bigger issue, its not like the pinoy people didn’t enjoy being dumbed down since Marcos’ times, and even more apparent during 1986 with Cory Aquino. And the fact dumbasses like Bong Revilla were being voted back in the senate. So honestly, GMA coming back in Pinoy politics is moot since she’s probably been doing shit even before her presidency anyway and even if she did leave, the other asshats are still there.

    • BenK says:

      Let’s say you’re right, and GMA goes for being the PM….um, whose responsible for electing all the Congressmen from her party that would allow that to happen? Exactly.

  20. nbb says:


    We all know that corrupt political figures have always been there in almost any country, and that will continue to be so might it be less corrupt or more, politics and corruption goes hand in hand. But my point in that is what the message conveys when GMA can continue to be in power. That GMA can get away with it, and worse that she can continue to do so. What message does that give to future politicians? That you can lie manipulate and cheat the system consequence-free. If GMA can get away with it, then why not the next president.


    I’m sure during her reign as president she has done quite a few favors and made some new friends that can ensure her a guaranteed successful political career even after her term is over. Remember that manicurist she placed in power? I bet she’s not the only one given a career boost.

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