Noynoy's leadership skills suck and his avid supporters are suckers!

“Paninindigan ko ang desisyon ko!” These are the words of a Noynoy supporter named Willbryan. These are words that do not connote any kind of confidence in his chosen leader, Noynoy Aquino. You can tell that the person behind such words did not use critical analysis before going to the polls and is already accepting the worst from Noynoy. His words can also be translated into one word: SUCKER. They sound like words coming from a person stuck with a bad deal.

The best way to kill a cockroach is to stomp your foot on it as hard as you can, dig your heels in and grind it down for a few minutes more before flushing it down the toilet or setting it alight. A soft pat might give it a chance to crawl its way back up again. You can’t take the risk of the bug surviving the hit. It’s been said that roaches can survive even a nuclear attack.

For some reason, roaches come to mind whenever I encounter a Noynoy supporter such as Willbryan. You just have to agree, some Noynoy supporters act like pests. They say cockroaches are mainly nocturnal and will run away when exposed to light. Well, just like roaches, Noynoy supporters were either not around or too defensive when it came to discussing Noynoy prior to the election and quickly scurried off when a hint of sense in what you say started to hit them. It’s like they feared being enlightened lest they have to change their mind. Nowadays, at the first sign of Noynoy faltering, we hear words such as “Paninindigan ko ang desisyon ko!” or worse “Let’s give Noynoy Aquino the benefit of the doubt.” Let’s get real here. If you used your gut prior to the election instead of your intellect, try using it again because even your gut will tell you that Noynoy is the worst thing that ever happened to Philippine politics since Erap.

Oh, how I’d hate to be a Noynoy supporter nowadays. Noynoy hasn’t even been sworn in yet and he is already embroiled in so many controversies of his own doing. Don’t get me started on what’s happening within the Liberal Party. There’s just too much infighting going on. Unfortunately, president-elect Noynoy cannot be relied upon to put an end to it. There’s just too much information about some kind of betrayal between Mar’s camp and the original Noynoy camp that it is so hard to keep up with what is going on. In fact, there is just so much to write about that I am starting to get writer’s block from not knowing which one I should write about first. I was actually tempted to publish a 2000 word article that will only say “IDIOT” because everything that is going on is simply idiotic!

The funny thing about Noynoy supporters is their obsession with numbers. During the campaign period, they were so obsessed with releasing dubious poll results indicating that Noynoy was on top. Nowadays, they are still fixated with numbers by insisting that Noynoy got an overwhelming mandate with his 40% vote. None of the numbers they present actually translate to how effective he is going to be as the leader of the Republic of the Philippines. They seem to forget that Erap also got an “overwhelming mandate” but went on to prove to be an ineffective leader. These Filipinos are still deluding themselves into thinking that they did the right thing by voting for Noynoy because that is what everyone wanted. A few avid Noynoy supporters were even quick to say “Buti nga sa inyo, talo ang kandidato nyo!” after the election. Well, we are even quicker to say, “Buti nga sa inyo, kulelat ang predidente nyo!” even before he is sworn in because the cracks have already started to show my dear Noynoy supporters.

Some bloggers who were adamant that Noynoy was “The One” in the lead up to the election are now choosing their words carefully. They are now blaming the infighting on hungry rats. Hmmm…cockroaches and rats, they are both pests to me. Here’s an excerpt from blogger Patrcio Mangubat’s sorry excuse:

Judging from the way groups behind Noynoy Aquino’s campaign are behaving, it would not surprise me that counter-elite groups are preparing for a showdown in the coming weeks or months ahead. The possibility of a destabilized Second Aquino administration is high, judging from the behavior of groups of the winning ticket. Aquino has not been proclaimed yet, but groups within his winning campaign team are behaving like hungry rats, nibbling the spoils and imagining themselves becoming rich for the next six years.

The infighting between members of the Hyatt 10 and the Kamaganak Incorporated is old hat already. There is another group, more sinister and hungrier than the first two. And it is no other than The Firm, yes, the Firm.

Bloggers like Patricio are so pathetic. They are still of the belief or want everyone to believe that what’s happening is not Noynoy’s fault or that Noynoy can do no harm. Haven’t they heard of command responsibility? We’ve said it again and again in this blog site: Noynoy Aquino’s administration will just be a repeat of his late mother, Cory Aquino’s stint because just like her, Noynoy cannot seem to get a firm grip over his subordinates. If I were him, I would simply get a gavel and hammer it fast and hard to stop all this non-sense. But Noynoy is not me so I believe that his administration will be fueled with infighting from here onwards.

Just to summarize, avid Noynoy supporters, you did not think about the consequences of your actions, now you simply shrug it off and say “papanindigan ko ang decision ko.” Meanwhile, there are countless poor people who will definitely suffer because of your arrogance and laziness. And then you want other people who did not believe in Noynoy to live with your mistake and ask us to forget you ever made a mistake in the first place. Unfortunately for all of us, if Noynoy Aquino can’t even unite his own party , there is no way in hell he can unite the whole country. So, get ready to rumble.

I’ll say it to you Noynoy supporters now before you believe any more denials coming from Conrado de Quiros or your favourite bloggers; or your own delusional self: The reason why the Philippines is in this predicament now with Noynoy Aquino is because you believed in his so called integrity and the integrity of the people who pushed for his candidacy. It is your fault and there is no other way out now but to suck it in. You are going to make us the butt of jokes around the world and that is just the least of the consequence of your actions. Because of that, I and many others here will surely kick you while you are down lest you come crawling back and vote for another loser like Noynoy Aquino in the next election.

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  2. ChinoF says:

    Next thing you’ll there from these suckers is, “paninindigan ko ang mali ko, makikita mo na tama pa rin.” Or am I just putting words in their mouths? hehehe 😛

    • MaskmanReturns says:

      haha,Noy fags r sure predictable these days isn’t it Chino?

    • ilda says:

      You know what’s unbelievable? Those FV bloggers who were so into Noynoy before but are now scrambling for excuses why the infighting is happening. If they are so knowledgeable about who’s doing the damage to the party, why didn’t they mention during the campaign that it is possible for so and so to do such a thing? Their finger should be pointing instead to Noynoy because Noynoy can’t put everybody in their place. They are a sorry lot I tell ya.

      • ChinoF says:

        They’re trying to save face… a typical Filipino cultural reaction. Ayaw mapahiya, ayaw tanggapin ang mga mali. Too bad saving face doesn’t save their brains, LOL.

    • JOn says:

      I will give him 2 years and he is gone. Lets prepare for Edsa 3, 4, 5. Just like what Gordon said all along “Hindi ang kandidato and talo kundi ang tao”. To tell you frankly, I rather have Binay as the VP instead of Roxas. Binay is more qualified than Roxas in regards to his many accomplishments. If you look at it in a different perspective, behind close doors….Kris will be running Nonoy and Korina Sanchez will be running Roxas. How much worst get it get? For consolation, I rather see Binay as VP. If the people decided to kicked Noynoy out, at least we have a qualified VP to become the next president.
      Just FYI, the current Prime Minister of Japan was forced to resigned during his 8 months tenure in office due to his broken promises and ineffectiveness.

  3. fulgoso says:

    harsh words but i agree. even the highest IQ people i know with double summa-cum-laude supported noynoy. it’s apparent that they forgot to use basic common sense, at a seemingly tragic cost. don’t worry, the most that i can do is to share my a handful of “i-told-you-so” lines in my pocket…

    • Jay says:

      I’m not even a summa-cum-laude graduate but even I know where the selfishness should stop. This is excessive.

      And for the people who criticized Gordon’s harsh view on pinoy behavior not being able to unite the country, at least he’d be backed up with a strong minority support. Strong enough that they would be willing to take on the dumb majority. And at least he’d have to compromise with politicians, much as Gibo as a president will compromise with the people on certain things he can give them since he seems to have support from politicians as well.

      But noynoy? His dumb majority at best are praying for him and he has turned even his personal and political allies into factions. Where do you even begin investing your support in? Maybe the winnable faction 😀

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        I’m an incoming second-year college student, and allow me to make my two cents’ worth of ruminations:

        And THAT is PRECISELY why we NEVER move forward, even with our — and I must say it, excuse me — fucking mountain of resources. To hoi polloi, brains and merit are NOTHING compared to popularity, and hoi oligoi can’t do a thing due to the numerical superiority of the subintellectual masses. The many are fools who NEED a wise man but cannot ACCEPT it. THAT IS WHY THE PHILIPPINES IS FUBAR!

    • ilda says:

      They voted for Noynoy for a number of shallow reasons: They didn’t use their intellect but used their emotion instead; they are bunch of romanticist; not everyone knew that the polling firms are closely linked to Noy which made everyone believe that they were doing the right thing; they were scared of being shunned by their family and friends if they strayed from the majority decision; media also played a part in giving Noynoy too much integrity, etc, etc.

      Unfortunately, all the above reasons still points to the voter being a sucker for unfounded reasons in voting for Noy.

    • Jon Abaca says:

      One of my friends who supported Noynoy told me that I was in an echo chamber that resounded anti-Aquino sentiment, and encouraged me to do some research. I avoided the Philippine Daily Inquirer and ABS-CBN, and instead went straight to the Senate Legislative Information System.

      The laws that Aquino authored mostly had an anti-corruption spin on it. Maybe that was the fiscalizing that they keep on harping about. I admit that the spirit of his laws was good. Have I been converted to an infantryman in the yellow army? No. I just found it odd that he raise a ruckus, given that his laws had a good spirit.

      We’ll probably never know. My guess is, he just didn’t have the determination to get those few laws passed.

      One of his laws, the Superior Responsibility act, talks about command responsibility. It asserts that superiors are responsible for his or her subordinates. While the infighting in his party may not be in the context of violent crimes, it’s still his responsibility. In a transition period, there has to be order!

      Sadly, he’s not showing his determination again by letting the infighting continue.

      • ChinoF says:

        He’s not walking the talk he put in his bills, hehe. He’s probably anti-corruption in the sense of focusing only on cures but without addressing the cause, such as poor economic policies. He still fails in his approach.

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        Filing a bill (that somebody else may have written) is one thing and having it passed is another thing. A legislator’s legislating and negotiating skills will be put to test when he/she defends the bill that he/she authored/sponsored for the approval of colleagues in the chamber. Obviously, Mr. Aquino failed in this aspect when he served as Representative of his District and later, as Senator.

        The challenge now lies in getting the Senate and the House of Reps to support him and his reform agenda. There are only 4 LP Senators and less than 50 LP members in the lower house. To become Senate President, a Senator vying for the post needs 13 votes. For the House Speaker, he needs about 140 votes. This time, LP doesn’t have the numbers.

  4. BongV says:

    you go girl!

    take that you biatches! 😆

  5. bokyo says:

    That was too harsh Ilda.

    And I like it. Best served hot 😀

    Hell yea, start up those “I Told You So” and “I voted for Dick. You vote for a ****” shirts 🙂

  6. ben says:

    Yeh, I’ll never get tired of saying those powerful three words… 😀

  7. Someone says:

    If you really wanted to save the country you would stop sharing your bigot views between yourselves and join the volunteer program. LOL! You’re just a bunch of sour grapes who need to see the light sometime. Come on! The election is over, and Noynoy won. Calling 12 million Filipinos suckers won’t convince them to join your side at all. Ever heard of the term “public relations”? XD

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      @Someone: I don’t think we’d like it if they’d join us while they’re still that stupid.

      • Pinay Goddess says:


        It’s not sour graping. It’s reality checking. And given the sad reality that we find ourselves (as Filipinos) in, and realizing what brought us to this state, we just can’t take things sitting down. Points on what’s wrong with us as a people have to be repeatedly emphasized, hoping that the varied opinions here will collectively serve as eye opener and eventually change mindsets.

        For me, a leader who has not done as much i have done for this country, will never ever earn my respect. I’m not even sure if his win is legitimate, garnering more than 12 million votes in the tally board, considering recent reports on automated election fraud. If we are to believe the whistle blowers (2 were former employees of Comelec), about 5 million votes were taken from Gibo, about 4 million votes from Erap and about 2 to 3 million votes from Eddie Villanueva. So how many votes does that leave the candidate you claim already won?

    • ChinoF says:

      You’re right though. We should be active in a volunteer program. Thing is, we’re already in one… the Antipinoy volunteer program. Point out the faults of Da Pinoy Dysfunction and show how to fix them. Once fix was not to vote for Noynoy. 😛

      Now that Noynoy’s won, we can see how his camp is breaking apart. Wait a few months… you’ll see that the problems were expected from him.

    • Jon Abaca says:

      We’re not claiming dismissing Noynoy Aquino because Dick Gordon did not become president. We’re dismissing Noynoy Aquino because he’s not doing anything to take control of the issue.

      He’s probably a nice guy, and he probably does not want to get involved in the same kind of corruption that mired the GMA presidency, but he’s out of the frying pan and in the fire now. Do you think just because more people voted for him that everybody else is going to cut him slack? No. Philippine politics is like an overcrowded fish tank full of sharks. You either become one, or get eaten up. Remember Corazon Aquino’s term, with RAM or some other military unit trying to take over? Yeah. That happens when a leader doesn’t put his foot down.

      Now that his posse of sharks started attacking each other, his job as the new leader of the country become even more important.

      We’re in a transition period. Everybody needs the see that the new president is on top of things.

    • Maria Palmera says:

      “A bigot is a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices. The correct use of the term requires the elements of obstinacy, irrationality, and animosity toward those of differing opinion.

      The term is also used to refer to persons hostile to people of differing race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion etc.

      The origin of the word bigot and bigoterie in English dates back to at least 1598, via Middle French, and started with the sense of “religious hypocrite”. Forms of bigotry may have a related ideology or world views.” –

      “Public relations (or PR) is a field concerned with maintaining public image for high-profile people, organizations, or programs. Public relations (PR) concerns professions working in public message shaping for the functions of communication, community relations, crisis management, customer relations, employee relations, government affairs, industry relations, investor relations, media relations, mediation, publicity, speech-writing, and visitor relations. The first World Assembly of Public Relations Associations, held in Mexico City in August 1978, defined the practice of public relations as “the art and social science of analyzing trends, predicting their consequences, counseling organizational leaders, and implementing planned programs of action, which will serve both the organization and the public interest.” [1]. Others define it as the practice of managing communication between an organization and its publics.[2] Public relations provides an organization or individual exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that provide a third-party endorsement[3] and do not direct payment.[4] Common activities include speaking at conferences, working with the media, crisis communications, social media engagement[5], and employee communication. It is something that is not tangible; this is what sets it apart from advertising.” –

      @ Someone hmmm… just asking… do you know what you’re saying?

    • Jay says:


      Looks like someone isn’t getting the point. This isn’t about Gordon or the other people who didn’t get votes for the presidency, no no no. Its about the 12 million retarded people who selfishly threw away their votes for the guy they were hoping would be THE LEADER to get them PAST GMA and something similar to the Aquino Legacy. These 12 million wanted to see change under an Aquino administration and all these heightened positive expectations they had for him. Now look at him try take control of a government he hopes (or was hoping) to delegate easily.

      Besides, ever heard of ‘At least I was f**cking responsible enough to put my ballot for the person who can really help the country out?’ The elections gave everybody 2 choices! And the people chose NEITHER OF THEM! So the people now get dysfunction, dissent and disorder even before the leader assumes control! Tell me how public relations can ‘soften’ that up.

      Besides, sourgraping is a moot point there, Someone. Everybody in the country (excluding the elite and oligarchs) is going to suffer for the decision of 12 million and they’ll have 6 years of it.

    • ilda says:


      Why do you want to know if we donate our time and money for a good cause? We don’t make a habit of broadcasting what “good” things we do around here. Besides, if everyone tried to become a good citizen in their own way, this country will be a better place and we wouldn’t need as much volunteers.

      PR does not work on Filipinos because they still believe in superstition and witch hunt.

  8. third_chelsea says:

    Hello! Imma new to the site. KUDOS to the bloggers here! Fresh, fun, witty! But I’m digressing….

    Having read the article, I wonder how you guys would react to this one:

    I’m didn’t vote for Noy so feel free to be harsh 😀

    • third_chelsea says:

      I didn’t vote for Noy… sorry LOL

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      That lady is a clueless triumphalist and another ABS-CBN yellow mouthpiece. And the blog post is rubbish.
      Now I’ve lost 5 minutes I’ll never get back, dammit.

      Welcome to AP, third_chelsea!

    • third_chelsea says:

      I didn’t vote*


    • Jon Abaca says:

      Sentor Enrile and Senator Defensor-Santiago, who are both extremely well versed in our laws, said that Judge Corona’s appointment is acceptable. The spirit of the law is simple. It’s always better to have a complete set of SC Justices at any given point in time. Having them incomplete erodes the power of the Judiciary. Given the recent elections, where BOTH the executive and legislative branches are experiencing transitions, we should have at least one fully functional branch of our government.

      Understandably, Noynoy Aquino is apprehensive given the circumstances of the appointment. It is possible that Judge Corona is in cahoots with President Arroyo. However, there hasn’t been evidence to support that idea yet. The burden of proof is on the prosecution.

      • manila paper says:

        Correct, Jon! I’d also like to bring everyone’s attention to a provision of the Constitution that the media doesn’t talk about, because if more people knew about it, the cat would be out of the bag:

        The main legal basis for the SC’s decision allowing Arroyo to appoint the CJ is Article VIII, Section 4(1), which says:
        “The Supreme Court shall be composed of a Chief Justice and fourteen Associate Justices. It may sit en banc or in its discretion, in division of three, five, or seven Members.
        Any vacancy shall be filled within ninety days from the occurrence thereof.”

        The media keeps harping about Article VII, but it is Article VIII that applies because Article VII refers to the Executive branch, while Article VIII refers to the Judiciary. The ban on midnight appointments appears in Article VII not Article VIII.

        Read all about it here.

        Walang delicadeza? Some might say yes. Illegal? No.

        “The problem with critics is that they mistake the law as it is with the law as it ought to be, according to their layman’s interpretation. A line has to be drawn between the rule of law and the dystopian concept of freewheeling ethics.” – Miriam Santiago on CJ issue

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        I agree that the appointment of CJ Corona is legitimate as pointed out by constitutional law experts. The issue of delicadeza is subjective. If CJ Corona met the qualification standards for the post so why should he refuse his appointment to one of the most coveted positions in government. The law also gives discretionary power to the President to choose from among a set of nominees, and she chose Corona. That’s her prerogative. The process has been concluded (as sanctioned by the Supreme Court en banc).

        The Chief Justice need not be “close” or be an ally of the President for the purpose of check and balance between the 2 branches of government (Executive and Judiciary). Those who are still making a big fuss of the CJ appointment has other hidden agenda. Maybe one of the reasons why the other SC Justices voted in favor of giving President GMA the go signal to appoint the Chief Justice is to prevent a possible appointment of another SC Justice being backed by The Firm, a sinister group said to have negotiated for their men to sit in key government posts (i.e. Justice Secretary, Solicitor General, Ombudsman) and take control of the judicial system.

      • ilda says:

        Hi Manila Paper

        Thanks for the link to your site. Good stuff 🙂

        Well, we sure can trust the Philippine media to give a half-assed reporting especially since they have to cover their behinds now that Noynoy is showing signs of irrational behaviour.

        The thing that really makes sense from your article is what they said below:

        The Supreme Court said having the new President appoint the next Chief Justice does not guarantee judicial independence because the new President’s appointee can also be beholden to the new President.

        I can’t imagine what Noynoy wants to accomplish from all this brouhaha. He needs to work on his ego.

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:


        I can’t imagine what Noynoy wants to accomplish from all this brouhaha. He needs to work on his ego.

        Noynoy has begun keeping the people entertained in Circus Maximus, er, I mean, fiscalizing what must be fiscalized. Kinda like “The boss is here; look busy!”

      • ilda says:

        I thought I would run out of stuff to write about Noynoy after the election but boy, I was so wrong 🙂

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        @Ilda: Seems like something similar to “You are what you eat” but in this case it’s “You are what you voted for” so if Pinoys are a bottomless pit of dysfunction then we can bet Noynoy is just about as bottomless too.

        KumuNoy is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Maria Palmera says:

        Corona has been appointed by a person the yellow poopers “despise”. The one and only reason why the sucker, the suckers and the suckees are reacting… or over reacting.

    • Jay says:

      HAHHAAH. Anyone here have some money to spend? I’m thinking of monopolizing HOPE in the Philippines. In the next 6 years, its the only thing that will help feed these yellow zombies. We’d all be rich from making so much money from it. I mean, 12 million plus people buying into HOPE is tremendous and we can CONTROL the price! Its legal and can become as addictive as cigarettes, even make the people who manufacture HOPE cigarettes cry!

      Philippines 2010 – 2016: The largest market for HOPE, the smallest producer of CARE

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        Noynoy’s supporters: HOPEFUL, but ridiculously CARELESS. Patay.

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      Haha! “The guy can not lead his way out of a paper bag.” lol

      Thanks for this, Ed.

  9. Bryan says:

    i know you are very smart people. but i wonder, besides what you write here, ano pa po ang nagawa ninyo na magpapabago sa uri ng pagiisip ng mga Pilipino upang umunlad ang bansa natin?

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      What are you trying to say Bryan?

      This blogsite isn’t even a year old yet it has already outdone other (“similar” but no way in the same league) blogs in raising the level of discussion/debate (not to mention traffic). The success of this site is already a major contribution (and accomplishment) for its bloggers.

      If you don’t get how that translates to contributing to the good of the country, you should read a few more articles and see.

      • ilda says:


        …besides what you write here, ano pa po ang nagawa ninyo na magpapabago sa uri ng pagiisip ng mga Pilipino upang umunlad ang bansa natin?

        I commend you for commenting but next time, try to write something that makes sense, will ya?

        What exactly do you mean? 🙂

      • Maria Palmera says:


        posts like brian’s are exactly the points of your article. they want to look SMART but they are dumb. just like noynoy… the man wanting to look like one but every time he makes statements about taxes, his sister, his oath taking and other things directly or indirectly related to his abnoy highness… HE BLUNDERS and shows the true nature of himself. that is why I defined what PR means on my comment a while ago and asked “someone” if he/she knows what’s he talking about.

        nice article sis… really slices through.

      • ilda says:

        Hey thanks Maria!

        Nice to see you around here more often 🙂

    • Maria Palmera says:

      Your question is like me asking you “Ano ba ang nagawa mo na?” Kaya magiging paulit ulit ang argument. Eto ang nagawa ko… eto ang nagawa mo… but that’s not the point of the articles. Pwede din yang sagutin ng isa pang tanong “Bakit mo tinatanong?” Pwede kasing may assumption ka na mas meron kang nagawa para sa bansa mo at ang tinatanong mo ay wala. And that my dear is a bad way to start an argument.

      If you find the posters here smart, then ask a smart question.

    • Jay says:


      Marami maibibigay itong site na ito. Pero may requirements eh. Una, kelangan matino ka magbasa. Pangalawa, kelangan hindi makitid ang utak mo sa mga ibang idea. Pag napasa muna ung mga requirements, tyak marami kang matatanung at maintindihan dito.

      Ikan nga ni Maria, kung interesado mung makahanap ng matinong sagot, sana lang matino din ung tanong.

    • J.B. says:


      Beside the writings which could educate the students and career professionals, some people have businesses in the country, sending much needed remittance and giving other overseas workers some tips.

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  11. macoy says:

    SH*T HAPPENS AGAIN!!!! thats is how the Philippines is still in the gutter. With the resources that it has, we really found what we lack, the will and the intellectual thinking that we should vote for a decent president regardless of its popularity. “I told u so!” really is the phrase of the moment. All the bright ang intelligent people that supported ninoy, how the hell did u passed the years of ur schooling. did u really think about what u r doing or just going with the flow, no wonder they call Filipinos stupid! electing a stupid actor and now a stupid SON of a B*tch!

    just my 2 cents!

    • Jay says:

      Actually the senate is all full of jokers as well, along with Lito Lapid, Bong REvilla, Tito Sotto and the other power mongers. Its not just the presidency, but the entire government the people appointed the jokers to.

      One person cannot carry the burden as the president but how do you expect support from the other branches when its full of people with their own self interests? Its one big circus and the ringmaster can’t control the performers and stage animal performers.

  12. Something Corporate says:

    Hi! I’m new here! I share everyone’s opinion on how Filipinos should stop with the ignorance and start with the truth. Popularity won over competency during the election. It should had been Gordon vs Gibo. Red vs Green. Not Orange vs Yellow.

    • Jay says:

      Oh something corporate, one of my fave musical groups. Kinda brings a different meaning in the Philippines however.

      At this point the truth is pretty apparent. Just some people who are being transparent about it.

    • Rennan says:

      Yes… Gordon vs Gibo. But the majority is just isn’t ready. Sana lang this site would be a force to reckon with in the selection of national leaders in the next election like a voice in the wilderness crying out who should be elected. Then we could have a strong united block vote. Wat do you think? and what are your thoughts on gibo for 2013 senate?

  13. Rennan says:

    …and then the perennial question is: Why can’t we Filipinos get out of this cycle of putting incompetent leaders to lead us?

    • J.B. says:

      Rennan, there are just too many problems in the Philippines chief of which is the obvious lack of education of the people.

    • ilda says:


      Mainstream media plays a big role in the dumbing down of the electorate. We have to get them on our side 🙂

    • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

      @Rennan: Uh, far too many idiots in a democracy, I suppose?

      When you’re surrounded by lemmings and they mindlessly and unitedly charge into the sea while you’re stuck in the middle, you’re toast. Or shark bait.

  14. Rennan says:

    then help us all catapult Gordon or Gibo to the presidency this early or someone in their level. We are divided ever since and that has always been our weakness. Let us then reason together and be a contending block of voters with one common goal and that is to catapult Gibo or Gordon to the presidency this 2016. You guys AP have the power to do it. You certainly have the talent and the means to get through and unite us like minded Filipinos. To start, why don’t you make your presence made known on Facebook pages of Gordon or Gibo?

    Let us move with one simple objective, that is to catapult Gordon or Gibo to the 2016 presidency!!!

    • Jay says:


      AP, GRP and such other sites can only do so much. I think the site IS helping attract and unite like minded pinoys and educating those who still believe the Yellow Propoganda Machine. But ultimately, its the choices that will make you The Man/Woman. They are at least arming you with unbiased, positive information of what is really happening in pinoy socio-politics, away from the personality driven the masses eat up.

      Besides, its up to them especially Gordon to campaign early on and get more support from politicians and the like. Plus he and another politician (forgot his name) were the ones who proposed for an automated system for the elections. Of course its up to the government to deliver and sadly, they delivered a half-assed automated system that was set up on pinoy standard time.

      So before 2016, so much more can be done 1-2 years prior to elections again. PREPARATION! Educate the locals about the voting process, teach the elderly about the machines, create an atmosphere where voting has discreetness, not controlled by fear and intimidation. 2 kilos of rice doesn’t buy 6 more years of pain and that is a sacrifice pinoys have to take in order to help take the country back.

    • ChinoF says:

      Thanks very much for the praise, Rennan. We hope to do more to help change the dysfunctional thinking of Filipinos. Actually, we are known among the Gordon and Bayani supporters too. We don’t know if the guys will run again in 2016, but we’re certainly going for them when they do, or whoever steps up to carry on their cause. Pray that we can do something to change Philippine dysfunction. Thanks again.

  15. Charmaine says:

    Ugh. Tell me about it. I made a mistake of trying to discuss Noy’s BIGGER THAN LIFE flaws to my friend who happens to be ONE OF THE BIGGEST IN YOUR FACE NOYNOY-PHILES out there! And wow, all of a sudden all her sense & sensibility went down the drain. It’s the most horrendous experience ever, trying to get through to them. I can’t even begin to express how horrific it was! I’m so grateful someone else feels the same way! My friend was beginning to make me feel like I was so evil not be one of them… even going as far to imply that going against Noy is GOING AGAINST GOD! Thank you, your articles are really life-savers!

    • ilda says:

      You’re welcome Charmaine!

      Glad to know we can help keep you sane 🙂

    • Jay says:

      Going against noynoy was like going against GOD? Honestly your friend needs to start being a catholic (or whatever religion she is) and not some cult member.

  16. Pingback: What Do The Toronto Maple Leafs Need To Do In Order To Be Good? | NHL focus

  17. RodimusPrime says:

    Shall we start the i told you already?nice read..keep it up..

  18. Ronan Gilbert Gerona says:

    Then may I ask, if not Noynoy, who among the candidates most deserve the highest post? Correct me if I’m wrong but nobody can say that he or she has a PROVEN track record in an executive function as the presidency–that is just plain idiotic! Just for the sake of argument: Villar? A shameless opportunist who even lies about his poverty stricken background? His wife and her family’s fortune and political clout made him and not sipag at tyaga. Why don’t you study first how he ran his property firm. Gibo Teodoro? Galing at Talino? Because he partly studied in Harvard? yeah right! George W. Bush is a product of both Harvard and Yale and he is as stupid as Willie Revillame. He got into UP Law not because he passed the L.A.E. ( Law Aptitude Exam – Entrance qualifier for incoming law students in U.P. ) but by way of a padrino in the person of then U.P. President Edgardo Angara thru his uncle Danding Cojuanco. And what is his track record, may I ask? His agency’s rescue and recovery operations was a HUGE mess at the last Ondoy tragedy. Gordon? Running a country is more complicated than governing a province. From among them Jamby Madrigal made the most sense in the presidential debates if you did watch any of them. But then again words are mere words, it can not cook rice. Noynoy is certainy not as brilliant as Marcos ( thank God ) and admittedly his resume is not as impressive as his father but who among the other candidates can surpass the intelligence and achievements of Marcos and Ninoy that can earn him or her the moniker ‘THE ONE’. We elect the President that the times call for. The biggest resource of our country, in fact the remaining resource, is it’s people. Our natural resources are almost depleted, thanks to the self proclaimed ‘brilliant’ ( but corrupt) politicians we installed in Malacañang and the Senate and Congress. We need a president who can inspire us to move forward, an anti thesis of that hobit who up to now is still in Malacanang Palace and setting delicadeza aside pretty soon she’ll be in Congress ( ora pro nobis). So let me guess, Noynoy sucks because what? He is not as suave as Gibo.? Because he walks err stumbles like an autistic invalid? or because allegedly he is mentally unstable perhaps? Or because he’s as ugly as hell and has receding hair? Iif you can not stand Noynoy, why don’t you leave the country. PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE NOT A BIG LOSS. Or if you’re already somewhere outside of the archipelago–BETTER FOR US. ONE LESS PRETENTIOUS IDIOT HANGING AROUND!

    • Jay says:

      Ok so I read about your emotion driven diatribe here and you are defending noynoy because you think the other candidates don’t DESERVE the benefit of the doubt?
      Just for the sake of you having no argument, Villar, like Erap is an opportunist but he clearly knows how to play politics. If he was elected, everybody knows how he’s going to run the 6 ho-hum years. Gibo Teodoro’s intelligence will turn people like you off but get past that, look into the issues he wants to help change (yeah the ones that matter, not the ones you don’t feel anything for) and the fact he was making a distinction to alienate himself from his oligarch faction means his interest doesn’t overlap with that of Noy and Kamag Anak Inc. Oh, and of the candidates, Gordon actually transformed an area from the ashes of a natural disaster into a beautiful, model city. He volunteered (yes a thankless job with benefits) for Red Cross and helped get things done. He himself has dramatic plans to help change the country, but it starts where it hurts, changing the minds of likes of you.

      Iif you can not stand Noynoy, why don’t you leave the country. PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE NOT A BIG LOSS.

      Oh don’t be trying to stop the diaspora now man. Its been LOOOOOONG happening and the worst part, they are still feeding your poor @$$, what with the remittances helping out as well. Apparently, its you who can’t stand the truth because you never addressed any of it and opted to justify your vote for the BEST MEDIOCRITY.

      You acknowledging the ‘We told you so’ and being insulted just means it hurts you. So maybe you do accept that you were gullible, like the 12 million of you.

    • Jon Abaca says:

      Sorry. I didn’t understand the part that correlates “inspire us to move forward” to “letting your backers squabble amongst themselves” .

      Your entire post doesn’t disprove anything in this article. You did not that Noynoy Aquino’s leadership skills don’t suck. Instead, you gave a laundry list of reasons why other people probably won’t do any better.

      I agree though that the Filipino people are the greatest resource of the Philippines. Sadly they don’t have enough discipline. Le Kwan Yu, a guy who does have a proven track record of being a head of a state (granted, the state was the size of Quezon City) and fixing stuff told us that. Our reaction, we told him never to set foot in the Philippines again.

      Assuming we do leave who will be left? Will they be people who can’t argue properly? Will they be people who can’t tackle the main issues? Gee, what a nice prospect.

    • ben says:

      That’s all you had against Gordon? You noyfags are laughable.
      While the nation squabbles for the next 6 yrs due to your stupidity and practicing your so-called “democracy” in voting for the most useless politician in the list (in perhaps history too), the best thing that could happen to this country is that the rest of the world will be laughing at us… And again, that’s THE BEST thing that could happen.

    • ilda says:

      @ Ronan Gilbert Gerona

      Gordon? Running a country is more complicated than governing a province.

      Wow! That’s all you can say about Gordon? I’ve noticed that it is so hard for people to see any dirt against Gordon. You and I both know that he is more than qualified compared to Noynoy. Gordon has achieved more than Noynoy as a senator and at least he was successful as a Mayor and chairman of SBMA. If Noynoy’s last name wasn’t Aquino I doubt if you would even vote for him.

      Having a receding hairline is the least of our worries. He is acting irrationally now and can’t even unite his own party, how do you expect him to unite the whole country? He shouldn’t have agreed to run in the first place because what was obvious to us is now so hard to hide from the rest of the public: that there are people who are just using him for their own vested interest.

      Please read the following about the so called faction between Noy and Mar:

      Noy-Bi versus Noy-Mar: Oligarch Protectionism versus Economic Liberalization

      Read up on the case about the CJ:

      Why the Supreme Court ruled that Arroyo can appoint the next Chief Justice

      Here’s something about Gordon so you can be enlightened:

      From The Net: Talk to Harry with Presidentiable Sen. Richard “Dick” Gordon

    • Maria Palmera says:

      On gibo- you said : Why don’t you study first how he ran his property firm. Gibo Teodoro? Galing at Talino? Because he partly studied in Harvard? yeah right! George W. Bush is a product of both Harvard and Yale and he is as stupid as Willie Revillame. He got into UP Law not because he passed the L.A.E. ( Law Aptitude Exam – Entrance qualifier for incoming law students in U.P. ) but by way of a padrino in the person of then U.P. President Edgardo Angara thru his uncle Danding Cojuanco. … And what is his track record, may I ask? His agency’s rescue and recovery operations was a HUGE mess at the last Ondoy tragedy.

      On villar : Just for the sake of argument: Villar? A shameless opportunist who even lies about his poverty stricken background? His wife and her family’s fortune and political clout made him and not sipag at tyaga.

      On gordon : Running a country is more complicated than governing a province. From among them Jamby Madrigal made the most sense in the presidential debates if you did watch any of them. But then again words are mere words, it can not cook rice.

      On Noynoy : Noynoy is certainy not as brilliant as Marcos ( thank God ) and admittedly his resume is not as impressive as his father but who among the other candidates can surpass the intelligence and achievements of Marcos and Ninoy that can earn him or her the moniker ‘THE ONE’.

      ===My take.

      As to form… nakakaduling ang sentences mo. Didn’t they teach you in UP Diliman how to create paragraphs?

      You don’t have any anti-thesis on any of those sets of presidential stooges that you’ve mentioned. It’s like IF VILLAR IS THIS… NOYNOY IS THIS… IF GORDON IS THIS… NOYNOY IS THIS… Wala kang pambangga. Meaning NOYNOY is nothing or has nothing compared to the stooges you’ve just mentioned. Meaning… you’re just baiting for a not soo smart argument. You still are classified under those categorized on the title of the main article fo this thread that starts with the letter “S”.

      Baka nga tama yung sinasabi ng isang professor sa UP… with the new sets of students we have at UP… marami nang dumb students who just memorizes things without being analytical. They’ve only passed the UPCAT exams all because they trained themselves to memorize things and not analyze.

    • ChinoF says:

      Why doesn’t Noynoy deserve the post? It’s right here, fleshed right in front of you. Noynoy is not really the one in control, and he’s not a leader at all. He’s just the puppet of the oligarchs. He’s not the anti-thesis of the Hobbit… he is the orc that replaces the hobbit. As you can see, political in-fighting is already happening because Noynoy’s handlers are impatient for their share of the pie. Noynoy won’t be able to control them. It’s even possible that he’ll be impeached for his incompetence.

      So for Gordon, running a country is more complicated than just a province? So for you, Gibo’s Galing and Talino are contrived? But then again, why not use for them the rationalization you use for Noynoy – give him a chance? 😛

      By the way, read the other article here by Jose Rizal II about the Noy-Bi/Noy-Mar dispute, and how it relates to the whole sinister scheme of Kamag-Anak, Inc. That’s the whole story and the real story.

      When you see things go down in the next few months, don’t say we didn’t warn you! 😉

    • Famaous wolf says:

      Since I’m done taking Noynoy supporters seriously, I’ve summed up as most of them as emotionally driven and asinine remarks. Nothing worthy of note, nothing worthy to be gained. As with 12 million of you stupid idiots hoped for a simpleton, you are who you vote. The people here are the ones who are trying their best to awaken the society that you have been living in from its dump. You are apathetic to what is happening around you, you don’t know what’s happening, you don’t read between the lines, you merely take things for what it is.

      Your unremarkable remark merely leaves off with another, “WE TOLD YOU SO” moment. Enjoy your mediocrity, simpleton, wallow in it till’ you die.

  19. Ronan Gilbert Gerona says:

    >Thanks Ilda for the link that you’ve provided, I’ld try to read it when I have time to spare.
    >Ms. Maria Palmera, my apologies if my writing skills is not at par with yours. But allow me to make one correction: the statement ‘ why don’t you study first how he ran his property firm’ was not meant for Gibo, I was referring to Villar. I am a stockbroker and Villar’s propety firm VLL ( Vista Land and Lifescapes ) formerly CMP ( CMP Homes ) is listed at the Phil. Stock Exchange. So before you berate somebody else’s literary style better know how to read first. And let’s leave U.P. out of this, I attended that school a long time ago and I am not one of those superficial people who are so preoccupied with their alma mater. I am simply asking if you insult somebody for being the least deserving of that post what does the other candidates have that sets them above his credentials or lack of.
    >Ben, tsk tsk…so we resort to name calling huh- ‘noyfags’? .At least I have the guts to post my real full name here. You can also access my facebook account and see who’s a fag. Don’t you have a family name? Everybody has…you know. Who the hell are you? Madonna?

    I have nothing against Gordon. He did a lot of good things as Governor of Olongapo especially at the most trying times but he lost. And no amount of intellectualizing can make him the next President. Vox Populi, Vox Dei. Instead of hurling insults at Noynoy, would it hurt if we support him and do our part instead? I would do the same thing had Gordon or Villar or Gibo or even Perlas won. My reason for voting for Noynoy is personal and I don’t think it needs explaining.

    There’s dignity in losing if you are man enough to accept it gracefully.

    • Maria Palmera says:

      It’s not even literary skills Ronan. Ke barok English, ursh-ursh English o pure Tagalog you have to “break your paragraphs”. it’s just a suggestion my dear. no one’s arguing about grammar and literary style.

      you have your alma mater posted on your FB account. so don’t rant about my previous statement… just stating the fact. STILL MY QUESTION… what is your anti-thesis on those three candidates… plaster it with facts like links or something… not just gut feel… so shoot… to hell with the literary styles … to hell with your alma mater… to hell with real names or psuedos…

    • Jon Abaca says:

      We’re keeping an eye on Noynoy Aquino. We just have an acerbic way of expressing our thoughts. It is our right to do so, is it not? We’re giving reasons why we think he’s not going to do well, reasons anybody can refute. So, refute them!

      Besides, there’s a difference between being a critic, and being a slanderer. Besides, having infighting in the party (because of a lackluster leadership) is a valid criticism! He needs to take control of the situation.

      Don’t you think being a devil’s advocate is an important job?

      I think the best support you can give Noynoy Aquino, is holding him to his promises. Don’t buy into excuses. He either brings progress, or does not bring progress.

    • Jay says:

      There’s dignity in losing if you are man enough to accept it gracefully.

      HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. OH that doesn’t even deserve a LOL. I had a guy in facebook who went the lengths to argue with me about the Adam Carolla debacle and I beat him with his every point and accusation, even giving me strawman arguments in the end out of desperation and his conclusion was exactly that statement. I say the same to you, good friend.

      Instead of hurling insults at Noynoy, would it hurt if we support him and do our part instead? I would do the same thing had Gordon or Villar or Gibo or even Perlas won. My reason for voting for Noynoy is personal and I don’t think it needs explaining.

      Yeah, about that please read Ilda’s suggestions. That would answer your question regarding supporting the new President. Or inability of. And your selfish decision for voting for noynoy doesn’t need explaining because whatever happens, you are up for 6 years of total dysfunction, regardless of your stock-broker occupation.

      Either you choose to get real, or you continue to drink that wonderful yellow koolaide the rest of your noyfag supporter friends are drinking. Simple as that. I hear it tastes sweet because its the only thing that goes down easy for pinoys who can’t think nowadays.

    • brianitus says:

      Um, correction lang na maliit. Mayor lang po ang posisyon sa Olongapo.

    • ben says:

      Why do you care what my full name is? It’s called the internet dude. And it’s only stupidity that makes people like u give out all information to people you don’t even know. What does that have anything to do with Noy’s incompetence and your stupid lack of reasoning for voting for him?

      Sure, stick to your decision, but you idiotic Filos need to learn how to admit a mistake when you make one. Accountability is something Noy lacks, and it is reflecting onto you Noyfags. I can call u noyfags all I want because at the end of the day, all you guys did was suck on his…… you finish that sentence for me 😀

      Stock broker… pfft… Big deal.. It just explains further as to why you voted for such an idiot as Noy. It’s cause you don’t really care about the nation and its people. While you lounge around sipping on some lemony cool aid, the millions of poor people will have to suffer due to your foolish choices.

      Own up u nut! Noy sucks and you guys are his suckers!

    • ChinoF says:

      Governor of Olongapo… governing a province… my dear Ronan, you should get your facts straight. Gordon was SBMA Chairman, not governor. Before that, he was mayor of Olongapo City. You are obviously attacking Gordon, you still got the facts wrong. Although you do admit that he did a lot for his area of responsibility. But then, why not vote someone who did this much? Why vote the untested one? But I argue, Aquino’s character and achievement have already been tested, and he failed. And you choose this over someone who’s proven he can give something to this country.

      So Gordon lost, yes, but in the end, the Philippines lost too. Lost its chance to gain true progress. lost its chance for improving its society. The dignity in losing has been ruined by the disappointment that another maintainer of Philippine dysfunction, an obstruction to change, has been elected to office.

    • ilda says:

      @Ronan Gilbert Gerona

      There’s dignity in losing if you are man enough to accept it gracefully.

      Oh, please spare us…this is not about sour graping. This is pure and simple vindication. For months, even before Noynoy decided to run for the presidency last year, we have been debating with some of the most prominent bloggers on line about the election. We were trying to elevate the discussion to a higher level then boom! Noynoy happened. And it all went downhill from there.

      Some of the veteran bloggers here and newbie like myself have been called paid hacks and even banned from other sites just because we were questioning Noynoy’s competency and so called integrity. No one wanted to listen to us because they were so sold on Noynoy. Look at what’s happening now, even Mar Roxas was duped! Where is Noy’s integrity now?

      No siree, this is not sour graping, indeed. This is our time to say: “WE TOLD YOU SO!!!” 🙂

      • Pinay Goddess says:

        @ Ronan Gilbert Gerona

        To quote you: “There’s dignity in losing if you are man enough to accept it gracefully.”

        As i’ve learned from my Catholic School mentors way back then, I say to you, ” it is better to go down to defeat in the eyes of the world than to win a false victory of popularity.” Amen.

      • Jun Calaycay says:

        With all due respect, how can you say “we told you so?” Why what has happened? GMA is still the one running this country, at least until noontime of June 30th. Have you seen the results of the next six years, enough to say the phrase? Or are these just an emotional outburst for having lost the election? How can this not be sour-graping when Noy hasn’t even reached Day One and yet you are already implying that your candidate would’ve done better. That’s a false premise. We need not get into religion, just logic.

        Have a nice day.

      • Jay says:

        False premise? Honestly have you been reading up on his inability to unite the government and get support from them even before he takes office? We have and its funny how you are in denial of all this. So as much as I’d give Noynoy the benefit of the doubt, the situation he has gotten himself in doesn’t allow me to. Hell he didn’t even give the newly appointed JC the benefit of the doubt. And at least it would be much easier to give any of the candidates asides Noynoy who have wont he benefit of the doubt, considering what is expected of them. Sadly, you sir have no expectations for your candidate except a massive surge of hope and faith with no work.

      • ChinoF says:

        Thing is, Mr. Aquino is giving a portent of how the country will do after he takes seat. All the factions of the Noynoy camp have shown their true colors and are fighting amongst themselves. And Mr. Aquino, if he has leadership skills, should be able to put his foot down and contain them. But they’re not being contained… it means he’s not controlling them… more like he’s being controlled by them… so all he could do is say “I oppose GMA’s SC appointee,” because they told him so. So this early, we can predict what’s going to happen, and thus the premise is not false at all. Not at all. 😉

      • ilda says:

        @Jun Calaycay

        You obviously just crawled out from under a big rock. Read up on what’s happening dude. Your attempts at denying Noynoy’s incompetence are so lame.

        That’s the problem with Noynoy supporters; you guys are not so knowledgeable on what’s happening that’s why you were easily duped. Try to do more research about your candidate next time before going to the polls.

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        Jun Calaycay = clueless, doesn’t do his homework
        Patrick Star = clueless, never seems to have any homework

        Jun Calaycay = crawled out from under a rock
        Patrick Star = lives under a rock

        Jun Calaycay = yellow, illogical in expecting a dismal failure like Noynoy not to fail as president
        Patrick Star = pink, completely illogical

        Fact: We’ve never seen Jun Calaycay and Patrick Star together


        Jun Calaycay* = Patrick Star

        * wearing a pink suit (looks like Spongebob without it)

        I love logic.

      • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

        @Jun Calaycay

        Actually, despite what has been said here, we wish that there will be a day where we can eat that “I told you so” phrase. For that to happen, Mr. Benigno Aquino III should have results contrary to what is happening in his party. We just don’t see that happening (no matter how many telenovelas we watch).

  20. Josh says:

    [quote]Correct me if I’m wrong but nobody can say that he or she has a PROVEN track record in an executive function as the presidency–that is just plain idiotic! [/quote]
    [quote]Gordon? Running a country is more complicated than governing a province. [/quote]


    Ever heard of “Subic” and “Olongapo”? I suggest you look them up. Maybe that’ll stop you from contradicting yourself. Nice post by the way, idiot.

    • ben says:

      The guy thinks Gordon was Governor.. 😆

    • Jay says:

      Yeah because to him, Hacienda Luisita was well managed and had no public controversy. And was a model city… or ranch of sorts. Well, what every pinoy bigwig wants to own anyways: All that tract of land and nothing going for it.

  21. Rob' Ramos says:

    This blog has made so many people vote for two of the most deserving candidates in the last elections. They both lost, but many more would NOT have voted for Gibo or Gordon if not for AP. They would have voted for Noynoy. They would not have discerned.

    For that alone, this site has done a service to the country.

    If you think that’s too partisan, how about this: this blog is doing democracy a service simply by providing a venue in which voices and opinions contrary to the “establishment” media and blogsphere can have their say. For long years, there has been a chilling effect by the way this “establishment” has controlled both the mainstream and alternative venues for debate in this country. Because of AP, there is an alternative. And democracies live and die with alternatives.

    I could say more, Bryan, but I think the Yellow Fever is still strong in you for you to listen.

    But, hey, that’s a NICE question. I’ll be sure to ask THAT of Conrado de Quiros.

  22. ChinoF says:

    And let me remind you all those who believe in the crap called Vox Populi, Vox Dei

    Vox Populi, Vox Diaboli. 👿

    • ilda says:

      The will of God ba? No way, Jose’! The people simply lost their battle with their own demons. Vox Populi pa daw. Yan ang hirap sa mga Pinoy, they credit and blame everything to God. They chose their own fate, they shouldn’t blame God for this mess.

      • Jay says:

        Yeah. I gotta defend God on that one. See everybody LOVES God when things are going great. They go GOD this, GOD that. But when things go bad, these nuts have the AUDACITY to point at the same person who was benevolent and loving to them as well? Hell they are lucky that GOD is all nice to them but just because things don’t go their way in GOD’s DIVINE PLAN doesn’t mean they have to diss mah BOI like that!

      • ChinoF says:

        They have the audacity to make their God look bad… just to pass the buck.

      • HalleluyahHymen says:

        the grand plan jay is to make saints out the flips. the more suffering, the more indulgences… more deaths more candidates for canonization. having lorenzo ruiz isn’t enough. Halleluyah!!!

    • ben says:

      God gave us dominion over the earth: Genesis 1:26-28

         /dəˈmɪnyən/ Show Spelled[duh-min-yuhn] Show IPA
      the power or right of governing and controlling; sovereign authority.
      rule; control; domination.

      Everything we do is because we chose to do it, and credit and consequence is man’s. But you have to remember, God gave us the opportunity to do good. If we fail, it is our fault and we displease him. If we succeed, we please him in upholding the mandate he bestowed upon us.

      Arguments about giving God credit when good things happen yet cursing or blaming God is bad things happen, are all based on a lack of understanding of that mandate. He gave us free will and he will never take that away. The choices are made by us, so we must always pay all consequences of our actions; good or bad.

      But giving thanks giving to God in good is what we are supposed to do. He is our Father who provided all the good in this world. It’s just like our parents. For example, my dad teaches me how to ride a bike. He first bought me that bike, then taught me the skills to ride it. Once I am able to ride on my own with no problem, I thank my dad for teaching me. But if I fall, does that mean I should blame my dad? Is it really his fault I fell? I say NO.

      This is something that is missing in the catholic church. They miss out on the relationship between man and God, and has replaced it with religious traditions and culture. Religion is man made and is one of the biggest problems in this country.

      Never blame God for our short comings. We chose… We suffer.

      • ChinoF says:

        You said it right, Ben. I echo our new commenter below… Hallelujah Hymen! 😛

        Praised be the God who gave us brains… that we so stubbornly reject to use! Like Jesus, it is the stone that the builders rejected.

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      W in german is pronounced like V and V – in german is pronounced like an F (for Fnck)… FOX POPULI, FOX DEI. not too pleasant to hear ain’t it? that’s why that axiom is blasphemous for all races. these noynoy fantards need to be chastised!!! Halleluyah!!!

  23. rhum says:

    Dear Ronan Gilbert Gerona,

    “Nec audiendi qui solent dicere, Vox populi, vox Dei, quum tumultuositas vulgi semper insaniae proxima sit.”

    “And those people should not be listening to those who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.”

    Sorry, I don’t think Noynoy’s presidency reflects the voice of God.

  24. Chris says:

    Even in the US, the system distrusts the so-called wisdom of the masses. That is why they got the Electoral College to elect for them their president. The masses are stupid, fickle, and driven by their stomachs and not their heads. That’s the reality. No use in being politically correct about it.

    There’s the empirical evidence in our experience na. People continue to vote for Erap, a convicted plunderer at ngayon nga itong si Noynoy, a man with no balls, no drive and nothing to be proud about except his name and his parents. There’s not an iota of leadership in him but people think he’s some deliverer just because of his surname. We are so fucked-up.

    And to think that people complain why we are mired in the same predicament for ages.


  25. Rob' Ramos says:

    Hey, it could still be the Voice of God doing all this.

    One, hopefully final lesson from God to the Filipino.

    God: “here, I’ll let this boy win. SANA MATUTO NA KAYO, MGA MAHAL KONG PINOY!”

    If that’s the case, its going to be one… expensive lesson.

    Among other expensive lessons.

    • ilda says:

      Ang problema hinde matuto-tuto kaya paulit-ulit yung leksyon hanggang sa finally makuha na 🙂

      Only in the Philippines can God be so mean, hehehe.

      Nah, I believe God does not work that way. Pinoys just want to blame someone for their own mistakes. The reason why they were suckers for the likes of Conrado de Quiros is because they feared for the wrath of God. de Quiros kept saying we should not go against the will of God. Makapagtayo na nga ng cult kasi ang dali mabola ng mga Noypi, it would be a lucrative business, hahaha.

  26. Jun Calaycay says:

    This post is utterly insane. The author suffers from a worse affliction he accuses every Noynoy supporter of. The premises are all wrong. It’s raw emotion, too simplistic and devoid of careful analysis and a modicum of research. Such are symptoms of a sour grape.

    • Jay says:

      Too bad you haven’t been reading up with news regarding your would be president. Or you are living in some stone wall denial.

    • Maria Palmera says:


      Ilda has a thesis… what you’ve just said are things are grunts and raves of those who believe otherwise… in context you you’re saying “i beg to disagree because your premise is weak.” and nothing more. if you have your anti-thesis you have all the opportunity to elaborate so that the readers of your not too simplistic comment can collaborate with your perception on “the author’s affliction.”


      are you sick sis? lolz.

    • ChinoF says:

      OK then, wait a few more months… we’ll see who’ll be sour-graping then.

    • ilda says:

      @Jun Calaycay

      The premises are all wrong.

      Please be specific and cite examples.

      Toodelooo! 🙂

    • Jon Abaca says:

      Allow me to explain the article in a form you will probably understand.

      The article has two arguments.

      1.) Noynoy Aquino has bad leadership skills.

      Noynoy Aquino has bad leadership skills because his supporters are now fighting amongst each other.

      A leader needs to be on top of things. He or she must ensure that his subordinates (assuming they ARE subordinates) work together for the common good.

      Here is proof. It’s from the Philippine Daily Inquirer too.

      2.) People who voted for him are foolish.

      Because they voted for a bad leader, who can’t stop his supporters from backstabbing each other, they are foolish.


      Please give counter arguments, instead of just dismissing the post.

      If you keep doing the latter, you are either apathetic to the fate of your country, crazy, or stupid.

      • ArticleRequest says:

        Anyone here concerned that millions of Noynoyistas have absolutely no idea as to how incompetent Noynoy is? The few who do come up with moronic idiot arguments 90% to the effect of:

        1) Ang daming batas na sa Pilipinas. Correct me if Im wrong but I believe Noynoy Aquino even said something to the effect of; not making new laws because that will only “burden the people”.
        He also said something like: “We have quality laws all we need is proper implementation”

        2) Hindi lang lawmaking ang trabaho ng isang Congressman/Senator. Meron din siyang ibang tungkulin sa lehislatura.

        3) Noynoy Aquino filed quality bills that focused on human rights, etc. QUALITY vs QUANTITY.

        4) FISCALIZER. He helped stop corruption, etc…

        In fact, have you noticed that only Noynoyistas lecture you about how a bill turns into a law?

        Kung walang maisagot naghahanap pa ng palusot: ‘Si Noynoy lamang ang nagpapakita ng HONESTY and INTEGRITY’ Mas mahalaga ang “HONESTY AND INTEGRITY kaysa sa kompetensya’.

        Kung hindi siya anak nina Ninoy at Cory, tiyak ako na walang papansin sa kanya. Ano ba ang silbi ni Noynoy bilang indibidwal kung hindi Aquino ang apelyido niya? Noynoy de la Cruz.. Sino ba yun?

      • HalleluyahHymen says:

        1. Ang dami na DAW batas… no need na DAW gumawa. TANGA ang nagsabi nyan. Law making is not just creating NEW LAWS. There are LAWS that need to be reviewed and revised for proper implementation of the spirit or context of why a specific law has been created.

        2. Hindi lang DAW law making ang trabaho ng legislative branch. BOBO ang nagsabi nyan. YAN ANG PINAKAIMPORTANTENG FUNCTION… gumawa ng batas.


        4. FIZCALIZER daw sya. SIRA ULO ang nagsabi nyan. Hindi yan ang sinumpaan nyang tungkulin bilang mambabatas.

        Tanga, bobo, stupido at sira ulo…. yan ang mga defenders ni Abnoy.

      • ChinoF says:

        Ganito ang sagot ko… ang daming batas… oo nga ano. Isa dun yung 1987 Constitution… hehehe.

      • HalleluyahHymen says:

        Hymen Brother Chino! Hymen!!!

        Let us bow down and sing Halleluyah!!!

        Just remembered. One of the provisions of that Cory 1987 constitution states that LAND SHOULD BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE LANDLESS. Hymen! Halleluyah! Let us pray to Buddah that there will be no more candidates for cannonization in the land of Luisita!

        Masama pala yang nagagawa ng kapapanood ng Dating Doon, INC Channel at kay Mike Velarde. Nakakahawa!! Halleluyah!!! Hymen!!!

  27. Paolo says:

    By the way, the Laban sign is 90 degrees away from a hand symbol of a gun.

  28. boombox says:

    Title: Trapo
    Artist: Yano

    Jueteng at illegal logging
    May sideline, rape at kidnapping
    Dealer ng shabu at uzi
    Commander ng private army

    May ari ng subdivision
    Stock holder ng corporation
    Landlord na land robber pa
    Anak ka ng, bobong tanga!

    Ang hirap mong hulihin
    Lahat kaya mong bilhin
    Wala kang silbe
    Wala kang silbe sa amin!

    Trapo! trapo ka kasi
    Trapo! trapo trapo ka kasi!

    Di na binoboto pero nanalo

    May misis pero siyam ang kabit
    Naadik kaya sabik na sabik
    Ang kapal mo, hindi ka manipis
    Ginugudtaym mo lang ang aming buwis

    Mas maraming absent kesa sa present
    Di ginagawa, kanyang assignment
    Mula lunes hanggang biyernes
    Wala sa congress, panay beauty rest!

    Ang sarap mong ihawin! ipalamon sa mga pating
    Wala kang silbe!
    Wala kang silbe sa amen!

    Trapo! trapo ka kasi
    Trapo! trapo trapo ka kasi!

    Di na binoboto pero nanalo

  29. concerned_citizen says:

    What I really want is a t-shirt with NA’s face and the caption that says

    ” He’s your president, not mine and as I’ve said before, I told you so.”

    There’s no sense talking to yellow fanatics. They deafen their ears when we talk about our candidates and

    are quick to deny the lackluster performance of NA in congress and the senate despite all evidence we

    show them. Heck, even if I showed them evidence of NA’s consistent vote of NO on every piece of land

    reform legislation, they still wouldn’t believe.

    But there is one thing I look forward too should NA be sworn in and start being president… I want to see

    him on the other side of the picket fence.. He now has a tough opposition in both Upper and Lower

    houses.. I want to see him handle the rigors and pressures of presidential life. hahaha

    And when he finally makes that fatal blunder of which I’m sure he will do, I’ll be one of the first to rib it in

    to those yellow fanatics and tell them “I told you so.”

    • ilda says:

      Good on you concerned_citizen

      There are a few more concerned citizens who are coming up with a website that will monitor Noynoy’s performance. The internet is going to be Kamag-anak inc’s worse nightmare. 🙂

      • waitwat says:

        And the bill was passed and made law, to limit and moderate internet access.

        Deis Irae

      • ChinoF says:

        We can always say that Internet limitation and moderation is obstruction of freedom of speech. And scare people into saying, it will be like communist China. 😛

  30. RodimusPrime says:

    Oh blimey!unlike the previous Yellow Administration,we now have the Internet to express ourselves..this would be fun…hehe.

    • Jay says:

      unless instead of electricity blackouts, they have sudden ‘INTERNET’ blackouts. PLDT, Smart suddenly stop operating on certain key times.

  31. Ed says:

    At last! We found the ‘missing link’. Noynoy Aquino! XD

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      reading between the lines Ed… are you saying that the Dumb Lord of the Yellow zombies is the Darwinian link between the APE and the human specie? that hurts ed but all the more… it’s insulting… for the monkeys and the zombies!!


  32. JRM says:

    hay naku I didnt vote for Noy noy pero the bloggers here just need to move on. Whether you think Noynoy is capable or not, he Won so just move on and live with it. Puro hate mongering lang nandito para kang si erap.

    • ilda says:


      Please read the blog again. Maybe you can understand it better the second time around.

      First for all, there are serious allegations of fraud during the election so the results are still questionable. Second, even if Noynoy is declared a winner of the election, his win does not make him a competent leader. This early it is becoming evident that his leadership skills suck and his supporters are suckers!

  33. FX Coach says:

    The scary part is: if Noynoy did not run, we would have Erap for President once again. Glad that we ended up with the lesser of the two evils?

    • ilda says:

      Why is Noynoy the lesser evil?

      Doing nothing to prevent crime or illegal activities can be worse than actually committing it. Noynoy could have done more as a Senator to minimise corruption in government you know.

      Anyway, if Erap won, the title of the blog will just have Erap’s name on it. Same stupidity, different person.

      • Jay says:

        The difference is, people know what to expect of Erap. Alam na gaganti sya. Alam na pro masa sya. Alama na tutuloy rin nya yung parehas nyang administration noong 1998. And we’d still be educating people why 6 years of him is no better than 6 years of Gordon or Gibo.

        Yes there are many semi-positive things Erap did but he never changed the condition of the Pinoy Society. He’s the better statesman than noynoy, but pretty much the rest of the other candidates are better statesman than noynoy could ever hope to be.

  34. HalleluyahHymen says:


    You know what suck most about this Abnoyan leadership? … IT’S FnCKING experience!!! HE HAS NONE TO BOAST OF… yet the dimwit is too boastful to have this FATHER MOTHER I syndrome (Tatay Ina Ako… pag binilisan… tataena ako).

  35. Triad|Warfare says:

    Well I have to admit I’m a supporter of Noynoy. But the only reason I voted for Noynoy is because I want to get my justice from Gloria for what she has done to me, my family, and the whole country. For me, it’s a personal fight and I want to see PGMA suffer negative karma.

    I don’t think he won’t be a good leader because he’s a destabilizer… He’s quick to point out the mistakes of other people but once he assumes the responsibility of the person he’s trying to bring down, he can no longer point fingers to anyone but himself.

    I don’t even see anyone else who’s capable enough to take the throne of presidency but Noynoy. Gordon? He’s a people-hater like his running mate Bayani Fernando. Gibo? I don’t want anyone who’s involved with PGMA to become president… Gibo ruling the philippines will be much more worse than Noynoy cause the people will hate him and there could be mass insurgency beyond anyone’s control. Erap? I don’t want him but I would want to explain why people will still vote for him.
    -Cory Aquino apologized to Erap and declared Edsa II is one big mistake. Come to think of it, Edsa II is no longer celebrated anymore.
    -No one believes in the Court anymore. The people no longer cares about the opinion of the court cause their decisions are always smudged with politics. Whether Erap is truly guilty or not, the people will still not believe the court decision of branding him guilty.

    For now, Noynoy is our only choice, whether we like it or not. If anyone else wins, a lot of people will protest saying the people don’t want to be their president. Whether we like it or not, we have to follow the decison of the masses. On the bright side, at least we didn’t have Erap as our next president.

    • Parallax says:

      triad|warfare thinks to kill one pest he should torch the whole field.

    • ilda says:


      But the only reason I voted for Noynoy is because I want to get my justice from Gloria for what she has done to me, my family, and the whole country.

      Can you be more specific about this? What makes you think that Noynoy is the only one who can deal with it?

      He’s quick to point out the mistakes of other people but once he assumes the responsibility of the person he’s trying to bring down, he can no longer point fingers to anyone but himself.

      You are so right about this. He is actually so quick to point out other people’s shortfalls that he has completely forgotten that the whole time he was a Senator he didn’t really accomplish much. He is self-righteous and judgmental for branding everyone else evil.

      Why is he only compelled to do something now about poverty? As a Senator, he was in a powerful position to do something significant to change things for the better. He was happy to be under everyone’s radar in the past and was just hiding behind his mother’s shadow. He could have done more just like Gordon and the other Senators who worked harder than him.

      Gordon? He’s a people-hater like his running mate Bayani Fernando

      Why do you say Gordon is a people hater? You must be mistaking it for his hatred of lazy Filipinos.

      You didn’t even explain why people would hate Gibo if he became president. Your explanation is very vague and based on misconceptions.

      Your explanation about Erap coming in second should tell you that the late Cory Aquino was weak and made wishy-washy decisions she kept regretting. That itself should have made you stay away from Noynoy because he takes after his mom.

      I disagree that Noynoy is the decision of the masses because even some members of the elite voted for him. His 40% mandate though does not necessarily mean that they all came from legitimate voters. There are even allegations that the election was fraudulent. He hasn’t been proclaimed yet and there are groups calling for a declaration of failure of elections. Just because you think he won it doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels. We have to continue being vigilant for whatever hasty decisions he is fond of making.

    • Jay says:

      Ah, selfishness bounds noynoy supporters. I mean when you get a line like this:

      I want to get my justice from Gloria for what she has done to me, my family, and the whole country. For me, it’s a personal fight and I want to see PGMA suffer negative karma.

      You know they aren’t looking at the big issue. What about the other presidencies? What about cory? What about Marcos? She didn’t just screw you. She screwed EVERYBODY IN THE COUNTRY 8 years that nobody will ever get back. But you see, she isn’t the loser in all of this. Everyone besides her and the elite are the real losers.

      If working for the Red Cross, no VOLUNTEERING is hating, then I guess what GMA did is LOVE her country. What Marcos did to protect his neck while using the military to break human rights is out of LOVE for his country. Yeah, he really must hate subic and olongapo because he helped bring them out in the long run. And those people in Hacienda Luisita get LOTS OF LOVE!

      People voted for Erap because they were using their da pinoy mindset to begin with. That with the whole variables of winnable, anti-this-and-anti-that and the fact he’s just plain popular as the Aquino name to many. Also had a decent campaign where he didn’t take shots at anyone.

      For now, Noynoy is our only choice, whether we like it or not. If anyone else wins, a lot of people will protest saying the people don’t want to be their president. Whether we like it or not, we have to follow the decison of the masses. On the bright side, at least we didn’t have Erap as our next president.

      He wasn’t the only choice, if you weren’t paying attention to surveys and media hoopla and looked more into the real issues. You already said that if anyone wins, people will complain which is to be expected on whoever won. However look at all the attention your future president to be is garnering out of his sophomoric, immature behavior! I mean you look down on 2 people who care nothing but the best interest and potential for people and fixing the government to do so (gordon, Gibo) and instead focus on the favorite and class clown and future president to be who couldn’t prove he can deal with the presidency and now is SHOWING EVERYONE that he really can’t.

      I’m not following the decision of the oblivious idiots. YOU help the guys you put in office and that isn’t just noynoy, but those jokers in the senate like Bong revilla, Tito Sotto and the congress with Manny Pacquiao. So its time to get the pen and paper and start thinking, not praying and hoping he won’t personally screw you over.

    • bokyo says:

      -No one believes in the Court anymore. The people no longer cares about the opinion of the court cause their decisions are always smudged with politics. Whether Erap is truly guilty or not, the people will still not believe the court decision of branding him guilty

      Eh yung kay Corona palang hindi na nirespeto ni Noynoy eh, what made you think that it’s all about “HONESTY and INTEGRITY” ?

      <iFor now, Noynoy is our only choice, whether we like it or not.

      Wrong-o. Noynoy is YOUR (and I mean the 40% of you) ONLY choice. Before elections you disregard the other 8 and didn’t look past beyond “SINCERETY,HONESTY,INTEGRITY,TRUSTWORHY”. You disregard competence & skills. You only have THIS:

      Well I have to admit I’m a supporter of Noynoy. But the only reason I voted for Noynoy is because I want to get my justice from Gloria for what she has done to me, my family, and the whole country. For me, it’s a personal fight and I want to see PGMA suffer negative karma.

      You’re so hell-bent on Gloria that you associate almost all of them to her. You have the ABiaS-CBN as your only source of information. You’re too lazy to think that the other candidates have “HONESTY and SINCERETY”, even more than the Yellow one. And finally, you label people who don’t support him as Pro-Gloria, pro-Marcos, evil, dishonest, etc.

      Well, let’s see. Noynoy will be sworn in to Presidency on June 30. Thanks to you. Now he’s seeing government positions to personalities like Boy, Dingdong and Ogie because of mere “utang na loob” for his campaign. Infighting is happening at his own turf. He’s so reactive to people who want him to quit smoking. He doesn’t want to live in Malacañang. He’s not yet the president yet he’s not acting the way you expect him to be.

  36. Pingback: Hostage crisis fallout: P-Noy’s supporters should admit their mistake to support unity among Filipinos

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