A vote against Noynoy Aquino is not a wasted vote

My fellow Filipinos, according to the latest SWS survey, we are advancing in the war against the incompetence and mediocrity of the Liberal Party. The latest polls showed that presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino has lost 10% support from voters. All our efforts are finally paying off. I personally, am congratulating myself for a job well done. And you, the thinking voters, have helped spread the word. We have all worked hard to get to this point. Those of us who believe in another candidate, the candidate who is more knowledgeable and more competent, need not feel disillusioned. We need to soldier on and continue the battle until Election Day.

Six years from now, we will be older and hopefully a lot wiser. The six years that will have passed is six years of our lives gone. We simply won’t be able to bring those six years back once they’ve gone by. This coming election, we have a chance to exercise our democratic right and vote for the presidential candidate we believe in and not the one who is the “lesser-evil candidate”, the “pwede-na candidate”; or the “a-vote-against-GMA candidate”. Let us not waste this day by voting for someone who will lead us to a repeat of what happened in 1986. A repeat of that will just be a colossal waste of time and energy that could be instead spent on an effort to move our country forward — a coming six years that could be well spent.

On the 10th of May, you already know whose name it is you are going to tick on the ballot sheet and it’s not going to be Noynoy’s. To those who are still unsure about who you are going to be voting for, do not settle for the one the Liberal Party is saying is the only one capable of bringing change into our country. They are just saying this because they found in Noynoy, a winnable candidate by virtue of the popularity of his parents. Beyond that, Noynoy is not bringing anything new to the table.

Noynoy’s anti-corruption stance is the same song his late mother was singing before. This time, Noynoy is singing the song way out of tune because he cannot even elaborate on how he is going to implement it. We already know what happened after Cory got elected. There was instability within her cabinet, volatility in the economy, factions within the military and insecurity in Mindanao. All these distractions highlighted the fact that Cory was an ineffective leader. She was no stateswoman and neither is her son, Noynoy. Since majority of us do not believe in Noynoy, there will definitely be low morale nationwide and we can’t afford to see this happen again.

No matter how well the Liberal Party and their accomplices in big media outlets such as ABS-CBN and the Inquirer.net spin things around; Noynoy is not gaining any new votes. In fact he is losing some solid ground. A lot more people are realising that Noynoy is not the one and this is rightly so. The Cory euphoria is finally waning. The Aquinos have had their day and it is time to put an end to their reign. Just think about it; since these media outlets are supporting Noynoy Aquino, Noynoy will owe them a huge favour. This means that these media outlets will continue to feed us the same crap that contributes to the dumbing down of the electorate. It’s time to change the channel!

Truth be told, we really are up against these media giants and I am proud that I am one of those who went up against them. Whatever happens on Election Day, whoever wins this fight, I am delighted to have gained some support from the thinking public. Even if Noynoy Aquino is predicted to get the majority votes because he has their backing, we need not worry. We will not regret anything by voting for a candidate we truly believe in.

By voting for the candidate we want to win, at least we will have shown Noynoy and the rest of his party that we are not happy with their campaign promises. We will have demonstrated that we want more from them during their term and not just a second-rate performance. We will have proven to them that the average thinking Filipino cannot be fooled; that in the next six years, whoever will be in office, will be watched very, very closely.

Please bear in mind, your vote for someone else other than Noynoy Aquino is definitely not a wasted vote.

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167 Responses to A vote against Noynoy Aquino is not a wasted vote

  1. bp says:

    yes, definitely vote for the best choice! vote for noynoy, NOT!

    the yellow one is a puppet in the making. just look at the people around him. now look at noynoy. does he even look like he can stand up against any of his close puppeteers este supporters?

  2. ChinoF says:

    There’s lots of black propaganda going around… especially that propaganda saying that a vote for Gordon, Gibo, Erap or others is a vote for Villar. And that’s wasted daw. That sure is negative. Up to you to decide whether a vote for Noynoy is wasted, hehehe.

    • ilda says:

      Definitely another one of those negative tricks. LP has a few up their sleeves until D-day! The voters need to be discerning.


  3. ashley says:

    Choosing the next president is not as simple as choosing what to eat for breakfast na kapag narealize mo na ayaw mo pala yung napili mo, pwede mong huwag kainin and magluto na lang ng iba. Once na nanalo na si candidate A, we have no choice but to endure the next 6 years with him kaya naman Filipinos must use their brains sa pagboto.Think before you decide.

  4. Mike Portes says:

    I always feel nostalgic of my country’s hopeful past when foreigners commend my being Filipino because of a widow’s bravery and a senator’s fight against corruption, it is unfortunate that the memory is tainted by no less than their son who failed to emulate the legacy of his parents. Noynoy may be a good man but he is NOT FIT to lead my country out of it’s misery.

    • Tonyabs says:

      You are alone in your unsolicted opinion, We are for Noynoy, the chosen one

      • UP nn grad says:

        Tonyabs: Marami sa mga kabataan ay nag-iisip para sa kanilang sarili at si Noynoy?
        Hindi si Noynoy ang gusto ng kabataang Pilipino.

        Do google-search on Philippine Science High School survey. The students and
        the future of Pilipinas — 54% of the students went Gibo. Gordon 12%, Noynoy 19%.

      • ilda says:

        Thanks for the data UP nn grad.

        I don’t know where Noynoy supporters get the impression that he has everyone’s support. They should visit AntiPinoy.com more often. πŸ™‚


      • ilda says:


        He is not alone in his opinion and his opinion is welcome here. You are for Noynoy but a lot of Filipinos are not.

        Good luck!

      • Rob' Ramos says:

        @ Tonyabs

        You’ll be surprised with how many people actually don’t like Noynoy. Or will not vote for him. I talk to taxi drivers and they say Erap. I talk to college students and they say either Gibo or Gordon.

        I know I was surprised to hear those things from so many people, and I’m not even a fan of your Chosen One. I really thought the Cult of Noynoy had the Filipino People brainwashed or mind-controlled.

      • ilda says:

        Hi Rob,

        Maybe the Liberal Party and their supporters have a blind side? πŸ™‚

      • snycal says:

        He is indeed the chosen one by those behind the surveys (KAMAGANAK INC.) to set the mind of the filipino people…thank god there will be few of them on election day! BANGON PINAS!
        check out this article:
        ‘Noynoy kin, allies behind Pulse, SWS’
        By Jose Rodel Clapano (The Philippine Star) Updated May 06, 2010 12:00 AM

      • unos says:

        fancy seeing you in an anti-noynoy blog tonyabs, di ba lagi kang nakatambay sa official noynoy blog…nakikikapitbahay ka din pala hehe…well, read away and be enlightened πŸ™‚

    • ilda says:


      It’s a shame Noynoy is not humble enough to admit that he is not fit for the job. I don’t know where his supporters get the impression that he is a modest person. If he is, he would not have accepted the candidacy in the first place and leave the task to somebody more competent.


    • UP nn grad says:

      Noynoy did the right thing in grabbing this opportunity to be president Pilipinias,
      “Right” to mean that if has any thought to following his mother’s footsteps,
      then the one and only chance for him is now. This opportunity will not come again.

      This time last year, no one — absolutely not a single soul was even thinking of Noynoy
      as being presidential material. Noynoy is now candidate-president only because
      of the surge of sympathy when Cory died. Six years from now, there will not be
      any surge-sympathy at all.

      • ilda says:

        Timing is everything UP nn grad.

        Unfortunately, the rest of the country will suffer just because Aquino supporters are in a prolonged state of mourning and the LP is milking it.

  5. Ross says:

    I just cant stand seeing how the Liberal Party spread rumors to discredit Manny Villar. I am not voting for Villar nor am I voting for Noynoy. I just believe that in court, whoever is the accusing party must present evidences to support their claim. This is where the Liberal Party failed miserably.

    • ChinoF says:

      It’s just sad to see the Liberal Party spread rumors to discredit anyone at all. If that’s the best they can do to make their candidate win, then they really don’t deserve to win… anything.

      • BenK says:

        I don’t know how the party of the entrenched oligarchy, who stick to the same trapo playbook that politicians having been using for the last 70-odd years, can actually still call themselves the “Liberal” Party and keep a straight face. European observers (for whom “Liberal” means something a bit different than it does for us Americans) must be rolling their eyes clean out of their heads at that one.

      • Tonyabs says:

        You better stay out of our politics,help Obama fix your economy and well Noynoy

      • ilda says:

        Hi Tonyabs

        And to think that a lot of Noynoy supporters are saying that Noynoy is like Obama. Now you should have an idea what it’s going to be like when Noynoy wins. Even a top-notch individual like Obama cannot magically make things ok, what more someone like Noynoy?

        Good luck to all Filipinos when Noynoy wins!

      • J.B. says:

        LP no longer stands on ideals by seemingly stands for Liberally-funded by Party. It’s hard to campaing without the much oiled machinery so better stick to the old party where funds flows from all angles.

      • Rob' Ramos says:

        Actually, those European observers were here a couple of years back. Liberal International held one of its major meetings here. I was hoping then that they, at least, would have been able to at least tell the LP – the split had been out in the Media by then, since I think this was in 2006 or 2007 or so – that what was happening to the Philippine Liberals, and the way its “Civil War” was being conducted is of concern to them.

        Ala eh. Kahit man lang slap on the wrist, wala.

        One of the few forces who could have reined in the Reign of Terror of Drilon, Roxas and Aquino actually even sided with them, after they did a rigodon of their own officials. The man who originally headed that organization here in Manila actually kept the excess of those three and their cohorts in check, until he got replaced.

        And wait until you hear what they did to the same youth leader I mentioned above during one Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats (CALD) meeting in Cambodia. And the press releases they gave out here in Manila after.

        The “international support” card was actually one of the pieces of evidence the LP-Drilon Wing used in both the COMELEC and SC battles of the “LP CIvil War”

      • ilda says:

        @Rob Ramos

        It’s a shame they got away with their shenanigans even with an international member preciding over the matter. I’m sure there was a lot of schmoozing that went on behind closed doors.

        Suerte talaga ng Liberal Party coz they bagged a winnable candidate in Noynoy. But really, all they are getting are sympathy votes.

        C’mon keep the juices flowing. You can’t keep it all to yourself πŸ™‚

    • ilda says:


      It’s called negative campaigning and the LP is very good at it. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Filipinos who are suckers for the kind of stuff they dish out. We are on to them.

      Vote wisely!

    • J.B. says:

      @Ross, if you had the chance to speak to people who dealt closely with elected officials, you’ll realize that there is no such thing as admissible court evidence when the culprit play his cards right.

      How many of us are totally ignoramus that many businesses serve as bag men for senators and congressman?

      We can’t tell and we can’t investigate because our govt officials leave no traces of evidence.

      I can only assume that Noynoy knows how much rate Villar is charging for his project. As to proving it, it is next to impossible.

      But then again, I agree that Noynoy mudslinging is unbecoming of a presidentiable.

  6. spatz says:

    LP’s playing really really dirty now. But of course, they need to draw the attention away from their standard bearer lest the people will find out that there’s really nothing going for Noynoy but his last name. You gotta give it to LP though. they have effective game plan; tamang-tama sa kind of voters sa Pilipinas. Mas nakakalungkot lang is that a lot of educated Pinoys fall for LP’s marketing of Noynoy. At nandiyan na naman yang kung sino ang mas may chance manalo, siyang iboboto. Di ko na talaga maintindahan mga Pilipino e, we had it with GMA and FPJ before heto na naman. Even my colleagues who are really brilliant fall for this winnability crap. I’ve been campaigning for Gibo (I know this is a Gordon site, but you don’t mind a Gibo supporter here, do you?)to my Filipino colleagues and I’m always met with the not-winnable issue at sayang ang boto. Such disappointing people we have.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for your comment spatz.

      AntiPinoy.com is not just a Gordon site. Everyone is welcome here, even Noynoy supporters.

      It is really baffling that a lot of educated voters are supporting Noynoy. It’s a shame they don’t want to take advantage of the opportunity to use thorough analysis in an event that only comes every six years.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Hi ilda. Yes, I am heavily disheartened by that. I have this classmate who is so intelligent, but she was swayed to go for Noynoy, and I ask her why, and she can’t even tell me anything. I lose respect for those kinds of people because we are endowed with the natural gift of logic and critical thinking, and we are given that to use. I don’t know what Noynoy has, but I don’t see anything that would be beneficial for our country. And people think he’s the Messiah. Our Lord did not rip apart the Pharisees, or disowned apostles when they wronged him. Noynoy and his relatives disowned our presidential bet, Gibo, and that is already the final slap. If he claims to be the Messiah of our country, you know the National Center for Mental Health offers private rooms.

      • ilda says:

        Hi guilbautedsookie

        The irony of it all is that Noynoy supporters might be thinking the same thing about us. They are probably saying β€œI cannot understand why you would rather waste your vote instead of voting for Noynoy?!?” Buhuhuhu 😦

        This country is going to that dogs because there are only a handful of people who use their logic and critical thinking.

        Unfortunately, your friend is weak and cannot think independently.

        You can find comfort here at AntiPinoy.com. Visit more often. There are a lot of people here who use their brain.

    • abcdef says:

      symepre pakikinabang mo balang araw yun pagtulong mo kay noynoy. kaya abot ang promote nila. ganito ang buhay pulitika, tutulungan kita pero pag nanalo ka, pwede na ko maningil ng utang.

      • ilda says:

        Tama ka dyan abcdef. That’s why when Noynoy wins, Kris is guaranteed to have more shows on ABS-CBN πŸ™‚

    • bokyo says:

      Actually he already declared that “the Presidency is my destiny”.

      Sad thing that he viewed it more as an entitlement rather than public service.

  7. Tonyabs says:

    Noynoy will be our president this coming May 10, 2010

    • Ma Xianding says:

      At kawawa nanaman ang Pilipinas! Just like a repeat of Erap victory. A victory of a mediocre non-performer is a loss for Da Pinoy. Sad.

    • enigs says:

      and if Tonyabs is so full of noy why not marry him? Noy is not a hero, sure his dad were but that’s all there is to it. nothing more nothing less. I guess peerage and idolism surely is capable of blurring one’s own will to think.

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      Oh come on. You were born with a brain. Use it.

    • abcdef says:

      pwede mo siguro palitan si jojo acuin. si noynoy nga mismo di pa sure na mananalo siya kaya abot ang paninira. mahilig lang talaga sila gumamit ng mga namayapang personalidad. parents niya at pati yun kapatid ni manny dinamay. abot ang sigaw na magkakadayaan daw sa election o kaya failure of election, o bakit hisi niya bigyan solution yun? puro salita, wala naman ginagawa.

    • Mimang says:

      What if he doesn’t win? Media should ask him this very important question. Would he start another EDSA for the Nth time? Or just accept the fact that Filipinos are now using their brains instead of their weak emotions?

      Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! No more EDSA!

      …. unless if Noynoy wins, an EDSA 4 would be nice! EXCITING! EDSA against Noynoy? Not impossible.

  8. guilbautedsookie says:

    When I had a little party at my house, I asked my friend who he would vote for and he said Noynoy, cause he would win and it’s not a wasted vote. I immediately questioned his logic because frankly. the reason you are voting is that you want that person you want to bring change to this change-eschewed country to win. I am voting for Gibo because I WANT HIM TO WIN, and even if those f’d up surveys are giving him 6% I don’t give bull. That is why I am voting for him cause I WANT HIM TO WIN. I don’t want a president who is a retard and my residual schizophrenic aunt coerces me into voting for him cause he will bring change through the grace of God. Folie a deux. tsk tsk tsk

    I don’t get the logic of these ignoramuses pardon the language but you know it’s like this year’s Oscars. Doesn’t mean Sandra Bullock won she is already an avatar of Meryl Streep or a hair greater than her. She won because she’s Sandra Bullock, and it’s an award win. Carey Mulligan or Gabourey Sidibe or even Meryl Streep were way better than her. Think of Noynoy. If he wins, it’s just a sympathy vote, and it means NOTHING. NINGUEM. It does not make him any greater than Gordon or Gibo, cause no candidate is more superior. They all have no idea of what they are doing (even Erap) and thus no one has any edge or advantage. But it’s what they can offer that brings the difference. Sandra Bullock won cause it’s her first nomination and critics always pan her. Noynoy, to his illogical supporters, will win cause he is the son of Cory who did not even do any better unless colored by history books.

    I encourage supporters of their respective candidates to not lose hope, and for Noynoy candidates to use their logic and synderisis. You are voting cause you want someone to win, not because you don’t wanna prolong the agony. If the latter is your reasoning, you just committed societal suicide.

    • ilda says:

      Hi guilbautedsookie

      I haven’t seen the film The Blind Side yet but I can tell from the trailer that Sandra Bullock was just being her usual self. Not an Oscar material performance really.

      The thing is, the Academy awards has become about who has the biggest machinery to promote the film and the actors involved in the film. There’s a lot of politics involved. You have to schmooze the right people. It’s become just like the circus during the presidential election.

      Ordinary Filipinos don’t seem to realize that Noynoy Aquino has been heavily packaged to appear like the best bet to win. He is popular yes, but does he have any substance? Like the Oscars, his win is just a result of one big marketing ploy.

      Love your comment!

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I refuse to be “the ordinary Filipino”. If I am to become that, I wish I never have studied at all.

        You know, I just let Noynoy supporters go and do their thing so that when he wins and he fucks up they will realize how stupid they really were. Well, that will happen.

        What I cannot unwrap my mind from it is that he claims to be the Messiah. The Lord God does not condemn Villar for pretending to be a Bronx baby (I am one so I know that he’s exaggerating), or will disown Gibo for running against his own cousin. Noynoy is nothing more than a mental retard who believes every little thing that people tell him. He is a seven-year old boy in a smoker’s body.

        Well, I cannot go down their level. But they must always remember that there is always UP.

      • ilda says:

        Yeah, now that you mentioned it, Noynoy does not look healthy at all. His lungs are so obviously bogged down from smoking, tsk-tsk. He is definitely not in good shape.

        Don’t worry, we’ll be ready for the “I told you so” later on πŸ™‚

  9. fz says:


  10. sarcasmgasm says:

    confirming that manoynoy supporters have actual intelligence πŸ™„

  11. Mr. Someone says:

    For me, I can say would’t vote for Noy because of the lack of accomplishments/achievements. He’s like a mediocre high school student who wants to go to Harvard. The facts state that he isn’t fit, and he only assures the admissions officers that he would do “great things” at Harvard. So the question is, will Harvard accept this kind of student with mediocre grades, mediocre SAT scores, and extra-curricular activities that doesn’t blow someone’s head off and has only his “assurance” that he will be an action-guy filled with passion at Harvard? I don’t think so.

    But sadly, voters in the Philippines aren’t Harvard admissions officers or Harvard material either, so with this kind of presidentiable- the verdict would be admission to Malacanang with 100% financial aid.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Mr Someone

      Indeed, if you look at Noynoy’s past achievements, he does appear to be someone who was just satisfied with a passing mark. Well, the thing is, it never really occurred to him that he will be running for the presidency one day anyway. Let’s not forget that he was just forced to run by the members of his party after his mother’s death. It’s too bad he didn’t have the guts to say no.

      He does think that their target market is not the thinking market anyway. Isn’t that an insult to his supporters? πŸ™‚

  12. vladimiro batungbakal says:

    i would rather believe in the idea to vote the “LESSER EVIL”.. i can say that Gordon could be the best next presidentiable.

    but judging by the numbers, its most likely between, the nobody (noy noy) and the banker (villar).. if villar wins, GOD knows he will collect every centavo he invested during the campaign period.. and granting that i will vote for Gordon, and he comes 4th or Fifth, Id rather vote for Noynoy.. I have everything against villar..

    In a presidential race, there is no such thing as a runner up.. Its between the WINNER and the LOSERS.. i will sacrifice my vote for Gordon in favor of Noynoy.. simply NOT Villar

    • benign0 says:

      And this is why Pinoy politics is the way it is. Because people sell out to the self-perpetuating habit of sacrificing principles in to the detriment of doing the right thing. So what if Villar wins? What’s the basis of this claim that he will “collect every centavo he invested during the campaign period”? If you are so sure that he will do that, then I suppose it wouldn’t hurt you much to share with us how specifically you think he will do it. And if you have the specifics with regard to how he will do it, then therein lies the basis for a mitigation plan to avert that risk.

      In a “democratic” system such as what Filipinos imagine themselves to be governed by, there are many measures and channels available to prevent fraudulent activities. Do we actually use them? Do we take our representatives to task to invoke these measures?

      All bozos like you have is haka haka. Kesyo Villar will steal us blind, Gibo will implement Arroyo’s devious power grabbing plans, and Gordon will be a lackey of America. BIG F*CKIN’ deal! If Pinoys were cluey enough to elect the right representatives to the legislature and ballsy enough to engage them properly by routinely taking them TO ACCOUNT then this moronic fear mongering that people like you love to engage in becomes meaningless. But the fact that such fear mongering holds so much sway in Pinoy politics is a testament to the vacuousness of the Pinoy mind.

      • Arvin says:

        Given Noynoy’s disregard for providing specifics, I can also surmise that his favorite slogan “Hindi ako magnanakaw” and his anti-corruption stance are mere haka-haka.

    • ilda says:

      Hi vladimiro batungbakal

      Pasensya ka na kay benign0. Hinde talaga yan natutuwa sa mga reasoning na ginamit mo. πŸ™‚

      Anyway, your reason for choosing Noynoy is really wrong. I hope you are not trying to convince more people to do the same thing. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe the Liberal Party and their accomplices are just trying to make it look like:

      1) Noynoy is leading the polls?
      2) Villar is really that bad/evil?

      The surveys are not a real indication of what the outcome will be after the election. It can be manipulated. The media can also spin the results into making it look like Noynoy is leading and the rest are lagging behind. If you really want Gordon, then you should vote for the guy. You shouldn’t compromise just because the system sucks.

      Why would you vote Noynoy when he is not even competent? Just have a look at what Rob Ramos wrote about the Liberal Party. He used to work with them and he does not have anything good to say about them. As for Villar, just don’t vote for him if you don’t want him. It’s that simple.

      Don’t let the Liberal Party con you into voting for Noynoy. Don’t give your vote away to the wrong person. It is important to vote for the candidate you really want.

      Cheer up!

      • Mimang says:

        I’m so happy there’s this thing called “KARMA!” So bilis the karma that after Pulse Asia showed their paid up survey results, Baby James shouted “Villar” on a campaign rally! WOOOOO..That’s like shouting “PLS VILLAR BE MY TITO! SAVE ME FROM THIS CLAN! PLS!”

    • Arvin says:

      It’s not sacrifice dude, it’s laziness.

    • ChinoF says:

      In a presidential race, there is no such thing as a runner up.. Its between the WINNER and the LOSERS.. i will sacrifice my vote for Gordon in favor of Noynoy.. simply NOT Villar

      In addition to laziness, it is succumbing to the deception of the masses… that Villar and Noynoy are the only likely winners, just because of surveys (that NEVER predicted the election results correctly at all!), and that Villar is the devil, that Noynoy is the “lesser evil” (but he is still evil, hahaha), and all that black propaganda. Sacrificing Gordon means that you’ve sacrificed what you believe is right in favor of conformity to mass media baloney.

      But true, it’s laziness.

      • Jay says:

        Lots of nice replies here. Reminds me of something I heard from a public speaker regarding dealing with race and authority. The point was that everyone has a voice and an opportunity to express themselves with it. You best fight for your ability to be able to express your voice because if you don’t, there are people who are more than willing to silence you and others.

        If you don’t respect the fact that you have a voice, as a citizen, and you choose to succumb to the superficial polls and the mob mentality, then you might as well be silenced for the next 6 years.

      • ilda says:

        If you abstain or compromise on Election Day, you basically forfeit your right to complain for the next six years.

    • abcdef says:

      i wont sacrifice my future, so i will vote for gordon. bakit ko iboboto ang taong popular lang dahil ang surname ay aquino? eh di duon nako sa maraming nagawang pagbabago. LAHAT SINASABI PAGBABAGO… PAGBABAGO… asan ang patunay? wala di ba? sen gordon can back up his words. hind pwede puro salita lang, ipakita mo, gawin mo, patunayan mo.

    • usi says:

      @vladimiro batungbakal: Noynoy is NOT the lesser evil. ABNOY (Anybody But NOYnoy) because of his TOPAK (Trapos, Oligarchs And Kamag-anak Inc.). Please do your research..or just read a lot of the articles here in AP. The authors quote a lot of respected journalists in case you don’t want to just take their word for it.

    • alab says:

      I’d rather vote Villar who has the means to finance his own campaign and has more leadership qualities than the inept and opportunistic noynoy who is backed up by unnamed individuals who will be asking for political favors left and right and has greedy relatives salivating on the prospect of plum government positions again…

  13. abcdef says:

    mabubuhay na naman mga ganid noong panahon ni tita cory. yan yun mga laway na laway sa kapangyarihan. yan ang mga delikadong nilalang na nasa likod ni noy. nakakatakot manalo si noy, baon na baon sa utang na loob yan.

  14. Mr. Someone says:

    @Villar-hater guy who wants to vote for Noynoy

    How do you know Villar is evil and noynoy the good guy?

    To answer, read the blogs over here and “ohNoy!”, a funny blog that hits the point.

    If you really want topick the “lesser evil” between the two, then you picked wrong. Based on a blog here, Thailand, with a generally corrupt government, has been considered as one of the most progressive countries in the region. So, with that, I would rather pick a dangerously clever guy(Villar) than a annoyingly stupid yet “clean” presidentiable(Noynoy).

    In the end, I would say you are wasting your vote because you don’t vote for someone you truly believe in.

    As for Noynoy, I would want to express this “saying” I got over the web: ANG TAMAD AY WALANG INTEGRIDAD

    It shows in his record. So why vote for the guy?

  15. UP nn grad says:

    Noynoy in interview with Lila Shahani explained that he
    did not author more bills and he did not work the hallways
    of Congress to turn his bills into laws because….”…Pilipinas has enough good laws already.”

    Apparently what he meant was “…. Uy!!! May bill na… puwede nang mamahinga.”

    • Ray Rodriguez says:

      Sana’y mamahinga na lang siya habambuhay.

      • abcdef says:

        bakit pa sya nagsenador kung may enough laws na pala. alam niya ba meaning ng legislator?

    • ilda says:

      Hey, Upn,

      I wish you could share the excerpts of that interview. I wonder how he did in the interview? The thing is, the interviewer is a Noynoy supporter so I don’t know if there would be any meat we can actually get from the whole thing.


      • ilda says:

        Hi usi

        Thanks for the link. I’m not sure if that’s an official endorsement from FVR though. I have yet to read or hear about it from our (un)reliable news media πŸ™‚

      • usi says:

        LOL! or from FVR’s neice..bwahaha! πŸ˜€

        here’s her ‘conversation w/ noynoy’:

      • ilda says:

        Thanks for the link usi! That saved me the trouble of going over to FV and finding it. You know I’m not above reading pro-Noynoy stuff. I wanted to know if she had anything new to add to what she said before. I read her long winded justification of why she chose Noynoy and thought, wow! She could have just said, “Because he is the son of Cory and Ninoy.” It basically just boiled down to that, really.

        Gees, I thought there was something fresh and insightful in that long, long article but unfortunately, my eyes just hurt after and realized that they were the same stuff she was saying back when I had that first encounter with her. There’s something to be said when a person has to justify voting for someone using negative remarks against other candidates. It’s just a way of drawing attention away from the fact that Noynoy does not have much to offer except the promise of not to steal. I am still unimpressed with Noynoy.

        Of course she even made a remark saying that voting for another candidate other than Noynoy is just a waste of your vote. Perhaps she should just be an advocate of changing a system that sucks because the current system allows more than two candidates.

        A vote against Noynoy is not a wasted vote!

      • usi says:

        ilda, my thoughts exactly! πŸ˜€ reading it was a waste of time!! LOL!!

        i look for pro-Noynoy stuff too..in the hopes of finding good news (so i could go back to my quiet life and quit campaigning against him)..unfortunately, the more i research (and visit AP..thanks, AP! πŸ™‚ ), the more dirt i dig up..anyway, 30 days to go..and we all get to live w/ the government our nation deserves..(i hope and pray it’s a good one this time. πŸ™‚ )

  16. kid dynamo says:

    ..i actually get these comments in forums especially from Noy supporters with “facebook/friendster caliber arguments” like “bakit si Gordon, si Gibo ang pinili mo si Noynoy nalang sayang ang boto mo”. They always say if you cast your support to their “percieved losing candidate” they would consider it a waste so they are willing to compromise their support to a candidate they really don’t prefer and does not match their ideals (if they have any ideals to begin with).

    ..i believe such defeatist attitude hinders us from becoming a politically mature nation which in turn hinder us from actually having better and more qualified leaders.

    ..i for myself would not prefer Noynoy to be my candidate, i was always torn between Gordon or Gibo because i saw in them that they have what it takes to lead us to the promise land. But of course when Noy joined the fray, i gave him the Benefit of the Doubt and watched intently that maybe…just maybe he was a real deal after all..

    ..but unfortunately with almost a month to go before the election, as the joke says it…nawala na ang “Benifit” ang natira ay “Doubt” nalang.

    ..constant mumblings and backpedalling, so-so and lackluster legislative performance and credentials, doofus political ads with telenovela like themes and no clear platform until now.

    I chanced to watch one forum way back 2009 with Noynoy answering questions from LGU officials, he actually proposed something about reducing the budget allotment to “non perfroming LGU’s” which was actually againts the law because there is a governing law that LGU’s iregardless of performance should be guaranteed a specified amount of budget allotment.

    Now this may be forgivable if you look at it since maybe he was unaware of such rule, but i found out this guy was ‘CHAIRMAN OF THE SENATE COMMITTEE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT”. How can someone being a chairman of a committee that tackles LGU issues not know such law?

    Makes you wonder eh?

    • ilda says:

      Hi Kid

      When I read comments from new visitors here at AntiPinoy.com that agrees with my views on Noynoy, I somehow see a glimmer of hope that before the Election Day, more and more Noynoy supporters will realise what they are committing themselves to and switch to another more competent candidate.

      I have a friend who used to be a staunch Noynoy supporter. I thought that I would eventually see the end of our friendship because of my blogs about Noynoy. Even though he is a good friend, I was not prepared to sacrifice my ideals. I was more prepared to lose the friendship. Not that I would turn my back on a friend who supports Noynoy. It’s more of, Noynoy supporters tend to be emotional and sensitive when it comes to people questioning Noynoy’s credibility. They also tend to switch off when they see an article critical of Noynoy. More importantly, some Noynoy supporters think that they are actually doing the right thing just because he is the son of Cory and Ninoy. I’m glad my friend abandoned Noynoy and is now campaigning for someone better otherwise; I would have wasted a lot of time debating with him.

      I long for the day when the average Filipino voter demands to see a proper platform from their candidate before deciding on supporting him. We cannot continue being ruled by our emotion. We need to use our logic or sound reasoning in deciding which candidate is more knowledgeable and capable of leading us out of the mess we are in. Until that time, I expect the status quo to remain as is.

    • R says:

      Now this may be forgivable if you look at it since maybe he was unaware of such rule, but i found out this guy was β€˜CHAIRMAN OF THE SENATE COMMITTEE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT”. How can someone being a chairman of a committee that tackles LGU issues not know such law?

      I’ve really had a hard time laughing at this…hahaha…and it is really true…I never really liked Noynoy ever since he ran for president…I like to read your comments here and I am really convinced that Noynoy is not just a puppet but a dumb person…makes me think that the report about his mental health is true…but even before it comes out I am thinking of him that way…hjahaha…

      I don’t really care about him…and that will never change until the next presidential race unless he has proven something to the people that is much worthy to be praised rather than announcing his being a son of the two well-renowned persons in the Philippines…

      I’d visit this site much often…I’ve always been campaigning against him ever since he announced his candidacy…good thing there are people who uses logic rather than following their ego…

      • ilda says:

        Hi R

        Thanks for visiting AP. I’m glad you consider this site a haven.

        I hope you can help spread the word. We need your help especially since D-day is almost here πŸ™‚

  17. waitwat says:

    Besides “wasted vote”, there’s also “kasi taga-Tarlac din sya tulad ko e”. What’s this about “ka-probinsya” or ka-“babayan” mentality? We are all in the Philippines. Why can’t you support someone not based on ‘state/province’? Kanya-kanya na lang ba tayo?

    “Yan mga taga-Maynila na yan puro mayayabang at walang kwenta! Mabuhay ang !”

    This kind of mentality frustrates me to no end… This is why we can’t unite as one nation.

    • ilda says:

      Hi waitwat

      I think what you are trying to say is that our concept of pakikisama is what’s at play even at the most important stage of our decision making. This is because Filipinos are not united by an idea. We just happen to be living in one country with different takes on what it is like to be Filipino.

    • usi says:

      i know what you mean..my cousin has been living in tondo for 8 years now..she said, at first, she couldn’t understand why her in-laws were pro-Erap..and now, she joins them by being pro-Villar..because, accdg. to her, they all know Villar will take good care of tondo..(and even said that perhaps, in the PH, each class should have its own president! :-O )..as pointed out by Nasty in his letter 10 years ago, the ‘ako muna!’ attitude:

  18. waitwat says:

    Yung pakikisama nila ay dun lang sa karatig bayan lang. Hindi pang buong Pilipinas.

    And yes, we aren’t united by one idea. We are divided, even. Not just ideas, but by dialect too! WTH? Meron nga ako pinsan na galit sa mga taga-Visayas dahil mga tuso at asal-magnanakaw. Nagtanong ako kung bakit. “kasi magkaaway talaga ung mga Bikulano ay Bisaya”. I mean, wth?

    Yun nga ang nakaka-frustrate. Nasa-iisang bansa tayo, pero parang mga dayuhan tayo sa isa’t-isa.

    • ilda says:

      I think the right term then is kanya-kanya not pakikisama. Or maybe kampi-kampihan πŸ™‚

      I don’t think we know the concept of the word trust. We can’t seem to trust each other especially if the other person comes from another barrio/province.

  19. kid dynamo says:

    “A weak citizenry invites the worst of leadership”

    Until we, as a nation, learn to look past through the emotional bruhaha’s and look at candidates on all their true worths we will never deserve to have true leaders. It pains me to see that the far better candidates with substance are the bottom dwellers in surveys.

    I believe that in the past we had the chance of doing that say with the likes of Roco (RIP) but because of this ‘walang appeal” and “hindi winnable” we were settled with characters like Erap, GMA and (God forbid) Villar or Noynoy.

    Well for this one I’m still hopefull.

    Side note…
    …just watched news and almost fell off my seat in laughter when i saw Kris’ son endorsing another candidate….
    partido Nacionalista pala sa Baby James ano?….wwwaaaaaaaahahahahaha! freakin awesome!.

    • ilda says:

      Well, I think deep inside,some Filipinos don’t really want change. If they did, they would go for someone else other than Noynoy.

      I heard about baby James uttering Villar’s name. I think that’s kinda weird πŸ™‚

      • Arvin Q says:

        Hi Ilda, I have that same impression (that some Filipinos don’t really want change). To be more precise, I think Filipinos do want change, but some are very much stuck in their comfort zones that they cannot successfully participate in the processes needed for that change to happen.

      • ilda says:

        Hi Arvin Q

        Welcome to AP.

        Well, a lot of Noynoy supporters seem to give that impression. They come across as nostalgic, stuck in the past. They are backward looking.

        Noynoy supporters chant the same thing over and over. I have managed to write about his candidacy from different angles and yet, Noynoy supporters always say the same things.

  20. geri says:

    A vote for Noynoy Aquino is NOT a wasted vote… I am definitely voting for Noynoy… If it’s worth that 6-year trust for the best change to come, I’ll go for President Noynoy!

    • ilda says:

      Hi geri

      Please tell us why you think Noynoy can bring about change? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Excuse me, geri, but are you REALLY sure that Noynoy is the best man for the presidency? Look, Noynoy IS NOT Ninoy in the same manner that Gibo IS NOT GMA. Think, for crying out loud!

    • BenK says:

      This is the strategy of Noynoy supporters: Just keep repeating “Noynoy is the best” and “Noynoy will bring change” over and over again and hope it will come true.

      • Parallax says:

        aside: aren’t a lot of catholic prayers like that? repeat parrot repeat and hope it actually does something. ah. like the rosary. that never made sense to me, seriously.

        pinoys are so used to repetition-induced conditioning.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Parallax: Uhm, I’m a Catholic and I don’t take that kind of statement lightly… To be honest, it strikes a VERY personal note, but if you’re a Prot, I’ll hand it to you. It is after all expected of them.

        But then again, I’m also a realist. How can we expect to progress when all we do is play safe and vote for people who play safe? How can we advance as one country (if ever it is possible!) if we vote with our balls instead of our brains?

        Basically, hoi polloi (the many) know not meritocracy and run away from it like vampires (or most demons for that matter) from those rosaries Parallax just dissed. It is up to us who THINK to take charge of this situation if we do not want to suffer for six years or more.

        So, my fellow intellectuals, what do you think?

      • ilda says:

        You are quite right Aegis-Judex.

        We see something they don’t see in the Liberal Party’s campaign strategy. Unfortunately, they see something we don’t see in Noynoy and their belief is stronger than super glue 😦

      • Mimang says:

        They can choose from a variety of mantras, actually:

        “Noynoy is not corrupt, he will never be, pinromise niya kaya??!”
        “Heroic parents produce incorruptible children.”
        “He is perfect!”
        “I love my country, that’s why I’ll vote for him.”
        “So what if he had got no laws passed? He got no records of corruption either! Balance lang!”
        “Ninoy is equal to Noynoy. Even their names are almost the same.”
        “Noynoy is the angel sent from above.”
        “He only owns .000000000000000001 % of Hacienda Luisita! Duhh..”
        “Noynoy is predicted in the Bible.”
        “Noynoy ONLY SELLS his yellow stickers, pins, watches, bands, calendars, pictures, placards, tarpaulins, pens, cellphones, notebooks spoon and fork, kitchen utensils, computer parts, alcohols, sanitary napkins, (insert any stuff here)! He does not give them away for free!”
        “According to the surveys, a lot will vote for him!”
        “Noynoy will fight Arroyo, BIG TIME!”
        “Noynoy will fight ERAP. Plunder case will be settled in no time!”
        “Hello??!! Villaroyo?! Hello??!! C5 C5!!”
        “Villar will steal so let’s pick Noynoy.”
        “Villar is a trapo.”
        “You can’t trust a shrewd businessman..”

        Gotten from the book “Taking your Noynoy Obsessiveness on the Next Level”

    • ilda says:

      I’m quite disappointed Geri did not come back to tell us why he is voting for Noynoy 😦

      I think there were a few of us here holding our breaths…coz we knew it was going to be one of those one liner thingys again πŸ™‚

    • usi says:

      @geri: please, please, please do explain why you firmly believe he is the best man for the job. kindly enlighten me so i can go back to my comfort zone and stop campaigning against him since he’s ‘leading in surveys’ anyway. πŸ™‚

  21. kid dynamo says:

    come on guys, at least we would like to hear geri enumerate some traits of Noy he saw why he can say “Noy can bring change to this country” i have journeyed to many forums already and have yet to find clear cut answers to that age old question of..

    “What else can Noynoy offer aside from his seemingly impeccable integrity?”

    Maybe geri can cast some light on this one…

    Lets hear it geri….

  22. gabriel says:

    i’m pleased to see that interactions in the comments section are more intelligent and tolerant than the ones i read on BS. none of the fascistic “let’s all gang up on the naysayer” mentality. very refreshing. one of the basic foundations of democracy is the value given to every opinion. be it pro or con. keep it up!

    • ilda says:

      Hi gabriel


      Yeah, I don’t really like ganging up on people who think differently. I try to encourage them to say more. I want to hear what they have to say because what they say could end up in my next blog :). A lot of commenters here inspire me.

  23. gabriel says:

    and i agree that there is no such thing as a wasted vote. vote for the one you TRULY believe in. if voting for that someone you truly believe in may open the doors for someone undesireable to win, then so be it. thats democracy for you. that’s our system for you. eh mas marami bumoto sa kanya eh. in all actuality, it’s the electoral system that’s flawed. multi-party system ensures a plurality presidency. an unstable tenure for the president. there is no real mandate. suppose candidate A wins by getting 34%, candidate B gets 26%, C gets 18%, D gets 10%, E gets 10% and the rest 2%. if candidate A is happy with 34%, he has another thing coming. that means 66% did NOT vote for you. meaning, you are looking at majority of the population AGAINST your presidency. no wonder all our presidents have always suffered from low ratings. the only guy to have pulled off a real majority in the elections was estrada who, i think, got 60%. thats a solid majority. but what happened? the 40% kicked him out. so imagine how life would be like for a president who has 66% of the voting population against him? one wrong move and suddenly people take to the streets. and of course, when that happens, the president has to abide by that lest he/she get kicked out by ‘people power’. furthermore, this popularity vote for both the president and vice-president respectively is truly ludicrous. i would prefer the US model where a vote for the president is a vote for his vice-president. suppose Team A took the presidency but Team B took the vice-presidency, doesn’t that open the doors for Team B to scheme against the president knowing all you need to do to be president is to kick Team A out? what we’ll always get with this system is a paralyzed government. in a paralyzed government, the status quo is maintained. corruption won’t be eradicated even if the winner would insist he’s gonna stamp it out. i’m a veteran of many elections and that catchphrase has been overused. its a pipe dream, it’ll never be realized. the president may be clean, but the rank and file will still find ways to get bribes. mas magmamahal lang lagayan kung may mahigpit. and if we did get a plurality president who had the ‘balls’ to do the necessary but unpopular things, i’ll bet good money that president will end up being reviled by the people. voting on the basis of popularity only opens the doors for incompetent candidates. what we need is probably an electoral college where the votes of the more progressive or intellectual regions (not necessarily the number of the voting population) have more gravitas over the less developed ones. for one thing that would motivate less progressive regions to strive to be better. or at the very least, if we love the multi-party system so much, let’s have a run off election between the two top vote getters. that way the mandate would be a majority. critics would say its too expensive to have run-off elections, but heck, we’re talking about the next 6 years of the country here. that alone should make the expense worth it.

    we get the government we deserve, we need to fix the system, so charter change now.

    • ilda says:

      I’m glad you get what I’m trying to say. It’s really the system that sucks. Unless we change it, we will always be in the same situation. We will always hear people say “Sayang lang ang boto mo!”

      As you said here:

      and i agree that there is no such thing as a wasted vote. vote for the one you TRULY believe in. if voting for that someone you truly believe in may open the doors for someone undesireable to win, then so be it. thats democracy for you. that’s our system for you. eh mas marami bumoto sa kanya eh. in all actuality,it’s the electoral system that’s flawed. multi-party system ensures a plurality presidency. an unstable tenure for the president. there is no real mandate.

      …we get the government we deserve, we need to fix the system, so charter change now

      We can’t keep using a system that obviously doesn’t give us the desired outcome. It’s insane.

  24. guilbautedsookie says:

    I do not think people would fare well with the “I told you so” lol. They’d say “tanga-tanga kasi ng pangulo”

    • ilda says:

      Of course, people will blame the president again once they are dissatisfied with his performance. They’ll soon forget that they voted for him πŸ™‚

  25. verdandi says:

    I used to think too, that it was hopeless to vote for more competent candidates. But then my brother told me about these words from a taxi driver he met: “Iboto mo kung sinong pinaniniwalaan mo.” This taxi driver, apparently dislikes Bayani Fernando (as most drivers do), but is supporting the Gordon-Bayani tandem because he has seen what these two had accomplished in Olongapo in Marikina. Now I’m convinced to support Gordon-Bayani too, even if they’re not as popular as the others. At least I know I’m securing my future and my country’s future if I vote for candidates who can do the job.

    • ilda says:

      That’s the second time someone said that a taxi driver gave a sound advice about the election. I guess regular folks can be more rational than the most educated Filipino.

      Good on you verdandi!

  26. pYo says:

    Just please dont let Noynoy become president.. I would probably vote for the next candidate capable of defeating him.

    • Mimang says:

      That is if you really believe those surveys! They’re conditioning the peoples’ minds!

      By the way, I’ll be voting for that candidate as well. He’s always accused, but was never convicted. Unlike Noynoy: 12 years in the world of politics — still no law was passed! Incompetence? Guilty as charged!

    • ilda says:

      I won’t let him win! πŸ™‚

      Let’s put it this way, even if he wins, at least you did not contribute to his win. You won’t regret anything. Just vote for whoever you believe in.

    • Mr. Someone says:

      Yup, I’m voting for Villar, not only becuase he is capable of beating Noynoy, but I really believe that of all pesidentiables, he is the one of the best, if not the best. (sorry Gordon supporters, but I won’t change my vote :), but I still enjoy reading your blogs. I’m a big fan)

  27. kid dynamo says:

    actuallty i have this twisted thought that this is actually the case, that we vote people to the government so we can have someone to blame our problems πŸ™‚

    as the saying goes…

    “Democracy is a process by which people are free to choose the man who will get the blame.”
    Laurence J. Peter

    Very fitting eh?…

    Tabi tabi po….

    • ilda says:

      Hey, that’s a good one!

      Noynoy supporters want to blame Noynoy one day! I think we are underestimating Noynoy’s supporters πŸ™‚

    • waitwat says:

      I remember the joke in ‘Pugad Baboy’….

      Tata Mads: Siguro maganda kung wala na lang tayo Presidente.
      Joboy: Teka ‘di pwede un… Sino naman ang sisisihin natin pag nagka krisis?
      Tata Mads: Sabagay…
      (My inaccurate memory from a strip. Please correct me if I am wrong.)

      • ilda says:

        I think that’s pretty accurate. I love pugad baboy. I love the drawing of the buwaya wearing a barong tagalog! πŸ™‚

  28. rotogold says:

    I do not know. The Makati working crowd is all for the son of the saint. Maybe it is the fad.

    I do not know. Coming from those who value merit in the workplace, how could they support the son?

    I do not know. I have an eerie feeling the son will NOT make it to Malacanan.

  29. guilbautedsookie says:

    I now officially hate Noynoy cause he has made my ex a fucking idiot like the rest of his minions.

  30. .poOt! says:

    I rather eat a booger than to vote for Noynoy. Seriously.

    I’ll vote for Gibo. He may not be the most winnable. Pero hindi ko panghihinayangan boto ko sa kanya, win or lose. There is no wasted vote as long as you vote with conviction. ;o

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      Hi poot I am so glad to find a maka-Gibo here, although there are many I just don’t see them lol. That is the spirirt!

  31. PhD in Fail says:

    LOL.. If Gibo wins, I’ll shout to the world that I’m a Filipino.. I’ll wear Francis Magalona’s line of clothing whenever I leave the house.. But if Noynoy wins, I’ll migrate and drop my citizenship if I can.. It’ll be too shameful, having to go through the same thing TWICE. Enough of yellow!

  32. donnie says:

    While I do have my own doubts on Noynoy, i question the worth of this post. Come on! a whole article just to bash a candidate? I mean, I do agree with some of the things written here (“We will not regret anything by voting for a candidate we truly believe in”) but I think this post goes too far. Why not just make a case for YOUR candidate instead of bashing another? Are you afraid that someone might find something bad to say about him (or her) that would shake your belief that this is the best person to lead our country so instead you just resort to bringing other people down?

    I do agree with you that people should not vote for the “lesser evil” or vote for a candidate just because that candidate is likely to defeat another candidate that you don’t like, but singling out Noynoy makes your motive of writing this whole post questionable.

  33. Red Ranger says:

    Noyfags are those I can say CLOSE-MINDED people. Hindi nila babasahin to dahil alam nilang masakit sa pakiramdam na BOBO talaga at walang nagawa ang kanilang sinusuportahan.
    β€œAh Basta” ang pinakamakapangyarihang sagot na maririnig mo sa kanila β€˜pag tinanong mo sila kung β€œBakit si Noynoy ang iboboto mo?” – Nakaka-awa.
    How can I entrust my children’s fate to a candidate who I think is INCOMPETENT.
    β€œI will vote for a lesser candidate = Lamest reason”

    Kung bobo ang gobyerno, mas lalong bobo ang bumoto!

    • KamenRaida Jeims says:

      tama ka RedRanger. lagi pati sinasabi sayang lang ang boto kung hindi noynoy at villar, eh ungas ung nagsasabing ganun.. boto ko yun eh, bkt mo sasabihing sayang? manalo o matalo kung pinanindigan mo naman ang boto mo at kinilala mo ung binoto mo, ndi masasayang un..

      isa pa dapat nga disqualify na sina Villar at Noynoy, patalastas palang sa t.v. sobrang dami na.. syempre, palalagpasin na naman yan hehehe..

      *sigh.. ayokong maging TANGA.. at mga NoyFags, mag-isip naman.. o wla tlga isip?


    • Jay says:

      Kung bobo ang gobyerno, mas lalong bobo ang bumoto!

      Can’t get any more simpler than that. If people only valued common sense and weighed in more at how much their vote really means, they wouldn’t just throw it away for any nonsensical reason at all.

  34. oyster bravo says:

    NEVER FOR NOYNOY OR ANY AQUINO FOR THAT MATTER! My uncle was put on house arrest during the late 80’s simply because he used to be the personal pilot of JP Enrile when the latter was Minister of Defense under Marcos. He joined Enrile and Ramos at EDSA 1 but didn’t join subsequent coups. And yet, he was accused of being a rebel because Greg Honasan. So he was put on house arrest because of some witch hunt. Being a professional military officer, he was heartbroken, subsequently having suffered a heart attack. He had to undergo a bypass later on. He was reinstated during the Ramos administration. Still, it hurt him to be accused and “imprisoned” by the Cory Aquino. That shows the character of the real Cory.

    As for me, God forbid Noynoy becomes my commander-in-chief. He is unfit. I would rather have my company first sergeant be the Commander-in-Chief.

    I am voting for Gibo Teodoro, who has done wonders for the military.

    • ilda says:

      Hi oyster bravo

      I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope he is ok now.

      The truth about his family and their shortfall needs to come out. They have to answer for some of the atrocities committed during Cory’s time.

      Thanks for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

      • waitwat says:

        I was thinking…. When it comes to positive things. We say he’s not his parents….

        But when it come to negative…. we associate him with the parent.

        I am confused. Please enlighten me if you can.

        I don’t like Noynoy as president as much as all of you here, but I have doubts about the way you think sometimes.

        Not to offend or anything. But this could probably be how they will defend that nutcase. So better come prepared.


      • ben says:

        I actually agree with waitwat…

        And voting Gibo, to me, is just like voting NoyNoy. Since your basis is NoyNoy’s family, then isn’t that also Gibo’s family? Right now, the Cojuangcos are on NoyNoy’s side, but if Gibo wins don’t you think they will all jump ship? Danding Cojuangco’s “favorite” nephew is Gibo after all, as I remember him say a few months ago on the news.

        Is there a little double standard running around here? That’s why I never make that excuse that, “Noy Noy is not Ninoy, nor is her Cory.” Because he is exactly that! That legacy he that he is pushing to continue is a legacy of failures and the manipulation of the system. It is his mother’s Constitution after all right?

      • BenK says:

        I see what you guys are getting at, and it’s a good point. I don’t think anybody really has a ‘double standard’, but there’s no harm in giving it an extra thought to watch out for it. Personally, I’ve never bought any of the “Ninoy & Cory as heroes” line, because the objective history is a bit more complicated than all that, and certainly does not end with either of them exactly fitting that definition. Plus, I’ve always believed in “praise not the son for the father (or the mother, for that matter)”, and the applies whether it’s a good or bad association. One can’t help but notice the disturbing similarities between Noynoy and his mother, but you’re correct, if you’re going to acknowledge one similarity you may as well acknowledge them all, good or bad. But from my point of view, acknowledging all the bad ones is not inconsistent, because there aren’t any good ones, at least as far as Cory is concerned. But that’s just me.

      • ilda says:

        hi waitwat and ben,

        No need to feel confused guys. You just need to look at the big picture πŸ™‚

        Noynoy is not Ninoy because Noynoy is a totally different person. No two people are the same. It is obvious that Noynoy is not as charismatic as his late father. Noynoy cannot boast of the same achievements as his father and Noynoy does not even have his father’s full set of hair when Ninoy was Noynoy’s age. πŸ™‚

        Noynoy is not Cory because Noynoy is a totally different person. No two people are the same. Although Noynoy has achieved more in his political career compared to his late mother (before she became president), Noynoy’s achievements are still considered lacklustre compared to the other candidate’s.

        Ninoy was considered charismatic because he managed to convince almost everyone that he was a better alternative to Marcos, the dictator. Ninoy was very vocal about his opposition to Marcos hence, to many, Ninoy appeared to be the only hope for the Philippines to gain back its democracy. Since he was gunned down, the Filipino people will never really know for sure if he would have been a better leader than Marcos. Filipinos only have video footages of his speeches as proof that he had the potential to be one. Some people even make allegations that Ninoy was in cahoots with the NPA. So to say that Noynoy will continue the legacy that his father started is just like a fairy tale – we will never know if it’s really happily ever after once the wedding is over πŸ™‚

        Cory was considered good and humble by many. Noynoy is said to have the same virtues as his late mother, although, it’s hard to tell if he does because he hasn’t accomplished much in both his personal and professional life to prove it. Even if he possesses the same virtues as his mother, it is not even considered a plus for Noynoy in his bid for the presidency because for one, these virtues are not enough to be a good leader (it wasn’t enough for Cory). And two, considering all the stories that came out like the Hacienda Luisita massacres and the unfair treatment of the farmers which happened during Cory’s watch and stories like what Oyster bravo is alleging, it makes one wonder if Cory really did possess all those virtues that everybody says she has after all. Well, we already know she wasn’t an effective leader so if they keep insisting that Noynoy is the same as his mother, then we already know how it’s going to be like with a Noynoy presidency.

        Therefore, if the Liberal Party is going to use the Aquino legacy in their campaign strategy, it can also be used against them.

      • ben says:

        lol Ilda, there was no need. I did get the gist. But thanks anyway πŸ™‚
        My “young(er)” mind likes to zoom around looking for answers. But I still stick to my theory of Gibo. Sorry oyster bravo πŸ™‚

        I don’t trust the Cojuangcos. My mum has heard plenty of crap in the businesses shes involved in with these big names, and anyone who is identified as one of them is never good in my books. I know it’s not fair for the individual, but it’s something I don’t wna risk.

  35. oyster bravo says:

    To waitwat and ben, nowhere did I say that Noynoy is Cory, although that might be the assumption after my comment. You think of my post what you will. Do I sound as if I’m taking it personally against Noynoy? I won’t deny thatI don’t have to use the “Kung ano ang puno siya ang bunga” argument. Noynoy by himself and apart from Cory grants many arguments against electing him.

    I would vote against Noynoy for the same reasons cited by many – his poor legislative record, his arrogance and refusal to answer allegations and join debates, his use of fear and speculative scenarios that end up being blanket attacks against the current government, etc. Forgive me that I did not cite my other reasons. However, they have been discussed by Mr. Billy Almarinez, who did so more eloquently than I could ever have.

    As for SecDef Teodoro, I dare not speculate as to his Cojuanco connections, simply because I have seen that he is a self-made man who never has to cite his familial ties. I like what he has done to DND. To cite an example, he ordered the re-bidding of the purchase of attack helicopters because he saw an anomaly that another official might have passed off. The Air Force wanted to buy the MD503, a more advanced version of the current PAF attack helicopter, the MD502. However, they did not perform an actual test of maximum payload of 3000 lbs, which was specified by the bid itself. SecDef Teodoro ordered a re-bidding because of this. Also, the bid was for 6 helicopters. Anyway, as of late, the PAF will now be buying 8 brand new SOKOL W3WA medium-lift attack helicopters from Poland. The Sokol is widely-used by Poland and other countries. The MD503 is not even used by the United States, which produces the 503. Gibo knew that another bid requirement was that the helicopter must be in service with the armed forces of the seller. So he had another reason to cancel the bid.

    This is just one example why I am going for my SecDef. His accomplishments and his campaign that shies away from mudslinging and pandering to what the noisy minority wants to hear.

    Sorry if I am not a persuasive arguer. Thank you Ilda!

    • waitwat says:

      Well, I was directing it to Ms. Ilda and the AP Authors gang.

      I am telling them to watch what they say. As it will bite them back in the end. I see some inconsistencies on their comments versus their articles.

      I know it’s a little human error, but I would like to see why I was made a fan of this blog. Intelligent discussions of problem definitions, and consistency of principles.

      • ilda says:

        See my response to you above waitwat πŸ™‚

      • benign0 says:

        It’s quite simple, Mr waitwat. Noynoy is the only candidate among the presidentiables who is using his mommy and daddy as campaign fodder. That then makes him open to a wondrous variety of ways of using his association with his parents and the shadow they cast over him to criticise him, his campaign, and EVERYTHING he stands for.

        As I said in previous article of mine. One of the reasons I am biting at Noynoy’s heels is because he is an EASY target. If his campaign were about anything of substance, it makes the job of crticising him harder. But in reality his use of the Aquino legacy makes slagging him EASY. πŸ˜€

  36. jethernandez says:

    “Please bear in mind, your vote for someone else other than Noynoy Aquino is definitely not a wasted vote.”

    – A M EN

    “My fellow Filipinos, according to the latest SWS survey, we are advancing in the war against the incompetence and mediocrity of the Liberal Party. The latest polls showed that presidential aspirant Noynoy Aquino has lost 10% support from voters. All our efforts are finally paying off. I personally, am congratulating myself for a job well done.”

    Congratulations Ilda… I guess I also have to congratulate myself because my rant against mediocrity, hypocrisy and political opportunism has been so effective on facebook… to the point that the ABNOYANS have been successful in disabling my FB account. I could just laugh my heart out. Pasalamat sila at naging busy ako these past few weeks in the real world. Hopefully I’ll finish everything this week… I miss the adrenalin rush… hehehehe…

    • ChinoF says:

      Damn, them imperialists had you disabled, eh? Wala, mga pikon sila, takot matalo. Di gracious pag natalo, abusado naman pag nanalo.

    • ilda says:

      Hahahaha…kawawa ka naman at na ban ka Jet.

      Ampatuan style yang ginawa sayo. If they can’t beat you, they will pull the plug na lang πŸ™‚

      Let us congratulate ourselves for a job well done. I am sure kahit papaano we were able to convince some undecided voters to choose someone else other than Mr incompetent.

      Ciao πŸ™‚

      • jethernandez says:

        Bwisit yang mga abnoyans na yan… nawala tuloy yung Mafia Wars at Farmville account ko. Pag nanalo kung sino man… except yang Abnoy na yan mag BE BELAT ako sa kanila whole year round… hehehehehe…

  37. Pingback: Your vote is NEVER wasted | IAN LOPEZ

  38. michael says:

    Noynoy vows he will never steal when records show that at the age of 26, he had a security agency with his initials (run by his uncle-in-law, Len Oreta) and which cornered deals with government-sequestered agencies and companies.

    The Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act bans relatives of people in public office from doing business directly or indirectly with government. Santa Banana, Noynoy even had the temerity to list the agency’s address as the official presidential residence on Arlegui!

    This is the candidate that vows not to steal.

    (kindly spread this message, dont let your country be ruled by an incompetent man, never fail your country)

  39. ANTI-StupidPeople says:

    ANYONE but Noynoy. PLEASE! Think of our FUTURE.

    I have yet to meet a Noynoy supporter who doesn’t use stale mantra lines. Come to think of it, I have yet to meet a supporter who uses logic and reasoning to bolster his/her belief in Abnoy’s competency as President. It’s so cultist, I tell you.

    At least here in Visayas and Mindanao, we cannot be effectively brainwashed by all the mindless Noy hype. I suppose it helps that we weren’t really there at People Power, lol.

    @ilda: Keep up the awesome articles!

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      I have a friend who is a Noynoy supporter, and yeah she does have logical reasons herself, but sadly, she based it on his anti-corruption mantra.

      Intelligent people supporting Noynoy are either coerced to, or do it for the sake of getting personal means

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