Why Filipinos like Patricia Evangelista cannot handle Dick

THERE IS ONLY ONE GOOD REASON why a writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer like Patricia Evangelista would write against presidential candidate Dick Gordon a week before the election. It’s because she is writing for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. When someone takes pains to emphasize that she is not doing so just because she is working for, say, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, you have to agree, motives become quite suspect.

Obviously, Richard Gordon has impressed quite a number of people by his frankness — mainly those who are not afraid to hear the truth. Unfortunately, he has also turned off some –mainly onion-skinned people like Patricia Evangelista. Too bad for Dick Gordon, indeed, because the Philippine Daily Inquirer has a wide circulation and quite a number of loyal readers. Too bad for Dick Gordon too that a lot of Filipinos cannot handle the truth and tend to believe those who are writing for a supposedly “trustworthy” publication. Noynoy’s supporters must be jumping for joy at the moment.

In her article, Patricia Evangelista couldn’t agree more that Dick Gordon has an impressive resume. But she seems to be of the opinion that Dick Gordon is not a “humble” man. Other than that she said of Dick Gordon, “It is a waste of what would have made a good leader.” Her criteria for a president includes someone with a touch of “humility”. Well, I’ve got news for you Ms Evangelista: None of the presidential candidates are humble. The most boastful of them all is Noynoy Aquino himself. He recently made a statement saying “If the counting of the votes is accurate, we will be victorious.” In short if I lose, they cheated is Mr Aquino’s position on the matter. If you think that is a demonstration of humility, you need to go back to your Sunday School.

Patricia Evangelista must have been kidding herself when she suggested that you need to be humble to be a good president. I say and many others agree that there is very little place for humility when you are applying for the top job in the land. Nobody and I mean, nobody, downplays their ability to get the job done when they are being interviewed by a prospective employer. In fact, some people even exaggerate their resumes just to get their foot in the door. Why would a presidential candidate like Dick start being “humble” now? Evangelista needs to get real.

Patricia Evangelista is trying to shoot the messenger instead of analysing the message. Dick Gordon has every reason to complain about how the Liberal Party is abusing the survey results conducted by polling firms owned and operated by family and friends of Noynoy Aquino. The speed with which the Inquirer.net publishes the results of the polls is quite suspicious. They also do not publish polls conducted by other polling firms to give their readers the freedom to analyse the data. Instead, they give their own interpretation and bombard people with messages that are really just different versions of “Noynoy is leading the polls.”

Patricia Evangelista is trying to cut an iconic man like Dick Gordon down to size. Dick Gordon is already an institution. He has done a lot for the country and Evangelista evidently knows it. Dick Gordon has never bullshited anyone in the past and he is not about to start now just to please people like Patricia Evangelista, someone who obviously doesn’t know what real politics is all about. Yes, Patricia Evangelista obviously doesn’t know how frustrating it is to deal with a biased media and an electorate who cannot think for themselves.

Filipinos like Patricia Evangelista will never understand why there is a need for someone like Dick Gordon to be frank. We here at AntiPinoy.com encounter a lot of people like her. A lot of people say the bloggers here are “mayabang” for writing about the dysfunction of Philippine society. Like Dick Gordon, we don’t care what people think because we don’t owe anyone for their patronage. Like Dick Gordon, we don’t practice false humility because false humility gets us none other than another hundred years or more of oppression by members of the oligarchy.

Filipinos like Patricia Evangelista will never get Dick Gordon’s style because they want to live in a dreamland where the Washington Post‘s description of the Philippines is not the reality at hand. She doesn’t see a need for the way Dick Gordon speaks with urgency and without much ado about pleasantries. Yes, Dick Gordon feels the need to be stressed because this is how the international community sees the situation in our country:

Politicians who win election in this former U.S. colony have one of the worst records in Southeast Asia for stiffing the poor, coddling the rich and indulging themselves, according to a mountain of data and a chorus of economists.

Bad governance has gone hand in glove with rising crime, a surge in political killing, stagnant foreign investment, and a restless search by tens of thousands of doctors, nurses and other highly skilled Filipinos for opportunity outside their homeland. About 1.7 million Filipino immigrants now live in the United States, the second-largest immigrant group, after Mexicans.

A weak central government has also provided an opening for Islamist extremists operating in the southern Philippines, where for eight years U.S. Special Forces have been training the Philippine military in guerrilla tactics.

Perhaps people like Patricia Evangelista would rather sip her latte al fresco and chatter in hushed tones about their latest purchases from the mall while the poor people of the Philippines continue to suffer from the mediocre output of their politicians and the dumbed-down products sold to them by corporations who are members of the oligarchy of which Noynoy Aquino is blissfully a part of.

My dad recently sent me list of insults made by famous people who shaped the world. I have to say, people like Patricia Evangelista should read the following to get a better appreciation of just how badly the Filipino people need someone like Dick Gordon.

* * *

An exchange between Winston Churchill & Lady Astor:
She said, “If you were my husband I’d give you poison.”
He said, “If you were my wife, I’d drink it.”


A member of Parliament to Disraeli:
“Sir, you will either die on the gallows or of some unspeakable disease.”

“That depends, Sir,” said Disraeli,
“on whether I embrace your policies or your mistress.”


“He had delusions of adequacy.”
Walter Kerr


“He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire.
Winston Churchill


“I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.”
Clarence Darrow


“He has never been known to use a word that might send a reader to the dictionary.”
William Faulkner (about Ernest Hemingway).


“Thank you for sending me a copy of your book; I’ll waste no time reading it.”
Moses Hadas


“I didn’t attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying I approved of it.”
Mark Twain


“He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.”
Oscar Wilde


“I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play;
bring a friend…. if you have one.”
George Bernard Shaw to Winston Churchill

“Cannot possibly attend first night,
will attend second …. if there is one.”
Winston Churchill’s response.


“I feel so miserable without you;
it’s almost like having you here.”
Stephen Bishop


“He is a self-made man and worships his creator.”
John Bright


“I’ve just learned about his illness.
Let’s hope it’s nothing trivial.”
Irvin S. Cobb


“He is not only dull himself;
he is the cause of dullness in others.”
Samuel Johnson


“He is simply a shiver looking for a spine to run up.”
Paul Keating


“In order to avoid being called a flirt,
she always yielded easily.”
Charles, Count Talleyrand


“He loves nature in spite of what it did to him.”
Forrest Tucker


“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”
Mark Twain


“His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.”
Mae West


“Some cause happiness wherever they go;
others, whenever they go..”
Oscar Wilde


“He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts …
for support rather than illumination.”
Andrew Lang


“He has Van Gogh’s ear for music.”
Billy Wilder


“I’ve had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn’t it.”
Groucho Marx

* * *

There is another reason why Patricia Evangelista will not vote for Dick Gordon. It is because she cannot handle the truth. Where there are people who cannot handle the truth, it is most likely that you will find people who cannot handle Dick.

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152 Responses to Why Filipinos like Patricia Evangelista cannot handle Dick

  1. John Amend-All says:

    A lovely set of insults. May I add another Churchillism:

    Churchill: Madam, you are ugly.
    Woman: Mr Churchill, you are drunk.
    Churchill: Yes, madam. In the morning I will be sober.

    There is going to be an almighty hangover after the election.


    • ChinoF says:

      I sure hope they feel that hangover really heavily.

      I see Evangelista as the typical Pinoy:

      “Pangit nga ugali niya, tarantado siya, pero gusto ko siya.”
      “Ang ganda nga ng ugali niya, magaling siya, pero masyadong mataas siya. Ayoko siya.”

      Form over substance.

      • Tessa says:

        ChinoF: To paraphrase you, here’s how I see Ms. Evangelista:

        “Magaling siya, pero pangit ugali niya, tarantado siya. Ayoko siya.”

        “Tanga siya, pero ang ganda nga ng ugali niya. Iboboto ko siya.”

        Evangelista’s own words: “Even if it’s true.” I agree with Ilda, she can’t handle the truth.

        (To be fair, me pag-asa tayong lahat. Me pitong araw pa para tumino ang mga Pilipino at mabago ang Pilipinas 🙂 )

      • ChinoF says:

        You got it, Tessa!

        Ms. Evangelista has certainly shown us all how not to vote… or at least her way of narrowing choices sucks. Big time.

        Totoo, meron pang pag-asa. I’ve seen more lower class people gunning for Gordon lately. Seeing yellow ribbons on cars is more like an illusion, since they were probably placed on the cars without the owners’ permission.

    • ilda says:

      That’s another funny one John and Chino

      The world has gone too politically correct for its own good. The situation in the Philippines in particular reminds me of the comic strip The shadow knows in MAD magazine where the shadows try to kill each other behind all the pleasantries of the characters. You gotta wonder who really is the shadow driving the black propaganda behind all the pleasantries of the LP.

    • Joe Jireh says:

      It’s a classic case of DUMB & DUMBER – the Government & the Media.
      Need I say more?

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  4. Vox Populi says:

    Ilda, great minds think alike. We must be thinking of the same thing since I wrote a similar comment on the other article a few hours before your blog above came out, and I also mentioned Churchill in my comment.


  5. Dino says:

    This is really a good view of the matter.

    What The Senator does is justified, considering the hellhole we’ve made as our mistakes, being cause to the problem, myself included. It took a Richard Gordon to make me realize to vote for the belief, the platform and not mere ‘winnability’ and popularity. That’s why Sen. Gordon would say, ““You people,” is how he refers to everyone on his rants, “you people are the problem.” And the Senator’s statement would definitely apply to me the last presidential election because I loved Raul Roco’s platforms but voted GMA due to popularity and ‘winnability’.

    Hence the Senator’s statement does NOT mean, “For this man, a ballot that does not circle Dick Gordon is a result of some conspiracy against him or a failure in intelligence.” as Ms. Evangelista would like to point out.

    All this is assertiveness. And it took an assertive Gordon to make me fix my mistake and vote wiser and maturely this time.

    But in my humble opinion, there are examples that strikes me as true tantrums and true arrogance…

    Anti-pinoy bloggers have been writing about them for quite some time now.

  6. Vox Populi says:

    Ilda and other AP writers,

    Here’s a topic you can write a blog on ASAP to counter the arrogance claim by Gordon detractors and why the Philippines need such an arrogant SOB like Gordon as a national leader.

    We need a strongman like Gordon to kick our chaotic country on its backside and into shape so it will have a chance of being a First World country within a generation.

    Lee Kwan Yew was also perceived as arrogant by a lot of people but everyone knows that he was the most important figure in transforming Singapore from a poor nation to the developed First World country it is today. You can then do a comparative analysis of Lee Kwan Yew’s style and accomplishments and contrast that with Gordon’s and what he has done for Olongapo and his vision and platform for the Philippines. (You can even do a similar thing with BF and Marikina since BF was also perceived as arrogant by a lot of people even in Marikina when he was starting out as mayor). That way people will be able to see past Gordon’s ‘arrogance’ and realise what Gordon can do to the Philippines and what he stands for if he becomes president.

    You can then back up your claims with additional information on other great leaders like Churchill, Malaysia’s Mahathir, Australia’s John Howard, etc who were perceived as arrogant during their time but history has proven them right in the end with the remarkable accomplishments and victories they have produced for their countries.

    You can also emphasise that if we get another spineless leader or a corrupt leader over the next 6 years, the Philippines will continue on its downward spiral like it has been doing for decades now until finally one day every Pinoy will just wake up with the Philippines ranked last economically in Asia at the same level as Bangladesh and the dirt-poor African states.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks Vox Populi

      Your input is much appreciated. Spread the word! 🙂

    • ChinoF says:

      If we don’t shape up, we may even find the Philippines no longer existing as a nation and it will go the way of Yugoslavia.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        There was this question in Miss USA 2002, where Miss DC I think was asked “Would you rather a strong president with weak morals or a weak president with strong morals”

        Given this question (as Miss NY, my home state kidding) I’d answer the first. Look at Hitler. He might have not have good goals, but being a strong leader he is able to mobilize his people to well, some greatness.

        Filipinos prefer weaker presidents with strong morals cause they can be easily manipulated. Say “oh signing this bill will not help the poor. Sign this it will help the rich help the poor”. And he signs.

      • ChinoF says:

        “Strong morals” to the Filipinos means, “he’ll do as we say, instead of the other way around.”

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Exactly. It’s because of the Catholic state of mind din. If you sleep during mass, you will go to hell. Paano na yung mga narcoleptic? Pag bading ka, you’d go to hell. So kahit nagsimba, did good, he’d merit hell over a killer?

        Kaya mga alipores ni Noynoy they’re like–“pinanalo kita. Sige, nakalimot ka na” and that’s where the moral questioning start. Like here in Makati. Mercado was deprived of his mayoral opportunity and now he relents and spreads word that Binay is a big C-T, and people forget all the good things Binay did cause Mercado purportedly has “strong morals” for that, which is not at all really something I’d consider moral. But then again, Mercado has dark secrets, the knowledge of which is limited to us Makati dudes and dudettes.

        The idea of “moral” to the people is always the opposition, because history has always dictated that the ruling government is not worth trusting, not unless they start giving out panties, dentures, canned goods, pencils. In short–generous, “galing sa mahirap”. Kaya they think Gibo and Gordon are immoral kasi they won’t be giving free slots and political favors in the long run.

        Noynoy uses the Lord in vain, and I thought Catholics are devout. Why are they not questioning his use of LORD. Is the Lord’s name barred from vain use. Why aren’t the Catholic bishops berating him? Kaya I voluntarily left the Catholic church. They themselves don’t know what is right from wrong.

        Come election day,…siguro if Noynoy wins talaga, wala na ako magagawa. We’re going swimming and I’ll drown myself na lang, just like Holly Hunter in The Piano. A serene exit to a progressively cruel and idiotic nation. Siguro Filipinos just don’t care na lang talaga anymore. May abroad naman.

      • ilda says:

        Apparently this Cardinal Rosales is not happy with Noynoy’s call for another people power if there is a failure of elections. I’m glad they are not supporting LP’s lame tactics. Buti nga. They were probably trying to get his support before the election so they can formulate plan B already pag natalo. 🙂

  7. Votoms says:

    Ang dami parin mga idiots wala pa rin natuto sa past. Kasalan dyan mga religous leaders uutosin pa mga tao nila iboto ito tao na to. Bakit pa kailan susundan pa yan? Hay naku sakit ulo ko.

  8. Maui says:

    IMO, Many Filipinos cannot handle the truth. I think people like here a lot are too arrogant to accept that we need Gordon. Or too afraid of drastic changes that our country needs, they only think of themselves. Because they are doing just fine, they dont really care about the rest of the country rotting away.

    It really is such a shame to have something like this published a week before the elections. How can they claim to be unbiased and trustworthy. I want to say that I will laugh when noynoy wins and fails at leading our country. But then again, it is my country, and I cant possible entrust it to someone who thinks that the current laws we have are sufficient (just lacks implementation)…uhhh right.

    My final thoughts on the matter of who to vote:

    These politicians have had years of experience and in office. They’ve all had their chance to make a difference. That is why it is important to look at what they have done in the past rather than what they promise to achieve. Dont promise that you can end corruption and poverty, when you have nothing to show for in the first place and besides even Jesus Christ has not been able to stop kahirapan (as said by Sen. Gordon)

    Please vote wisely, please use your brains!

    • Maui says:

      excuse the typo, I meant to say: i think people like her are

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Please vote wisely, please use your brains!

        Wish ko lang this is possible. But then again, I met a newly-converted Gibo supporter so I am thinking na maybe all is not over yet

  9. Myk says:

    Patricia Evangelista doesn’t want to accept the fact that Richard Gordon is more intelligent & effective than her. As if her comments is the gospel truth and that we should listen to her everytime.

    • helios says:

      made me think…. what exactly has Ms Evangelista done to make this country better off???? in that case she’s a nobody as well… in that case each and everyone of us is a nobody… slap in the face is it not… that’s why Mr. Romulo and Ms. Evangelista attacks the guy bec the Dick was right on the money… they’re a couple of nobody’s…

    • Erika says:

      I don’t agree with Pat’s article on Gordon (except the part about his resume), but I didn’t see her insinuating that she’s better than Gordon in any shape or form. I don’t understand where this comment came from…

      • Jay says:

        That is true. She didn’t insinuate she was better in Gordon. She’s entitled to her own opinion but clearly she doesn’t know the facts, or acknowledges them.

  10. Dino says:

    Whoops, I meant to say:
    But in my humble opinion, there are examples in other candidates that strikes me as true tantrums and true arrogance…

    And Anti-pinoy bloggers have been writing about them for quite some time now.

    • waitwat says:

      The yellow man? I actually feel sorry for him. Everyone deserves a peaceful life. He will get neither. Peace and a life.

  11. guilbautedsookie says:

    I have to be honest, maybe I’d be hurt at first if I watch a Gordon pep talk, but if I think about it when I sleep, read between the lines, maybe I’d see that he’s all that we need.

    Filipinos are SO EMOTIONAL that we tend to react immediately to anything even if it’s not worth reacting over. Even a Filipino who like gets her boots bought in Italy deserves a national medal? Like WHOA. Whoever this bitch is, SHE FORGOT WHAT SHE LEARNED IN JOURNALISM SCHOOL. She is no Christiane Amanpour so don’t she ever go like “Oh Gordon’s a big, fat biracial SOB. I’m not voting for him”.

    Media in the Philippines…tsk. The only ranking where we score high in is population, and it’s not good

    • ilda says:

      The only reason some candidates like Noynoy have nothing to complain about is because the media giants like the Inquirer and ABS CBN are more often than not, presenting him in a positive light. They hardly featured Gordon or not at all on the front page of their paper during the campaign period.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I am a solid Gibo supporter, and for his own relatives, the Cojuancos, to disown him is already personal.

  12. sticktoexecute says:

    Problema kasi mas marami pa ring mga taong walang access sa alternative media. Yung mga internet illiterates, mga kumukuha lang ng impormasyon sa mga TV networks na alam na natin eh hindi rin naman nakakatulong sa maayos na voter education.

    Pero walang sayang na boto kay Gordon. Okay lang murahin tayo ng murahin ng presidente basta nakikita natin ang progreso.

    Can’t handle our DICK.

    • ilda says:

      That’s the biggest problem really, how we can reach those who don’t read blogs. A lot Filipinos have no choice but to swallow such crap from our “esteemed” journalists.

      • Tin says:

        true. there’s the crap from those journalists, thus the greater need for blogs. they can be bought. we can’t.

  13. Joe Jireh says:

    This probably is a prime example of the Philippine Media not being able to fulfill its role as a guardian of truth & an upholder of correct morals. Unbeknown to most, that is the very reason why it was under the Opinion Section. The sad state of affairs is that those with twisted minds are not only in the Government, but also within the Philippine Media.

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      It all begins with padrino system. Look at ABS. It only pays attention to the SWS Survey but beyond that to them it’s insignificant. I dunno but maybe all their artists are COERCED to vote for Noynoy. Sigh. Media here is afraid, but when they get the bravery they bash like there is no tomorrow.

      Filipinos have the inability to live in the middle. It’s either black or white. Nothing else.

  14. MaskmanReturns says:




  15. jordan 3kings says:

    I think pat writes as brilliantly as RIZAL did n Noli… written for Inquirer, hiden to mediocre minds.
    c’mon peeps, Gordon is only for smart voters, as i guess everyone who reads this blog. And nobody who ever thought of voting for Gordon will change his/her choice after reading pat’s article. Its’s Pat’s genius way of amplifying our desire for and desicion to pick DICK.

  16. MaskmanReturns says:

    as 4 blowing up her ass,that was a lol,but seriously,she needs to die!!!!!!!!!


    • ChinoF says:

      Calm down MaskmanReturns. Director Sugata may suspend you for it… 😉

    • nina says:

      Hey MaskmanReturns, it’s okay to disagree with Patricia Evangelista but you have to calm down. You’re beginning to sound like a Noynoy supporter who will viciously attack anyone who doesn’t espouse his beliefs. If you’re going to behave that way you might as well vote for Noynoy.

      • MaskmanReturns says:

        ok sorry about that okay.That was so mean of me and my bad behavior is the cause of it.Yeah I do have that attitude sometimes.But after reading all the comments of this forum I know that I was wrong okay.

  17. claire says:

    And Patricia’s opinions matter because? The speech she made when she won a competition years ago was not written by her. And I’ve heard more than one testimonies that she cheated in exams during her UP days. She’s not even a good writer, but the Lopezes need her. Such an embarrassing example for the youth.

    Now this girl thinks she’s so worthwhile because an article is alloted to her haha!

    • MaskmanReturns says:

      okay,where did u get that info from?Anyway now I know why they hire a money blood-sucker like her is because of her popularity and not from credibility.She deserves 2 be slapped on the face if u asked me.

  18. jethernandez says:

    Patricia’s opinionated article is just like an arrogant p u s sy to a perceived arrogant d i ck. Nothing of substance. She merely stated her hatred for for the man called dick for being himself… being Dick Gordon. hehehehe… She’s picking up one sentence or a phrase and simply analyze things out of context.

    Putangina… hindi porke magaling kang mag ingles… meron kang sinasabing SUBSTANCE. Ang hirap dyan sa mga hinayupak na columinists ng inquirer pagkahabahaba ng article… wala ka namang napupulot para maging kapakipakinabang sa buhay mo. Para kang bumili sa karinderya na nagbebenta ng bulalo pero walang buto ni laman kang makikita sa bowl mo…. puro sabaw… walang laman… sayang ang bayad.

  19. Maikimai says:

    I love those sarcasms. Thanks for sharing them!

    • ilda says:

      You’re welcome. They are actually proof that even if someone hurls insults your way, it’s just a matter of throwing a better one back in response. Unfortunately, Pinoys are not used to using counter arguments to defend themselves. They’d rather hide behind a veil or moral values and make it look like you are bullying them. Only those who allow themselves to be bullied will be/feel bullied.

  20. oh yeah, im at anti pinoy. says:

    It took me quite a while before I looked at the URL of the site. Anti pinoy pala, no wonder.

    No need to argue or make reasons, these are Gordon people consoling themselves that their’s is the smart choice.

    Ok, kanya-kanya lang yan.

    Voting for Gordon takes faith that he will not be a hard-headed, close-minded tyrant; and I guess you people believe that he won’t. I can respect that.

    Just a note though:

    “Noynoy’s supporters must be jumping for joy at the moment.”

    Not at all, Gordon does not matter in this election.

    • ilda says:

      Not at all, Gordon does not matter in this election.

      And that’s one of the reasons why the situation in the country will remain as it is now 🙂

      • naize abella says:

        who says Gordon does not matter?

        those surveys on at most 3,000 people out of 40 million listed voters?

        tsk tsk.

    • ben says:

      The retardation in this country will remain, as long as people like you populate it.

    • Jay says:

      Not at all, Gordon does not matter in this election.

      So much for a democracy then huh? I might as well vote for Kris who isn’t on the ballot than her bald headed stooge of a brother if there was no Gordon or Gibo.

  21. Jon Abaca says:

    I’ve met Patricia Evangelista before when I was in the Philippine Debate community. She can give a speech, and she can deliver a point. I haven’t read all her articles in the Inquirer though, but the ones I read, I find enjoyable.

    If my memory serves me correctly, many noticed that she performed better when placed on a side that supports collectivist and socialist ideals. Maybe that explains why she dislikes Richard Gordon, who has a blatant disregard of being part of the collective. Irregardless of why she thinks that way, I find several points in her article rather ill explained.

    “It is odd for a man so contemptuous of people to claim he is a man who will represent them best.”

    Contempt or love for a population does not guarantee maltreatment, or benevolence. Chairman Mao certainly cared for his countrymen when he instituted the Great Leap Forward, but we all know how that ended up.

    A man can have contempt for a population, but if he has proven that he can bring progress, then his contempt stays in the realm of his opinion, rendering it harmless.

    @”oh yeah, im at anti pinoy.”

    “Voting for Gordon takes faith that he will not be a hard-headed, close-minded tyrant; and I guess you people believe that he won’t. I can respect that.”

    So, people who will vote for Noynoy takes faith that he will accomplish something (or at least not steal) when his track record proves that he accomplished nothing. I guess people who will vote for Noynoy believe that he will accomplish something. I can respect that too.

    I still find it fishy though. I hear arguments saying that Noynoy could not pass a law because he was in a corrupt system. So, being “just a senator” renders one powerless now? Nobody is powerless, especially a senator. There is no excuse for accomplishing nothing.

    “Not at all, Gordon does not matter in this election.”

    Nobody “does not matter” my friend. We live in a democracy, where the power is supposed to be with the people. If somebody doesn’t matter, then they don’t have power. If they don’t have power, then it’s not a democracy.

    Your statement only confirms that there is something wrong with how people view democracy here. Maybe that’s why this country has so many problems.


    “Perhaps people like Patricia Evangelista would rather sip her latte al fresco and chatter in hushed tones about their latest purchases from the mall while the poor people of the Philippines continue to suffer from the mediocre output of their politicians and the dumbed-down products sold to them by corporations who are members of the oligarchy of which Noynoy Aquino is blissfully a part of.”

    I hear from my other friends (who coincidentally worked with her) that she has a stable job. In that way, this dysfunctional democracy is working for her. That reduces her desire to improve it.

    I used to think the same way. I admit voting for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo instead of Raul Roco just because she’s more likely to win. I regret it every day.

    I’m tired of regret, and I’m tired of our countrymen whining about how nothing is improving. If they are not going to vote for somebody who has a track record of taking care of public interest, I have to.

    • ilda says:

      There is no evidence at all that Gordon can become a potential tyrant. His previous staffs should have spoken out by now about any bad experience if that were the case. I think that only those who get offended by what he says spread this false impression. Otherwise, they have nothing much on him. 🙂

    • Tin says:

      @jon abaca

      i like this point:

      Nobody “does not matter” my friend. We live in a democracy, where the power is supposed to be with the people. If somebody doesn’t matter, then they don’t have power. If they don’t have power, then it’s not a democracy.

      Your statement only confirms that there is something wrong with how people view democracy here. Maybe that’s why this country has so many problems.

    • ChinoF says:

      From what you say, Jon, Evangelista is another representative of the status quo. They wouldn’t want any change in the form of Gordon. They like it as it is. Because if things get better, they’ll lose any reason to rant and have a popularity vehicle. People just ride on the anti-incumbentism bandwagon because it gives them fame or status in life. So if the Philippines gets fixed, they lose their advantage…

    • Jay says:

      Good points, especially regarding how some bloggers or people downplay Noynoy’s legacy which makes people think he’s unable to enact laws. The fact he’s part of that legacy allows him to pretty much enact any law he wanted if he so desired if using some form of political strong arm of under-handed bribing, then clean it all up with the media big-wigs at his side.

      I’m definitely not surprised if the status quo would start making themselves heard if Gordon was a legit threat.

      • jethernandez says:

        There’s a big difference between ABILITY and ACCOMPLISHMENT. Noynoy may have been a part of that so-called legacy of political kings and queens but it cannot be concluded that the prince can be like the king (or queen) if this ABILITY remained DORMANT. This DORMANCY in nonoy’s case already half a century old.

      • ChinoF says:

        Jet’s point is so simple. If you have ability, you will prove it through accomplishment. Ability without accomplishment… is laziness! Tatamad-tamad kasi ang Yellow Emperor!

    • y says:

      “I hear from my other friends (who coincidentally worked with her) that she has a stable job. In that way, this dysfunctional democracy is working for her. That reduces her desire to improve it.”

      Yes, having a stable job can now be taken against someone.

  22. zeusfearsnyx says:

    Do we really need another politician who says exactly what we want to hear? Because they didn’t do that good a job either in delivering the service required of them. Patricia Evangelista is entitled to her opinions but if she’s going to write about her dislike of Richard Gordon, and on a newspaper, she must back them up with FACTS–policies, or possible shortcomings he may have committed during his stint in DOT, as SBMA chair.

    I’m voting for Gordon-Bayani because this team will whip Filipinos into shape. Let’s take a hard look at ourselves: we’re undisciplined. Despite assigned loading and unloading areas, we would insist to be dropped off in the middle of the road. Despite signs warning us from crossing or jaywalking, we still do. We throw away candy wrappers wherever, spit, etc. We always like taking the easy way, by having our papers made “palakad” so we don’t have to fall in line or undergo the days-long process. If this girl Patricia can not take these things hurled from Dick Gordon’s, she’s just like any other Filipino who go, “Ang sakit mo naman magsalita”–no matter how true the things said are.

    I don’t take it against this girl she dislikes Gordon, believe it or not. It’s fortunate she hasn’t passed herself off as a reporter and just an opinion columnist. If she has, then that just blasts away the purpose of journalism–which is objectivity backed by hard, irrefutable facts. Thanks to her, this solidifies my Dick Gordon vote. He’s not running for President to please people. This man knows he can’t please everybody all the time and you know what? I’m with that.

    • ilda says:

      The practice of doing things using short-cuts like jaywalking or tossing garbage just anywhere is now imbedded in the Filipino system. If someone points out that it is wrong to do those things, they’ll just shrugg it off as “ganon talaga, eh” They don’t like it when someone makes a big deal of it.

      • Tin says:

        the problem is that Filipinos are too used to the system. Even though they want to try something new, they’re just afraid of being shot down by the majority.

      • zeusfearsnyx says:

        Ugh. That attitude is just really irritating, isn’t it? The Philippines deserves to go to the dogs because everyone’s demanding for change but none are willing to take the first step towards it. We Filipinos need to be disciplined, and disciplined bad.

        Gordon has big enough balls to go against the majority. Unfortunately, too many people are swept with Noynoy (who doesn’t have any balls in the first place), Villar (who thinks he’s got balls but actually doesn’t). Gibo’s a decent candidate, but something about his is just “soft” for me. (under-developed balls). Hence, Gordon.

        Ano ba yan. Mga Pinoy talaga. Hinding-hindi matututo.

    • Tin says:

      lol, this reminds me of my philosophy classes. in Plato’s Phaedrus, Socrates and Phaedrus discussed a moving but untruthful speech, and the former proved that without the style of the speaker, the speech was nothing.

      the point is, people tend to focus on the embellishments rather than what’s inside.

      • Jay says:

        That is always how it is. Do a good thing and few people will spread it around. Piss off people and everyone makes a big stink about you.

  23. Vic S says:

    How the hell is Gordon a better choice? He has the second worst platform (next to Estrada), no ideological backing (no Senatorial slate! he wants to run the country by himself!), and as Pat E put it, he’s an asshole.

    Gusto lang naman ninyo ng Gordon-esque treatment, well:

    What kind of dimwits are you people, thinking that a presidential election is ONLY about a single person? It’s about the IDEOLOGY, stupid. And a person who thinks he can change the country on his own is not only mad, but possibly a megalomaniac as well.

    C’mon, how out of touch is having a platform for education that includes having KINDLE distributed to grade schoolers. How blind is he to the needs of the people? How blind are YOU?

    If you really want a vote not dictated by popularity or surveys, may I ask why Gordon and not Nick Perlas (who BTW, has a better track record and a better platform, hindi lang siya mayabang tulad ni Dick), for example? Nagpapakaelitista lang kayo.

    • BongV says:

      Platform is just one component.

      Another component is having actual experience as a public executive.

      And yes, for all Nick’s platform – he missed out big time on removing Sections 10 and 11 of Article 12 of the 1987 Constitution.

      Gordon is for allowing foreigners to own land on which they set up their business headquarters and residence – lands of the public domain, are not included.

      By not including the position on removing the protectionist clauses- Nick’s administrative measures will be swallowed up by the systemic pressure of the oligarch-centric protectionist company – no different from Noynoy’s position.

      • zeusfearsnyx says:

        And Nick Perlas has the experience? At least Gordon worked his way up. What about Perlas? I’m not dissing him as a candidate but do you really think someone with zero government adminstrative experience will do something for the country?KNOWS how to run a country? Because that’s what the Presidency is all about. Despite delegations left and right, when one fouls up, you’re accountable.

      • zeusfearsnyx says:

        This is in reply to VicS, by the way.

    • ilda says:

      Mr Vic S

      Where are your manners? For someone who claims to hate assholes, you are doing a good job at being one. Is your behaviour part of Perlas’ ideology? 🙂

      Do you think Perlas will be happy with the way you are campaigning for him? Try not to shove him down people’s throat, ok? 🙂

      Why do you assume Gordon will run the country on his own? Do you think he can do that? I think that suggestion is kind of…well…to borrow the word you used, stupid.

      You should direct your questions at Noynoy supporters instead.

      I did ask the question once, why are voters not going for Perlas or others like Gordon instead of Noy ? Maybe majority of the voters are anti-intellectual?


    • brianitus says:

      Hi, Mr.Vic.

      No senatorial lineup. Yeah. You mean he doesn’t have the balimbing baggage with him? I totally agree with you on that one.

      And hey Mr.Vic, if “ideology” was strong in this country, we won’t have this crazy number of candidates for the presidency. If ideology was strong in the country, we won’t have politicians changing parties out of convenience, right?


    • ChinoF says:

      Pat’s article is only an opinion. An opinion which is just as good as yours and mine. Its being in the Inquirer doesn’t make it any more right than anybody else’s opinion. And I’ve rejected her opinion. She demonstrated how NOT to weed out candidates from your choice. I hope people do not subscribe to her way of feeling (yeah, instead of a way of thinking) and practice otherwise.

    • y says:

      Hay, thank you!

  24. JOn says:

    Here is another response from Jay Gatchalian (Washington DC). taken from FB

    Patricia Evangelista spoke her mind and revealed her personal dislike for Dick Gordon. She’s entitled to voice her opinion. Dick Gordon is not her cup of tea. That’s fine, it’s a free universe. I’m sure there are people who share her disdain for the Man Who Would be President. You are entitled to your thoughts.

    Now let me share mine. First, for the sake of public disclosure, let me say that I was a former volunteer and assistant to Senator Gordon during his days at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). I first met him as a college student at a presentation at the George Washington University in Washington DC back in 1997. I was curious to see what he and his team created in Subic and Olongapo. He asked me if I wanted to help my country and I said yes. Good! he said, come out to Subic, volunteer and we’ll get to work. That being said let me share my thoughts and impressions of my former boss and his persona/temperament to lead a country of millions of Filipinos.

    Ms. Evangelista has a problem with Dick Gordon being Dick Gordon. Is Gordon an Asshole? Absolutely NOT. Would millions of people vote for him as Senator or Mayor if he was? Would 8,000 ordinary people volunteer their time to maintain and protect Subic if he was? I don’t think so. People believe in Richard Gordon because he tells it like it is and he gets the job done. He is in your face and devil may care, because honestly he’s got nothing to lose. He can back up his accomplishments by saying that he motivated and inspired his people to be the best they can be and they, in turn, worked harder and faster for his projects. That runs counter to the typical Filipino behavior of “let’s just do that later” or “it’s too hard to do that, let’s not even try it.”

    As a former assistant to Gordon, he was a tough SOB to work for. You’d work long hours, get yelled at sometimes when issues arose, but he pushed you hard because he wanted you to do your job right. Here’s an example of what I mean. As a 21 year old volunteer from the US, there wasn’t much time to sit down and learn, everything was on the job training. On my first day as an executive assistant, we had a presentation in front of a mid-wives convention. Of course everything that could go wrong did. Gordon ran late, the prepared speech was bad, the slideshow presentation was off and the show and tell portion of the program failed. It felt like absolute disaster! But Gordon, like any good performer, pulled it out of the fire. He got his message across and amazed the audience with what Filipinos can accomplish at Subic at the time. After the speech, Gordon asked me to get in the van to get to the next venue. Was he pissed at the poor preparation and execution? Absolutely, I learned the hard way that you shouldn’t take things for granted and you have to make sure everything was in place. That night, after his last public appearance, he sat me down and we talked about our day. He said go get a drink and let’s figure out where things got messed up. He said in this business, we can’t afford to mess up. We have to get our act together. I need you to step up and be a leader. It took me by surprise. I thought I was fired after that morning. I got yelled at pretty hard, but he said take this shitty day as a lesson learned. Mistakes will get made, but it’s your job to think ahead, anticipate these issues and fix the problem. That’s what I learned from Dick Gordon. He’s tough but fair as any father would be looking after his kids I could have easily walked away from that experience and gone home, but I listened to what Gordon had say and I took it upon myself to fix the problem. It takes a little bit of time to get used to his style and methods, but once you figure it out it all works out. My short time in Subic was one of the greatest times in my life. I learned that nothing is impossible and that you accomplish anything when you persevere. I saw an example of what the Philippines can be: assertive, confident, world class, disciplined and ready for all challenges. Only a partnership of good leadership, vision and talented citizens could make it successful. That’s what Dick Gordon can do for the rest of the country.

    For him it’s not about ego, popularity or being the smartest kid in the room. He doesn’t have all the answers and he’s not perfect. He freely admits that. But the confidence he displays isn’t lack of humility but an example to Filipinos that they need to step up, grow up, and take charge of their lives. Toughen up there son, it’s a rough world out there. There’s no room for timidity for Filipinos, audacity and ambition is required to move the country forward.

    Dick Gordon could have easily walked away from government and gotten rich working for a big company. But that’s not part of his persona; he goes where he is needed. Money is not important to him, improving the lives of all Filipinos is. The nation needs his leadership and experience. It needs him to continue to stand up to the elites and the corrupt without reservation or doubt. Gordon is fearless and will not compromise his convictions for money or power. The Philippines is in crisis, we need a crisis manager, not an economist or a real estate developer. He has seen firsthand what leadership and people can do together. He has proven that in all aspects of his life in public service. Hate him or not, you have to admit he gets the job done. Gordon uplifts and inspires Filipinos to greater heights by not giving them handouts, but rather showing them the way to discipline, order and cultural transformation.

    Patricia and other detractors only see the Dick Gordon on camera. Gruff or crude, that’s the persona you believe him to be. That’s totally way off. You see him as a dick, rude or insensitive to those questioning him. I’ll admit he’s had gaffs where he takes things a bit too far. In the grand scheme of things, is that the most important thing about Dick Gordon you care about. Sorry if he hurt your feelings or wasn’t politically correct. But If he creates jobs, improves the economy and education of your kids, will you remember what he said on TV? At least he’s honest enough to speak his mind, as compared to those in Yellow, Orange or Green who promise you the world but haven’t really done anything.

    In the case of the NU107 interview, I saw the live feed online, the host dished out issue after issue and Gordon responded accordingly and honestly. No spin or bullshit. He joked around with the people in that studio as friendly radio banter would go. But when you call a Senator chickenshit on live radio, just who crossed the line there? Gordon dished it right back to Romulo right? Friendly banter right? Maybe Gordon shouldn’t have said he’s a nobody. Romulo is after all an UNO editor, RockEd member and Free Press publisher. I don’t know Erwin Romulo, I’m sure he’s a good guy, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t accomplished much to help his countrymen compared to what Dick Gordon has done for the Filipino people over the years.

    People ignore the side of Dick Gordon who is passionate and genuinely cares for the well being of his fellow Filipino. If there’s a fire, typhoon, earthquake, volcanic eruption, or boat sinking, Dick Gordon is running towards it not away from it. He is there to help and save lives, not score brownie points or kiss ass. What matters to him is that those people survive and they have a future after their tragedy. He’s out there as a matter of public service and duty to the Filipino people. Why is he out there? Because he has the knowledge and experience born from hundreds of disasters all over the country. The question should be why aren’t more Filipinos out there saving lives and making a difference.

    Gordon speaks his mind and what he believes in. He’s there to convince you that he’s the best choice for President. After all there is an election in 7 days. If “you people” in the media (tv, radio, press) would be slightly un-biased and treat all candidates fairly with equal coverage, maybe then he wouldn’t have to rant so much. I guess coverage of Baby James saying Villar at a rally makes headline news versus having a real debate between candidates on ANC.

    Let’s be frank. There really is a failure of intelligence in the Philippines. We wouldn’t be in such deep shit as a nation if people voted the right candidates into public office. The cycle of poor decisions never ends. Filipinos want to be charmed & courted like a telenovela princess. They should stop the drama and smell the poverty and corruption outside their windows. Gordon doesn’t play those games, he tells like it is. Sorry to those with thin skin. The truth does hurt sometimes. Explaining the differences between each candidate’s records is simply voter education. If the Cojuangcos and Aquinos actually improved the lives of the people in Tarlac or the Philippines as a whole we would have seen tangible results. As of right now, I don’t see any improvements. So where are the lies? Generations of Cojuangcos and Aquinos have lead the Philippines in one capacity or another, yet nothing has changed in this country. I don’t see Noynoy or Gibo changing the status quo.

    Listen, you don’t have to like Dick Gordon. But don’t just judge a book by its cover. Sit down with the man and have a real conversation with him. Don’t just go by what the media tells you. Listen to him speak. Talk to him one on one. See him for what he really is…a Filipino who love his country and is willing to sacrifice in order assist those less fortunate than he. He is tough but fair. He’s not a dictator or a tyrant. No one would follow him if he was. Yet there are millions of Filipinos who believe in Dick Gordon. He does inspire those around him contrary to what you might have heard. Ask those people he has saved from natural disasters, kidnappings, and tragedies. Ask them if their lives are better because of Dick Gordon. Ask those people who have work because he dared to create the Subic Bay Freeport. Asked the people of Olongapo if their security and their lives are better because Dick Gordon chose to lead and be an innovative Mayor. Ask the tourism industry if the WoW Philippines was an award winning campaign and that it created real jobs in this country. Now ask yourselves who’s being the bigger Dick by choosing to focus on so called character flaws and misguided views and not on those so called survey leading candidates who have done very little to change the lives of the Filipino people.

    I choose to have effective leadership running the Philippines with Dick Gordon’s honest talk and behavior rather than being subjected to continuous lies from smooth talking politicians who haven’t done anything substantial except have a famous last name or money in the bank.

    • ChinoF says:

      Now here’s a person who actually says it like it really is, because who worked under Gordon. Not like Evangelista who was probably living under a rock and “never met Gordon before the election season,” so she pretends to say it like it really is.

    • Jay says:

      I’d rather have the DICK than people like Evangelista and her Political Unrest Stabilize Society Yes kind of thinking.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for sharing it JOn

      I think calling a Senator chickensh*t was too disrespectful. How did they expect him to react? Did they expect him to give them a big warm cuddle after? Filipinos don’t really appreciate those who have and can contribute to our society. That’s why a lot of talented people leave. Those who leave get appreciated more by others from outside the country. Then, when those who left find international recognition, Filipinos will instantly start being proud of them. Masama ang ugali ng ibang Pinoy 😦

      • kid dynamo says:

        A good read.

        I truly believe this is how one should run the country, no-nonsense, no suck up approach. I believe Gordon is actually doing the right thing that most candidates fail to actually aknowledge. WE AS A NATION REALLY NEED SOME SERIOUS @SS WHOOPIN’ TO WAKE UP IN THE PREDICAMENT WE ARE.

        I for one, in our field of Construction Industry have plenty of Gordon-like bosses so i think i can relate with the writer. There are times in our work can be so cruel that if you are “balat-sibuyas” you won’t last a week under the tutelage of zealous bosses. S#!t happens in the field and you get blasted right then and there if you bungle up the second time, caught slacking off and unprepared in meetings or do not meet deadlines.

        It is up to you if you take the challenge to improve and raise your bar for standards or be a balat sibuyas, give up the job with matching sourgraping. I took the former choice and i was thankfull i did.

        He is onl laying out harsh realities we ought to be aware of with no sugarcoating. The first step in solving the ills of the country is to identify and be aware of them which Gordon is actually doing.

        Too bad though a great majority of us seemingly fail to see that.

      • ilda says:

        Too right Kid

        Thanks! 🙂

  25. Tin says:

    I know that Patricia Evangelista has had her share of awards, but this is only the second of her works that I’ve read. I found the first work okay, but this one is just biased. Okay fine, at least she acknowledge some of his good points :))

    I admit that I’m also balat-sibuyas. I tend to react negatively to criticisms, just like a lot of Filipinos. But we need someone (not just Gordon) who can make us more confident and makapal ang mukha. It’s not necessarily bad. It’s something we need to form ourselves into a better nation.

    • Jay says:

      I think its confidence, period. That way people actually know that THIN LINE between confidence and arrogance and can make that distinction, compared to what they area accusing of Gordon. Confidence builds character and is a great way to counter the balat-sibuyas feeling.

    • ilda says:

      I find a lot of these “esteemed” writers get too full of themselves after a while. They need a reality check once in a while 🙂

      • zeusfearsnyx says:

        After winning that speechwriting thing, Patricia Evangelista hasn’t done anything. That girl has to be reminded that just because she’s got a column in a national newspaper doesn’t mean people have to listen to her. Clearly, I don’t like her:-)

        This is the first COMPLETE article of hers I’ve read because I can’t last for a paragraph enduring her whiny and illogical presentation of ideas. Honestly, no organization at all! And gah, the absence of facts! Is it only me but isn’t it a requirement for opinion columnists to be experts or at least have a vast knowledge of the subject they’re talking about? I don’t know what kind of opinion column this girl has but if it’s supposed to stand as an “everyman’s opinion page,” we’re in big trouble.

        The only good opinion columnists from Inquirer are Rina Jimenez-David, Michael L. Tan, Ambeth Ocampo and Isagani Cruz. Conrado de Quiros pisses me off a lot but the guy is one hell of a writer. It takes talent and experience to inspire loathing and grudging admiration from a reader.

        Patricia Evangelista’s column is a waste of space.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for sharing your notes RodimusPrime

      As I said to J0n, the radio host was being disrespectful to a Senator. I’m pretty sure this Romulo guy was trying to sound cool to his listeners. These people should know their place when talking to someone like Dick Gordon. The Filipino mind is too convoluted to comprehend. One moment they insult a Senator and the next, they cry foul when they receive what they deserve.

      • RodimusPrime says:

        if the senator was being downright rude in his defense..why didn’t i hear ms.gang badoy{the interviewer} complain?In my view Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando are the kind of leaders this country needs specifically because they are themselves.. 🙂

    • ChinoF says:

      Hey Rodimus, if the Matrix of Leadership needs to be passed, certainly Noynoy ain’t the one to take it… ’cause he’s the Galvatron of the Philippines. hehehe

      • brianitus says:


        Um, wala pang totoong matrix of leadership na maipapasa. Hindi Autobot si GMA eh, Decepticon yun, LOL


      • ChinoF says:

        Tapos mga botante, parang mga Junkions, puro junk ang nasa isip, puro TV kasi napapanood… hey, it actually makes sense! Bwahahahaha!

      • brianitus says:

        Chino! Bwahahaha…with matching song? “Dare to be stupid”? tama ba yung title.

      • ChinoF says:

        Yeah! “Dare to be stupid!” Filipinos always do that!
        Ang galing! Marami palang parallels between Transformers and the Philippines. hehehe

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  27. RodimusPrime says:

    ChinoF, Exactly…the matrix of leadership has to be earned sir..the fallen has not earned it because of greed it certainly wouldn’t bend itself to one who merits himself of bloodline..one must prove himself to earn the matrix.. 🙂

  28. Jun says:

    My heart goes to Dick. It is my belief that he will make a good president however the problem is gathering enough vote to be one. That is the problem with Dick, the qualification and character is there but the vote is none existence.

    In any case its Dick on election day.

    • ilda says:

      Let;s just keep spreading the word about Dick Gordon. It’s not over until the last voter cast his/her ballot. 🙂

      • mommynin8 says:

        this is a good read… it’s true, IT’s NOT OVER TILL THE LAST VOTER CAST HIS/HER BALLOT.

        here’s another good read: http://www.jerelltabenoja.com/2010/05/only-thing-that-can-make-me-withdraw-my.html


        “So why am I voting for Richard Gordon?

        His track record is screaming with competence and political will. He was the youngest delegate in the 1971 Constitutional Convention. He was a mayor, secretary of Department of Tourism and now a senator.

        I was still young the first time I visited Olongapo. I have very vivid memories when our driver was fined for not wearing his seat belt. I didn’t know at that time that there was a seat belt law being implemented. The driver was furious. I knew he was wrong and that the law was passed to ensure the safety of travelers. That was the first time I’ve heard of Richard Gordon. I went back to Olongapo two years ago. My friends and I were just commuting so I asked for directions from my cousin’s friend who lives in Olongapo. She said that I should ride the blue jeepney stationed near the bus stop. I was like, “Are you serious?” And then I found out that the jeepneys in Olongapo are color-coded. And even the tricycle drivers wear uniforms. I remember drivers stopping and counting up to five (or ten) on intersections even if there are no traffic lights. I kept on coming back to Olongapo because I have always felt that the place looks like it’s not part of the Philippines. I want that kind of discipline in this country.

        Should I go ahead on his accomplishments as a senator? How about as DOT secretary? Research and be amazed!”

        “Humility is a nice trait. But in the current state of my country, I don’t need a humble president. People think that being proud of what Dick Gordon has achieved is an act of arrogance. Are you meek when you are being interviewed for a job? I am not. If you want a humble president, you will be disappointed. From the looks of it, none of the presidential candidates is humble. Even the saintly Noynoy Aquino once said that if he loses, it only means that he was cheated. He even has the guts to call for a people power. The problem is people sometimes mistake humility with hypocrisy. A teacher once told my classmate she was beautiful, my classmate said “Hindi naman po.” That’s not humility! That’s hypocrisy because that classmate of mine would brag each day the number of boys who are going crazy over her beauty. The same teacher told me that the written report I submitted was exemplary so I said, “Thank you.” I know I my work was good so why should I be ashamed of it? I was hoping she would tell me I am beautiful too! Hehe! When somebody tells me that I am pretty or my dress is nice or my blog makes them smile, I say THANK YOU. I acknowledge my positive traits and the good things that I have been doing. Does that mean I am not humble?”

        We still have several days to go for campaigning for who we think is BEST for the position… good luck to us!

  29. nelman says:

    Patricia Evangelista is a moron who shouldn’t be allowed to talk even to herself.

    • RodimusPrime says:

      That’s exactly why former mayors make better Presidents, they are attuned to the needs of the people.okay.Gibo’s work his exemplary, but at the end of the day how many lives have been improved or touched..what we need is someone who would end the culture of apathy in our country..someone who’d go an extra mile to literally get into sewer water just to save lives. :D.Gordon-Bayani FTW!

    • ChinoF says:

      I have nothing against Gibo, but I hope he listens to Gordon or the international community. I just watched his interview on Youtube by an Al Jazeera reporter, and he did not impress me. He’s too formal and stiff, and his answers hint that he rejects observations of international parties. I prefer someone who listens well to the international community and uses what he hears as right. The Philippines has to stop being a hermit living under a rock.

    • ilda says:

      Hi elle

      One thing I noticed about that article is that, the Gibo supporter who wrote it went against Gibo’s instructions not to use negative campaigning. I don’t think Gibo will be happy with the site. He/she was trying so hard to build up Gibo by putting Gordon on a negative light. Some of what the writer is saying is just mere speculation and are so lame. Like when she accused Gordon of just doing things out of publicity even Gordon’s volunteer work with the Red Cross. It’s actually beside the point but let’s say Gordon did hire a publicist like what the blog is saying, but it’s still good on Gordon for doing so because at least the plight of the victims of the disaster gets airtime or exposure to the rest of the population who can give donation or volunteer to help.

      I don’t understand why Gordon’s preparation for the presidency is a problem for her. She said “Gordon has already been cooking the recipe to Presidency even before he ran for Senator.” What’s wrong with that? Everybody’s got to have a goal. And he actually thought of running before in the previous election but decided not to because he did not feel it was the right time. In fact, if he was really that desperate, he could have started his campaign as early as Villar. The latter has been appearing in advertisements for the last two years to gain exposure to the public. Gordon’s lack of media exposure is actually what’s missing in his campaign.

  30. ME says:

    everybody counts.. except you..ms evangelista.. to understand what i’ve said.. please watch command x on youtube .. an u.s graphic design contest..” we can find the answer.. except you” ms evangelista..

  31. jm cruz says:

    well what this column is another piece of crap!
    people will usually have the opposition to get attention and this is what this column is…
    just think, ms. evangelista’s column is situated in opinions and point of views, so hell it is for you to contradict her opinion!
    so better shut the fuck up!
    dont talk if it is no good!
    if you wanna post your opinion, dont mention names that contradicts and insults other people’s opinions..it’s a disgust to professionals…got it?

    God speed!

    • ilda says:

      It’s a free country Mr jm cruz. I can do whatever I want 🙂

      Just because Patricia is being paid to write it doesn’t mean that her opinion is more superior to others.

      Where are the insults you are referring to? Please cite specifics. 🙂

      • RodimusPrime says:

        @Mr. jm cruz..We do respect her opinion..the people here do…the article is not a contradiction of what she said..this article is more like an explanation of her mindset and the mindset of most filipinos with regards to Dick Gordon’s assertiveness .In fairness to patricia, she has given gordon supporters the right of response and has published a note in her facebook account about that..ms.ilda is right its a free country and as far as the article is concerned, there are no insults that have been personally directed to ms.patricia evangelista as opposed to her excessive use of chickensh*t in her article just to defend a comrade who in my opinion was rather rude to their guest at RockEd just because as he plainly puts it to dick gordon..this is our show sir.our show..secondly the insults you are reffering to are personal comments of the readers of the article and you cannot hold the writer responsible for that.thirdly,if you are pissed off about the intelligent discussions based on truth and opinion being thrown to and fro about gibo or other candidates,its normal sir..its the campaign season.intellectually discussing the truth as to help one or the nation weigh for a rather costly decision is vital.we are in rather deep chickensh*t sir and this election a make or break for us.

        God bless..and sir do mind your temper please.. 🙂

    • usi says:

      itong si jm cruz..pakialamero na, pikon pa 😀
      ibinabalik ko sa iyo ang, “dont talk if it is no good!”, jm cruz! 🙂

    • Jay says:

      dont talk if it is no good!

      And that is why we can’t have nice things anymore. People think arguments only amount to negative things when its also a forum for people to have their voices and their opinions heard to try understand each other.

  32. Rapi Castillo says:

    Sir/Ma’am, ang AD HOMINEM ng lead niyo. Patawad pero ang panget na argument ng “Because she is writing for the PDI”

    Please attack the argument not the person. That way we could create a new truth, and that truth is better than the former.

    • ilda says:

      Patawad pero, is it possible for your to read beyond the first paragraph? You will find a lot of arguments there.

      Thank you 🙂

  33. wanderwoman says:

    I think the British might go to war over the comparison of Gordon to Churchill. Both are rather pug faced and have droopy cheeks though I admit but there are some major differences that must be acknowledged so as to fend off this impending war with the Britons.

    1) When affronted or insulted, Churchill would reply with the smoothly delivered come backs that are still famous today (and quoted in this article… just timeless I’m sure you’ll agree). Gordon on the other hand gets rather red in the face, short of breath, and starts looking like a bit of a bigot in the way he comments and responds to people.

    2) Actually, I don’t really know that much about Churchill to continue to do this comparison. Did he maybe refuse to step down from a lucrative and prestigious position, rebelling against national government and rousing his supporters to protect his little fiefdom, crying DON’T TOUCH OUR DICK! The foreign press paid attention… it was amusing to see yet another act of insubordination and lack of unity in our beautiful banana republic… but that’s ok who cares what they think right!

    Was Churchill able to be Chairman of one of the largest international NGOs in his country, AND run for public position at the same time? That requires some serious skills! Lesser men would take leave, or something like that to ensure that the NGO still ran smoothly and that there would be no politicizing of its operations.

    Oh I have a number 3) now: Churchill was known to be bullish and ambitious,he was the “British Bulldog”, but it was clear that it was Britain that he served. I don’t get that sense from Gordon…that he’s serving a greater cause than his own.

    I’m going to think about this a bit more.. but please… no more comparisons between Gordon and Churchill it’s just wrong.

    • ilda says:

      There you go. You said so yourself: “Actually, I don’t really know that much about Churchill…” then what’s the point in bringing him up?

      Don’t blame Gordon for not being as witty as Churchill; blame it on Tagalog dialect instead. The vocabulary is very limiting and makes people feel frustrated as a result 🙂

      Churchill was already the Prime Minister then; this means that he had more control in what went on in his administration whereas Gordon as a Mayor then had to deal with incompetent and arrogant president such as Erap who was very vindictive in removing Gordon from his post. Out of all the urgent issues Erap had to deal with that time in the beginning of his term, he prioritised ousting Gordon. If that wasn’t an obvious case of vendetta for you, I don’t know what is.

      What’s your problem with Gordon doing volunteer work? And then you’re going to say you don’t have a problem with Churchill being ambitious. Gimme a break! I guess you’d rather have someone pampered like Noynoy.

      So, everything that Gordon has done, his handling of SBMA, Mount Pinatubo or the clean up of Subic is equivalent to Gordon serving only himself? Gees.

      I think you may have missed the point of my article. This is not entirely about Churchill and Gordon. You can’t possibly think that two people can be exactly the same, do you?

      Enjoy your day!

      • wanderwoman says:

        Thank you for your response…

        The problem with Gordon continuing his duties at Red Cross is that his attention is divided. the Philippine National Red Cross’s operations are extensive, and so vital to many communities – their health and well being. Campaigning for the presidency is no light task either, and often candidates resign from their posts to take it on full time, e.g Gibo. The most appropriate thing to do would have been to go on leave for the campaign period.

        Second is that one of the key principles of the Red Cross, and this is around the world, is its impartiality and neutrality – it is not aligned with any government or religious sect, thereby freeing it up to operate and save lives no matter what the socio-political landscape is. Staying on as the Chairman thus politicizes and potentially compromises the organisation’s operations, which rely on this neutrality to enter hot zones and provide humanitarian aid to whoever needs it the most. Gordon should have recognised this danger, and it has been a concern of the International Committee of Red Cross since the beginning of his campaign. The ICRC do not question his commitment, but resigning or going on leave would have been the more decent thing to do as a loyal committed leader of the Red Cross.

        Also, just as a final point here, it would serve your purpose in discrediting Noynoy to go beyond the fact that he is “pampered” and a member of the elitista. Unless we are saying that it’s OK to be completely prejudiced, surely the fact that he was born into a rich family should not be held against him completely, nor the sole reason to disfavour him. It is not that different from discounting a candidate because he was poor and doesn’t come from a ‘good family’. Or because his wife is ugly, or because he’s vertically challenged and kind of pudgy.

      • ilda says:

        The problem with Gordon continuing his duties at Red Cross is that his attention is divided. the Philippine National Red Cross’s operations are extensive, and so vital to many communities – their health and well being. Campaigning for the presidency is no light task either, and often candidates resign from their posts to take it on full time, e.g Gibo. The most appropriate thing to do would have been to go on leave for the campaign period.

        Now, this is what I call scraping the bottom of the barrel. Because it’s hard to find any dirt on Gordon that is really controversial, people just concentrate on trivial stuff to try and criticize him. What is the evidence that he cannot do both? In fact, because of his volunteer work with Red Cross, he probably was not able to switch to full gear in campaigning early on. I don’t take that against him. I just see it as proof of his unwavering dedication to Red Cross.

        Second is that one of the key principles of the Red Cross, and this is around the world, is its impartiality and neutrality – it is not aligned with any government or religious sect, thereby freeing it up to operate and save lives no matter what the socio-political landscape is. Staying on as the Chairman thus politicizes and potentially compromises the organisation’s operations, which rely on this neutrality to enter hot zones and provide humanitarian aid to whoever needs it the most. Gordon should have recognised this danger, and it has been a concern of the International Committee of Red Cross since the beginning of his campaign. The ICRC do not question his commitment, but resigning or going on leave would have been the more decent thing to do as a loyal committed leader of the Red Cross.

        Has there ever been any evidence that he has compromised the organization’s operations? I have a strong feeling that the reason why “the ICRC does not question his commitment” is because they find value in having him in the Phil Red Cross. Again, this is trivial stuff compared to the other controversies like Hacienda Luisita, Missing rubber boats, illegal firearms or the C-5 missing funds. Scraping the bottom of barrel

        Also, just as a final point here, it would serve your purpose in discrediting Noynoy to go beyond the fact that he is “pampered” and a member of the elitista. Unless we are saying that it’s OK to be completely prejudiced, surely the fact that he was born into a rich family should not be held against him completely, nor the sole reason to disfavour him.

        Better yet, just tell us what other reasons are there for people to vote Noynoy. Skip the part where you say he is the son of Cory and Ninoy (and the brother of Kris). 🙂

        It is not that different from discounting a candidate because he was poor and doesn’t come from a ‘good family’.Or because his wife is ugly, or because he’s vertically challenged and kind of pudgy

        Or because he’s got a comb over, gaping mouth and not to mention that glazed look in his eyes. As that TIME author aptly described:

        “…he cut an awkward figure. Shirt loose, pants baggy and hair thinning, he looked more an abashed computer nerd…”

        Don’t get me wrong though, if I saw physical appearance as a criteria for choosing a candidate and was really shallow, I would have chosen Gibo. 🙂

    • helios says:

      I think what Ilda is saying is that she thinks Gordon is a great man, much like Churchill… she aint saying Gordon is Churchill… begeesus…

      on a completely different topic:
      Ilda, whenever i look at your avatar i cant help but think James Bond…. lol

    • Jay says:

      2 cents.

      1) Difference is most of the English citizens under Churchill are critical thinking people who can understand his nature and his behavior. Many Pinoys misinterpret Gordon’s reactions as what you said when there are people like us who know where he is coming from with the way he talks. Is it polarizing? Sure. But the man doesn’t sugarcoat for a reason and many Pinoys view his criticisms as antagonizing. but it also happens to be the cold hard truth.

      2) Some people have the gift for management skills. Just because your candidate does not have that gift it does not mean that the others don’t possess it. The rest of the candidates have shown their talents that define them and their potential leadership. Yours (noynoy) have not.

      3) You think that Gordon is serving his own cause? Or you have never met anyone more passionate to serve his country by ending the unnerving cycle of Pinoy faildom through realistic means as oppose to a catchy slogan? He wants to inspire people to show them they can be better, and thus help serve a better government and country.

      Your candidate has been self serving since his family has controlled the country politics for over 200 years. I always believe with great power comes great responsibility and none of his clan have improved the people in the long run, except use them for their own means and agenda. Sure Marcos may have been known for his lack of respect for human rights but also under his earlier years in the administration, the country was on top in Asia, despite the logistics of other countries that time as well.

  34. Kent says:

    patricia evangelista is ugly, dumb and undeserving of anything she has.

  35. LOL says:

    AWW. SAD.

    • ilda says:

      And Noynoy with his family and friends, will be laughing all the way to the bank LOL

      We’ll be laughing too because there will be more stuff to write about. Watch this space 🙂

      Have fun on the 10th of May!

      A vote against Noynoy is not a wasted vote

    • helios says:

      you know whats sad? peope like you who dont see the whole point of AP

    • brianitus says:

      Nah. Sad? No time to be sad; not all Pinoys are luxuriously well-off like the SURVEY WINNER. This is one thing I do know: in the end, Svenson hair care center and Belo will earn megabucks from a president-elect Noynoy. With all the problems he’ll face if he wins, I doubt if he can still manage to squeeze a smile from that ugly mug of his. I suggest that he gets botox on day 1 and make that smile permanent.

      If Noynoy really wins:

      I think I’ll apply over at HLI. I heard that there’s a new opening — lead sakada oppressor or serf dominator (forgot which is which). They’ll provide you with a horse and whip pa. Oh, and if they like you enough, they’ll throw in a nice cowboy hat. You’ll also get free instructional videos (aka old FPJ movies) featuring Pacquito Diaz, Max Alvarado and Romy Diaz. You’ll learn the basics of doing the EVIL laugh and how to oppress the little people. They’ll also give you a new iPhone to get in touch with the military in case the situation gets too weird.

      Um, anyone up for some antiNoynoy people power? LOL. If you have an appetite for that kind of thing, make sure you don’t assemble over at Mendiola. That area has too much sentimental value for Noynoy.

      Go, Team-O Aquino!

      (O – oligarchy, nothing cute there)

      ‘Nuff said, cheers!

  36. mommynin8 says:

    filipinos like status quo, thus the thinking ‘ayoko ke gordon kasi gusto nya pagbabago’. hay. for once people should think about how other nationalities look at us, on how this vote can change their lives and their future. i’m going for gordon not only for me, but for my son and my family. i believe he can turn things around.

    • RodimusPrime says:

      “for once people should think about how other nationalities look at us”

      remember carolla?and how his fb wall is flooded with comments?we get angry when we hear the truth yet we dont do anything about it..

      • Jay says:

        Other nationalities will definitely solidify what they think of Pinoys when the results of the election come. Its either going to be a shining beacon of hope left for the country or we all are directly plunged into the Dark Ages. And you thought it couldn’t exist anymore.

  37. wanderwoman says:

    Thank you for your points… and you are right, better to discuss why i’m voting for Noynoy. I’m voting for Noynoy because out of the other front runners Villar, Erap, Gibo, and Gordon:

    1) I believe in the key causes he supports: climate change adaptation, education, human rights, and of course transparency and clean government. I’ve learned of these causes through his platform. campaign focus, and history of bills authored

    2) I believe he’s one of the few candidates who will sign bills, appoint officials, endorse and mandate projects in the interest of tsocial good and justice 100 percent of the time… or as close to 100 percent of the time as is possible. For the reasons that:

    – He is not so ambitious as to grant political favours for personal gain: GIbo protecting Danding in his case against the coconut planters for example.

    – Nothing about him tells me that he can be bought – his family is wealthy but he has lived simply and humbly. I don’t see a trail of dubious deals behind him, no history of compromising his integrity for power/money.

    And thus also not the type to appoint positions to incapable or corrupt candidates for favours or for more power.

    ….but is he a capable reformer? If he refuses to put his name on contracts, bills, and decrees that propagate corruption, and instead endorses those that encourage reform and progress, then yes. And for the reasons stated earlier I believe he will. We’re not short of competent people in the government, we’re short of competent people who are not serving themselves.

    3) But, saying that corruption is the only reason why our government, and many NGOs, are ineffective paints a seriously incomplete picture. Territorial and egotistic behaviour are 2 other huge, ENORMOUS barriers to progress. Agencies don’t communicate as a result. Can you imagine the agency in charge of weather forecasting and the agency in charge of flood warning not communicating? Can you imagine 2 NGOs trying to solve the same social problem, a problem larger than any one group to handle, but refusing to collaborate? How about road policies changing across cities that are connected by the same roads? This is where territorial and egotistic leadership leads us…. stupidity may seem the cause but it’s not. It is leaders not willing to listen and cooperate because they think only they know best, or because of misguided sense of loyalty, rivalry, or pride. They may have good intentions but whether they know it or not they are part of the problem.
    And their influence breeds more like them.

    Even people in his camp will agree that Gordon’s brand of leadership bears the traits mentioned above, and I have tried to put forward reasons why I don’t think it’s a type of leadership that works in the long run.
    Noynoy however does not fit in such a mould, and so he may be our best bet for a leader who will enable the best change catalysts in their respective regions and fields rather than overpower them, alienate them, or focus his attention (and the funds at his disposal) on furthering his own ideas (and interests).

    • Jay says:

      Another 2 cents

      1) What are his means to that end? Gibo and Gordon (and even Erap) have even shown through debate, being straight out of their mouths the plans they have. Especially changes in the 1987 Constitution that is integral in potentially helping out business, but also affects the Oligarchy families that Noynoy’s family has allied themselves with. If Gibo has his detailed plans that seem attainable, Gordon has his model cities. What does Noynoy have to show for his goal oriented plans?

      2) Not so ambitious? Why is he running now, especially at the strategical wake of his mothers’ death a year ago with absolutely nothing to prove of his ability for governance? Why utilize the media which the families who own it are partnered with his to brainwash the masses to accept that he should be the next leader by virtue of being part of a legacy? His entire campaign is based on his legacy and the people that have been brainwashed by them since 1986.

      Trail of dubious deals? Hacienda Luisita. His dealings with GMA. And thankfully you haven’t been one of the few who haven’t been confronted personally when he’s in your way to remind you who he is.

      3) So are you saying Noynoy has the guts to reconstruct the 1987 Constitution, one that benefits his family and the other rich families that were stripped of power and influence during Marcos’ time for the sake of helping the people? Or make the necessary sacrifice and changes to create a more streamlined government to help communicate with the other regions effectively? He had the chance, given he has more resources than you think and influence and he never took the initiative, enjoying his disguised status as a middle class man.

      Even people in his camp will agree that Gordon’s brand of leadership bears the traits mentioned above, and I have tried to put forward reasons why I don’t think it’s a type of leadership that works in the long run.

      He’s actually targeting one of the core problems of poverty: THE PEOPLE. You a have to be blind if you think society has gotten better since Marcos to Cory and beyond. It hasn’t. If anything, it has degraded to the point where people like you think politics is a popularity contest and can’t see that humbleness and integrity aren’t monopolized by Noynoy. 200 years of Aquino-Cojuanco leadership in the country hasn’t changed the people to be more critical thinking individuals who value brilliant minds to help benefit the country.

      Noynoy however does not fit in such a mould, and so he may be our best bet for a leader who will enable the best change catalysts in their respective regions and fields rather than overpower them, alienate them, or focus his attention (and the funds at his disposal) on furthering his own ideas (and interests).

      He’s certainly won’t. Because he doesn’t even know where the real problems lie, what feasible programs would help benefit people in the long run and finally, have the experience to even see what changed he can make per region. Hell he can’t even help manage Hacienda Luisita correctly, what makes you think he has a perfect vision of how he can help uplift parts of the country while improving society as it is?

      This is where territorial and egotistic leadership leads us….

      And that is what Noynoy himself has monopolized. Taking the highest seat of civil service just to distribute it among his brain trust.. Because he’s scared of the accountability and responsibility that the position entails.

    • I am ngoyngoy says:

      are you really sure that he won’t appoint people with corrupt intentions? because if you are so sure about that then can you elaborate and enumerate those people aspiring to have positions or even non aspirants that will never be corrupt just in case they were given such authority?

      because all those arguments you stated above seems to be so much naive,

      people everywhere wear masks., every opportunity they have is a chance to take advantage over the other., people surrounding noy and helping him through his campaign knew all about this., I do have a friend whose family is currently endorsing noy., and you know what? even they can easily manipulate that stupid bastard with ease.. well let’s just say they can manipulate noy to do whatever they like without a single hint of noy being manipulated, it’s just like noy is voluntarily doing those favors..

      believe me I’ve seen them.. and I was laughing hard when I found out that noy has done what they expected him to do… oh well stupid people finds another stupid people to admire them…. keep dreaming wanderwoman

    • ilda says:


      You seem to be an educated and articulate person. It makes it even harder for me to accept that people like you cannot see through the “perfect image” that was sold to you by the media. The media has been playing everyone from the very beginning. The media outlets whose owners have alliances with the Liberal Party particularly Noynoy. They will greatly benefit from a Noynoy win. Things will definitely stay the same. Please open your eyes to the truth.

      The platform you are talking about is not a real platform. They are just general statements. They do not have details. Noynoy himself is not the one who wrote that. I will take Dick’s over Noynoy because he has delivered before.

      As I said in this blog HERE, it’s too simplistic for Noynoy’s party to say that we can fix the economy by just eradicating corruption. Their slogan “Walang mahirap kung walang corrupt” is just another version of “Erap para sa mahirap”.

      I have made a long rebuttal to someone else in another blog and I will just paste it hear because I don’t want to keep repeating myself. I and a lot of the bloggers here have also written numerous articles about Noynoy and why he is not the one. Just click on my name, BongV’s, Benign0’s and the rest to give you a clear idea of why he is not fit to be king.

      Anyway, this is my rebuttal to Migs:

      Your friend is making a big mistake. He is misguided in his belief that an average person or shall I say simpleton, is what we need. If that were that case, let’s just pick some random guy out on the street, make him wear a barong tagalog and put him in Malacanang.

      It’s too shocking to read that your friend is quite happy with Noynoy’s perfect attendance in the senate sessions despite his lack of accomplishments. Noynoy did not do his job to the best of his abilities. As a senator it was his duty not just to offer nay or yay to the other senators who were proposing new laws. He too needed to have the initiative to come up with laws that will benefit the Filipino people especially the poor. This is proof that Noynoy Aquino did not do his duties well. It’s like saying that it is ok for a child to simply go to school everyday just to get a perfect attendance but never mind if he is not understanding the lessons or contributing to the discussions at school. Your friend’s justification is very insulting to the hard working senators like Gordon and the others who have authored bills and enacted laws.

      While he came from one of the richest families and one of the best schools in the country, Noynoy wears cheap clothes that grow two sizes larger at his campaign sorties. He lives in the small Times St. home he grew up in. He can choose to live the good life, but he lives a life with as many comforts as discomforts.

      This is just too judgemental in my opinion. People should never base their decision in deciding who is going to be a good leader on appearance alone. Yes, Noynoy Aquino’s taste in clothing is quite a turn-off for most people but it is only high-lighted because of his lack of accomplishments. Many people like Bill Gates were considered a nerd in manner and appearance but it is his hard work and success as an entrepreneur which made him the richest man in the world. You can’t consider Bill Gates as a slacker compared to Noynoy. Noynoy is already 50 years old and still lives in the same ancestral home. His living in the same house is not the problem per se; it is the fact that he has not proven that he can be an independent minded person. He has always lived in the shadow of his parents. He is not his own man.

      Your friend is wrong in thinking that Noynoy is humble. A humble person will not utter bold statements such as “If the counting of the votes is accurate, we will be victorious” He even dared to say that the bloody demonstration in Thailand will be insignificant if there is a failure of elections. He was suggesting that he does not care for disruption in business, normal lives or the safety of the public. He is of the opinion that it is already a secure win for him and any other result is unacceptable. That is not someone who is humble. Someone who is humble is someone who still believes that there is a possibility that people actually prefer another candidate other than him. Noynoy Aquino is full of himself.

      What has become a great national illness is our propensity to look for a national messiah. We voted Marcos the bar topnotcher because he possessed the skills and the brains supposedly needed in the presidency. We elected Erap because he seemed to promise an end to poverty (sounds familiar?) We elected GMA because, with a Ph.D. in Economics, she should’ve possessed the working knowledge to build a stronger economy founded on stronger institutions.

      Your friend is putting all intellectual people in the same mound. Again, he is being judgmental. If people will continue to think that intelligent people become evil, our society will not strive for excellence anymore. People will think that they will be shunned if they appear to be more intelligent than the average Filipino. Tell your friend to look at results or past achievements of the candidate rather than the number of diplomas then. Noynoy Aquino still fails in this department.

      Your friend is wrong in thinking that Noynoy will listen to the people. The whole campaign season there has been no evidence of him listening. The people around him have been protecting him from all the news that was unfavorable to him. He has not addressed any of issues. Any further calls for a presidential debate were considered too insignificant by Noynoy. This further insulted the thinking class. If he had address issues that were important to his opponents, people could have had the chance to see the real Noynoy. Instead, he was unavailable, too committed or uninterested. Noynoy is not someone who will listen to the people. He does not even care that the SWS or Puls Asia surveys owned and operated by his family and friends were conducting surveys that suspiciously had him on top all the time. And the media owners who also have alliances with the Liberal Party, releases the same poll results to public to make everyone believe that he is always winning.

      He might not own a business empire but he has the backing of the biggest media outlets like ABS-CBN and the Philippine Daily Inquirer. They have been controlling the flow of information from the beginning.

      Sorry, Migs but your friend is wrong about Noynoy. He is a member of the oligarchy therefore, is part of the problem. He does not have the strength of character to go against his family who own most of the companies in the Philippines. I hope it’s not too late to change his mind.


      Please also have a read of this article: Noynoy can’t hack it

      It’s the latest development on how Noynoy plans to lead the country through Mar. I don’t know how you can still vote for him.

      Vote for Dick Gordon instead! He is the guy.

  38. RodimusPrime says:

    @wanderwoman…maybe this would make your thoughts wander a while and ponder on your choice..


    With great power comes great responsibility…if someone wants the power and not the responsibility those voting for that guy should think twice in voting for him..simply put the Yellow Leader wants to be Head of State and not Head of Government..Geez…that statement talks plenty about him already…

    Reclaim the Glory of the Philippines..Vote wisely…

    • I am ngoyngoy says:

      I bet you meant, with great power comes mar roxas to the rescue 😀

      Pres. Noy: Oh geez I have an appointment, I totally forgot about that, uhm mar can you go instead? I have some important super emergency matter to attend to

      V.Pres Mar: Ok mr. President

      Pres Noy: thank you, YOU are a great vice president

      V.Pres Mar: Oh stop flattering me

      (after mar left)

      V.Pres Mar: lokong poknat yun ah sana ako nalang presidente bakit kasi mas maappeal sa tao yung mga may sayad eh

      Pres. Noy(in malacañang): haha nauto ko nanaman yung bise ko dibale totoo naman eh emergency kasi hinahanap nako ng kama ko.. di ko napansin may conflict pala sched ko sleeping time pala dapat ngayon 🙂

      ********* Pres Noy’s schedule

      Mon – 8am – 11am, wake up, have breakfast
      11am – 3:30pm, toothbrush
      3:45 – 3:47, take a bath, change clothes
      3:47 – 4:20, go to the office of the president
      4:20 – 4:25, work
      4:25 – 5:10, go home
      5:10 – 8am(the next day), beauty sleep **make a note on my door “please do not disturb the president is working”

      tue – sat – sleep
      sun – day off

  39. Anna says:

    I want to comment on what Dick Gordon really said to the journalists on that radio show but others have already made their point. So i’ll leave it at that.

    Just wanted to say, dear writer: There is no such thing as a a latte al fresco. I’m a working student in the UK and have been a barrista.

    As with other things in this article, get your facts straight.

    • ilda says:

      Space cadet alert!!! Space cadet alert!!!

      Al fresco is Italian for in the fresh air; outdoors: as in dining alfresco; as in “she prefers to drink her latte outdoors..”


      Please do some research before you give a rebuttal, ok missy?

      Get your facts straight. 🙂

      • helios says:

        Ilda thats how I understood it as well…. notice how Ms. Anna mentions the completely irrelevant “i’m a working student in the UK”????

        fails in the so what test….

      • ilda says:

        She’s a typical Pinoy wanting to brag about living somewhere fancy. It’s a shame she hasn’t learned any fancy words while she’s there. 🙂

    • fma says:

      poor Anna… I can only give you the following adage: “limited knowledge, limited bragging rights.” (you inspired me to write that)

  40. fma says:

    Why should we even bother imbibing the substance of what Patricia Evangelista writes? Sure she’s a good writer, but that doesn’t mean that what she thinks correlates to the quality of her writing. Content and substance differ. Her ideology is obviously her own. IMHO, she’s just creative but not “philosophically gifted” (in a loose sense).

    • ChinoF says:

      Yeah, I hope there are many who treat Evangelista’s writing as it really is… passing air. It should be gone in a wisp. I guess we should treat people as opinionated as her like this.

  41. Migs42 says:

    I’m pretty sure if Churchill becomes the president of PH, he’ll be very unpopular. He doesn’t have that “TV personality” quality.

  42. y says:

    I’m still at your humility point, and stopped to comment, because I don’t even think you know what the word means.

  43. y says:

    “A man can have contempt for a population, but if he has proven that he can bring progress, then his contempt stays in the realm of his opinion, rendering it harmless.”

    So where then is the motivation again for bringing progress in the first place?

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