The bright side of a Noynoy Aquino presidency

I wrote MANY TIMES IN THE PAST. There is no comparing the 1986 Edsa “revolution” to ANY of the subsequent “people power” “revolutions” that followed. NO COMPARING.

Y’all know why?

It’s because, no one bozo instigated the 1986 version. And now here we have the son of of an Aquino PRESUMING to engineer one artifiicially LOOONG before there is even the SLIGHTEST INDICATION that one is really “necessary”.

For that matter are Edsa “revolutions” necessary?

The concept of these idiotic exercises being “necessary” is itself an OXYMORON — an idea that was successfully implanted into the vacuous minds of the Filipino by the clever marketing of the Philippine Media and echoed by a horde of traditional political “experts” that infest the national “debate”.

The only REAL necessary thing in Pinoy society is a renewed focus on the strengthening of insitutions and legitimate processes. However way they be flawed, PROGRESS should be measured in how less flawed they PROGRESSIVELY become as years go by.

If say they are 90% flawed TODAY, then that SIMPLY MEANS that we aspire for a 10% flaw goal, say in 2016 (which, by the way, is the year that whoever will be elected in May should be submitting to the people an ACHIEVEMENT report). And given such a hypothetical goal, we should be aspiring for 70% flawed in 2011, 50% flawed in 2012, 25% flawed in 2012, and so on and so forth. Those who habitually exercise a bit of brain will catch my drift there.

That is how a REAL leader should regard CHALLENGES, Mr Benigno Noynoy “Aquino” III.

Instead of being constructive in regarding our flawed institutions, Mr Noynoy “Aquino”, here is how you plan to behave:

“If we have a correct counting of the votes, I think we will be very victorious,” said Aquino, whose mother toppled dictator Ferdinand Marcos amid protests that followed a rigged election in 1986. If “the people’s will is frustrated,” demonstrations could make this month’s protests in Thailand seem “mild” by comparison, he said in an interview in Manila yesterday.

Are you in effect WISHING an ill wind to blow across an already ILL society?

Mr BongV says “Looking at the bright side – AP will have a lot of stuff to write about if Aquino wins”,

I second that statement Mr Noynoy “Aquino”. Mark my word:

Your administration — if you grab that seat in Malacanang in whatever way you plan to after May of 2010 — will be the Years of Glory for and the rest of the GRP Network.

We will be watching and we will provide our readers with the right approach to SCRUTINISING, EVALUATING, and HOLDING your administration and your cronies in the Philippine Media to ACCOUNT. You will be REPORTING to us, our readers, and the rest of the more than 60 percent of Filipino voters who will be voting AGAINST you this coming May. Indeed, the latter is a FACT according, that is, to these “surveys” you yourself (and your cadre of vacuous misguided disciples) keep bandying around.

Consider this:

That‘s how someone sitting in an office not suited for him behaves, Mr Noynoy “Aquino”.


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66 Responses to The bright side of a Noynoy Aquino presidency

  1. BenK says:

    Damn, bro. That’s laying it down hard. I can’t imagine how it might happen, but I really hope someone draws that d-bag Noynoy’s attention to this post. He needs it.

  2. J.B. says:

    Who knows once he gets seated Noynoy will unleash his fury against the oligarchs he toyed around during the campaign just to get funds for TV and other forms of ads?

    Oh, I am expecting a miracle. And that’s how badly the Philippines needs – a miracle….

    • Jay says:

      if said miracle happens, it will go down in the history of mankind as the most legit miracles to ever occur. Because apparently it was not suppose to happen.

  3. benign0 says:

    Indeed. A Noynoy Aquino administration will go down in history as the six years that Da Pinoy learned THE HARD WAY what it really means to be a democractic nation.

    • BongV says:

      Just thinking about an Aquino win is a good consideration for AP to prepay five years worth of hosting 😆

    • Jay says:

      I doubt they’d learn. At the very worst, I think it probably forces the pinoys to create a societal divide that totally betrays the culture. One from people who honestly want to see the pinoys as rational, respectable beings capable of great things asides from the loud mouthed, simple minded barbarians who don’t even know what nationalism/patriotism should mean for their nation.

      Something short of a civil war maybe. So I’m hoping to see in 4 years half the people yearning to be updated, smarter and admonishing DA PINOY attitude while the dumb, stubborn ones stick to themselves (because that is all what they have) and take anything logical by taking it down their level and beating it with their experience.

  4. paul farol says:

    Let’s list down all the names of the people who have openly declared their support for Noynoy and their reasons for supporting him.

    It’ll be quite handy later when Noynoy’s administration starts fucking up and the people who voiced their support for him start protesting against him.

    You know, people like Conrado de Quiros, Leah Navarro, etcetra…

    • J.B. says:

      I’m all for this initiative.

      This is the REAL beauty of the internet and I really see a glimmer of hope for our country. Every elected official will now be subjected to finer lenses that can’t be bought by stolen government money.

    • bokyo says:

      Add the whole bunch in LP too 😉

    • Jay says:

      I like the sound of that. Let’s see these diehard noynoy supporters (who aren’t directly benefiting from the guy in the presidential seat) talk more positivity once their president starts screwing them up the ass. I guess more trips to the church for praying sessions eh?

  5. Goop says:

    The purpose of forums and campaigns is not to prove which candidate will make the best president, because no one can really be totally sure of that until the day it happens. Campaigns and forums only mean to strengthen our assumptions. Alas, the bottom-line of your argument is true with Noynoy, Gordon, and everyone else. Instead of attacking the future — which I doubt you can seen — why not stick to Noynoy’s plans? There’s a lot to be heard there. From the looks of it, you are merely poisoning the well. What is more, you have not indicated that your article is a prediction where you could have been exempted.

    • waitwat says:

      What plan?

    • J.B. says:

      Sorry to butt in but it’s fairly hard to zero in on Noynoy plans when the way he’s behaving and campaigning shows red flags.

      For example,

      1. Hesitance to debate – this alienates the educated voters who would be followers and like the listen to his platform spot on. Thus it will shed light whether his lack of legislative achievement is not an indicator of lack of abilities to manage the country.

      2. Running under LP – if you saw the supportive candidates of Noynoy down to the local government level gunning for local posts, they’re all same old dogs with bad habits.

      3. Questionable ads funds and airtime….

      4. Supports of the oligarchs

      5. etc… Other’s stuff already posted by writers and forumers here

    • Jay says:

      why not stick to Noynoy’s plans?

      You best be trolling.

  6. GabbyD says:

    is it your position that the original EDSA is unnecessary?

    • Anonylol says:

      Well, before the first one we had one guy stealing but with the country poised to make a leap to the modern world.

      After that we have a bunch of oligarchs stealing with the country going down the sh*ter.

      And before some of you guys go on about the people’s rights violations and oppression and whatnot, look around you (assuming you’re in the Philippines of course).
      If you ask me, it just got a lot more subtle/got better at hiding itself.

      • waitwat says:

        Same shit. Different asshole.

      • GabbyD says:

        the first one was sparked by electoral cheating during the snap elections.

        was that the wrong thing to do? to reject cheating during elections– in particular, cheating that changes the ultimate outcome?

      • Anonylol says:

        Not really, no. It was the right thing to do I guess.

        It just didn’t really amount to much. Mostly because of our own doing too.

        To answer the first question: Yes, it was probably necessary. We just flubbed it like most of the things we do. Specifically, we screwed up the follow through.

      • bokyo says:

        It was a right thing at that time, I guess. The different thing NOW is that the election hasn’t happened yet and the Yellow One is already conditioning the people that HE will be cheated and HE will lead the people to the streets.

        Automated polls are what people clamor for in advent of the Hello Garci scandal, and now we got the automated polls, this dude want to set us back to ’86 😦

      • benign0 says:

        …and at the time of the actual cheating in 1986, there was still no concept of “people power”. So nobody could’ve foreseen what was going to transpire. That is the problem with the Yellow One’s thinking TODAY. He has an end in mind, which therefore makes it so unlike the 1986 version.

        Of course, subtleties like that all but fly over the heads of vacuous minds. 😀

      • GabbyD says:


        yeah, thats the real reason why noynoy’s comments leave a bad taste.

        even if its ok/rational to anticipate that cheating will precipitate a response, given events in the past… the problem is that his basis for it is whether HE wins or not.

        that cheating implies him losing shouldnt have been what he said — regardless of whether he has justifications for believing that (i.e. surveys).

        what he ought to have said was any cheating of any kind would probably result in events similar to ’86. so we must prevent cheating.

      • BongV says:

        that’s why GabbyD – i’d rather vote for you as President than that retarded abnoy

      • GabbyD says:


        if by “end in mind” you mean, he’s orchestrating disobedience if he doesnt win, that doesnt pass the sniff test. he’s saying: cheating in the past led to a civid disobedience; therefore cheating now will do so also. implicitly, he’s saying that cheating will be directed against him — this leaves a bad taste in the mouth, even if is right/reasonable to believe that.

      • usi says:

        @Anonylol: Cory’s regime had more human rights violations than Marcos’ ..i read it in the book, ‘Greed and Betrayal’

    • jethernandez says:


      Bravo… yan… maganda ngayon ang daloy ng logic mo. The problem with Noynoy is that he keeps on referring to EDSA 1… his mother… and his father… di sya pwedeng STAND ALONE. wawa naman… inuuto ng mga nang uto sa Nanay nya. Same blabber in 1986… same in 2010… corruption… cheating… etc… naka. nakakasawa na!!!

  7. Goop says:

    Well, there you go. A visible proof makes a valid argument. Invisible or highly presumptuous ones not so much — for a lack of a more friendlier term. At any rate, it’s all theoretical. Anyway, if you really want to convince people to reconsider their support lay low on the hasty generalization. Remember that most Filipinos are defensive. If you attack their ego they will most likely shut you out so that any attempt to convince them will be footless. A lot of people suffered during the time precursor to the EDSA I, which is why it was such a relief…

    But anyway, it is your opinion and freedom of speech is indeed your right.

    • waitwat says:

      We should let go of that massive ego. We don’t live on the past, we learn from it.

    • Jay says:

      A lot of people suffered during the time precursor to the EDSA I, which is why it was such a relief…

      Or practically many if not all the people didn’t know the difference of how to move on from EDSA I.

      it isn’t that they don’t want to be convinced but rather, they are either completely dense or aren’t seeing the facts at all. Its not even academic anymore. They have become trappings to their imposed mindless thinking SINCE EDSA I. If that event really made some sort of a long term difference, then true relief would have been realized and felt 2 decades after that event.

    • Goop says:

      Yes, well, that IS true relief. But I doubt whether the people then expected that the following governments would also be corrupt. Rhetoric aside, there is something psychological about hoping for the better following a precedent catastrophe — logical or not. I think the same mechanism is at work here.

      • Jay says:

        But I doubt whether the people then expected that the following governments would also be corrupt.

        Check the 1992 elections. Its not the presidential vote that is shocking. They’ve been voting guys like bong revilla to the senate. CLEARLY the citizens had a hand in helping put these bozos in the government that like you, claim to be corrupt.

        something psychological about hoping for the better following a precedent catastrophe

        Its all about how you perceive this catasrophe you claim of. Some people link it to 9 years with GMA. Some go all the way back to Erap. Its been the same since Cory’s presidency and the citizens and society haven’t evolved to be able to put the more competent leader in office and participate in democracy correctly. They have the wrong notions of what a democracy should be, considering Noynoy’s tactics are about the least democratic thing he has done.

        BTW, pinoy society was still similar even during Marcos’ time. Relief or not, if the citizens themselves don’t become better, they’ll always be victims of their own trappings.

  8. kid dynamo says:

    one more bright i guess is we could have jokes for noy much like during Eraps Erap Jokes…..would this be the dawn of the “Noynoy Jokes”…

    Nya ha ha ha! Just joking guys….

    Tabi tabi po….

    • Anonylol says:

      Is it even possible to fill a book with that many “Yo’ Momma” jokes?

      • waitwat says:

        Yes… yes it is. Very much. It will be so popular, 99% of Pinois will chant it in their dreams.

    • Homer says:

      I don’t think you were joking at all. 😉

    • bokyo says:

      Being a mama’s boy will be the “IN” thing 😀

      • Jay says:

        its BEEN the in thing for quite some time. Some pinoys complain about how Americans behave too liberally and what not. Pinoys in general don’t even know what being conservative means anymore, besides acting like a deer staring at headlights. And most of the young adult pinoys still live with their parents while a decent amount of the young adult Americans are in some way independent.

  9. ricelander says:

    As I wrote once, it is not losing you (Noynoy camp) should worry about but winning, when all doubts are finally confirmed and the myth completely unravels. There will be lots of red faces and we will remember them well.

    The presidency is like a stage. To a great performer the stage is his glory; to a lesser one, his shame.

  10. benign0 says:

    Actually, I’ve come to realise that the only way all of the stuff we’ve been writing about Noynoy will be validated is if he wins this election. If he loses and never becomes president, how the hell then can we be proven right? 😀

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  12. stfu says:

    for f*ck’s sake.

    STFU already.

    your boy isn’t going to win.

    just STFU.

  13. wake me up, when your sleep(ar_chris) says:


    yours will definitely win,
    and you end up scratching your balls, saying ” WHY DID EVER VOTED FOR THAT T*RD!
    and i really hopes he win, seriously..
    so this site will win ” MOST PROPHETIC WEBSITE AWARD”

  14. guilbautedsookie says:

    If there is one thing I like about Noynoy, he has charisma and he is able to make people go to his direction. If we put that quality of him to a capable leader, WOW. Nothing to ask for.

    Noynoy is like pork. So much fat and only little meat, but many would rather eat all the fat than spend more for leaner meat.

    In short, Noynoy is for cheapskates and jejemons

    • BenK says:

      How do you figure? If he had any charisma, people would have had some idea of who he was before his Mom died. He’s a lousy speaker, he doesn’t carry himself with confidence or that “presumption of leadership” that some people have — he has no presence. The author of the Time magazine article picked up on all that right away. If he had substance and strong ideas it might be charming, but as it is he just comes across like a nerd, or worse.

      Gordon’s kind of abrasive, but he projects an image of man who doesn’t put up with crap and knows what he’s doing. Villar carries himself well. Erap knows how to be charming. Eddie Villanueva is a good speaker, and a skilled demagogue. Teodoro comes across as thoughtful. Noynoy is about as inspiring as a damp sock.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I consider him charismatic because I ask my uncle and my residual schizophrenic aunt why they want to vote for him and they have no reason to answer lol.

        Anyhow, I really don’t see why he suddenly had a huge trust rating when he really had no contribution to Filipino law whatsoever. Ever notice ABS only like shows Pulse Asia Surveys and not any other surveys?

      • Anonylol says:

        That doesn’t sound like charisma to me.

        It’s either some form of mind control or he is radiating waves of stupid that lower people’s IQ.

        Yes, I am already wearing my tinfoil hat.

      • Jay says:

        I consider him charismatic because I ask my uncle and my residual schizophrenic aunt why they want to vote for him and they have no reason to answer lol.

        A charismatic man could go into any public area full of people, unbeknownst of their identity to them and grab all their attention with his words and actions. Your uncle and aunt have drank the yellow propoganda-ade for so long that they can’t think for themselves, nor figure out what a democracy should be like. They’d kick themselves in the ass the moment Noynoy screws them over just as fast as they’d vote for him because of the Aquino last name, which means something sacred to them, almost sickeningly iconic.

        Ever notice ABS only like shows Pulse Asia Surveys and not any other surveys?

        What did you expect from the cheeky pro-Aquino broadcasting station?

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Well, as I said my aunt is residual schizophrenic, so I am assessing her in secret whether her thought processes are still intact. My uncle meanwhile, too much alcohol

  15. Mr.__________ says:

    Hey maybe we should make ” I didn’t vote for the ABnoy” shirts after 1 month of his proclamation(assuming he’ll win)- we’ll make thousands if not millions 🙂 hahahahahaha

    • Jay says:

      Hmm… an interesting premise for profit there.

      But honestly, Noynoy as president is going to top every goddamn pinoy cultural joke ever. Its going to make Carolla’s incident and everything else before that look like a fad. It makes George W. Bush, a C student getting voted in look like some petty grade school student council crap. Because people voted in the some bum with an Aquino name to make the country better for six years.

  16. naize abella says:

    shouldn’t someone reprimand him or something for implying that if he doesn’t win it means that there’s cheating in the elections and that it calls for another “people power”? i think for a presidential candidate, he is being very arrogant and careless.

  17. ArticleRequest says:

    Request Article:

    Topic: Review on

    Bakit ginagamit ito ng mga Noynoyistas pati sa Y!M ads ?

  18. ABNOY po ako says:

    Pag nanalo po si noynoy, makikinabang po ang mga OFW.
    Kasi, yung $1 nila, magiging 90php na ang worth. HAHAHAHA

  19. Jay says:

    On the bright side, at least every American media outlet will take considerable potshots at the story of Noynoy winning and the masses will now have to deal with every foreigner not besmirching their boxing hero but the people whom are hoping they put their trusts on a man claiming to be their hero.

    We’ll see then how DA PINOYS deal with this.

  20. rhum says:

    i love this article. this made my day. thanks Benign0. 🙂

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