Noynoy's win: People's mandate or fraudulent outcome?

It’s hard to lead a normal life when you are a Filipino. There are times when you just want to do the right thing but other people prevent you from doing so. Take voting during an election as an example. It should be a pretty straightforward exercise. You wake up, eat your meal, fix yourself up and then go out and vote. Sadly, in the Philippines, it’s not that simple. Just when you think that you had done your part, say, in writing your chosen candidate down on the ballot sheet, suddenly it turns out someone else had already done it for you while you slept the night before!

Noynoy Aquino boldly stated during the campaign period that if there is a failure of elections and the people’s will is frustrated, there will be demonstrations that could make recent protests in Thailand seem “mild” by comparison. It is really unfortunate that he was only speaking for himself and not for the rest of the candidates. It is unfortunate too that the people who would presumably join these “demonstrations” are only willing to protest if he lost the election. If the allegations of massive cheating that are circulating around are true, we can actually consider what transpired on the 10th of May a failure of elections.

The latest news reports reveal that there are now four whistleblowers that have come out to testify that there was massive cheating involved during the election. How’s that for a popular mandate? The Comelec must have thought that Vox Populi meant “rigged the votes” in Greek. Here’s something from The Daily Tribune:

The 4th whistleblower was interviewed by ABS-CBN reporter Sheryl Mundo and shown on TV Patrol, saying that the votes of Gilbert Teodoro were shaved by 5 million, Erap Estrada by 4 million and Eddie Villanueva by 2 to 3 million. The unidentified whistleblower’s video was presented by Buddy Cunanan, son of Belinda Cunanan and a Manila Times columnist at a CBCP forum. He said their cheating scheme was planned and in place three months before the elections and they were offering guaranteed votes at P20 per vote. At least seven candidates have already revealed that they were offered guaranteed votes by brokers representing the syndicate.

Why are these reports falling on deaf ears? Why aren’t there any loud objections? Could all the brouhaha stirred up by Noynoy Aquino about who’s going to administer his oath swearing just a distraction from the massive cheating that could have been undertaken to put him in Malacanang? Why aren’t these allegations being investigated? Noynoy Aquino, the man they say is full of integrity is now letting all these allegations slide. Their camp is probably hoping that monsoon rains will wash the issue down the drain in time for his 30th of June swearing in.

You can accuse me of sour graping all you want but I say it’s a long way to the top if Noynoy wants to rock n’ roll. It’s not like I know these whistleblowers personally, but if you ask me, I don’t understand why Filipinos like them always develop a conscience after the deed had been done. Perhaps maybe someone didn’t pay them the agreed amount? These allegations have merits because even the 86 – member International Observers Mission reported that “The elections were not peaceful or violence free. Neither were the elections fair or honest.

Commenter Elena provided a link to a video of the press conference by the People’s International Observers Mission on the conduct of the 2010 elections in the Philippines and I am not ashamed to say that tears just started rolling down my cheeks halfway through watching it. All of the foreign observers concluded that there was massive cheating involved during the election. It was not the machines that were a problem but the presence of elements that should not have been involved in the election. One foreign observer had to fight back her tears while she was talking and said that being an older lady, she had never before witnessed something as blatant as the cheating in the Philippines. They felt so sorry for the Filipino people who were expecting a clean and smooth election on the 10th of May. Instead they witnessed a chaotic scene with strong military presence and intimidation in and around the polling stations. The following is a summary of their observation all throughout the country:

Serious and systematic irregularities:

– Vote buying
– People lining up outside the candidate’s house
– There was no privacy in the polling stations
– People could see what the voter is writing
– The ballot sheet could not be folded to cover the information
– There were voters who were not stamped with indelible ink
– There were voters who were stamped with ink before voting
– There were people taking pictures and videos of voters for intimidation purposes
– Police and military presence was strong.
– There was no voter autonomy on the voters part
– Party workers inside the polling centres were filling in the forms for the voters
– There were machines that malfunctioned
– There were occasions when the international observers were not allowed inside
– Strong intimidation and harassment by the military and civilians who had no business being in the polling stations.

I encourage you to watch the video because one international observer who was assigned at the Pampanga and Tarlac region even specifically mentioned that intimidation was rampant in Hacienda Luisita. These observations made by outsiders who are completely unbiased should shame us to high heavens. I cannot comprehend why our public officials allow these things to happen. As one lady said, “I can only pray for the Filipino people that those who are elected keep their promise. In our family, a promise is a promise and it should not be broken.” They praised the teachers manning the machines who tried their best to prevent fraud from happening and the voters who lined up for hours waiting for their turn to exercise their right.

There you go my fellow Filipinos. We have again demonstrated to the international community that we are good at something. We are good at cheating in every way. Even with an automated system, the cheating can be done before the ballot sheet even reaches the machine. It’s like nothing the observers have seen before. It might even be something to be proud of if you are that sick. It should really shame us because we find all these things normal and shrug it off as part of our culture. In absolute terms, though, it is really so despicable that these things happen.

The question is: Is there anyone out there who cares that there was massive cheating during the election? Another question is: Is Noynoy’s win legitimate or not? It may be starting to become starkly obvious that democracy was nowhere to be found on the 10th of May. I believe the so called mandate is something that so called avid Noynoy supporters would like to cling on to keep their own sanity intact. They may be dreaming.

I think that we should really consider what happened on the 10th of May possibly massive failure to add into our history books — a failure to hold a smooth and honest election and a failure to prevent Noynoy from garnering a manipulated vote. I feel like going out into the streets but that too would be too shameful.

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  1. JOn says:

    “Votes of Gilbert Teodoro were shaved by 5 million, Erap Estrada by 4 million and Eddie Villanueva by 2 to 3 million.” That is a staggering number 5 million votes? I wonder how much votes did they intentionally shaved off from Senator Gordon and Bayani Fernando. I could not careless about Estrada. The one thing that bothers me Gordon did not even have 500,000 votes. Last April 20, they were endorsed by RP’s biggest group of cooperatives. In a statement, the 10-million strong Cooperative Union of the Philippines, through its secretary-general Felix Borja, said it has also entered into a covenant with Gordon “to complement each other’s efforts to bring about a better quality of life to the masses of people with limited means.” Let say some of them did not translate into votes; however, he should be at least made it to 2nd or 3rd place. If not the 1st. The question remains, there are whistle blower that are coming out because of massive cheating during the election. I still dare them to come up with names and strong evidence. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? FILIPINOS DESERVE BETTER OF WHO WILL RIGHTFULLY LEAD THEM. Are you hearing any comments from Gibo or Gordon’s camp?

    • ilda says:

      Hi JOn

      It seems everyone’s hands are tied. I don’t know about you but while I was watching the press conference held for the international observers, I had that same feeling I had when I recently watched the classic film Deliverance. I felt awful. I felt sad for all the people who were expecting a clean election especially in the provinces because of the automated machines. We are all naïve. We all had high expectations but the thugs were still there to prevent an honest one. What I didn’t expect was the intimidation and the vote buying before the ballot sheets were handed in. I’m so sad. 😦

      Gibo supporters are having a roller coaster ride at the moment. When the news of the whistleblower first got out, they were very hopeful but then someone said that if Malacanang tried to intervene, it would be seen as another maneuver by GMA to hold on to power through Gibo. And then officials at Comelec are denying the charges. No one is doing anything about it.

      I find it bizarre that Filipinos are not outraged by what the international observers had to say and what the whistleblowers are saying. Is cheating so into our system now that we just simply shrug it off as normal?

      • Jay says:

        I remembered watching that interview with the international observers mission and one word that resonated and all the present members seem to agree with: DISENFRANCHISED. I want to take back my take on the electronic voting cheating, since even manual and physical means are simple, brute-force and much much more effective. One statistic that stood out upon seeing the numbers was voter turnout. The LOWEST in the past 3 ELECTIONS!

        Gibo’s camp should definitely be alarmed though I’m not sure exactly if Gordon is ready to jump at this without further proof and testimony.

        What should be magnified further I guess isn’t the legitimacy of Noynoy’s win, but the process and the atmosphere of the voting day. I mean the International Observers were probably here during last national election and had similar things to say about the voting atmosphere all around the country. And so many things went wrong of half-arsed, despite the aid of machines, all outlined in the video as well.

        I think DISENFRANCHISED sums it all up perfectly.

      • ilda says:

        Yeah Jay, I forgot about that word. I was taking down notes while I was watching it and the whole time I was crying, huhuhu. I didn’t even get to finish the video. If you notice, my blog seems hastily done. I was upset that people get away with these things even with an international watcher.

        The video was so sad for me. It was the way the foreigners were describing the whole thing as if they’ve never seen anything like it. For some reason I realize what’s wrong for the first time even though I knew it happens every election. I saw it through their eyes. We Filipinos have been so desensitized that we hardly make a big deal of the anomalies. We were probably expecting the machines to malfunction more than anything. Something has to be done. The police and the military should not be in the polling stations if they have no business there. They were just intimidating people.

      • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

        “I find it bizarre that Filipinos are not outraged by what the international observers had to say and what the whistleblowers are saying.”

        I think they are outraged by the fact that non-Filipino observers are present during election, due to the (again) misplaced nationalism. They’ll say “Anong ginagawa ng mga banyagang yan? Wala silang pakialam sa eleksyon natin!!”. Irrational, but given the election results, it doesn’t sound strange anymore.

      • Jay says:

        misplaced nationalism or not, they were there with good intentions. If Philippines did good, they got free publicity (in which they really gave the teachers a lot of rep. With little to no training time, machines breaking down, not enough SMARTMATIC technicians, they put 200% effort with absolutely LITTLE to no pay raise) that the country deserves. But that wasn’t the case.

        Of course, as I’ve seen with the idiots below, they’d rather take the word of our local media than their unbiased and astute observations.

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  3. jonphil says:

    Cheating / corruption will always occur in a country where they go UNPUNISHED. And penoys evolved to become insensitive to these anomalies. (chicken or egg dilemma)

    Never heard any comelec official who has been prosecuted. Never heard any candidate cited for election offence (have you?). Marcoses are back; erap has been voted by millions of braineD penoys. Next leaders will take precedence and try to even outdo these plunderers. Lessons they learned: steal from the people in millions/billions, hence, you can afford to pay the judiciary and a bunch of mobs.

    Re nuynuy: I don’t question his win. Just proved how many millions of voters were brainwashed by SWitikS, false asia, and the media. Gullible penoys are lazy thinkers; they act like children who prefer visuals and be spoonfed.

    In the last elections, I had a discussion with some family members who voted for nuynuy. They contended: “you’re too IDEALISTIC; too much idealism will bring you nowhere.”

    I replied: “you’re too MEDIOCREISTIC or LOUSYSTIC; look where your attitude brought us (the nation). Unless we change our ways, we will end up in a deeper sh!thole.”

    • Jay says:

      Actually, you aren’t the only one I’ve read here or talked to where literally noynoy as a candidate has caused issues for families. Especially ones like you who believe in the real message of change while say your mother, father or other siblings looks at the elections not as a warning or an impending message of doom, but like a deer looking at headlights.

      I’d like to see a write up regarding stories of these prior to elections and the aftermath. I mean you still love them, but fuck they aren’t helping at all in the grand scheme of things.

    • ilda says:

      The people who trust the system to work are again let down. I hate this situation. I blame the media and all the avid Noynoy supporters who were suckers for the Aquino Legacy. They are so self-righteous. All the long winded blogs about how Noynoy has integrity and that cr@p!

    • ourladypeace says:

      I agree with Jay, Noynoy as candidate has indeed been a source of heated arguments between family members–my family included. I heard that same line of, “you’re too idealistic” from my own father, whose despite admitting that Sen. Gordon is the most qualified candidate, wanted to vote for Noynoy because he absolutely did not want Villar or Erap to win. I was very frustrated. Although I had convinced him to vote for Gordon, he could not fully understand why I was adamantly against voting for the “lesser evil”. He claims my “idealism” stems from my youth. As johnphil said, we do need to change our ways. We have to get rid of this kind of mentality of compromise. Yet, this is easier said than done.

      To ilda, I, too, blame the media. That was my only statement on the evening of May 10. They took away the fighting chance of the rest of the candidates, (By the way, thanks for your posts. They are very well-written.)

      • ilda says:

        Thanks ourladypeace

        I found it pointless to try and convince some family and friends because once they got smitten with Noynoy, there was no turning back. The discussion might be a bit civil among relatives and friends but it still goes around in circles.

  4. ben says:

    Holy Crap…

    That’s all I gotta say…

  5. wtf says:

    this blog is just full of crap. what a sore loser! get over it, idiot! the results were consistent with the surveys! still dreaming of a gordon utopia? phuleeeeez!

    • ben says:

      What a joke noyfags are… Continue living in you fantasy land of filthy rich dynasties who will continue to suck the lives out of the people.

      This has nothing to do with Noy anymore. U can keep sucking on his Dick (no pun intended) all u want. Just don’t enjoy it too much fag.

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      whoa!!! another moron!!! so what about the one you’ve voted… the DUMB LORD OF THE YELLOW ZOMBIES… he’s faltering each time he opens his drooling mouthful of nicotine. you’ve made a joke of yourself by impressing upon your pokito brain of yours that he is THE SAVIOUR OF THE BANANA AND HALO HALO REPUBLIC. DUMB down!!! Gordon is OUT… YOU STUPID FREAKOZOID… and the whole Pinas knows that. You’re probably one of the “real name” commenter here who cannot explain why they’ve chosen that IDIOT!!! Maggots can’t argue logically… they troll in the name of the DUMB YELLOW ONE!!! GET A FnCKING LIFE SHITHEAD!!!

    • Jay says:

      @who the F

      This isn’t about any bias. This is full blown out manipulation in electronic and physical means. The elections WERE NOT a real success, which media like PDI and ABS-BCN/GMA are trying to give you a pacifier and tell you everything is alright.

      The International Observers Mission got it right and they went ALL OVER the Philippines! So you are going to take the word of our local media over THEM, who practically VOLUNTEERED to watch over the polls for the benefit of a clean, voting environment for the Philippines? Get real.

      • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

        “The International Observers Mission got it right and they went ALL OVER the Philippines! So you are going to take the word of our local media over THEM, who practically VOLUNTEERED to watch over the polls for the benefit of a clean, voting environment for the Philippines? Get real.”

        But of course. They will never trust anything that the “evil foreigner/s” says and instead believe what the media here has to offer, just because the local media has been a long time and “experience + residence = broad knowledge”.

      • ChinoF says:

        “experience + residence = broad knowledge”

        and bias. 😉

    • Sexy girl says:


      The dubious results were indeed consistent with the dubious surveys 🙂

      Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    • Deadpancow says:

      Wow. This has been by far the maturest reply I’ve heard so far.

      I wouldn’t want to presume that you voted for noy as I cannot objectively confirm that. But assuming that you did, I think this is enough evidence for me to assume the kind of people who voted for noy.

      And if you entirely believe everything that the our mass media tells you (particularly on surveys that are always disclaimed by the word “claim” to cover their sorry asses) without the hint of skepticism then you, sir, are an idiot.

  6. Jojo says:

    Such an insightful post.

    I do believe there was cheating. And believe it or not, it was by the Yellow camp.

  7. GCL says:

    Dear AP,

    What is most disturbing is OUR accepting what media is trying to make us believe: “Successful Elections”. May I share what Mr. Perlas warns us about how our media is playing up with our minds and most especially, the poor easy-to-program man on the street.:

    Beware and Overcome Media Manipulation
    Nicanor Perlas
    21 May 2012

    Readers beware! If you want to get the truth regarding the recent national elections, go beyond what you get from the mainstream media. Do your own research. Check the facts on the ground. Ask what your friends experienced. Connect the dots yourself. Come to your own conclusion. In this way, you will protect your mind from being manipulated by unseen powers that lurk behind the country’s media establishment.

    Immediately after the May 10, 2010 elections, the Filipino public was brainwashed with stories about a stunningly successful election. “ ‘Birth pains’ of poll automation over”. “Fast count stuns nation”. “Stocks surge as markets cheer successful elections”. “ ‘Villar conceding proves Comelec credible’ “. “Take a bow, Filipino voters”. “US, EU praise RP for elections; peso, markets buoyed”. “Comelec proves critics wrong”. “Filipinos carry on love affair with PCOS machines”.

    The “Good job” editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) captures the euphoria over the rapid success of the elections. In its May 12, 2012 editorial, two days after the elections, PDI wrote the following:

    “Contrary to the most dismal expectations, . . . the country’s first nationwide automated elections have turned out to be a success. . . . the May 10 vote marked a true rite of passage. Our electoral system has finally caught up with the 21st century. . . . . For now, and while taking into consideration the remaining uncertainties in the election, our civic duty is to commend the many people who helped turn the first computerized polls into a success.”

    PDI then thanked the presidential candidates for conceding to apparent winner Benigno Aquino III. PDI had special words for Manny Villar. PDI called his “gracious” concession a “class act”.

    Understandably, amidst this sudden euphoria, when I did not concede victory to Aquino due to evidence of massive fraud in the elections, the gatekeepers in media started framing my decision as “sour grapes” or “sour loser”. They also distorted the facts in my press release or media interviews. And, if I did come out in the media, they would often attach “losing” presidential candidate to my name, to implicitly emphasize that I was a “sour loser”. They did not want to bring out that I was questioning the outcome of the elections, not for myself, but because it was the product of a fraudulent process and thereby endangered our democracy. (See my press statement, “I am not conceding”) Oftentimes, they would simply censor my comments and give a one-sided account of subsequent events that followed.

    However, no one can suppress the truth. No one can overcome the truth. And indeed the truth regarding massive fraud in the elections started to surface all over, despite media bias against incidents of fraud.

    News surfaced about 60 PCOS machines stored illegally at the private house of one Smartmatic technician. Irregular transmission dates were found in one of these PCOS machines. Reports also came out about flash cards found in the garbage dump in Cagayan de Oro City, implying an attempt to remove evidence of fraud. Alert citizens and IT experts also discovered that all election returns (ERs) were transmitted without the required digital signatures, a clear violation of RA9369, the law that authorized the establishment of the automated election system. Canvassing of votes cannot take place because the ERs are not valid. Further research by various groups has also revealed that COMELEC has violated more than 50% of the provisions of RA9369. This meant that the recent national elections were fraudulent, thereby also making the election results illegal. Then recently, several whistle blowers surfaced claiming massive fraud in the recent 2010 elections.

    With these developments, media headlines started to slowly change, albeit begrudgingly and reluctantly and even antagonistically. They started carrying stories of fraud. “Erap focuses on ‘hocus PCOS’, an ‘electronic Garci’ system”. “Watchdogs call for probe of ‘poll irregularities’”. “Three losing pres’l bets troop to SC”. And so on.

    Until finally, on 18 May 2012, PDI writes an editorial: “Reviewing the polls”. PDI wrote: “Now, some people are having second thoughts: the automated elections system may have its faults, after all. . . . . The most prominent of the critics is deposed President Joseph Estrada . . . Estrada is refusing to concede saying that he is gathering evidence showing discrepancies in the transmitted results and other alleged irregularities. Three other presidential candidates, Senator Maria Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal, Nicanor Perlas, and JC de los Reyes, have not conceded either saying that, while they may not win the presidency, they want to know the whole truth about the results of the presidential elections. . . . .

    “That the new automated election system is being subjected to a thorough examination and critique by various sectors of society is a healthy sign for our democracy. It shows that voters are not content with just voting and receiving fast results; they want to be assured that the entire process is fair, accurate and credible. Elections are the instrument by which the will of the people is expressed. If the electoral system can be subverted, then we will not know how the people really decided.”

    The PDI editorial marked the passage of the country from misinformed and naïve euphoria of a “stunning” “successful” election, to the messy reality that massive fraud may have been perpetuated in the recent national elections.

    No matter what happens to the fate of the whistleblowers who have recently surfaced and the increasing number of impossible results being uncovered, one thing is clear. Mainstream media is not neutral. They have their preferences and interests to protect. They wield massive cultural power to convince millions that their interests and preferences are the truth, are the reality.

    Do not yield to their mind games, to their mind manipulation. Stand firm. Make your own independent decisions. The emergence of truth about the national elections will depend on our collective deprogramming from the frontal mental attacks of media. And this truth will determine the future of our country.

    For AP writers, please write more on media as this needs real attention in the light of post-election troubles.

    • ben says:

      Thanks GCL and Mr Perlas! I believe you are doing the country a great service in looking deeper. While Noy sits high with the thought that he won fair and square, we will all remain vigilant in finding the truth, esp here on AP.

    • Jay says:

      you can guarantee AP will be on top of this. I’m just curious as to how desperate Noynoy and Kamag-Anak inc. were to win this election and their intentions regarding this.

    • ilda says:


      Thanks for pasting Nick Perlas’ message. It reads like something we have been writing about here at AP.

      It is really annoying that people are just equating the call for justice and truth as mere sour graping. Do they expect everyone to just stay quiet about it? As I said earlier, the whistleblowers should be investigated because if they are lying, they should be prosecuted. But it is so obvious from what the international observers are saying that there was blatant cheating done during the election so the claims of the whistleblowers are not too far fetched.

      I hope this issue will not be swept under the carpet. If it does, we can only expect that other controversial issues be handled in the same manner by Mr Aquino.

  8. Lexi says:

    After reading several articles online, I am convinced the May 10 elections is a big fraud. Considering the election system is automated now, it is far easier to manipulate it. What shocks me is the very visible signs of cheating in a technical level and how mainstream media downplay this. Just the 60 PCOS machines in someone’s house should be enough grounds to alert every official…the “faulty” CF cards being destroyed…the inaccurate dates, and total number of registered voters in SMARTMATIC is at 153M.

  9. ChinoF says:

    I thought Mr. Aquino would call on people power if there is a failure of elections or if there is massive cheating? Is it because he won? Oh, I forgot… if he LOST, he’ll call on people power, because the only way he can win is if he is not cheated. So if there’s so many reports of cheating, and yet he won, what would that mean… that his win was actually because his camp cheated?

    And if he doesn’t give a hoot about it, then what’s he doing about his anti-corruption stance? Isn’t all this election cheating corruption? Holy Smog, he’s sleeping again. 😆

  10. Votoms says:


    Retarded Faggot detected. GTFO

  11. wtf says:

    so there was massive cheating, drooling noynoy is a fraud! now what are you gonna do about it?? yah, right, gather the gordon faithfuls and ‘surge the gates’. all 21 or is it 12 of them. woot! woot!

    by the way, don’t assume that i voted for noynoy cause i don’t vote for lazy, empty cans. my point is simple, the results are credible, and noynoy deserves his shot at making this country great .we can at least give him that..

    these whistle blowers? all noise very little substance. nobody is following their story, because there is very little proof about their accusations.

    again, get over it! pastor quiboloy hates sore losers! *winK

    • bokyo says:

      I don’t even believe in that “Son of God” thing of Pastor Q, thanks a much.

      “Son of B****”is more like it.

    • ChinoF says:

      The real sore loser in this election is the country. “We voted the candidate we wanted to bring change… where is the change? And what’s all this cheating?”

      • wtf says:

        “We voted the candidate we wanted to bring change… where is the change? And what’s all this cheating?”

        you just made me fall off my seat man! Or are you just trying to be funny? You are demanding change from Noy, when Gloria still holds the reign. How do you think that would be possible?

      • ChinoF says:

        I’m just echoing the “people’s will” dude. 😉

    • Jay says:

      the results are credible, and noynoy deserves his shot at making this country great .we can at least give him that..

      Ah, another ignoramus I see, or one who lacks proper comprehension. Whistle blowers are coming out and even the International Observers Mission, VOLUNTEERS mind you confirmed suspicions of intimidation and bribery in the elections all across the Philippines. As I’ve said, so we ignore the opinions of an international group with good intentions over our own local media that is pretty much pumping out propaganda?

      Noynoy deserves a shot? He can’t even GET THE GOVERNMENT TO SUPPORT HIM!. He can’t even acknowledge the laws and respect them, much like the retards who supported him and idiots like you who have some strange faith in him.

      these whistle blowers? all noise very little substance. nobody is following their story, because there is very little proof about their accusations.

      Or because all your sources of news and information are all under the YELLOW BANNER. The main TV networks and PDI primarily. Of course they don’t want to focus on whistle blowers! They want you to feel the election was a SUCCESS and put you and the rest of the idiots into a false sense of security.

      • wtf says:

        Jay, you have gotta be the biggest moron in the universe! 2 things: 1.why would noynoy cheat, he was miles ahead of his closest rival 2. Who’s got the resources to mount such massive cheating – si villar, may pera; si gibo nasa kapangyarihan. eh, si noynoy? san sya sa equation?

        Common sense lang, Pare. Obviously you have none. So there you go loving these whistleblowers, hoping and wishing that somehow a miracle happens and Gordon suddenly wins. Magising na nga kayo mga hangal!!! TALUNAN!!! *wink

      • Tekkie says:

        1. He was miles ahead because maybe he cheated.
        2. Tignan mo naman kung sino yung mga nasa likod nya sumusuporta sa kanya. Cojuancos + Aquinos LOL.

        Masyado ka nakafocus kay noynoy. Hindi mo man lang tinitignan yung mga nasa paligid nya. Maybe hindi nga siya corrupt pero kung yung mga Kamaganak nya hindi nya macontrol, anong sense pa na nilagay nyo sya dun?

      • Jay says:

        1.why would noynoy cheat, he was miles ahead of his closest rival

        Based on the current, unfounded results or the surveys that you were observing. Hilariously Erap was beating his a$$ until the numbers finally came back. And odd enough Erap wasn’t even the Yellow Campaigners rival, if you consider the whole propaganda story as well.
        Besides, the motivation to cheat would most likely to WIN.

        2. Who’s got the resources to mount such massive cheating – si villar, may pera; si gibo nasa kapangyarihan. eh, si noynoy? san sya sa equation?

        OH LOLOLOLOLOL. Noynoy is backed with kamag anak inc. and belongs to the Aquinos, who are friends with the Cojuancos, lopezes and all the powerful families. It would be most likely in their best interest for Noynoy to win. I won’t reach for the narco politics story either since Nantes can’t testify anymore but I’ll leave it out there. Its funny how you threw Gibo into the fire when he’s farther away from his ties to his clan than your beloved Noynoy.

        Odd enough, you were the one who seems to be lacking the common sense, considering how gullible you are to believe everything is as what the Yellow Media wants you to believe.

      • ilda says:


        1.why would noynoy cheat, he was miles ahead of his closest rival

        If massive cheating took place, that would explain why he was miles ahead of his rivals.

        Who’s got the resources to mount such massive cheating – si villar, may pera; si gibo nasa kapangyarihan. eh, si noynoy? san sya sa equation?

        Noynoy’s family has more money than Villar. Media is also behind Noynoy’s back. They are the reason why your mind has been conditioned to think that Noynoy has integrity.

    • ilda says:


      my point is simple, the results are credible.

      And how do you know the results are credible?

      Whether some people here supports another candidate or not is beside the point. The allegations of massive fraud should be looked at seriously. The authorities should also investigate the whistleblowers without delay and if they find that they are lying, they should be prosecuted, put behind bars as a deterrent for other people from doing this again and putting doubts on the election results in the future. Furthermore, if the whistleblowers are telling the truth and are not taken seriously, people will be discouraged from doing the right thing in the future as well because they won’t see any point in doing so.

      You make it sound like we made up this information. It was all over the news. These are serious allegations and should not be treated lightly. You are not doing your duty as a citizen if you let these things slide.

  12. JRM says:

    Bloggers here can continue to pretend they are voicing their hatred towards Noy with a sense of justice and dignity..well in fact after seeing all your obvious emotional outburst to whoever disagrees with you as “Noy fags”. You sound just like all those trapos. wag ka magbuhat ng sariling bangko,wala kang pinagkaiba sa mga binabatikos mo.

    • bokyo says:

      This article was not even for Noynoy, it’s all about the election fraud that happened on that hot sunny May 10. And it was seen at the international world’s point of view.

      Get real.

      • wtf says:

        @bokyong bokyo

        so who do you think won? and where’s your proof that there was massive fraud? bobo mo naman bokyo! this story hasn’t caught fire, because there’s simply nothing to substantiate these lame accusations.

        this site should change its name to anti-noynoy. talunan pala mga tao dito. “this article isn’t even about noynoy”, sinong niloloko mo chong?! gawin kaya nating si gordon ang nanalo, would you guys even lift a finger if there was cheating involved?

        hmmm bokya!! *wink

      • Jay says:

        so who do you think won? and where’s your proof that there was massive fraud?

        Well since Noynoy won, the entire country lost. Only idiots looked at it with a winners and losers with the winnability point of view.

        In terms of fraud, the writing is on the wall. Someone isn’t reading and is instead trying to attack people instead, which ISN’T the issue. Regardless if anybody won, it is still important to check whether the process was just and correct. Because it doesn’t just affect THIS ELECTION, but the ones in the future as well. This has been going on the country for the longest time and everyone just sweeps it under the table, expecting to never repeat the experience ever again.

        Sadly you don’t deserve your democracy because you aren’t critical about it. Enjoy your 6 years XD

      • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

        “………gawin kaya nating si gordon ang nanalo, would you guys even lift a finger if there was cheating involved?”

        But of course. The article will be written the same way. I cannot blame you though because of the headline “Noynoy’s win: People’s mandate or fraudulent outcome”, it is hard to separate Noynoy from the main topic which is election fraud.

      • Jay says:

        My internet is messing up but check this out:

        I was also going to post apparently dubious results in certain regions that should be in question, oh an along with Teddy Locsin’s tirade on Smartmatic president regarding when the machine checks for anomalies. But tell us your take on it, at least for the sake of arguing the issue and not trying to look like a person living under a rock.

      • ilda says:

        gawin kaya nating si gordon ang nanalo, would you guys even lift a finger if there was cheating involved?

        If Gordon won and the same allegations of cheating come out, the title of the blog will obviously be:

        Gordon’s win: people’s mandate or fraudulent outcome?

        That should have been a no-brainer.

    • ChinoF says:

      Are we really raising our own bangko, or are we just sitting one someone else’s bangko that he’s raising? The latter is more like it. 😉 And there’s the question… was there really fraud that happened in the May 10 elections? There are so many reports that it’s hard to ignore. I just hope it’s not being covered up by SMOG.

    • ilda says:


      Where in the articles and the comments are the “Noy fags” name calling?

      Did you see it from the bloggers here? Of course you didn’t. Double check before commenting, will ya?!

  13. Hung Hang says:

    Only in the Land of the Idiots where pipol treat election like playing the lotto or a horse race. Pipol don’t vote based on the platform of candidates but based on their popularity and winnability.

    • Jay says:

      But only one person wins in a lotto or a horse race! Everybody voted like everyone was going to win. Then they find out the hard way that everybody lost… except those in power to begin with.

  14. boombox says:

    to the tune of Green Day’s hit song, American Idiot:

    “Noynoyan Idiot”

    Don’t want to be a noynoyan idiot.
    Don’t want a nation under Lopa media
    And can you hear Kris in hysteria?
    In smartmatic mind f*ck Filipiniana.

    Welcome to a new kind of tension.
    All across the talangka nation.
    Where everything’s turned ukay-ukay.
    Teleserye dreams of tomorrow.
    We’re not ones with dirty tricks to follow.
    For PCOS results to argue.

    Well maybe you’re the ****** Filipina.
    I’m not a part of a yellow agenda.
    Now everybody do black propaganda.
    And mudsling to age of paranoia.

    Welcome to a new kind of tension.
    All across the talangka nation.
    Where everything’s turned ukay-ukay.
    Teleserye dreams of tomorrow.
    We’re not ones with dirty tricks to follow.
    For PCOS results to argue.

    Don’t want to be an noynoyan idiot.
    One nation controlled by ABias media.
    Dis-information age of hysteria.
    It’s calling out to idiot ikaw-nga-ba.

    Welcome to a new kind of tension.
    All across the talangka nation.
    Where everything’s turned ukay-ukay.
    Teleserye dreams of tomorrow.
    We’re not ones with dirty tricks to follow.
    For PCOS results to argue.

    -posted by visionarylink in PEx

  15. Miriam Quiamco says:

    There seems truth to the massive electoral fraud allegations. At a precinct in Calinan, Davao City where my nephew was a poll watcher, he noticed how disenfranchisement was carried out. Priority numbers were issued to people who were clear voters of preferred candidates as endorsed by local officials. Many people therefore just went home out of frustration on the long queues. As of 10:00 a.m. on that very sunny morning of May 10th, only 55 out of the 1000 registered voters were able to vote. When the polls were closed at 7:00 p.m., how could all 1000 possibly have voted? Jesus, the mainstream media as usual are now starting to turn a blind eye to fraud allegations by publishing only voices that want to hasten the proclamation of the presumptive winner, without making sure the results were credible. I thank this site for keeping up the protest voice alive.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Miriam

      I don’t understand why majority of Filipinos are not even interested to know if there is any truth to the claims. What’s wrong with our society?!? I’m not even sure now if I should be more outraged about the fraud allegations or the apathy that the rest are exhibiting regarding it. Time is ticking and Noynoy’s camp is just busy working on his inauguration. I find this situation a bit sickening.

      So obviously, people were prevented from entering the polling stations while some people worked their magic.

  16. Miriam Quiamco says:

    I don’t know what to do Iida, I feel just as helpless as millions of Filipinos who are not represented in the media. If Aquino did not win, then the media would probably insist on a thorough investigation and not worry too much on the delay of the proclamation of the winner. The losing candidates should push for a thorough investigation with corroborated pieces of evidence to be presented. I guess, this is what the Estrada camp is doing right now, and boy, oh boy, what if the actual results would show an Estrada win. This will be just as disheartening for us, Gibo supporters, but if we are for the truth, then we we will have to swallow this bitter reality just the same.

    • ilda says:

      Where are the bloggers from FV or other sites who were so good at investigating Manny Villar before the election? How come they are not investigating this? If their heart is in the right place, they should do the right thing and clamor for the truth.

  17. mel says:

    Election in the Philippines is a joke!

    It was my first time to vote on May 10, 2010, in the Philippines after living abroad for many years. Waiting for my turn to cast my vote, a man in a Barangay uniform approached me and whispered: “Sabi ni Kap, Erap-Binay tayo”. As I told him I have my own idea of my president, he answered back “mawawalan ka ng trabaho”.

    Knowing some people around, I discussed the matter with them, so as to make sure I was not the only person being approached and to my dismay, they answered: “Yes, sabi ni Kap!”

    Not afraid of losing the job I do not have, I was able to vote for my choice but what a waste of time going out and falling in line for three (3) hours only to realize that it was a Puppet Show!

    • ilda says:

      Election in the Philippines is a joke!

      Yes. Unfortunately, the automated machines did not stop the intimidation and the vote buying.

      We have a sick society. I don’t know how the likes of Conrado de Quiros and Manuel L Quezon III can still write their pro-Noynoy articles after all the blatant cheating on the 10th of May.

  18. WTF says:

    To all the losers of this site, to those who still hopelessly cling to the belief that noy’s victory is nothing but fraud, “as witnessed by international media” kuno – guess what? You can add Spain, China & UK to the growing list of powerful countries acknowledging Noy as the legitimate winner of the presidential elections.

    Wait, all is not lost, you still have your KOALA BOYS to save the day!! ha!ha!ha!

    @miriam: for all your herculean efforts, gibo still got whacked pretty bad. i miss reading you on fv. what happened? yah, right. he was cheated. tsk! dahil napahiya ka sa fv, here you are finding solace with all the dickheads in ap. tsk!

    • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

      I thought the point of this article is the existence of anomalies during election. Forgive me for being stupid but when did the whole topic revolve on Noynoy and recognition of his win for presidency?

      Is really election fraud = Noynoy’s win is illegitimate? I better go back to college and take PolSci.

    • Jon Abaca says:

      Just because great powers acknowledge him it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get to the bottom of poll allegations?

      If I remember correctly, Great Britain acknowledged an Austrian man as the grand chancellor of Germany, despite allegations of cheating. I wonder how that turned out. Oh yeah, it turned out real bad.

      Noynoy Aquino is not like that Austrian man. For one, the Austrian is more charismatic. The point is, we need to get into the bottom of this allegations.

      Besides, we’re not hoping to disprove his victory. It’s already a foregone conclusion, since this country is incapable of recognizing the ability to bring progress. We’re just stretching our intellectual muscles, waiting for the day when we ram “I told you so” down all your throats.

    • Jay says:


      Looks like we have a real idiot who can’t seem to separate his fact from fiction, or someone who just hates to do the reading. Your biased source (PDI of course) is pretty much just describing formality, which ambassadors congratulating Noynoy as something that is part of their purpose which is to affirm foreign relations.
      They did not do, as the International Observers Mission DID which is keep track of the voting process and give unbiased reports regarding their situation. Biggest difference bro-sef is they were there first hand to experience this all with no formalities whatsoever.
      You’re talking about acknowledgement, the argument is about the corruption during the election process. Even one of the observers had accused Villar of being part of the voter intimidation. So I suggest you take a look at my sources, AGAIN and in your best interest to be convincing, try to tackle the point and not the readers.

      Of course what would you expect from the elite owned media companies regarding this? They won’t cover any of this because it isn’t in their best interest at all. Much like their coverage of the election was completely biased.

      So once again it goes back to their word (the foreigners) against yours (the ignorant pinoys and the noynoy supporters).

    • ilda says:


      It’s a shame none of your wise cracks address any of the rebuttals thrown at you. You just go into this typical Noynoy supporter tirade with your: “Beh buti nga!” responses. You even mock Miriam because Gibo lost to his slow witted cousin. Were you expecting everyone to believe in Noynoy? This is a free country. I believe Miriam was merely campaigning for Gibo when she was actively rebutting the never-ending Noynoy fairy tales in that blogsite, there’s nothing wrong with that.

      I seem to recall one blogger who used the term Dickhead in FV in reference to the bloggers here…ah, yes…it was Manual Buencamino! So, WTF is just an alter nick of FV Noynoyista: Manuel Buencamino!

      Guess what? The congratulatory messages do not make Noynoy a competent leader. Besides, none of the world leaders you mentioned know about the allegations of cheating that happened during the election. It’s because Noynoy’s media friends are good at publishing half-assed stories.

      Here’s something dedicated to the likes of you:

      Noynoy’s leadership skills suck and his avid supporters are suckers!

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Thenashman, I think Loren Legarda should really sue your ass (your favorite word), you have no right to write all those abusive words directed against her just because she is a woman whose guts you cannot stand. And you are following me here, don’t you get it? Basted ka na. . .

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      You are Thenashman, isn’t FV enough space for you to write your twisted thoughts or non-thoughts?

      I hope Loren Legarda will read your posts and sue you for slander. . .

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      @WTF aka Manuel Buencamino of FV

      if inquirer has headlined the hails for Noynoy… lemme do the same!!!


      Halleluyah Abnoy!!! You’re now the President!!!

  19. Pingback: Three-step process Noynoy needs to take to become President | Anti-Pinoy :)

  20. WTF says:

    wow. sarap naman to be mistaken as the great nashman o di kaya si manuel buencamino. shit lumalaki tuloy ulo ko dito. anyway, i’ve had fun visiting this site. never knew that a newbie like me can actually get into the nerves of some of the veterans here.

    but i wont be drawn into another verbal brawl anymore. i’ve had my fill.

    so im gonna go out with class.

    @ilda – keep rocking, i’m actually a fan.

    @miriam – wag kang mawalala, your passion for gibo almost made me vote for him. but gordon was my guy. don’t mind the nashman, you are way more intelligent than him.

    to the rest: mabuhay kayong lahat!! keep writing and keep challenging the status quo, our country needs you.


    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      Hail Abnoy!!! the 60 percent “losers” Hails Abnoy!!! bwahahahaha… you’ve had your fill of what… calling us “losers”… yeah right!!! is that your way of conceding? so far you’ve said nothing of substance but HAIL ABNOY!!!! bwahahahaha… sira ulo!!!

    • Jay says:

      Hmmm… so you are backing with pretty much a LOL I TROL U excuse?

      Save your class for the reality bro-sef.

  21. killem says:

    as time goes by, AP articles are becoming more of a non-sense tabloid type of articles….. this one is a classic example

    • ilda says:

      Sure thing killem

      The article is non-sense to people who think that there was no irregularity whatsoever on Election Day.

      Did you turn yellow on me now? You used to be orange. I can smell a balimbing 🙂

      The problem with Pinoys is that, they actually think that their duty as a citizen ends after voting on Election Day. It’s every citizen’s duty to be vigilant about illegal activities. You are being apathetic the minute you dismiss claims of fraud during the election or any other time of the year.

      • killem says:

        Being a person, who vote and directly participate in the guarding of votes, yes there was some irregularity( like vote buying) but it is more of case to case basis rather than massive fraud you were talking about…. unless there is a strong evidence to contrary, there was no massive to speak of..

        im still orange, but my choice of a candidate does not prohibit me from commenting/attacking an article which do not make sense…signs of sourgrapping perhaps??

        Finally, i do believe that a person do not deserve to be elected, if he cannot protect his own votes…

      • ilda says:

        I actually raised several issues not just electoral fraud. This is not just about Gordon losing. The article is also about how Filipinos have become desensitised to cheating which happens on a day-to-day basis. Cheating has become a way of life that on election day, people don’t see anything wrong with the presence of thugs or those who offer rice and money in exchange for people’s votes.

        Can’t you see that the dysfunctional behaviour of Filipinos is so obvious during the election season and the election day itself? A lot of Filipinos don’t even want to sacrifice their time to register, they do not bother to vote and majority would only be willing to go out and vote if there is a reward. And then they complain about how their public officials are not doing their job. Who let them get voted in office anyway?

        C’mon killem be original and cut the sourgraping accusation because you don’t even know me. You just need to address the issues. You can’t say that cheating doesn’t happen especially on Election day. Whatever level it is, it should not be tolerated.

      • HalleluyahHymen says:

        Last May election is the day where miraculous Abnoyan saviour of the banana republic turned the oranges and apples to become the politicians’ favorite fruit … the yellow balimbing.

        Why are you saying that it is not massive or it’s a case to case basis? Massive or not… CHEATING EXIST!!! you still have to do investigative research in order to prove its scale. The article only defines the existence of the phenomenon so what’s wrong about it?

        We at AP do not sourgrape we do not eat balimbing… kahit dilaw maasim.

        Tangna sa Pilipinas the only way to protect your votes is to buy votes and protect your winnability… you cheat more than other cheaters. Kung tarantado yung isang kandidato… dapat mas tarantado ka. Pa orange orange ka pa dyan… ULUL!!

      • ilda says:

        🙂 🙂 🙂

      • killem says:

        i agree cheating should not be tolerated, but it should not be magnified as well…

        im not accusing any of AP bloggers? of being a sourgrape….what i just said is “signs of sourgrapping perhaps??” its a question not an accusation and its only a sign….

        Yup, i dont even know you, so maybe that makes my comment more objective, because i dont have any personal baises…

        Like what i said, i do not accused anyone of sourgrapping…, so stop acting like a guilty person =)

      • ilda says:

        i agree cheating should not be tolerated, but it should not be magnified as well…

        Wow galing! Kaya pala maraming mandaraya sa atin kasi people like you don’t want to make a big deal out of it!

        Any form of cheating should be magnified dude! If you let people get away when they commit a little kupit here and there, one day you are going to end up with a full-blown magnanakaw. That’s exactly the message I was trying to point out in my new blog Election and everyday fraud: every citizen is to blame for allowing it to happen

        I don’t know why you keep insisting that this is still about Gordon losing. is not just about the election. You are the one who brought up the word sourgraping not me, so obviously you are the one trying hard not to act like one. And please stop wasting my time with silly word games. Filipinos like you are part of the problem because you choose to turn a blind eye on fraudulent activities that hold us back from progressing.

      • HalleluyahHymen says:


        stupid perhaps??

        abnormal perhaps??

        oh no… don’t feel guilty… even if i think you’re stupid and abnormal… i’m not directly saying that you’re stupid and abnormal… i MIGHT just be hinting that you are stupid and abnormal… so don’t act like one… wow isn’t that amazing kilikillem?

        like what General Ilda said… cheating grander or not is what moralists would define as === SIN. it’s something that you put on your food to make it more palatable. merong iodized at merong rock salt. baka kulang ka nyan… SIN.

        you go eat more pongkan and balimbings and sprinkle some SIN… they’re good for the brains…

    • ChinoF says:

      If you don’t like it, then why are you coming back to read it anyway? 😛

    • Jay says:

      as time goes by, AP articles are becoming more of a non-sense tabloid type of articles….. this one is a classic example

      Please read the tabloid esque stuff coming from other blogs and forums such PEX, FV and what not and tell me otherwise.

      but it is more of case to case basis rather than massive fraud you were talking about…. unless there is a strong evidence to contrary, there was no massive to speak of..

      What do you make of ? These allegations have merits because even the 86 – member International Observers Mission reported that “The elections were not peaceful or violence free. Neither were the elections fair or honest.” this? Just because it wasn’t happening in your neighborhood and in your watch doesn’t mean it was all fair like everyone says. Also some of the results that came back were clearly dubious. So the sum of the parts certainly has a way of affecting the whole. You clearly missed the point of the article where it was trying to promote being vigil and okay to be suspicious about the process.

      If you are trying to be objective, get to the point. Not this half arse opinionated stuff you’ve been spewing out.

  22. killem says:

    “I don’t know why you keep insisting that this is still about Gordon losing. is not just about the election. You are the one who brought up the word sourgraping not me, so obviously you are the one trying hard not to act like one. And please stop wasting my time with silly word games. Filipinos like you are part of the problem because you choose to turn a blind eye on fraudulent activities that hold us back from progressing.”

    “You can accuse me of sour graping all you want but I say it’s a long way to the top if Noynoy wants to rock n’ roll.”
    im not the one who brought sour graping T_T
    Yup the Ap is not all about election, but this article is all about election “dysfunctional system”…
    first im a balambing, now im part of the problem, whats next….
    huh? i never insist that this is about Gordon losing… maybe you’re the one who is insisting…

    • HalleluyahHymen says:


      okay Kilikilem… SIT!!!! BEHAVE!!!! I re report kita sa Admin nitong blog site na ‘to!! di mo ba nakita ang sign? == BAWAL UMIHI DITO!!!

    • ilda says:

      That’s why I said try and be original Mr Killem because I already predicted that kind of reaction in my article from people like you. 🙂

      Yes, the word “sourgraping” is in the main article but you also insinuated that I am sourgraping. You can’t seem to let go of your word games ha.

      If you are really orange, why do you keep siding with the yellow army? Just because you don’t like Gordon ayaw mo na rin sa akin. Don’t be so narrow-minded.

      • killem says:

        ok,ok,ok, enough of sourgraping topic, i will just give you the benefit of the doubt…
        i do support orange in the last election, but it does not mean that i will oppose anything that will benefit the yellow army… Afterall, few of their claim is a legitimate claim, like noy2 won the may10 election, but whether the election is, completely honest and orderly election, its a diffirent matter…..

        Yup, i dont like Gordon, but dont take it personally, i have nothing against you, hindi kita ayaw, i cannot dislike someone i dont even know(except if he/she is public figure).. =)

      • HalleluyahHymen says:

        Give us ORANGES!!! Di nakakain yang BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT!!! Send it by courier!!! Kuhain mo text ni Ilda at ni Chino for the address. Just observe the sign Kilikili… BHAWHAL UMEHI DETU. ayan translated na yan in Malay.

      • ilda says:

        The yellow army does not have integrity because they were so blatant with their negative campaigning all throughout. You should know because Villar was a victim of that. Also, they had no shame in using the media to brainwash people by broadcasting a lot of yellow propaganda and this includes the commissioning of polling firms to help Noynoy be on top of the polls. If they were capable of doing all that, then they are capable of cheating too. One way or the other, there was fraud involved.

  23. Hyden Toro says:

    Noynoy Aquino, the Oligarchs Lopezes, SMARTMATIC, the U.S. C.I.A.; may have done a good job. Noynoy Aquino was just giving some warning that the “election scam” must work. Otherwise, there will be demonstrations like EDSA. The Blockhead won. The U.S. C.I.A. won. SMARTMATIC did its magic. Now, it’s all history. “Hello Garci episode”, may had been overshadowed. You lose. You win. That is the condition of Philippine elections. Wheather by fraud, or not. We don’t know.

  24. MIGHT e2010 says:

    Dear Fellow Citizens and Patriots,

    Today, we stand at a crossroad in our history. What we allow today can unmake us as a nation or change our destiny forever. It is in our hands to create the future that we deserve.

    Many of us had hoped that poll automation would begin a new era of clean, orderly, and honest electoral exercises. Unfortunately, it is increasingly clear, based on forensic evidence, the glaring technical weaknesses of the system, and the absence of vital security features, that poll automation in the May 2010 elections was heavily compromised, both on the local and national levels.

    Equally distressing, the Commission on Elections wantonly ignored and set aside many vital requirements of the Automated Election System Law (Republic Act 9369). In addition, Congress violated constitutional provisions governing the canvassing of votes for president and vice president. These call into question the very legality and Constitutionality of the entire elections and the proclamation process that followed.

    Parallel to these are numerous complaints from both candidates and voters. Different individuals have testified, under oath, that there was a group, claiming links with some officials of the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic, that offered national and local positions to the highest bidder. These allegations cannot be ignored and need to be vigorously investigated.

    We are alarmed that a central feature of our democracy, the electoral process, was apparently electronically designed to benefit the highest bidder. If so, we face a future where our political system and the country will be controlled by drug and gambling lords, crony businessmen, and others who have the money and moral deficit to buy the victories of all candidates, from President down to councilor!

    There are many decent Filipinos who will not take this betrayal of our democracy sitting down. We have decided to come together to create a movement for a decent, upright, just, dynamic, and progressive country.

    We call our initiative, the “Movement for Integrity in Governance and Honesty and Truth in the May 2010 Elections (MIGHT e2010)”. This is a non-partisan gathering of civil society organizations, political groups, business entrepreneurs, and concerned citizens.

    MIGHT e2010 has three goals:

    1) To unravel the truth surrounding the May 2010 elections;
    2) To restore honesty and truth in our electoral processes;
    3) To advance moral integrity and true service in the governance of our country.

    We have tried very hard to air these issues in many different public fora. Unfortunately, the major media outlets, which are clearly biased, have refused to bring this to the people’s attention.

    Furthermore, the Joint Committee of Congress and the House Committee on Suffrage did not properly investigate this matter. The committees were led by officials who obviously had their own agendas and blatantly tried to stop the truth from coming out.

    With the failure of these institutions and the injustice that has been done, we have no choice but to bring the facts directly to the people.

    MIGHT e2010 has the preponderance of technical evidence and legal proof to show that the May 2010 election was fraudulent and illegal. New evidence and witnesses will be also bared in an open forum.

    For Honor. For Love of Country. For the Truth!/group.php?gid=129720633723343&ref=ts

    • ilda says:

      I’m glad to know that there are still Filipinos who are taking this matter seriously. After someone told me to “shut-up” the other day, I had this weird feeling that Filipinos would rather forget about this. And then yesterday someone said that he’s had enough of the Noynoy criticism. Very odd comments indeed considering it is so obvious how he won and how he is exhibiting his leadership skills at present.

      I really hope that your efforts will amount to something. This situation will become a precedent for future elections I agree. I was trying to pursue this issue for a while but only received lukewarm reception. I felt so disappointed with what our society has become. Please keep us posted on the progress.

      Thanks for your comment and good luck.

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