So what if Filipinos get their apology from Adam Carolla?

Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla is but the most recent of many people who have pointed out The Truth about Filipinos. And because much of what is true about Filipinos is not pretty, Filipinos, true to their renowned onion-skinnedness, took offense. So like many who had come before him, Carolla now finds himself set upon by The Horde — what in polite company is known as Filipino “society”. Members of the Horde who are flooding Adam Carolla’s FB page are looking for an “apology”.

But see, Filipinos don’t get a lot of things that are inherent to the psyches of most civilised people. And one of the things that Filipinos don’t get is the whole point of apologies. The obvious question that usually follows an apology is What’s next? For most of us, an apology is a resolution of an issue from which one can move on from. But for Filipinos, next steps are a non-issue. That is because Filipino society is not a results-oriented one. If Adam Carolla issues an apology to Filipinos, the question therefore is not “What’s next?” the more relevant question when it comes to the Filipino’s regard for such things is So what?.

So what if Filipinos get their apology from Adam Carolla?

Will it change the fact that Filipinos are renowned for being a bunch of Starstruck ignoramuses?

Will it change the reality that Filipinos built an inherently unjust society, one where a a culture of crime prevails?

Will Filipinos magically fill that immense void in their society where substance should have been?

Will it turn Filipinos’ intellectually-bankrupt society into a clever and imaginative society befitting that of a true 21st Century community?

Will such an apology enlarge Filipinos minds’ allowing it to break free from the debilitating Heritage of Smallness that imprisons it?

In short does an apology from Adam Carolla pass the So What? test?

The Filipino’s need for an apology from Adam Carolla and whoever else made a remark in jest or with tongue-in-cheek that offends their fragile sensibilities is just a small component in an immense complex of neediness that the Filipino psyche is enmeshed in. But because of a lack of a collective vision or an ethic of achieving results, that neediness from which Filipinos derive motivation for their actions is a dead end deal. Indeed, neediness as a source of motivation does not yield the same results as having aspiration as a source of motivation. Whereas responding to neediness results in temporary relief, responding to an aspiration often results in real achievement. As such:

(1) Backward people such as Filipinos are driven by needs; while,

(2) Progressive people such as, well, everyone else, are driven by aspirations.

Filipinos’ need for an “apology” from Adam Carolla is a need that utterly lacks a productive end. If Adam Carolla issues his apology, he will grant the Mob of Filipinos hurling profanities at him and threatening his life and the lives of his family nothing more than temporary relief from their wretchedness. Carolla is only one of many more to come who will stand up with courage and conviction to point out The Truth about Filipinos. And that is an outcome deserving of a people who have historically lacked an ability to develop permanent solutions to the challenges they face. Sure, behind the skirt of “polite” society, needy people like Filipinos eventually get their apology from those who “victimise” them. But at the end of the day, Filipinos’ lack of a convincing answer to the question So what? will stand out as a poignant reminder that Filipinos are nothing more than a people who are World class at being LOW CLASS.


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  1. Nothing to be Proud of as a Pinoy says:

    Filipinos are such losers. There’s nothing to be proud of as a Pinoy.

    Because of this, Filipinos born in the USA, especially in Hawaii manufacture a fake “pedigree” about being part Spanish and part-Chinese.

    I think it’s because in Hawaii, there are so many other Asians coming from more advanced Asian civilizations: Japanese and Chinese, while Filipinos tend to be the most primitive types.

    As such, they don’t want to admit to being pure Filipinos even if they are. Most Filipinos either want to marry outside of their race because it ups their chances of being associated with such a wretched race of losers, while those who are pure Filipino try to claim that they are part Spanish and part-Chinese even if they don’t look it.

    Look at Tia Carrere. Her biography all around the internet describes her as being “part-Spanish, part-Chinese, part-Portuguese, etc, etc” and lastly… “part-Filipino.”

    Same with Jasmine Trias: Part-Spanish, part-Chinese, part-Filipino.

    There’s nothing to be proud of as a Filipino. Lack of achievement. Lack of success. Lack of anything tangible to show for. Everything is just hollow hubris.

    Go to boards discussing Adam Carolla, and you see Filipinos showing the very undesirable and hateful behavior that makes Adam Carolla CORRECT in his assessment of Filipinos.

    • J.B. says:

      It actually depends how you were raised by your parents or your social environment that dictates how strong the vermin in your mouth to see only the negatives.

      I’m currently working on one of the leading mobile solutions provider around the globe and every time the Filipino way of handling the system in Manila is mentioned, it was always a stand out in terms of system management compared to rest of our clients.

      There are other things you can be find good in Filipinos but it does depend where you’re looking at it.

    • yappy says:

      maybe true.. but we could at least start… why sit back and accept that we have no heritage…this won’t solve any of our problems either..

      adam and all the others before him were right… right now we have nothing to be proud of… but we cant stay that way forever… lets start our legacy… find something…or if we cant… lets DO something that we will be proud of as a nation…

      not voting for noy noy would be a good start..

      let us find our identity as a people… our generation will be the ones who will give the philippines an identity…

  2. neb alano says:

    You are also an ass-hole! You thrive on lies and half-truths.

  3. Totally Agreed says:

    @Nothing to be Proud of as a Pinoy

    Totally Agreed , Even I a fellow pinoy this country is a piece of shit. I hate my own blood. There`s no way , not a chance for this country to get things better. All they`re gonna do is fuck they`re way through there lives (I meant that litellary)

    • yappy says:

      please read my reply to nothing^^

      find pride in yourself… whining and complaining about something which can’t be changed…

      be the change for this country…

  4. Good point. Where’s all the outrage for the kidnapping of
    the Swiss man? That does way more damage to the Filipino reputation
    compared to the Carolla comments. What are we going to do about it?
    Nothing, because it’s easier to make a FB page to bitch call for an
    apology(fake) that does nothing.

  5. Shaddap says:

    If you go to the Adam Carolla facebook page, many whites are now showing that they think Filipinos are stupid. And whose fault is it? It’s the fault of those stupid Filipinos who kept on spreading hate on the Adam Carolla page. Paulit-ulit ang mga self-praise ng mga Pilipino about non-existent achievements and so now many whites probably think Filipinos are an inferior race because of the misbehaving Filipinos who spewed out their stupidity on facebook.

    • enigs says:

      filipino’s on Carolla’s page doing the trash talking stuffs = uncivilized barbarians.

      ang nakakatuwa pa may mga nakausap ako na walang clue kung bakit nila minumura c adam basta alam nila racist daw xa (tas sabay search sa google ng meaning ng racist) tapos sabay mura sa page nya ๐Ÿ˜€ .

      pinoy talaga ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. benign0 says:

    Adam Carolla’s Facebook page has become a monument to Filipino moronism. The more these “defenders of ethnic pride” exhibit their “outrage” the more they VALIDATE the spot-on observations Carolla makes. I think many who came out to express the TRUTH about Filipinos have been beaten down to submission by MOBS like these that advocate SUPPRESSION of the Truth about Filipinos. These mobs are no different to the marauding bandits and morality police known as the Taliban and many more throughout history that exhibited extremist self-righteousness.

    The few who begged to differ have encouraged more people to call out the utter stupidity that Filipinos are exhibiting there in Carolla’s page and everywhere both in cyberspace and the real world, but they are few and what logic they apply simply flies over the vacuous heads of the MAJORITY.

    I think more people who have in mind equally astute observations about Filipinos should come out and EXPRESS THEMSELVES.’s mission is to highlight The Truth about Filipinos and we encourage people to speak out about it so that we can cure the ROOT of Da Pinoy Condition once and for all.

  7. iyel mejes says:

    just thoughts…

    **sa mga Pilipinong nagcomment na po dito, nasa Pilipinas pa po ba kayo naninirahan?

    **ang masasabi ko lang, nakakalungkot talagang isipin na ganiyan ang karamihan sa mga Pilipino. pero kayo/ang ilan may naging Pilipino rin minsan at pinili lamang na itanggi kung saan talaga kayo/ang ilan ay nabibilang. di ko na lang po malaman kung ano ang matatawag sa inyo/kanila. di ko alam kung sawa na kayo/sila sa buhay dito sa Pilipinas o sadyang puno lamang ng karuwagan para itanggi at aglahiin ang sarili ninyong/nilang lahi at imbes na tulungan ang kapwa Pilipino para matutong magbago.

    **sabagay, minsan pumasok din naman sa utak ko kung mayroon man ako n’on na ayaw ko na sa Pilipinas, na sawa na ako sa ganitong buhay.. pero ang pagiging Pilipino ko mismo ang humahatak sa akin para mangyari ‘yon..

    **sa huli, kanya-kanya pa rin tayo ng kuro-kuro ukol dito.. at kung ano man ang nasabi ko rito ay akin lamang kung hindi ninyo aayunan.

    thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Gman says:

      Karamihan ata dito wala na sa Pilipinas. Ninais nilang takasan ang kabulukan nito at mamuhay lamang sa panunuligsa sa mga naiwang Pilipino. Doon sila masaya. Doon sila kumukuha ng kaligayahan at sa pagiisip na angat na sila sa ibang Pilipino na naiwan sa lugmok na bansang ito. Nabahiran ng kalinisan sa bansang banyaga. Diyos na sila sa Pilipinas.

      • BongV says:

        pinili nyong magpagkalugmok, magtiis kayo. syet!

      • enigs says:

        wrong dude.. dito paden ako sa pinas at nakakainis isipin na marami saten ang hindi paren marunong mag isip para sa sarili.. makikituligsa kayo dahil mas marami yung tumutuligsa, madalas hindi nyo pa alam mga bagay na sinasabi nyo/naten, mahilig kasi sa tsimis ang mga pilipino. At sana naisip mo rin to Gman na kaya may nasasabi ang ibang tao dahil may dapat sabhin at hindi lahat ng sinasabi ay minamasama dahil minsan para rin sa kapakanan naten yung sinasabi ng iba…

        yan ang hirap kapag hindi mo/naten gusto kahit tama eh masama pa rin para sa sarili mo/naten…

        tandaan mo kada may gagawin ka at sasabhin lagi mu isipin lahat ng circumstances ng gagawin o sasabihin mo. Ilagay mo sa iba’t ibang klase ng point of view, wag lang sa pansarili mo.

  8. Cool Guy says:

    And no wonder why in the other online forums that I’ve joined, they bash other Pinoys.

    And if ever someone admits being Filipino, they immediately affix the term “self-hating” to the word “Filipino”.

    Seriously, it’s quite embarrassing. I’ve once joined a forum, and I just pointed an inappropriate post out; in response I got 3 pages worth of fail trolling and bashing, complete with ad hominem reasoning and needless misreading of details, all while bashing me for the use of the English Language.

    Truly, nothing to be proud of being a Filipino. Really? Bashing my English by using Tagalog and name-calling?

    (pardon the expression) Jesus Christ. D:

  9. iSKA says:

    To those who despise being a filipino at maraming reklamo tungkol sa Pilipinas,

    Kung talagang magaling kayo, i think you should have tried to make a difference, start from yourself, hindi yung tinatakasan yung buhay sa Pilipinas, you know what, it doesn’t make you a better person porket natakasan mo ang buhay dito. At least yung mga proud parin maging Filipino, they are brave enough to face the reality in the Philippines. Besides, if you are really good you can have a good life in the Philippines, marami ding professionals dito, doctors, engineers, professors etc. na maganda ang buhay. Unlike those coward Filipinos who ran to the States, sadyang mataas lang ang sweldo dun kaya maayos ang buhay nila hindi dahil sa magaling sila. Tsaka, “second class” citizens kayo dun kahit anon gawin nio.

    Kung imposible ng magbago ang realidad sa Pilipinas, mas imposible namang maitago nio ang realidad na Pilipino kayo! Because believe it or not nasa dugo nio na yun! Wake up! Mas nakakahiya kayo!

    • Shaddap says:

      This website is making a difference. If everyone realized what was wrong with what many of us do and STOP IT (and prevent/stop those who do it), magiging first world ang Pinas.

      The biggest enemy of the Filipino is the Filipino himself. If the Filipino fixes himself, the Philippines will become a better place…


      But alas, balat-sibuyas ang Pinoy eh. Unable to accept even constructive criticism. Huramentado lang ang kayang gawin.


    • waitwat says:

      Having a “ganyan talaga ang buhay” attitude isn’t really being brave. It’s called cowardice. Cowardice because you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone. You just want it like it was as always. Comfortable enough to spit words like, “OFWs are cowards”.

      “Ganyan talaga ang buhay~ wala na tayong magagawa. Wag ka na mareklamo kasi magmumuka ka lang tanga.” ‘Di ba?

      “Hoy! Bumalik ka dito! Duwag ka! Matatapang kami dahil nandito kami sa bahay ang nagti-tiis na lang na ngumingiti! Hindi katulad mo! Umalis ka sa bahay para makakuha ng pangsustento ng kabuhayan mo! Tumahak ka sa hindi kilalang lupain para makipagsapalaran at guminhawa buhay mo. YAN ANG KARUWAGAN!” ‘Di ba?

      Baluktot ang pag-iisip mo.

  10. adam'sonlysanefilipinofan says:

    geeze, i thought i was alone in all this…thank god there’s filipinos who for a change KNOW what they are talking about

  11. ChinoF says:

    Like I said in another thread, it’s not national pride anymore. It’s national arrogance.

    Filipinos can be proud for the things they do on their own, here or abroad. Like when they contribute loads to a charity abroad, they support a historical preservation society, or spearhead a neighborhood crime organization. Problem is, we don’t know much about these people, if at all. Filipinos prefer to front other Filipinos who are more successful, like Pacquiao and ride on the fame of this person in order to boast to other nationalities. In the end, they propagate the “ride on” habit of the Filipino.

    I wonder what would happen if a Filipino was obviously ogling someone’s gorgeous wife. Then that someone came and socked in the Filipino’s face, and the husband says, “You Filipinos like ogling other men’s wives!” So what will happen, will Filipino complain and say he’s being oppressed because he’s Filipino, and the husband of the woman he was ogling was a racist? It seems like this with Adam Carolla’s case. Filipinos probably started this by insulting Mayweather, and probably made comments about black people and Americans next, and thus made Carolla and his caller angry.

    Hmmm, we shouldn’t take this out on Filipinos, we should take this out on idiotic Filipino Pacquiao fans!

  12. Amino Acid says:

    All the morons were “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH racist/(insert title here) si Carolla” o “Gugulpihin ka ni Pacquiao” everywhere where there is a discussion involving the surname “Carolla”.

    At nung nabasa ko pa yung balita na nag-sorry daw si Carolla ay dismayado ako. Nag-sorry para sa pagsasabi ng katotohanan? Jesus Christ, ika nga.

    Oh, well. Wala namang magagawa kung tutunganga lang ako. Masimula na ngang i-enlighten yung mga kilala ko, simula sa pamilya ko.

    Salamat nga pala, Salamat sa mga artikulong sumagot sa mga tanong ko dait kung bakit pakiramdam ko na maraming mali sa mga pinoy, marami nga.

  13. Bert says:

    It strikes me as an odd phenomenon in cyberspace that we Filipinos have been so tireless in our pursuit of something to get offended by and when we actually find them, we then invariably get outraged by them—from Teri Hatcher’s comments about our med schools to Floyd Mayweather’s suspicion of Pacquiao’s steroid use and now this. It’s so pointless, if you think about it. We might as well be piercing our eyes with a sharp stick and then complain that it hurts

    The only thing this show of “righteous indignation” reveals is how trifling, small-minded we are as a people. We’re just like the village idiot who walks around blowing whistle at people because he thinks it makes him important when all it does is single him out as the village idiot.

  14. guilbautedsookie says:

    I was once affected by the Tsip Chao issue, but when he gave the so-awaited apology, did it change anything? Ninguem. I am quite embarrassed seeing this post because I am proud to be Pinoy, and stupidity after stupidity I lose my racial pride and my dreams of bringing pride to our country has become so neutral, because I feel that it will go on unnoticed and people would bring me down or either ask me to run for public office or court Anne Curtis. EEW. I feel like if for example I win an Oscar, and I return home, ABS would be asking me to write a stupid love story, just like that f’d up Czarina whatever her name is that director of Babe I love You? She said… “It’s a very unique love story. It’s about two people of different backgrounds finding love in one another.” Wow. That is SO UNIQUE. Bravo for taking lessons from Woody Allen and throwing them away.

    Yeah I suppose Adam can give an apology, but I think after that, we’d go back to our old selves and again await for someone to make our country feel bullied so our weaknesses would be deflected to that person.

    Whatever it is that is wrong with our country, it has something to do with our history, but that is not an excuse. Korea and China were ravaged more than once, but look at them now. I am not washing my hands or anything but yeah maybe we still have a long way ahead of us when it comes to reshaping our thinking patterns. Maybe that will come when the older generation will be replenished with more forward-looking people.

    I am also hurt that Filipinos are somewhat anti-intellectual. I mean we’d rather vote for a cirrhotic movie star than an experienced politician who’s yet to have a chance at bringing change because we are afraid of someone who will “take away democracy”. I don’t have any lick of an idea how martial law was before, but my mom said that it was the straightest our asses were ever were. And she says that Gloria might have done some stupid things, but of course she would never leave her seat without at least having done anything. Plus, had it not been for nutrition class, I would not have deduced that it is only the Manila urban poor that raises this ruckus of corruption, while they drink the hours away.

    Maybe I am looking too much on the other side of the fence that is why people are accusing me of being unrealistic and worldly. But I don’t see any problem with it. I applaud Gloria for having aspirations of our country as first world by 2030, and there are talks of Manila 2024 Summer Olympic bid. However, given the current electoral race right now, I am guessing that majority wish to vote for someone to blame rather than someone to look up to. It’s because we are afraid of admitting to ourselves that we have to change, because we are afraid to lose the “democracy” we have. Frankly, Manila has what it takes to host the Olympics, maybe during Marcos’ time. But now, it seems as if the things we did like bash Adam Carolla will haunt us.

    Sorry for this lengthy and circumscribed comment I just want to let it all out. If Noynoy were to win, I might commit suicide cause it breaks my heart that people are afraid to think because they might be seen as “conyo” or “maarte”. I don’t find anything wrong in saying Noynoy is retarded as others find themselves righteous and holy for saying that Gibo is one of the six demons that possessed Emily Rose. But the difference is–I know I said it because the way Noynoy is presenting himself…it’s plain bull. I always question my uncle, and my residual schizophrenic aunt when they say that Gibo is evil. I ask them why, and they could only come up with he is loyal to Gloria, or that Noynoy was sent by the Lord. But I let them have their way cause they’d eventually complain when the dog poops.

    • benign0 says:

      @ guilbautedsookie

      Perhaps the first thing you need to do is see yourself as a distinct individual FIRST and then as a Filipino a distant second. That way any further realisation you come to acquire with regard to the pathos of The Pinoy Condition will have a lesser averse effect on your perception of worth.

      The concept of “being Filipino” is an artificial construct. Your nationality is something you just happen to have been born into. It is not your fault you are Filipino any more than a baby is aware it is a Christian once it’s been baptised.

      Once you’ve disengaged your identity as a person from your “nationality” (which, by the way does not necessarily make you any “less” of a “Filipino” despite what some self-righteous morons will have you believe), you then become a bit more able to compartmentalise who you are AND what “the Philippines” is. They are two different things. You were raised to be “Filipino” because of the unfortunate circumstance of being born in “the Philippines”. But, see, this unfortunate circumstance represents the hand that was dealt you. Recognising being Filipino as an unfortunate circumstance does not make you a bad Filipino or a traitor. It simply means that you recognise a challenge that lies external to your person.

      The challenge therefore is to turn being “Filipino” from a condition that is currently an unfortunate circumstance into a condition that can potentially be a not-so-bad circumstance. The challenge is like being stuck with a bad hand of cards in a poker game with high stakes. Recognising that you’ve been dealt a bad hand in a poker game does not necessarily mean you’ve already lost the game. It simply means you know enough about your situation to come up with a winning strategy.

      Being born Filipino is like being dealt a bad hand in a poker game. You could still win. But it takes brains and savvy to play a bad hand TO WIN.

    • Kahlil says:

      hey ๐Ÿ™‚

      this exchange is personally very touching in so my levels. i had to go through this realization by myself convinced that if i ever speak out about how i really feel about so many things, i’ll be hanged by some pinoy mob somewhere. guilbautedsookie, you’ve found the right path to enlightenment by finding this site. benign0, thank you again, as always ๐Ÿ™‚

    • benign0 says:

      Thanks Mr Kahlil. I believe ALL of us here went through similar journeys in varying degrees. The thing is, no one can MAKE anyone take such a journey. The will to take such a journey should come from within, which is why I believe most of us here came to the same appreciation of The Truth about Filipinos independently. In short, we are all united by an approach to thinking rather than any lofty artificial notion of what it means to be a “good” “Filipino”. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ilda says:


      Sorry for this lengthy and circumscribed comment I just want to let it all out. If Noynoy were to win, I might commit suicide cause it breaks my heart that people are afraid to think because they might be seen as โ€œconyoโ€ or โ€œmaarteโ€

      I hope you are not serious about killing yourself because we still have a lot of work to do ๐Ÿ™‚

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      I am thankful that this site exists. Because when I share my sentiments to others, they’d tell me I’m communist or I have been supporting Gibo too much.

      I always said to myself when I was a little boy– I just wanna be like Jose Rizal. But now, I realize, Jose Rizal had to travel to Spain to be who he is.

      We still have some love for our country, but our country does not love people who want change. That is our folly. We hate change because we are made to believe that gays go to hell or if you don’t support Cory you are a communist or if you think of a government different from “democratic” you are schizophrenic like that. I hate it. I am bisexual, radical, federal and I am not afraid to go against what a Filipino should be because this is me. Like my pastor said, doesn’t mean you study in a Catholic school you are Catholic.

      Why can’t the ordinary Pinoy just think for once. A classic example. A little boy comes to Wowowee to earn money. Then he goes home with the jackpot and all that money is whoosh when daddy takes it and mommy pays off debts. And there goes his high school trust fund. I mean, it’s okay to go to Wowowee for the sake of winning something but not for the sake of making it your key to the future.

      And PBB? Shit. It’s the stupidest thing ever for Melai to win when Paul Jake is already like twenty percent ahead of her. Plus there’s a new season and like it’s not gonna change anything.

      I don’t think we have crab mentality. I think we have the natural tendency as a people to be mistrusting of our very own, because of our own history, and that is not a good thing for a society.

      I thank you all here for making me feel more welcome than in a society that continuously condemns me for not being macho, chivalrous, for not voting for Noynoy and for acknowledging his mental disability, for being intelligent and outspoken, for not wanting to be a nurse, for being Protestant, for being bisexual, for advocating contraceptives, for laughing at kids crying in Wowowee, for believing that Gloria has done at least something, and for saying that if Judy Ann were a nurse I would not entrust my life to her.

      We might not be the ordinary Pinoy. We are the extraordinary ones.

      Do not be afraid to not be somebody. Be afraid to not be someone.

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  16. ChinoF says:

    Wonder if there’ll be someone who’ll later on look back at attacking Carolla, and will have the thought, “OMG, what have we done?” ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  18. Proud To Be Pinoy says:

    Nakakalungkot naman may BLOGS pala na Anti-Pinoy. at ang masakit mismong pinoy din ang mga sumasangayon sa BLOGS na yun. Kesyo kaya Raw sila umalis sa Pilipinas ay para maiwasan ang kabulukan ng Bansa at ng KAPWA nila Pinoy. Di nila inisip na kahit saan sila magpunta. magparetoke man sila at magpalit ng pangalan. dugo pa rin ng tunay na Pilipino ang dumadaloy sa kanila. KUNG TALAGANG MAGAGALING KAYO SANA KAYO MISMO ANG GUMAWA NG PAGBABAGO. HINDI KAYO MISMO ANG NAGBABAGO AT TUMATALIKOD SA PINAGMULAN NIYO. wala kong pakialam kung mabasa niyo to pero kung ano man ang dahilan niyo. MALI PA RIN KAYO.

    • yappy says:

      change starts from pointing out the problems…

      pano makakmit ang pagbabago kung ayaw natin tanggapin ang pagkakamali natin…

      harapin natin ang katotohanan.. as of now

      philippine society is all about pacquiao…

      and that sucks…

  19. ALNGO says:

    ang pinoy ayaw magpaturo… ang pinoy mataas ang ihi… ang pinoy saksakan ng yabang…. pero pag ikumpara kahit sa vietnam, ang layo na ng vietnam sa atin.. the world sees things that we dont see, blinded na tayo ng katangahan. tapos puro hangin magyayabang ng mga imaginary achievements. kaya buong mundo natatawa nalang. ayaw magpatalo kahit walang binatbat, take note, sa pinas non existent ang “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM” puros negative lang ang nakikita kaya backward. magaling ang pinoy pero tanga. tanga dahil ayaw makinig sa mga batikos na magpapaimprove sa atin, LAHAT ALAM PERO PALPAK NAMAN, GANYAN ANG PINOY, AYAW MAGPATURO NG TAMA, GALIT PAG NAPAGSABIHAN, KAYA WALANG GUSTONG TUMULONG SA ATIN, DAHIL AYAW NATIN MAGPATURO. TAPOS MANGHIHINGI NG FOREIGN AID. kakahiya PULUBI ang dating

    proud tayo sa mga foreign “ATHLETES” at “CELEBRITIES” at kahit sino basta part pinoy, proud na proud, ang tanong, proud ba sila maging pinoy??, syempre pag punta sa pinas, hirit ng mga yan “i love the phils, im proud to be filipino” pero pag balik dun, tingin nyo ganyan pa rin?? geez! kakatawa. cheap marketing gimmik kagat na kagat agad mga pinoy kaya makikita na talagang bobo nga. di ako magtataka mas malayo na ang vietnam sa atin, baka sa loob ng 5 taon lalagpasan na tayo ng cambodia o burma.

    • waitwat says:

      Ang ayaw matuto ay hindi aasenso. Ang hindi umamin ng pagkakamali ay hindi na makakabangon sa sariling dumi.

      Tengang kawali. Masakit tumanggap ng pagkakamali, pero pag-ito ay pinag-munimunihan mong mabuti at mag-reflect, tyak na marami kang pwede magawa sa sarili mo. Kung maging karamihan sa Pilipino ang umayos ay tiyak na hindi na tayo kukutyain masyado ng mga dayuhan. Mapapatunayan natin na mali pala sila. Pero sa asal baboy na pinapakita ng karamihan sa atin, tiyak na lalalim lang ang nabubulok nating dignidad sa kaibuturan ng ating pagkatao. Lalong mamamaho ito at kakalat sa mga nag-oobserba. Lalo dadami ang kutya. Lalong iinit ang ulo. At uulit nanaman tayo sa proseso ng pagwasak sa ating mga sarili.

      Malungkot kung iisipin. Pero dyan ang direksyon na tinatahak ng karamihan sa atin. Hindi na ba tayo nag-iisip?

      • ALNGO says:

        asal baboy lol natawa ako dun pero totoo… sad but true asal baboy talaga kaya pinagtatawanan pa rin ng mga dayuhan ang pinoy. sample lang nung basketball sa asiad, kung makalait ang pinoy sa ibang bansa parang mga tanga, pero sino champion? hehehe panalo lang pinoy sa angal at hirit. wake up!

  20. ALNGO says:

    pano kaya pag gawin kong ganito

    ang galing ng pinoy, laggard na ng asia pero happy pa rin! ninanakawan na ng harap harapan pero masaya pa rin! galing! tanga tanga pero matalino pa rin kuno! hanep! binanatan ni carolla nanghihingi sila ng apology, pag magapologize parang wala lang! ano napala nila? galing! achievement yun! – ano kaya tawag sa ganyan?? PRAISES?? lol

  21. Kanye West says:

    Yep, doesn’t matter if Carolla apologizes or not, Adam Carolla is still right

  22. whew says:

    ^ Another truimphalist

  23. Adolf says:

    Im so sick of scavenging Pigapeeno cheats I could vomit!!

  24. John says:

    Thankfully I don’t identify myself by my ethnicity: Filipino. I identify myself by what I know, and how I apply my knowledge. I think one of the biggest problems with a majority of Filipinos is a weak individualistic mindset. We have to be in groups, large groups, to feel powerful. We can’t stand on our own two feet. This causes mass amounts of pride. Pride isn’t a good thing in this context, because we forget about humility. I’ve disassociated myself from any/all Filipino “communities,” simply because I don’t have a need to rely on them. (And just as a previous poster said, I too, don’t want to be pulled down by the negative (yet true) connotations of the Filipino.)

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