Philippine opinion shapers: Are they too pro-Noynoy Aquino?

I’ve always doubted the credibility of our esteemed opinion columnists. To me, whether it’s for online or printed publications, they all sing the same songs of praise. That is, praising their chosen candidate while putting their candidate’s opponent in a negative light. Their biases are too obvious and they always contradict what they say. Since these people are paid to write, I also doubt the credibility of the media outlets for allowing these columnists to write or make a commentary with such partiality on their behalf.

One such columnist is William M Esposo from He recently wrote about TIME Magazine’s article on presidential candidate Noynoy Aquino. His article was titled: An unexpected added impetus – the TIME magazine cover. From the title alone, he already confirmed that he is rooting for Noynoy Aquino. As I predicted, avid Noynoy supporters like him believe that just because Noynoy had been featured by a respected international publication, it is already an affirmation that Noynoy is the best candidate among the rest. Does this guy think we are a bunch of idiots?

You would expect ordinary Filipinos on the streets to come to this irrational conclusion but to read a supposedly educated and seasoned columnist believe this is something else. Did Mr Esposo totally miss the point of the TIME article? If you ask me, he completely ignored the other, more important points that the author of the TIME article made that was less favourable to Noynoy. Here’s an excerpt from his article:

The Tharoor TIME story is a good gauge of how momentous the Aquino campaign has snowballed. Being a foreigner, Tharoor is a dispassionate and neutral writer who only told it like it is. Tharoor’s headline — The Next Aquino: Can Noynoy Save the Philippines? — reflects the popular perception that Noynoy Aquino will be the 2010 Philippine president.

The comfortable lead that Noynoy Aquino has posted in the trusted presidential polls, the defections to Noynoy Aquino’s camp, the large and passionate crowds that welcome the Aquino sorties, the desperation now seen in the actions and statements of his closest rival — all these point to another Heaven-made Aquino presidency. An act of God — the passing of the “Icon and Saint of Democracy” — led Filipinos to consider Cory’s son as a president whom they could trust and believe like her.

This is such a flawed statement coming from a person of influence. Obviously, the TIME article flew over his head. First, this columnist, Mr Esposo, emphasized that a presidential poll result can be trusted. If you have to emphasize that, it means it can’t be trusted. History has shown that political polls are not consistently accurate. Their “results” only serve to condition the minds of those who are inclined to join the bandwagon and our dear columnist is leading the charge in ensuring that people jump on the Noynoy yellow wagon.

Second, he highlighted the large and passionate crowd that welcomed the Aquino sorties in Zamboanga. How can he be so sure if people joined that crowd as Noynoy supporters or were there only because they just wanted to catch a glimpse of Noynoy’s celebrity sister, Kris Aquino? Frankly, it would help convince me of Noynoy’s sincerity if he asked his sister to stay home during his campaign trips. He knows he has an unfair advantage over other candidates because of her appearance with him. If he is truly popular among the voters, why does he need Kris at all? It’s such a cheap shot and I don’t know why his supporters don’t see it this way. Besides, Noynoy is not the only candidate who attracts large crowds in the campaign trail. And his party is the one showing desperation by using his family’s name as a come on.

Third, why does Esposo keep mentioning God in his article and claiming that an Aquino win is “another Heaven-made Aquino presidency”? Is this columnist a priest or something? Why can’t he keep God out of this? By stating that it is “An act of God”, he is trying to condition the minds of his readers that anyone who goes against what he considers a “natural event” will be damned to eternal punishment in hell. Personally, this is the silliest thing I’ve ever read. This guy, this columnist, is definitely stuck in the Dark Ages, when people accused of heresy were burned at the stake. As far as I’m concerned, this columnist is the one using the Lord’s name in vain. It’s like he’s saying that the presidential election is out of the control of humans or the voters. I hope people see through his dishonesty.

Another columnist who my colleague in here pointed out to be definitely stuck in the dark ages is Conrado de Quiros from the In his recent spiel, he emphasized again that this election is about good versus evil. To quote:

It was a desperate choice between the GMA curse and the Cory legacy, between Noynoy (or what he represented) and Gloria (or what she is), between life and death.

It was a choice between Good and Evil.

You hear the word “moral,” and you think ethics, you think refinement, you think dark nights of the soul. It is nothing of the kind. It is life and death, it is eating and starving, it is breathing and being shot in the head. It is as bituka as it comes. Good vs. Evil—it is more powerful in Tagalog, mabuti laban sa masama—is there suffusing everything.

From the start, this particular election was never about elections. It was about bondage and freedom, oppression and liberation, despair and hope. Why the hell should people see it as an election? An election presupposes a natural succession. How can you naturally succeed someone who has been ruling for a decade without a mandate? If this was an election at all, it was the same as the snap election of 1986, a choice not between the relative virtues of Cory and Marcos but a choice between light and dark, heaven and hell, hope and despair.

My goodness, is this guy serious? There are other candidates aside from Noynoy, why the heck is he saying that the fight is between Noynoy and Gloria only? Why is he taking us back to 1986? And more importantly, why is this writer still employed by the Inquirer? He is obviously very biased for Noynoy and he is obviously misleading his readers into thinking that the other candidates are irrelevant in this election. Have we no choice anymore but to swallow this kind of crap from our “esteemed” journalists? It’s no wonder the Filipino mind remains trapped in telenovela mode, for de Quiros himself said ” “It is the stuff of telenovelas, it is the stuff of movies” in referring to the election. Hay, talaga naman , kung pwede lang akong magmura!

And look at what he said here about presidential platforms:

Who cares about Noynoy’s plans for education? Simply removing the monsters whose very existence teaches the young that lying, cheating and stealing are rewarded and whistle-blowing, telling the truth, and being courageous are punished is an entire curriculum unto itself. Who cares about Noynoy’s plans for economic development? Simply stopping a reign of corruption stops poverty completely literally in that there is no mahirap where there is no korap, and completely spiritually in that nothing impoverishes a country more than an utter lack of moralidad. Who cares about Noynoy’s plans for national security? You arrest the usurpers who made the country home to desperation and insecurity, and line them up against the wall, or its legal equivalent since we don’t have the death penalty anymore, though we can always make an exception, and we will have more security than can be guaranteed by the armed forces or the insurance companies.

Hey, Mr. Conrado de Quiros, if you want to know who cares about Noynoy’s plans for education, economic development and national security: WE DO! and that’s 60 percent of the voters (if you believe the surveys).

Here are some facts that you may not be aware of Mr de Quiros: Your idol, the late former president Cory Aquino, the mother of Noynoy, may she rest in peace, may have had all the virtues that you described above but since she wasn’t really suited for the presidency just like her son, Noynoy, her virtues weren’t enough to move the country forward. Your candidate Noynoy has delusions of adequacy which a lot of Filipinos now can see because we have learned from history unlike you, who hasn’t learned and still wants to go back to 1986.

You know what else is so funny about Conrado de Quiros? It seems that he has acquired what is known as the rock star syndrome. For those who are not aware of such a concept, when someone is afflicted with the rock star syndrome, one starts to think that they are amazing when in reality they suck. This disease causes the person to be extremely cocky and full of himself and can prevent a person from hearing their flaws, preventing him from getting better and, if left untreated, it may become permanent. Proof that he might have a rock star syndrome is his habit of publishing fan mail that says how much he is adored by his readers. If he has to publish such fan mails, there’s got to be something wrong with his ego.

These are the kinds of columnists the Filipino people have to contend with. The Philippines has a scarcity of opinion makers who can influence people to think outside the square. It’s unfortunate that such writers like Esposo and de Quiros are the ones who are kept on the payroll for just recently I heard from a commenter here at, that Belinda Olivares Cunanan has been asked by Inquirer president Isagani Yambot to take leave of absence because of her pro-Gibo and pro-GMA articles. If true, I’ll see this move by the Inquirer as fair if they can ask de Quiros to take a leave as well for writing too many pro-Noynoy and anti-GMA articles.

Esposo and de Quiros are just two Philippine columnists that reveal their true nature in their articles every now and then. They are admired by a lot of Filipinos (who don’t know any better) because these writers make it a point to use words that send their readers consulting the dictionary after reading every couple of words. But other than that, their opinions are basically useless and should go straight to the trash bin.

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66 Responses to Philippine opinion shapers: Are they too pro-Noynoy Aquino?

  1. usi says:

    esposo’s obviously pro-noynoy. look at his website:
    he’s in yellow, and most of his articles are about ‘exposing’ manny villar. very one-sided..which is so sad..

    • ilda says:

      How I wish pro-Noynoy supporters can come up with better arguments other than “It is an act of God” or “it is just to continue the Aquino legacy”. Does it mean that if Kris’ son wants to run for the presidency one day, his supporters can use that same excuse “to continue the Aquino legacy” again? Gees, gimme a break!

      I wonder if their efforts at exposing Manny amounted to anything. I don’t think any of the evidence they uncovered ever made it to court. It would be good if they can use the same energy in getting to the bottom of the Hacienda Luisita case so they can have ammunition to defend Noynoy or better yet, so they can get enlightened themselves.

  2. Dick Gordon's a dick says:



    • benign0 says:

      ^These are the sorts of messages that appeal to morons. Hey wait… 😀

      • Dick Gordon's a Dick says:

        Benigno ang pangalan mo. Dapat iboto mo rin ang Benigno para presidente. Alam kong hindi ka tanga. Kya nga pinili ng nanay mo na ipangalan kang Benigno kasi bilib siya kay Ninoy. Si Ninoy na bayani ang tatay ni Noy. Hindi niya sisirain ang pangalan niya.

      • Mr._____________ says:

        Noy=stupid=most Filipinos=this kind of sh*t

      • BongV says:

        yung tatay ni Niynoy, ang lolo ni Noynoy as binitay for treason – SI NINOY AT NOYNOY di na kailang sirain ang pangalan dahil dati ng SIRA. mga traidor na bumenta sa Pilipino sa hapon.

      • Mimang says:

        A letter from Noynoy Aquino to Dick Gordon’s a Dick and to his fellow Noynoy supporters:

        “Dont mind my track records, just put your trust on me based on what my father and my mother did for the country. They’re heroes aren’t they? Coz I’m my father and mother combined. BELIEVE ME.. I know naman you believe me whatever I say hehehe.. I know you expect that I won’t mess around with our heroic image too. Actually Im really happy kase talagang kahit wala akong pinasang batas in 12 yrs, gustong gusto niyo ko. HAHAHA. I’m about to explode with joy. Lakas ng magic ng mams at paps ko no? Look at Kris. She got so many fans even though she’s really matapobre with her maids and kahit sobrang arte, IDOL niyo pa rin siya. AND LOOK AT ME!!! No efforts!! I’ll become the president of the Philippines agad! Thanks to People Power talaga! YUNG EDSA 1 ha! Kame orig nun heyooo! More than that, I’m really happy because you firmly believe na hindi ako magnanakaw. THANKS NAMAN! Uhmm.. I dont know nga kung pano kayo naniwala dun.. maybe because of mams and paps?. or maybe because wala talaga kong ginawa in 12 yrs? ANYWAY WHO CARES? basta you believe and youre old enough to vote. Tsaka sabagay pano ko magnanakaw?? It’s a waste of time! I’ll prefer to sleep and smoke cigar continuously while doing that. IN FACT, I can do both simultaneously! Anyways.. salamat talaga.. dont forget to buy yellow stuffs… thats my mom’s signature color… ill use that as well.. siempre.. im cory aquino too eh!! THANKS TO YOU!!”

    • bokyo says:

      To quote a zombie from Plants vs Zombies . . . .

      ” Brraaaaaiiinnnssss . . .”

      • Do says:

        hahahahaha! Even I’m appalled at how people refuse to look at the facts 😀 even my smartest friends! GORDON OUT QUALIFIES ALL OTHER PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES! a little research goes a long way

    • BongV says:

      As applied to the Philippines – Erap landslide – VOX FILIPINII, VOX DIABOLII 😆

    • Ma Xianding says:

      Mabuhay si Adam Carolla!!!

    • bp says:

      aba, aba, aba. this is kinda revealing. it seems the dick is being seen as a threat. interesting.

    • usi says:

      @Dick kuno: tingnan mo nga ito:

      iyan ba ang para sa masang Pilipino? walang ginawa sa labin-dalawang taon kung di ang kumolekta ng sweldo bilang empleyado ng gobyerno?

      ito pa:

      maka-Masa nga ba??

    • ChinoF says:

      Vox Populi, Vox Idiocy too.

    • boombox says:

      sira ba talaga keyboard mo..? XD

    • jethernandez says:

      Dick Gordon has a DICK… si Abnoy wala. At anong hambol hambol si Abnoy… HAMBOG kamo!!! Wala ngang nagawa sa kongreso at senado… tatakbo pang presidente. Tamad na MAYABANG pa… wala namang maipagmamayabang kundi FATHER MOTHER ME (Tatayina ako).

      Anong VOX POPULI VOX DEI? Kasabihan yan ni Poncio Pilato kaya kung gusto mong magpapako sa krus… IBOTO MO SI ABNOY!

    • ChinoF says:




      VOX POPULI, VOX DEI – greatest lie on earth

      VOX POPULI, VOX IDIOCY or DIABOLI – the truth

      VILLAROYO – nonexistent

  3. Mr.________ says:

    I know you’re all pro-Gordon, but let me ask you, who would you guys prefer IF it was only between Villar, Aquino, and Erap?

    • bokyo says:

      I’d abstain.

    • benign0 says:

      Not everybody here is “pro-Gordon”…

    • BenK says:

      I’d already be out of the country.

    • ilda says:

      That kind of scenario is like that last scene in the film Planet of the Apes when Charlton Heston realised that he was actually on planet earth all along. We’re doomed.

    • jethernandez says:


      Prinsipyong pang Abnoy. Hehehehe…

      @ Mr. __________
      Dagdagan natin… isama natin si Amay Bisaya… sigurado may boboto dyan… hehehe… buti pa si Amay Bisaya… pumupunta sa mga KBL ng mga politiko… KASAL, BINYAG at LIBING… pwede sigurong i beatify yan… our patron of perpetual presence… hehehe…

      Pero sa tatlo… alam ko ang i eliminate ko kaagad… SI ABNOY PA DIN!!! Isang pinakawalang kakwenta kwentang ipokritong politikong si Abnoy… tsugi imidiatli… tapos makikipag jack en poy na lang ako kung erap o bilyar.

    • brianitus says:

      If silang tatlo na lang, lets not have an election na lang. Ship them off to a remote Pacific island — no supplies. Let them stay there for 60 days. The survivor wins the presidency. I think it will be Villar who’ll win.

      Here’s my call in this kind of scenario:
      Since Noy sleeps a lot, he’ll get attacked first and gets eaten by the Erap and Manny V.. Erap will die of heart attack after eating Noy, who is loaded with LDL/ bad cholesterol. Villar swims safely back to Malacanang — sharks don’t eat their own.

      Good morning, Antipinoys.

    • Jay says:

      I’m wondering why do people care for the money then. I’d honestly wish for civil war then.

  4. Mr._________ says:

    what about JC DELOSREYES, NICK PERLAS, AND JAMBY MADRIGAL were the only contenders? Who would you guys vote for?

    • bp says:

      I’ll oblige you.

      if i had to pick among those three i’d go for perlas.

    • ChinoF says:

      Perlas among these for me too.

    • BenK says:

      The only things that make me uncomfortable about Nick Perlas is his lack of government experience (i.e., you never really get comfortable on a horse until you fall off a couple times), and his lack of a running mate, which I think is important even though this fubar’d system doesn’t guarantee that person would win. Even so, in comparison to the other two, I’d have to go with him, and I’d be willing to give him a fair chance to make it work.

    • brianitus says:

      I’ll go with Perlas.

  5. rmb says:

    hindi mahirap isipin para hindi iboto si Noynoy

    1+1=2 ganoon kasimple,
    buti pa si Villar,Gibo at Gordon may rason

    Kapag nanalo si Nonoy,indeed we are a damaged culture.

    • HeyWakeUp says:

      hello??? kasama si Villar??? wala kang alam.. stfu.. research ka muna… may kulang sa kukote m e…. kialalanin m si VILLAR ha????? siguraduhin m lang.

    • J.B. says:

      Bubusugin daw tayo lahat ng pera galing utang sa World Bank para matapos ang kahirapan panatag ni Bilyar.

      • ben says:

        The thing is, if Villar wins we can already expect what will happen. We’ve seen what he can do and he will probably do the same thing.

        But for Noynoy, he’s done nothing, accounted for nothing and his family controls everything in his life. The uncertainty is what scares me. I guess we can expect a few things, but the severity would be so great that the nation would crumble!

  6. I wish the likes of Esposo and de Quiros would be sniped to death by Golgo 13 for their crimes against intelligence and common sense.

    • ChinoF says:

      Hmm, it seems obvious that these people are breaking the journalist’s code of being unbiased, and yet we seem to be the only ones raising hell over it. Wonder if anyone else is complaining.

    • ilda says:

      Somebody should put an end to the reign of these types of outmoded opinion shapers. They hold our country back from moving forward. Filipinos think that what they say is Gospel truth. People are scared to go against them because they don’t want to be seen as being rebellious.

  7. MaskmanReturns says:

    What?!Who the F**K is that esposo and BBQ de Querios person?I mean seriously r they some sort of like Kathy Griffin?!OMFG stop this bullcrap Esposo and BBQ de Quieros ur not the next big thing u r d next big B***H!!!!!!!

    As 4 NoyNoyMon,jeez stop this idiotic crap already,he thinks that he is the Michael Schumacher of Politics and so does some of Noynoymon fans HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHA NOYNOYMON SUCKS.

  8. Charlie says:

    this is why gordon’s campaign is a total failure.. simply because all of this hatred from most of his supporters… sayang naman. magaling pa naman yung mama, kaya lang binababoy ng mga supporters.

    • ChinoF says:

      Isn’t the hatred actually coming from Noynoy supporters and the named journalists? Also, are we really that “hatred”-based? We’re actually giving some constructive criticism here.

    • ilda says:


      Where’s the hatred from Gordon supporters you are talking about? Please be specific. 🙂

      If you think Gordon is “magaling” why are you voting Noynoy? 🙂

    • waitwat says:

      Actually trying to deflect the negative side of the Noynoy supporters and sticking it on the supporters of Gordon is real classy….

  9. J.B. says:

    It’s surprising why no one picked Gordon. I mean openly. If there’s any column written about him I’m interested to know what makes these opinion shapers turn deaf and blind.

  10. Carlos Contreras says:

    Noynoy and Yellow Army is overwhelming it’s annoying already. I won’t ride a yellow beetle, but be in an Orange Jeep.

  11. guest says:

    I think De Quiros has lost his credibility. Read this http://c o c

  12. guest says:

    You have to remove the spaces in between. It’s a good read. De quiros is getting senile

  13. guest says:

    Proof that he’s senile

    Source: http://c o c

    C0CKTALES by Victor C. Agustin

    Collaborators, propagandists and selective memories

    February 24, 2010

    COLUMNIST Conrado de Quiros was almost choking on tears when he recounted Monday the righteous combustion that was Edsa 1.

    “They were there to end a regime that had ground the country to heel, that had stolen not just the people’s wealth but the people’s lives, the people’s hopes, the people’s future,” De Quiros wrote about the multitudes who, dreaming the impossible dream, rushed to Camp Aguinaldo 24 years ago to become “the battering ram called Edsa.”

    What De Quiros forgot to disclose in his reverie was that he had been on the other side of the fence during those years of living dangerously. He was firmly entrenched in the Marcos camp even after the strongman had already fled, polishing propaganda for the hero that he now publicly thrashes.

    Along with now press freedom fighter Luis Teodoro and Ateneo professor Benito Lim, De Quiros led the Marcos speechwriting collective nurtured by government finances and government housing. De Quiros, to this day, still lives in the Marcos-provided NHA townhouse complex behind SM City North Edsa.

    The speech-writing collective was employed by the Presidential Center for Special Studies under the late Adrian Cristobal, first under the Presidential Center for Advanced Studies in the University of the Philippines and later under the renamed PCSS after PCAS, under fire from the underground opposition within the state university, decamped from Diliman to a rented safehouse in New Manila’s Ilang-Ilang street.

    It was there that De Quiros and company had been overtaken by Edsa 1 events.

    Despite what he now claims as having been enchanted by “the province of Angelus” when Cory Aquino drew hundreds of thousands to Luneta during the dying days of the Marcos regime, De Quiros chose to stick it out with PCSS, even after Marcos had fled, until the office was abolished, and the De Quiros collective rendered jobless, by Cory Aquino herself.

    According to a colleague who asked not to be identified by name, the firing led to a blue period or the Marcos speechwriter, a bitterness that apparently lingered well into the end of the Cory Aquino presidency, calling her the “Queen of Darkness” for her eight-hour brownout legacy during his Philippine Daily Globe days .

    The bitteness again burst in the aftermath of the Hacienda Luisita massacre, when De Quiros, in columns after columns in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, skewered in leftwing indignation not only the Cojuangcos but also Benigno Aquino III himself

    • ilda says:

      Hey thanks for this guest!

      So, he was on the other side of the fence pala 🙂 Diba balimbing ang tawag duon? This is ammunition against him indeed.

    • benign0 says:

      Well, it seems that the Editor of the doesn’t mind keeping characters like de Quiros employed. But then, given the behaviour we’ve observed in the Inquirer over the last eight months, that isn’t too surrpising.

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