Noynoy says the dardnest things! (Part 2 of Does Noy have a separation anxiety disorder?)

IT IS NOT SOMETHING TO BE ADMIRED – Noynoy Aquino’s claim that he wants to lead a simple life. Let us cut to the chase. Noynoy is not a humble man. He can deny it to high heavens but getting the supposedly 40% mandate has already gone into his head. His insistence on living in his residential home in Times Street instead of Malacanang after he is proclaimed president would keep him grounded reeks of hypocrisy. There is nothing simple about being the head of state to begin with.

Noynoy Aquino may not be aware of the fact that there are actually more people who didn’t vote for him, meaning there are actually more people who don’t like him as opposed to those who do like him. There are even claims that keep resurfacing that the election was rigged by his handlers so I don’t know why he keeps acting like he is the king of the world. Nowadays, there is even mounting evidence that a lot of people find Noynoy very arrogant. Even his most avid supporters are left scratching their heads because of his trivial pursuits, his choice words, and especially his choice of cabinet secretaries. He will need more talented spin-doctors if he wants to last in his “office” in Malacanang because at the rate he is going, he is going to piss off more of his own supporters.

One of his latest gaffes had him saying that he has already made a lot of “sacrifices”. To quote:

Marami na ho akong sina-sacrifice. Baka yung humihingi sa akin na mag sacrifice e wala pa naisa-sacrifice baka gusto nilang sumali sa sacrifice [I have made a lot of sacrifices. Maybe those who are asking me to sacrifice, have not sacrificed anything. Maybe they want to join me]

I don’t know what the heck he was smoking when he said the above but he was definitely not being humble then and there. What sacrifice was he talking about? Did he mean that he actually sacrificed something because he ran for the presidency? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought it was all an act of his love for the country. For heavens sake, he is not even willing to make the sacrifice of leaving his comfort zone and dedicate his time to remaining in Malacanang where he can do more work. He is not even willing to sacrifice his smoking addiction for the benefit of his health and for the benefit of the public. Again, what sacrifice is he talking about? And those who agree with him that his smoking habit is not a big deal are just kidding themselves. Even the Department of Health has weighed in on the matter by saying that “it may be difficult to secure the incoming president if he is outdoors, puffing cigarettes away“.

He even said in defense of his right to continue smoking that his decision to continue feeding his nicotine addiction is to show that he cannot be pushed into doing something he does not want to do. Likewise, he said that he does not want to let his supporters down by being a pushover. To quote:

Kung kaya akong tulakin sa maliit na bagay yan, kaya akong tulakin sa mas malaki. At pag ganun papatulan mo, wala akong desisyon, mahiya naman ako sa mga sumuporta sa akin

Frankly, he could have just sang “I can’t get enough of it, baby” and it would have come across the same way to many people because that is exactly what it is. There was no need for him to use his supporters as a reason not to quit smoking.

Going back to his assertion of his “right” to remain in Times Street, he was also quoted recently as saying that Malacanang Palace has “negative vibes” in reference to the present occupant, President Gloria Arroyo. I did not realize that at 50 years of age, a man like Noynoy Aquino still believes in superstition. Is he a scaredy cat? His statement that Malacanang is “too big, It will just emphasize being alone” and in saying that “This is my spiritual and psychological well-being. I’m here in a very comfortable position. This is where I grew up” about his residence in Times Street, kind of backs up the notion that he could be suffering from separation anxiety disorder.

Why wasn’t he open about his apprehension to leave his home during the campaign? By not divulging all this information then, he was not being very truthful before the voters went to the polls on Election Day. We can therefore say that Noynoy got the supposedly 40% “mandate” under some false pretenses.

Another tell-tale sign that Noynoy may have separation anxiety disorder is when he said that he does not like traveling out of the country:

As a general rule, I don’t want to travel outside the Philippines. The last time I traveled was when President Estrada was still the leader,” said Aquino in an interview with reporters.

Aquino said that as much as possible, he would deploy lower-level government executives to represent the country in trade and foreign policy negotiations overseas.

“My main point is to generate savings by doing things the cheaper way. Our deficit is so big we really have to save,” said Aquino.

How in the world can he save on travel costs if he is going to send lower-level government executives anyway? Are they going to use teleportation just like Captain Kirk in Star Trek? It all sounds so sci-fi to me. It just spells out separation anxiety disorder.

Noynoy does say the dardnest things. No matter how many times I hear people say, let’s give Noynoy a chance, he keeps shooting himself in the foot and confirms to all that he has no redeeming quality whatsoever to non-supporters and even to some avid supporters who are only now getting to know him (instead of before the election when they should have).

[Image courtesy Paolo Dolina]

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72 Responses to Noynoy says the dardnest things! (Part 2 of Does Noy have a separation anxiety disorder?)

  1. Ryan Bosco says:

    Noynoy Aquino is not exactly the best looking Filipino president. He talks funny and sounds like he’s just babbling or slobbering for words, the way he stands is awkward, he’s a bald and unmarried 50 year old guy who collects guns and cd’s…oh and he smokes and pretends to have a girlfriend to convince people that he’s a normal guy.

    Considering he did have tough childhood/adulthood experiences that clearly contributed to his Separation Anxiety Disorder, let’s indeed give him a chance. After all, he’s president and there’s nothing we can do about it now. If he wants to stay in Time Street, let him. In fact, he can stay where ever he wants. As long as he:


    If he doesn’t do as well, then there’s a good reason for Filipinos to change another street name. This time, call it Nightmare on Elm Street.

    • brianitus says:

      With his hairdo, the presidential hairdresser will surely be out of the job soon. 😛

    • ilda says:

      Filipinos need to watch every word this man says and rebut it with sound reasoning because it is so evident that he does not realise the implications of what he wants to do.

      He is yet to prove that he is approachable and that he has an open mind. He seems to think that the feedback he gets are just from his detractors and that they are just out to derail him. That’s not the case. Everything we and the other’s have said so far is for his own good and the good of the society.

  2. t0da says:

    I hope Noynoy still knows that in a presidential system, the president is head of Government AND State. It’s both. He not only leads the executive branch, but represents the people of the Philippines.

    It would do us well to have the highest official of the land represent us on such matters. Not because he’s the best at it, but because he is the symbol of the people. So what happens to Noynoy when there are international conferences (where the head of state is required like ASEAN)? He’d be wherever they are hosting it, but his mind completely elsewhere because he’d rather be home.

    Hay Noy.

  3. Fauxx says:

    “Aquino said that as much as possible, he would deploy lower-level government executives to represent the country in trade and foreign policy negotiations overseas.”

    Sounds like someone is going to get an all expense paid trip.

    Just as planned. 😀

    • ilda says:

      There is simply nothing in his statement that can be taken out of context . The travel expenses still has to be paid. 🙂

      • pax says:

        Indeed, there expenses would still mount even if a representative is sent in stead. However, the cost of sending a president abroad would be far more expensive than sending only one of two since the trip of a president will include the entourage and other hangers-on.

        I am not for Noy, by the way. It doesn’t matter where you live if you simply do what you are supposed to do. It is healthy to thrive in your workplace and live in your own home. The greater benefit with this arrangement (of working in the office—Malacanan—and staying home for the night) is the peace that comes with having himself comfortable for a good rest and come back to the office refreshed rather than have him locked in the office even if it is also called the official residence.

      • ilda says:

        Hi pax

        Please read part 1 of this blog Does Noynoy have a separation anxiety disorder?. It might change your mind. Here’s an excerpt:

        The president and his staff need to be in constant consultative mode and if he decides to stay in his home in Quezon City, he will waste a lot of time travelling to and from his “office”, time which could be better spent discussing strategies on how to elevate the nation from poverty. Besides, has it slipped Noynoy’s mind how slow the traffic can get during peak hours? Is he not concerned about the inconvenience his convoy is going to cause other morning and afternoon commuters? He kind of gives me the impression that he will punch in at 9 am and punch out at 5 pm from Monday to Friday. How convenient for him, but not for the rest of us.

        Security in Malacanang Palace is beefed up because of the threat to the life of the incumbent president. Noynoy can’t get that kind of security from his residence in Times Square in Quezon City. Likewise, world leaders who live in different time zones can actually ring up in the wee hours of the morning during an emergency situation. They will have to install additional facilities in his home to accommodate the needs that can only be met while he is in Malacanang. That would be an additional expense shouldered by the public and an inconvenience to his staff.

        What about the other residents of Time Square? Don’t they have a say in the matter? When you have a high profile individual living near your house, it can be very inconvenient especially with Filipino politicians’ penchant for a having a large entourage acting as assistants and body guards. I can just imagine the number of cars rolling in and out of the village; it’s going to be a nightmare and fraught with security risks for the other residents there. They will have no peace if Noynoy pushes through with this plan.

    • Jay says:

      at whose expense is the trip coming from anyway 😆

      Besides a tax hike is coming up the people are going to be paying 50% more to have the lowliest of people represent the country in these international summits.

  4. Marcing Pin says:

    Well if he is not moving to Malacanang.. then it would be easy for the protesters/demonstrators to storm his house isn’t it… less secured than Malacanang.. I thought Erap was the one and only dumb President.. turn out we have another one for the next six years… tsk tsk tsk..

    • ilda says:

      Noy is worse because he is not even intoxicated when he commits his faux pas.

      • kusinero says:

        Erap does make sense when he talks, and at least he is funny when he makes a mistake while being interviewed. But Noynoy is just plain bopols. You can’t really connect the beginning and the end of his statements.

        Maybe we should start Noynoyisms, a collection of soul-edifying quotes from the man.

      • Marcing Pin says:

        I like that idea… somebody should start an “Abnoy Quote Blog”… we already have the Erap jokes.. we might as well make the Abnoy says the darndest things as part of the “norms” and have everyone post all the stupid stuffs that Abnoy said.. of course, the blog was inspired by Ilda’s article..

    • brianitus says:

      It’s a cycle. We get “smart” presidents then “dumb” presidents.

      I wonder if they’ll put a really tight security cordon around Times. I wonder if they’ll screen all the residents there as well. Silly boy Noy.

      • lawryx says:

        Kinda thought of it, that seems quite true.

        Marcos (smart)
        C. Aquino (dumb)
        Ramos (smart)
        Estrada (dumb…but experienced)
        Arroyo (smart)
        N. Aquino (like a five-year old stuck in a fifty year old body)

      • HalleluyahHymen says:

        hehehehe @ lawrx

        nice data presentation… statement fact that needs no further analysis…

      • Dr. José Rizal II says:

        I credit Brianitus with that “bobo-matalino-bobo-matalino” cycle observation. Very well done…

        The problem is that the “bobo” seems to negate whatever good the smart one does, and then sometimes, the smart one has no choice but to “be corrupt” in order to pay people to do their jobs right and get support, because the alternative is extreme instability, gridlock, and ZERO accomplishments.

        – – –

        This “corruption” thing isn’t even about personal aggrandizement or building up one’s personal wealth. (Even LKY observed that since Marcos was personally a frugal man, it seems that Marcos’ looting of the country’s wealth started off because of the need to “buy people off to get things done.”)

        It’s more like the accumulation of operational funds that need to be used to keep government operations functioning. The money that is “kurakoted” by the Office of the President (let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that there is) doesn’t actually go to the President or the family, but most of it is quickly rerouted instead to legislators, especially Senators (for support) and other public officials who themselves DO NOT have the operational funds to do what they need to do in order to follow through with the president’s orders.

        In short, the “kurakot” is simply “rechanneling funds from one operation to another” something like how some companies have a bread-and-butter product that sells like hotcakes, and the company takes revenues from there and funnels the money to an up-and-coming business unit that happens to be the “next big thing.”

        It would certainly seem like it’s “improper”, but on the other hand, that’s probably the only way things can get done in the Philippines, especially that we are using a Presidential System.

        Why is that an issue? Because in a Presidential System, the Office of the President is TOTALLY SEPARATE from the legislature. The upper and lower houses may be dominated by parties that are HOSTILE to the President, and as such, there is a need to pay off just enough legislators in order to get them approving the President’s budget and get things done.

        You don’t need that pay off (in the form of the pork barrel) in a Parliamentary System, because the Prime Minister’s Office is directly linked with Parliament. The Parliament is dominated by the party or coalition with the majority of all the seats, and the Prime Minister by definition is the leader of that majority party or coalition.

        In short, NO HOSTILITY between the executive and the legislative.

        No wonder International Pol-Sci PhD’s are of the general consensus that the Parliamentary System is less prone to corruption than the presidential system.

      • miriam quiamco says:

        In the case of Marcos though, it was not the level of corruption that this current administration is accused of, it was kleptocracy at its most lethal form. Lethal because the enriched members of the family made a mockery of Marcos’ goals by sabotaging his economic policies. Everybody could within his circle could practice kleptocracy because the wife herself was at it unabashedly. Imagine that the confiscated jewels alone are valued 340 million dollars! What about the other items in her possession not confiscated and the wealth deposited under various dummy names in banks spread all across the globe. I knew of one who had many front companies, a Marcos crony who personally would bring the money out of the country to be deposited in a Swiss bank account. While Marcos projected himself as a politician disinterested in personal accumulation of wealth, it was quite clear, he proved helpless in controlling members of his family. He bankrupted the country, while Gloria increased our wealth and confiscated most of Marcos’ wealth, why can’t her critics credit her for her achievements for the country?

  5. bokyo says:

    “Aquino said that as much as possible, he would deploy lower-level government executives to represent the country in trade and foreign policy negotiations overseas.”

    So pano na kung ASEAN Summit, UN Summit, etc? Magpapadala siya ng alipores?

  6. mel says:

    The cinema has become more and more like the theatre.

    The people behind Noynoy Aquino’s Presidency are to be blamed on this mess.

    Filipinos get what they deserve. We are a Third World Country with a Third World President. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Hopefully, this Noy Movie will end soon.

  7. Antipathic0 says:

    Too many Andres Bonifacios. Little to none Joze Rizals.

  8. barbara barado says:

    guys nilagay tong article na to sa isang forum, ang sagot ba naman sakin nung isang PRO NOYNOY

    “look apparently you dont know how a president travels do you, besides the president he travels with his security group, im sure that would be more than 10, to secure the area and to secure the president, the president also travels with the cabinet sec depending on what is the topic of the meeting, i mean come on you read the reports, the current president travels with about 100++++ or so ppl, like politicians, aids, assistants, the presidents assistants, the politicians assistant……… if you notice hilary clinton is the one going around places to represent obama, thats their savings plan, compare that when obama visits a country where they have air force one, base on what i saw in national geographic, the US president deploys around 60 or so secret service, in short just look at hilary clinton and how gloria travels, lets analyze it, and be practical, if the president is not needed in that meeting then he can just send reps”

    anong masasabi nyo sa sagot nya? pa help naman!

    • ChinoF says:

      They usually compare Noynoy to Obama. You can use this article:

      Obama Travels To More Countries In First Year Than Any Other U.S. President

      Or you can just search “Obama travels” on Google to find out his travel agendas.

      Tell that idiot it’s not how, it’s the why that’s important in a president’s traveling. You can tell that Noybot that the security group is only red herring, that’s not a reason for stalling needs to travel and meet fellow heads of state head on.

      The US is also a big place, so its obvious that Obama will travel all over the country. And there issues he will travel on, like political leader summits and all that.

      Obama will still travel, certainly, but right now he’s stuck with the financial crisis and healthcare plan. Hillary is functioning as Secretary of State, and she’s already known for traveling and going around. And she’s attending functions that need the Secretary of State. Now what if Obama is needed?

      Also, Obama grew up in Indonesia and had traveled extensively before his presidency.

      What I could think of right now.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Barbara

      Simple lang ang sagot dyan:

      There really is no need for the president to travel with 100+++ people. Noynoy is not Obama. There is a much bigger threat to the life of the leader of the United States of America compared to a tiny island like the Philippines. In some societies, the head of state can actually go jogging with just 2 or three bodyguards around him. It’s only in the Philippines where you can find politicians who have so many hangers on who are basically useless anyway. If Noynoy needs to travel to other countries for example; the host nation will actually cater to the needs of the guest leader anyway. It is also the responsibility of the host nation to ensure the safety of their guest.

      The best way for Noynoy to prove that he is not like Gloria is to travel lighter than her. He just needs to get rid of the people who are not even needed on the trip.

      He was the one who said, “As a general rule, I don’t want to travel outside the Philippines.” Would that include not travelling for the gathering of world leaders like the ASEAN and UN summit? He needs to clarify what he means and if he does go to these gatherings, he needs to shed some of the members of his entourage. If he is really a humble guy, then he doesn’t need a lot of assistants fussing over him.

    • lawryx says:

      Tell the person that his/her analogy is flawed.

      The US is the largest economy and most politically powerful country in the world. Definitely, its President is under the watchful eyes of a lot of people – activists, terrorists, what have you. It is but necessary that the US President be thoroughly secured.

      In the Philippines’ case with PGMA, though her travels abroad were quite extensive, and a bit costly at that, the investments and political influence that the Philippines has gained because of those foreign travels clearly outweighed the costs. The Philippines has been elected to several high positions in the United Nations, notably at the UN Security Council. I am of the opinion that our foreign influence and policies were at its best during her term.

      High-level dealings need high-level people. If (ab)Noy will send lower-level officials, how could he expect to generate enough interest to have people looking at our country seriously? Then again, there really won’t be much difference because the way I see it, (ab)Noy’s charisma (the lack of it) won’t make much impact.

    • Jon Abaca says:

      Obama had to travel a lot because very few countries liked the US. Sakorsky had to travel a lot too, mainly because France was the President of the EU a while back.

      The president isn’t just anybody. Showing up personally means that country is taking things seriously. That’s the burden of being a leader.

      “In some societies, the head of state can actually go jogging with just 2 or three bodyguards around him.”

      Back in 2003, Professor Cacho, a Filipino invited to a political science convention, saw Fidel Castro himself jogging in Havana. He was flanked by four bodyguards.

      Sadly, Fidel Castro has vastly more politically savvy than Noynoy Aquino. He’s a dictator, yes, but a shrewd politician.

      • ChinoF says:

        Seems that the Noybot only saw two or three bodyguards in a picture. They didn’t bother to note that there a lot more scattered around the vicinity, making sure the entire area is secure. And they’re not shown in the picture with the president.

        Ignorance breeds idiocy.

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      in his absurdly messianic frame of mind, Abnoy will always refer to “how” gloria has done things which are all “evil”. There’s a theoretical framework on why a HEAD OF THE STATE visits another nation:

      1. Initiates trade agreements vital for the citizens of both nations.
      2. Opens up labor mobility not only for migration of labor but for cultural exchanges, tourism etc…
      3. Strengthen diplomatic ties if there is an existing one (or creates a new one if there is none)

      A head of state has a greater leverage than a mere representative.

      The HEAD IS DUMB… sorry na lang tayo.

      • ilda says:

        You say it best HalleluyahHymen 🙂

        @Jon Abaca

        Astig talaga si Castro. You won’t find Noynoy jogging anywhere though.

  9. barbara barado says:

    sagot nya yan dun sa “to generate saving at cheaper way” na sinabi ni noynoy

    • ChinoF says:

      You can say that it’s an idiotic explanation to generate savings. Why? There still a person going abroad and still using up plane fare and gas. Di tamang explanation na bawas ang security people, kasi kahit sinong padadala nila, may gastos pa rin! They also think that every GMA abroad trip is like a Le Cirque feast, so they’ll say Noynoy doesn’t go to Le Cirque to waste money. Which is besides the point.

  10. t0da says:

    A guy named “Ed Neri” commented on the original article in Inquirer (

    Well and good! What we should keep in mind is that our country is a member of different regional or international groupings such as ASEAN. There are instances of meetings and gatherings that only the President can represent the country.. What the President should do is limit the number of kibitzers, hanger-ons, wives and opportunists from any of his official travels outside the country.


    I think the Clinton comment is not relevant because Clinton is the Secrety of State. That is precisely her job. From wikipedia:

    The specific duties of the Secretary of State include:[1]

    * Participates in high-level negotiations with other countries, either bilaterally or as part of an international conference or organization, or appoints representatives to do so. This includes the negotiation of international treaties and other agreements.
    * Supervises the United States immigration policy abroad.
    * Communicates issues relating the United States foreign policy to Congress and to U.S. citizens.


    His general disdain for traveling outside the Philippines will come as a price though. These high-level trips are also avenues for the president to *beg* for foreign direct investment for the country. Times for bilateral agreements. God knows we’re not #1 on their places to invest, so the president needs to convince other heads of state. Would you send a lackey or the highest official in the land to do this job?

    “As a general rule, I don’t want to travel outside the Philippines.” <– I'm not sure if this is a statement from Noy the president, or Noy the man-child.

    • brianitus says:

      Ang dali naman ng buhay ni Noynoy, puro reverse lang ng ginawa ni GMA. The GMA Anthesis playbook is getting old na.

      Kung madalas maligo si GMA, baka di na maliligo si Noynoy. Sheesh.

      • Malacanang for Rent says:

        and since GMA focus so much on the economy then the idiot will fuck it up because it remind him so much of his predecessor.. heck, the Ab-Noymal might take credit to what she’s done

    • Jay says:

      His general disdain for traveling outside the Philippines will come as a price though. These high-level trips are also avenues for the president to *beg* for foreign direct investment for the country.

      And there were the Noynoy tards talking about their president bringing in foreign investors. Unless you talk to them, coax them or convince them one way or another (by traveling), he won’t be able to do it. And any shrewd international politician (not named Noynoy) can see past the Aquino legacy and see a 50 year old desperate man who is easily manipulated by the people and family around him.

      • ChinoF says:

        You know what this means?

        Noynoy is pandering to the people who want to close up the Philippine economy to the world.

        Keep all foreign investment and interference away and make every Filipino the slave of oligarchs.

        Not a new idea though.

    • mel says:

      Pretty sure, Pres. Noynoy does not want to “beg”, that is why he dislikes to travel. He said he would not even renew his old passport. 😦

      When I was in Germany, (have studied, lived and worked there for 17 years), I found it discriminating when our Philippine delegation did not receive the same highlighted reception and Media attention like when the PM from Japan and other Southeast Asian Head of States come to visit the country.

      I was annoyed when I read a sarcastic remark in the newspaper that said: “The Philippine President came to visit to pick up the country’s donation”. OUCH!!

      Now, I understand President Noynoy!

      • ilda says:

        I doubt that is the reason why Noynoy does not want to travel mel

        There are plenty more reasons why he needs to travel abroad not just to pick up cheque donations. He should make it his goal to go overseas for business reasons or to strengthen trade relations and ties with other countries not just to “beg” for money like you said.

      • mel says:

        But how we can strengthen trade relations when our constitution does not allow us to? Foreign investments wish to come but our government is the one blocking them.

        There should be a win-win trade relation between countries. I have this, you have that – then we can trade.

        What do we have to trade that the world market needs? There is a big potential in agriculture (yes, the modern world needs to eat) and in fairness to Pres. Gloria Arroyo, she addressed that field during her term attending to infrastsructure here in Northern Luzon to bring the produce to the local and global market but Typhoon Ondoy devastated the harvest.

        Noynoy has no concrete plans yet. He cannot travel with an empty luggage.

      • ilda says:

        Ahhh…my dear mel, this is where reality sets in. Our foreign policy is another problem altogether. Now you should realise that Noynoy’s problem is huge and I hope he realises that soon enough so he can do something about it. The first thing he needs to do is to read all the articles here at AntiPinoy so he can be on the right track 🙂

        What we are trying to resolve in this blog in particular is his unwillingness to travel overseas and his unwillingness to leave his family home for Malacanang for one trivial reason or another. If he actually justified not leaving for any foreign soil by saying that he needs to find a product or commodity to sell first before marketing it, at least he would have a tiny point. But we all know this is not the reason why he does not want to leave his home soil. 🙂

  11. t0da says:



    There’s a corner on the left side titled “Foreign Trips” That’s where Arroyo has been, and what she’s done there. While I don’t agree with her sidetrips and the large contingencies that she brings, the foreign trips are there for WORK. In a global world like ours, we rely on interdependence.

  12. maikimai says:

    Sana makatikim ng People Power si Noynoy na ipinagmamalaki nya ng mawala ang yabang nya.

    Pero sa totoo lang mas naging interesado ako ngayon sa politics dahil kay Noynoy, kasi mas nakakatawa ito kesa sa mga palabas sa tv, yun nga lang dark comedy. Comedy kasi kung ano-ano ang lumalabas na kabalbalan sa bibig nya, at Dark kasi hindi joke yun at apektado tayong lahat.

    • ilda says:

      That’s good to know maikimai

      Dapat talaga maging involved ang mga tao sa nangyayari sa gobyerno. Yan ang gusto naming mangyari hinde yung lagi nalang nanunuod ng drama sa telebisyon 🙂

    • brianitus says:

      Waddapak! At pinanindigan pa ang pick nya kay Boy A. Waddapak some more.

      He might as well think of appointing German Moreno to the DoLE. two day workweek lang trabaho ng tao. May Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday groups. Mayrun din isang lahat ng tao magtrabaho pag Sabado.

      Silly boy Noy.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for the link fullofhatred

      It has Kris Aquino’s fingerprints all over it. Let’s all become celebrities na lang para maging politician din!

  13. fullofhatred says:

    i love it whenever he shoots himself by just simply talking. makakabawi na ako sa mga kamag-anak ko. hahahaha

  14. zashime says:

    What sacrifice are you talking about? haller? That’s the greatest joke I’ve ever heard…

  15. Halt says:

    Honestly, very well written. But very childish. “Oh goodie! There’s a new idiot president to criticize! Let’s point out how his psychological problems will destroy the nation! Anyway I didn’t vote for him so wtf!” Come on people. Ever since who knows when, us Filipinos have been complaining about the President. From Marcos up to this day, we ask for a perfect President. Do you honestly think we will get one when all you so-called geniuses blab on about the flaws of one president to another? Why don’t YOU run for President? Let’s see how well your autism does. I’m not pro Noynoy or any other President for that matter. But puhleeeze!

    • Kuto says:

      I agree. This is childish.

    • Jay says:

      You all missed the point. No one is asking for a perfect president as you claim. But certainly and if you can’t figure it out already, Noynoy is completely the most incompetent one by virtue of what he’s doing and how he is reacting to his incoming responsibilities as a leader.

      Why don’t YOU run for President? Let’s see how well your autism does.

      You already lost due to Ebert’s Law. Just because we scrutinize his actions doesn’t mean we don’t recognize the qualities of good leadership (i.e. the complete opposite of noynoy’s actions and behavior). Do me a favor and come up with something better. Every pinoy has done that excuse already and has ran its course faster than my aged palabok.

      • Halt says:

        Quoting one sentence from an entire phrase doesn’t really justify what you’re saying. The moment you cropped out that small detail, you’ve lost the entire meaning. I’m speaking in plain and simple English, without all you laws and gibberish, so that everyone understands. Stop complaining and start acting. Trying to “criticize” (more like bad-mouth) and question the governance of someone doesn’t really make a change. How many times have people ousted a president for being incompetent? Do you see any improvement? Do people stop their complaining. Look around you. Since Marcos this country isn’t doing any better at all. I’m no genius. But it doesn’t take one to figure that out.

      • Jay says:

        No but I surely picked off the weak point in your argument. Oh and just because your little creative comparison didn’t work for you and someone else exposed it doesn’t give you the argument that we aren’t understanding each other. Besides, if we don’t tell people what a good leader should be doing or waking them up about the current political situation, WHO WILL!? (surely not the local media).
        Even before Marcos the country is no better. So don’t stop with him hombre. Even when the country got its independence and when the Spanish left, the perception of the people were like of the indos and believed that they can’t do anything because the elites, control the land. Except the elites were just as stupid and had no interest in long term development for the country. So it would be in the best interest for everyone in identifying the problems before making a solution. And in your case, sadly its much more than just acting. Besides did YOU ACT regarding the FOIA case?

        Its just as childish to act as you see fit before assessing the situation. And the kind of change everyone is looking for won’t happen overnight, and with Noynoy to become the leader, certainly won’t be in 6 years time.

      • Halt says:

        Haven’t you been reading. Filipinos like you don’t just pop out of nowhere. You little bickering over who’s the perfect COMPETENT president for this nation has been going on since the revolution. You’re making it worse. Guess what, it’s not just overnight.

      • Jay says:

        Oh wow since the revolution? Doesn’t matter how long ago. If nobody knows what to identify as what makes good leadership and society keeps making mistakes that they don’t learn, not even you can help it out with your played out cynicism. And you aren’t making it any better thinking of it that way either. So do you have a point to make?

    • ChinoF says:

      It’s just as childish to say, “Hey stop criticizing! Criticizing is bad!” Being able to criticize well and accept criticism is a sign of maturity. Stopping any criticism is just a cop-out to immaturity.

      • Joel says:


      • Jay says:

        but banter is in good humor, spontaneous and funny. Sure some of noynoy’s behavior automatically is perceived as banter, considering how he’s not taking his job seriously. The author has pointed out that this isn’t the way for a state leader to act at all and no one should tolerate it at all. And if anything, open criticism should be welcomed in discussion than what Halt is proposing which is the opposite because they deem it as childish.

    • ilda says:

      @Halt, Kuto and Joel

      I was about to compose a response to your comments but I realized that I already have an entire blog as a rebuttal to what you guys are suggesting. Please read:

      There is a tiny upside to a Noynoy presidency

      Here’s an excerpt:

      People who dare to stop others from being critical of Noynoy are not contributing to the creation of a society where there is healthy dialogue and a robust exchange of ideas. Most Filipinos are already apathetic about what’s happening in our society, we cannot lose the other few who have now woken up from their stupor, to borrow Noynoy’s words: “The campaign, is quickening something ‘dormant’ in the Filipino people.” Noynoy was right in a way because a lot of people became outraged that just because his mother passed away, he got what is supposedly a 40% “mandate” to lead the nation.

      When we write about Noynoy, it is not necessarily because we don’t like him. We blog about Noynoy whenever the things he says need a rebuttal or a counter argument. We can’t rely on the mainstream media to do it all the time because at the moment, he is the darling of the Philippine media. Most members of the media are beholden to him, but we are not. Most members of the media see no harm in some of his proposals but we see most of it as counter productive especially when Noynoy is not choosing his battles wisely. In any political scene, there should always be an opposition to function as check-and-balance. Our existence is a better way of keeping Noynoy “grounded” as opposed to his stay in his residential home.

      I don’t believe that people should give Noynoy his first 100 days or “the honeymoon” period before people start scrutinizing him. I believe that monsters are created when you let them get away with saying silly things like “Marami na ho akong sina-sacrifice. Baka yung humihingi sa akin na mag sacrifice e wala pa naisa-sacrifice baka gusto nilang sumali sa sacrifice [I have made a lot of sacrifices. Maybe those who are asking me to sacrifice, have not sacrificed anything. Maybe they want to join me].”

      You are forcing me out of my hibernation. My next blog will be dedicated to you guys. 🙂


      • Jay says:

        Oh c’mon, if you complicate it anymore they might just resort to the old pinoy axioms of arguments with Ad Hominem attacks and strawman. I suggest being a little extra nice to them since they perceive criticisms as childish. I’m afraid to step on what they think is completely and totally mature.

      • ilda says:

        Why Jay, yee of little faith 🙂


      • Halt says:

        That’s your opinion. But then that’s not everyone’s opinion. Still very childish. And ditto. Don’t stop me from criticizing you. That’s just my opinion. You want him out, stop blabbing idiocy and do something. It’s funny how you go on a rampage after this guy wins, when you could’ve stopped it before he did.

      • Jay says:

        You are still missing the point and you may be possibly be trolling with your inane reasoning. And btw, no one here went on a rampage. We were already telling people like you how it was going to be even BEFORE the elections and the kind of leadership he would bring to the table if he were elected. I would have loved to stopped it with your help, seeing as how astute you are about what see in the criticisms. But alas, if you are on top of your reading you would know Noynoy himself is but only a component to the entire problem. So answer me this, scholarly Halt, how do we solve a problem that no one has yet to identify? If it were that easy, even someone like you could make it up and take credit for it.

      • ilda says:

        Hi Jay

        This guy actually has multiple personality disorder. Halt is the same as Joel and Kuto. Unfortunately for him, he made consecutive comments so his IP address stood out in my inbox. Normally I wouldn’t notice people’s IP address but his was so obvious. He is definitely a troll. 😆

  16. Joel says:

    Very well said.

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