In the News: Is Conrado de Quiros inciting rebellion?

Is Conrado de Quiros already planting the seeds of a rebellion that constitutes much of the Plan B of popular presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino in the event that he loses this year’s election? Let our insightful readers be the judge! In his latest blurb on Old Reliable, de Quiros made it a point to highlight “the specter of massive breakdown (to put it charitably) or massive fraud (to put it accurately) the Comelec’s type of automation bodes” [my boldface]. And from that he segues into trhe real point he wants to make:

Or more to the point, what can the Aquino camp do in the event of massive cheating? Organize a walkout of observers at the first hint of cheating? Maybe. Whip up public indignation? Maybe. Create a Yellow Army? Maybe.

Of course, maybe. It’s all up to “the people”, isn’t it Mr de Quiros? Your pal Noynoy Aquino is supposedly just a “servant” pandering to the so-called “people’s will”, right? I’ll answer that for you gramps: Indeed he is — as one would expect of a man who lacks a spine to own up to what he aspires to be to the Filipino — a leader with whom the buck stops. Unfortunately for him, he plans to shield himself from that buck with “the people’s will” just like you, Mr de Quiros, do to shield yourself from owning up to a possible accusation of inciting rebellion on a major news publication by clever use of your “maybes” and this as well:

[…] all that means nothing if you cannot get the people to act. All that means nothing if you cannot get the people to take to the streets. All that means nothing if you cannot summon People Power. And you cannot summon People Power by rubbing a magic lamp.

Guess what “people”, you will be suckered to commit the crime but Noynoy will get away with the loot!

Trust Noynoy, his lackeys like de Quiros, and the rest of his camp and supporters to pin their fortunes on the nebulous concept of “the people”. In that concept, there’s just nothing to grasp at, nothing to sink one’s teeth into, nothing to chew on, and nothing to work with. It’s the perfect cop-out. You win, and it’s “because of the people”. You lose and it was “the people’s will”. You succeed, and it’s “because of the people”. You fail and it’s because “the people weren’t there”.

That is precisely what de Quiros’s brilliant Noynoy-apologism exhibits here:

What made Noynoy Aquino possible was not any political party, it was the people. What made Noynoy Aquino possible was not traditional politics, it was voluntaristic politics. What made Noynoy Aquino possible was not the pragmatism of the way things are, it was the idealism of the way things could be. If that is not recognized, well, the history of this country is littered with the shards of lights that failed, with the flotsam of hopes that were dashed to pieces.

and this:

We don’t make Edsa the center of things even now, it’s not just that it won’t be there to make Noynoy Aquino win, it’s not just that it won’t be there to protect Noynoy Aquino’s win, it’s that it won’t be there to make the country win after Noynoy wins.

So open your eyes all ye Yellow Army grunts and those who plan to vote a spineless man into the highest office of the land.

You all are being set up as Noynoy Aquino’s future scapegoat.

And as to that quaint fear-mongering being propagated by the Armies of Primitivism about a “massive failure of elections” that is being used to justify yet another undermining of institutional democracy? Perhaps it might help to take the perspective of more seasoned and mature politicians. At a worst-case-scenario of a 30% failure in the automation to be applied this coming May, the reality is that there are measures to mitigate the expected fallout.

The negativism of Noynoy’s position on this (among MANY other things) is not only uncalled for but unbecoming of a man who describes himself as epitomising the “hope” of the Filipino “Nation”. Perhaps it is about time we give a bit more air time to more mature people who contribute a bit more enthusiasm (do you still remember that word Messrs Aquino and de Quiros?) to what is supposed to be a groundbreaking milestone in Philippine Elections (and to be fair to the, they step up to that plate this time):

Vice presidential candidates Loren Legarda, Jay Sonza and Bayani Fernando, who were attending a forum organized by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines Tuesday, were not surprised by official admission of a 30-percent failure of the automation machines.

“So the 30 percent—assuming the Comelec projects that—should be identified now so we are even more vigilant in the 30-percent manual all the way,” said Senator Legarda.

“This is an automated election—automated in a sense that the counting of the ballots is done by machines, but the manner of electing our officers, our leaders is still manual,” Sonza said.

“It doesn’t mean that if there’s manual counting, it means failure of elections already. Let’s not worry because there will still be a hard copy, so we can still count the votes manually,” Fernando said.

There are men and women that see solutions, mitigation measures, and back-up plans. And then there are men like Noynoy Aquino and Conrado de Quiros who only see obsolete traditions, failure, and a reversion to primitivism. It’s high time Filipinos decide which sort of politicians and leaders they would like to represent and lead them.


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28 Responses to In the News: Is Conrado de Quiros inciting rebellion?

  1. Anonylol says:

    If there’s going to be another EDSA uprising no one is ever going to be able to take us seriously anymore.

  2. boombox says:

    “Show me the rebellion..!!!” -Miriam Defensor Santiago

    • Anonylol says:

      I hate her so much. Whiny self important b*tch.

      I saw the inside her office in the senate once when I was working as PC maintainance guy. Bright red-orange and covered with framed posters of Che Guevara and Jose Rizal. I couldn’t stand the room so I made up some bullshit reason why I needed to take the PC out.

      • ChinoF says:

        Colors as loud as her personality. hehehe

      • waitwat says:

        Your implikeyshun and many akyuseyshuns about my preferences in ah-mbyens is an indikeyshun of the jeh-lusee on your pa-rt!

        Ow-er neyshun is in ter-moil and you would like to coh-ment on my style? You shuh-d be ah-sheym’d of yourself!


        Excuse me while I clean my nose of coffee.

  3. ChinoF says:

    I think he’s calling for rebellion against the wrong thing. We shouldn’t rebel against the government, we should rebel against Filipino culture. hehehe

  4. be prepared for link loving!

  5. benign0 says:

    It doesn’t even have to be a street revolution. De Quiros’s hinting that poll watchers should walk out “at the slightest hint of cheating” and other emo cr@p like that is the same sort of bahala na kayo dyan mentality that is one of the roots of our ningas cogon dysfunction. At the slightest hint that something is not working, Filipinos give up on it rather than troubleshoot it.

    And then they go and sloganeer about fighting for “principles”. Noynoy supporters don’t have a clue as to what having real principles mean. And that’s an easy call — because the man they support lacks any such.

    Conrado de Quiros’s article represents the coming full circle of Noynoy’s campaign. Noynoy’s “campaign” started under the shadows of his parents, and he is ending still under the shadow of his parents — under the nostalgia of the “revolution” they started more than 25 years ago. He is using 1980’s “thinking” to implement a what should be a 21st Century campaign. In effect, he insults the intelligence of the Filipino Voter. And the tragedy there is they are lapping it all up to the tune of 34% of “surveyed” voters.

    According to these “surveys”, 63% of voters will not vote for Noynoy. And yet he will win. What sort of Government will Noynoy run? It takes a special breed of statesman to make something out of such an unpopular mandate. Arguably former president Fidel Ramos (who also won under similar circumstances) manage to do it. But then Ramos is a relatively extraordinary man. In fact just Ramos being his own man already makes him a huge cut above Noynoy.

    • J.B. says:

      Philippines allows multi-party system where a candidate can win without the full majority mandate. He can pull an upset if he can massaged congress like that famous rubber stamp of FVR – the rainbow coalition.

      But I highly double he could. FVR knew how to make people happy. I highly doubt Noynoy can.

  6. Homer says:

    If De Quiros calls for a yellow mass suicide, it would be worth watching.

    • helios says:

      lol… sorry couldn’t help but lol. anyway… de quiros is an aquino lap dog… im enjoying this site… i thought i was the only one mystified with the aquino popularity… i have good friends voting for noynoy and i am saddened by that…. but this blog has given me the ammunition… i dont want noynoy to be my next president….

    • R says:

      I would really be watching them laughing all the way and say: “Stupid Yellow Invaders…” then make a stupid movie with ants armed to attack a sweet chocolate with poison…

    • ipe says:

      haha! you said it!

  7. J.B. says:

    I don’t think calling de Quiros lackey of Noynoy do him justice.

    The columnist is an avowed idealist and he will use whoever fits the bill. Noynoy fit for de Quiros for his idealistm

  8. maikimai says:

    Why won’t anyone take us seriously if we do another EDSA uprising?

  9. the man says:

    what do you have against conrado de uiros? are you a gma fan?

  10. usi says:

    have you seen Noynoy’s TV ad?

    “Kayo ang aking lakas” = kapalpakan ko, kasalanan nyo

    • ChinoF says:

      kapalpakan ko, kasalanan nyo

      Nyahahaha! Nicely said.

      Tragedy is, totoo ito. You know he’s a fool to be in office, but you voted him in anyway.

  11. guilbautedsookie says:

    When Erap entered the University of Makati, I was there. I then realized–the huge crowd of people you see there ARE NOT THERE FOR PURPOSE. In our case, we were locked in so all of us could see Erap be freed. So, I clearly doubt the mass of people that attended Cory’s funeral.

    I was laughing at the same time nervous about Noynoy’s People Power plan. But then again, I think to myself– People Power has changed nothing. NINGUEM. I hope if he organizes one, he’d need to pay people to have a huge crowd.

  12. benign0 says:

    There’s this Letter to the Editor that appeared on the with the title Why Conrad de Quiros is highly esteemed. Here’s an excerpt:

    Anyway, I am now stuck to reading his column. I find his writing vivid, though sometimes scathing. He dissects issues with impartiality, using figures of speech which make us better understand what he is driving at. He is fearless, frank and honest. I sense the values he holds dear, the principles he stands for, the vision he wants people to see.

    I am moved to write this because I want all honest, fearless and impartial writers to know how highly De Quiros is esteemed. His values cannot be quantified. With his pen, he helps to shape our ideas. He does not incite people to take radical, activist actions. Instead, he affirms our principles and strengthens our resolve to pursue nobler things in life—things that uplift, empower and give purpose and meaning.

    ha ha!

    Kawawang bata.

    A brilliant illustration of the tragedy that is Da Pinoy. 😀

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