Noynoy Aquino is bad for the economy according to

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an election every year? The six year term given to the incumbent president is too long in my opinion. Just think about it. Every six years, the Philippines goes into fiesta mode during the campaign period and every politician switches into “sip-sip” gear in an effort to reach out to the electorate and hopefully catch their votes. As that Washington Post article aptly described it in reference to the atmosphere during election period, roads are suddenly getting paved, playgrounds are being built, and freebees like sponsorship for beauty pageants, medicines and doctors check-ups and not to mention campaign shirts are being handed-out. Who wouldn’t want these things on going the whole year round and not just every six years?

Every election, politicians aspiring for no less than the presidency or those seeking a re-election in the senate, local councils and any other public office, promises to eradicate poverty once and for all if elected. We all know that in this part of the globe, after the election is over, it has been noted that the politicians who win intentionally forget to keep their promises. Filipino voters themselves keep forgetting that the same politicians forgot to keep their promises so they re-elect him/her again back into office. Worse, they elect a new face but with the same style of mismanagement. Gary Valenciano said it best when he sang, “Di na natuto.” I don’t know why Filipino voters can’t tell that some politicians are so not into them.

Why do Filipinos never learn? It’s because Filipinos are addicted to instant gratification. Instant gratification describes the short-term satisfaction gained from impulsive behavior. The credit card, for example, is a tool of instant gratification. Instead of saving money to buy what people need, people use a credit card to purchase goods or services now and then suffer the repayments plus interest later on.

Filipino politicians in effect, give voters credit for their votes by way of offering freebees during campaign period and once they are in office, politicians misguidedly feel that they are entitled to the privileges of their positions. So, it’s not just the politicians who are the culprits here, it is also the voters who have very little scruples because they can be bought. Noynoy Aquino’s “Walang mahirap kung walang corrupt” slogan is another form of instant gratification. We all know that it takes more than eradicating corruption to fix the economy. Anyone who falls for this trick should seriously have their head examined.

To those who would rather defer to international opinion,, among the top five most-visited financial sites on the Web recently published another scathing assessment of the 2010 Philippine election and the top three presidential candidates.

First, news columnist William Pesek gave an almost identical description as the one on the recent Washington Post article of how Philippine campaigns are held every election:

Candidates in the Philippines are skilled at exploiting what development economists call poverty porn. They’re great at shanty-town photo opportunities and promising prosperity. A fresh sense of betrayal sets in as leaders return to the business of enriching their cronies or doing little.

Next, the financial site gave a gloomy appraisal of presidential candidates Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar and Erap Estrada. The author said this of the three:

The big concern is competence. Aquino’s family name — he’s the son of beloved former leader Corazon Aquino — doesn’t ensure he’ll be a capable reformer. Villar says his rags-to- riches life story makes him the best candidate to right the economy. Estrada thinks he was unfairly ousted in 2001 and that he’s ready to save the day.

Why, it must be asked, is a nation with so much potential turning to a group of untested men to repair its long-neglected economy? That’s a question investors should be asking early and often as the Philippines heads into a potentially market-shaking election.

Pesek is in not so many words saying that we must choose another candidate over Noynoy, Manny and Erap. Likewise, the author, like that TIME article’s profile of Noynoy, described Noynoy as being “from the pampered oligarchy” and therefore part of the problem. It is a good thing the author did not write off other presidential candidates Dick Gordon or Gibo Teodoro.

As a source of financial information, business leaders look to sites like for economic trends in local and international settings like the Philippines. As the election draws to a close in the country, international investors are watching how the events unfold very very closely. Unfortunately, Noynoy Aquino’s warning or his subtle call for another people power demonstration if he does not win in the election is not good news to foreign investors.

National Paranoia?

In a recent interview, Aquino said that “if we have a correct counting of the votes I think we will be very victorious.” If not, and “the people’s will is frustrated,” he added, demonstrations could make recent protests in Thailand seem “mild” by comparison.

What a breathtaking comment. It seems as if the election favorite is saying that if he loses it will be because of fraud and the nation’s 100 million people should revolt. Such risks help explain why Standard & Poor’s rates the Philippines’s foreign-currency debt three levels below investment grade.

It’s good to know that I am not the only one who finds Noynoy’s move so risky if not dangerous for the economy and Filipino people. Even if Noynoy wins the election and finds no need to go hit the streets, do Filipinos still want a leader who does not want to uphold the law and use due process? As the writer said,. “Filipinos need and deserve an able and inspiring leader” and “the Philippines needs a seriously focused leader — a skilled policy wonk to attack the corruption that keeps economic growth from benefiting all”. Obviously, Noynoy Aquino in particular does not fit the description.

As Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales said of Edsa “revolution” mongering: “just crazy, crazy, crazy”.

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  2. mitch says:

    INC just endorsed noynoy. i think yellow will win. the next 6 years will be very sad for the philippines. kakalungkot.

    • ilda says:

      Don’t lose hope. Some of them might not follow who their leader is endorsing. Just vote for who you believe in 🙂

      A vote against Noynoy is not a wasted vote!

      • Poppy Seed says:

        You don’t think this endorsement can be considered opportunistic? Why endorse a “winnable” candidate and why NOW? And isn’t that similar to shoving the so-called survey results down the masses’ throats?

      • ilda says:

        It is indeed opportunistic Poppy Seed. It says a lot about LP’s inability to run based on a real platform. They are just proving that they don’t have much to work on but to hopefully gather votes from religious groups. The news is probably just another tactic to fool those who can be easily fooled 🙂

      • Mr._________ says:


        grabe, is it true that the INC has like 5 million votes? Then it would be landslide for the loser!

      • ilda says:

        if that’s the case Mr_____, let’s hope that there will be 4.5M INC members like enigs, who is also a member of INC but will not heed the call of their leader 🙂

      • mitch says:

        sorry ilda but i’m honestly losing hope. i will still root and vote for G, but i have lost faith in our nation. the reasons people have for choosing a president are just so wrong. very wrong. thanks to antipinoy for all the enlightening and aggressive essays (though some can be too aggressive hehe), but really, how i wish we’re a thinking nation. now i understand why many (as in many) filipino migrants say they can never return to the philippines. somehow my interest to all my advocacies for the pinoy are slowly dying as well, thanks to this election.

      • Poppy Seed says:

        I wonder what happens to the INC member/s that did not vote for their endorsed candidate. Will their preacher punish them? Their higher ups are vying for position/influence in the next administration that’s for sure.

        Oh dear! I love Monty Python!!
        Their message is still relevant as it was 30 years ago. 🙂
        Especially the 1:00 mark! 😀

      • Poppy Seed says:

        High Quality:
        He’s a very naughty boy! Sounds like the Chosen One to me.

      • enigs says:

        @poppy: well if we get caught then we surely are going to get punished….

      • Poppy Seed says:

        Are they going to make you pay a fine? Or are they going to “excommunicate” you? If I am a member facing excommunication, I would gladly accept it and vote for the right candidate. Tutal may “balik-loob” naman sa INC ‘di ba? 😛

      • enigs says:

        @poppy: there are different scenarios on what possibly might happen to me:

        1. some “faithful” follower will see all these post I made here and if they found out who I am they will definitely report me either directly to Central (INC’s main church) or just inform the “destinado” about all the stuffs I wrote here..

        2. if I was reported directly to central then It’ll be a matter of time before they kick me out of INC.. (my father was excommunicated because of his involvement with some politician) and yes there is a balik-loob inside the INC but that’s not quite easy to do so since my father hasn’t been approved up until now since the previous election.

        3. if I was maliciously reported to our destinado then he may either pity me and tell me to go write a letter of apology or something (and then forward it directly to central) or he will just give a word of advice or if worst comes to worst he may influence some high inc official to put a sanction at me and excommunicate me

        well whatever it is I am well prepared for anything that might happen after all I want a better place to live in and I will stick to my beliefs especially that church should not be in any way involve themselves in politics.. I am a free man afterall

    • Gman says:

      News reports said that INC never endorsed anyone yet. It is another Noynoy hallucinations.

    • ME says:

      that’s true.. i hope that their decision will changed but i think it’s over.. tsk tsk.. sayng.. another block voting will be a wasted for them..

  3. Mark says:

    When can I start crying?

    • ilda says:

      Don’t cry . If Noynoy wins, it only means that majority of the Filipino people lost the battle with their own demons, succumbed to popularity over substance, and therefore sealed their fate.


      • Gman says:

        I hope Noynoy lose this election. But I won’t be surprised if he won. After all Erap became the president. FPJ nearly became our president last election if not for GMA cheating. It just goes to show the thinking of the majority.
        I think it will take time to change this.

      • ilda says:

        Majority are not ready for real change. They are afraid of the unknown. They are averse to risks. The thought of another Aquino gives them the comfort of familiarity. It sure is a guarantee that things will remain the same 🙂

  4. enigs says:

    I am an INC member but that doesn’t mean that I will be voting for noy., much more likely the other INC member I knew. blogs of INC members against noy are everywhere so I guess INC bloc voting will not be in effect this time.

    I intend to make my vote count, and I will vote for the right reasons, not because INC told me to vote for a slacker..

    Dick is still the man 😀

    • waitwat says:

      Light of hope…

    • ilda says:

      That’s good to know enigs. Please help spread this news from

      It’s crazy, crazy, crazy!!!

      Thanks 🙂

      • enigs says:

        sureness my dear 😀 anyway, even if don’t say a word many INC members knew what kind of Philippine awaits if noynoy seats on malacanang.. I even stumble upon a bunch of debates on the web about INC members rejecting noynoy before this issue came out.. well I guess most of those bloggers will be surprise about the news..

        in the end it is still a dismay for most of us who believes that the INC leaders should consider credibility and ability instead of popularity…

        I remember, a non INC member told the blogger last month that INC will root for anyone who leads the survey, many were angered and says that INC will not root for someone like noy… well I guess we ate dust..

      • ChinoF says:

        Looks like you guys need to step up against your leadership if you know they’re not doing right. The days of authoritarian culture are over.

    • BenK says:

      I certainly do not mean to insult your church, but the endorsement of the INC has always been overrated. Historically, church bloc votes anywhere tend to under-perform. The INC in particular has a habit of waiting until relatively late in a campaign and then sticking with a safe favorite; the church’s last three picks do not represent any sort of consistent political viewpoint, after all.

      • enigs says:

        yeah even if I was born as an INC member I still don’t get why they do these kinds of stuffs.. some of the minister will tell us that we shouldn’t be involve in politics but heck when it comes to choosing the right one they end up failing.. but at least I know a lot of members who will, this time won’t participate in our leaders choice of candidates.. they tend to stay quiet though…

      • Edgardo says:

        That’s actually they’re doing,they wait until the last minute before their highest endorse the candidate that has the potential to win votes.If it’s true that somebody they endorse is more likely to win then why wait until the last minute.Why not say In the middle of the campaign period?Well it’s sad to say that they’re just great pretenders.Because what will surely happen if they will say their candidate to support in the middle of the campaign period.The Catholics and other sect of christian church will surely oppose.their endorsement.and surely the candidate will fail.

    • boombox says:

      start saving your money… we might be seeing new peso bill with image of their saint cory..

    • arlyn says:

      i truly appreciate your strong conviction.. i just hope that many more individuals have the same kind of principles do exists in INC.

    • ezio says:

      Kapatid natitisod ka. Good for you, at least you’re a thinking person who knows how to use his GOD-given mind. Damn, we’re already in the 21st century and i still couldnt figure out why some people are still living in the medieval times. Who is in his right mind will believe that you’re an instant candidate in hell if you will not vote for this particular person. Neurotic. Pathetic.

  5. Alexius says:

    “Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Oscar Wilde

  6. ChinoF says:

    I just love the foreign view telling Filipinos how dumb they really are. All this xenophobia about foreign views has got to stop and we need to listen.

    • ilda says:

      Noynoy supporters will probably dismiss Bloomberg’s opinion as inconsequential. They are over the moon with Noynoy . Never mind about the economy they’ll say. It will get fixed on its own once Noynoy is in Malacanang according to Conrado de Quiros

  7. Pinay Goddess says:

    Yes, the INC has publicly announced this morning the list of candidates they are supporting, and to my dismay, this includes Noynoy Aquino for President. I’m wondering what are the criteria or qualification standards that the church leaders based their selection process from?

    Election is a political exercise and the church has no business endorsing candidates if we have to take the principle of separation of church and state seriously. The church, being partisan, is dividing even more instead of trying to unite an already divided people.

    I hope and pray that there are more progressive-thinking INC members who will THINK and vote according to their conscience, and not don’t go for the bloc vote.

    • ilda says:

      Well, this just confirms what I said before that our society is still stuck in the dark ages. It’s going to take a while before we get to the age of enlightenment.

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        This election makes me feel that Pinoys are generally masochists- by choosing someone that will surely hurt them. Sigh…

      • ilda says:

        I thought about that too…but they are just plain arrogant.

    • mitch says:

      the basis of the endorsement of INC? simple, for the past elections their choice for president has always been the #1 in SWS surveys.

  8. pikon na says:

    ayoko na !!!!!!
    ipagkakanulo ko na nag allegiance ko kay obama

  9. Mr._________ says:

    I lost all hope this morning- the INC endorsed Noynoy Aquino. The ABnoy has now secured the win.


  10. ben says:

    Hearing about the INC really made me lose a lot of hope.
    But thank goodness that people like enigs are still thinking straight.

    Like I said before, religious leaders endorsing politicians is never a good thing. It’s actually very unethical for them to do so. Coercion should never be tolerated, regardless of your religion or faith.

    This goes for Bro Eddie’s movement, Gibo being endorsed by Quiboloy and now INC endorsing Noy-Mar. And these candidates that accept endorsements (and even get prayed for even tho it isn’t their religion!) just shows the weakness in their character.

    Hmmm… I’m not ready for 6 yrs of Noynoy sleeping in Malacanang… I feel so depressed.

    • ilda says:

      Some religious leaders are hungry for power. They want to know what it feels like to be God, to be able to change the course of events once in a while. Let’s not let them get to us.

      • Arvin Q says:

        And many followers of these religious leaders are hungry for salvation – they pin ALL their hopes to their so-called faith without realizing the damage it brings. Busog ka nga sa pananampalataya, gutom naman ang pag-iisip at pang-unawa.

    • J.B. says:

      JDV cried in front of TV cameras while he was anointed by JMC leader. And it led him nowhere.

    • iroquis says:

      depressing really. i’m not interested in the news today…

  11. benign0 says:

    Seeing all the comments above, this so feels like 1998. Just replace “Noynoy” with “Erap” above and we will get an almost identical cross-section of sentiment that pervaded 1998. 😀

  12. enigs says:

    sometimes I feel like questioning ka Eduardo on his basis on deciding to go for noy.. I’m quite confident that the voting bloc era of INC will somehow fall apart.. well I hope so..

    I am very disappointed.. really..

    another point of arrogance to ninoy ain’t it?

  13. yappy says:

    i know an official from INC… and he admitted that INC doesnt look at profiles or platforms of the candidates, ratherthe INC endorses the most winnable candidate.. so if that candidate indeed wins, credit would be given to them..

    • Pinay Goddess says:

      Another consideration of INC in endorsing candidates is MONEY, or what they subtly call support to church projects and activities. Some relatives are regular benefactors of the INC (though we are not members) and in return, they are endorsed during elections or to high posts in government. I found out that INC endorsements are given much weight in appointments to high government posts.

      • enigs says:

        true.. true.. my father used to influence the leaders and in return some politician will give my dad a huge amount of money.. although the INC leaders have no Idea that this is happening inside our church and when they found out that my dad is helping a candidate in exchange for money, that’s when they kicked my dad out of the INC…

        It really is happening and some us doesn’t have a single clue about this

      • ezio says:

        Religion + Bloc Voting = clue: watch the godfather trilogy

  14. abcdef says:

    in the news INC can give 2M votes. some of the 4.5M members are not registered voters

    • ilda says:

      That’s good to know abcdef. And I’m sure the 2M registered voters will not all vote for Noynoy because as enigs said, there are quite a few INC members who don’t like him.

  15. TheArch says:

    ilda, I wanna ask.

    Are the groups who are endorsing as a bloc for Gordon prone to the same thing like the INC? Will the members not vote for whom their leader chose? Like the 10-million strong Cooperative Union of the Philippines, the 4-million strong Multi-Tribal Movement in the Philippines, Inc, and the 1-million strong Alliance of All Health Organizations of the Nation (AAHON)?

    For the AAHON, I heard one reason they chose Gordon is because the other candidates either snubbed their invitation or rejected it.

    List of the groups voting for Gordon-Bayani:

    • ilda says:

      Hi TheArch

      Well, one thing I can say is that these types of organizations, from the business and education sector, tend to be more democratic in their approach to things compared to religious groups whose members just follow the leader. Although based on the responses here from some of the members of INC, they can also think for themselves. The business groups most likely sought the consensus of the members before deciding on Richard Gordon. This is evident in what they said in the press release;

      “Sen. Gordon and Chairman Bayani are the most capable, among all the candidates, to effectively run the country and put it back to its place as Asia’s No. 1.” This was the general reason cited by the groups for supporting the two.

      There’s still hope for Dick yet! Go out and vote! 🙂

      • TheArch says:

        That’s great to hear, indeed. Imagine Gordon proving everyone wrong by actually winning. Even though he might not win, at least he can prove that he is not a mere two percent in the upcoming elections. It is hard to believe that only a mere 2 million or less will vote for him given that he has over 15 million+ voters already with his bloc endorsements.

        But deep inside me, I want Noynoy to win ’cause I want the Filipinos to learn their lessons the HARD way. I know I sound too evil for that statement, but hey, like what they always say, experience is the best teacher.

        But there’s this other quote though which fits our people a whole lot better: “Experience is the best teacher, but a fool will learn from no other.”

      • Jay says:

        But deep inside me, I want Noynoy to win ’cause I want the Filipinos to learn their lessons the HARD way. I know I sound too evil for that statement, but hey, like what they always say, experience is the best teacher.

        That is nice and all but it has to stop. The Pinoys in general have dealt with its share of incompetent leadership and politics and voting noynoy in is just going to dumb them down further, possibly to the point of no return (in 1992, they were already voting Erap and Bong Revilla for the Senate! You don’t think this has been going on for the longest time?) I think the only way Pinoys will learn ultimately is by bloodshed through civil war.

  16. Brian says:

    Hmmm… I think what this country needs to wake up is something that requires a drastic measure that would shake the very foundation of the corrupted institution we have today… Most Filipinos only realizes their mistake after they have suffered/lost so much…

    A civil war perhaps?

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      A cultural crisis can be solved in two ways: 1.) wipe out everyone and start a new civilization through elements deemed functional and beneficial to its renewal and 2.) be invaded and acculture to a new cultural identity.

      This is only a joke, but if Noynoy supporters are killed off this world, BY GOD are we gonna have a better one

    • Jay says:

      Sadly I think a Civil War may open the minds of the simple minded once again. If not the blood, sweat and tears, then maybe the real price of peace and progress can be attained under the death of many that way.

  17. iroquis says:

    I was INC before and this is one of the reasons why I left.
    They supported Erap before ryt and GMA i think.

    Inside that church, the word from the high minister is LAW.
    no one can go against it.

    Penalty is excommunication and the lake of fire.


  18. iroquis says:

    as a former INC, they are more concerned about stability of their faith.
    the ministry cares much in the status quo.

    this is a very conservative society.

  19. well, if he really wins, let’s then create more blogs tracking noy2x’s achievement then we’ll slap them in the face of what’ they’ve done so far…. coz for sure he can’t come up with one.. BTW, expect kris to be her consultant..

    crap!!! gumising kayu mga pilipino… we can’t be proud of this guy!!!!

  20. guilbautedsookie says:

    As I heard, INC endorsed Noynoy, and I am honestly very angry. Why don’t people just use their logic FOR ONCE. Why can’t people just think FOR ONCE. To use your neurons FOR ONCE won’t hurt! WHY? WHY?

    No more hope for this country. No more. I have had enough. You know what, the Filipino problem is already cultural. Even if we translate AP to Tondo Tagalog, no one will understand. Fine. If they want instant gratification, FINE. I think I wasted my time, my energy, my whole being trying to bear with this matter. If people think Noynoy can do this country good, FINE. Maybe I was wrong to rely on Gibo. Maybe I was wrong to dream cause I’m not living in a shanty town, I eat three times a day, I go to decent schools, I am a scholar, I can buy basic needs.

    Maybe, I was wrong to dream because I AM NOT POOR. Why are only the poor given the right to dream for change in this country? Why are they the only ones the government is willing to help? In South Africa, they have poor people, but the government just motivates them to do something for themselves. Here, no. People are too lazy and they reason out that our climate makes us fucking lazy.

    I hate this shit. Maybe the Lord let this happen to tell me that people like me, like us, will never be appreciated here, and that other countries are more willing to capitalize on the potential we have. Fuck the Brain Drain. The government would rather cause drama than start on developing the water-powered car, or focus on celebrity news than boost our GDP.

    THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES ARE CHEATERS. THEY PARTICIPATE IN THE CHEATING PROCESS. AND HOW DARE THEM CLEAN THEIR HANDS. Maybe I really have all the fault in the world to think. After 2010, maybe I’ll just fit in, the illogical Pinoy who watches soaps every night. Maybe I really looked to other countries and compared our own to them. Maybe my state of mind is so New York, not Manila.

    I have had enough. I was too foolish to believe that maybe people who think will get more in life. Mama was right. I will never be happy. Might as well be like everyone. Maybe I’d find joy.

    To any Noynoy supporter here: FU ALL! You are embarrassments to our country.

    • ilda says:

      You are obviously not just an average schmoe guilbautedsookie. You are meant for greater things. Do not waste your time with people who do not appreciate your talent. Life is too short. That is one of the secrets to serenity. 🙂

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Well, one of them too is a nurturing environment. This society STINKS honestly. Thanks ilda you made me feel better. I am crying right now, I am weeping. I might even consider just–ending everything cause, what sense will it be? It’s like…no one cares anymore. My mom was right. I would never be happy in this life if I used my brain, if I reasoned out. Fuck the elders. They should be guiding their youth, not brainwashing them.

      • ilda says:

        IIt’s not worth ending it over Noynoy . There’s a wonderful world out there. Stay focused on your own personal goal after the circus leaves town. Just imagine yourself walking along the streets of Paris, shopping in London or New York or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. People need to experience all this before calling it a day. What you are doing, contributing to the conversation, to the enlightenment, is a good way of staying sane and helping our society in a small but significant way. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I feel better now. I should decatastrophize. It’s just that grrrrrrrrrrrr Noynoy’s fucking face makes me wanna puke and scrape my stomach out

      • Poppy Seed says:

        What will happen next? The Filipino problem will migrate to MDCs?
        Dito sila magkakalat ng baho? 😛

        Take this case for example….

        (This is just an assumption on my part, since the ethnic background of the student was never mentioned. But the proctor turning out to be a family member sounds Filipino to me.)
        Cheers! 😀

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I just cannot wrap my head around why people are not convinced when I tell them Noynoy’s laws have never ever materialized ever. All they can say is that he is nice that is why they are voting for him. FUCK

  21. marian chua says:

    oh well…if things will go from bad to worst, i’ll wear a shirt that says, “Don’t blame me! I did not vote Noynoy!” . I felt really bad after knowing the endorsement.. I am a business woman. Business nowadays are doing ok but not as good as FVR’s time. The recession that hit last year made a dent on the business so basically im still recuperating. I am so looking forward to this election hoping that Villar, Gibo or Gordon will win and probably a better business atmosphere. But with Noynoy? what can he do? for heavens sake, this is ridiculous! I dont know if my pockets can last for 6 years. A hope for a better business climate is gone.

    Good luck Philippines! you’re gonna need it ..

    ..and to all vehicle owners with yellow-ribbon stickers on their windshield, i dare you to not remove them for 6 years. Lets see kung kaya nyo panindigan yung vote nyo.

    • ilda says:

      I’d like to order a shirt like that for myself marian 🙂

      Noynoy supporters haven’t got a clue what’s good for the economy. They are blinded by the supposedly good virtues Noynoy has and think that it’s enough to pull us out of the brink.

      I hope your business picks up again soon. The country needs more entrepreneurs like you.

    • ben says:

      I’m already planning on making plenty of shirt designs with friends! THE MORE THE MERRIER! DEMOCRACY AT ITS BEST! 😀

      • enigs says:

        just in case you’re done doing those shirts.. inform me and I’ll buy plenty of them hahaha I’d like to wear one of those just in case this country comes to an end :p

      • Jay says:

        Yeah I’ll wear it everywhere in the world and let pinoys abroad know what they are missing 😛

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      Hi marian chua I’d want one too, and maybe some more for my friends

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  23. bro says:

    ako din please send me those shirts. mabinta talaga ‘yan dito sa cebu city. wise voters kasi dito

  24. Brian says:

    It is difficult to see how Noynoy can solve the country’s problems when he hasn’t accomplished anything. In his 12 years as a legislator, he has not passed a single law nor has he contributed to development in his congressional district. Furthermore, Aquino has never managed any company or enterprise—not even a family, the most basic social unit.

    Meanwhile, his drumbeaters continue waxing nostalgic about Cory’s administration when it was, in fact, a dismal failure on all counts—land reform, peace process, energy security, economic development—and did nothing to stop the corruption of the Cojuangco-Aquino relatives.

  25. Khaycee says:

    crap… i feel miserable…. i’m strugging to convince people around me to vote for gibo or gordon for president…. this is soooo annoying. they hate a leader who imposes discipline wherever he goes. though it is blatantly obvious that majority of Filipinos are in dire need to discipline themselves. we are too scared of losing our democracy even though it has gone out of proportions. then there goes a potential leader who gets misjudged by serving the CORRUPT president. well, does it already speak what kind of character he has. HELL NO. i do believe that he is MORE CAPABLE of governing the country compared to NOYNOY. i admire that candidate from NDCC because he’s willing to step down and cooperate with enemies as long as the public’s interest if serve. unfortunately, many people are too blind to see his REAL EFFORTS.

    Ms. Marian Chua…. how much is the shirt????? i’d love to see the faces of filipinos once Noynoy wins.

  26. Khaycee says:

    crap… i feel miserable…. i’m strugging to convince people around me to vote for gibo or gordon for president…. this is soooo annoying. they hate a leader who imposes discipline wherever he goes. though it is blatantly obvious that majority of Filipinos are in dire need to discipline themselves. we are too scared of losing our democracy even though it has gone out of proportions. then there goes a potential leader who gets misjudged by serving the CORRUPT president. well, does it already speak what kind of character he has. HELL NO. i do believe that he is MORE CAPABLE of governing the country compared to NOYNOY. i admire that candidate from NDCC because he’s willing to step down and cooperate with enemies as long as the public’s interest if serve. unfortunately, many people are too blind to see his REAL EFFORTS.

    Ms. Marian Chua…. how much is the shirt????? i’d love to see the faces of filipinos once Noynoy wins.

    I want real change….

  27. hp9200 says:

    It is not too late to campaign. Let us campaign and campaign.

    And the most important part is to pray. Pray for our country. Pray for the Filipino voters to be enlightened and to be given knowledge and guidance to pick the right people to vote this election. There is still hope!

    And if Noynoy really wins, then let’s just see what happens.

    P.S.: @Marian Chua: Please reserve one for me too…

    • Pinay Goddess says:

      Yeah, as we are a prayerful people, let’s pray hard that God makes His “anointed”one win . I also pray that God has high qualification standards in choosing the candidate who will become our next leader. Amen.

  28. anke says:

    that is the very reason why I never believe in the government before.. because the people are the ones who chose who to put in the position.. this is my first time to get involve and yet.. seems like FILIPINOS NEVER CHANGE.. that is just so sad.. 😦 I don’t know what to expect anymore from the citizens of this country…. toooooooooooo NAIVE

    • helios says:

      im not sure that everyone is naive… a lot of people i know would vote for noynoy, and these are people that i respect and like. but yes they completely misunderstand the importance of their votes. I think what they lack (at least most of them) are principles. one of my friends who is voting for noynoy actually had it easy when he was registering at the city hall (read: he didnt have to wait in line like the thousands of people that were there too), he knew a city councilor and we were made to wait at the “honorable” Councilor Nanette Daza’s (who was in a ghost employee scandal a few years back) office. No principles hiding in that office.

      “honorable” Councilor Daza’s daughter is now running as Councilor for one of the districts in QC under the the ever “principled” and “honest” Liberal Party of Monsieur Aquino.
      We have received a leaflet telling us whom to vote for. They called themselves Serbisyong Bayan President: Aquino (LP) VP: Roxas (LP) House of Representatives: Crisologo (NP) WTF?????

      parang ginagago kami

  29. cd3k!m says:

    I guess it all depends with the results now. Hopefully all the surveys were a mistake. I can’t see him running our country for the next 6 year. It will be a circus. He has no right to be a candidate on the first place. I can’t explain my frustration on why he could possibly win. Some one here told about we are still in the Dark Ages, I think so too. Once we can vote not because of popularity, then, we are starting to think for our country. NONOY is not the solution, he will just be part of the problem

  30. cd3k!m says:

    I know you guys will hate me for commenting this, but could we just rig the elections? 🙂 Just this once. and… everytime someone like erap and noynoy is within the possibility of winning. 🙂 PEACE

  31. you lost says:

    yaay!! gibo and gordon concedes that their decision to run was STUPID! What a loser site this is, why dont you just migrate or something , get lost stop shitting in my country, i really dont understand people who keep on harping that gibo or gordon is whats best for our country, probably the same people who admires gloria and also probably the same people who for some inane reason voted marcos, enrile, miriam etc etc etc for the senate.

    jeeez !!! Gibo do somthing for the country?!!! like the incredibly excellent job he did as defense secretary?? omygod!! whats wrong with you people? did you all take stupid pills at the same time?

    what a f____ stupid blog!! I even read somwhere that marcos was not an evil dictator but was actually the good guy!!!!! Whats wrong woth you people!!??? Ask your parents what happend during martial law. (assuming that they werent a crony a friend,, a military officer or someone with connecions that benefited fron the regime) then youll know the true story of martial law. Marcos and company was a Bigtime as____ole. —almost makes gloria look like a saint, that was how bad it is. but what am i saying ? 15 years from now the stupid republic would probably say nostalgic(aly) that hers was one of the best times in the philippines.


    ps i dont like noy and i did not vote for him, villar nor erap

    sometime i think a civil war is what this country needs

  32. meg_kg says:

    I’ve read the article “Poverty Porn Isn’t Much Help in This $1.25 World: William Pesek ” , the one that this blog referred to. Frighteningly, I have to agree with the author. Fighting corruption is not an overnight matter.

  33. YourNumberTwoFan says:

    “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an election every year? The six year term given to the incumbent president is too long in my opinion.”

    I agree with this statement ’cause maybe those people who’s in the government will act quickly: if they want to be re-elected next year. So yeah, gazillion thumbs up! 😀

  34. Minda C. says:

    I have a great time reading it. Thank you for sharing.

  35. miriam quiamco says:

    It is really great to have found this anti-noynoy site, I share a lot of the thoughts of the bloggers here, it was rather lonely at FV, only leytenian and Mike H were the constants, the rest are trully yellow fanatics even those who profess to be professional journalists, it just makes you scratch your head till it bleeds.

  36. Pingback: Noynoy Aquino does not work hard for the money | Get Real Post

  37. Walter says:

    Why not start with Bloomberg America taking the lead of having yearly elections and see if America suffers? If NoyNoy is just as bad for the economy, the country would have been devastated by now. So what are you, aren’t you rather bad with the whole community?

  38. What else can I say, you’ve said a mouthful already ?. More criticism will not solve the problem. The big questionis how do we solve the problems, and get the inspiring and effective leader for the Pilipinos? That will be another mouthful. In a country like the Philippines, there are too many bright minds inspiring ones, how come they are not running for office? Election is a money game:no money, no honey! it is an endless and mindless cycle of patronage politics.God help the Philippines.

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