Do you know who Gibo's, Dick's, and Manny's parents are?

I found out only in the last couple months that Dick Gordon’s parents were also mayors of Olongapo City and that his dad died from an assassin’s bullet. I also googled around and found out that Gibo Teodoro is the son of former Social Security System (SSS) Administrator Gilbert Teodoro (Senior), a man I used to see quite a lot as a kid. And Manny Villar, a name I only came to know several years after graduating from university? Well, I have no idea who his parents are.

That leaves popular presidential candidate Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. While I believe I can be forgiven for not knowing who Dick’s, Gibo’s, and Manny’s mommies and daddies are until recently (or not at all in the case of Manny), not knowing who Noynoy Aquino’s parents are even twenty years ago would probably have gotten me into serious trouble if I were a security guard.

Security Guard:
Boss, no ID, no entry.

Noynoy Aquino (rolls down heavily-tinted window of his car):
Alam mo ba kung sino ako?
[Translation (from the cultural context): “Do you know who my mommy and daddy are?”]

Security Guard:
Boss! (Snaps a salute and opens the gates)

Noynoy Aquino’s campaign is all about his parents — a stark contrast to the other presidential aspirants who are their own men. Their parents hardly figure at all in their campaign. Their campaigns are built upon their own essence and their own personal achievements. Even the liabilities they bring to their campaign are their own. And when these liabilities are scrutinised and brought to bear by their detractors, they own up to them.

So who is Noynoy Aquino? He is his parents’ son. Hmmm… ano pa ba…? Well, lemme see: He is all about being an Aquino. He is all about Edsa “revolutions” and some nebulous idea of “goodness” that he inherited from his clan — a “goodness” nobody can quite put their finger on without invoking an almost religious fervor that befits that of a medieval feudal society more than a modern 21st Century one. His primary liability — the Hacienda Luisita thingy — is not even his own. It is a liability he also inherited from his folks. Not surprisingly, when challenged with that liability, instead of owning up to it, he distances himself from it.

Manuel L Quezon III (I know who his grand-daddy is!) makes something of the final “home stretch” to the coming elections in May, quibbling around statistics on, say, undecided voters and “machineries” for delivering statistical outcomes and whatnot. But, really, if you step back, take a bigger-minded perspective and ask how different this 30-day “home stretch” actually is from the last eight to twelve months, the average non-“expert” (a badge of honour among those who beg to differ) would be left scratching his head. That’s because the “home stretch” is no different to the overall lead-up. Indeed, regardless of the timescale that frames one’s perspective, the whole thing is really just (a) Noynoy Aquino piggybacking his campaign on his pedigree, (b) all the rest chipping away at his “lead” in the “surveys”, and (c) hardly any real platform based on relevant issues and concrete vision presented.

Is the 2010 elections going to be about the future? I doubt it. Not if Noynoy Aquino dominates the popular sentiment and not if the words Edsa “revolution” still continue to find their way into the National “Debate”. For even a glimmer of light shed into the future, I’d look to the other presidentiables — even if I don’t know who their parents are.


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16 Responses to Do you know who Gibo's, Dick's, and Manny's parents are?

  1. luraaa says:

    No kidding. Seems like Noynoy’s parents are his only ‘platforms’ when asked about it. I saw on a 10-minute video called Votebook where they interviewed Dick Gordon in his hometown (and his humble abode) and I remember he said something along the lines of ‘I don’t rely on my parents.’. Me thought: Nakana mo, Gordon! Yan ang gusto ko sayo.

    I mostly watch interviews of Gibo and Gordon and they only talk about their parents when asked, or when the situation calls for it. Unlike ‘The Chosen One’ who not just brags about his parents, but goes on and on until the people’s ears and eyes hurt.

  2. J.B. says:

    Noynoy seemed like the only one who has the punchline of success. But I kind of wonder though why my favourites Gibo or Gordon couldn’t match him in desirability for desirability.

  3. Anonylol says:

    >”Alam mo ba kung sino ako?”

    I really really hate it when people say that.

    • ChinoF says:

      Best answer to that is, “Ah, ikaw yung bobo na asta ng asta gamit ang pangalan ng magulang.” haha

    • J.B. says:

      I thought you’re referring to Nasser Pangandaman in a golf altercation.

      • Anonylol says:

        I guess it applies to them too.

        That phrase implies “I’m important so you better know your place”. That we have people that do this points to some fundamental problem I think, both on the people who do it and those that let them do it.

        I usually reply with a funny quip or something. The best cure for a big ego is a bit of laughter I always thought.

  4. boombox says:

    >”Alam mo ba kung sino ako?”

    I would replied in this way: “Bakit? May amnesia ka?”


  5. waitwat says:

    I seriously thought that the title is… “Did you know that Gibo’s dick is…..”.

  6. guilbautedsookie says:

    I love this post

  7. Drew says:

    ”Alam mo ba kung sino ako?” – the very reason why we are going backwards in terms of economy… It speaks of our arrogance and apparent Lack of Discipline.

    Ika nga, Lulusot kung pde i lusot. Basta may kakilala, malakas ang loob. Talamak yan s mga government offices, and even sometimes s private institutions… It’s really not about someone’s ability, but who they know… Mgtataka ka nalang, bakit na promote eh hindi qualified… same with the upcoming polls…

    • ben says:

      Well, apparently Gordon had an experience which he shared on an interview with Karen on Headstart regarding Gibo with this attitude. It was his main reason why he does not support him.

      If you weren’t able to watch it, please watch it here:
      The short story is at the end of the clip and continues onto the beginning of the next (part 4)

      I guess that superiority complex runs in the family?

  8. think says:

    this reminds me of a certain BIG man sa senado with an inflated ego, who refused to remove his shoes at an airport security check saying, ‘Dont you know who i am? Im the senate president of the philippines.’ yikes! Sometimes power just get into their heads, and forget what a public servant shoul be…he should lead by example, should serve with humility, and should not exempt himself from rules.

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