What Noynoy's 'overwhelming mandate' REALLY means

According to the Inquirer.net editor in his most recent Op-Ed, “President”-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III garnered “the most remarkable mandate since the present Constitution’s ratification in 1987”.

Dude. And I thought the Inquirer.net had behaved like such a pathetic lackey of the Yellow Army all through the last twelve to 24 months leading up to this years election. Looks like our Media “heroes” have outdone themselves yet again. The extent to which this venerable paper is being prostituted before the altar of 1980’s emo politics is becoming quite astounding even by the small standards of Philippine politics. Firstly, to call a non-majority 40% “win” a “remarkable” mandate quite frankly comes across as a mere insult to the intelligence of the vacuous readership of the Inquirer.net. As Arnel Endrinal observes in his assessment of the 15th May front page of the Inquirer:

“Overwhelming mandate”? The author, Thelma Sioson San Juan, seems to have forgotten that Aquino is just taking in a bit more than 40% of the votes while almost 60% did not vote for him, hardly overwhelming. Funny if we use the same logic, both Binay and Roxas whose numbers were near 40% got overwhelming mandate too, which doesn’t make any sense!

He was referring to San Juan’s “news” report, the equally slanted ‘People’s President embraces destiny which, considering it is classified as a news report, is an affront to the profession of journalism. Here’s one of the gems of creative writing injected into this “news report”

His candidacy was triggered by the people’s clamor following the death of his mother, the icon of democracy and revered former President Corazon Aquino. Yet city slickers have hardly caught a glimpse of how this “people power” candidate is truly at home with the people, and they with him. He doesn’t have to fake it.

One of the fundamental questions the above passage begs is how factual a phrase like “the people’s clamor” is. Indeed, there are many such Aquinoist jargon that peppers Kamaganak Inc media outlets like the Inquirer.net and the brain cell killing “products” of ABS-CBN nowadays. The bigger question becomes Who is going to protect the Filipino mind now that both Government and Media are in bed together under a Noynoy administration?

Second, I might remind everyone what such an “overwhelming” mandate means in the context of Philippine elections. The only real overwhelming mandate here is shared by Noynoy with that other popular Filipino politician Joseph “Erap” Estrada who comes in second place in this year’s elections. Recall that the last time there was a similarly “overwhelming” mandate was in 1998 when Erap garnered 40 percent of the vote while Gloria Macapagal Arroyo bagged almost 50 percent of the vote.

Behold the 1998 election results! Read it and weep:

1998 Election Results for President

1998 Election Results for Vice President

The moral of the story is, before you label any kind of election as a “remarkable mandate”, think first and try to recall what it really means to get such a “mandate” from The Filipino Voter.

Look who’s gonna be sworn in
by a Barangay Captain…

nyek nyek


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36 Responses to What Noynoy's 'overwhelming mandate' REALLY means

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  2. ChinoF says:

    Wow… if GMA garnered MORE votes than Erap in 1998… why do they want her trumped out today? What a glaring example of dumbness.

    • bAbe says:

      The good versus evil thing perpetuated by Noynoy’s handlers in the oligarchy, abetted and magnified a million times by their media allies, SWS and Pulse Asia is the most probable. They all made us and GMA look like fools while their easy prey, the idiot voters, lapped it all up like hungry dogs.

      GMA is evil, GMA is this, GMA is that, they rant. Despite that a lot of politicians were also doing the same, Lupita Kashiwahara (a Cory relative) convinced her to apologize on national tv – for asking a Comelec deputy commissioner on the phone if she still has a lead in Mindanao? Joey de Venecia sold us the BS that HE prevented the ZTE scam. Hello, he and Jug Ears (his father) were part of that deal. Being outmuscled by FG and Abalos on their cut of the deal, they decided to play the hero and whistleblower – by producing a pic of GMA and FG playing golf in China. Pathetic.

      Without even bothering to look past her wayward relatives and allies, the hard work that GMA put out in the last nine years, putting performance before popularity, not bothering with surveys and answering the critics came to the point where she lost the hearts and minds contest and the people’s perception perpetually remained negative, so whatever good she had done all came to naught. So they conditioned the minds of the people that GMA is the reincarnation of Marcos, who’ll do everything to keep herself in power.

      But even a dozen Noynoy Aquinos will not be able to match or exceed her in accomplishment. That serves as my thank you note to her. Thank you Ma’am for the memories.

  3. Famous Wolf says:

    The media whoring it out and sucking Noynoy’s dick. What else is new? Oh, sublime covering of facts and telling people that Noynoy has the most number of voters in Philippine History? Well, that’s new and hyped up to the point of ridiculousness. ABSCBN should burn for what they’re doing and take that dignity destroying Wowowee down with it. The brain tumor inducing ABS has never been credible for the last decade and won’t stop being biased now.

    On that record, I wish one of the minor stations has enough balls to create a show about news lampooning the news ala The Daily Show and Colbert Report. Because the way I see it, ABSCBN is like Fox News, only more obvious to their bias. We need something to keep them in line and piss them off without having any flack directed back to them.

    Also, Bad news, SWS has sued Dick Gordon. :/

  4. guilbautedsookie says:

    I read about it too, SWS suing Gordon. But then again, you know what they say, truth turns to front a heel.

    Noynoy is already showing that his childish antics are gonna cause cracks in this democracy with already cavernous chasms. My uncle, who has been a Noynoy supporter, suddenly became silent and seems to shun talks of “what will Noynoy do”. It’s because he is starting to see what Noynoy isn’t capable of– accepting reality and being a man.

    I SO WISH he’d not recognize Corona and dump him so he gets impeached immediately. He is so showing signs that the next six years will be like Bronx in the 70’s

    I just have one thing I need to get off my chest– I have to say if the site seems to be a bit too “nakaka-OP” for some. I know some people who have the same mindset, the same thoughts and ideas you folks have here but we’re from high-crime areas in Makati’s ghettos, and they tell me they felt OP when they read this site, cause it seemed as if they did not deserve a chance to even lay a word on the comment box because the discussions were too hardcore for your ghetto antipinoy.

    What I’m trying to say is what if this site was made more accessible in language, and maybe you know, some articles in Tagalog. I dunno about you guys but I too feel a bit out of place here cause the discussions are a bit too high-of-a-level for me (I am just a nurse, what do I know sigh). I wish to impart some points but I feel like it’s so substandard, but anyway I vent here cause you guys understand.

    But I love the job you are doing. Maybe some people are just not open-minded. Or maybe some are but they just don’t know how to open it.

    • Dr. José Rizal II says:

      Woohoohoo… There are a lot of articles that are in Tagalog. 😉 Some of them are the ones that got us on the top of the blog-pack in the first place…

      Seek out the old RAFTERMAN articles. They’re mostly in Tagalog. I also had one in Tagalog.

      Most of the time, the English articles are where we do our deep analysis and ultra-intellectual stuff – same as what the original Rizal did when he wrote in Spanish.

      The Tagalog articles we write, on the other hand, are written with a “shock-and-awe” agenda. Usually, these are topics that are glaringly obvious and don’t require Mensa IQ’s to comprehend. Those articles are meant to be spread out to as many people, and are meant to get them reacting to them. 😉

      But hey, thanks for the suggestions anyway… We will come up with more Tagalog stuff once-in-a-while… Don’t worry. 🙂

    • bAbe says:

      I agree. The readership on this blog is tremendous therefore it reaches out to even those supposedly non-readers of English, which I honestly believe, there are none. Sometimes Da Pinoy’s twisted sense of nationalism and laziness gives way over open-mindedness and common sense.

      One reader here, Votoms was his handle, suggested that AP should be published, aside from being online, due to not-in-Tagalog format and internet accessibility issues, which is sound. To beat the bias print media, we can engage them at their own game and bring the truth closer to them. Tabloid-style newsprints (like Tempo) and in Komiks form are the best, being the favorite masa choice of readership.

      You’re a nurse friend, I see you contributing to AP with health, environment or society issues sooner than your fellow readers might expect. Cheers!

      • Famous Wolf says:

        This is a good idea, also, the amount of controversy AP will get will be a lot, just as the name implies. Also, I don’t think we need to approach this in a very serious and technically jargon way, simplify a little for readers to understand. We should put emphasis on humor and truth, that way we can keep readers entertained and at the same time, well informed since this will be more like an editorial magazine than anything else. I don’t know, it seems the most ideal choice today, but I don’t know about the Editor-in-chief/webmaster here, I could help guilbautedsookie in topics of health care, environment and others since I’ve finished Nursing and going into medicine.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I am happy that you took this issue lightly. I was waiting for my feet to warm up before opening this up. Sometimes, when I explain things here to some of my not-so-aware classmates, they tend to think things over more now. I’ve had Noynoy to Gibo converts because of this site.

      • Jay says:

        There isn’t really much for health care to cover. I’m not really trustful about the health insurance system they’ve picked up (Phil Health) but if it works, then use it. Otherwise I’m for preventative medi-care.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I am for preventative medicare too Jay. I always inculcate to my patients the proper diet and everything, but they believe stoicism is still the best approach LOL

  5. benign0 says:

    For one moment I thought the intensity of the bias of the Inquirer.net would subside after the elections. It’s turning out that they are actually getting bolder. Fair enough. When a member of your Board of Family Members is now President of the Philippines, the world is your oyster, and anything goes. 😆

  6. killem says:

    i think the very good mandate the inquirer is talking about, is when it was compared to the previous presidential electiosn. in a multi-party election, getting 40% of the vote cast can be already be considered as very good mandate, it is very hard to achieve more than 50% of votes cast since the introduction of the 1987 Constitution of the multi-party system, so achievng more than 40% in an election tightly contested, with all the black propaganda and stuff, is really a good feat that will be hard to duplicate. Let just hope that the he will use his mandate for betterment of the filipino people.

    • ChinoF says:

      But 40% still isn’t the majority, and it is out of line with the spirit of democracy that democratic decisions should be made with a majority vote. A good way to solve this is to conduct runoff elections. Properly working minds will not agree that this is a “good mandate”; it’s forced acceptance that the Inq Op-Ed is trying to push. Besides, his article is in the mere Opinion section, and should be taken as such.

    • Arnel E says:

      Well, PGMA also got almost 40% in 2004. I doubt if you would call that an overwhelming mandate..

  7. todo says:

    There was an article in AP a few week ago telling everyone that they should elect a “majority” president. Same line of argument, I guess.

    I was also thinking, have you guys forgotten about Erap?

    Conversely, Fidel Ramos got less than 25% of the vote in 1992. And some of you may not agree, but this was not a bad presidency.

    If you want ‘overwhelming mandate’, we should modify our current elections to a run-off elections. It’s expensive, will take a lot of time, but hey Inquirer, I guess that’s what you want.

  8. joseph says:

    “A mandate is the authority granted by a constituency to act as its representative.

    The concept of a government having a legitimate mandate to govern via the fair winning of a democratic election is a central idea of democracy. New governments who attempt to introduce policies that they did not make public during an election campaign are said to not have a legitimate mandate to implement such policies.

    Elections, especially ones with a large margin of victory, are often said to give the newly elected government or elected official a mandate to implement certain policies. ”

    If we compare our election system to a two party or three party system, I agree that 40% is definitely not the majority of votes. With our current system of 7 or more candidates, I think it will be hard to get more than 50% votes for the presidential elections.

    Kindly try to avoid cynicism and the ” glass half empty ” mentality. Look on the bright side , in our current system, over 40% is already a difficult achievement. in the history of VP elections, GMA may have gotten more but the article is referring, most likely, to the presidential election results.

    Taking the results in the current context of the number of candidates and the votes tallied. 40% vs the nearest 27% is a very considerable margin. Although I have to admit the 1998 results where Erap’s 39% totally trumps the 2nd placer’s 15%. But that is beside the point.

    The elections are over and done with. Barring any crazy moves by the incumbent president, Noynoy will be the next president. Kindly please find ways to be helpful and move on. Instead of sniping and finding fault at every news article, I challenge you to create and find ways to help your fellow Filipino.

    Words are great but they can only inspire. As they say, ” actions speak louder than words.”

    One more thing, there’s nothing wrong with being sworn in by a Barangay Captain.

    • ChinoF says:

      Unfortunately, one way to help move on to real progress is to snipe at faults. It will help show the erroneous thinking of other people and show what is the right way to think. It’s hard to show the right thing to do without showing what is wrong. Unfortunately, our country will remain backward and without progress if the people remain arrogant and overly sensitive when a fault is pointed out.

      40% may be an achievement… but it still reflects a failure in the system.

      • joseph says:

        Sensitivity is not the issue I wanted to raise but the issue of being cynical and negative.

        Referring to your statement, “It’s hard to show the right thing to do without showing what is wrong. Unfortunately, our country will remain backward and without progress if the people remain arrogant and overly sensitive when a fault is pointed out. ” I believe that it is not hard to teach someone to be good or to love or to be loved without having to constantly remind them of what is bad, what is not loving and what is hate.

        Looking at a glass half empty is again evident in your last statement. We all know the system has it’s flaws. So within the realm of the said system, the 40% is still a big enough achievement. Now is the time to work and be involved to change the system so that future generations do not have to settle for 40%.

      • ChinoF says:

        But still, the 40% made a decision I vehemently disagree with. 😈

      • ChinoF says:

        Oh yeah, if one wants to be positive, this is the way it should be done

    • ChinoF says:

      Instead of sniping and finding fault at every news article

      Oh, and we have to snipe at news articles when we see that they are trying to condition the public with their biases.

    • Jay says:

      create and find ways to help your fellow Filipino.

      Words are great but they can only inspire. As they say, ” actions speak louder than words.”

      One more thing, there’s nothing wrong with being sworn in by a Barangay Captain.

      Oh, create ways to help clean up their mess they made and continue to make? And actions DID spoke louder than words. Do you know what the people said? We love to be idiots and were here to stay. We love our ignorant and arrogant ways! Anyone who contests it should be ashamed of themselves.

      There isn’t anything wrong but certainly, like NA’s views on delegation, he’s disrespecting the system. But HEY, not like you know what a proper system should be anyway since you don’t seem to respect accountability and responsibility especially for position. Oh and just so you know, the Supreme Court Judge also deserves some form of respect as well, if you consider what their responsibilities are in the system.

      Doing something broseph is better than doing nothing at all. Even if AP offends/pisses off people with how they lay out their information.

    • benign0 says:

      @ joseph:

      Firstly, we have a comprehensive portfolio of solution approaches on offer starting with a framework that addresses the deep cultural dysfunction that is interlaced at the very fibres that make up the very fabric of Pinoy society. Click here to see the details of that framework. We also have, for the benefit of our pea-brained politicians, a comprehensive set of proposed tools to help them come up with propositions to the electorate that are a bit of a cut above the usual intelligence-insulting platitudes they traditionally dish out to the public. Check that stuff out here.

      As to all this “sniping” that I and a few others here do against our honourable bozos in the Philippine Media, that’s by virtue of the case we’ve put forth that these people and the corporations they belong to have contributed mightily to the dumbing down and whole-sale misguidance of the Filipino people. Check out the full details of this expose on the massive conning of Da Pinoy by the Philippine media, here. As such, we are left with no choice but to contribute our part in keeping the Philippine Media honest by clarifying what they muddle and straigtening what they convolute.

      And I do agree with what you say: “there’s nothing wrong with being sworn in by a Barangay Captain” — that is, if you go by (1) the renowned mediocre standards that characterise the very nature of what it means to be “Filipino” or (2) the inability of The Vacuous One to separate the person from the institution or office he seeks to undermine. I’ll defer expounding on the latter to what Ms Ellen Todesillas writes in her recent blog post:

      Marvic Leonen, dean of the University of the Philippines College of Law, and who criticized the High Court in allowing Arroyo to appoint the Supreme Court justice despite the two month pre-election ban said Aquino should “respect the office and not necessarily the incumbent.”


      Leonen further said, “There is a difference between criticism of a decision of the Supreme Court as a private citizen and the acts that you do as the potential incumbent of the Office of the President of the Republic. As a citizen you are accountable only to yourself, your community and your culture and its people. As the President, you represent more than yourself or your immediate communities. You take on a formal persona. In many constitutional doctrines, you even shed some of your rights as a citizen.”

      Leonen gave Aquino his unsolicited advice: “Be the President of the Republic of the Philippines. Act that part. Take your oath before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, whoever its incumbent may be. There are many other ways to improve the administration of justice. (For example, immediately get a good Secretary of Justice and a competent Solicitor General).”

      Of course, this is the sort of advise that simply flies over the head of the typical Pinoy Mind. And Noynoy having enjoyed the “mandate” of Da Pinoy goes about reflecting that which characterises his constituency. 😀

      • joseph says:

        benigno: I am happy to stand corrected about the formula(s) you have come up with in trying to uplift the Filipino.

        I would like to be involved if you do come up with any programs that are running on the ground. Just direct me to them and I will gladly join in.

        Hopefully, you can start something that would address the immediate needs of the population and then move up to providing programs that help the masses maintain and progress along the course of actions you planned out.

        In the meantime, instead of pointing out the stupidity of our media outlets, maybe people can focus on supporting those who are doing their best to uplift the masses. Mass media is and will always be biased over all the issues they report. This is a given. Rather than lose hope let’s look at the silver lining(s). There are many things we can look up to. There are many achievements of lowly Pinoys we can extol.

        The recent events prove that a) the masses are ignorant , and b) the false information peddlers are the most visible. The actions needed must not come from them.

        If we do educate the masses, they won’t need help in seeing through the fluff being thrown their way. But please understand, the Filipino is a country of the starving masses. They need help to survive, then to sustain/maintain, then to be educated. The order for these set of actions will be hard to rearrange. The next meal giver will always be the one the masses will listen to. We don’t need handouts so we can think on our own. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can help the masses reach the same state we are in?

        RE: separation of person from the office, how would you propose he should conduct the swearing in process? Get Corona to swear him in and then make the moves to replace him asap, since we all know the reason why Corona was put in place? Won’t that be more of a thorny issue that GMA can take advantage of? I don’t think mediocrity is the main issue here. although it is if we look at it as a negative again. If we want to focus on that, then bash away.

        So I guess my altruism just falls on these two premises, let’s act (not just postulate) to help our fellow man and let’s try to not focus on the negative (I am pretty sure there are many positive things we can focus our energies on).

      • Jay says:

        If we do educate the masses, they won’t need help in seeing through the fluff being thrown their way. But please understand, the Filipino is a country of the starving masses. They need help to survive, then to sustain/maintain, then to be educated. The order for these set of actions will be hard to rearrange. The next meal giver will always be the one the masses will listen to. We don’t need handouts so we can think on our own. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can help the masses reach the same state we are in?

        You know I actually find a certain Tondo mentality sharper than yours. One of the gangster kids had a philosophy that one time, they’d take food when its offered to them. But how do they know it isn’t poisoned, or the offer itself doesn’t come back with a horrible, forced compromise?

        My response will probably utter that I’m in some form lacking of sympathy however what makes you think the people can’t DO BOTH? That they should understand they are part of the problem (what with having a large family size with no budget to support it) and if they aren’t careful with their choices, their chances of overall survival in the future are getting lower combined with the disregard of basic knowledge for their actions and lack of academic knowledge.

        You remind me of NBB who gave an inkling of sympathy or trying to find any form of psychological justification to the behavior of the masses, whom have at least been around 10-20 or some even older to see for themselves the mistakes the pinoy society as a whole have made. That their is a link to their repeated stupidity after committing mistake after mistake for so long. Its choices. Some chose to realize things differently and it increased their survival and open opportunities. Others didn’t learn and expected someone else to save them from their hellhole.

        Besides, the Philippines aren’t just a country of starving masses. Thats an over generalization. Most of the poor are in NCR anyway. The Philippines are made of a bunch of masses starving for the right information with an elite few who can care less about their idiocy and control the rest of the country that way.

      • benign0 says:

        @ joseph, think of it more as an on-going effort to achieve clarity rather than a “correction” at this stage. 😉

        As to participating or getting involved, perhaps consider getting in touch with Arnel Endrinal who runs the Sentro ng Katotohanan radio programme (you can find his email at that website). SnK is the closest thing to a physical presence we have in Manila. Thru SnK, we aspire to do more to uplift the way Filipinos process information (this is, after all, the Information Age, right?), regard the issues, and engage their politicians.

        As to your views on separation of person from the office, I am with Dean Marvic Leonen. Noynoy should be the bigger person and respect the office of the CJ (even as otherse seek to dishonour it). He becomes no better than those who already undermine it by succumbing to his bratty impulses. A true statesman will somehow find a solution to the personality debacle that Corona presents.

      • Jay says:


        Its easier to support a leader who knows how to play the political game rather than lowball, bush-league-esque moves like the issue between the Supreme Justice. I mean Noynoy wanted the office right? He’ll be no better than the predecessors if he plays by his own rules. People tend to forget GMA may have been bad, but she was very shrewd. You can’t spell ILLEGAL without spelling LEGAL.

      • Jon Abaca says:

        GMA always stayed above that “too hated to be tolerated” line, even with journalist fanning the flames of anti-GMA almost daily.

        But anyway, here are a few things I remember about her presidency.

        The peso:dollar ratio never got higher than 50:1

        GMA withdrew Filipino forces in Iraq to get a kidnapped truck driver home.

        The Oakwood Munity and the Peninsula Seige. In both events, Trillianes didn’t get shot like that Thai general fellow.

        It could have been infinitely worse.

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        And I do agree with what you say: “there’s nothing wrong with being sworn in by a Barangay Captain” —

        Guys, barangay captains are not included among those officials listed in the Administrative Code who can administer an oath of office. So legitimacy of the president-elect Aquino taking his oath, with a barangay captain administering, is questionable.

        I think the advisers of soon-to-be-president Aquino should work overtime mentoring a not-so-well equipped future leader and brief him accurately before making a pronouncement.

  9. kid dynamo says:

    another misconception some Noynoy supporters have is that they are equating the apparent win of Noynoy being the the “Voice of the Majority” even some to the extent claiming they “have made the right choice of voting to the best candidate as THE PEOPLE have spoken”

    Both statements i have tried to explain to them are misappropriated as Noy did get the “Majority” but and “Election by Plurarity” since none of them not even Noy have the 50% + 1% voting population.
    The “fact” that he is the “best candidate and the right choice” solely because is also untrue as him winning the election only proved he had the numbers but DOES NOT prove anything of his competency and expertise. This has yet been tested and shall be proven only after 6 years of governance, then we can say they made the better choice over us.

    But then again, they don’t want anything of it.


    when…..when will it all end?…….

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