Carmen Pedrosa talks of Noynoy Aquino's possible mental disorder on YouTube

This is a video shared with us by an commenter that shows Philippine Star columnist Carmen Pedrosa sharing information about Noynoy Aquino’s mental health. Among other things, she hints, in this video, at how “the Media” would not allow her to express “the truth” she is revealing here and how this leaves her no choice but to resort to this video (presumably, but not explicitly stated) to inform the public in time for the elections on Monday, the 10th of May.


Here are the highlights of some of what Ms Pedrosa relates in the above video (for those suffering from the atrocious general quality of Internet services in the Philippines) which was uploaded to on the 7th of May 2010:

(1) Noynoy Aquino is “the Media’s candidate” and therefore will not be up to publishing anything that would jeopardise his chances of winning the 2010 presidential elections;

(2) that it is true that Noynoy Aquino has “problems”;

(3) that Aquino is prone to bouts of sumpong (moodiness marked by withdrawal or unpredictable changes in emotional disposition); and,

(4) that his father Ninoy asked that his son be examined by a psychologist to see what is causing his “lack of drive”.

To be honest, I am a bit suspicious of how not a single full sentence goes by in the above video that is not interrupted by a splice in the footage (readers, be the judge!). But then this could be attributed to the video publisher’s compressing the length of the footage to a manageable duration. To be fair, there was none of those “ummms” and “ahhhs” that normally characterise the speech of someone speaking candidly. Perhaps all these utterances were edited out by the publisher the same way signal compression algorithms used for high-capacity voice transmission systems delete null bit streams that don’t add to the information value of a signal.

Anyway, so I checked some of what Pedrosa said (much of these across at least one footage splice) against the only known published witness account of Noynoy’s behaviour among friends, Jojo Robles’s famous “‘Tomcat’ recalls Noynoy” published in the Of course, this is not the most reliable of sources, considering that Robles merely quotes a person who prefers to be known only as ‘Tomcat’ who posted an open letter to Noynoy Aquino on Facebook (a place on the Net rivalled only by the in terms of availability of hearsay news). Nonetheless I found one passage that seemed to be consistent with one of the anecdotes Pedrosa relates to us on the video:

The report says that you have a “major depressive disorder.” Well, I honestly don’t know if that is true. What I do know is that in school you were very temperamental and had sudden mood swings. Isang minuto, nakikikain ka kay Brudda Francis, maya’t maya nagagalit ka na. Many of our classmates can attest to witnessing scenes like this.

The report said that you used to go with your mom to see Dr. Manuel Escudero. That is a whole truth. I remember seeing you at Tito Maning’s high-rise apartment on Roxas Boulevard when we were still kids. Tito Maning was a consultant with the WHO here in Manila but he was also a psychiatrist who treated only the high society people in Manila. Even Imelda Marcos was his patient. Unfortunately, so was my mom who suffered from insecurities due to my dad’s numerous infidelities.

There you go. Bits and pieces of information cobbled together. I guess pictures evolve as dots are connected rather than instantly present themselves to us on a silver platter. The real question here is where are the protests and rebuttals from the Noynoy camp, considering particularly that Robles’s piece was published way back on the 16th of April?

To put all of this in context, consider how Indonesia’s General Election Commission routinely subjects politicians who register their candidacy to physical, psychological, and even personality tests

Nominees for president and vice president registered their candidacy at the central General Election Commission office in Jakarta on 16 May. Candidates underwent physical and psychological evaluations at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital following registration. Personality tests were also conducted using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.

In the case of Filipino politicians, their terms of office are the tests of their mental health. Perhaps we need to re-consider this practice of unleashing untested (in every sense of that word) people on the hapless Filipino.


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15 Responses to Carmen Pedrosa talks of Noynoy Aquino's possible mental disorder on YouTube

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  2. Pinay Goddess says:

    If psychometric and EQ exams are required for new entrants in government service, we should also require the same tests to those seeking higher positions, like the President. A constitutional amendment setting a higher qualification standards for the position of President will disqualify the so called nuisance candidates and those deemed incompetent.

    To clear the air, Noynoy’s image handlers should have disproved the testimonials about his mental state by presenting his medical history and subjecting him to a new psycho test. There are already varied instabilities in our country, and we can’t afford an unstable president on top of it (in the event he wins).

    • Parallax says:

      noynoy only expects to be some kind of tool, an extension of power emanating from the vp position. that’s why he doesn’t mind not having the brains to do the job – mar will have to do up to 80% of the thinking. like a weapon or a tool, by itself it won’t do the work; somebody has to wield it. i think you’ll agree he’s a tool.

      • ChinoF says:

        Yep, I think he’s been a tool from the start. And he played into it because he is so ordinary in thinking, he thinks it’s just OK to go with it. Just go even the flow… even if dead fish go with the flow. He’s a good example of laissez-faire leadership… which you can restate as lazy-fare un leadership, hehe.

        Even if this Pedrosa piece doesn’t turn out to be true, there’s still a lot more than damns Aquino. His arrogance during debates, the Luisita issue, his incompetence… oh so many things that nail him.

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        If Noynoy wins and turn out to be like a symbolic head of state, then he better finds another country where he can be “king”. With the myriad problems our next leader will face, we don’t need a lameduck president. We need a performing president with a working mind who can deliver results.

        By the way, i watched a news clip earlier showing Noynoy vote. Gosh, it took him so long to shade and accomplish the ballot (compared to the other presidential candidates who finished less than 3 mins). If that was a timed test, i don’t think he’l be able to finish. I wonder how he can cope with the more difficult challenges that come with being President. Sigh…

  3. Jaded says:

    Well, we don’t really need a rocket scientist to figure out that there is something wrong with Noynoy. I mean, just look at the guy. The lights are on, but nobody’s home. Really disappointed with the election results. All the competent leaders this country sorely needs are out of the running. I can’t believe Erap is in second place! How stupid can our countrymen get?! This nation is digging itself into a really deep hole…

  4. JOn says:

    This just proved that no matter how most of us tried Filipinos are not ready for CHANGE. What if Gordon does win, we will surely surpassed other countries in Asia. It makes me wonder if the PCOS machine was rigged in favor of Noynoy. The 76,000 CF card that needs to be replace? I just could not believe Gordon ranked 6th place. Can you believe he was beaten by a televangelist? with his exemplary track record he could have been close to the 1st and 2nd spot. If it is legitimate, what went wrong during his campaign? it doesn’t take a rocket scientist who would refuse to have a P40,000 teacher’s salary- P50,000 for doctors and dentist- P30,000 for nurses, and Kindle for children? Is it because people are not ready for somebody who is very candid every time he speaks the truth? My American colleagues who I work with in the US said, what kind of future the Filipinos will have with Noynoy at the helm? this after seeing the videos and comparison of all candidates. I will give him 2 years…. l can predict another revolt on the horizon…if BInay as wins VP, he will take over as president.

    • JOn says:

      typo: if Binay wins the VP, he will take over as president.

    • Jay says:

      what kind of future the Filipinos will have with Noynoy at the helm?

      The same kind of future the pinoys have been setting themselves up for every 6 years since 1986 (give or take a few considering not all the presidents finished their term).

      Give him 2 years or the whole term. I want to know how long they keep this joke up for. And I want to know how much longer the pinoys will continue calling themselves victims and putting the blame on fictional things like societal ills. For those still sticking with that definition, please update since its initially called YO’ BROKE @SS!.

      it doesn’t take a rocket scientist who would refuse to have a P40,000 teacher’s salary- P50,000 for doctors and dentist- P30,000 for nurses, and Kindle for children?

      The pinoy society doesn’t respect rocket scientists or scientists in general. The only ‘stars’ they gravitate to are artistas and names that ring a nationalistic familiarity to them (of fucking them up in the @ss). They orbit around them like the solar system and spend about 365 earth days to putting their attention to them. So they’d rather take their chances on a nice guy with general ideas to elevate the country and make it all good again, whatever that means and leave the professionals who can help make a real difference hang to dry, or take their potential talents outside the country to find their career there.

  5. The question is WHY NOW? The timing makes it unmistakable that Carmen Pedrosa’s revelations are politically motivated. Did anyone ask why did she wait until NoyNoy ran for president before revealing all this? Where was she when he ran for representative, or senator?

    Whatever she says, it is with malicious intent.

  6. NBB says:


    Because no one was interested in Noynoy when he was a rep or senator. I mean what exactly is appealing and interesting about him? Nothing, he has accomplished nothing his whole life from education to politics. The only reason why this comes out is because he is becoming president, and that is the only reason why people would want to hear anything regarding Noynoy. No one wouldve read articles about noynoy and view videos about this man a few years ago because no one cared back then.

  7. HUNGKAG says:

    Lahat ng deklarasyon are multiple hearsays. Ngayon presidente na si noynoy at tapos na ang pulitika, ilabas na nyo para man lang sa probable cause. Puro dawdawan at rawrawan.

    Gibo supports gloria. Gma negative and very low trust rating. Therefore Gibo also has low voter satisfaction.

    Manny Villar–Ayaw sagutin direkta ang akusasyon ala GMA so the voters lost trust in him. The D & E class went back to manny villar.

    Erap targets D&E class like manny villar so they split the votes and noynoy comes out ahead of them.

    All others di pinapansin ng tao..

    Survey last year says people issues are corruption and poverty. Noynoy responded to this. All others emphasize competence, performance etc but the people is not interested on this. Now the people voted for the candidate who faced head on the anti corruption and antipoverty issues. Now all the anti noynoy bloggers say the people are stupid…because they did not based their vote on competence.They should have advised their preferred candidate to respond to anti poverty and anticorruption issues. Bakit ba pinagpp;otan nyo sa tao ang competence e hindi mahalaga sa kanila yan…Sisihin ninyo yong issues and marketing consultant nyo for insisting on criteria that the people does not want….Di ba Noynoy’s rating dipped when he focused only in anti corruption until february but he recovered this when he tacked in the anti poverty message.

    • BongV says:

      Competence boils down to this – who was most competent to address poverty and corruption. People were listening to willie revillame and kris aquino more than they were listening to the capability and competence of noynoy in to be able to address poverty and corruption.

      malas na lang ng tao -#1 – “noynoy talking about poverty and corruption” versus #2 noynoy having the competence and track record aka the walk to address poverty and corruption

      talk and walk – are two different things. does the talk match the walk? in noynoy’s case, hell no.

      the people listened to the talk, but did not look at the walk.they will get the government they deserve …. AP will have lots to write about… 😆

    • benign0 says:

      With Noyoy, it’s not even a question of talk vs walk. It’s more like talk vs talk with substance. 😀

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