In the News: The FAILS the 'So What?' test again!

Amazing. You’d think there is enough important news to report. The Straits Times of Singapore reported three Filipino soldiers killed in the outskirts of Davao City by communist thugs. Interestingly (and to digress a bit), suspected New Peoples Army Grand Archon Satur Ocampo was “reported” by esteemed reporter Ellen Tordesillas at Jolog Central to be hobnobbing with notorious forest denuder Ramon Mitra in a Wowowee Rally just a stone throw’s away at Koronadal in southern Mindanao. Then there is ten-year (at least) Philippine resident and alleged child rapist Richard Wright Laguardia who was recently arrested by Philippine Immigration agents. The AFP report made sure to highlight how Philippine law enforcement authorities had somehow managed to take that long to track him down and arrest him. And even halfway around the world in sunny Vancouver, Filipinos are doing what they do best — playing the Victim Card — as Canada PAL country manager Allan Coo cries over the spilt milk of the European Union’s ban on all Philippine-based airlines’ use of EU airspace. That too is certainly newsworthy.

And so now we come to top-dog online news rag, the What does the premiere “respectable” Filipino news channel of the Net consider to be newsworthy? Perhaps this image captured from this morning’s front page of the venerable site could shed a bit of light into what keeps the Editor awake at night [Image captured 13th April 2010 0959H AEST]:

I count eleven out of thirteen “top” news stories up there that leaves me scratching my head and thinking WTF? And no less than five out of the Top Six news items concern the Nograles brouhaha alone! So humour me for a bit here…

Dear Editor,

I have just one question for you:

So what?


I wonder if the above letter will warrant publication in their Letters section?

Fat chance. So what? is one of those hard questions that Filipinos tend to be averse to.


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19 Responses to In the News: The FAILS the 'So What?' test again!

  1. Ray Rodriguez says:

    LOL! New Peoples Army “Grand Archon” Satur Ocampo. Parang Sigma Rho lang ha! LOL!

  2. J.B. says:

    I don’t see any wrong on the reports. The list are based on Inquirer’s judgement that these are matters of national interest.

    Of course, Singapore would like to report killings in Davao. After all, they have direct flight to/from the city.

    • benign0 says:

      Fair enough J.B.. Different perspectives, different priorities — each perspective reflecting the character of the person or people taking it. 😉

      • J.B. says:

        The news updates are very fluid. They’re never intended to reflect the most current but the most scooped out news at their people’s armed length.

    • BenK says:

      When political personalities change parties as often as most normal people change their underwear, the implications of the activity cease to be relevant. Matter of national interest, my ass. Matter of highlighting the negative among candidates and parties the Inquirer does not support (i.e. anybody but Ignoy).

      • J.B. says:

        When killings happened all the time and crime occurred as often as most normal people change their shirt, the implications of the story ceased to be relevant.

  3. GabbyD says:

    they’ve changed it. time stamp on the story is :

    15 dead in Basilan blasts
    Abu Sayyaf tagged in simultaneous attacks

    By Julie Alipala, Marlon Ramos
    Inquirer Mindanao, Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 00:24:00 04/14/2010

    • benign0 says:

      Nah. That screen cap in the article shows what the headlines were on the as of the date indicated there when other news items — the dead soldiers in Mindanao, the rape crime fugitive arrested in Palawan, and the crybaby press releases of the PAL country manager in Canada — were making headlines in other newspapers and news sites.

      You’re kinda missing the point, as usual. 😉

      • GabbyD says:

        i didnt miss your point. i wasnt disputing what you said..

        all i said, was that they changed it, around midnight, april 14.

  4. usi says:

    hahaha! :)) nice one, benign0!

  5. Arnel E says:

    I am monitoring their paper’s headlines.. same news priorities..

    Seems to me that they are bent for Aquino as well.. As in, when news come out that a Lakas politician joins NP, it becomes proof of Villaroyo, but when another (Salceda) joins LP that person becomes a “maverick”!

  6. benign0 says:

    A ArnelE, These “news”papers have become the same blunt instruments of deception and misguidance as the campaign slogans and taglines that politicians use. Rather than serve as the beacons of sanity and truth, they have become the originators of skewed concepts and muddled perspectives.

    The Media have perverted their roles — rather than be the arbiter in real debate, they have become a player as well, and it is up to ordinary folk to re-claim the “debate” (BongV’s message in his latest article).

    Where we were once encouraged to be “vigilant” of our government and politicians, we should now be vigilant of the information disseminated by the Philippine Media and scrutinise, evaluate, and challenge what they publish.

    • unos says:

      You’re so right benigno, it seems that many people are ignoring how some media outfits like ABiased CBN and journalists like solita monsod, conrado de quiros and lito banayo among many others has been lacking the objectivity and impartiality required of them lately. Why the editors let them write, publish and influence the people reading their broadsheets clearly shows biased our media and its owners are at the moment… now, we have to be wary what they are dishing out because they are no longer the source of objective information but malicious misinformation and dirty propaganda ….and sadly, because of their wide reach, many will believe it hook, line and sinker…I just hope more people will realize this and wake up from their stupor, they should realize that noynoy was a media creation to begin with, lacking in merit and credibility, a “hopeful dream” concocted by the yellow mob and the Loser Party.

  7. GabbyD says:

    but it was the LP thats called him a “maverick”, NOT inquirer. The NP didnt call nograles a “maverick”, or anything nice.

    they just called it “not a surprise” as their official quote. The NP could have called him something else, but did not.

    • Arnel E says:

      Are you saying that the Inquirer is merely picking up the LP press releases? Good bringing that up, Gab!

      • GabbyD says:

        i’m saying the reporter asked for a reaction, and they reported their reaction.

        a press release is something else entirely.

        isnt that what reporters do?

  8. Arnel E says:

    If you can’t recognize a press release pretending to be news, you wouldn’t know what reporters are supposed to do, would you?

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  10. Noynoy News says:

    … and there up again is a polling firm survey result about GMA sucking in ratings. why such space? puppets are not humans i guess.

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