Noynoy Aquino set the credibility of the Philippine Media back 27 years!!

One thing that the campaign of popular candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III achieved was to bring the nostalgia of 1980’s emo politics back to the future. I gotta admit that to be fair to the emos, the tactic worked on moi and I now find myself looking back as well. The thing I remember the most in the years from 1983 (when Noynoy’s daddy was assassinated) through 1986 (when Noynoy’s mommy became “President”) was our reliance on the foreign press for real news. Very nostalgic. I recall with fondness how my family regularly gathered around our coloured TV and Betamax stack to watch grainy videos of CNN broadcasts smuggled into the country (and copied and re-copied to within an iron atom of its analog magnetic tape life).

The 1980’s Philippine Media? Simple. All a bunch of thievin’ liars. Hey wait… What’s so different about the 21st Century Philippine Media? Hmmm…. consider this:

In the midst of a frenzy being mounted by the Forces of Primitivism to prop up the no-substance campaign of Noynoy Aquino the Third (literally!), guess what:

We find ourselves again not being able to trust the Philippine Media to deliver to us real news and real insight into The Truth.

Holy coming full circle Batman!

This is all evident in the recent string of expose’s here in that all have a single common denominator — a comfy partnership between the Aquino Clan of Tarlac and the Philippine Media that is engaged in mass misguidance at an unprecedented scale.

Back in the days when Ferdinand Marcos ruled our sad islands nation, control over the media was absolute and explicit. You could almost see the Iron Hand of the Marcos Regime clamping down on the Media. As such one could, in principle, excuse the the errors of omission that were standard operating procedure in the TV programmes and newspapers of the time. People were kept on a need-to-know basis. And, hey, flawed as that doctrine might be, there was indeed less noise.

But see, the Philippine Media today is “free” (free being a word I shall qualify later). And this is precisely what makes the degree of misguidance that prevails in our society even more astounding. We see now that even without the explicit influence of active control coming from the State, the Media somehow still naturally gravitates back into the comfy bosom of the Oligarchy. I guess, to be fair, this is really what being a for profit enterprise is all about — hitching a ride on the money train. Fair enough. And this is where I, as promised, qualify the word “free” as I use it in the first sentence of this paragraph:

The Philippine Media today is “free” — free, that is, from explicit control. What we see today is a Philippine Media under the implicit control of the Philippine Oligarchy. Whereas back in the Marcos years, the Media was threatened with a reduction in its profitability at best (at worst being shut down completely), in today’s “free” society the Media is enticed with an enhancement of its profitability. Either way Big Media plays ball. Different motivation, same results. Media shareholders laugh all the way to the bank.


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13 Responses to Noynoy Aquino set the credibility of the Philippine Media back 27 years!!

  1. Gman says:

    ABSCBN leads the pack of these biased media. Their reports always lack objectivity.

    • Persona non Grata says:

      Aren’t you glad Ampatuan took care of 35 journalists in Maguindanao? A nipping-in-the-bud operation.8

  2. Persona non Grata says:

    I disagree that “Philippine Media is under implicit control of the Philippine Oligarchy.” Your speculation is borne out from deep seated cultural assignment of blame towards “central governance”. A Sibuyan Island policeman killing an innocent bystander will be attributed to Malacanang’s inutile governance. Malacanang will be blamed on kidnapping in Patikul. Sexual proclivity creating more babies, again Malacanang. Lazy Filipinos, Malacanang. The united collaborative efforts of Filipinos to undermine rule of law is blamed on Malacanang.

    Filipinos has this propensity to blame others because individual Filipino believes that they are the greatest, therefore, cannot go wrong. So goes sloppy, biased journalism in Mt Diwalwal to implicit control of the Philippine Oligarchy. One sided column in Limasawa, Philippine Oligarchy.

    Sad state of Journalism in the Philippines is actually due to collective ignorance and obliviousness of each that reflects inferior culture of Filipinos by focusing on well-crafted english reporting. The oblivious readers believe what these ignorant journalist reports because of Filipinos adoration to proficiency and flair in english reporting.

  3. Persona non Grata says:

    It is not Noynoy that “set the credibility of the Philippine Media back 27 years!!” The Media made a monkey of themselves because Filipinos feeds on their news as gospel of truth for Filipinos do not have brain to tell what are lies and real journalistic standards.

  4. Persona non Grata says:

    Filipinos should stop reading, listening, watching and patronizing these monkey newspapers, broadcast media for the monkeys.

  5. Persona non Grata says:

    Rupert Murdoch saves us, CNN deliver us, Rand McNally help us.

    I learned more from reading U.S. newspapers more than what I learned from college.

  6. ChinoF says:

    If you ask me, Philippine media since the 19-kopong-kopongs has been of poor reliability and has been very manipulative. And of course, media misinformation is usually done at the behest of dominant groups, like big business in the US, and the oligarchs here in the Philippines.

  7. Sweetkay says:

    I feel that there are still some media outlets that are not as biased as others are. ABS holds no credibility for me since they tend to exploit and follow the leader. Whoever is in power, that is the one they will follow.

    Maybe I’m biased too but I feel that there is still a little credibility left with GMA-7. Then again, that could just be me. I think media as a whole has made some leaps but taken some steps backward that nullify the leaps at times. However, to say that they have come full circle could just be a bit too extreme.

    Just my two cents worth.

    • ChinoF says:

      You probably refer to the Hacienda Luisita report by GMA News. I’d agree on that one. And yet there are other people who think it’s biased. Nyahaha.

    • Persona non Grata says:

      What has Noynoy got to do with Hacienda Luisita? You people should go run after the implementors of the law. Once you get the implementors of the law you get Noynoy with his hands in Hacienda Luisita.

      Like, GMA, you people blame GMA. Attack GMA. Criticize GMA on ZTE. If you have had attacked the manner it was invistigated. If you have had attacked the Philippine media of irresponsible reporting. If you have had attacked the Senators who looked into ZTE YOU COULD HAVE GOTTEN GMA.

      99.99% of bloggers are barking at the wrong tree.

  8. waaat? says:

    Agree that ABS has been very biased since Late President Cory Aquino re-opened the network and I will agree that GMA-7 has left a little bit of credibility when it comes to news.

  9. Media is all the same. They are all the same. Nothing matters more to them than STATUS and MONEY MONEY MONEY. They make DUMB out of us gullible and simpleminded people. It takes people such as these few people to ferret out or at the most, point out critical matters. I salute them. THEM.

  10. silvercrest says:

    And I wonder why the sticker “PRESS” on cars are like death cookies in church.

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