The lunatics have taken over the asylum

If I trusted all the guys who kept telling me to trust them, I would probably be a run-down alcoholic has-been by now. I am so glad that skepticism runs through my veins. It has kept me grounded and safe from being trapped in sticky situations. I don’t know why some people can’t adopt the same kind of mentality because I see a lot of people committing the same mistake over and over. I mean, it is easier to exercise a bit of caution especially when you are deciding on a life changing-event, whether it is going out with a guy, buying a car or house, or voting for your country’s president.

For a minute or two all skeptics in this loony bin we call the Philippines, believed in a fairy tale and actually thought there was a chance that Noynoy Aquino might not win the election. I thought the high turnout of voters would have meant that Filipinos are finally rooting for their underdog. Alas, once again, Filipinos have proven to themselves that we care more for popularity over substance. We are back in the USSR.

Now that the election is over, there are some people who are talking about giving the winner a chance to prove himself. Ok, let’s just think about that for a second. They want us to give Noynoy Aquino a chance to prove that he can be an effective leader. Are they referring to the same guy who was talking about a failure of elections? The same guy who said that he does not want to talk to tail-enders like Dick Gordon? If Noynoy had any semblance of humility in him, he should at least acknowledge the man who was instrumental in how fast we are getting the election results now that we have an automated system. The guy he should be thanking is Dick Gordon. Thanks to Dick Gordon, there was no electoral fraud. The deceit of the Noynoy administration started during the campaign.

There is a clear difference between a skeptic like me and a plain negativist like Noynoy. My skepticism is borne out of seeing a trend or proof that something will not work. In contrast, Noynoy’s negativism was just plain counterproductive because, for one, he wasn’t doing anything like proactively seeing to it that things will go to plan and, second, considering that there has been no precedent in the failure of an automated system, he had no basis for his negativity about it. Indeed, there is a difference.

As blogger BongV said, we here at have always predicted that the vacuous Pinoys will win in the end. To quote myself in my earlier blog “It’s so obvious who is going to win this fight. The enormous number of men and women charging ahead with Noynoy without using a bit of brain to understand why they are doing so, is enough indication of what the most likely outcome of this election will be.”

Is it right for people to tell us to give Noynoy Aquino a chance? First of all, it’s not like we have any say in the way he is going to run Malacanang. Yes, majority of Filipinos voted for him. His win though doesn’t prove that it is right for him to be in Malacanang especially now that we know it was the media all along who played us like a fool. Noynoy’s win should make us more skeptical because now we know that his administration has control of the media. This means that the flow of information from Malacanang will be even more filtered. Secrets will abound — particularly those regarding his mental state. They made sure he won and they are sure to cover up any further gaffes or misbehavior.

I say political correctness will be our downfall. Fear of litigation and this consideration for safety will make us live smaller and cautious lives. This will just make us bottle up our rage with whoever is in the Administration. If we really believe in equality, we should believe in the right of every idiot to express himself so there can be a rebuttal and a free and open debate. Only then can minds be changed and hopefully a more mature society will emerge out of all the discussion.

All this talk of restraining ourselves is not good for us and the whole society. We cannot allow “our esteemed” journalists to run free pushing flawed ideas into our heads. We now know that half the time they do not know what they are talking about. To quote something I read earlier from a writer named Helen Womack, to put a gag on ourselves exposes us to “a danger that we assume what other people are thinking, rather than knowing what is on their minds.” And this is the reason why I like Dick Gordon, as a skeptic, I didn’t have to worry about what was in his mind because he always said what he wanted to say.

It’s a shame. They didn’t give us a chance to make this election an informed and truthful one. If there were more debates and discussion and if the platforms were detailed, it would have been fair to say, that we could give their platform a chance to work. They cannot take away our right to criticize and be skeptical especially since we have seen Noynoy’s track record in the past. Giving Noynoy a “chance” would be the equivalent of going to sleep for the next six years. Instead, we should apply the same if not more of the scrutiny and critical evaluation that we applied during his campaign.

As long as ordinary citizens like you and I can’t have a chance to be heard, there is no chance that a Noynoy Aquino will be any better than the last. I’d love to be proven wrong and If I am wrong, I have no problem eating my words. I and a few hundred thousand more people would like to be wrong because we really want to see everyone achieve economic and intellectual stability.

The next time someone says “trust me”, ask him to prove himself first. He might just be a lunatic in disguise. It’s time we look after ourselves. We can’t rely on anybody else but us. If we don’t, we might end up like a run down, alcoholic has been.

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  2. ChinoF says:

    Hmmm… I think they’re right in a way. Let’s give him a chance… so when we jump out and say “Bulaga! I told you so!”, the impact will be a lot greater. Hehehe

    • ilda says:

      Unfortunately, all this talk of unity is just on the surface. Filipinos have never been united anyway. We have to stop kidding ourselves. A lot of people already saw through the deception in their campaign, it’s hard to bring the trust back. A lot of people are angry at the situation. They need to vent some spleen before they can start with the peace process. Noynoy already started on the wrong foot.

      The problem is, the people around him are very protective of him. I have a feeling Noynoy doesn’t have a clue about what ordinary folks think of him because they are probably filtering news critical of him so he doesn’t see it. This is the only way I can make sense of why he doesn’t address all the issues people have with him. If he is aware of the issues but choose to ignore them, then he is an arrogant fool and is not willing to communicate with the people.

  3. guilbautedsookie says:

    I never, ever believed in a politician na “maka-masa”. If he would listen to all the poor Pinoys, he’d give up on them the first minute cause they’ll all ask for shit and wait for it.

    I am in grief. Gibo conceded and it hurts me that now we have to bow down to a man who knows nothing and can do nothing. I made an agreement that I would stay alive for the sake of MY DREAMS, MY FAMILY. Only MINE. Any dream I had for this country is now gone. I was hoping na people would use their logic, but no.

    It’s my fault siguro na I live a quite okay life, na I eat three times a day, na I study in school…. I don’t get to experience what the poor experience, kaya I don’t understand why they are for Noynoy. But then again, I don’t need to be poor to know what this country needs.

    Poor people only think of themselves, honestly.

    I hope God will NOT BLESS this country. He should not anymore, cause he gave blessings in the form of Gibo, Gordon and Perlas, BUT NO, they preferred a golden calf in the form of Noynoy. It’s hopeless.

    • Jay says:

      You don’t get a chance to experience what the poor does? Volunteer. Problem is though I’m about to second guess the poor since I wonder how motivated are they to wanting to become better.

      There aren’t many chances to volunteer but when they do come up (red cross, any decent org) take it up and learn what it is to really help someone with your own two hands.

      Real charity isn’t having some sipag at tyaga tour (I wonder what will happen with that now) and having poor kids sing for a commercial. Its giving 4-6 hours left of your 24 hour cycle to help people out. So says a former Accounting teacher of mine.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Well, I appreciate your point pero it’s not what I intended..

        What I meant is I speak of Noynoy being the wrong choice, without seeing who he really is from the perspective of his pathetic supporters. Kaya I feel na siguro if I lived in a depressed area I’d be getting why Noynoy and Villar are heroes, and why I’d rather feed on promises than actual plans.

        Kaya din siguro I feel na I am wrong din, kasi I don’t know the other side. I don’t see how they see. I only see how my side sees.

    • ilda says:

      Good on you guilbautedsookie

      Try to concentrate on yourself first. When you finally find success in whatever you do, you will eventually find your passion to help others.

      It’s all right here in my blog:

      How to become a successful Filipino

    • Emet says:

      I’ve come down to the same conclusion: I should work harder in improving my life regardless of the government.. I’m still reeling from the lost opportunity, how with good leaders we could have moved forward as a nation, how we could have turned around the situation of many of our suffering kababayans. Pero wala eh, they have chosen the way to their own destruction.

      But I AM NOT WILLING to suffer for other people’s stupidity. Now bracing myself for troubled times. I will work doubly harder to insulate myself and my family from all the consequences of these yellow nonsense.

      Not giving up on the Filipinos yet, but having seen how the majority voted for Noynoy and Erap, it may take decades before our people finally wisen-up .

      Keep your sense of good judgment and pursue excellence in your own turf. Who knows? We might be able to create a wave of sensible Filipinos.

      • ilda says:

        That’s good to know Emet. You are on the right track!

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I just lost hope honestly. I’m still in grief and I cannot get everything together

      • ilda says:

        Just take it one day at a time. It can get to daunting when you look too far ahead. Listen to Lady Gaga for now 🙂

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Well, news of her being an illuminati scared me, but wth her music rocks if you add malice to it it will become malice

        Just like Gibo. If you add malice to his good intentions, he will become bad.

        FUCK ALL HIS HATERS. Why are Filipinos like that? I sometimes think to myself, if only I was born in a better country, maybe I won’t be labeled as radical or communist…

        Still grieving. Things these week have not been going well for me. I might only move on after 6 years

  4. helios says:

    “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” let’s vote for the lesser of two evils again and again and again…. if you want to win the presidency, field in a menacing “evil” candidate…

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – thats for you Ilda

    “Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.” – well you AP writers did try to prevent an Aquino win, can we call you geniuses now? well only time will tell

    all from Albert Einstein…

  5. Jon Abaca says:

    Richard Gordon accepted that not enough people believed in his style of leadership. He also said we should work together to help Noynoy Aquino. Maybe we should. He sure looks like he needs it.

    Do I trust him? Hell no. That’s why I’m keeping an eye on him. I’m not going to let him run OUR country to the ground.

    • Jay says:

      Maybe he was trying to save face by saying ‘support Noynoy’. I think he’s feeling sorry for the people overall, who don’t know any better. Noynoy is definitely going to need help now he won his pageant of a presidency.

    • Jon Abaca says:

      He (Noynoy) sure looks like he needs it. (Better make my ambiguous grammar clear)

      Given that Mar Roxas, the “wingman” , looks like he’s always a tad bit short of Jejomar Binay, Aquino just lost his grand vizier. It’s noteworthy, given that Roxas has infinitely more experience than Aquino.

    • ilda says:

      The best way to help Noynoy is to help ourselves. We need to be the best person we can be at all times. We need to strive for excellence and this includes demanding excellence from our elected public officials like Noynoy. 🙂

  6. Ging says:

    sigh sigh sigh… I think we will have more of these SIGHs in the next 6 years. One thing that scares me is, given our tendency to bring political matters to EDSA, what happens as soon as Noynoy’s ardent supporters finally see the light? Who will replace him? Dark horse Binay? sigh sigh sigh … At the rate we’re going, like almost putting Erap back to Malacanang Palace, we’re bound to repeat history because, history, instead of us learning from it, we make it our template to assure our doom.
    Can I just digress a bit? Do you somehow the imagine the 4th scenario to also be taking place in the near future? 1st-Imee as Ilocos Norte governor; 2nd-Madame Imelda as Congresswoman from Ilocos Norte; 3rd-Bongbong Marcos as Senator (makes me puke, excuse me!); 4th-the late former Pres Marcos finally at Libingan ng mga Bayani… just thinking aloud

    • ilda says:

      As BongV would say:

      * Stariray Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – Run like hell by Filipino Mestizos and Oligarchs
      * Stariray Wars Episode II: Attack of the Middle Class/Noveau Riche – Marcos/Martial Law
      * Stariray Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Oligarchs – EDSA ‘86/Cory Aquino
      * Stariray Wars Episode IV: A New Hope – FVR
      * Stariray Wars Episode V: The Wookies Strike Back – Estrada
      * Stariray Wars Episode VI: Revenge of the Oligarchs II – EDSA II/Macapagal-Arroyo
      * Stariray Wars Episode VII: The Oligarch Republic (May 2010)

      We can add this if the Marcoses make it back:

      * Stariray Wars Episode VIII: Revenge of the children of the middle class – Marcoses return (May 2016)

      • bokyo says:

        Actually ilda, the correct on Episode 6 is :

        Stariray Wars Episode VI: Return of the Short-y – EDSA II/Macapagal-Arroyo

    • bokyo says:

      Did you just say. . . “DARK HORSE” Binay? 😀

      In fairness, he just brought down 2 senators after Cheezy endorsed him

      • waitwat says:

        How fitting… Binay the DARK HORSE. Hahahaha!

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        Why do people even give a sh1t what Chiz says anyway? Seriously, why? So what if Chiz picks Noy or Binay? So what if he prefers to wear pink undies? So what???

  7. rego says:

    Ilda, I dont agree that Nonoy was lecte dby majority of the people. 40 % is not majority. But since Erap is tariling behind with 24% and Villar with 10%, Then that makes your description of Filipino voters a majority.

    NOw was have been thinking lately that Ok na rin na tumakbo at nanalo si Noynoy. Otherwise we willbe back with Erap as president.

    • ilda says:

      What you are trying to say is, if Noynoy didn’t run, it would have been an Erap win again. That’s true. I hate to say this, but at least Erap seems to have this need to correct his mistakes in the past given the chance.

      It’s mind blowing how Erap still got a lot of support from the Filipino people despite being an ex-convict. You never really know what the Filipino people are thinking. It’s bizarre!

      • Homer says:

        It sure is bizarre! As I speak, the figure shows that 70% of the voters chose Noy and Erap. That’s a staggering amount of _____________ .

        (I’ll let you fill-in the blank) 😉

      • ilda says:

        Hi Homer

        Hinde ka siguro bumoto, natalo tuloy si Gordon at si Gibo 🙂

      • Homer says:

        Yeah, right! If only my vote represented 5M… a one-man INC. 😀

      • Mickey says:

        when I notice erap was number two..I said to myself..I hope he wins..I really would like to see him take a revenge on GMA.

      • ilda says:

        Erap’s ousting was unconstitutional indeed.

      • Dilaw na Mantsa says:

        If Noynoy didn’t run, it’s not Erap who will win. It will be Villar.

      • Makahirap says:

        Grabe mga tao! Choices mo e Noynoy presidency o Erap presidency. Grabe mag isip mga tao! Tapos tamang tama mga senador na mga nanalo: Bong Revilla, Lito Lapid, Tito Sotto. Ayun ALL STAR cast. With special participation of Bong Bong Marcos syempre!

    • ChinoF says:

      For us at AP, either way was bad, since we had only two evils to choose from… neither of them lesser.

      One thing for sure… it reflected how the Filipino voters really are. And how “intelligently” they vote.

  8. red says:

    you also forgot to mention that this is the same guy who threatened People Power if he loses.

    secondly, since you mentioned it in general, allow me to cite specific mass media which i will never trust to be objective ever again, due to their biased and unbalanced coverage of their favored candidate.

    1. ABS-CBN & ANC
    2. Philippine Daily Inquirer
    3. SWS “Survey”
    4. Pulse Asia “Survey”
    5. Kris Aquino (this is a given, but i should mention this monstrosity again just as a reminder)
    6. Ces Drilon
    7. Ted Failon

    anybody and everybody, feel free to add to the list. 🙂

    • ilda says:

      That’s right, I forgot to mention that. Spread the word red

      Filipino people are like frogs being boiled slowly by these media outlets.

  9. sticktoexecute says:

    The poor, uneducated people of this country are not really motivated enough to change their lives. This is apparent with how shallow their reasons are for voting for a certain candidate. They buy the shallow responsibility thrown at them by the media. But at the end of the day, they wouldn’t give a damn whoever wins the elections. It will be common topic for beer sessions, yes, but they will get over it after a time. This mediocre look on politics and governance is what the mass media has exploited; making it a drama series which really catches the fancy of the common Pinoy.

    We Filipinos love complaining about how hard life is to be Filipinos, but we never thought about working smart and making the right choices to get back on our feet. Ironically I think that the common Juan is contented with his life, as long as there are his variety shows and teleseryes to entertain him while he lives his life as it is.

    This year my priority is to get me and my family out this country. We are beyond help.

    • helios says:

      well, i think you are right in saying that the poor are not motivated to desire for change in this country. Ive seen poverty in some parts of this country and actually my personal observation is that they are content (maybe even happy) with what they have. Now this per se is not necessarily a bad thing, but their voting choices have repercussion, urban poverty, distribution of wealth, a dwindling middle class??? (cant say for sure). So yes, they do have shallow reasons for voting. (Gossip: apparently some people didnt vote for Mar bec they didnt like Korina)

      The strong showing of Erap shows us that EDSA revolutions are, well, farce. Imperial Manila decides when to get rid of a president. Getting rid of Mr. Estrada was not a national sentiment… it was the desire of the Manila Oligarchs and their pawns (Manila residents). I cannot exactly blame the rural population for voting for Estrada or for wanting the status quo….. they do not know the real state of the country….

  10. kid dynamo says:

    Well since our respective bets have conceded i think its fitting the so must we, its hard to accept but this is democracy races are won by numbers.

    Noynoy’s win just proved he has the numbers, but in no means meant that he is the best or the most competent for job. All i can say is he has 6 years to proved to the 70% that the 30% of the votting public that sided with him are not wrong.

    Lets move on now, one lesson this election teaches us is that we still have a long wa to go and a lot of work to do to educate the people on making the wise decision.

    I have conceded defeat and will recognize Noynoy as the new Chief Executive, but i will remain vigilant should he do some bogus mumbo jumbos there in Malacanang. And if he does (God forbid) and proves that we are right all along. Then i will be one of the first to criticize him…and mayber start my own clothing line with the message “I DID NOT VOTE FOR THIS GUY”

    Then again wish him all the best and all the luck in the world, he will surely need it now that Mar is in danger of being booted out and his senatorial and congressional bets not making it.

    I’m quite curious then what will happen to him should he be the President and GMA holding fort at the Lower House and Villar taking over the Senate and the military adventurists Lim and Querubin (obviously not achieving their goals this time around)…that would be interesting to see

    • ilda says:

      Calls for unity are a dime a dozen nowadays. Let’s not forget, we are talking about Filipinos here. Once the election fever wears off, it’s back to the old ways. I say we get real by expressing how we truly feel whether it’s anger, frustration or joy. We can’t pretend to be a smiling people any longer. If we keep smiling, Noynoy might think that he doesn’t need to work on the economy anymore. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea to unite, I just think we need to be realistic because as long as there are still people who can’t eat three times a day, it’s futile to insist that we should unite.

      If no one complains, the service will not improve.

    • Pinay Goddess says:

      I think would-be President Aquino will have a hard time pursuing his administration’s agenda with only 2 or 3 LP senators in the Senate and majority of the members of the House of Reps still with Lakas. Unless most of them cross over to the administration’s party for political convenience.

      • ilda says:

        I’m glad things didn’t go according to their plan then. It might be a case of “be careful what you wish for ” for Noynoy. He’s on top now but he’s also going to end up on his own 🙂

  11. lmc says:

    Good thing I am not the only person who recognizes that ABS-CBN highlighted its favorite candidate in yellow Stabilo. Unfortunately, Noy is winning and there is no hope in straightening out this network’s bias. It may also be the reason that people who did not have cable but had a strong reception for Channels 2 and 7 voted for Noynoy. I cannot blame the poor entirely for they do not always have access to unbiased information. I cannot tell them to do their research because they have little means of doing it. I am also skeptical that despite all this, people will “unite” because I have started to think for only my family’s future since this disaster.

    May I also encourage everyone to help clean the streets after the elections and dispose of these materials properly. I hope and I have no doubt Perlas will still promote this advocacy.

    • ilda says:

      May I also encourage everyone to help clean the streets after the elections and dispose of these materials properly.

      Ayan….this is where we can test the unity everyone is talking about. All that junk will wreak havoc again on the drainage system and then when flood season comes they will wonder again how it happened.

  12. Uncle Pinoy says:

    Which is why we should shrink government and limit its powers. We have no control over whom the masa elects. Government should never have over-reaching powers over the lives of private citizens and businesses. Whether it be Noynoy or Gordon, the President’s job should only be like that of a building manager. In that way damage is limited in any screw-ups.

    Let’s do the cha-cha.

  13. Vox Populi says:

    We have 6 years to castigate him during his administration so let’s be decent and give Noynoy his first 100 days before we start firing our missiles again. So for the moment, ceasefire muna!

  14. JOn says:

    Its going to get worse before it comes better. Nothing will change even of our GDP goes up or remain unchanged. In order for people start realizing that change is imminent, our country needs to be overhaul. I don’t want to wish it but I believed this is what every Filipino needs is a big kick in the butt or a big wake up call. Our country needs to go through a huge transformation just like what the US had experienced in the 1928 depression and on top of all that maybe a Civil War. A war that changed the countries like Cambodia, Korea, and Vietnam for the better. It is sad to say that they already surpassed us… In a TV interview with GNN Gordon predicted because of the extreme demand of oil from the US, China, India there will be a huge rise in oil price, rise in Meralco bill. What is next? What makes it worse Gordon and Bayani is out of politics.

    • JOn says:

      typo: Its going to get worse before it becomes better>

    • ilda says:

      One thing so weird about some Noynoy supporters is that, just because Gordon did not win, they now believe that they have a reason to dismiss him. I’ve seen a few bloggers who put him down especially in FV. They don’t even want to acknowledge that the automated system was Gordon’s idea.

      Thinking people, this society will never appreciate intellectuals. They even look down on people who want to make a difference and put laggards in Malacanang instead.

      • Jay says:

        Actually there was that ‘tard here who commented about praising the success of pinoy doctors, so he was appreciating intellectuals. However he has nothing to appreciate of their progress for the country.

        Apparently in facebook I read from someone comments from a noy supporter who dismisses Gordon’s Red Cross work, his projects in Subic AND WOW Philippines and even insults that his volunteer work didn’t change anything.

        I’m surprised who do these half asses credit the Automated system to if they believe it wasn’t Gordon? Hell Gordon PUSHED for this and if it weren’t for his insistence, the voting process would take 3-5 days and even more discrepancies with results. Noynoy fans may be in shock to see Erap edging their candidate out by a few votes due to those discrepancies.

      • ChinoF says:

        This is one of the things I hate about our culture. There are people say we have the best doctors in the world, the best nurses in the world, the best boxers, singers, etc… but where’s the proof of this?… some Pinoys love claiming Pinoys are the best, but it seems that Pinoys are the best boasters, as well as the best forgetters that their country is in the pits.

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        Jay, for the record, i think Rep. Teddy Boy Locsin of Makati should also share credit for the Automated Election System. He pushed for the passage of the AES bill (now RA 9369) at the House of Reps during the 13th Congress.

      • Jay says:

        Good to know PG. 2 people were thinking straight on how the elections show be changed.

  15. Mickey says:

    sorry to veer of from the topic..but what is FV? I see that a lot around that another term for Facebook? or just another blog site.

    • ChinoF says:

      Filipino Voices… where we used to hang out before the place got yellow.

    • Jay says:

      Filipino Voices. Pretty much a ‘Pro-Filipino’ blog/forum where anything intellectual gets turned into mincemeat due to the lack of intelligence and logical capacity that they can discuss those issues. Same with PEX, which is Pinoy Exchange. I mean PEX still has posts that go back from 2001!, is a /chan site which everyone copied 2ch, which the most prominent site that pulled it off was A lot more varied but at times slow due to the user base. However strives to pull the basic, diverse topics that 4chan has branched off, including science.

    • jethernandez says:

      It’s a blog forum for a mutual admiration society composed of bloggers who narcissitically adore each others arguments and deletes or censors any comment who questions their illogical long rhetorics. You need to kiss ass the Admins to be accepted in that society. For them what is most important is the FORM and not the SUBSTANCE… THEY LOVE TO JUDGE THE COVER OF A BOOK AND NOT ITS CONTENT so to speak… Imagine… reading articles with NO SUBSTANCE… di ba WASTE OF TIME? kaya mickey… Caveat Emptor: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DISAGREE!!!! kung mag comment ka… kundi di lalabas ang comment mo.

      Isa ako sa na censor… hehehehe… but I ALREADY BANNED MYSELF…

      Neways Mickey…. welcome to AP… i dunno whether this blog forum is better than FV… one thing sure that I know… bloggers here are LOGICAL… sira nga lang ang mga ulo minsan ( o kalimitan )… hehehe BUT THIS BLOG IS FREEEEEEE SPEEEECH!!!!

      • Mickey says:

        “For them what is most important is the FORM and not the SUBSTANCE… THEY LOVE TO JUDGE THE COVER OF A BOOK AND NOT ITS CONTENT so to speak… Imagine… reading articles with NO SUBSTANCE”
        – sounds like Noy Noy to me.. hehe

        I have been reading AP since I was directed here when searching for Dick Gordon in google..I learned a lot from the articles posted here..and I share the same sentiments of the writers..

        thanks for the welcome jeth..I will continue to support and spread the word of AP.

      • ilda says:

        FV is for Filipino Voices but since they banned us there, they should actually change it to MFV – “Moronic Filipino Voices” – It’s home to bloggers who are so full of themselves. 🙂

  16. Mickey says:

    hey thanks for answering guys..I thought there was a hidden meaning for FV..let me check that site out.

  17. JOn says:

    I called my mom in the Philippines (LOL) this is the start of hardship because Noynoy just won the election. Start stocking things up like can goods, bottled water, generators, money, flashlight, nonperishable foods etc. In essence, its not a bad idea to do it after all.

    • Jay says:

      worst than a recession I see. Hopefully the people don’t get so depressed that the birth rate skyrockets this coming 6 years.

  18. ChinoF says:

    I just listened to the Fun Boy Three song with this article’s title (I’m sure that’s where it came from). Terry Hall’s a genius.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Chino

      Actually, no. Just before I wrote this article, I read something about Charlie Chaplin & Co and their bid to take over the big shots in Hollywood. And here’s how the expression was first coined:

      “But, who first coined the expression? Where does it come from?

      In a way that seems somehow strangely appropriate, this one comes from Hollywood. Long ago, in 1918 the three biggest stars of the silent movies were Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford (the latter two being also husband and wife). The biggest director in those silent days was D. W. Griffith.

      When those four big names joined together to start their own company, called United Artists, the head of Metro pictures in those day, Richard Rowland, remarked the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  19. mel says:

    In a good and responsible country, both for people and government, trust is not necessary. It is expected and is quite ordinary. Both the politicians and the citizens should meet the expectations. They should be accountable in success and in failure. We, rich or poor, rely on ourselves, and are committed for the betterment of the society. Sadly, the Philippines is still far away from this momentum.

    We are stuck in this “lunatic” Presidency but we should continue our aspiration and motivation to do something to achieve changes whenever we can.

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