Filipinos divided over Noynoy Aquino: Why it's so hard to get our act together

When Joseph “Erap” Estrada decided to run for the Philippine presidency in 1998, he had the majority of the Filipino masses behind him. He was the champion of the poor and poor people came out in droves to vote for him, resulting in him enjoying a wide margin of votes over his opponents. This was, to the dismay of the majority of the middle and upper class members of Philippine society. Never was Philippine society so divided as during Erap’s reign. I actually know of a few Filipinos belonging to the upper classes who left the country because they were so disillusioned by an Erap presidency. And that was even before he was sworn into office!

It is safe to assume that Erap’s supporters then were mostly coming from the lower classes, those who are less-educated and easily swayed by hollow slogans and empty promises to wipe out poverty. Fast forward to this year, 2010. Erap is running again for the presidency and he still has the same type of supporters he had twelve years ago. However, he won’t be getting the same wide margin of votes this time. This time around, he has Noynoy Aquino to contend with.

One would have thought that seeing Erap running again after spending some time behind bars for plunder would be the biggest joke of all this coming election. But Noynoy’s bid all but eclipses that. Noynoy’s presidency bid ranks right up there with the worst political jokes in Philippine history for the simple reason that Noynoy, despite being in the race only after forced to run by avid Aquino fans despite his lack of accomplishments in politics, is now leading in the supposedly “informative” polls.

While it is clear where Erap got most of his support, Noynoy Aquino’s supporters come from all different sectors of society. There are Noynoy supporters coming from the lower class (uneducated class), the middle class (the consumers), and the upper class (the elite). Noynoy’s appeal is said to be an emotional one, as oppose to that of Erap’s starstruck supporters. Thanks to the advent of internet campaigning, Noynoy supporters can be seen using bullying tactics by mentioning God’s name in the campaign, which cuts to the heart of every church-going Filipino.

Whereas Erap’s supporters saw in him hope in a government that might alleviate their poverty, a lot of Noynoy’s supporters just want to see the return of an Aquino to Malacanang for old time’s sake. This is evident in the way they keep saying “I haven’t seen anything like it since the days of Cory and People Power” and “all these point to another Heaven-made Aquino presidency”.

Noynoy supporters feel good about the comfy familiarity of having another Aquino in Malacanang – they feel safe. It is against Noynoy supporters’ principles to question why they feel that way though. They are simply adamant that it is safer than choosing someone who has been in politics longer or someone who has more accomplishments.

For most people, Noynoy Aquino’s ascent to cult leader status is a phenomenon that is hard to fathom. He was virtually unheard of and was under the radar before his mother’s death. In order to understand how and why Noynoy Aquino is receiving cult like adulation now from every sector of the Philippine society, we must delve into the mind of a typical Filipino who is a Noynoy supporter. I suppose we can use the analogy used in the field of advertising.

In advertising, the most important element in the message is not the information but the suggestion that appeals to people’s emotions. The best advertising agencies are the ones who can make consumers believe that they need a product to survive or make their lives worthwhile. They condition the mind into believing one needs to send a loved one flowers on Valentines Day, for example. Advertisers make advertisements that promise to make people feel good if they buy the products they pitch. The best commercials can push the right buttons in the deepest recesses of the human psyche – our fears, our needs, and our relationships with other people. The suggestions lay dormant in people’s sub-conscious until one gets triggered by an event like, say, someone’s death (i.e. Cory Aquino).

Let’s say that you manufacture Coca-Cola. Sales are down due to the economic crisis. You decide to hire the best advertising agency in town to help sell your products. The agency comes up with an ad that shows a young family who are sad and destitute as a result of the financial crisis. The young son opens the fridge and says, “Hey, we still have Coke!” and then everyone shouts in jubilation and then the director cuts to the scene where everyone is again, ecstatic. It may seem shallow at first but if that commercial is seen often enough; a person could start to believe that everything will be ok once he drinks Coca-Cola.

How do avid Noynoy supporters use advertising tactics to ensure Noynoy gets the most votes? It is very easy because Filipinos are God-fearing people. We are a prayerful lot and most of us believe in miracles and in leaving everything to fate. By mentioning the name of God and insisting that this election is a fight between good versus evil, Noynoy’s campaigners mess with the minds of Filipinos by inducing fear, fear of being ostracized by the supposedly “good” people. Those who use logic or those who go against what Noynoy supporters say are “Acts of God” are branded “evil” and are excommunicated not by the Catholic Church, but by their family and friends who are Noynoy supporters.

Since Philippine society is still stuck in a medieval mindset, most Filipinos defer to their emotional impulses rather than rely on their logical faculties. You can see it in the way Noynoy’s supporters keep chanting “Noynoy is the chosen one” over and over. In Medieval times, people were made to recite repetitive chants to clear the mind from what were perceived to be impure thoughts and pursuits that distract from piety. This kept people in check and helped the party in power keep a longer and stronger hold over the people.

The way Noynoy supporters feel about Noynoy can also be compared to the placebo effect. The placebo effect is a pharmaceutical term that refers to a pill that contains nothing more that sugar. It has no chemical of medicinal value in it but the way it works is that people who have chronic illnesses are made to believe that they are taking a genuine pill. Doctors use it to test if the illness is all in the mind of the patient. If the patient who takes the pill that contains nothing more than sugar feels better after, then the condition is deemed to be more psychological than physiological in nature. In the same manner, Noynoy supporters who swallow the Aquino pill may feel better psychologically even if the pill contains nothing more than the empty slogans of “Walang mahirap kung walang corrupt”. Isn’t that slogan so similar to “Erap para sa mahirap?” It’s a slogan that gives people a powerful “high” but will also see people crashing hard after the effects have worn off.

With Philippine society so divided again over Noynoy Aquino’s bid for the presidency, we’ll see another wave of Filipinos leaving the country because of disillusionment. We’ll never hear the end of the likes of Adam Carolla saying “Philippines, get your sh*t together!”

Do not waste your vote!

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  1. brianitus says:

    Hello, Ilda.

    Since you mentioned advertising, I think candidates have it easy to craft their message for this elections. With all the negative media on PGMA, we can assume that people just want her out. Crafting the message became almost as easy as filling the blanks, kinda like this:

    PGMA was _________________, I am not ________________________. I will _____________________.

    No need for deep messages for some campaign hypnotists. In Noy’s world of magical mass hypnosis, the diskarte was:

    Transport voters to pre-86′. Let them swallow “tama na. sobra na. palitan na” one more time. Aquino magic is back.

    That could also be the reason why some voters might find the Noy campaign shallow. It’s an even bigger marketing effort compared to Villar’s “basura” ads, which I found faltering towards the finish line.

    Oh, and since you mentioned Coke…I hope Noynoy won’t be the New Coke of Philippine politics. I wouldn’t want a classic rising up from the grave now…hehehe, silly. Baka may Cory zombie.

    Anyway, as a former silly optimist, I believed that a popular president can get unpopular decisions across. Oh, boy was I wrong. You don’t get popular if you’re not a crowd-pleaser and we’ll possibly get another crowd-pleaser with Noynoy Aquino in Malacanang. If he wins, I’ll start making tsinelas to compete against Havainas, Ipanemas and Dupe. I’ll call them Noynoyanas or Ipanoynoys or Noypes. Care to invest?

    Good morning to you and AP. Cheers!

    • ilda says:

      Hi brianitus

      Anyway, as a former silly optimist, I believed that a popular president can get unpopular decisions across. Oh, boy was I wrong. You don’t get popular if you’re not a crowd-pleaser and we’ll possibly get another crowd-pleaser with Noynoy Aquino in Malacanang.

      In short, this is not a popularity contest. In order to bring about change, you will have to go against people who are resistant to new ideas, those old farts who have been in politics for far too long. I believe Noynoy is not the one who can go against them.


      The market might be too saturated with tsinelas already. How about another halo-halo stand? 🙂

  2. jon says:

    here is another report that Noynoy is crazy! how much more do we need before we realized that we are about to have a “Crazy” president?

    • ilda says:

      Hi Jon

      I read the article and if the allegations are true, the country is in deep trouble. I really hope the people from the LP will try to clarify this issue before the election.


  3. jon says:

    This came from comment section (Philstar). How much more proof do we need to justify about Noynoy’s mental disorder?

    “When people who have known you personally since childhood speaks out to confirm little known facts about you, then it is just right that we stop and listen.. And when a sufficient number of people confirm these facts about you, there is no need for any official records to at least consider the probability that they are indeed telling the truth..
    Ernesto Maceda lived with Ninoy Aquino and family in Boston during their exile years. It was Maceda who first raised the status of Noynoy’s mental and emotional health in his newspaper column about two months ago.. Several personalities from Tarlac have insinuated the same.. And for you Noynoy fanatics to continue dismissing these disturbing news about your idol as hogwash is doing your country a great disservice..
    Ballsy confirmed that Noynoy is just now coming out of his shell.. Read between the lines.. We don’t not need a rocket scientist to figure out what this statement really meant.. Kris was also quoted as saying she does not want Noynoy to get married ever. If this does not imply anything alarming about Noynoy’s ability to handle permanent relationship, or reflect his emotional as well as mental health then I don’t know what does..
    Study the man.. He never got married.. He never had a history of long term relationships.. He was under his mother’s skirt from birth until her death.. He was never trusted with any major responsibility by his family.. He never accomplished anything on his own.. Instead of him acting as head of the family, it was the other way around, siya ang tumatayong bunso.. Even the youngest sister likes to manage and control his personal affairs..
    Kung hindi niyo man lang bigyan ng kaukulang atensyon itong seryosong bagay na ito tungkol sa inyong kandidato, then masahol pa kayo sa idol niyo.. I would be justified in saying, you people are totally hopeless..”
    By raze

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for pasting it here for readers’ convenience 🙂

    • ChinoF says:

      He’s not just living under his father’s name or mother’s skirt… he’s living under his sisters’ skirts too… hehehe

    • MaskmanReturns says:

      That’s what every intelligent person is saying in this web man,Noynoymon is always predictable just like watching Cena’s lame wrestling’s ” 4 moves of doom ” on the WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment)HAHAHAHAHA IT is just so obivous that Noynoymon is going 2 suck more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jon says:

    (Sorry if I’m writing this comment on this section. The other article does not allow me to post any comments. It kept saying error)

    I am an INC member. I am currently based in the United States. I have followed and watched Senator Gordon’s career during his years as the SBMA Chairman. It is rare to have a presidential candidate who has all the qualities in which our country badly needed to lead the people to prosperity. Many of our members are pleading to our Church Leaders to endorse Senator Gordon. I am not about to criticize our leaders, but I am convinced if he becomes the country’s next president, our country will go through a huge transformation in which every Filipino citizen can embraced. The PDI reports that there are only 2 million members of the INC. I am not going into details, but if you analyze it very closely the INC has been around since 1914. Do you really think there are only 2 million members? The Church had spread to over 88 countries worldwide. Out of 50 million registered voters in the Philippines, I can only imagine the percentage of bloc votes that can be gathered to one candidate that will catapult him to Malacanang. I hope and prayed that man is Senator Richard Dick Gordon.

    This is what I am looking forward to if Senator Gordon wins the presidency. He said he will be a salesman president. He will approach big companies worldwide to invest in the Philippines just like what he did with FedEX with a new hope of creating new jobs for our countrymen.

  5. Mimang says:

    Yesterday, the announcer in our church (he is a known sports commentator) who was supposed to introduce people to the service proper added expressing his political views as part of his duty. He asked in front of us church goers if we believe corruption will be eradicated. His words were: “Sino ang naniniwala na maaalis natin ang corruption, taas ang kamay.” A lot of Noynoy and Bro Eddie supporters shouted and raised their hands. “Yan ang gusto ko sa inyo eh, hindi kayo nawawalan ng pag-asa.” Then he began saying “Wag tayo sana maniwala sa mga pangakong basura.” (Obviously that was Manny Villar) He also began slaying and shooting Erap by saying he was a ‘plunderer’, and Gloria for promising to stop corruption but was corrupt herself (by the way, I can’t remember Gloria promising to stop corruption). He didn’t mention their names but it was obvious he was referring to them. It’s as if he was representing to the three (Villar, ERAP and Gloria) as the image of corruption and those who’ll vote (or who voted) for them are corrupt themselves. I was not trying to bother myself with all this political bickering in a supposedly spiritual place but when I noticed he was wearing a polo shirt with a Philippine map on the left part of its chest, TUMAAS ANG KILAY KO!
    As a person who announces in front a huge crowd (and a well-known sports commentator), I think he should have been careful on his words. He was not supposed to be judgmental, as what the Bible says. Pero hindi, lahat ng tao jinudge niya, yung candidate niya hindi. Di man lang dinescribe si Noynoy na walang pinasang batas in 12 yrs — which is not just a judgment but a fact! I began asking myself if I was still in our church or in a political rally. Buti nalang, our pastor didn’t add fuel to the fire, or baka umalis na ko ng church namin tuluyan. Ang dame pa naman namin! We were like a crowd of 500, tapos parang iimpluwensiyahan niya yung mga tao na iboto yung candidate na alam nating walang magagawa for the country? What I want to say is a church is a place where people — the believers — can be swayed and influenced easily. Tama ba yun na ilihis niya ang tao? Eh pano if a church goer is what you’ve said uneducated? So boboto nalang sila kase sinabi ng church namin? My mom and I were talking about this and she reminded me nalang that each action has its own consequences.
    Sana lang kahit na sikat siya, sanctions were given. Or kahit sana napagsabihan lang. Pero I doubt.

    • ilda says:

      That’s sad Mimang.

      Usually, when religious leaders endorses a candidate, sigurado panalo na. That’s why candidates always try to put them on the speed dial para sila ang i-endorse.

      It’s hard for the rest to go against the flow. But do not lose hope. Do your best to spread the correct message.

      • Mimang says:

        Ang sad pa dun, I’ve heard that there were promises ang side ni Noy, lalo na si Mar, sa church namin na parang nakakatakam talaga.

        Yup, I’m trying my best to inform my friends na hindi talaga kaya ni Noynoy. He was given 12 yrs, but he showed no progress. But then, I also want to avoid arguments and I dont want to lose friends, kaya I’m just forced to share articles here at AP thru Facebook.

        I still hope Noynoy will not win.

      • wake me up, when your sleep(ar_chris) says:

        mimang, we share the same sentiment. me and my wife’s relatives are for noynoy
        i totally avoid discussions with politics, mahirap magmukhang matalino
        when it comes to gordon, tagos na lang sa tenga yung naririnig ko kay noynoy..
        kahit nakakapikon na.

        cory, why do you have to die!!?

      • wake me up, when your sleep(ar_chris) says:

        (this is what you get for doing multi-task)

      • usi says:

        i was pleasantly surprised by this one: “Bishops slam front-runners for snubbing CBCP forum”

    • brianitus says:

      The announcer is an opportunist. His candidate is an opportunist. Bagay sila.

    • pikon na says:

      kaya mga di na ko nagsisimba; aside from these nuns and priests who claim to be the guardians of morality, the protectors of good from all that is evil; one group that is unmistakenly very ngoyngoy eh yung mga self-righteous at palasimba pero matapobre naman at mapanghusga

      • Mimang says:

        Totoo ka dyan! The church today is too judgmental. Manang mana sa mga pharisees na nagpapako kay Christ nun.

    • ChinoF says:

      In church pa… doesn’t he recall the Biblical pronouncement that God is “no respecter of persons”? What an abuse of the pulpit.

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      Actually, I stepped down from my quasi-Catholic faith. Years of pretense and coercions I am now free of. I returned to my real religion, which is Protestantism, and I’ve never found greater freedom to vote for who I believe in. Don’t be afraid of the Filipino Church. God loves us even if we don’t vote for Noynoy. The Church today is so Sanhedrinic, hypocritical and very nosy.

      Ever notice that secular states, like France, are the most progressive? Cause their state philosophy promotes Libertie, Egalite, Fraternite. Anyone has a right to choose what they want, and be who they are, so with this the French have developed a nation of people who assert to the Church that God is not a hater, cause he loves all flavors even if he did not know where they come from.

      Here, nah. What the people fought against during Rizal’s time, they are reliving again, in the example of the Church which continuously dotes what they should not be doting. They should actually be the most neutral and be the ones to guide the people to the right path. But no, they’re the ones bringing our country down and blaming it on our sins.

      • Mimang says:

        Sanhedrinic — thats the term. I remembered the pharisees being hypocrites themselves. Ganyan na ganyan ang mga Noynoy supporters, lalo na yung galing sa mga religious-elitist groups. Parang feeling nila sila lang ang tama, na there’s no right way but their way. We almost have the same scenario today: good vs. evil, holy vs. corrupt, etc. But it turned out na sa dulo, it was the other way around.

      • waitwat says:

        Rather than evil vs. good, it should be a battle of principles. The world isn’t black and white. There is not absolute evil as there is no absolute good. The statement ‘good vs. evil’ is highly subjective and is a proof of ignorance over a myriad of issues.

        The Pinoy should stop living in a fairytale world and see what -really- is in front of them.

        What good is being human if you can’t think logical?

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Before we can say that Filipinos should stop living in a fairy tale world, they have to start removing the notion that gays go to hell and that no good can save them from eternal damnation. To uplift gay rights and anti-discrimination laws alone can make a difference.

        The TV is to blame. My uncle believes more in Habang May Buhay over a student nurse like me, and he tells me it’s what really happens. Talk about know-it-all

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Dissecting the current situation, it’s not about good vs. evil, it’s about useful vs. useless. Noynoy is seen as useful, advantageous since he can easily be rounded to be a padrino. Gibo and Gordon are seen as evil cause they refuse to be stepped down upon.

        Whenever Noynoy says “kailangan ko sila” on his ads, comes to show that he can easily be manipulated into doing something cause “it will make mama angry” like that Mama Kills Animals game lol

    • ilda says:

      I’m so happy to see Gibo, Gordon and Villar supporters getting along in one blogsite! It’s so obvious that the only camp that divides us and brings out the worse in us is the presence of a Noynoy supporter. 🙂

      One thing that unites us is our mutual disgust at the blatant dishonesty involved in Noynoy’s campaign. Let’s continue to remind them that we are on to them.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I told my uncle that if there is one thing Noynoy supporters and Gibo supporters agree upon, it’s a mutual distrust for Villar. Little do Noynoy supporters know that others meanwhile are ganging up to form a mass boycott and possibly a surprising conclusion to this ridiculous circus act.

        Sometimes I think to myself, maybe we should give Noynoy his way. As I learned from my experiences with psychiatric patients, NEVER SAY THEY ARE WRONG. Maybe that is why Noynoy is acting like shit right now. Idt he has major depression. If he had it he should have been dead right now. With his actions, he probably has a developmental disorder, most notably AUTISM

  6. guilbautedsookie says:

    Reading this blog post made me feel that I should now work on my Brazil work visa, so my family and I could migrate there when Noynoy wins. In fact, the sight of yellow ribbons on cars make me cringe because these people have really no idea what they are really doing.

    As I said in a previous post,…

    [i]Like a person with borderline personality disorder, Filipinos are splitters, and that is not good. We tend to idealize only those who give, those who are “one with the masses” and we tend to hate those who have plans but are not what we want, cause it makes us feel they are taking away power. For example, my bet, Gibo. He is not as pretentious as Noynoy, and he finds no problem of not being born from Tondo. He has good plans, but people hate him, cause they feel he will take away this and that. Noynoy, even if he has no plans or even ambition or even a normally-functioning brain, he is LOVED (clarify) because he plans to give power to the people by ending corruption, nothing else. As long as there is GIVE, the people side to that person. That is why Willie’s ego is now taller than Burj Khalifa. [/i]


    [i]That is why maybe the push for independence was not really much of a good thing. It was rushed. Filipinos have not outgrown this splitting attitude and it interferes with our logical reasoning in selecting a leader. We have grown up with the mindset that “okay siya dati, pero ngayon nagbago na. Kasi eh, tumakbo pa wala namang plano” to deflect the blame from ourselves. That’s another democracy faux pas. GOVERNMENT IS TO BLAME, NOT THE PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY JUST DID THE JOB OF VOTING. THE REST IS UP TO THE GOVERNMENT. PEOPLE KNOW NOTHING, JUST FEED US YOU KNOW CAUSE THAT’S YOUR JOB.[/i]

    We have to stop living out of sympathy. Just for example in America’s Next Top Model even if you are from the Bronx and eat only one piece of bread a day, if you don’t do good, you’re out. Here, celebrities win out of being “poor”. It’s a mentality that touches Filipinos but at the same time convinces them that everything is a fairy tale of princes and dragons.

    I read a blog that said, “Several Filipinos were asked this question: between a tricycle driver who rose from the ashes and became a revered film icon and a Harvard Graduate of Political Science from the top ranks of society, who will you vote for if they both ran for President?”. I answered of course, the graduate, cause what will a tricycle driver like do? But the next fragments said: “In reality, most Filipinos would vote for the tricycle driver because it strikes sympathy, emotion and makes a good sob story that is perceived as a relates-to factor, and that the graduate would spark fears of someone who would not listen.” The blog post doesn’t exist anymore, and I myself forgot where I got it I just remembered the lines. And to think my friend answered the tricycle driver!

    By the end of the day, we are definitely still in a society of medieval, or even Neanderthal thinking–think of now, tomorrow, think of tomorrow. So, for now, Noynoy is the man cause he is topping false prophetical surveys, bringing people back to grief instead of moving them forward and “fighting evil”, but then one year after that, people will start to blame him and say “sana si Gibo na lang, o si Gordon! O si Vilhar!”. They failed to think of what tomorrow could bring, a thinking that would have most probably led us to a status at par with France. But sigh, the Filipinos refuse to progress, because they believe that it’s better to stick with what’s already what we have been used to than trying anything new that might fail.

    I guess it’s not the fault of intelligent people that they are “too intelligent” for the masses. It’s not their loss actually. If Gibo does lose, I’d still be thankful. At least he’d be free from the hypocrisy that surrounds the quest to progress, which never even led to anything. As for me, I would probably be working as a psych nurse for the meantime and hopefully migrate to Brazil with my family. After all, we’ve always had plans.

    • ChinoF says:

      Come to think of it, your applying for your Brazil visa brings to mind what my neighbor said the other day… You’re Australian, you don’t need a US visa to go there. You belong to another country, you don’t need a visa to go to some advanced countries. Kawawang Filipinos, they need a visa to go everywhere except ASEAN countries.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Yeah, and as early as now I am making my resumes lol even if I have not graduated yet. Well, I need work experience first before I apply for Brazil, or at least a higher degree. I am planning to specialize in either Psychiatric or Community nursing, which are very hit there.

        Read this sort of PDF of Noynoy’s platforms. I don’t even think they’re platforms, or even meaningful sentences. Maybe I’m a hater because it doesn’t make sense, but really. It does not make sense

    • ilda says:

      Well guilbautedsookie, as they say, we have to look out for number one and that means you.

      I’m just here to remind everyone to vote for the candidate they believe in. Even if you decide to leave the country for good, you can be proud that you did your best to make him win.

      We can only do so much. Other people are too arrogant and won’t listen to reason. They will only listen to those wearing robes and those who recite verses from the bible.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I’m planning to leave cause if the Philippines cannot appreciate intelligent people–people who can really make a difference, then it’s their loss.

        I’d rather have a strong president with weak morals if the converse would be Noynoy. For this country to like move up, we need a leader who will MOBILIZE us, not do everything for us.

        Just like what they did in Brazil. It’s all up now

      • ben says:

        Dude, I’m going back to Australia ASAP if Noynoy wins. *high-five*

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Lucky for you you won’t get to experience six years of famine

      • ilda says:

        Filipinos have to work on their ego first before they can start appreciating intelligent people. They easily get offended when someone like Gordon is telling them the right thing to do.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        We really have to toughen our skins up. We made that saying, “talo ang pikon” then we like are subconsciously, as a nation, guilty of it. Yeah the truth REALLY HURTS (Tsip Chao, Adam Carolla, Claire Danes) pero it’s up to us whether we wanna live that truth or play baby got booboo

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I mean live that truth and play baby got booboo or grow up and hatch from the shell that keeps us in

    • usi says:

      i feel the same way..’plan B – canada or australia?’..and this time, i won’t feel guilty leaving my country..

  7. ben says:

    I have a general theory:

    1. The lower-class will vote for who they WANT to benefit from (popularity-driven).
    2. The middle-class will vote for who they THINK they will benefit from (research-driven or the lack of).
    3. The upper-class (mostly oligarchic society) will vote for who they KNOW they can benefit from (assured by connections, so power-driven).

    This is based on my analysis of this society we call the Philippines. It’s general and can be interpreted in a few ways.

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      Judging by this, the middle class is the thinking Pinoy

    • ilda says:

      Hi Ben

      Your analysis might be true with previous elections but not with this one. This year’s election is not as simple as that. Some in the thinking class are not thinking at the moment. Voters who will go for Noynoy are ruled by their emotion. It all started when they were swept by a wave of emotion from Cory’s passing and then when some people began having doubts about Noynoy, avid Noynoysitas began bullying them into believing that it is a fight between “good” versus “evil”. It’s like there are only two options and if you don’t choose Noynoy, you’ve official joined the “evil” side.

      People like Conrado de Quiros are even implying that it is silly to be thinking about what Noynoy is going to do with the economy or education right now because to him, what’s more important is to just replace Gloria with Noynoy and everything is going to fall into place when he is already in Malacanang. He does not want people to think beyond election yet. He is talking out of his ass obviously.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        In Psychiatric Nursing, any grieving more than six months is already unhealthy. What is happening right now is not healthy. Noynoy is not and never doing the Filipino people a favor. People I think are in that fine line between depression and bargaining and by now people should have accepted that Cory is dead and we can’t voodoo her ass back on land.

        Yeah I think people just want Gloria out. Well, if that is the only thing they want to happen then they should have just killed her in the first place? There have been SO MANY opportunities when they could have just busted her ass and got the job done. Comes to prove that we are too lazy to even do evil. Idk about de Quiros or who the fuck he is but you know, if that thinking persists collectively, then I think we should have not pushed for independence. Wikipedia even says it–“a country plagued by weak democracy”. We only think being a country means being out of some other country’s clutch is democracy and independence. Brazil, upon independence, didn’t think of independence as purely being free from Portuguese rule. It also involves standing on its own feet. The latter is what our country lacked. We were just contented with…being a new country.

        The truth is, politicians really do not want the Philippines to progress, cause if the Philippines progresses, people would be more assertive, and they’d lose power. It’s as if what we fought before, we are repeating. Anyhow, that is the mistake of weak countries borne out of brutal colonial powers. They have no other choice but to repeat the mistakes their colonists did cause they really have no idea what to do. They just wanted to be free and after that, oh it’s gonna fall in place. WRONG.

        The Philippines has no more hope to progress, cause once you go down, it’s hard to go up. For our country to be the most famous example of a promising world power tumbling down its own feet is embarrassing. And part of that is to have a president who has no plan whatsoever. Maybe he’s just gonna give Mar Roxas his time and step down, cause he in himself knows he will not do anything

      • ilda says:

        It’s prolonged agony not prolonged mourning 🙂

      • ben says:

        Hi Guys,

        Actually, THINK was the wrong word there… I was thinking more of a synonymous definition of ASSUME. I correct that line, THEY ASSUME they will benefit from their candidate.

        But I disagree Ilda when you said, “The thinking class is not thinking at the moment.” This isn’t exactly true, because more than half the population (according to the surveys) will not vote for Noynoy.

        Regarding people like Conrado de Quiros, I’m sure he’s more of the middle class category since he ASSUMES things that his Upper-Class BOSSES are instilling in him as his colleagues will actually come to pass. But these BOSSES know better… They actually know what they’ll get in the end. More POWA!

      • ilda says:

        ha…then the supposedly thinking class who are voting for Noynoy are not thinking at the moment 😉

      • ben says:

        Exactly!!! 😀

    • usi says:

      hay..di kasi uso ang noblesse oblige sa Pilipinas..

      • waitwat says:

        The Nobles have no honor to speak of. Obligations, responsibilities, and rights are messed up here.

  8. J.B. says:

    Noynoy is just another person where Pinoys will be playing again another round of myth-busters role in politics. But the sad fact remains that people do not invest only their vote to prove a myth, they bet their children’s future as well.

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      It’s disheartening, but the fact remains, we don’t like to vote for someone who’d bring change. We want someone to pound over when problems come

  9. yoling says:

    I’m glad this blog is still standing as many anti-noy blogs have folded, am not sure if they were bullied or have lost hope that the public will ever get it….I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a Villar supporter even if you hurl insults or basura comments at me, like you I still stand by my choice of candidate….now that Villar is being besieged by the media and its cohorts and noy and his mob are salivating on their impending victory I’m tempted to suggest a rather brash and audacious call to have a strategic alliance between the three candidates, villar, gordon and gibo to beat noynoy, for gordon and gibo to transform into white knights to support villar on the condition that they will be part of his presidency and will be his check and balance , that maybe with the three of them aligning themselves for a better government then the noynoy win will never happen because it’s something they wouldn’t expect and the oligarchy will not lord it over us again,…I admire both gordon and gibo and if villar will lose to these two great men, I will gladly accept it but please not to noynoy, especially erap…we still have two weeks to go and as they say anything can still happen…keep up the good work here in Anti-Pinoy, love reading your insightful posts 🙂

    • ilda says:

      Hi Yoling

      Welcome to AntiPinoy.

      This is not just an anti-Noynoy blogsite. Some writers here may prefer a particular candidate but others are purely non-partisan. At the moment, election issues are hot that’s why most of the articles are related to the election.

      This blogsite is dedicated to publishing the truth about Pinoy society. AntiPinoy will still be here after the election. Watch this space! 🙂

      Do not waste your vote!

    • usi says:

      @yoling: i think that won’t happen..Villar is not firm on amending the Constitution..

  10. Votoms says:

    What about Villar he is now on a landslide by Erap claims?

  11. ben says:

    Hey guys, we’re within the 15 day ban period of survey result exposure… WHY AM I SEEING RESULTS ALL OVER THE NEWS!?!?!?!?!?

  12. usi says:

    more bullying here:
    “Pia Magalona harassed by supporters of Noynoy Aquino”

  13. MaskmanReturns says:

    Yep,Abs is an biased TV network.Don’t worry it will lose it’s viewers soon.Maybe BBC-2 needs to come back after all,ABS will soon fall down on the ratings……….

  14. brianitus says:

    I guess ABSCBN doesn’t give a sh*t about what that law is all about. They just ran the story a few minutes ago on “Bandila.”

    • ben says:

      Yeh I watched it there too.

      And did u see the Gordon interview? Same shitty ass questions… No substance. The interview was pointless.

      • brianitus says:

        Pointless nga. However, Gordon displayed “coolness.” It was like pang-talkshow quality. LOL

  15. luraaa says:

    I feel guilty when I think about the upcoming elections and I can’t even do anything as I’m already in another country. That’s why sometimes I feel like I have no right to converse with a Filipino who’s IN the Philippines just because I’m in here in Canada. But what can I do? I can’t help that I’ve only come to realize the Filipinos’ flaws when I reached this place. At nakakalungkot isipin pag ganon.

    • ilda says:

      Hi lurraa

      There’s no need to feel guilty. You can make the most of your situation by spreading the correct information to everyone you know. We can’t let just the black propaganda go viral. We have to counter that.

      The best thing you can do is to enlighten the rest of the Filipino people who are still in the dark.

      • luraaa says:

        Thanks for the encouragement. I sometimes feel like empowering my fellow Filipinos with what I know and have realized, but I wanted to start the change within myself first, to become a better person. And if I do become a better Pinoy, then I can show to others that they can change as well. *naks* I’m learning a lot from this site, to be honest. So it doesn’t matter whether the election has ended, I’ll still hang out here as much as I can. Salamat ulit.

        Oh, regarding this post, btw. I think it’s because Pinoys are emotionally and mentally driven by a lot of factors, but most particularly of Noynoy that’s why they’re divided. *sighs* I guess all I can do now is pray for the success of the elections.

      • ben says:

        Indeed. I became more involved with the site because of the elections and I found people with similar views as mine.

        I’ll definitely stick around even after the elections.

        The first time I saw this site was when I saw the “How to become a Successful Filipino” article, and that was ages ago. That was a great article! Kudos to whoever wrote that. (I think it was Ilda)

      • waitwat says:

        It’s actually the tendency of Pinoys for regionalism. Before we were colonized by Spain, we were technically separate countries in a tightly knit archipelago. We were conditioned by false beliefs of our ancestors, and presently, on occasions, the media, about being xenophobic. Our society is highly hypocritical, emotional, and superstitious.

        We need a good slap to wake up from this trance.

      • ilda says:

        Interesting. There is no doubt we were forced to get along. Unfortunately, we can’t get along without the presence of a colonizer telling us what to do with our lives.

        Thanks Ben.

        You’re welcome Luraaa.

  16. Homer says:

    “We need a good slap to wake up from this trance.”

    I agree, waitwat….but the slaps should be plural and painful.

    No pain, no gain. 😉

  17. iring says:

    I’ve read a lot from this extension facts and it made chill to post my own view. i hate to think that the result of the last election was for noynoy to celebrate but what was sadden me a lot is that how can he manage to run a country when he didn’t have any accomplishment for us to view as manual of our new president. well i couldn’t be a judge on my own maybe there as facts about he’s being that i didn’t know…the least thing i could is be a good citizen and support for any good plans he has..
    wish that he would not be a hollow man as president run by he’s mates and sisters..

    i still hope and prayed for a miracle if not for GIBO (a brilliant mind to solve and mend the country urgent need) as president i will be happy to have back late president Estrada a to run the country at least during he’s reign we have a good statistics in terms of import and export (view it from the economics book in 4tn year high school 2004) and the war against the ARMED has ended.sad to think it was given back to them after all the lives been sacrificed. I live here in Mindanao, and as for experience we really feel the loved and cared by President Estrada in he’s reign Even after he’s imprisonment we still view he’s erap para sa mahirap van go roaming round Mindanao appears in medial mission.

    i go for someone has done for accomplishment.

  18. iring says:


    life’s like that.kailan nga ba nging una ang pag sisisi..well the best thing is that your here and your helping us to wake up and try to be better being.

  19. Sareet L says:

    “waitwat Reply:
    April 27th, 2010 at 1:53 am

    It’s actually the tendency of Pinoys for regionalism. Before we were colonized by Spain, we were technically separate countries in a tightly knit archipelago. We were conditioned by false beliefs of our ancestors, and presently, on occasions, the media, about being xenophobic. Our society is highly hypocritical, emotional, and superstitious.

    We need a good slap to wake up from this trance.”

    Very true. We were a bunch of tribes that were loosely ‘united’ under the Spaniards. We were never a really united entity before the colonists arrived, so it is unrealistic to expect our nation to be united in anything. This is the bane of our history – not of our making. Which is why we need a strong, authoritative, inspiring leader to truly bring us together. We Filipinos never did know what we were about as a single nation under the Spaniards and then the Americans. Only by force of political, social will can we start to become united as one country – but that’s an uphill task. So regionalism continues on, and add to that the solid remnants of neof=-feudalism under the provincial govs with their private armies, a weak central government many of whom can’t even do much right for the metropolis (such as MMDA after Bayani Fernando’s term).

    Noynoy is president now (whether truly legitimate or not after those questionable May election results), and look where we are. Those who warned against his assuming the presidency have been proven right, sadly. We can only continue to keep people enlightened about the truth through excellent blogs like this one, and pages like

    Thanks for all your invaluable posts, ilda.

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