Does Noynoy Aquino have a separation anxiety disorder?

Noynoy Aquino seems to be suffering from separation anxiety disorder. Separation anxiety disorder is a psychological condition in which the individual experiences excessive worry over parting from home or from people to whom the individual has a strong emotional attachment. It is a disorder that is strong enough to impair a person’s ability to conduct his day-to-day activities.

What could be the first sign that Noynoy Aquino might be suffering from separation anxiety disorder? Noynoy recently announced that he would not be staying in Malacanang when he is proclaimed president. He is of the opinion that he would be more comfortable in his family’s residence and would have more privacy there. He would just treat Malacanang as his office.

This baffling statement of his raises so many questions in my mind. What kind of privacy does a single man like Noynoy need? Is Noynoy not aware of what he signed up for? Did somebody forget to tell Noynoy about the implications of being a president? Being the president or a head of state is not a nine-to-five thing. There is a reason why the incumbent president stays in Malacanang. The president of any country is basically on call 24 hours a day. It’s supposed to be the toughest job in the land.

The president and his staff need to be in constant consultative mode and if he decides to stay in his home in Quezon City, he will waste a lot of time travelling to and from his “office”, time which could be better spent discussing strategies on how to elevate the nation from poverty. Besides, has it slipped Noynoy’s mind how slow the traffic can get during peak hours? Is he not concerned about the inconvenience his convoy is going to cause other morning and afternoon commuters? He kind of gives me the impression that he will punch in at 9 am and punch out at 5 pm from Monday to Friday. How convenient for him, but not for the rest of us.

Security in Malacanang Palace is beefed up because of the threat to the life of the incumbent president. Noynoy can’t get that kind of security from his residence in Times Square in Quezon City. Likewise, world leaders who live in different time zones can actually ring up in the wee hours of the morning during an emergency situation. They will have to install additional facilities in his home to accommodate the needs that can only be met while he is in Malacanang. That would be an additional expense shouldered by the public and an inconvenience to his staff.

What about the other residents of Time Square? Don’t they have a say in the matter? When you have a high profile individual living near your house, it can be very inconvenient especially with Filipino politicians’ penchant for a having a large entourage acting as assistants and body guards. I can just imagine the number of cars rolling in and out of the village; it’s going to be a nightmare and fraught with security risks for the other residents there. They will have no peace if Noynoy pushes through with this plan.

Noynoy is also justifying this decision by saying that staying in his house in Quezon City would keep his “feet on the ground.” His reason is a bit lame and something that is obviously not well thought of. Why would staying in Malacanang make him any less or more of a person in the first place? Frankly, Noynoy’s display of false humility is totally working against him if you ask me. All this just says more about Noynoy’s inability to separate himself from the comforts of his own home and nothing much about his so called “humility” or “integrity”.

Another indication that Noynoy seems to be suffering from some kind of disorder is the fact that he is now adamant that he will not quit smoking. Again, his arrogance was displayed when he said “When I ran, people knew that I smoked.” One of these days we’ll just hear him say, “When I ran, people knew I was incompetent, they can’t expect me to be competent now.” It just seems odd that during his campaign he even suggested that he will quit smoking eventually and now he is saying that he needs to smoke more than ever because quitting “could affect his decision making.”

Well, thanks a lot for setting a good example for the younger generation Mr. Aquino – NOT! You shouldn’t have started smoking in the first place. Didn’t your mommy ever tell you it’s bad for your health? Frankly, who would want to kiss a guy who taste like ashtray? I know I wouldn’t. Noynoy is not even discreet when he needs a puff. During the campaign period, there were even pictures of him cigarette in hand while mingling with young girls. Even the TIME author who did a profile of him couldn’t help but mention it.

His statement about smoking is not even apologetic. The least he could have said was, “I know it’s bad for me and it’s not good.” Instead, he was dismissive by saying there are more pressing matters at hand than his smoking habit. His unwillingness to even try and make the habit unappealing to youngsters is in bad form. This says a lot about his inability to understand the implications of his actions. He should know this in the context of a country that lacks good health care facilities for the poor. Noynoy should at least be encouraging people to quit smoking because the diseases associated with smoking can actually weigh down already scarce public health care resources.

Smoking can also take up a lot of his productive time. If he smokes a pack a day, how much time does he need to get up and leave his room to go outside and get smoke breaks? I hope he is not expecting to smoke while he is inside Malacanang. That would be too terrible for the people who will have no choice but to inhale his second-hand smoke.

People who suffer from separation anxiety disorder can get distressed when separated from the subject of attachment. People with separation anxiety disorder can also exhibit a negative mental attitude and arrogance if they don’t get their way. Noynoy does seem to exhibit all of the above with his attachment to his home and smoking. This might explain why he is so obsessed with trivial stuff like the on-going debate on who is going to administer his oath taking. I just hope his useless anxiety and arrogance will not translate to bad decision-making in the future.

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  1. Gman says:

    Smoking is a glaring sign of mental weakness. Nonetheless, we already know Noynoy is not mentally strong. We can only pray that Noynoy won’t make Philippines his personal ashtray. I also hope he won’t treat running the country like he’s playing video games.

    But let’s wait and see. Even though his careless and tarred mouth already gave us a glimpse of how he’d look at his newly-earned reality game, everybody deserves a chance.

  2. abner says:

    hopefully he gets lung cancer during his term and bows out early due to the sickness.

  3. J.B. says:

    Staying in his home? lol.

    I didn’t think this would get any worse than this at this point…. “self first before nation”.

  4. Kulelat says:

    Hay naku mga talunan talaga…

    Mamatay kayo sa inggit mga ungas!!!


    • ilda says:

      It’s always good to see evidence of obnoxious behavior from a Noynoy supporter. It just proves that Noynoy does not really serve as an inspiration of humility to other people especially his supporters. Thanks for that.

      Sorry to say, none of what you wrote could actually disprove what I said in my article above.

      • Jay says:

        I’ve seen him before. I was to write just to ignore it since it don’t make much of an argument anyway.

        Besides I’m pretty sure its proud of its stupidity and would rather hang out with a bunch of its kind than talk about the issue with us.

      • red says:

        strange this seems to be a common reaction I get from every noynoy supporter…

        ignoy: “who did you vote for?”
        red: “i voted for gibo”
        ignoy: “talo naman! wahahaha….”
        red: “we all lost”
        ignoy: “…”

        while I know this has been a pro Gordon website, before I get bashed being a Gibo supporter, Gordon winning the presidency would have been fine by me too. It was really either Gibo or Gordon, which would have made me sleep better at night.

      • ilda says:


        There are plenty of Gibo supporters here and they are never banished from this site. I don’t really have a big issue with other candidates as much as what I have with Noynoy. I think Noynoy winning the election is the most ridiculous thing to happen in Philippine society because it never even occurred to him to run for the presidency until someone told him to after his mother passed away. Erap winning second is only the second most ridiculous thing for me.

      • Jay says:

        Yeah I don’t have much issues necessarily with the other candidates because they play the better politician than Noynoy and at least can unify the government under them and some cases with Gibo/Gordon, potentially unify the people under a positive attitude.

        The choice for noynoy is beyond that of the Americans choice for George W. Bush for 8 years. Then again if you look at the senatorial results and congress results, the big picture is a lot uglier than it looks. Its like a pyramid of failure, with Noynoy on the very top.

      • red says:

        yeah, my point was just to show the typical behavior of noynoy supporters… very very strange on how it was about them winning this supposed contest (which it isnt!) and not really for choosing the right leader for the progress of our country…
        my biggest problem with noynoy were his unrealistic promsies and generalized statements such as eradicating corruption and how the arrogant self righteous yellow mob has this air of morality about themselves… add to that now he’s acting like a spoiled arrogant brat.
        the yellow mob’s cracks have shown… greed is coming out and we’re seeing their true colors…
        now we see everything exploding in their yellow faces. in as much as i’d like to say “i told you so” i hope that time never comes.

      • Dr. José Rizal II says:


        Most (if not all) of us in AP were gunning for either Gordon or Gibo. We mostly recognize that those who went for Gibo are wired the same way as those of us who went for Gordon. Same brain-structure (and same high level of intelligence), actually. There just happened to be a little tie-breaker that made most of us choose Gordon over Gibo.

        So don’t worry. Us “Gordonites” have nothing against the Gibo people, because most of us initially thought of going for Gibo – except that Gordon went into the scene – and after doing a detailed comparison between them, it was like a hairline win.

        Essentially, Gordon and Gibo are both extremely competent and intelligent guys. It’s just that Gordon is the older and more experienced one of the two, and so his track record is a bit longer than Gibo’s. Gibo, being younger, has more years ahead of him while Gordon is at the age where waiting longer would mean he’d be really old.

        In short, they’re not too different, but one of them is the more senior one and that was the “tie-breaker.”

        Still, we at AP don’t take anything against Gibo or the Gibo people. We were supportive of Gibo as well, it’s just that we were “more supportive” of Gordon. If anything, we’d be supportive of an alliance/coalition between the Gibo and Gordon supporters because essentially, we think the same way.

      • Jay says:


        Red (Gordon) vs Green (Teodoro) competition would only lead to better understanding of the issues, a win-win for the people. Its not like the fecal matter slinging of the yellow proto humans and the emo-ness of the Shades of orange.

        Besides, in the dog-eat-dog world of pinoy politics, the two seems to have a mutual understanding even regarding the hostage situation.

      • Rennan says:


    • bokyo says:

      uh, who you again?

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      Hay naku ang mga Abnoyans talaga!!! Wala nang masabi kundi nanalo si Abnoy!!! Kahit nanalo si Noynoy… ABNOY PA RIN ANG TINGIN NG NAKAKARAMI!!!! MABUHAY SI ABNOY!!!

  5. ChinoF says:

    He thinks his staying in Time Square is a sign of simpleness and ordinariness. His followers and fans will actually buy that. But Ilda’s point is strong. A president can’t be as ordinary as he wants to be… since his job is not ordinary. Besides, his being a show-off in this Times Square-stay-in issue probably hides his sisters’ control over him. That’s the scary part… the country being run by the Aquino sisters.

    • BenK says:

      His mom had no problem moving into Malacanang when she was president, did she? And he had no problem living there then, either. This false humility crap is really starting to get old.

      • Paolo says:

        We have decided to move on a long time ago.

      • Dr. José Rizal II says:

        Noynoy is just an old version of Josh… 😉

      • brianitus says:

        May I add?

        Noynoy is just an old version of Josh…

        …who saw Kris Aquino’s movie “Feng Shui” too many times. In the last TV News interview in his garage, he believes that the Malacanang Palace is full of negative energy, almost said that it was the nexus of evil in the Philippines. Maybe he saw the walls bleed and heard voices say “redrum” the last time he was there.

        It isn’t the palace, Noy, it’s the occupants.

        I’m wondering right now. If Noy (not to be confused with the movie) is such a positive force and the team is like oozing with positiveness from every damn orifice, shouldn’t that be enough to counteract that negative juju vibe in the palace? Like, Noynoy isn’t a knight of the magical light? wtf!!! . Hmm…must be the inhumanoid raging within him.

        One piece of advice for Noynoy: Ba gua.
        Ask kris. Maybe she has some leftovers. 😛

  6. Miriam Quiamco says:

    I agree, everything Noynoy so far says about his style of presidency smacks of self-centeredness and immaturity, like people are supposed to be impressed with this move. He is just out to impress people with his saintly posings, not realizing that it is the substance that matters in a president and not the empty posturings. Inasmuch as I want to be optimistic and forward-looking with the change of administration, he is making it really hard for us, cause all his moves thus far as the new president-elect are devoid of substance, yawn, yawn, every time Aquino says anything in public, he is truly full of himself. . .

    Kudos to Iida again for finding the time to articulate things that will otherwise be passed on to us by mainstream media as something worthy of admiration.

    • ilda says:

      It’s not really hard to write stuff like this. When I read his statement, my fingers just went on autopilot. The implications of his actions are so obvious that it baffles me no one from the media wrote or mentioned it. I just had to point it out. 🙂

      • J.B. says:

        What’s really more baffling is that the media did not pay much attention to Noynoy’s statement which is basically a sign of major symptom….

      • ilda says:

        It’s a sign that members of the media are scared and do not want to be seen as against him. This is wrong though because there has to be a check and balance. They just need to state the obvious anyway.

  7. brianitus says:

    Hi, Ilda.

    At this point, we can’t expect anything of substance from Noy, it’s all too superficial right now. I also think that It’s actually refreshing not hearing a lot of stupidity coming out of his mouth in recent news — I guess he used up all the reserves during the campaign.

    His decision to stay in Times St. is formulaic. After all, Mom decided not to stay in Malacanang during her term, so, he might as well try to endear himself to the peopla ala Cory. I guess he’s trying to play the “GMA antithesis” role till he wins a FAMAS award — we get it already, could someone please stop him from campaigning? Other than that, his actions remind me of the American attempt to do the Japanese movie “Ringu.” Even some camera angles were reversed just to say it was a different film.

    Anyway, it’s a good thing that you pointed out the implications of planned stay in Times. In my opinion, it’s going to be a real security challenge and I do hope that he changes his mind. We may not like him very much but…Who am I kidding? I don’t really give a hoot if he smokes. He can die from lung cancer or emphysema if he wants. Trip nya yun eh. Maybe Lucio Tan can inject some mind control drugs in Noy’s yosi pa. lol. I’ll pull his strings pa.


    • ilda says:

      LOL…you always make me laugh brianitus 🙂

      Maybe his handlers are trying to minimise his exposure to the media nowadays lest he says something off again.

      What is the point of his attempt to look humble anyway? I don’t really get it and it annoys the hell out of me.

      This is something that I just had to write about because of my personal beef with false humility.

      • J.B. says:

        He needs to stay humble at all cost. After all that’s the very thing his followers adore him. He might be fearing the people would abandon him once he stop acting like one.

      • ilda says:

        He probably thinks that that is what the people want to hear.

      • brianitus says:

        Oh, good point, JB.

        By making his campaign very tightly focused on corruption and all that pa-humble BS, he may have painted himself into a corner. He’s now, “Like, how the heck am I going to get out of this mess?” By making him an incorruptible saint, people will get disappointed faster if he does something “immoral.” Ayan…tsk, tsk. Um, anyone care to apply in his office as spin doctor or crisis manager? Let’s go big bucks!

        Anyway, presidents do enjoy a honeymoon period. Let’s see what will happen.

        Good luck to the guy pa rin. Chance favors the prepared, Noy isn’t.

      • ChinoF says:

        Brianitus, it’s like he’s typecast into the disguise he wore, and now he can’t take it off. 😛

  8. bokyo says:

    If he’s really humble he shoudln’t just announce it, he just need to do it. announcing his every move to show that he’s a humble is tantamount to arrogance.

  9. Morga says:

    Aquino is right in saying that Malacanang is an office. He seems to miss the point, however, that this is the precise reason why he needs to live in Malacanang. To be the President of a country, to be Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, is a 24/7 job. That is why the President needs to live in his office.

    Did Aquino think living in Malacanang was a perk? His statement that he would rather live in his mother’s house is yet another sign of immaturity, another troubling indication of his unwillingness to fulfill the obligations of a President 24/7 and make the necessary personal sacrifices that the role requires.

    Aquino should not saddle the country with the cost of installing security and communication facilities in his mommy’s house simply because he cannot grow up and move out.

    He is a 50-year-old man, for god’s sake. He should have moved out in his twenties.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Morga

      Welcome to AP!

      Yes, indeed Malacanang is the office of the president. He does not want to acknowledge though that there are very good reasons why the president needs to make it his temporary home for the duration of his tenure. The only explanation for his refusal to live there is because he has a separation anxiety or to put it mildly, he does not want to leave the comfort of his own home. Humility has got nothing to do with it.

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Why don’t mainstream media get this logic? It is mind-boggling how every Aquino move and decision is music to the ears of self-respecting journalists in mainstream media. They report every idiotic thing he says as sacred and gospel-truth. These people need to wake up, they are truly putting their profession in bad light. Since when have these journalists as a collectivity become soooo blind and deaf to reason and logic? How has Aquino managed to blindfold these supposedly thinking people?

      • ilda says:

        It’s because the members of the mainstream media are rubbing elbows with the very people they are supposed to be writing about. Also, the whole society has become immune to shortcuts and irregularities that they do not see the implications of a bad decision such as what I mentioned in my blog. For example, I have a feeling that some of Noynoy’s neighbours might actually be ok with his decision to live in his current residence even after his proclamation because they too are so starstruck or beholden to the Aquinos. In short, they wouldn’t mind the inconvenience just to make “sip-sip” with Noynoy’s family. People cannot think beyond their giddiness and the thought of being neighbors with a high-profile individual.

  10. RvR says:

    everytime noynoy opens his mouth, its all nonsense. No idea that offers true change for our country and no specific plans. Surely he will just depend on his advisers for that. The phrase that he said “kayo ang aking lakas”, suggests that on his own, he has no “lakas” for that matter. And he speaks as if corruption is the only problem our country is facing. Whar happened to food security, peace and order, economic strategies, etc. shouldnt he focus on that too?? He couldnt even stop smoking for crying out loud. How can he handle the country when he cant even handle himself??

    • ilda says:

      The Philippine media is too kind to him nowadays. It’s not good. If they don’t scrutinise him now, they will create a monster in Noynoy. He is going to be so full of himself one day that it will be hard to control his arrogance. We need to keep him on his toes so he knows that we are on to him.

    • NONOY Volunteer ko says:


      • bokyo says:

        Cge nga define mo yung meaning ng “SUSTAINABLE AND INTEGRATED DEVELOPMENT” 😀

  11. Ging says:

    Separation anxiety? My daughter went through that when she was 2 and got over it quick!
    But for a man in his 50’s? You must be kidding? And a president-apparent at that? Well, people, I’ve got news for you… The joke is on us!!! Basta ako ha, I did not vote for the guy (not even when he ran for the Senate), I never even considered him, let me just make that clear now, today, while the guy hasn’t been sworn into office yet (by his favorite barangay tanod–he should get the one from their hacienda).
    I thought it dumb, ridiculous, silly and outright selfish that this incoming president would insist on making Times Square his abode after 30 Jun 2010. Oh man, don’t you know how terrible traffic is during the rush hours? Saan ka ba nakatira hijo? Dito kasi sa amin sa QC and in MM as a whole, talamak po ang traffic. So it really wouldn’t help that you even want to cause more traffic nightmares during the a.m. and p.m. rush hours. How utterly selfish of you and we have to live with that! Ms. Ilda, following your line of thought about the possibility of him clocking in and out of Malacanan Palace, a la 9am to 6pm (w/lunch breaks, and in lieu of his coffee breaks, yosi breaks na lang daw), we should give him a whole stack of time cards … Pabaon lang!
    (I will not even talk about his dreaded smoking habit and his grand attitude about it. Hahaba na ito masyado.)
    Ms. Ilda, you are right, this is the definition of FALSE HUMILITY. The guy obviously didn’t know and understand what he signed up for after filing his certificate of candidacy. (Kasi naman nagluluksa pa siya noon eh! Pinilit-pilit lang. Grrrrrr)
    But as I’ve said, the joke really is on us, 2010-2016.
    Good luck sa ating lahat.

    • ilda says:

      The sad part is that even if he won, there are actually more Filipinos who don’t believe in him. I don’t think Noynoy realises that part of the 40% mandate may have been bought for him by his handlers. So, if I were Noynoy, I would work harder to gain the trust of those who doubt my credibility in the first place. Unfortunately, he is acting so c o c k y and so sure of himself already. He is just trying to please himself by the looks of it. Indeed, the joke’s on us.

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      Halleluyah!! @ Ging… we have your sympathies… hehehe…

      The guy… an apparent abnormal is like an uneducated LOTTO winner who does not even know how to spend the millions he’s won. Every mumbling from the “main man” (or maimed man) is a fumble… he’s like a Juan Tamad who became a Hari…. hari nga… tatanga tanga naman….

  12. barbara says:

    kaya daw ayaw nya tumira sa palasyo kasi bawal daw doon ang playstation. hakhakhak

    • ilda says:

      Hi barbara

      It’s been said that he is fond of playing with video games. It seems he has a lot of “habits” he needs to address now that he has accepted a much bigger role. So far, there has been no evidence of him being approachable to the public. The public is clamoring for him to quit smoking but he just dismissed it.

  13. interested says:

    maybe most of the media voted for him too! Fools!

  14. benign0 says:

    Bookmark this page folks:

    Our monument to the thinking that launched the career of the 15th President of the Republic! 😀

  15. lou says:

    at this point in time, i think members of the media are very much aware of the consequences of noynoy’s plan to stay at his family’s house in QC but they are not gonna make a fuss or a big deal out of it. nagbubulag-bulagan lang. syempre naman, nandyan na eh, kahiyaan na kumbaga. susuportahan na lang muna nila yung bulok nilang desisyon to side with the uso, until the time comes when the public is no longer happy with noynoy…at doon na mag-aala hunyango yang media na yan. kaya, abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

    • benign0 says:

      This is actually today’s HEADLINE STORY on the

      Aquino’s plan to stay home worries neighbors

      Filipinos suffer from SLOW BRAIN MOVEMENT. It is usually at the 11th hour that the consequences of the sort of ocho-ocho thinking that underpins EMO POLITICS sink in. 😀

      Look who’s laughing
      all the way to the bank…

      • interested says:

        SLOW BRAIN MOVEMENT– I usually call that “mabagal na pag-akyat ng dugo sa utak” for those whose brain function seems to have slowed down to the point of being imbeciles.

        Noynoy’s decision to stay in his QC home seems really selfish, if I may say. He has no regard for the trouble it may cause his neighbors and security issues involved in protecting his life. He is acting like a brat, insisting on what he thinks is best for him without considering other people’s rights. I live in QC and work in Manila and believe me, going to work daily is no picnic. I just wish someone knocks some sense into this guy’s head before he causes more traffic that will definitely affect us regular dudes. Unless he decides to take the ferry along Pasig river….

      • BongV says:

        apparently noynoy wants to be seen as populist. if he really wants to be populist – i say let him hold office and live in the slums of Tondo – let his entire retinue of coiffured matronas and hangers-on and PSG mofos understand the Gini coefficient by way of smelling the stench in the slums and shanties.

      • NONOY Volunteer ko says:


      • t0da says:

        Dear “NOYNOY Volunteer ko”,

        I don’t understand how you say “hindi selfish yan”, then proceed to state that you are a community development worker. I congratulate you for what you are doing; there are not many like you – and I wish there were community development workers to help uplift our country.

        It’s not us who are unaware of the situation, we have been painfully aware for a long time. However, you should be accusing the person you helped elect that. It is Noynoy who is unaware of the real situation of the country. The only reason he decided to run was because of the people’s support because of his mother’s death. Before that, he had no fighting chance to be president. His dismal public performance as a senator also speaks for itself.

        If he truly understood the situation in the community and understood their problems, he would have pushed for reforms in Hacienda Luisita.

    • Arnel E says:

      Well, we discuss these things openly at Sentro (DWBL-AM 1242KHz 8.30PM TTh).. but we are not mainstream though, we are more like pirates of the airwaves!

      I notice, meanwhile, that the Inquirer Front Page is now carrying negative news on Aquino (e.g. past 3 days), a complete departure from the past especially before the elections (see

      Hmm, I think Aquino will have a very short “honeymoon” period with the mass media as there are so many negative things to write about him, even from the words coming from himself!

      • ilda says:

        I know Arnel! There are so many negative things to write about him that I can’t keep up! He is my favourite subject at the moment because he is like a portal to the Filipino mindset. I’ve gotten to know our culture in such a short period of time because of him 🙂

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  17. bong says:

    all of this is manageable..wer all have peculiarities..some is manageable.some is not.. what is worse disorder is the spiritual disorder like the disorder of gloria n mike and there administarasyon

    • ilda says:

      His arrogance is becoming unmanageable because his handlers keep what the people say about his decisions away from him. He was championing being approachable to the public during his campaign but it now appears that he just decides on things without even considering the implications of what he is about to do or without consulting others about it.

  18. t0da says:

    He’s just following his mother’s playbook with statements like “When my mother…” So he really intends to follow his mother’s presidency. How doomed we must all be.

    Maybe the real reason he wants to stay home is to that he can smoke anytime he wants. Correct me if I’m wrong, but since the Malacanang is a government office, even Noynoy wouldn’t be allowed to smoke inside. Naisip siguro niya, “Hassle naman kung lalabas pa ako ng Malacanang para mag-yosi. Buti pa sa bahay, kahit saan.”

    I don’t really care about his smoking habit. It’s his personal choice, but he shouldn’t lament that it is one of his last freedoms. Freedom = smoking? Really?

    • ilda says:

      Maybe the real reason he wants to stay home is to that he can smoke anytime he wants. Correct me if I’m wrong, but since the Malacanang is a government office, even Noynoy wouldn’t be allowed to smoke inside. Naisip siguro niya, “Hassle naman kung lalabas pa ako ng Malacanang para mag-yosi. Buti pa sa bahay, kahit saan.”

      This is so true toda

      I don’t why he thinks he can fool everyone. He’s come out to say today that he has made a lot of sacrifices already. So, now we owe him for being the president? kala ko ba gusto nya tumakbo?

    • NONOY Volunteer ko says:

      tol, it only means he lives in the lessons that her parents teach him… mali ba yun? IKAW? DO YOU LISTEN AND LIVE IN YOUR PARENTS TEACHING? baka naman number one pasaway ka pa…

      • bokyo says:

        My mommy told me not to smoke because it’s bad to my health. And I followed.

        Did Noynoy follow his mommy when he was told “Noy, wag kang tumakbo sa pagkapresidente”?

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  20. NONOY Volunteer ko says:

    Dami naman ng nadudunong dunongan mga ala doctor sa site nato… Allow me to site these things who are anti-progressive to this country who are in this site:

    1. CHANGE YOU ATTITUDES! dami nyo critics, tumulong na lang kayo…bakit ba kung kayo ba andyan sa malakanyang, may magagawa ba kayo? if in know wala nga kayong alam but to make blogs and tweets…

    2. INGGIT LANG KAYO! noynoy is not handsome unlike the other 8 presidentiables (sali na natin si Jamby), but he is the only who has a character that is not too proud and have political will… yung iba puro salita… dami daw nagawa, e wala namang nagnyayari, mas lalo gumulo. Inggit lang kayo kase talo yung mga kurakot nyong manok… bleeehhhhhh

    3. BOBO ANG MGA CRITICS SA NEW ADMIN. I agree that malakanyang should not be a home for President, He is not a king, he is just a servant.. Malakanyang is his office only.

    Kayong mga scientist na andito at gumagawa ng comments, tumulong at sumali kayo sa mga movements para magkaroon ng pagbabago… kayo actually ang nakakagulo sa pilipinas e…. BETTER TAKE OFF THIS SITE AND LETS MOVE ON TOGETHER TOWARDS DEVELOPMENT

    • Anti-AbNOY Volunteer Ko! says:

      How about this… STFU!

      First of all, open your eyes… your beloved Ab-NOY is the dumber version of Erap and George W. Bush combine. What kind of President who can’t even control himself from smoking.. if he can’t stop smoking and surely, in the near future he can’t stop himself from manipulating and delusionating idiots LIKE YOU! (Oops! He already did!).. if he becomes corrupt, then he can’t stop himself from stealing from the people.. about his ignorance and idiocy… well stupidity is infinite and you can’t cure that..

    • Jay says:

      Eh usapang malakanyang ka pa, marami naman magagawa habang wala ka doon. At movement? Anung movement? Kilos NGAYON? Dapat noon pa! Sinong binibiro mo dyan. Pag panalo lang ng candidato mo biglang development at progress agad, di na nagumpisa sa sarili! At akala mo panalo ikaw dahil nanalo si noynoy. MALI! Talo ang buong Pilipinas.

      Stop trolling.

    • t0da says:

      Anti-progressives? If you read through this site, you’ll be convinced (I hope) that we’re progressives. We want change. But we have to qualify that statement. We wanted change that we can believe in (borrowing from Obama’s campaign), one based on track record and platform. Many voted for change they felt good about.

      So let’s address each of your points:

      “dami nyo critics, tumulong na lang kayo…bakit ba kung kayo ba andyan sa malakanyang, may magagawa ba kayo?

      -> This is not the argument here. Noynoy ran to be president, we didn’t. If he did not think he could do it, he should not have ran.

      :, but he is the only who has a character that is not too proud and have political will… yung iba puro salita… dami daw nagawa, e wala namang nagnyayari, mas lalo gumulo. Inggit lang kayo kase talo yung mga kurakot nyong manok… bleeehhhhhh:

      -> Please see the article on this site about assertiveness. We elected a president, not a personality. And are you sure that he is not too proud? Have you seen his latest statements about his stand on smoking?
      And let’s see our president stay true to his campaign promises. By then, we’ll know who you’re talking about.

      “Kurakot naming manok?” -> Nakakaktawa naman. Di mo ba kilala ang Kamag-anak, Inc? Sila ang nanalo, lahat tayo natalo.

      3. BOBO ANG MGA CRITICS SA NEW ADMIN. I agree that malakanyang should not be a home for President, He is not a king, he is just a servant.. Malakanyang is his office only.

      -> In a presidential system, the president is head of State and Government. As head of government, he should stay in Malacanang to work. As head of state, he should sleep in Malacanang. He represents the people of the Philippines. As has been mentioned in this article, being president is a 24/7 job – not a 9 to 5 job. It is also a matter of logistics and security for everyone involved. Please read the article first.

      “Kayong mga scientist na andito at gumagawa ng comments, tumulong at sumali kayo sa mga movements para magkaroon ng pagbabago… kayo actually ang nakakagulo sa pilipinas e….”
      -> Ang konti lang nga namin, pano nangyari yun? It’s already been in chaos, long before Arroyo, long before Erap.

  21. mel says:


    It seems to me that you do not know how to conduct yourself in commenting in a forum where people exchange their views and ideas without getting emotional.

    Some words here maybe nasty and sarcastic but not emotional. How can you say that people here are “INGGIT AND BOBO”? Your words reflect that you do not even understand the purpose of this site and for people like you, it is a waste of time answering your questions but YES – kung ako ang nasa Malakanyang, may magagawa ako. I am pretty sure of that!

    Ang tanong ko saiyo, ano ang magagawa mo para makapasok ako sa Malakanyang para naman magkaroon ng pagbabagong tinutukoy mo?

    Tulungan mo naman ako, huwag ka lang puro salita lang!

  22. bokyo says:

    INGGIT LANG KAYO! noynoy is not handsome unlike the other 8 presidentiables (sali na natin si Jamby), but he is the only who has a character that is not too proud and have political will… yung iba puro salita… dami daw nagawa, e wala namang nagnyayari, mas lalo gumulo. Inggit lang kayo kase talo yung mga kurakot nyong manok… bleeehhhhhh

    Immature and famous last words, for a “zealot” Noynoy supporter.

    • Anti-Bokyo Ako! says:

      Dude you’re beloved Ab-Noy has done nothing as a legislator.. if he can’t control himself from smoking.. sooner or later he can’t control himself from stealing from the people, he can’t control himself from corrupting… sure he will say he is not corrupt but so are the Marcoses and other corrupt politicians.. they always say they ain’t corrupt and Ab-Noymal is no different

      • bokyo says:

        @Anti-Bokyo Ako!

        Apprently you haven’t read my catchline below what I quoted from NOYNOYVOLUNTEERko. 😀

      • Anti-Bokyo Ako! says:

        Ooops.. sorry my friend, I felt ashame of myself. I apologize… nakakahawa kasi yung mga cult followers ni Ngoyngoy eh… again I apologize 🙂

      • bokyo says:

        No need to apologies 😀

        Just be careful of that Yellow Fever 😉

  23. J.B. says:

    I guess I found a way to compensate the cost of protecting the president in both places:

    Wanted: Malacañang Palace Bedspace for Rent

    • bokyo says:

      Lol. Loved that piece.

      And Noynoy really contradicted that “Bayan Muna Bago Sarili” motto.

      Pano pa kaya yung “Hindi Ako Magnanakaw”? 😀

  24. Malacanang for Rent says:

    Ok yung style ni Abnoy… madaling lulusubin yung bahay niya kaysa Malakanyang… ok na ok…

  25. Pingback: Mendoza siege: P-Noy’s, the PNP’s and the Media’s incompetence shown to the world

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