President-Elect Noynoy Aquino: Threatening the Philippine Supreme Court

It seems that Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, despite being the unofficial president-elect of the moment still can’t shed the old Aquino-franchised “Laban” (“fight!”) rhetoric ingrained in his little mind despite him now being all set to taking his place in The Establishment. In one of her final acts as President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo appointed Supreme Court Associate Justice Renato Corona as Chief Justice which Noynoy pompously asserts he will “not recognise”. This most likely has something to do with Noynoy’s being scheduled to take his oath as President on the 30th of June — a ceremony where, as mandated by his mommy’s Constitution, the inductee stands before the Chief Justice in a symbolic deferrence to the top officer of the country’s Hall of Justice.

Interesting that among the first things a President-elect sets out to do is to spin a massive drama about such a trivial thing. Looks like we will be seeing more of this bratty politicians’-son-behaviour over the next six years of his term. According to a “report” from the

Aquino said he was planning to snub Ms Arroyo’s choice of Chief Justice.

“Yes, I am researching it now,” he said in response to the question of whether he was considering being sworn into office by another justice of the high court.

Perhaps Noynoy fancies himself as being too good to stand before anyone. Indeed, one thing Noynoy is good at is in being consistent with ingrained Aquinoist 1980’s thinking. Back in March, Noynoy had already made blatant threats against the highest court in the Republic that he will be a recalcitrant Chief Executive…

Noynoy Aquino had made public his plans to not recognise the Chief Justice of the Philippine Supreme Court once he becomes President. Details around this plan can be gleaned from the exposé Noynoy Aquino: defying the Supreme Court! published on to explore the sort of thinking that leads one to deciding on such bizarre courses of action. One can play the same game too, actually, and propose that perhaps that undermining of the Supreme Court by the Yellow Army is itself a ploy to ensure that the High Court is sufficiently defanged come the time when a bit more scrutiny around the Hacienda Luisita affair earns a bit more airtime in the Media. Of course people with better things to do don’t entertain such vacuous theories in their minds.

You’d think people with bigger minds such as, say, Chief Executives would take more of a yeah, whatever atittude to trivial things such as whoever the hell will be swearing them into their offices. But then this is the Philippines where people with small minds vote people with even smaller minds into offices that wield immense influence over their future fortunes. As such, it is the small issues that dominate headlines in crony-controlled Media outlets and, as an expected outcome, fully engage the little minds of the chattering classes.

Harking back to the old turn-of-the-century but still relevant observation on the Philippine National “Debate”:

”What ails the country is that Philippine society is intellectually bankrupt.” Take, for instance, the national debates, [AN admired Filipino economist, based in New York] pointed out.

“They are droll and unintelligent, focused on the trivial or the irrelevant.” When the issues are of some significance, it’s the wrong arguments that prevail, the wrong side wins. Logic and common sense take the backseat to political arguments and the views of the poorly-educated. There seems to be some bases for her disenchantment.

Poor Filipino — paatras ang asenso.

Look who’s laughing
all the way to the bank…

nyek nyek

In the Philippines progress goes forward in reverse.


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58 Responses to President-Elect Noynoy Aquino: Threatening the Philippine Supreme Court

  1. Marcing Pin says:

    Hmmm??.. if he failed to take his oath.. I think the Supreme Court has the power to call for fresh new election (“Snap”) and disqualify Aquino as a candidate.. another option, is disqualify Aquino now and the 2nd placer (Erap) win.. I prefer the first one..

    Thats my two cents…

    • Anonylol says:

      >”another option, is disqualify Aquino now and the 2nd placer (Erap) win..”

      F**k me! Is that for real!?

      Ay Pilipinas!

    • Pinay Goddess says:

      From my knowledge of the law, in the event that the president-elect is not able to assume the office of the president for whatever reason, the duly proclaimed vice-president will serve as officer in charge.

  2. bokyo says:

    First blood!

    1 point down for a Noynoy presidency.

    • bAbe says:

      Does losing his favorite stoogie Mar Roxas count too?

      From the looks on the Spineless One, he feels lonely without his Capiz homeboy. Now he has to rely on Butch ‘Cassidy’ Abad, Drilon, Nonong Cruz and the (now) yellow-streak haired lady, all of the Hyatt 10 infamy. Disgusting.

  3. J.B. says:

    Well what do we expect from a virtually clueless president?

    The media rallied around him btw. Check the editorial. They share the same point of view.

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  5. husjakeof says:

    Not even sworn in yet and he is already creating a power struggle. So irresponsible. He already won, what else does he want? He should focus instead on the more important issues and carrying out his very specific platform.

  6. WTF DUDE!!! says:

    WTF? let snap election and let Erap(the LORD OF ALL GAMBLERS, and HAVE LOT OF MANSIONS for all his WOMEN) let him Win??? K ………………… im leaving this country ASAP

  7. benign0 says:

    The editor in today’s Op-Ed, has some nerve second guessing the Philippine Supreme Court, the partisan politics it plays, and the political motivations of President Arroyo in appointing Corona as Chief Justice.

    Here are some of the high-horse challenges the of the Inquirer editor:

    We do not question Corona’s credentials, and do not think his record of voting with the administration position on crucial issues like the threshold Romulo Neri executive privilege case necessarily disqualifies him from the position of chief justice. (To insist on a record of voting against the administration position would be a form of partisanship in itself. Independence is the crucial thing.) We do, however, question Corona’s position, and those of the majority of the justices, that President Arroyo can name the next chief justice despite the clear constitutional ban, supported by the record of deliberations in the Constitutional Commission itself, on midnight appointments.

    We question the Court’s deliberate misreading of the Constitution, and its upending of the traditional rules of statutory construction, that allowed it to decide that the appointments ban did not apply to the judiciary.

    Oh pip pip, I’m sorry if I burped before the Queen, for I didn’t realise it was her turn … 😀

    Given the above, it is the following gem that is the real insult to the intelligence of the average Inquirer reader (my boldface):

    Rushing the appointment, therefore, only means that political considerations are at stake. Either President Arroyo wants to complete her transformation of the highest tribunal into an Arroyo Court, favorably disposed to her in the many cases she will inevitably face after she leaves Malacañang, or she has already horse-traded the position to Corona, once her chief of staff, spokesman, and legal counsel. Either way, it is a shameful fiat, and disastrous for the Court.

    All that coming from the Editor of a rag that over the last 12 to 24 months leading to the elections behaved in every way BUT a non-partisan manner! Considering that is is now so evident how BADLY it seemed the Inquirer and its fellow henchman, ABS-CBN needed an Aquino in Malacanang, I doubt that it now finds itself in a high enough moral ground to make such quaint ululations (as former employee, the venerable Dean Jorge Bocobo put it).

    Pinoy nga naman talaga
    Parang aso
    Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo

    • manila paper says:

      As Enrile said to Noynoy, “Read the Constitution before you open your mouth” (see The all-knowing media seems to think it is the ultimate interpreter of the law. The all-knowing media seems to think it is higher than the Supreme Court.

      The media is so blinded by their hatred of Gloria Arroyo that they’ve lost all sense of balance on any issue that involves her. They avoid airing the rationale behind the Supreme Court’s decision allowing Arroyo to appoint the next Chief Justice. They talk only of Article VII of the Constitution, but avoid mentioning Article VIII which contains the provision that was the basis for the SC’s decision. So who’s deliberately misreading the Constitution, huh?

      Read the SC’s rationale here and pass this on to as many people as you can because the media is presenting a very one-sided view that favors only their yellow pet.

      Some people think Noynoy’s obsession with appointing the next Chief Justice isn’t really about Gloria Arroyo, but about the TRO in Hacienda Luisita (see

      Bottom line, Noynoy doesn’t have to take his oath of office before the Chief Justice. It’s only a tradition, not a legal requirement. Kahit manumpa siya sa notary public sa Recto, pwede (see Ganun na lang kaya para tumigil na ang drama?

  8. Tekkie says:

    Just curious. If we only have two choices – Erap or Noynoy – sino pipiliin niyo?

    • benign0 says:

      We may as well toss a coin on this. They’re both the same. 😀

      • Tekkie says:

        That may be true but don’t you think that Erap may be better?

        Here’s my POV – sure he did some mistakes in the past but we have prosecuted him and despite his mistakes, he made an improvement in the economy and the war in Mindanao during his term. IMO, he just want to clear his name.

        Well that still wouldn’t save us from being the laughing stock but at least he can do something.

        Your thoughts?

    • benign0 says:

      @ Tekkie, well if we go by track record alone, Erap actually has more executive experience than Noynoy having been mayor of San Juan for quite some time.

      He is also a self-made man, perhaps not in politics initially, but his own man just the same.

      And lest we forget, his removal from the office of the President was done outside the framework of Noynoy’s mommy’s Constitution.

      Those are my thoughts. Doesn’t change the nature of Erap’s character, but when you get personalities out of the equation and focus on the FACTS, well, there you go… 😉

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        Erap also served as Senator and Vice President before he was overwhelmingly elected as President. And he also had some significant accomplishments when he was a legislator and VP (during which he concurrently headed the Presidential Anti-Crime Task Force).

      • killem says:

        erap removal is within the 1987 constitution.

      • ChinoF says:

        Please explain how it is within the Constitution? Street demonstrations calling for the national leader to resign is not a recognized method of removal in the Constitution.

    • ChinoF says:

      I’d boycott this one.

      • killem says:

        Please explain how it is within the Constitution? Street demonstrations calling for the national leader to resign is not a recognized method of removal in the Constitution.

        but its a valid exercise of right to petition the gov’t for redress of wrong…. he was not forcefully removed, he voluntary resigns… =)

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      Same difference. Neither!

  9. ChinoF says:

    This is one of the worries about an Aquino administration, that it may be a troubled one. Yes, he’s not yet taken office, but he’s already sowing discord among the government. He may claim it as part of his drive against corruption… but how does appointing a Supreme Court judge constitute corruption? Talaga naman oo.

    • benign0 says:

      It’s just sooo true to the old Aquino emo politics form.

      Recall the whole brouhaha around the Aquino family declining a state funeral for Cory Aquino? Classic emo politics there too. That just demonstrates a CLEAR lack of any ability to separate personalities from Government and from State. Lack of ability to compartmentalise is characteristic of unstable emo personalities that act on impulse rather than rational thinking.

    • Tekkie says:

      Iniisip nya siguro dahil si gloria ang nag appoint, makakaligtas na si gloria sa mga kasalanan nya dahil kakampi nya yung Chief of Justice

  10. bAbe says:

    Already drunk with power I guess with a vain attempt at swagger. The guy must’ve watched too many Steven Seagal movies. Notice on television he always gives motherhood statements for his own comfort in answer to every question thrown at him; gahd, he’s still clueless. He says he’s researching how not-to-swear-before-Corona and given his lawmaking record might take him a year or two with the answer.

  11. JOn says:

    What do you make out of this. This is statistically impossible.

    • ben says:

      Why do those results look rigged to me???

    • Jon Abaca says:

      When you combine feudalism with sheeple, you get results like that.

    • bAbe says:

      Far from being iba na ngayon, those results reminded me of the election returns in Maguindanao and Lanao provinces in 2004, imagine Serge Osmeña (a consistent top tenner) getting only 1 vote, that’s a lot of crock. Bandwagon (or mass hysteria) effect naturally for the yellow zombies, feels like ’86 doesn’t it?

      The official tabulations don’t look square either. This is the goat of Perlas, Jamby, and De Los Reyes; some 20 million votes are missing. The tally for the presidentiables doesn’t add up with 26 million votes since last night. With the Comelec claiming an 80% turnout of 50 miilion, that’s still 14 million missing!
      What now, PCOS machines malfunctioning, defective CF cards, voters lists still embedded with dead voters, millions disenfranchised?

      No proclamation of winners for president yet Commissioner Melo. You have fourteen million voters’ rights flushed down the crapper!

    • TheArch says:

      I heard that district of Montalban, Rizal is an INC district. If you’d notice, all the bets that INC chose, as well as their ALAGAD partylist, got almost all of the votes.

    • RAVJ says:

      MORE here, JOn:

      You’ll be further amazed when you see these:

      Anong kalokohan yan? Ibig sabihin, lahat botanteng Iglesia ni Cristo ‘nagkataong’ nagkasama-sama sa mga presintong yan?

  12. WTF DUDE!!! says:

    wow MAGIC hahahahaaha

  13. alab says:

    I heard incompetence is a ground for impeachment…we may not wait long as NA is beginning to put his foot into his mouth…if villar becomes senate president and gma becomes speaker of the house then this will be interesting….let’s see the media try to stop this process while the ngoyngoyistas gnash their teeth in the streets…

  14. kooky says:

    this is just another sign of Noynoy’s stupidity….

    and stupid Filipinos don’t even recognize his stupidity.

    we are so pathetic.

  15. diegongbayong says:

    if a president-elect turns out to be so incompetent or negligent of his duties, i think that amounts to betrayal of public trust, which is a ground for impeachment

    • Jay says:

      and in the end, nothing was achieved except a huge waste of time for everyone because everyone takes democracy for granted.

  16. MaskmanReturns says:

    hahhahah The next pres.inability about da next SC justice is a clear proof that Noy has no balls hahhahahhahah.He is a BIG JOKE AND A VINCE MC MAHON WANNABE hahhahhaha.He only cares about is da money and power.Yes they have different characteristics Noy is a stupid politician while Vince is the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment but they have similar attitudes as well.oh and let’s not forget those money making-bitches like Abs-Crap hahhahahah.

  17. Charlie says:

    sobrang tatalino talaga ng mga commenters dito, kaya gustong-gusto kong bisitahin ang site na ito eh… baka sakaling mawaha ako sa katalinuhan ng mga commenters.

    sino dito ang gustong maging adviser ni noynoy? taas ang kamay? great.. walang itulak-kabigin sa inyo. 🙂

    • Fauxx says:

      I think he has enough already.

      Naka-outource sa isang company… K.. inc. something?

      Kamag– ano nga ba yun?

      Kris Inc?

    • Subliminal Messenger says:

      Charlie, Charlie, Charlie kami ang naiwang talino sa Flipland. Galing kami mag-ingles. As you know Flippers measure intellect by perpekt englischtzes and impeccable spellings.

      Whereas, for you Charlie boy, you measure beauty by the color of the skin.

      I betcha, Charlie boy, you voted Noynoy Simeon da-3rd because you watch WoWoWieee and Eat Bulaga. And that is where your intellect coming from.


    • Josh says:

      Dude, I wanna be Ignoy’s adviser. Do you know him? Do you have the necessary connections to get me there? Bring it on, mofo.

  18. Charlie says:

    i also observed that you have all one thing in common here… hate and arrogance.

    to borrow benigno’s comment:

    “Mga sobrang talinong Pinoy nga naman talaga
    Parang aso
    Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo.”

    agree.. totally agree.

    • ChinoF says:

      i also observed that you have all one thing in common here… hate and arrogance.

      Try telling that to our new Mr. President whose first order of the day is to oppose an SC justice, for which of course hate and arrogance are undeniable factors.

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      Oh come on Charlie. Can’t you see we love you too? Mmmwah. Is that okay?

    • Jay says:

      Charlie, you haven’t seen real hate and arrogance. Not when you see the noynoyistas turn on their president when he starts really screwing them over. Get out of your gated community once in a while.

  19. Rob' Ramos says:

    Its also a sign of that “top” approach to solving problems. Has Noynoy forgotten that the Supreme Court is a COLLEGIAL body?

    Cases of major import are decided on by the SC en banc. In that setting, the Chief Justice is nothing more than a… moderator. At best, the CJ’s vote is used to break ties, otherwise, his is just one vote among the rest. He’s primus inter pares, First Among Equals, if I remember it correctly. Not like the President, whose Cabinet members are all just his/her alter egos. The President is BOSS, the CJ isn’t, really.

    The true measure of a CJ’s powers is in his ability to influence the decisions of the other Justices, especially the more junior of the Associates. But this is a power that comes with the personality of the Chief Justice; if the CJ is not that liked by the other Justices, nothing stops them from snubbing his or her influence. During Puno’s time, I heard that “Senior” Associate Justice Tony Carpio exerted a LOT of influence within the SC, sometimes as much, if not more so, that of the Chief Justice.

    So, yes, this is all just more of the same attitude from Noynoy Aquino. I’m not surprised. Ganyan naman siya before sa LP, eh.

    I remember that issue with Lito Atienza. The former Mayor of Manila sided with Erap during “EDSA Tres”, and within the LP the then-pro Gloria group (which included Noynoy) wanted him sanctioned, especially after the May 1 Mayhem. I wasn’t present in one of the meetings, pero balita sakin the next day was nagkasagutan daw talaga si Noynoy and Atienza in that meeting.

    Years later, after an incident called Garci that apparently is linked to another incident called the Hacienda Luisita Massacre, Noynoy Aquino goes to Tanay Rizal and asks for Erap’s blessing when the former was running for the Senate in the 2007 elections.


  20. Allan says:

    People who made ths site are LOSERS!!!!

  21. Marcing Pin says:


    Actually, the loser here is you.. because you bothered enough of your time to post here even though you can’t accept or understand what the website is all about…

  22. tina says:

    okay charlie.. pakiexplain bakit si Noynoy ay ayaw sundin ang 1987 constitution? simpleng batas di nya masunod? anong klaseng presidente un?

  23. John Doe says:

    mukhang rigged ah, technically that’s next to impossible, even if the voters actually practice block voting. Either that or the ballots came “pre-shaded” nung ibigay.

  24. Jaded says:

    He’s not even in office yet and he’s pissing everybody off. tsk tsk. What NA is doing now is the equivalent of taking a gun and shooting his own foot. I can’t believe millions of Filipinos actually voted for this man. His incompetence is so obvious…

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