Noynoy Aquino: Media Pet

As the election draws to a close, the situation is getting a bit too tight for Filipino voters and their candidates. There are others who are already expecting a defeat — after the much anticipated (or dreaded) religious endorsement was announced — but will nevertheless continue to fight on. But there are others who are quick to claim victory and pounce on the chance to mock those who they think will lose. The latter constitutes the group of people who miss the point of the whole exercise.

The Philippine media is largely to blame for this kind of behaviour from both groups. From day one, Noynoy Aquino’s name has always been on the front page of the Philipine Daily Inquirer, a publication that is widely read and circulated. Noynoy’s whereabouts are always being highlighted too on television, whether it’s in the news or through Noynoy’s sister Kris Aquino’s free plugging via her friend Boy Abunda.

Consider the following headlines in the today, the 7th of May:

Binay ties Roxas; Aquino pulls away and this: LP looms as dominant minority

What the heck? Sentro ng Katotohanan anchor Arnel Endrinal has started calling the an “Aquino campaign newsletter“! What is going on in the Philippines nowadays? Is there nothing of importance now to report on other than how the Aquino-Roxas tandem is doing in the surveys or how dominant the Liberal Party is compared to the other “less favourable” parties? No wonder the voters are getting more and more convinced each day that it is already a sure win for Noynoy Aquino. In light of all these reported “developments” Noynoy is probably thinking, “Why do we need to have an election in the first place? We all know that I am going to win. And If I don’t win, the bloody demonstration in Thailand will be nothing compared to what I am going to organise.”

Indeed, Filipinos who live their lives in misery don’t really get airtime on TV. The lives of the rich and famous like Kris Aquino and her love life is always guaranteed broadcast even if it’s nothing of consequence to everybody. I’m pretty sure there will always be some guy who got run over somewhere in the city or some life-impacting outrage happening elsewhere which they can report on. But seeing all this, one’s gotta ask: Is Filipino life so cheap that human drama among the ordinary and average is not worthy to be part of front page news anymore? What about the 40% increase in the Meralco bill everyone is complaining about? Is there no one investigating that? Philippine media is devoting so much space and time on the election that none of the politicians want to do real work nowadays, only publicity stunts. It seems that The Philippine Daily Inquirer and its online version remains today just another tabloid newspaper that sensationalises events some of which haven’t even transpired yet. You decide if I’m talking crap, here’s another headline from the 16th April: “Election failure to favour GMA.” First, the election hasn’t transpired yet and second, why do they presume to be so knowledgeable about what’s going on in Gloria Arroyo’s mind?

Speaking of failure of elections, what the heck is happening to the voting machines? Why are they testing the machines only now, on the last few days before the election? Another columnist is talking of a disaster scenario following last Monday’s technical glitch on the machines. Is this in preparation again for us to accept that a manual vote count is necessary? How convenient when one considers a history rich with evidence showing how so easily manual vote counts can be manipulated or are so prone to human error. Who’s in charge here? Is it the Comelec or the Media? It seems that what the Comelec is saying always get misinterpreted and spun into a doomsday scenario.

Perhaps the has too many opinion writers and less of the writers who just report the facts. Even those “journalists” whose job it is to just report facts manage to report them in ways that reflect their opinion.

The dysfunction of Philippine society has never been more highlighted until now during these elections. Thanks to Noynoy Aquino, there are more Filipinos who now realise that there is something uniquely wrong with us as a people. This is evident in the fact that there are so many new commenters in who are so disillusioned with the events that are transpiring in this year’s election. Thank you to the folks in Media who give us ample material to write about. Just them being themselves already gives us a lot to work on.

More and more Filipinos are starting to see that one of the key culprits that account for the dire situation our society is in is the Philippine media. The Philippine media has the resources to control the show in the country. Not the politicians nor even the religious organizations wield so much influence. If you are a politician with no real connections within the Media boys’ club, you will not get favourable airtime. Religious organisations, for their part, simply back the candidates who according to the Media — again — are likely to win. It is all about the media folks. Philippine media control the shows that contribute to the dumbing down of the electorate. Their shows do not encourage people to think for themselves. They are controlling our lives or are trying to. The government itself needs the media to tell the people who to vote for.

On the 10th of May, it’s best not to read the newspaper or watch the news on TV. They might make you believe that Noynoy Aquino has already won the election that hasn’t transpired yet. So why bother with them. You don’t come out of exposure to Philippine media the least bit better informed about anything. I can assure you that all you need to know is the name of the candidate you are voting for — and that name is not Noynoy Aquino.

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  2. Ishmael Ahab says:

    I agree with your post ilda. The Philippine media is distorting facts and call those things as news. For years, I am totally irritated by the habit of the big news organization to highlight the lives of the artistas as if those things are newsworthy. What the heck made the lovelifes of these showbiz personalities matter in the eyes on the news organizations that they ate large chunks of airtime.

    In this election, I am too dismayed by GMA 7 and ABS-CBN. They are too unfair. I say this because I usually notice that Noynoy Aquino get too much airtime on their new programs. Noynoy’s airtime is almost as long as the total of the other presidential candidates airtime. Other presidential candidates were only mentioned as if they are not as important as Noynoy Aquino.

    These two channels make me think that they are nothing but the mouthpiece of Noynoy Aquino. Very shameful for the self-proclaimed protector of truth.

    • Pinay Goddess says:

      Hey guys, you don’t have to believe everything that the giant networks and publications feed us. Try going outside Metro Manila, talk to the locals and feel the political climate. You’ll be surprised that the yellow fever is not that hot as it is being projected in the broadcast and print media.

      • ilda says:

        I hope you are right. But it still proves that the media is just exaggerating Noynoy’s popularity.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks Ishmael

      I guess we can count the illiterate members of the Philippine society lucky because they do not have the necessary skills to read the crap from the above mentioned publication. But we are unlucky because they are left to take in all that’s on TV. I can’t decide which one is worse, the programs on Phil TV or the Phil newspapers. I find it baffling though the fact that there are so many educated voters who fall for the content of both. How come people like us can see through it?

  3. Tudilip Tudilip says:

    You know why all this injustice from the media? Because Cory Aquino sells, Noynoy and Kris sells. How dreadful! The media and other businesses will ride on whatever will benefit them.

    • kusinero says:

      yes, of course it’s purely business for them. so if you hate abs-cbn or gma7 or inquirer, do what a responsible citizen does – boycott these companies. better go with foreign news sources like bbc, you still get the relevant news, but you are spared all the bull****.

      • ilda says:

        The best advise so far.

      • Jay says:

        I actually haven’t owned a TV for the longest time as I get most of my entertainment via online sources. Also support TV5 as they seem to be a decent alternative. If you get cable, make the most of it and watch the good stuff like history channel, BBC (ignore FAUX NEWS) or whatever else gets to you.

        Pinoy local media giants are a bunch of tapeworms that panders to their sycophant, brainwashed viewer base that have been conditioned for the longest time, at least since the advent of the station in ’86.

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  5. JOn says:

    I blamed mostly to ABS-CBN Network. To my dismay, I recently cancelled my TFC subscription and stopped watching Wowowee. At least some columnist from PDI are constantly writing about Senator Gordon. Hindi nga lang front page news. Every time I watch TV its always Noynoy or Villar. Noynoy did this, Noynoy did that. The lowest media moral coverage when Baby James shouted “Villar” in the Aquino campaign rally. Explain to me why is that became the headlines news?…Who cares? This is one of the reasons why I want Gordon to win, he said he will open up the flood gates of media to foreign media and that surely created a jitters or threat to the network in the Philippines. His main reason is to provide fair media coverage and to uplift the kind of news in the Philippines. Of course to create COMPETITION.

    • ilda says:

      Yes, that’s the problem. Gordon never made it to PDI’s front page. They are definitely not non-partisan. I wonder how the owners can sleep at night knowing that the “good” image is just a PR stunt. Cheating is so part of the system that some Filipinos have blurred the lines between good and bad behavior.

  6. alab says:

    media unfortunately has distorted much of the truth, and has unbelievingly compared noynoy to gandhi, moses and even obama…he has hero genes daw because he is the son of heroes, Ninoy and Cory, huh?! yah, I’m sure his Dad would be so proud of his son’s zero performance in the senate…the propaganda is sickening I don’t even want to watch the local news anymore… so where are the guardians of truth when you need them? there in the aquino camp, waiting like lapdogs for their master’s orders…sick, sick, sick!

    • ilda says:

      As long as an organization is doing things for money, it will be hard for them to take on an unbiased opinion. Unfortunately for these media outlets, there are now bloggers who can provide checks and balances to keep them on the straight path, that is, if they choose to listen. For instance, I noticed that after I published that article about the SWS and Pulse Asia polling firms, a week later, Philstar came up with an article pointing out the same thing – that the owners of those polling firms are related to Noynoy. Now I have proof that some media outlets are starting to take notice of bloggers 🙂

  7. MaskmanReturns says:

    man media r so pure bias nowadays….Man they just don’t care about the moral values of the people anymore……Nowadays it’s all about the BS ratings.Hey is that also happening all over the world nowadays?

    • ilda says:

      They don’t care, really. Their idea of “good” is distorted. Good to them is doing nothing like Noynoy is good to them because he has not done anything of consequence.

  8. JOn says:

    This is an informative information. I already sent this to my 100,000 friends in FB. I highly recommend for you to be a fan of ABS-CBN, GMA, Botomo-Ipatrol mo, all candidates FB and Twitter account etc. to get your message across. You will be surprise it will spread like wildfire.

    This is an excerpt from

    Ganito Ba Tayo Ka-Tanga?
    April 30th, 2010 by bp
    Hindi naman siguro ganito ka-tanga ang Filipino.

    Sa pinakabagong survey ng Pulse Asia lumabas na tabla na sina Senador Manny Villar at dating Pangulong Joseph Estrada. Sa aking palagay hindi naman siguro totoong tumataas pa ang rating ng dating pangulo. Hindi naman siguro ganoon ka-bobo ang mga Pinoy para pagkatiwalaan pa si Estrada sa kabila ng nangyari sa kanyang administrasyon noon.

    Sa mga nag-iisip, palagay ko bistadong bistado naman kung ano na naman ang panibagong gimik na ito. Pero para sa mga hindi makasunod, ganito yan. Posibleng sadyang pinalalabas ng survey na ito na umaabante si Estrada para lalo pang mahikayat ang mga uto-uto nating mga kababayan na bumoto ayon sa baluktot na konseptong “lesser evil.” Napuna siguro ng mga nasa likod ng sarswelang ito na hindi pa rin tiyak ang tagumpay ni Senador Noynoy Aquino kung itatapat siya kay Senador Manny Villar kahit pa sabihing marami ang bumibili sa ideyang “lesser evil.” Ako man kung talagang si Aquino at Villar lang ang pagpipilian, si Villar na ang aking iboboto. Di hamak namang mas kakayanin siguro ni Villar na tumayo sa sarili niyang kakayahan at manindigan sa harap ng mga taong nakapaligid sa kanya. Duda ako kung kaya iyon ni Aquino.

    Kung miyembro ako ng makinarya ni Aquino, ganito rin ang aking irerekomendang istratehiya. Imbis na si Villar, si Estrada na lang ang palalabasin kong pinaka-mahigpit na kalaban ni Aquino. Kung tutuusin nga naman kung sa ganitong tapatan mas madali sigurong ma-uuto ang mga tao na si Aquino na lang ang iboto. Sino nga ba naman ang boboto pa kay Estrada sa panahong ito kung hindi ang mga talagang kulang sa tamang pagiisip. Hindi naman siguro kulang ang pagiisip ng mas marami sa atin? Ewan ko lang baka mali rin ang tantya ko.

    Pero sa totoo lang bakit nga ba tayo magpapaniwala sa mga survey na ito? Kitang kita naman na may sinusundang script ang mga ito. Mas maniniwala pa ako sa mga survey na isinagawa sa iba’t ibang paaralan kung saan ang kadalasang nanguna ay sina Senador Richard Gordon at dating Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro. Bakit nga ba mas naniniwala ako sa mga naturang survey? Unang una, harapan itong ginawa at agad na nalaman ang resulta,. Malinaw na malinaw na may mga tinatawag na respondent. Sa mga isinagawa (daw) na survey ng Pulse Asia at Social Weather Station meron nga kayang respondent? Duda ako dahil sa tagal kong ito sa mundong ibabaw wala pa talaga akong nakikilalang taong na-survey ng dalawang kumpanyang ito. Kahit pa kakilala na may kakilala na may kakilalang na-survey noon o ngayon wala rin.

    Kung ako sa inyo, tingnan nyo na lang ang mga survey na ito na parang libangan. Para bang yung mga paborito ninyong teleserye o yung mga noontime game show kung saan kailangan magmukha ka munang tanga bago ka ma-premyuhan. Nakakalibang naman kasi talaga di ba kung papaano nila nilalaro o binabago ang kanilang script. Kung dati Aquino vs. Villar ngayon naman Aquino vs. Estrada.

    Uunahan ko na ang mga survey company na ito at baka sakaling makita nila na bistado na ang kanilang sarswela at maisip nilang tigilan na lang ang pinaggagagawa nila.

    Sa aking palagay sa mga susunod nilang survey si Estrada na ang number 2 at number 3 na lang si Villar. Posible pa nga na palabasin nila na nauungusan na ng dating pangulo si Aquino. Siempre nga naman para mas maging malakas ang hatak ng ideyang “lesser evil.” Sa totoo lang hindi ako magugulat sakaling gawin nila ito lalo na’t mukhang dumarami na ang nagigising sa katotohanan na marami pang mas karapat dapat kaysa kay Aquino para sa panguluhan ng ating bansa.

    Panalangin ko huwag naman sanang mag-tanga-tangahan ang mga Pinoy.

    • ilda says:

      Good on BP for coming up with this article. It’s time we expose the truth about these polling firms. They have caused a major disservice to the Philippine society.

  9. Brixter says:

    Have you heard the news on manilastandard yesterday. Noynoy intends to share 50-80% of his powers to Mar in case both of them win. It shows how incompetent Noynoy is. He’s not ready for the full responsibility of a president. Doesn’t he know it’s embarrassing for him to say something like that? A “President” that does only 20-50% of work?!? I never saw this news on Inquirer, and I guess it won’t get posted. It shows Noynoy in a bad light.

    • ilda says:

      I am not surprised. I actually thought of that happening the minute Mar agreed to give up his presidential bid. That’s part of the reason why I don’t like Noy. I could tell that he will rely on other people for “guidance” more often than not.

      • kamoteQ says:

        …And that will result in loss of accountability just like in Erap’s case. Where Noy could just blame his advisers or simply just lost control when the shit hits the fan.

      • Brixter says:

        It’s funny how Noynoy fanatics are defending him saying Power Sharing is a good thing. They’re so stupid they can’t see how wrong this is. It’s the highest post in the country and they want to vote someone who can’t handle it?!?

        Noynoy should just shut up. The more he speaks, the more his incompetence is exposed. Now this remark has been quoted by major broadsheets. His PR managers haven’t trained him properly how to answer questions. Well, actually, go ahead Noynoy. Keep talking hehehe

        I’m glad other media are not afraid of criticizing Noynoy’s remark. Here are the reactions of some colunists from Manila Standard and Daily Tribune. They’re nice reads. I’m never going to read Inquirer again.

    • Jay says:

      I wasn’t surprised Noynoy is the kind of leader to pass the buck. If the people approved of sharing the power, they might as well approve Kris as the chief of staff and Baby James as official political mascot. Screw with democracy, they might as well give up everything they own to the oligarchies, take their pants down and ask for a daily reaming up their nether regions for all of eternity.

  10. guilbautedsookie says:

    As of this day, I leave Gibo’s destiny to God.

    Whenever I see Noynoy on TV, I just shiver and cringe in anger. I so hate him. I HATE HIM AND EVERYTHING HE HIS HIS MOTHER, HIS FATHER, HIS SISTER, HIS SIBLINGS, I HATE THEM ALL. I don’t even know what the hell is so LIBERAL with him. How can he be Liberal if he like promotes old values of medieval perceptions? Based on what I read, Liberal Party promotes equal rights for all, regardless of race, gender, religion. But Noynoy seems to be promoting “those who wrong will knock on my door”. That is not at all, LIBERAL. That is BULLSHIT.

    Filipinos are MISINFORMED. We only think corruption is stealing from the people’s money. But no. CORRUPTION TAKES SEVERAL FORMS, and we are only given a one-side view. This is because of our media, who is not doing it’s job at all. We live in a debt of gratitude society, and that is not the best way to run a country. And we also have our own education to blame. People are TOO LAZY to read their books, to think over things. They’d rather be celebrities with the benefit of nothing than be intellectuals who could move this nation.

    Also, we see ourselves living in “reality”. Like yeah, how could Melai win PBB if Paul Jake was 11% ahead of her. WOW THAT IS REAL. And when things get too real, we hate it. We are a contradiction. We want change, but we want things as is. We ask the government to give but we throw it back at them.

    If we want change, don’t wait for it to come. START IT. THAT IS WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY. No one wants to make change cause everyone is either too lazy or too afraid. I use my Facebook account to sow seeds of hate towards Noynoy. Actually, in our batch alone, ONLY TWO PEOPLE ARE VOTING FOR NOYNOY. You call that winning?

    If Noynoy wins, I might consider suicide, honestly. I did everything. I exhausted all my efforts into convincing people to VOTE WISELY. But sigh, older people tell me I have not seen everything yet for me to vote for Gibo. FUCK THEM. I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR NOYNOY SUPPORTERS. THEY ARE EMBARRASSMENTS TO THIS COUNTRY AND THEY ARE NOT FILIPINOS. THEY HAVE NO CONCERN FOR OUR COUNTRY’S BETTERMENT. NOYNOY’S OWN PEOPLE HAVE THEIR OWN INTENT, AND FILIPINOS HAVE A “I LIVE FOR MY OWN” MENTALITY. That’s where it all begins. “I like Gibo, but Noynoy might give me more leeway and power, why not?” Our idea of improved living is when our own families rise a step ahead of others, not if our GDP reaches a trillion.

    If you still have ANY WALNUT-SIZED LOVE for this country, don’t vote for Noynoy. Think…Meralco will kiss his ass to raise their prices and other companies are doing that to raise their prices “in memory of Cory and the betterment of this country.”

    Anyhow, this is not the search for the next president. THIS IS THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT SCAPEGOAT. And I sincerely believe Noynoy merits the title. Gibo and Gordon are WAAAY TOO PRECIOUS to be turned into scapegoats and ganged upon. But if given the chance, this country might just rise again. But sad to say, we like to go down because others are willing to help, like America, Australia, Canada…

    • Jon Abaca says:

      Please do not kill yourself. Whoever becomes President, we still have a lot of work to do.

    • Jay says:

      I had a friend of mine who prided himself being raised in the bad areas of Mindanao and believes the pride of Pinoys (and at times the blunder) is their ability to adapt.. There definitely is a lot more work to do. If by chance Gibo or Gordon don’t make the cut (especially Gordon since he’s got nothing after this, that in part of his decision), keep supporting them in their projects or endeavors. What they need are more supporters once yellow or orange takeover has begun.

      Democracy doesn’t begin and end in March 10.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Well, honestly, if Noynoy wins, maybe I’d be the indifferent Pinoy. After all, no one REALLY CARES. They only care when something is bound to be given in return. Sigh. No more hope. NADA.

  11. Too many Filipinos think that Presidential Elections are only about the Candidates and their Platforms. Although that is partly true, that is still only looking at the surface. The real battle is not about the candidates per se. The real battle is about the struggle between the rich and the poor. Let me explain.

    92% of the country’s wealth is controlled by less than 1% of the country’s population. The ones who have this kind of control are called the RULING CLASS or the OLIGARCHY. All our previous presidential elections have actually been a battle of the clans of this RULING CLASS.

    The Lopez clan has made an alliance with the Aquino-Cojuangco clan with their standard bearer, Noynoy Aquino. Furthermore, this clan has made an alliance with the Roxas-Araneta-Ayala-Soriano clan, which has fielded Mar Roxas as their Vice-Presidential candidate.

    That is why the Noynoy Aquino-Mar Roxas tandem is overflowing with finances and is backed by the Lopez owned ABS-CBN and the survey firms whose owners are also members of the Aquino-Cojuangco clan.

    On the other side of the rivalry, is the Arroyo clan headed by GMA, which has fielded two candidates namely Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro as the official candidate and Manny Villar as the unofficial candidate. The Arroyo clan is seeking to consolidate further its hold on the economic and political landscape, with a plan to make GMA a Prime Minister/ dictator for life, should any of her two Presidential candidates win the elections.

    History has shown, time and time again, that none of the clans that belong to the ruling class has ever worked for the upliftment of the vast majority of Filipinos, namely, the masses. For uplifting the standard of living of the masses will make the ruling elite lose its monopoly of the country’s wealth – a monopoly which they have gained and maintained control of by controlling the country’s politics, and keeping the masses largely uneducated.

    All these tell us that the Presidential elections is the battle between the ruling class and the masses, which longs for a more equitable distribution of the country’s wealth. In other words, this year’s elections should be looked at, by all of us, our collective struggle against the self-serving ruling elite.

    We must look at this election as our opportunity to put an end to the iniquity which has weighed down the vast majority of Filipinos, since the very beginnings of our republic, to the present day.

    It is therefore clear that a vote for any of the candidates of the ruling elite namely, Nonoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, Gibo Teodoro, or Manny Villar, is actually a vote against the interests of the vast majority of Filipinos. For these candidates belong to the ruling class and the oligarchy. And therefore, they are there to ensure that ruling class’ monopoly over our country’s wealth remain in their respective clan’s hands.

    A VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATES OF THE RULING CLASS WILL NEVER BRING THE CHANGES that we Filipinos, have long been clamoring, praying, and hoping for.

    But this situation can be altered by combining all our votes for a presidential candidate who is neither an instrument of, nor a member of the oppressive and greedy ruling class.

    Due to his unbroken record of world class achievements to uplift the poor, he has earned the admiration of prominent World leaders like former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, former Malaysian Prime Minister and benevolent dictator Mahathir Mohammad, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, and many more.

    He has consistently shown that in all the many positions he has held, he has performed well beyond everybody’s expectations. And yet despite all these, and the fact that he has an unblemished record, he has never been selected, by the power-brokers of the ruling class, to be their Presidential candidate.

    This is the biggest proof that he is somebody whom the ruling class has identified as one who will fight for the masses. He is looked upon by the ruling class as a serious threat to their maintenance of their control. They correctly see him as somebody who will put an end to the ruling class’ monopoly of the country’s wealth and political power.

    I would like to call him Braveheart. But his real name is Richard “Dick” Gordon.

    • JOn says:

      That is an interesting fact. I am sure if people are made aware of this information they will choose wisely about there candidates. I also wonder what will our country would become if this type of oligarchy has been set aside and the lives of the poor is uplifted to a middle class level? It would just be amazing to see that happen. Even though I currently lived in the US, I continue to campaign for Senator Gordon. I believe I have made progress convincing my family and friends to vote for him.

  12. JOn says:

    Here is another article from Manila Standard written by Jojo Robles…HERE IS THE EXCERPT. Our last appeal to VOTERS………. I already sent this to my 100,000 FB friends. I encourage you all to do the same. I recommend for you to create a different account in FB like business acct. using your nickname so you don’t mix them with your own personal acct. You’ll be surprise it will spread like wildfire.


    For whatever it’s worth, consider this a final appeal before you go to the polls on Monday: Do not vote for Benigno Simeon “Noynoy”Aquino III.
    Do not vote for Noynoy because he is lazy and incompetent. He has done nothing, good or bad, to deserve your vote; he will most likely do nothing—which most certainly cannot be good—if he becomes president.

    Do not vote for Noynoy because he is not his own man. He is heavily indebted to his relatives, political advisers, command-vote gatherers and financial backers, all of whom will most likely call the shots, make the important decisions and rule the country (even if no one elected them or even knows who they are) if he becomes president.

    Do not vote for Noynoy because of the continuing injustice that is Hacienda Luisita. As a congressman, Noynoy together with his mother Cory backed President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in the “Hello Garci” scandal because they needed Mrs. Arroyo’s help to get the Cojuangco-Lopa-Aquino family off the hook in the Luisita Massacre several months before.

    When it became clear that the family could not wiggle out of the killing of the oppressed hacienda workers and would be forced instead to give up the lands as their forebears had promised more than 50 years ago, they turned opposition. Voting for Noynoy as president will continue the farce of Cory’s land reform in the family’s vast Tarlac sugar fields, where the “spoiled” (according to Noynoy’s sister Ballsy) farm hands are paid P9.50 a day.

    Do not vote for Noynoy because he is a liar. He promised to give the land to the farm workers in Luisita in 2010, only to be contradicted by a cousin of his who runs the sugar plantation in an interview with the New York Times. When confronted with the report, Noynoy said his cousin was misquoted; when the local NYT correspondent threatened to reveal the tapes of the interview, Noynoy said no more.

    Do not vote for Noynoy because he also lied about a security agency that got government contracts early in his mother’s term. To this day, Noynoy has not explained sufficiently how his Best Security Agency failed to make money, as he says, even if its clients were government-owned, -controlled or -sequestered entities, which makes a vote for Noynoy a vote for less—not more—transparency in government.

    Do not vote for Noynoy because he is a two-faced traditional politician who will say anything to a particular group just to get their votes. He keeps the progressive pro-choice advocates believing that he is for contraception (as he was in the House) but claims to be against it when he is talking to the Church groups that back him.

    Noynoy is also willing to dump his long-suffering partner Mar Roxas to give in to Chiz Escudero, who is pushing for Binay with the rest of the Cory-era, pro-Rambotito Yellow crowd and the Noynoy-influenced SWS. Mar should win anyway, if only because he has for far too long been abused by the standard-bearer that he gave way to. (Nice try, but nobody who knows anything believes Noynoy’s “Si Mar ang bise presidente ko” ads.)

    Do not vote for Noynoy because he threatens us with a new “people power” revolution if there is fraud in the polls and he does not become president. Make sure he does not win, if only because you really want to know if he can lead a popular revolt to install him in Malacañang, just like his mother.

    And don’t vote for Noynoy simply because you have fond memories of Ninoy, Cory and “people power,” or because you hate the current president. Noynoy is his parents’ son, but he is not them or their legacy; there is no more laban against a dictator, Gloria is not running for president, Cory died of cancer and the Aquinos do not own the “people power” franchise—the people do.

    Don’t vote for Noynoy because he says he will not steal, because that would sully his parents’ name. No one does his parents proud by stealing, even those who were not born to a politically-sainted couple; to say that Noynoy will not steal because he is his parents’ son is elitist and a slap on poor people who teach their children not to steal, as well, even if they are not born wealthy like Noynoy.

    Everyone knows it is wrong to steal —why would Noynoy be voted into office simply for promising to do what everyone should be doing? Besides, there is simply no reason to believe at this point that Noynoy will not steal, given the opportunity; he has, after all, never been in a position to steal anything of significance heretofore.

    And lastly, do not vote for Noynoy the Bachelor because your de facto First Lady will then be Kris Aquino.

    * * *

    Everybody loves a winner. And if you’re the kind of voter who picks a candidate simply because he’s ahead and looks like he’s going to win, then you deserve the supposedly winning candidate you vote for —even if it’s really the survey companies that picked the winner for you.

    And we’re not talking about survey companies that send interviewers out to accurately gather the views of actual respondents, whose real answers will then be painstakingly, honestly evaluated and carefully analyzed. We’re talking about outfits that have decided their “results” beforehand because they are pushing a candidate—yes, including supposedly reputable survey companies.

    Senate candidate Francisco Tatad says survey companies Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia are in league with Noynoy Aquino to condition the minds of Filipino voters that a Noynoy victory is inevitable. Then SWS releases the results of a new poll which says Jejomar Binay, Erap’s vice presidential running mate, is now the front-runner in the race for the second-highest post in the land, dislodging Noynoy’s partner, Mar Roxas.

    Binay, a bottom-dweller in survey after survey of voter preference before the start of the 90-day official campaign, rose a whopping 12 percentage points (from 25 to 37 percent) in the SWS poll compared to last month. In the last three months, SWS tracked the increase of those who say they will vote for Binay as vice president at an unbelievable 20 percentage points.

    Binay, of course, is the preferred candidate of the members of a hard-core Yellow faction that owes its allegiance (and the general improvement of their financial situations) to Cory Aquino and her romanticized administration. Working with Noynoy “BFF” Chiz Escudero, this sub-group in the Aquino campaign seeks to dump Roxas for Cory’s Rambotito, whose campaign commercials feature both Noynoy and Cory.

    Tatad’s revelation of the interlocking directorships in SWS and Pulse, both of which are either owned or controlled by relatives of Noynoy or close associates of his mother, is not really news. But because Tatad’s disclosure preceded reports of the subsequent topping by Binay of the new SWS survey for vice president, one wonders if a mind-conditioning plot using supposedly reputable polling outfits is really under way.

    Then again, we can’t really sympathize with people who go by survey results to choose their candidates and who act as if an election was one of those stupid reality-TV shows that evict “housemates” because they can’t gather enough SMS votes. These bandwagon-mentality voters are the curse of our elections, after all, because they choose their candidates with one eye to making the subsequent claim to have correctly picked the winner.

    These voters are the victims of budol-budol surveys, who put in their vote after being made to believe that lots of others already made the same choice. Like lemmings, they follow the rest of their stupid peers, the more of them the better, even if it means their own—and their mutual—destruction.

    Of course, the best course of action is to ignore the surveys altogether, to study and evaluate the candidates independently and to come up with your own informed and considered choice. As an old guy named Socrates once advised, to find yourself, you have to think for yourself.

  13. guilbautedsookie says:

    If Noynoy supporters are to find themselves, they’re probably lost.

    I really wish people would use their BRAINS this May 10. I am convinced day by day that Noynoy MIGHT NOT WIN, considering that out of around 10 people I meet everyday, only 2 go for Noynoy and some 4 for Gibo. Noynoy is putting all these ads and fallacious survey results to ensure the impression of a win, which he is now losing grip on.

    I’d bet a hundred that if Noynoy fucks up, his people would be the first to cast stones at him. After all, that is the Pinoy. We are so naturally religious, we think we’re never sinful. GOD MIGHT NOT BLESS OUR COUNTRY CAUSE OUR MIGHT-BE-PRESIDENT USES HIS NAME IN VAIN.

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