How do we solve a problem like Kris Aquino?

I don’t think Kris Aquino has any real friends. If she had, they would have told her long ago that the only way people would leave her alone is if she quit being in the limelight. I know, I know, but what else is she going to do? More importantly, who else will the rest of Philippine society talk about? Even her famous buddy, Boy Abunda, keeps giving Kris all the opportunity to make a fool of herself on national TV.

It was excruciatingly painful to watch video footage of her with the camera zooming in and out of her face while she sobbed and fought back crocodile tears for 15 minutes or so. I don’t know why I even watched it on YouTube. It was one of those things that you just know is going to be so awful to watch but once you start it, it’s hard to look away because you keep waiting for the point of the whole thing to be made.

They say people unconsciously enjoy watching others make a mistake because it makes them feel better about themselves. Well, I sure did feel a lot better about myself after watching Kris. It’s the same reason why tabloid magazines are making a lot of money selling stories about human dramas. Apparently human beings, particularly the female of the species, are actually happiest when they are gossiping about other people. A study published in the journal Hormones and Behaviour says that regular chatting boosted the levels of progesterone, a hormone shown to reduce levels of anxiety and stress. A least we don’t have to feel guilty over talking about Kris because for one, it’s good for us and two, she actually likes being talked about. I just wish, though, that the whole of Philippine society could reduce the number of hours it engages in this national pastime. Kris Aquino’s presence on TV makes it hard for both the TV networks and the audience to move on to something more productive.

Going back to Kris’ video on Youtube, I just had to see what people were talking about. It was about something that happened between her and another actress Ruffa Guttierrez a few months ago. In short, it was something trivial. Both of them just need to work on their ego. The unfortunate thing about Kris Aquino is that, every rumor about her seems likely to be true.

Even video footage of her in a good mood can make you cringe because she seems to adopt this cutesy voice to make her sound and look angelic. Why do they keep interviewing her in the first place? Everyone knows that her opinion is useless. I really don’t think there is any need for her to keep explaining herself.

Kris’s appearance on TV is an obvious call for more attention on her part but then she complains when people talk about or criticize her. She has to understand that if she wants people to stop dissing her, she needs to stop acting like she is the centre of the universe. Kris Aquino doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. In the past, she felt the need to explain how she got her venereal disease or why she had to stalk the alleged lover of her recent husband. Going on national TV to give details of what she’s up to is assuming that people really give a hoot – the poor thing. The people around Kris have been giving her the cuddly softly-softly treatment since she was a kid and it has done her more harm than good.

Even her brother, Noynoy cannot do much to prevent his youngest sister from imploding right before his eyes. He is now reduced to defending her and announcing to reporters that Kris is a citizen of the Philippines and has every right to stay in the country. Well, Mr. President, she’s the one who promised to go once you got elected, if you missed what she said, it was all captured on camera here:


It seems though that we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for Kris to keep her word because, as filmmaker and media critic Jose Javier Reyes thinks out loud: “Was [Kris’s promise] said seriously, hastily or only for effect? Perhaps it should be viewed in the same light as her brother Noynoy’s statement that he would quit smoking should he win the presidency.” As such, I wonder if this is a sign that any statement made by any of the Aquinos shouldn’t be taken seriously.

What went wrong with Kris Aquino’s upbringing? Her mother is supposed to be the model of humility, modesty and meekness. All those words actually mean the same thing in the Philippine context, but I just wanted to stress that none of it can be associated with Kris. Sometimes though, a repressive regime applied by the parent/s tends to create rebel offspring like Kris. Indeed, one can attribute her behavior to either lack of attention or too much attention growing up. Let’s see: she was the youngest in the family, so it is likely that the rest of the family would have doted upon her, which could go on to explain her addiction to attention. Quite often, when you are used to too much attention, you might find not being the centre of attention unacceptable. On the other, the age gap between her and her other siblings might have meant that she could not relate with someone her age. This could have made Kris try hard to get everyone’s attention. Couple that with parents who were in the public eye and voila: you get a fame junkie.

Kris Aquino’s motives for wanting attention are the same as you and I. It’s to seek validation. The difference is, Kris just constantly needs validation in high doses. In existential terms, validation is the act of finding out if people like you or like what you do. The question is: what is Kris really good at? We all know she can’t act. We all know she can’t sing. Apart from her annoying voice and her love affair with the camera, why would anyone hire her as a talk show host or commentator? Obviously, they gave her a break only because of her Aquino name. It’s the same reason why her brother is now the President elect. In short, she doesn’t really have any talent apart from being a chatterbox. Some people might consider her pretty but even if she is, when you only have your appearance going for you, it’s not going to be enough to sustain people’s attention because physical beauty is fleeting. Besides, people’s perception of beauty changes as soon as the person opens her mouth.

This leads us to a disturbing thought: Kris Aquino’s fame says something about Filipinos’ tastes. But I digress.

People who constantly need validation from others are insecure about their own capabilities. Obviously, when you are confident about what you can do, you don’t need others to tell you how good you are. Unfortunately for Kris, she gets her highs from the countless nameless people who praise her and those who only care about her for about an hour or two while watching her show. After that, they have to go back to their own lives and she has to go to back to her own life far away from all the glitter and glamour. This is most definitely when she feels alone. She might find that the worst place to get validation from is from her fans because they don’t really know her that well. Their feelings for her are not real.

How do we solve a problem like Kris Aquino? We can’t. She’s too stubborn to accept that her just being herself could bring about her own downfall. Unfortunately, she might even contribute to her brother’s downfall.

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  2. guilbautedsookie says:

    My family has started becoming liberal (I am allowed to have a religion different from them) but I grew up in such conservative environments. I studied in Don Bosco-Makati when I was in elementary, and it was like HELL-o. You have to be this when that, and that when this, and not this when this, and this when not that, or not that when not this. It’s a conservative’s dream come true.

    In this country, liberated people bear a wrong connotation. They are branded as “malandi, manyak” like that. Maybe you won’t agree, but that’s how older people see it. I actually bow down to Kris for being a beacon of breaking free from conservative shackles and not being afraid to liberate yourself, but of course, she gets too liberated. I am a classic liberalist, and she is WAAAY beyond the border.

    About the friends, her types I think are the ones who believe that people are there to befriend for security. Don’t worry if they’re fake or not. If you have someone as insurance you’re on the top. I have friends who are like Kris Aquino and they have friends for safety.

    Anyhow, Kris is not the only one to bring her brother down. He too, is starting to show childish behavior, and his supporters are now starting to keep mum.

    • ilda says:

      It’s not her lifestyle that bothers me so much; I don’t really care who she sleeps with. It’s actually her presence on national TV (she’s annoying) and why the networks still give her airtime to discuss her dirty laundry. If this is what sells in the country, that says a lot about the kind of society we have. If she had any real talent, I’d understand why she’s on TV but she doesn’t. It’s actually pathetic that she’s still in the limelight. Is there a scarcity of people with real talent in the country or something? The media is just milking her and I don’t know if she realises it.

      Apologies if you’re a fan 🙂

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I don’t hate her. I DESPISE HER lol. I used to like her when she was playing Elsa Castillo lol but now like “I used to wish to write fan letters to her?”.

        We don’t watch TV here anymore. It’s rubbish. We’re throwing it away. No joke. We have our lives and work to tend to rather than stupid shit like Noynoy and Kris.

      • jethernandez says:

        Nakakainis na ang political dramedy ng mga Aquino. NAKAKASUKA NA!!! Bakit nga ba sa lifetime ko nangyari ‘to?

      • angel says:

        it is the media (abs-cbn) which makes the masa’s mind more third world.

      • interested says:

        I passionately abhor her presence on TV, billboards, even hearing her voice on radio ticks me off! She is one of the primary reasons I never considered voting for her brother, apart from his obvious incompetence to begin with. Her only talent is gossiping (if you can even consider that as one), that’s why she’s effective in those nonsense showbiz gossip oriented shows. May I also add the fact that advertisers also frequently get her to endorse products, says a lot too about the Filipino consumer, believing in someone as bitchy, bratty and tactless as her. The breakdown of proper etiquette and morality not to mention the low popularity of psychiatric consultation (which she seriously needs) may be a contributing factor to her success and popularity.

        I am more concerned now that she said she will be leaving her shows to help her brother when he assumes office. That means she will be actively meddling in national/international affairs! This is a very frightening and seriously unimaginable thing. God help this country, please!

      • ilda says:

        Well, she did say to one reporter the other day that it’s up to Noynoy if he wants her to help him in his administration. Knowing Noy, he will ask her to help. Her husband is even volunteering to be in the sports committee 😦

      • marketing2011 says:

        the network keeps her because shes so annoying. they are using her weirdness as an asset for the company because lets face it, whatever she tries to endorse really sells. but hey! she sure do know how to annoy everyone lol.  😆

    • Ma Xianding says:

      I went to Don Bosco Makati too and could you believe that there was one teacher there who said “All students would be better if they know how to play the Piano. It is a good thing to know how to play the piano”.

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        Ma Xianding…hmmmm what batch?

        Thank God I left that school I was so stifled there

  3. BenK says:

    I know how to solve a problem like Kris Aquino: by not spending one nanosecond of our time being concerned about anything she says or in fact her entire sorry existence. Unless you have to look at her as the Philippines’ herpes – won’t ever go away, and keeps breaking out at the most inconvenient times.

    • guilbautedsookie says:

      You know naman people, “why watch people who speak in English, when there are those who speak in Tagalog”


      I wish to share an epic rage cartoon. How would I be able to?

    • ilda says:

      Whether we like it or not, Kris will have a huge impact on Phil society now that her brother won the presidency. I think she will have more appearances on TV contrary to what she promised. She needs to work on her self-esteem for the good of the country. I hope somebody close to her will read this blog and pass it on to her, hahaha. 🙂

      • guilbautedsookie says:

        I don’t think she’d ever change. Kris Aquino is narcissistic-histrionic, and these are people you can never ever say they’re ever wrong. She doesn’t find it much as a problem.

        But on a positive note, THANK GOD WILLIE HAS LEFT WOWOWEE. Now I might watch the show again, for reasons that it’s now less commercialized

      • BenK says:

        She will only have as big an impact on Philippine society as Philippine society allows. Or as we allow, by talking about her and putting her stunned-gerbil-looking mug on yet another webpage. Let me ask this: what does Kris Aquino’s self-esteem have to do with the good of the country?

        *She has not been elected to public office.
        *She produces no goods or services that are of any economic benefit to any community larger than what can fit in her own house.
        *Even as an “entertainer” or a “media figure,” she does nothing to uplift the national mood, serve as a positive role model, or present the Philippines in a good light to others. In fact, she seems to make most people cringe.

        Seems to me her problem is way too much self-esteem, if anything; anywhere else in the world, somebody that screwed up gets their 15 minutes, and then the world rightly forgets about them. When’s the last time you heard Amy Winehouse’s or the Octomom’s name in the news, for example? Here, though, people got to be, well, different.

      • ilda says:


        I understand what you are saying. I wouldn’t even waste a precious minute on any other ordinary Filipino celebrity but we are talking about the sister of the President elect here. I can already imagine a scenario wherein someone who would want favours from her brother could possibly use her to gain access to him. It’s not an impossible situation given that she was also instrumental in getting some of the votes in for him.

        What also prompted me to write this is when I saw the article about Noynoy defending her sister’s right to stay in the country. I mean, is that a sign of things to come? Noynoy might spend a lot of his time defending his sister’s actions instead of busying himself with more pressing matters. Things are about to get weirder in Malacanang in my opinion.

        It’s easy to dismiss her as insignificant but I think we should not underestimate the kind of influence she can have on her unmarried brother. She’s outspoken and does not mind meddling in his affairs.

        Queen Elizabeth also dismissed the late Princess Di as a nuisance when she was all over the tabloid magazines. What the Queen did not realise was that the late Princess was instrumental in damaging the image of the royal family. Likewise, there has been numerous write-ups about the fact that Princess Di had a role in the decline of the famous British discretion. Nowadays, the stiff upper lip is slowly diminishing with the likes of Jordan and Victoria Beckham as role models. We can’t let Kris get away with the kind of damage she can further inflict on Philippine society.

        Kris Aquino might not be a public official but she might as well be one because she could possible have a major impact on presidential matters in the near future. A lot of Filipinos look up to the likes of Kris because they think that because she is on TV, it means that what she does is acceptable behaviour.

      • BenK says:

        @ilda, I see your point, I just think it’s really unfortunate that someone actually has to make it. This whole topic feels like the sort of thing that happens when I go out with my 3-year-old son; we should be moving to a higher level, he and I, and having him learn how to actually use a urinal in a public restroom, but instead we’re still stuck on trying to get “don’t put your hands in it” through his thick little head. We should be past the point in this country of “put celebrities in their proper perspective (because, you know, showbiz relatives of politicians are a dime-a-dozen here)” but instead we’re still stuck on “does Kris Aquino matter”.

      • ilda says:


        Wouldn’t it be great if we can move to a higher level? That’s what we have been trying to do before the election. I have other blogs to prove it 🙂 Unfortunately, the election results shows that we cannot run if we don’t know how to walk yet. Even if we drag the majority of the voters using wild horses, they cannot and refuse to understand what we are talking about. Believe me, I thought hard about publishing a Kris Aquino blog precisely because I knew I would get a reaction like yours and Vox Populi’s but you know, almost everyone wants to be a celebrity in the country and they see it as a ticket to blissful life. I thought I was trying to demystify the glitz and glamour being sold by the media through Kris. Maybe I didn’t deliver that message hard enough.

        Yes, you are right about showbiz relatives of policians being a dime-a-dozen, but how many are like Kris Aquino?

  4. lmc says:

    This is off topic but today in The Buzz she said she’ll donate a million or more worth of school supplies to the areas that produced most votes for Noynoy. Isn’t this power tripping? It’s what she usually does in ABS-CBN, she’ll be friends with the strongest personalities and those that she doesn’t like (ie, girls prettier than her; aspiring actresses, still prettier than her) she will raise her eyebrow to and purposely leave out.

  5. ChinoF says:

    Guilbauted… Kris is not liberal.. she’s out of control.

    Remember when pro-Noynoy people would say, “none of Ninoy’s and Cory’s children would do anything to shame their parents’ good name”? Ay naku, give them the ultimate proof that shattered that claim… Kris.

  6. May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

    This leads us to a disturbing thought: Kris Aquino’s fame says something about Filipinos’ tastes.

    Holy sh*t Ilds. I had the exact same thought. That explains why she’s endorser of everything!

    Many people working at ABS-CBN agree: You either love Kris or hate Kris. Either way, she’s a cash cow for the station because she never considers anything she does as embarrassing or stupid. Put it all on cam and you get big bucks!

    • ilda says:

      lol….I almost used the term cash cow in the title 🙂

      There is something to be said about the taste of the people who patronize her.

      You know I didn’t really want to write about her because I don’t really follow her show or her life but she is the sister Noynoy and she might wield a lot of influence on the policies soon. We need her sanity intact 🙂 And also, because she is on TV, a lot of women emulate her with the mistaken belief that her behavior is ok .


    • Jay says:

      Like the truman show, but with Kris Aquino.

    • BongV says:

      i’ll say it … WALANG KA TASTE-TASTE 😆

    • ChinoF says:

      Hate to say it again, but she certainly represents the state of mind of Filipinos. That state of mind is actually not having any. Makes you wonder what you can do to upgrade Filipinos’ tastes.

      Guess the best we could do is be tasteful ourselves. 😛

      • Jay says:

        Kris for over a decade now has been filling pinoys’ minds of what they should be, how they should think, see how she sees things. And not just the poor (for those narrow minded poor-fag defenders) but certainly the affluent ones who have resources.

  7. kimmy says:

    What the heck, you’re not even supposed to trumpet the “good” things that you do! Why does she have to announce that she’s gonna give charities to this and that?! HYPOKRISSY! I don’t want to be preachy, but even the Bible says that even if you give everything away but do not have love (the REAL kind I’d believe), it counts for NOTHING.

    Sad, sad, sad! Kris Aquino dominating the media is such a sad reality that most Filipinos are not even aware of! In short, uto-uto talaga tayong mga Pinoy! (Well, the majority of us, at least!) Kris (along with ABias-CBN) is such a big FAKE- fake values, fake persona, fake humility, fake everything!

  8. juanon says:

    For those who think Kris is already terribly annoying in the Media… you haven’t seen her backstage and/or between camera cuts.

    This woman is a monster. She’s rude to her guests both celebrity and non celebrity, she’s rude to her staff, she’s a backstabber to anyone and I mean ANYONE. Given the chance, she would just speak out whatever negative thought she has towards a person who isn’t in her presence.

    It’s also no secret that Kris is as plastic as an Orocan trash bin, but seeing it live is something else. Her personality changes as fast as a light switch. Seriously, that seemingly drug induced fervor she shows in TV suddenly switches off along with the cameras during cuts.

    There was this incident in Game KNB where Kris was all sociable to her contestant on air. So the contestant thought “hey she’s pretty nice” and so she tried to converse with “ate Kris” during a cut. Kris didn’t just give her the cold shoulder, she practically IGNORED HER VERY EXISTENCE. That’s right, whenever the contestant would talk, Kris just stood there and did NOTHING.

    I also personally saw her greet her stage director with sweetness, then once he stepped out of the studio she suddenly said “Sino nagpadala ng p*tang ina na iyon???”

    I know this because I have a relative who was a frequent guest back then in her talk show and from there we befriended people from the network.

  9. Mga ingiterang palaka!!!! You hate Kris because you people are insecure. You don’t have what Kris Aquino have! That’s life crab mentality they say… whoever is on top, they are being pulled down by the insecure and ingeteros like you.

    • helios says:

      well Ilda, here’s the answer to your “This leads us to a disturbing thought: Kris Aquino’s fame says something about Filipinos’ tastes”

      anyway, Kris Aquino is like a car pile up along SLEX you know you cant get anything out of it but you just cant keep your eyes off it. (Im pretty sure im quoting someone on this)

      to be honest i was a little worried when i saw the title; that you devoted your time on Kris Aquino, I was like “uh oh…. is AP getting dirty now?” but still you had a point on the whole how Philippine society makes a mountain out of air (the whole hullabaloo over the life of the Ms Aquino-Yap). its actually bothering but not mind boggling. I have to admit when i was younger i used to go straight to the lifestyle/entertainment section whenever i open up the broadsheet — embarrassing I know.

      for the record, i do hate Ms Aquino-Yap but I do think that people should just leave her alone. Perhaps what we should hate are the media outfits that devote precious time and space covering not just her life but also the lives of Marian Rivera, DIng Dong Dantes, Piolo Pascual Sarah Geronimo…. thats what we Flips like… artistas… we’re trying to be like Hollywood are we not? It actually bothers me that shows like Probe Team and The Correspondents are shown way late into the night….. and prime time slots are mostly devoted to soap operas….

      Ms. De Leon doesnt get the point… which makes me wonder what she’s doing here in the first place…. maybe she Googled Kris Aquino and voila! she gets directed to the AP site.

    • famous wolf says:

      And this is your argument? Insecurity? That’s funny, pardon me while I laugh my ass off at this stupidity first.


      Anyway, to put it in terms, Kris is an attention whore, one of the reasons I hate her, and why I don’t watch TV. The article just points out why people should even bother giving attention to a promiscuous woman when they can just read a book, a newspaper, a magazine etc. I guess your stay in the boobtube wasteland desecrated the remaining braincells you have left. Please kill yourself and do us all a favor, better yet, argue some more and show us how ‘INTELLIGENT’ and how ‘INSECURE’ we are. I’m sure we’re in need of some laughs, dumbass.


    • Maria Palmera says:

      Ms Andrea

      When someone’s perception is affected by the actions of another person that is NOT NORMAL it is NOT INGGIT OR INSECURITY!!! Sabihin na lang natin na ang isang taga MANDALUYONG MENTAL HOSPITAL client ay walang karapatan na magdadaldal sa NATIONAL MEDIA BROADCAST dahil baka makaimpluwensya sa mga kabataan sa populasyon na 92 MILLION. ABNORMAL ang BEHAVIOUR NI KRIS AQUINO SA TV.

      Sinong maiingit sa isang abnormal na magsasabi na NAGKAROON SYA NG STD dahil sa isa sa mga lalaking kinakasama nya sa KAMA?? Anong pakialam ng 92 million probable viewers ng telebisyon sa mga kinakalantari nyang mga basketbolista at mga artista? Kung ikaw ay magkakaanak gusto mo bang maging abnormal din ang anak mong babae dahil ang pinapanood nya sa telebisyon ay mga katulad ni Kris, Ruffa, Annabel, Boy Abunda at iba pa? Kung ok lang sa yo ang mga “ROLE MODELS” na yan… ITULOY MO ANG PANONOOD MO. Wala ang sinuman na karapatan na pigilan ang iyong kaligayahan na manood sa isang tao na may abnormal behavior sa TV broadcast. PERO para sabihin na ang pagtuligsa sa isang abnormal ay INGGIT at INTRIGA… KATARANTADUHAN YAN!!

    • Anonylol says:

      >”You don’t have what Kris Aquino have! ”

      That’s because I don’t sleep around like she does.

      • BenK says:

        Hahahahaha, you went there. Good for you. I kept having phrases like “clap-ridden skank” and “dessicated ham locker” bubble up in my mind and want to be comments, but I had to restrain myself.

      • brianitus says:

        I think she just wanted to compete with her Ate B. You know, who will have the most B? It’s all in the name.

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        Awesome, Anonylol. 😀

    • ChinoF says:

      Insecure dahil we don’t have what Kris has… ano yun… ah! Yung STD na nai-broadcast niya sa lahat! Yeah… I’m glad I don’t have what Kris has. 😛

    • criselda says:

      Easy Ka lang Andrea.. Use GYNEPRO… :))

    • crab says:


    • Artemio says:

      @ Andrea de Leon,

      Paano kaming maiinggit dyan kay Kris, eh di-hamak na mas maganda ang love life ko kaysa sa kanya? Very happy ako. Hindi rin magulo buhay ko tulad nya. Sya ang dapat mainggit sa akin.

      Nag-aalala lang mga tao, dahil she may have an adverse influence on Noy’s thought processes and decisions, which is already fickle to begin with (remember his changing position regarding taxation?). Her poor taste in men, not being a good judge of character, and her chaotic life are indicative of her lack of wisdom in managing human affairs. People should not adulate her blindly but rather learn from her mistakes.

  10. wowie says:

    Wow… a defender of Kris Aquino. That’s a pretty rare sight for me. Even so, your argument was already pretty lame when you already assumed that people that are criticizing Ms. Aquino are “insecure”.

    Insecure of what exactly? Her non-existent talent? Her tactless attitude? Her highly publicized love affairs? Or do you mean her infamous announcement to the whole nation that she got STD from Joey Marquez? There are more to add to this list but I think this is enough reason for anybody in their right mind to ever be “insecure” of what Ms. Aquino “have”.

    The point of the article above is, whether you (or other people) like it or not, Kris Aquino would definitely have a key role on how our new government would take shape in the next six years. If she’s already being hounded by the press even from before (and more or less loved every bit of it), now that his brother is the president of the Philippines, the press would definitely watch her every move double than before (well, except for A-bias-CBN I guess). She would become a subject of nitpicking of people from every corner. Because remember, pro-Noynoy supporters has been very adamant during his campaign that “Ninoy and Cory never made a mistake in raising their children”, which ironically, Kris Aquino’s recent escapades very much invalidates this claim.

    Don’t think for a second that just because Noynoy got a landslide victory meant he was voted by the majority of Filipino people. We are talking about 60% of divided vote here, that’s means the minority of 40% voted for him and the remainder majority would rather vote for somebody else. There will be times that she’ll be included and/or cited by critics of the new administration (possibly subject to the butt of jokes), and would probably become one of the possible reasons for Noynoy Aquino’s downfall. So if she has a very good common sense, she should lie low from the limelight for a while and get everything settled for his brother first (plus a drastic change of attitude would be a big help).

  11. She deserves to be called a b**** by Eric Cartman and be Rider Kicked by Masked Rider Decade to the Advent Void where she truly belongs. She’s neither modest nor true to her word, two of the qualities I look in my Ms. Right.

  12. benign0 says:

    Kris Aquino is a profound reflection of the absolute shallowness of Pinoy society. She is a good specimen for careful analysis because it is through her that we gain more insight on the vacousness of the society that showers her with adulation, more so now that she is the famous sister of an unremarkable man who was catapulted to the presidency on the back of the very vacuousness she represents.

    • Maria Palmera says:


      Are you saying that we now have two ABNORMAL specimens to scrutinize in showbiz and politics?

      • manila paper says:

        Questions for Noynoy Aquino apply to Kris Aquino as well:

        1. Would Kris Aquino be Kris Aquino if her parents were not Ninoy and Cory, and her last name was not Aquino?

        2. Is Kris Aquino willing to undergo psychological and mental testing?

        Kris Aquino’s “power” comes from our inability to ignore her. Love her or hate her, you can’t pretend she doesn’t exist. We can’t ignore her because a) she habitually pushes the bounds of propriety and normal human behavior, and b) the media, primarily ABS-CBN, gives her the ubiquity she needs to spread her “message”.

        Interestingly, Kris Aquino was already a source of fascination before she turned scandalous. Remember her first TV interview with Inday Badiday on See True when she was still a teenager? That was one of the highest-rating moments of TV history in the Philippines. The initial fascination probably had to do with her being a visible and talkative character in the Ninoy-Cory-People Power myth (unlike her sisters, who stayed in the background). She was the precocious kid who lost her father. Straight out of a telenovela, therefore perfect fodder for Pinoys.

        After that, she went from train wreck to train wreck, and this kept her constantly in the public eye. Advertisers flocked to her, because she could give their products instant awareness.

        Somebody should do a thorough analysis of Kris Aquino. It’s important because she’s one of the maybe Top 5 people who will be influencing Noynoy Aquino’s decisions as President. She will deny this but it’s a fact..

        What limits should be imposed on Kris Aquino now that she is First Sister? Should she be banned from endorsing products? Should she be taken off talk shows? The standards are stricter now compared to when her brother was just a candidate. If he is serious about not showing any favoritism for certain companies or certain personalities, sacrifices need to be made.

      • ilda says:

        Thank you for your comment Manila Paper

        I’m glad you see where I’m getting at. There is a lot at stake if Kris Aquino maintains the kind of behaviour that she has. She is now part of the first family (again). Her behaviour is unacceptable if it continues. And certainly conflicts of interest can happen with her product endorsements.

      • ChinoF says:

        Like begets like. LOL

  13. Government r U says:

    [@ “Government r U“, as a gesture of limited leniency for now, I’ve consolidated (more like dumped) all your comments together in one comment unit below (arranged from most recent to earliest). Next time, get your thoughts together first and write a coherent and unified comment for each idea instead of placing small tingi-tingi snippets of brainwaves across muliple comments. Your IP address is has been flagged as spam which means your future comments are now more likely to end up in the spam queue at initial submission and will be subject to review by exception. Consider yourself and others here who apply the same tingi style of commenting warned. Enjoy your flight with AP and we look forward to seeing you in future flights. 😀 – benign0]

    * * *

    Kris Aquino is a liberated woman in the minds conservative men and women who wanted themselves liberated from the fetters imposed by their culture.

    As Filipino saying goes, “Sorry, na lang, ing-git lang ka-u”

    Kris Aquino is a reflection of Filipinos vacuous hatred of beauty that is not theirs. Filipino reflection is in this thread. They so long to want Kris Aquino in bed since they cannot have her they rip her apart.

    Truly a Filipino reflection.

    Kris Aquino is not covert of her love to basketball player Yap. She came down from her castle to meet the parents of Yap in Negros. Kris Aquino loves intensely. She gives all of her to make a man not jump to another bed.

    Kris Aquino is reformed. Her bed habits are not. That is what makes men jealous. They wanted Kris Aquino in their hands. To nurse her huge real perky breasts

    Kris Aquino is not “attention whore” Kris Aquino r U. A Filipino wouldn’t have known about Kris Aquino if you did not watch and read about her.

    You watch and read about Kris Aquino looking for tell-tale sign of depressed Kris Aquino. She is depressed but not showing it to make jealous readers ruin their day just like now.

    Kris Aquino is pretty considering I was raised to like white fair women. Kris Aquino eyes sparkles with laughter. Her confidence annoys those who wished her ill.

    Hatred of Benigno Simeon Aquino III should not be hatred to Kris Aquino. She is a bed-jumper damsel in distress that needed our attention and help.

    In Internet, you do not say sorry. “Sorry” is a sign of weakness. Anonymity is strength.

    Kris Aquino, no doubt, is a looker. Her confidence extricate her inner beauty trapped inside her. Her bulbous bosoms heaved as she breath, her callous smiles makes men desperate for sex.

    Women, by nature, hates women who are pretty.

    Based on my tainted eyes of where I was raised, I find Kris Aquino pretty. This bed-jumper may be annoying yet her bizarre behaviour gives trauma to others.

    Kris Aquino represents the landed oligarchs of Hacienda Luisita. Kris Aquino perpetuates the adoration of Filipinos who wears white fair skin in which Filipinos are very much trying to shed their brown skin by buying very expensive skin whitening tablets called Gluthathione on top of cell phone load.

    • Government r U says:

      Benign0, I would rather be subject to “review by exception”. Too, bad I hijacked your ideas while you are frantically perfecting your english.

      chodolo, Benign0 … ’till we meet again!!!!!

    • Government r U says:

      Benign0, R u jealous that I am a knight in shining armour for Kris Aquino? TOO BAD, DUDE! GET A GIRL. Get a Life!

    • Government r U says:

      Stop fretting and brooding over wrong grammar. It is the message. It is unfortunate my message rings true. By the way, what is “vacuous”? Just don’t patience over deep sounding words thinking it gives a ring of intellect.

      All your blogs are already known fact. You must make it sound dandy.

      My comments are pure genius. Original. Unique. Yours is already a given. Nothing new. They just comment on your blog out of decency and respect of fellow AntiPees.

      I guess I am done here. See you in another blog Benign0. Just go easy on your old-fashion english that can only be understood by 90-years-old high-school drop-outs.

      • benign0 says:


        By the way, as a going away present, I did a bit of research for you. Check it out here.

        Have a nice life. 😀

      • Jay says:

        . Just go easy on your old-fashion english that can only be understood by 90-years-old high-school drop-outs.

        I don’t know if he was trolling that last part or that poster was dead serious with that comment.

      • ilda says:


        That was Renato Pacifico going berserk again for some reason. Maybe he forgot to take his medication today 🙂

    • bokyo says:

      Parang “Chuck Norri0 Facts” lang a. Lol

  14. Vox Populi says:

    WTF, having a Kris Aquino blog here is soooo anti-Anti-Pinoy! Who’s next Willie Revillame or Ai-Ai?

    • ilda says:

      @Vox Populi

      I don’t expect everyone to get the fact that Kris Aquino sets the pace for how the rest of Philippine society behaves. Yes, she is a celebrity but she is a celebrity who is related to the president elect. This means she can have an influence on the policies. Would you want that?

      Is Willie Revillame related to Noynoy? The answer is no so it is silly of you to assume that having a Kris blog here will be the start of celebrity blogs at from here onwards. Did the blog discuss the details of her life? The answer is no so I think you are not seeing the big picture here.

      Just read my explanation to Benk here and read Manila Paper’s comment here to enlighten you a bit more. Your comment is very disappointing.

      Kris Aquino’s rise to fame is a reflection of how dysfunctional our society is and I happen to think that it is worth discussing here.

      • ChinoF says:

        I think Vox is enjoying how we flesh out the vacuousness of the celebrity here. That’s a thought too… Willie, Ai Ai, Pokwang… our celebrities can basically be symbols of Da Pinoy dysfunction.

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        Even I have days when all I wanna do is get away from Krissy’s ubiquitous insincere mug and very annoying excuse for a voice even for only a couple of hours BUT TO NO AVAIL.

        Be cool both of you.

    • BongV says:


      Why not.

      Let’s compare the humor of Willie/Ai-Ai vs the humor of JoKoy, Edwin San Juan, and Rex Navarette




  15. Nicksterkb says:

    I have a very simple formula when it comes to watching Kris Aquino… I don’t. However having said that, she is like a road accident. People will say, “Don’t look!” but you still do as you don’t want to miss the gore!

  16. manila paper says:

    Why is Kris Aquino relevant to the discussions here about president-apparent Noynoy Aquino?

    Because Kris Aquino is one of Noynoy Aquino’s top propaganda tools. As a propaganda tool, she is no mere mouthpiece, she actually influences the message. Kris Aquino played a key role in the single-minded demonization of Gloria Arroyo during her brother’s campaign (remember the sob story about Malacanang pulling out her late mother’s bodyguards?). In her shows, Kris Aquino brought up her brother, her mother, her father, and her family’s “sacrifices” for the country at every opportunity to build up the Aquino franchise. Kris Aquino recruited the celebrities who endorsed her brother’s candidacy. The latest on the rumor mill: Kris Aquino is negotiating with Erap Estrada so he will concede sooner rather than later. Lord knows what concessions are being offered in exchange. (If rumor is true)

    This, friends, is why Kris Aquino needs to be watched. She will be a very influential operator in the Noynoy presidency, whether she admits it or not.

    For Noynoy, she is like a high-risk, high-return investment. He needs to think hard about his exposure to this particular stock.

    • Anonylol says:

      Jesus, you make it sound like Kris is some secret agent of sorts.

      Could she actually be smarter than she seems?

      • Jay says:

        No but she is very good undermining many people, having already established how low-key she is to the personality-ran political world of the Philippines.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks again Manila Paper

      This further validates my point that Kris is not just an ordinary celebrity. I am actually surprised that there are people who don’t see it the way we see it.

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        I don’t underestimate the power of Kris Aquino, in terms of influencing people’s decisions and her brother’s future decisions.

        I remember there was a point during the campaign period when Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar were almost statistically tied (if we are to believe the surveys). When Kris Aquino announced that she will take a leave in one of her shows and help Noynoy’s campaign, not long after, Noynoy’s ratings were up again. Her many endorsements may have increased product sales, that’s why she gets some more ads. Her shows may have high ratings, that’s why ABS CBN is giving her more shows than she can handle.

        One way of getting rid of Kris is to boycott her shows and products she endorses. If the ratings and sales begin to drop, then maybe the network and advertisers will have second thoughts and we’ll see less of her who is called “the queen of all media”. But then reality check tells me that there are more “baduy” and “bakya” who will still idolize her and patronize what she represents.

        If she had influenced her brother to fix his hairstyle and advised him not to get married yet when he was still presidential candidate, I’m worried now what she will advise him next as he assumes the presidency. Yea, something to watch out for.

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        I’m already boycotting everything she endorses and all her shows. But damn I still see her on the news, see her face on Mongol pencil ad posters, and hear her cursed voice from the neighbors’ tv sets.

  17. kinoa says:

    Kris Aquino is a bitter pill for a lot of Filipinos. She’s the kind of celebrity that you’d like to hate and love all at the same time. Let’s be real, bearing the “Aquino” surname isn’t enough to hold her position as talk show host. And let’s admit that (her) being in the business for a long time actually proves that she is efficient in her undertakings. *Time to pop that bitter pill again*

    • ilda says:

      She’s the kind of celebrity that you’d like to hate and love all at the same time.

      I have to say, you are speaking for yourself on this one.

      • Kinoa says:

        Maybe. But with all due respect, Ï am not the one who penned 1,304 words for Kris Aquino. And I quote”Going on national TV to give details of what she’s up to is assuming that people really give a hoot” Peace! 🙂

      • ben says:

        Pwned Ilda 😀

      • ilda says:

        Ms Kinoa

        If you must know, I was prompted to write this because I saw an article about Noynoy defending her right to stay in the country and thought that something as trivial as that can actually stop the nation from progressing. I seriously think that Kris will be an issue in the way Noynoy will run Malacanang. There are also various Facebook fan page organizing her despedida, which are hard to ignore. Read my article again and tell me if you’ve seen anything similar to my analysis of her. This is not some showbiz mambo-jumbo.

        Admittedly, Kris as a subject is boring but Kris as a presidential adviser is dangerous.


        Since people keep insisting that I’m turning into another Boy Abunda, I am now considering competing with Perez Hilton blogging for showbiz types if this one is successful indeed. It might be more lucrative 😉

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        We love to hate her yeah.

      • Lilly says:

        I’d rather put it like this: Kris Aquino is someone that I should ignore but can’t, because ignoring her is tantamount to letting that little ***** run the country.

        No. Just no.

    • jethernandez says:

      I agree partly… @ kinoa. Her kind has a market…. but you should not discount the fact that when she’s started her showbiz career… it was during the time of her dead mother’s administration. If you’ve read about the Goebbelian principle of “repeated lies become truths”, you can probably attribute the Kris phenomenon with that. Her continuous presence in movies and television is like repetitious lies… all you need to do is to accept her existence. Even if the reviews would say that her showbiz skills are way far below mediocrity, she is the only female that has an inalienable right to push hard her showbiz dreams at all cost… because she is the daughter of the king and queen of banana politics… it’s her privilege to be in showbiz, whether the Filipinos like it or not.

      Kris Aquino phenomenon is a reflection of the character of the broadcast market… probably the majority are the Filipinas who can relate to this “liberalist” idea of the female’s ultra-liberation that one can fnck all the basketball players that makes her wet downstairs. In real life, these women are suppressed because of the moral standards of the “bias” religion of their husbands. OTOH, even if Kris went beyond the dogmas of her own religion, she was able to get away with it… The priests, the ministers and the imams ignored her un-dogmatic ways… probably because she is an Aquino or something else…

      But what would the choice be… are we ready, on the aggregate as citizens of this abnoy republic, to continue being tolerable and make our young female labor components to act like Kris Aquino? what if we all act like Kris Aquino or Boy Abunda?

      • ChinoF says:

        It is so unfortunate that such a market for her exists. hehehe

      • Jay says:

        It exists in a can’t-think-for-myself society.

        Adam Carolla had ranted that Paquiao was the obsession of Pinoys. Nothing comes eerily close to Kris Aquino. Maybe Sharon Cuneta at one point but her time is over.

      • jethernandez says:

        As collective citizens, our behaviour can be described in sociological theories… problema lang hindi ako sociologist… hehehe It’s a sociological desperation of finding the right “role models”. Look at the political choices… Noynoy, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada, Lito Lapid, Tito Sotto… Dahil tamad tayong mag isip we cannot see the interconnectivity of our individual choices and behavior. Showbiz and politics for us are one and the same arena. THE MEDIA FEEDS US WITH THESE KINDS OF TRASH… they gave us wowowie, kris aquino and gay abunda, the shallow manolo pundit for the “educated kuno”, ellen Topak, showbiz talk shows, telenovela, tele pantasya, editorialized news that are half truths, continuous broadcast of how government does not work, AND THE MOST RECENT… THE PRESIDENT ELECT… who most of those who have not voted for him call him Abnoy.

        Noynoy and Kris… like ERAP IS MEDIA CREATION… Media made him… media killed him…

  18. Miguel says:

    I don’t know Kris Aquino other than what I hear and read across the netherworld. I agree with your point that she would definitely be influential in her brother’s administration. If @Manila Paper ‘s last comment has any ring of truth, she would be a wily operator indeed.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      I can see it now: Not is just a mouthpiece for whatever Kris has in mind… It’s an intellectual’s nightmare! Only question now would be this: How bad will the nightmare be??

  19. Marcing Pin says:

    After GMA steps down from office on June 30, Abnoy will get the “President” title while Kris Aquino will get from GMA the “Bruha” of Malacanang title…

  20. Arnel E says:

    I think for delicadeza, now that Noynoy will be President, Kris should stop endorsing products nor appearing in TV shows. Surely, producers and manufacturers may pay Kris for whatever she does just so to get to the good graces of the new President. True or not, it doesn’t matter, there is still conflict. But I guess delicadeza is a foreign word.

    In fact does anyone notice that while Noynoy is saying that Kris can now return to his showbiz career, Kris has actually become more busy and visible in TV ads and billboards during the campaign? Are those advertisers actually contributing to the Noynoy campaign? I am beginning to get used to hearing something and realizing something else.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks Arnel. I didn’t realise you made a comment here. I’m glad you agree that Kris can be a problem for Noynoy. We can’t be too elitist for our own good. We can discuss other important issues here why not, but at the end of the day, is our society mature enough to handle discussions about changing into a parliamentary system for example? We might find that we are just talking amongst ourselves because no one is really listening. As a blogger, I try to experiment and see what people will/can get. I find it interesting that some people can be too dismissive the minute they see Kris Aquino’s name on the title. I happen to believe she can damage our culture even further.

      The Liberal Party used Kris to communicate to the masa. I know it’s close to impossible, but maybe our movement could use a celebrity endorser to reach out to the voting public as well. If that is how they want to play the game, we can’t win if we don’t play it their way.

      As I said in another comment, there will certainly be conflict of interest due to her product endorsements. Unfortunately, the word “delicadeza” is quite alien to Kris and the mainstream media.

  21. Ging says:

    Kris Aquino is here to stay (only God knows how many more decades to go!), whether we like her or not… & looks like an infinite number of people don’t like her too(check out latest count of FB’s Kris Aquino Despedida Group, now at 21,662 & increasing!), thank goodness for that … But the point is still there, that she will be an even bigger force to contend with in this upcoming administration (God help us all!).

    If my memory of our recent history is right, after making some foolish mistakes in her personal life (from Ipe to Joey Marquez), didn’t Noynoy “reconciled” with her when he decided to run for the Senate (or was it Congress)? Siempre pa big brother know how much influential & popular little sister has become even when her personal life has gone berserk (several times, I must add!). So there he was needing her little sister to campaign for her. Same thing for this recent election, user-friendly naman silang magkapatid, right? Oh well, birds of the same feather … is the same bird!
    Ms. ilda, love this blog! Thanks for putting this hullabaloo in its proper perspective. More power to the AP team.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks ging

      It baffles me how anyone can say that the late Cory Aquino was an inspiration to them because of her modesty when in fact her own daughter isn’t very modest. It says a lot about Cory’s inability to motivate people even those closest to her to do genuinely good things for selfless reasons.

      • Kat says:

        Say all you want about Kris but leave her dead mom alone. The problem with us Filipinos is that we love to bash and talk about other people as if we are the cleanest and the most righteous of all the brown species. That’s democracy working. Have you thought about how you can uplift yourselves from the stench that we call buhay-Pinoy? Yup, Kris will definitely influence his brother one way or another and of course most of us are waiting for her to do scandalous things again so that we again will have some things to gripe about. Just pray hard because when she suddenly turns into a positive influence on his bother’s administration (‘am keeping my finger crossed), then blogs like these will die a natural death. We thrive on the ANTI, DON’T WE?

      • Kat says:

        influence her brother

      • BongV says:

        the day the AP becomes irrelevant is a glorious day.
        of course, it presumes that more people have wisened up and stepped up to the challenge.

        thought about uplifting the stench? hmmm… first off, voting for gordon was one – pinoys would rather remain downtrodden so they can keep on with the victim mentality, ayun binoto si noynoy – who panders to the inutile attitudes that keep people down instead.

        kris turning into a positive influence? maybe when the raven turns white.

        – bumenta na sa takilya yan, no one’s buying dumbass lame alibis.

      • ilda says:


        Say all you want about Kris but leave her dead mom alone.

        Would you mind saying that to everyone else who keeps mentioning the dead Marcos? Even bloggers from other sites blame him for how Kris turned out. Dead or alive, Cory was instrumental for a lot of atrocities.

        Whether you admit it or not, the late Cory failed to straighten her daughter out. People like you allowed Kris to blossom into a manipulative person.

        Say all you want but leave this site alone. It’s good for the soul. 🙂

  22. frank says:

    Only In The Philippines does someone who shacked up with a ton of married men,

    ended up with a guy who she snagged from his long time girlfriend 8 months pregnant,

    gone through PBA players like a dog in heat,

    announced on nationwide tv that she has STD,

    claimed to want to stab her brother’s detractors,

    consistently mouths off without being responsible for her comments,

    uses and quotes her honorable parents name in speeches and talk shows when convenient to defend her actions,

    pushes her weight around in a network that allows her to run her mouth regardless who gets hurt..

    AND is still the number one endorser/role model of products and services…
    and we wonder why our Country Gets No Respect!

    • ilda says:

      Your profile of her is enough reason for the networks to lose their credibility Frank. They and Kris Aquino have no sense of propriety.

      A lot of high profile athletes or celebrities in other countries get dropped as product endorsers the minute they get embroiled in controversy but in the case of Kris Aquino, the networks use the controversy to rake in more pesos. They are a disgrace if you ask me. And that is one of the reasons why I wrote about Kris Aquino

    • BongV says:

      well… lemme play devil’s advocate..

      Kris is the Philippine version of Paris Hilton – it’s just that Paris ain’t Obama’s sister 😆

  23. kid dynamo says:

    One word of advice for everyone taking Kris seriously…….DON’T

    Kris having all this media mileage and (disturbingly) th affection of a large number of our countrymen just proves our knack for the dysfunctional.

    How many times have i encountered in public forums and court of public opinion people defending her and always labelling her as the “Victim” of unfortunate circumstance which in fact the predicament she is into is her own doing.?

    People will label you as a “mapanghusga sa kapwa” when you try to point out that she is not a good example for the younger generations of Filipinas for her misadventures in the past.

    Like its ok for a woman to do such things as long as you “play the victim” to have the sympathy of the gullible public to which everything they tend to view as one big telenovela. Well i don’t know about some but i don’t see the moral lesson there…not everyone has a Boy Abunda that has a spare 30min airtime to build you up in national television as the “unsuspecting victim whose only wrong is to love a married man”

    But then again, as i mentioned, most of us have this knack for the dysfunctional. After all, just look at the Elections this year, a well known womanizer, gambler, alcoholic, plunderer ranks No.2

    Need we say more?

    • ilda says:

      I see the irony in what you are saying kid dynamo

      You prefer to ignore Kris Aquino because she already has too much airtime but you also said that she has every opportunity to showcase her victim mentality. Since people often see and hear her “playing the victim” hasn’t it occurred to you that having a write-up exposing her act as a false prophet makes sense? This will give other people a chance to see her for who she is rather than allowing her to fool other people using her crocodile tears.

      The attitude of “ignoring” Kris only made Kris much more lucrative. For years hardly anyone dared to bring her back down to earth because she is the daughter of Cory and now as a result, we have a megalomaniac as a possible presidential adviser in our midst.

  24. kid dynamo says:

    yep i choose to ignore her since i believe if we ignore her and forget her sh will cease to exist in the public limelight much like the roman gods of the old (i don’t know if i made the right analogy). This is one aspect of showbiz commercialism. Irregardless of your merits (or in her case misgivings) as long as our can draw signicant attention to our self you get more shows and endorsements, more shows and endorsements more exposure, more exposure more attention and this unending cycle before ou know it snowballs into what Kris is now.

    In a way, we as a nation are the reason why she is there. We take off attention and interests towards her, her cheap stunts and dramas and she will fade away in public conciousness much like the other sisters of Noynoy who chose anymosity.

    The problem though i believe is that in the case of Krissy when have crossed the point of no return, she has gotten so much attention that her popularity has taken a life of its own already. As i’ve said before, the majority of us’ taste for the dysfunctional is the culprit on why Kris and other dubious characters whether in Showbiz and Politics are right where they are right now. I think the best person to solve the problem is not us but Kris or the Aquino family choosing her to exile.

    But then again thats just wishfull thinking, she’s such a cash cow that her disappearing in public conciousness right now would mean losses of millions not to mention her being a valuable asset for ABS CBN.

    ….when……when will the hurting end?????…….

    • ilda says:

      @Kid dynamo

      I don’t think you get what I’m trying to say but that’s ok. It’s probably quite an alien concept for most Filipinos. What I’m trying to say is that, our society should have nipped the problem in the bud before it got even bigger. In some societies, there is what you call “the tall poppy syndrome”. The term refers to a social phenomenon in which people are cut down, or criticized when they become too full of themselves. When this happens, the person being cut down or criticized might snap out of her delusional state and get real once again.

      We, as a society allowed Kris to become too full of herself because we “ignored” the damage she could inflict in our culture. Media used her and most of the members of society patronized the stuff she endorsed instead of boycotting it. What I’m proposing is that we discuss the kind of damage she can further inflict on Noynoy’s tenure in Malacanang. Nip the problem in the bud to prevent it from getting worse.

      I don’t understand why people would assume that I follow her every move just because I wrote a blog about her. Let’s try and look at the big picture here.

  25. sky says:

    This is why I fear the Philippines could become the next Italy, similar to what was showcased in the documentary “Videocracy“.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Sky

      Thanks for sharing the link. It looks like we are heading towards that situation. The sense of propriety slowly diminished because of characters like Kris in the limelight. Her followers allowed it to happen and Cory was busy praying instead of giving her daughter the reality check she badly needed. The rest of society probably thought “ignoring” her will do the trick.

      • sky says:

        I saw the documentary on the plane, so I thought of sharing it here. When watching, I had the feeling this could be (or is bound to be) the future of the Philippines: a society where one worships the black box, and where media power is concentrated in one person: Noynoy Aquino (via Kris).

        It seems we have all the elements of Italian television: the dancing showgirls, overhyped celebrities (and their agents), rabid paparazzi and lax government control, right here in our doorstep, times two and with local peculiarities (overly “urgent” news broadcasts, three-hour long game shows, etc.) At least Italy is fairly well-off. Sadly, a “videocracy” in the Philippines is a travesty. 😦

      • jethernandez says:

        “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” joseph goebbels

    • ben says:

      Wow.. Heavy stuff. Thanks for the link.

    • BongV says:

      we have our own berlusconi in ABS-CBN’s gabby lopez

    • ChinoF says:

      Yeah, I’d say we’re already a videocracy thanks to Wowoweewee and everything else on local TV.

      • sky says:

        And a far as I’m concerned, it’s only in the Philippines where your main news broadcast has an entertainment section! 😦

      • t0da says:

        The entertainment section is not only particular to the Philippines. Even has an Entertainment section. FOX News (which claims “Fair and Balanced”) is pretty shallow and also uses a lot of entertainment bits. Or entertainment that masks as news (see Glenn Beck).

        I do have to say that the entertainment section in shows like TV Patrol are mostly crap, mostly press releases from a showbiz personality handler designed to coincide with upcoming shows.

      • Arvin Q says:

        You can’t differentiate between “entertainment” and (supposedly) “serious news” being shown on TV anymore – same gimmicks, same style of delivery, heck even showbiz news items are given “in-depth analysis” as if the entire population will care and benefit from it.

        Yellow journalism. How fitting.

      • sky says:

        Fox and CNN are news networks. They don’t count. For example: “The National” from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) rarely touches on entertainment, and that’s the main news broadcast of Canada’s public television network. Even TV Patrol’s regional broadcasts are more interesting (and more journalistic) to watch than the crap being dished out by TV Patrol World.

      • t0da says:

        @sky: Ah well my point was that if even news channels do it, what is to stop a non-news network like ABS-CBN from pulling off the same crap?

        Yes I definitely agree with that. The TV Patrol in regional broadcasts have a lower visual quality to them. Byt they make up for it in reporting actual news.

        As someone pointed out somewhere here in AP (I think), it is sad that the serious news actually occurs much later into the night. As usual, it is a ratings game where the ability to get a large audience is more important.

  26. Maria Palmera says:

    Pray and pray harder that this blog will die a natural death because of self-righteousness!! Start now!

    Ilda’s right. Cory’s not been able to control the bitchy antics of Kris and the corruption spree of the kamag anak incorporated. If you don’t believe that, do some research.

    • Maria Palmera says:

      @ Kat

      • ilda says:

        You go girl 🙂

      • Kat says:

        Yeah right.. So let’s then blame our own mothers for not being able to control the bitches in all of us. It’s the same old strory, we monkeys will always curse those who are and who were once in power. Poor us, we’d all die bithching and swearing to high heavens for having a bitch like Kris for a presidential sister.
        Don’t worry, six years will soon pass. But for now, we monkeys must wait until her brother’s term is over. For the record, I did not vote for him precisely because of Kris. Yah, in my own time, I’ll leave you co-bitches alone because I want to and not because somebody told me to. Shade of a dictator . eh? Peace

      • Jay says:

        Yah, in my own time, I’ll leave you co-bitches alone because I want to and not because somebody told me to.

        Sadly, you’ve worn out your welcome the moment you typed your emotion riddled babble here. Its probably that time of the month for you so when you get over that, feel free to come back and have a healthy discussion with us anytime!

      • ilda says:


        Plueeessse! Blame your own mother if you think you are a bitch. You contradict yourself in saying that you didn’t vote for Noynoy because of Kris. Gimme a break will ya?!? You wouldn’t even spend a minute defending her if you weren’t a die hard fan of hers.

        You are such a typical Aquino supporter. You can’t seem to choose your battle. You can stop romanticising the so called “Aquino legacy” now. It’s a sham 🙂

      • ilda says:


        LOL 🙂

      • Ma Xianding says:

        The great wise Renat0 Pacifico who I consider a God like Kim Jong Il has stated very poignantly what the problem of The Philippines is:

        1. The men are not geeks.
        2. The women are all bitches.

        Glory and praise be to him! Praise Renat0 our idol! Outsource our Government and Ampatuanize the Idyot Peryodistas (especially those who were impregnated by Abu Sayyaf but hid the fetus). Let SAAB be our official car. 😀

  27. t0da says:

    When it comes to Kris Aquino, the phrase “All publicity is good publicity” comes to mind. It doesn’t even matter what this woman says or does, she seems to be one of the Philippines holy grails in advertising.

    And for Noynoy Aquino, he definitely benefited from whatever exposure she received. When he was already in the running for president, Kris suddenly appears in this ABS-CBN soap opera. She’s like the SOB in the office, the son of the boss, but worse. Her only reason for fame is her last name, and she milks it for all it’s worth. She ramps up her media presence, gives unsolicited advice about Noynoy, and continually invokes her dead mother’s name.

    On the rare times that I watch TV and see her on it, I just get annoyed and think, “Ang bobo naman ng babaeng ito.” Then I realize how much more stupid the collective Filipino is for putting her on a stage and giving her a microphone.

  28. Shibs says:

    Oh, gawd. Her voice while being so cutesy and all goody-goody makes me think if I can also convince the people around me that I, too, am ‘angelic’.

    I admire her guts. Sarcastically speaking. Just where does she get the courage from? Imagine you, who came from a ‘prestigious’ and ‘admired’ family, have an embarrassing disease, and poured your feelings and emotions out on a national TV. If I were in her shoes, I’d kept my mouth shut about it. Oh, the horror.

    Gu. ~_~

    • brianitus says:

      To add to your “admiration” of Kris: She’s hitting 40 next year. Now, imagine her doing the cutesy voice routine. After that, imagine her hitting 50 and still doing the cutesy voice routine. Did that send a chill down your spine? 😆

    • Lilly says:

      Oh no. No. Kris’ voice is NOT pa-cutesy. It is the sound of two stones grinding into each other.

      …okay, not literally like the grinding of two stones, but her voice never fails to make me cringe. Never.

  29. Paolo says:

    Lock her up in a Soviet Style Gulag and throw away the key.

  30. Mmmm says:

    the best way to ‘kill’ her is to ignore her completely. that’s it. any narcissistic-histrionic, character-flawed personality’s hell-hole is lack of attention… so could we now move on and act like she doesn’t exist? ;D

    • ilda says:


      It’s so obvious that you did not even bother to read the discussions above. I’ve already replied to a similar comment to yours numerous times. It’s just annoying that you are repeating the same thing. Please read the following if you missed it:

      This comment:here and this: here and thishere finally: here

      Try adding something original to the discussion next time or else you are just a waste of space and time.

      • Mmmm says:

        whoa, ilda, no need to be catty. 🙂 i hate her as much you do. probably more.

        it’s precisely because i’ve read the whole thread that’s why i put that comment in. 😀 i meant after all is said and done(i should’ve written that down, in retrospect).. i just think that maybe because of this ‘publicity’ whether good or bad, that’s why she flourishes. i was thinking if we ignore her completely, boycott whatever show she’s in or product she endorses.. then she’ll probably ‘die’ from our consciousness and just vanish into oblivion.. and we can finally move on in no more irritating, fake, patronizing, pretentious boob-tube b*tch to deal with..
        oh well. if only.

        by the way, i am an active gordon volunteer and i just would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys here at antipinoy for providing us with brilliant political blogs. it’s refreshing and empowering. it never fails to inspire.

        attn: paul farol, what IS your pseudonym?? LOL. also, thanks for attending the thanksgiving dinner at blue leaf! 😉

        kudos to all!

      • ilda says:

        I’m glad you came back and explained your position further Mmmm.

        Sometimes a person can misinterpret another person’s point when the message is written in shortcuts. I thought you were being catty too 🙂

        I just think that the problem we have with Kris has been left unchecked for quite some time. No one has taken her influence on society seriously. I have not encountered any of our scholars who spoke against her in depth.

        There may be a small group in Philippine society who believes that she is insignificant but the fact is, there is a big group who looks up to her and emulate her. In some societies, she would have been shunned for her behavior and sponsors would have pulled the plug on her immediately after her first shenanigans went public. The reverence for her parents is what stops people from totally writing her off. The media outlets that keep her on air are also closely linked to her family that’s why she has staying power and that’s too bad for our society.

        What I was trying to do in this blog was to initiate an in depth look at why the problem we have with Kris has become big. I think a lot of people didn’t get my point because it was obvious some thought that I’ve gone Boy Abunda or something. I appreciate your thoughts.


        Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  31. mel says:

    To solve a problem like Kris Aquino is to try convince her consult the best psychiatrist she can get. Obviously, she is traumatized and she needs professional help on how to overcome her insecurities as a person. She needs friends who will show her the beauty of life and the world.

    On the other side, the Media should not exploit her and sensationalize her private life. It is about time that responsible journalism be revived again. For the sake of the future generation. If not, then the Filipino society should get rid of teachings on good moral and right conducts, ethics, and of the Catholic Church!

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      It’ll do the country a lot of good if, better than getting her a shrink, they give her duct tape so she can put it on before any public appearance. Or cork.

      If she could shut herself up half the time the Philippines could become a better place.
      Well, a little better. There’s still too much Pinoy dysfunction to fix.

  32. SaveThePhilippines says:

    people. . . . . we can keep ranting, but we already know what’s happening. it’s too obvious we live in a country where people like Kris can easily manipulate the majority. We need to do something. We need to stop people like her.

    I am sick of all her with all her overly photoshopped billboards in edsa, and all those philip stein ads, my phone ninoy cory phone and all other products they endorse that i doubt they even use (like that of boardwalk . .. knowing kris). can’t believe people are actually buying that kind of stuff. She’s everywhere! It’s like seeing the same shitty face yous see all the time

    • ilda says:


      Just this morning I heard about some academics from England and the US who were talking about Fergie, the former Dutches of York. She’s a contemporary of the late Princes Di and she acts like a tramp much like Kris Aquino. She has been embroiled in another scandal that could potentially harm her former husband’s (Prince Andrew) post. She recently appeared on Oprah and gave her side of the story, some lame excuse about being drunk at that time.

      What she did is no different to what Kris does at Boy Abunda’s show. But the real difference is, academics in western society give their two cents worth and slam Fergie for her actions. This is what’s lacking in the Philippine setting. Yes, Kris Aquino is much talked about by the tabloids but there are no serious discussions about the negative effects of her actions to society. This makes her lifestyle seem so glamorous to some people. We need to have a serious discussion about her pronto for her and for everybody else’s sake especially now that she is wielding her influence on her brother.

  33. MengelOranges says:

    i hate when she talks.. shes so talkative and she says that shell stop something but she never does.. i agree with the upbringing it was a recipe for disaster.. but shes an adult now are you really acting this way?? and you have a child called “baby michael” ? wtf? someday when hes 13 he’ll realized that he doesnt like that name bcuz of his mother who gave him that name. kris, you cant act.. and im gla that i have never heard you sing! your too pale and you need to stop being in front of the camera and get out in the sun!! for crying out loud your not all that cool! sure your mom and dad was president and your brother is like whatever.. but really?? really! this is just stupid.. im going to stop before i ruin my whole day.

  34. Gabby says:







  35. Gabby says:




  36. Hyden Toro says:

    Kris Aquino has some psychological problems. It may had been caused by the traumas, she suffered when she lost he father. He first lover, Philip Salvador, was very much older than her. She was looking for a father figure. Consult some psychologists; if they will not confirm these factors. She is a Seductress and a Man Eater. Seductresses( flamboyant personalities) are:

    – Dramatic, easily upset and emotionally unstable.
    -Unaware of own seductive or aggressive behaviors
    -Always concious of a sexual undercurrent; interprets others’ sexual behaviors as sexual; then feels like evil seductress/ seducer.
    -susceptible to poor self esteem and self blame.
    -Indirect and devious.
    -Naive and simplistic, immature, excessively emotional and childish.
    -Depressed because she feels like bad person.
    -Not a clear thinker, feel insubstantial.
    -Vague, has unclear picture of self; does not see self as responsible for actions.
    -Attention seeker; demands nurturing and support.
    -Dramatic; appears phony; provides an ongoing melodrama for others.
    -Prone to develop physical illness under stress.
    -Emotionally overdone; histrionic; positive and negative feelings are both expressed flamboyantly.


    -Seems “flaky”, flighty and insubstantial to others.
    -May see others as sex objects. (Watch out, man, you may be the next!).
    -Creates triangulated relationships ( as other woman or man).
    -Is competetive with individuals of the same gender.
    -Is exhibitionistic; dramatic in social situations.
    -Is vain, promiscous and jealous.
    -Has superficial but important relationships, because of the need for attention.
    -Is manipulatiuve; plays game to get whatever she wants.

    This personality may be created from childhood low self esteem. Remember her father was jailed by Marcos, when she was young. They even went on exile to U.S. She needs a psychological or psychiatric theraphy to right her personality. You need help, Kris Aquino!

  37. Reality says:

    It’s really because of the defects in Filipino culture that we get non-news like this from worthless people like Kris. Solve the problem by tackling the underlying source, ignore Kris.

    The ancients who wished to illustrate illustrious virtue throughout the Kingdom, first ordered well their own states. Wishing to order well their states, they first regulated their families. Wishing to regulate their families, they first cultivated their persons. Wishing to cultivate their persons, they first rectified their hearts. Wishing to rectify their hearts, they first sought to be sincere in their thoughts. Wishing to be sincere in their thoughts, they first extended to the utmost their knowledge. Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things.

    – Confucious, The Great Learning

  38. pnoy21 says:

    1. Sinungaling si Kris at kasabwat pa si Boy Abunda. Niloko nilang 2 si James at mga pinoy fans.

    2. Matagal na palang kinakaliwa ni Kris si James. Tapos binabaligtad pa nya na si James ang nangbababae yun pala sya ang ma-EL. Magsama kayo ni ESCUDERO pareho kayong may tulo.

    3. Boy Abunda ang kapal ng mukha mo ! Sa bahay mo pa kinasal si James at Kris, alam mo pala na peke yung kasal. Buhay ka pa sinusunog na kaluluwa mo sa impyerno.

    Sige mga pinoy na kinakapos sa pag-iisip tangkilikin nyo pa mga pelikula ni Kris, para imbes ipakain nyo sa mga anak nyo yung pera, ibigay nyo kay Kris para mas madami syang lokohin.

    MATAPOBRE yan si Kris, Obserbahan nyo sa mga show nya, hindi sya nakikipagkamay sa mababaho.

  39. XIII says:

    . . . Andrea deserves an epic facepalm. Brainwashed through and through!

  40. Pingback: In the News: Charice Pempengco undergoes cosmetic enhancement | Anti-Pinoy : World Edition :)

  41. 17 Pieces says:

    How do you fix a problem like Kris Aquino? Aren’t there many deathsquads in the Philippines? Ha ha ha!!!

  42. lines says:

    hi guys, I’m from Cebu and , I have NEVER had friends/acquaintantces who like Kris. I think it’s safe to say that 95% of the Cebuanos hate her.

    people on TV (abs-cbn) say she’s smart ( she’s not, she just talks too much) well bred (she’s not) the female version of ninoy (what?!),,her surname blinds people.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Lines

      Welcome to AP. It’s good to know that people from Cebu use their common sense. I just saw Kris Aquino’s Facebook fanpage and I was shocked to learn that she has 800k+ friends. OMG! They deserve each other!


    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Daghan na ta, brad!

      people on TV (abs-cbn) — Obviously the fools that fit my poem.

      say she’s smart (she’s not, she just talks too much) — Kris, smart? Mater Dei, since when is being talkative equated with intelligence? It’s not the volume, but the content, that matters!

      well bred (she’s not) — (crosses himself SEVEN times) They call someone who screws around “well-bred?!” Jesuchristo, I can be better-bred than that skank of a woman!

      the female version of ninoy (what?!),, — Does that mean she’s a communist in oligarch’s clothing?

      her surname blinds people. — With relatively few exceptions. Hoorah!

  43. S. says:

    Wonderful article! Has anyone seen the footage when her mom was recovering and she was endorsing a product as she was talking about her sick mother in front of a commercial print of the drink. It went something along the lines of that she was visiting her mother everyday and that they, all her family and I think even her mother, were drinking the drink she was endorsing so that they could keep up their strength? You must be pretty low when you start to capitalize on cancer.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks S

      Her actions are not surprising to the public anymore. They have come to see it as “normal.” Which is why you can see Filipinos with no sense of propriety nowadays. They can’t tell what’s right from what’s wrong because Kris is their role model.

  44. Wilson Lim says:


  45. Wilson Lim says:


  46. chao-wei says:

    Now this, this piece is a master of wit. Wow, I love it. 😀

    Any attempt to elucidate the Kris Aquino problem in opinion articles falls prey to understatement. But what delicious understatements! An example: during the 2010 presidential campaign, Kris was described as “fundamentally self-absorbed” in one article.

    I really love this.

  47. Gemma says:


  48. pong pong says:

    its a filipino thing. sa hirap ng buhay ng karamihan mas nakakagaang pag nakkkita cla ng filipino n nsa mataas n estado n naghihirap din. its showbiz. love them hate them as long as pinapanood nyo ok lng sa kanila kc kumikita cla dun. i stop watching filipino movies, sitcoms, shows when i was 10 r so kc kita ko n na kht nung bata pa ako na puro ka hipokrituhan lng mapapanood ko sa mga palabas ng stop watching her shows para matigil a sya sa showbiz and publicities.

  49. rhon09 says:

    This is the reason why I don’t watch local shows; because of all the hullabaloo about celebrities and their miserable lives. I’d rather watch films, documentaries and shows from other countries because I’m sure that I’d learn something more valuable.

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