In the News: 63 percent of Filipinos give a thumbs down to Noynoy Aquino!

In his article Noynoy’s approval ratings sunk by 10% between Jan-March 2010 published on the, blogger BongV couldn’t have made a more insightful reality check on popular presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III’s and the‘s crowing about Noynoy’s nine-point lead over Manny Villar in the latest Social Weather Stations “survey” this month.

Apparently there are two causes for celebration in Noynoy’s camp — first for the one point increase to 37 percent of his “rating” in the polls and, second, for his closest rival Manny Villar’s “rating” dropping six points to 28 percent. This gives Noynoy a nine percentage point “lead” over Villar in the race for that lucrative seat in Malacanang — indeed an occasion for The Dance of Joy.

You would indeed celebrate if you’re the sort of person who non-thinks the way a Noynoy supporter is inclined to do. BongV’s genius lies in how he broadens the frame of reference in regarding the SWS numbers that the Media were so quick to disseminate (perhaps there is some kind of shadowy agreement at play between the and the SWS that we can spin conspiracy theories around). Applying their usual lemming-like minds to the task, most Filipinos followed the‘s lead in focusing on Noynoy’s nine-point lead over Villar. You simply can’t interpret the motive in coming up with a headline that reads “Aquino leads Villar by 9 pts in new poll” any other way. But a few of the more cluey among us stopped to note that Noynoy’s 37% “rating” translates to a whopping 63 percent of the surveyed sample opting not to vote for Noynoy Aquino.

In short:

63% of sampled Filipinos will vote against Noynoy Aquino.

Back in a similar survey conducted by the SWS in early December 2009, Noynoy Aquino was given a 46 percent “rating”; that is, 54 percent of surveyed Filipinos at the time preferred to vote against Noynoy Aquino. So in four months since the December survey the no-to-Noynoy vote had gained nine percentage points from 54 percent to the 63 percent of today!

Now that is a cause for celebration — for the forces of progress, that is. Indeed, the Filipino’s renowned Heritage of Smallness continues to rule the vacuous minds of those who latch on to Primitivism Embodied. An inclination to celebrate a measly one-point rise in Noynoy’s “rating” in the face of a nine-point drop in voter approval for his pitch for the presidency is, indeed, small-minded.

According to some “experts” a vote for a candidate who is not winnable is a wasted vote. But of course that is a view taken in a society that does not see The Vote as a noble expression of one’s principles.


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41 Responses to In the News: 63 percent of Filipinos give a thumbs down to Noynoy Aquino!

  1. Persona non Grata says:

    It is well known to bloggers abroad that statistics in the Philippines, like Philippine economic numbers in particular, are screwy. Philippine statistics are played to slant in varying directions dependent on their “cause” and patronage.

  2. abcdef says:

    kaya kung ano ano na namang circus ang gagawin ng LP ngayon at abs cbn. tulad ng pagiging mahirap ni villar at pagkamatay ng kapatid nito. hay naku. puro BS na naman matakpan lang ang incompetence ni noynoy. puro reklamo, satsat at paratang. kung ano anong multo ginagawa, tinatakot lang ang sarili. failure of elections, kapit tuko ni gma, pagiging mahirap ni villar. ang daming problema ng pilipinas, pwede ba noy gumawa ka, wag puro salita. natural dadalhin mo ang kapatid mo na malubha sa ospital, alangan naman ihiga mo lang sa karton. umayos ka noy! puro ka negativity. daig mo pa ang babaeng ngawa ng ngawa. be a man!

  3. ChinoF says:

    Even if Noynoy wins, di pa rin true majority. A lot of people might be disliking him. Baka mag street party nanaman ng patalsikin. That’s the tragedy of it.

    • Anonylol says:

      You could say that for any of the candidates if they win.

      I’ve always wondered why we always have a lot of presidential candidates during election time. I don’t think any other country does it this way. Why can’t we just have two candidates like in the US?

  4. Nick Kabisote says:

    We can always look at the result this way. For Noynoy 63% thumbs down, for Villar 72% thumbs down, for Erap 81% thumbs down, and for Teodoro its 94% thumbs down. Now, wouldn’t that be a fair reporting?

    • BongV says:

      Sure thingie – if you are the one doing the reporting. that can work, too. you are on to something – it means, the president will be a minority president – filipinos have yet to elect a majority president.

    • benign0 says:

      @ Nick Kabisote, that is precisely the point I am trying to make. I highlight the way a supposedly “objective” rag like Inquirer “reports” the “news”. That piece I cited “Aquino leads Villar by 9 pts in new poll” is posted under the Headline News section of the, perhaps it is an actual “news” report but barely just. If the Inquirer REALLY wanted to just report the SWS results, then it should have just published the numbers and then expressed its biased interpretation of those numbers in its EDITORIAL section.

      That’s the difference between blogs and “respectable” journals like the Inquirer. With blogs (at least real ones), you get what you see. With “respectable” rags like the Inquirer all you get are pretenses of “integrity” and “objectivity”.

      Indeed: That’s entertainment. 😀

  5. reality check says:

    Reading the survey findings


    Ninez Cacho-Olivares


    With the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) presidential polls findings out, different spins are being spun by the bets’ spokesmen.

    Edwin Lacierda, Noynoy Aquino’s spokesman, came up to state that they are elated at the widening lead of his client, adding that the strategy to improve Aquino’s rating in areas where he is weak is working since the people are responding well, saying that they will be working to increase Aquino’s lead further.

    That’s not quite what the survey findings say because the only reason Aquino widened his lead over Manny Villar, the Nacionalista Party (NP) bet, is that Villar dropped by six points and not because Aquino’s claimed strategy is working, since the Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer’s ratings, in a sense, are stationary, gaining only one point, which is hardly anything to crow about, given the error margins.

    Truth is, Aquino has also been dropping in survey points, from a December high of 46 percent, to a January 42 percent to a February 36 percent to a March 37 percent, which, as pointed out, is hardly evidence of his arresting decline in ratings.

    This could translate to the LP bet’s strategies not quite working well, since it is merely a one percent rise, and the lead has been widened not because of these strategies or a tiny bounce in his so-called popularity with the voters but due to the drop in Villar’s ratings.

    This could also translate to Aquino’s ads no longer being effective or that his sorties haven’t really had much impact — at least in main areas, as the survey results showed his support dropping in Metro Manila (39 percent from 42 percent) and Mindanao (from a high of 42 percent to low of 32 in March or a three-point drop from a February Mindanao rating of 35 percent).

    It is only in Luzon where Aquino gained, and by two percentage points. All other regions showed a drop for him, which could mean that not even his sorties, with his actress sister in tow, are making an impact.

    NP spokesman Gilbert Remulla, called the SWS survey findings “a challenge” to work much harder in the remaining 40 days of the elections, adding that the Lenten Season will be a time to “recalibrate” the Villar strategies.

    “Coming from over a 40-point deficit in September, the NP believes that we still have the right momentum going for us. As campaigns go, there are ups and downs but in the end we are confident that we will be able to emerge victorious. We are currently working on solidifying our national machinery.”

    The Villar problem is a bit more complicated, given the fact that his political ads appear no longer to be an effective tool in gaining more popularity with the voters — if the survey is anything to go by. His survey numbers have been dropping steadily, and he too, like Noynoy, appears to have hit a plateau.

    But more than the ineffectivity of his political ads, it is the strong perception of his being Gloria and Mike’s “secret candidate” and quite frankly, it is not helping him any that too many of Gloria’s “loyalists” have been openly supporting his candidacy. The Villarroyo tag is hurting Villar’s candidacy and unfortunately for Villar, that tag isn’t easily erased by his denials, as again, unfortunately for Villar, his claim to being a poor boy from Tondo and becoming a billionaire is being found to be a fake claim.

    Former President Erap Estrada appears to be the big gainer in the latest survey, with an increase of some 4 percent, while administration bet Gilbert Teodoro stayed in the same single digit rating, not increasing and not decreasing in numbers.

    Still, that’s just survey numbers and frankly, up or down, one shouldn’t take these survey numbers as gospel truth, since this would hardly comprise “public opinion” or the accurate voters’ preference.

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  7. Che says:

    Hahaha! Interesting! Using your own arguments, I would not have made the same conclusion. Not even close!

    Even with your false conclusion, there is a very slim chance that you could still be right—63% of Filipinos will vote against Noynoy. However, I would put a higher confidence that 36% (plus or minus the margin of error) will vote for Noynoy.

    Let me use this example. If I have to choose between Coke and Pepsi, I would reach for Pepsi first. But it does not mean that I dislike Coke. In fact, if I only have Coke to drink I will certainly not refuse it. Therefore, I would have concluded that water is the smarter choice for you.

    But I certainly would not have suggested that 63% dislike Noynoy. They probably like the other candidates better but, in the absence of their first choice they may still consider Noynoy as their alternative choice.

    DISCLAIMER: This should not be interpreted as an endorsement of Noynoy for President!

    • benign0 says:

      Don’t worry, none assumed on my part. 🙂

      Think of the above article as more of an illiustration of an alternative way one could cook these much-revered numbers released by these what’s-their-face SWS “analysts”. One can spin it as a “win” over another candidate while another can spin it as a pathetic approval rating. The only difference is that the earlier was done by a “respectable” rag while the latter was done by a respected blog. 😉

      The worst that you can do with that 63% thumbs down “vote” against Noynoy spin is to take it with a grain of salt. On the other hand, this whole trumpeting by the of Noynoy’s nine-point “lead” over Villar (resulting from a one point gain in approval and a six-point drop in Villar’s) is a bald insult to the intelligence of an already intellectually-bankrupt electorate. Fair enough, it does pass the standards of a population who will eat up any kind of crap scrap thrown at them by the Philippine Media.

      A Media that can dish out shows like Wowowee will NOT think twice about throwing out the sort of headlines I cited in the above article. Go figure.

      • Che says:

        Let me give you another example but this time I will use the stat on NIck Perlas to illustrate my point. Nick has about 1% of the votes according to the survey, right. Would anyone conclude that he has 99% disapproval rating? No!

        In fact, many friends respect Nick Perlas but they will not vote for him only because they think he is unelectable. If you ask the right question, Nick will probably get more than 50% approval rating. But if you ask the 50% who approves of Nick, you will only get 1% votes for him. That is just how it is.

        Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of Nick Perlas for President

      • BongV says:


        Pinoys disapprove of Nick as choice for President because Nick is “not winnable” – 99%

        Pinoys disapprove of Gordon as choice for President because Gordon is “not winnable” – 97%

        I don’t have a problem with those facts. It just shows Pinoys skewed sense of priorities – “winnability” NOT ability… kaya ang Pilipinas.. DISABLED … ROTFLMAO

      • ilda says:


        You only have one chance to vote. If you vote Gordon instead of Noynoy on the 10th of May, your vote will be counted as a vote for Gordon. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are for voting Gordon on that day, your vote still goes for Gordon.

        This means, even if Nick’s friends prefer him but still voted for someone else, bottom line is, they still voted for someone else. I don’t think there’s a space on the ballot sheet that asks questions like “Is Noynoy really the one you want or are you just compromising because he is winnable?”

        It’s like you’re saying after someone wins, everyone will say “I really wanted Nick but I voted Noynoy but that doesn’t mean I prefer Noynoy”..that’s insane…

        ..hmmm..pero baka.malamang ganyan nga ang mangyayari..

        I know for a fact that those who prefer coke don’t like pepsi 🙂

      • benign0 says:

        That’s a good example you cite, actually. When Noynoy was at his peak, just about all the other candidates were virtually “unwinnable”. And yet people were willing to vote for them. Fastforward to today, all non-Noynoy candidates are still “uwinnnable”. Villar, the closest rival, is just barely winnable. AND YET the SWS “survey” shows that 63% of Filipinos are willing to bet on these unwinnable candidates. Ergo they are willing to vote against Noynoy despite the odds. 😀

  8. Che says:

    My point is you cannot interpret the 63% percent as a disapproval rating. There is nothing from the survey that says that. What you have done is you created another set of data from the orignal survey, thus you created the false argument that leads you to make the wrong conclusion.

    The original data says 23% will vote for Noynoy. The same data says 63% will not vote for Noynoy. You qualified the 63% as against the vote against Noynoy, not as a percentage of votes for other candidates. Therefore, you falsely concluded that Noynoy has 63% disapproval rating.

    • benign0 says:

      Isn’t voting for candidates who are not Noynoy a vote against Noynoy?

      • MayPartySaDasmaWalaAkongWheels says:

        Ditto, benigs. 🙂
        Was gonna say the same thing.
        Can’t be clearer than that.

      • CHE says:

        I can not belive how difficult this topic is for some people. The survey simply asked: “If the election is held today, who are you voting for”? There is nothing there that asked who you are voting against.

        I understand that some voters will have their own unstated reasons in casting a vote FOR a candidate. The motivation to defeat one particular candidate may be that one unstated reason.

        Because there is nothing in this electoral process that will prevent a vote AGAINST a particular candidate, you can not rule out this being a factor. But measuring it is extremely difficult if not impossible. This is how I was so amazed as to how liberally that 63% was interpreted.

        Like I said, it is POSSIBLE that some voters will cast their vote for Teodoro because they are voting AGAINST Perlas. My point is that not everyone who is voting for Teodoro is voting against Perlas…certainly, not all 99% who will NOT vote for Perlas is voting AGAINST Perlas. Did you even consider that some voters who will vote for Teodoro or Aquino do not even know who Perlas is? (Now that is really sad…. but is irrelevant)

        Now with some complex mathematics, someone arranged the numbers from the survey and by luck came up with the number 63. My guess is that 63 is the total votes FOR the other candidates. Others insist that the 63 is the vote against a particular candidate. These two interpretations are totally different…it does not matter how you spin it.

      • benign0 says:

        Now with some complex mathematics, someone arranged the numbers from the survey and by luck came up with the number 63. My guess is that 63 is the total votes FOR the other candidates. Others insist that the 63 is the vote against a particular candidate. These two interpretations are totally different…it does not matter how you spin it.

        Nah, it’s not at all as complex as you make it out to be. If 37% people vote for Noynoy, then it follows that 63% voted against him.

        Pehaps you can interpret that to mean 63% will vote for “other candidates”. That’s your interpretation. My interpretation is that 63% will vote against Noynoy.

        It’s simple, really™ — though not for the small-minded. 😀

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        I can not believe how difficult this topic is for YOU.
        When you’re a candidate, either you’re voted for or NOT voted for.
        If 37% voted for Noynoy, what did the rest do?

        63% did not vote for Noynoy.

        Pa-spin spin ka pa dyan.

  9. justice league says:


    Indeed, the Filipino’s renowned Heritage of Smallness …

    Still showing everyone that you are still full of what you’ve been proven to be full of!

    If there is any truth of “Smallness” in Nick Joaquin’s article; its definitely exemplified by you!

  10. khanwens says:

    Pre, hwag nang iddin yung maling thinking which is a result of bias. Using Ninez Cacho Olivares as props proves your bias. And yet you criticize the Inquirer for reporting the result of a survey and the “analysis” of the surveyors (in this case SWS). 63 percent against Noynoy just because he got 37 percent in the SWS survey? What twisted logic. Supalpal kayo kay Che. As for using the argument about Noynoy’s rating going down compared with last year, that shows your ignorance of surveys. Erap when he first ran for president also had a high rating when he started but that went down also during the campaign period. That’s reality. Stupidity and bias is what this blog is all about.

    • benign0 says:

      What’s so “twisted” about that logic? If 37% plan to vote for Noynoy, then it follows that 63% will be voting against him.

      37% for, and 63% against.

      Milk with my cereal, Coffeemate with my coffee.

      Makes sense to me. 😀

    • ilda says:

      hmmm… math exercises:

      1+1 = 2 .tama ba?

      – 37

      63% Ayaw kay Noy – Correct!

    • BenK says:

      Bias is trying to make a fixed figure of 37% actually mean more than it does. I suppose to be accurate, one could say that it represents 37% definitely in favor of Noynoy, and 63% not definitely in favor of Noynoy — which could mean “definitely in favor of someone else” or “not strongly in favor of anyone”. Nevertheless, no matter how optimistically it’s expressed, it still means 37% are for Noynoy, with a vast majority holding an opinion that must range somewhere between “indifferent” and “firmly against”.

  11. Mike Tan says:

    I believe that this article doesn’t point out that the 63% of the people in the survey strongly disapprove of Noynoy. What I understand in this is that the same people just don’t think that Noynoy is the right man for the job. This article is also about how media reports survey results in a biased manner.

    Let’s go to your Pepsi-Coke argument:. True, those who like Pepsi over Coke MAY NOT dislike Coke. Just like one who votes for Noy does not dislike all the other candidates. But we are talking about voting here. We select only one best candidate for the presidency. There are no “second choice” or “third choice” here, only ONE. That’s why any vote that’s NOT for Noy is simply ‘against’ him because the vote is not counted FOR him. Hence, the mathematics argument by Ilda.

    My two cents’ worth of interpretation

    • ChinoF says:

      Pssst, Mike… Scrat here. Welcome aboard the ironically named Antipinoy! Ang lakas ng Milo dito sa politics, men. hehe. Buti nakadalaw ka.

  12. Sweetkay says:

    Sharing my thoughts …

    I don’t like how people are swayed by the polls and the news that so and so number of ratings are for this or that president. It’s a way of conditioning the minds of people and unfortunately for a lot, it works. I’ve spoken with colleagues who will be voting for Noynoy simply because everyone seems to be for Noynoy or for Manny simply because they have been convinced that he is “one of them.”

    I think to generalize that 63% give their thumbsdown to Noynoy is again, a tad bit extreme. We also need to remember that if there is a strong 37% who will be voting for Noynoy, he does have a strong chance of winning especially if the 63% who will not be voting for him will be divided amongst the other candidates and not voting just one specific candidate.

    I hope that made sense.

    • ChinoF says:

      Yeah, you still made sense. If Noynoy’s 37% wins him the presidency, there you have it… and fears may be realized… but that’s the problem. It’s only 37% and not a true majority. Quite a defeat of the actual democratic system. It’s not the “will of the people” as others would have it.

  13. Filo says:

    37% will vote for Noynoy.
    63% will DO SOMETHING ELSE rather than vote for Noynoy, whatever the reason.

    Got that, khanwens and Che?
    Whatever the reason, 63%, according to the survey, will do something else besides vote for Noynoy. This is what you should tell your survey-following friends.

    If you really want to do what MOST Pinoys prefer to do according to this particular survey, do as 63% did –

    DO SOMETHING ELSE rather than vote for Noynoy.

  14. ChinoF says:

    The worst part of this campaign is the idea that even if you’re for Gordon, or Gibo or Bro. Eddie, give it to Noynoy nalang daw, because If you don’t, you’ll let Villar win. Sayang ang boto mo daw. Ridiculous. If you don’t like Villar, then don’t vote for him and vote for your candidate! The sayang ang boto reasoning isn’t even reasoning, it’s fear-mongering. “SIge ka, kung di mo botohin si Noynoy, mananalo ang mamaw”. My goodness. Sayang ang utak mo if you believe in this.

    So if 63% won’t vote the Yellow Emperor, let them vote their own candidate. Even if it’s that “secret candidate” of GMA (Fooey! Stupid conspiracy theories). 😉

    Besides, even Mr. Mangahas of SWS said… NEVER has a survey accurately predicted who the actual election winner will be. It goes both ways, yeah, but don’t vote because of surveys, vote because you like the candidate.

  15. kid dynamo says:

    excuse my English and my budging in the forum I’m actually glad i came acrossthis site as I’m constantly being blocked and called names not worth mentioning on other forums for my seemingly non-favorable views on a particular candidate (as his supporters claim of course)..

    I quite agree on one particular comment that if the laws of pro and con percentages are applied to Noy so should the other candidates be subjected..And surely others would garner relatively much larger percentages of voters not leaning on them and often are misconstrued as “dissapproval ratings”.

    While it may sound sensible that it may be so, i don’t think it necessarily translates that because one voter does not vote for a particular candidate does not mean he doesn’t like him or at worst despises him. Some actually have this attitude of making alternative choices being “i actually like candidate A, but if things wont go well with him i’d choose candidate B”.

    The problem now rests on how the candidate and his supporters then make an impression on the people on the other side of their fence. Which brings my case on Noy and Villar. I believe the the above written article may in a way really apply on the two candidates more particularly on Noy becasue for me, their strategy of negative campaigning is creating more rifts to the people they are trying to win over.

    This strategy of showing that they seemingly have the monopoly of righteousness and intellectual prowess and any other candidate other than him you will be branded as corrupt din, bobo, mangmang, bulag, pipi, bayaran at panatiko. Instead of building bridges with the people, they build walls and constantly taunt their rivals.

    I for myself exeprienced it…many times….my persistence in asking questions of competence, qualifications, merits and platforms or at time have a piece of my opinion critical to Noynoy are always answered by irate supporters with accusations that i’m pro Villar, Pro Gibo and worse pro GMA!

    I mean supporters of other candidates are way accommodating and gracefull with their manner of conversation with Gordon, with Gibo, Perlas and even Villar. Which i believe should they happen to win they would have a better chance of reconciling with others since they are keeping their negative propaganda’s at a minimum.

    With Noy, i dont think so, and with what is transpiring its seems that his LP is not getting firm foothold on local campaigns. Should he wins the Presidency but fails to secure the majority of Congress and the LGU’s which at best will be dominated by NP (Villar) and Lakas (GMA) and his constant taunting of the Judiciary he will definitely have a hard time in the Executive Department without the cooperation on the other branches.

    If this will be the secanrio, then we must brace ourselves of six years of power struggles, political gridlocks, constant blockades by the Legislative to the Executive and vice versa with the Judiciary acting as referee.

    What then would happen with the promises of “lalabanan ang kurakot” and “walang kurap walang mahirap” (if he has the ability to enact them in the first place)?

    At the end of the day hindi naman sila ang talo dito………..tayo….

  16. cath says:

    According to some “experts” a vote for a candidate who is not winnable is a wasted vote. But of course that is a view taken in a society that does not see The Vote as a noble expression of one’s principles.

    —This hits the core big time.

    Let us all wake up, and stop hoping that a change can be done by a single person for an entire country. It’s about time we remember what are beloved ancestor’s thought us: ‘bayanihan’.

    I have been reading anti-pinoy blog for a month now, but this is my first time to post a comment. this is an eye-opener for voters. i hope more people will be enlightened by your thoughts. keep it up!

    P.S. again *hehe*
    I hope Noynoy doesn’t win, although there is a big possibility that he will. :l
    Kawawa naman tayo pag nagkataon.

    • brianitus says:

      HI, Cath. I found this site lang yesterday. So far, enjoy naman basahin din.

      Agree on all your points except for the pps. Even if Noynoy wins, hindi tayo dapat kawawa or mag-asal kawawa dahil siya ang mapapaupo. It kinda contradicts your “one man” statement eh.

      Anyway, my point is: the quest for change doesn’t end in the elections…sure, baka mas mahirap pero fight pa rin dapat.


  17. Rex Ian Sayson says:

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to share a reflection I’ve been going through some time now about “wasted votes”. Is there really such a thing?

    Which vote is a wasted vote? The one used to give the best candidate a fighting chance, or the one used to let a supposed front-runner’s backers control the outcome with unscientific surveys? Having generated the largest business portfolio for my previous company using market research, it really bothers me that the methodologies behind the various election surveys seem so loose that the results are practically useless except for whatever agendas those who paid for the surveys may have.

    For example, if Noynoy A is really the front-runner, how come most people I speak with are supporting Gordon?

    Obviously since I’m not a Villar-ionaire I can’t do a proper survey myself at this point, but it’s very worrying – look at the financial crisis caused by believing too much in credit ratings paid for by the companies being rated themselves – how much misery has been caused by this ill-placed compianza? Should we peg our faith in getting the leaders we deserve on unscientific surveys, or should we peg our faith on finding the best fit candidate for our country’s needs?

    What would you like our country to have achieved 6 years from now? How do we measure the achievements we would like our people to have accomplished in 6 years, 12 years, 24 years, and what kind of proven accomplishments let us know which candidates are the best choice?

    I am sure different voters will have different criteria, and different results, but I hope you’d help spread the word to let the best candidate win, and not necessarily the ones pre-selected by paid-for survey companies. Personally, I’m impressed with this platform and the values, qualifications and experience behind it

    Just to share, where I’m from, I can go jogging at night, there’s a functioning public library, LTO transactions take 15 minutes, public school students have international-standard classrooms, and it doesn’t even need to collect the same taxes as Makati. Do we want to just survive in our country, or really live?

    I believe our people will make the right choice if we just remind ourselves to stay focused on what this election is about – our future, our dreams, and our loved ones.

    May the best candidate win.

    What do you think? Please spread the word to everyone you care about also

    Cheers 🙂

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