There is a tiny upside to a Noynoy presidency

Some people are very, very disappointing. I’m not just talking about Noynoy Aquino. I’m talking about some people who used to make a lot of sense and now they are talking non-sense. They have the nerve to tell other people to stop engaging in “reckless adventurism” whatever the heck that means because to them, engaging in such “may negate what fate and fortune has laid out for the next presidency.”

Can you imagine a world without reckless adventurers? Apart from not having silly films like Jackass: The Movie, no one would dare cross the seven seas, climb Mount Everest or go to the moon. The world needs reckless adventurers and the Philippines needs reckless adventurers now more than ever to counter the negative adventures that Noynoy Aquino wants to engage in.

Can you imagine going back to your own little world where the only publication available to read is the local newspapers like the Philippine Daily Inquirer or Philippine Star? Can you imagine not having any alternative blogsite apart from Filipino Voices? Yes, it is such a horrible thought. Filipinos will be left with no one else to refer to about Philippine politics and current events but these emo sources that play favorites and only publish half of the information needed to analyze the big picture.

Unfortunately, most Filipinos only have very limited sources of information available to them. Because of this, Filipinos only get to read half of the story. This is part of the reason why a lot of Filipinos do not engage in politics and current events. Those who are lucky enough to have Internet access and those who are lucky enough to have stumbled upon “reckless adventurers” such as AntiPinoy bloggers and other bloggers out there of similar nature, have at least an alternative viewpoint they can either accept or reject. The readers at least see the other half of the information that is routinely and intentionally left out by the mainstream media.

Life is about freedom of speech. If we don’t have freedom of speech, we will be left only with private conversations with ourselves. Engaging in the latter is not at all bad, and from time to time it is good to be in a self-reflective mode. But it is better to do it when we have read and understood all our options. Thus, we will be in a better position to “make up our minds,” “change our minds,” or be “of two minds” about something.

I would probably go crazy if I didn’t have the means to express myself. I am a fairly opinionated person and proud of it. I want more of our countrymen to be like me. I want them to engage more in politics and follow current events so they can be aware of what is happening and what our politicians are doing. If there is an upside to a Noynoy presidency, it is the fact that there are a few more Filipinos who are actively engaged in politics now because they are seriously watching his every move. Just yesterday, one commenter by the name of maikimai said that “Pero sa totoo lang mas naging interesado ako ngayon sa politics dahil kay Noynoy, kasi mas nakakatawa ito kesa sa mga palabas sa tv, yun nga lang dark comedy. Comedy kasi kung ano-ano ang lumalabas na kabalbalan sa bibig nya, at Dark kasi hindi joke yun at apektado tayong lahat.”

People who dare to stop others from being critical of Noynoy are not contributing to the creation of a society where there is healthy dialogue and a robust exchange of ideas. Most Filipinos are already apathetic about what’s happening in our society, we cannot lose the other few who have now woken up from their stupor, to borrow Noynoy’s words: “The campaign, is quickening something ‘dormant’ in the Filipino people.” Noynoy was right in a way because a lot of people became outraged that just because his mother passed away, he got what is supposedly a 40% “mandate” to lead the nation.

When we write about Noynoy, it is not necessarily because we don’t like him. We blog about Noynoy whenever the things he says need a rebuttal or a counter argument. We can’t rely on the mainstream media to do it all the time because at the moment, he is the darling of the Philippine media. Most members of the media are beholden to him, but we are not. Most members of the media see no harm in some of his proposals but we see most of it as counter productive especially when Noynoy is not choosing his battles wisely. In any political scene, there should always be an opposition to function as check-and-balance. Our existence is a better way of keeping Noynoy “grounded” as opposed to his stay in his residential home.

I don’t believe that people should give Noynoy his first 100 days or “the honeymoon” period before people start scrutinizing him. I believe that monsters are created when you let them get away with saying silly things like “Marami na ho akong sina-sacrifice. Baka yung humihingi sa akin na mag sacrifice e wala pa naisa-sacrifice baka gusto nilang sumali sa sacrifice [I have made a lot of sacrifices. Maybe those who are asking me to sacrifice, have not sacrificed anything. Maybe they want to join me].”

I can understand where some people are coming from when they recommend laying down the welcome mat for Nonoy especially when they justify it with “Goldman Sachs announced that the economy was recovering.” But first of all, business confidence is only so because of perception. Stock markets are all about perception. Let us not forget that Noynoy is not the president yet. The Philippine media that is very biased for Noynoy, created all this positive perception surrounding him. This positive image reverberated across the globe. The positive image gives investors more confidence to invest in the country.

But if you think about it, if the mainstream Philippine media was responsible for giving Noynoy or the Philippines a positive image, they were also responsible for giving the incumbent president Gloria Arroyo or the Philippines a negative image and driving away potential investors as a result. Headlines like, “Failure of elections will benefit GMA” or “Another Arroyo dinner to cost $15,000.00” also reverberated around the globe. Such articles were not even worthy of front-page news and were also written in tabloid style. In short, the election uncertainties created by the media during the election made foreign investors jittery or gave them useless anxieties. The “business confidence” we see now is all thanks to media’s reduction in much of the ado they make about nothing and has nothing to do with Noynoy Aquino’s impending stay or to not stay in Malacanang.

Noynoy is not the president yet. At the moment, gross domestic product (GDP) registered a growth of 7.3% for the first quarter following frontloaded tax payments and an average inflation rate of 4.3%. Let us give credit where credit is due — to the whole lot of factors including president Arroyos policies, global economic recovery, increased remittances and increased consumer spending particularly during the campaign season which generated a lot of business.

Some people are very, very disappointing. They simply should not be telling other people to stop scrutinizing Noynoy Aquino. The entire Philippine population will be left in the dark if that happens. It is just not right. As Bruce Springsteen put it: We can’t start a fire without a spark or else we’ll be dancing in the dark.

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  2. t0da says:

    Whenever a Noynoy emo supporter comes and trolls, they should be pointed to this article.

    I especially did not like that part in the FV article citing 7.3 % GDP and then dismissing Arroyo’s policies without an afterthought. Noynoy (or Noy supporters) also dismissed this figure (I forget the link in Inquirer), citing that the growth was buoyed by election spending. But according to the government, election spending only accounted for 0.4 percent of the growth.

    Exactly the line I was thinking of, “Let us give credit where credit is due”

    • bokyo says:

      How Noynoyistic!

      It was GMA who prevented RP from plunging to recession, not Noynoy. What are they (the FV author and Noynoyistas) thinking!

      Again, how Noynoyistic!

      ‘Exactly the line I was thinking of, “Let us give credit where credit is due’ – plus points

      • Jay says:

        Hilariously enough, despite the 7.3% GDP gain, Noynoy also said (off the record too in TV interviews) he’s inevitably going to have to raise taxes as well, well anyone who won the election but keep in mind his background as a fiscalizer.

        Whoever thought of giving him his 100 days is out of their GODDAMN minds. Their head must be stuck in the sandy beaches of puerto galera or some other embankment considering what little he has done to help his ascension to head of state. How do you give this person a benefit of the doubt if he himself doesn’t give a benefit of the doubt to those around him who can possibly help ease the burden of job?

        Fate and fortune for the next presidency? I’m going by with what someone wrote awhile back but you cannot build on a legacy based off what you haven’t done yet! Honestly these supporters lack of faith for their leader truly is disturbing considering they voted him in believing in his capability of taking on the role. But they get all bothered when someone scrutinizes their leader based on FATE AND FORTUNE? These supporters really are a weak willed collective, even relying on the providence of lady luck to help them out.

        When you put your faith on a frail message like kung walang korrupt, walang mahirap, its fair to say that your belief and trust are just the same.

      • ilda says:

        LOL Jay

        I couldn’t believe it too when I read that part about”fate and fortune”. Gees, what happened to Noynoy can be credited to the media who created this perfect image of him. To quote HusengBatute this morning at the shoutbox:

        “No matter how much Villar had for his media campaign, there were restrictions, legal or otherwise. Noy had a whole media establishment behind him not just driven by pay but by the very need to survive–ABS-CBN owes the Aquinos as a matter of surival.”


      • ilda says:

        Thanks Bokyo!

        I really wanted to correct his statement saying that “we cannot credit it to Gloria’s policies” – WTH? Noynoy is not in Malacanang yet, how come we can’t credit it to Gloria? It was so weird.

    • ilda says:

      I give credit to t0da for pasting the link to the FV article in the Shoutbox 🙂

      I was curious at first and then progressively became annoyed as I read on.

      Noynoy is not in Malacanang yet and some people are already crediting a lot of things to him. If they keep it up, Noynoy won’t need to do anything at all. He’ll just rely on his spin doctors to tell long tales to the rest of Philippine society and the world.

  3. bokyo says:

    and That, the crusade to improve the Filipino condition continues….. 😀

  4. Miriam Quiamco says:

    When I used to blog on FV, I was also struck by the hatefest against Arroyo over there, well-informed writers, journalists of sorts, intellectuals like Lila, and others are so bent on attributing everything bad that happened to the country to Gloria. They have managed to personalize the endemic problems of the Philippines and I got really annoyed with some of those “idiots”. How could they be sooo blind, to have lost all integrity in analyzing our problems with some modicum of objectivity. I am a relatively newcomer to the blogs, having only started blogging after I decided to promote Gibo’s candidacy in late December and I stumbled upon FV in late January.

    I posted lots of comments there and I lasted until the day of the election cause by then, I realized those people are really idiotic in their blind support for Aquino and in their demonization of Gloria. Most of them I seemed to gather write regularly for the broadsheets, and now we see the quality of minds that has fanned so much hatred among the masses, they were unable to use their heads in voting for candidates with clear platform of governance, instead, they voted for the most incompetent. Although I got to know some of the bloggers there and grew a little fond of them, the prevailing opinions and sentiments especially of those the major writers were hard to take. I definitely feel more comfortable here. You are right, Gloria for all here shortcomings is the only president after Marcos to have brought sustained economic growth to the country, and Goldman and Sachs, no less, ranked us among the rising economies in Asia during Glori’as term. We should really give credit where credit is due. Even the OFWs have a lot to thank Gloria for, she managed to strike up favorable agreements with governments that host our OFWs, and this is confirmed by an NGO attached to DFA, one that makes sure, our OFWs have legal protection when they are in trouble. And mind you, this is not something you can say about other governments that have OFW presence in other parts of the world.

    We definitely need a more objective mass media, one that is more analytical and issue-oriented and not one peopled by rabid dogs!!!

    • t0da says:

      I remember seeing your name in some of the comments at articles in FV. Kawawa ka dun. They do not tolerate dissent. HAHA Buti nga ngayon hindi na moderated comments doon.

    • Jay says:

      Though I wonder for this country, what is the price of a more objectified mass media? Everyone in the nation as someone coined here has the aspirations comparable to that of a middle class American. The only way I’d see it happening would be a group of motivated people with some money, influence and a motivated drive to convince a more progressive channel like TV 5 (who apparently bought more newer, high tech cameras compared to the other 2 big stations) and put content out similar to the Word of the Lourd, but something the people can still get behind in. Maybe like a project for some mass comm grads to entice or to make what Richard Gordon’s volunteering concept seem like a good idea and give importance as to why in itself is beneficial (you know maybe because if you can spend more time spending less money and working on communicating with other people, it may be a good thing).

      We’d need a small group of highly motivated and cognitive individuals who would do this beyond the issue of money. Because it certainly is an endeavor that not even a few hundred pesos from a tattered economy can fix.

    • Dr. José Rizal II says:

      Dear Friends from the Gibo camp…

      I’m wondering if you guys might agree that it would be a great thing if the Gordonites and the Gibo supporters coalesced into some kind of no-nonsense “let’s get Pinoys using their brains” kind of movement.

      I have to say that we generally think the same way. Those who supported Gordon and Gibo are not really too far apart in terms of how our brains work. It’s just that some of us probably had a slightly different “tie-breaker” in choosing one over the other. (I must say that I struggled originally between Gibo and Gordon because Gibo really is a good guy too. Gordon’s seniority and experience – obviously, he’s older – was my tie-breaker)

      So friends, those of you who are all for it… What do you think?

      Game? 🙂

      Let’s VOLT IN! 😉

      • bokyo says:

        revive that “GIBORDON Friendship zone in PEX” 😀

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        I am for it Jose Rizal, I am actually thinking of guesting on Sentro ng Katotohanan one of these days, just can’t find the time right now due to heavy teaching load, but when summer vacation comes, I will be game for more airing of my views on Sentro. The time-slots are pretty limited though and thus, it is hard to fit my schedule with it. There is also an online publication called Bulatlat, just this morning, I discovered a damning documentary about Hacienda Luisita there that could have put the Aquino candidacy in its proper place, the only problem was that, it was not aired widely enough before the elections and no wide enough public forum could be generated by the documentary. I reckon that there were people who were aware of the issue, but lacked a solid basis with visuals to put the issues in clear perspective. In Davao, I spoke to some workers who spoke of Hacienda Luisita issue, the details gathered in piecemeal from sources without a big bang like a sustained coverage of a TV network for example. This could have really enlightened electorate on the bogusness of Aquino’s claim to sainthood, for how could he ever be considered a saint when he appears to have no social conscience at all in regards to the issue of HL. This could have undermined this candidacy because he had nothing else to show other than his saintly posings,like consulting with the religious at remote convents in the country before acceding to the urgings of LP for him to run to take advantage of his mother’s death. The guy is simply a strawman, no integrity in his political career thus far.

      • ilda says:

        That’s a great idea Dr. Jose Rizal!

        All the Filipinos who are for intellectuals unite 🙂

      • red says:

        a really good idea. Me and my friend were actually talking about this on how a Gibo-Gordon (or vice versa) tandem would have been perfect.

        These elections made me realize one thing, that the ignorance of the pinoys is one of it’s biggest downfalls and it is why they are so easily manipulated by the “surveys”, mass media, and the yellow machinery of hatred and vengeance.

        Now that this problem has been identified, we can do something about it.
        As a media creator myself, I believe we have as much power of creating things: positive, constructive, educational things for the masses, compared to the corrupted big wigs and their shallow, mind numbing content.

      • ilda says:

        Thanks red

        I noticed that people who are artistically inclined tend to be on the same wavelength. We should definitely unite against the yellow propagandists. 🙂

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Why not the Gibo supporters and Gordon supporters unite and form a front to establish an independent media. Or perhaps, we can mobilize to pressure lawmakers to legislate a public service media, similar to BBC, PBS, NHK etc., we can be the initial contributors, the Gibo voters number 3.6 million and the Gordon voters, 5k, we already have a base of 4 million to tap for this idea. First, let us take this idea to Facebook to explore people’s reactions. . .

      • agila says:

        pwede bang sumali ang villar supporters dito?

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        I think at this point, we don’t really care which candidate you supported in the election, so long as you are convinced of the need for us Filipinos to unite behind the creation of unbiased and effective media to promote real democracy in our land. The public who should be paying monthly dues to keep the public service mass media running, to avoid being beholden to business interests and the oligarchy is composed of Filipinos who supported different candidates. Even the yellow supporters could be part of this initiative. We are only emphasizing the core supporters of Gibo and Gordon because, they clearly have put premium on the platform of their candidates with their track record in voting for their candidates.

        Honestly, I kinda felt sympathetic towards Villar in the end because of how the media demolished his candidacy, being the closest rival of the favored one. His corruption issues were aired almost 24 hours a day on a daily basis, that’swhy even though he spent billions building a support base, he failed, emo politics prevailed. And Aquino’s record in terms of being a 1% profiteer of the corrupt Hacienda Luisita did not get the same airing as Villar’s corrupt business ventures.

        We really need this neutral media with analytical bent because the loud commercial ones have ravaged the minds of the masses. Either this, or we allow foreign media conglomerates to come in and help us cover news with their dedication to truth. It took a New York Times article to awaken the local media to the stink of Hacienda Luisita and soon a TV network did some sort of coverage, but as one blogger had said, it was too little, too late, by then, the voters were already convincingly duped to vote for the chosen one.

      • ilda says:


        Of course Villar supporters are most welcome to join 🙂

        The GetReal squad should be discussing this initiative.

        Tune in to Sentro ng Katotohanan!
        8.30 – 9.30 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays (Philippines)
        DWBL 1242 KHz AM Band
        For overseas listeners SnK streams live here!

        Spread the word!

    • ilda says:


      I am quite aware of your discussions with the rest of the FV residents. I have to say, they were not very welcoming to you. You weren’t even antagonistic but they saw any criticism of Noy as an “evil act.” At some point the arguments even went to people being asked about their credentials. Something like someone had to declare that she was a certified accountant and she had more credibility to make a statement about Villar. That was quite funny. FV people are so into people’s status in Philippine society. They won’t take your opinions seriously if you are not from the higher strata of the social hierarchy. Funny and sad.

      • Jay says:

        FV people are so into people’s status in Philippine society. They won’t take your opinions seriously if you are not from the higher strata of the social hierarchy. Funny and sad.

        Now THAT is how crab mentality works. Not the idiots who come here and get offended at the our message regarding the Da Pinoy condition of the common folk, telling us WE’RE the bad ones for incessantly and pointing out these things in a harsh manner and without disregard for their inability to cope with free exchange of ideas. Its when you use status and rear it up for an Ad Hominem attack is when Crab mentality is utilized at its best.

      • ilda says:


        The idiots who get offended with the message of our blogs are the same people who are beholden to those who belong to the higher strata of the social hierarchy. Ironically, they actually think that we are the ones who have a crab mentality. Funny and Sad.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Iida, actually I had so much fun engaging the FV residents, but in the end, my annoyance at one particular blogger there got the better of me. In a way, it is a lot of fun to be in enemy territory, but right now, I think it is my goal that this blogging activity of mine should be a part of political activism to effect change in our country.

        Over at FV, it is all an exercise of amusement it seems for most over there, like a group of people having a drink and conversations about topical issues, but without any purpose other than to while away boredom in one’s life. Some are actually quite literary in their style and musings. That’s probably why Miss Shahani used to feel comfortable there. . . It was her singular purpose of course to provide evidence to allegations of corruption against Villar, commendable in a way, except that she would not do the same investigative reporting on HL, for fear that Noynoy’s candidacy would be jeopardized. I found this rather hypocritical. And to justify Noynoy’s non-performance for 12 years as a legislator, he bought Noy’s rationalization that no new laws are needed in the country, in an interview. She did not even ask him how he spent his CDF, when according to the Bulatlat documentary on HL, Noy was not able build a single bridge on HL during his term as a legislator. And the GMA article on HL got scrutinized to the minutest detail, quibbling over a term borrowed by the writer from some book on Philippine Oligarchy. It was quite comical, I thought.

      • ilda says:


        In a way, it is a lot of fun to be in enemy territory

        This is true. Sometimes I am even tempted to comment there because there are so many idiots there who need a rebuttal but I just write it here instead. And it is very obvious that there are a lot of old farts there who just want to practice their literary skills but do not really want to effect real change in Philippine society because they have been used to how it is.

        That’s probably why Miss Shahani used to feel comfortable there. . . It was her singular purpose of course to provide evidence to allegations of corruption against Villar, commendable in a way, except that she would not do the same investigative reporting on HL, for fear that Noynoy’s candidacy would be jeopardized. I found this rather hypocritical.

        With all the research presented, there was nothing that can be used against Villar though. It is my opinion that she is not a blog writer at all. A blog is just a commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs. Hers was more of a paper or a report. Scholarly yes but it would have been fair if she did the same with HL like you said. What’s unbelievable to me is how someone as educated as her can fall for the “integrity” trick played out by the media.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        I was one of the original Blogger at FV. They moderated my Blogs and blocked them. When I was writing against Noynoy Aquino. The Editor of the FV is a pro-Aquino. So, if you were anti Aquino. they will block your blogs. It seems that these people cannot give good arguments. And, if they cannot provide a good sense of rebutal. They just moderate and block your blogs. It is only now that I started blogging again.

        A vigorous exchange of ideas for discussion is a very healthy way to increase our knowledge. I have some knowledge, which you don’t know. You also have some informations, that I don’t know. We improve each others knowledge, with this healthy exchange of ideas and discussions.

        Noynoy Aquino should not be above scrutiny. We will watch his every move.

    • ChinoF says:

      Intellectuals at FV?

      I think the true ones all left it a long time ago… 😉

      • famous wolf says:

        I never even went there as the collection of ‘lamang-lupa’ thinking has been so rampant. I’ve read more understandable posts on a random image board side than those things. It’s quite astonishing how idiotic people can be and can’t determine if they are wallowing in mud or ****.

  5. mix says:


    long time reader, first time posting 🙂

    it is true that there are two sides of a story, and it would be useless to just read one side of a story and consider it the truth.

    that is why i enjoy entries posted in this blog, especially during the height of the elections. it gives readers a different perspective and enable them to think for themselves and generate their own opinions now that they have now know more than one side of the story.

    and i do agree that people should take on adventures. the world did not become what it is today by just sitting in our houses.

    • ilda says:

      Hi mix

      Welcome! I’m glad you decided to join us and I’m glad you agree with me. A lot of Filipinos only want to hear from Conrado de Quiros and think that unknown writers are of no consequence. This is very unfortunate because each citizen’s opinion is very important. Your opinion is important.


      • Paolo says:

        Heck, I used to like De Quiros, but then I saw this. I read his work, and read this, and the choice is too easy.

        I now read De Quiros for the lulz.

        If you don’t know what lulz is, please check Encyclopedia Dramatica (a satirical wiki), and oh, don’t forget to check out the Philippine page there for more epic lulz!

      • bokyo says:

        then check out Ramon Tulfo’s 😉

      • maikimai says:

        Encyclopedia Dramatica FTW.

        Also, Angel Locsin got offended with the entry of Philippines at ED and proceeded to form a personal army and vandalize the page. Too bad it failed. Shit was so cash.

      • Paolo says:

        Bokyo, Tulfo’s comments are always a source of epic lulz. He supported Gordon too.

      • killem says:

        de quiroz is a marcos boy, turn arroyo critic and now noynoy defender…..

      • ilda says:

        It’s been said that de Quiroz is trying to make up for his past allegiance with the Aquino nemesis. If you ask me, he is the scum of the earth for deceiving the public.

      • ChinoF says:

        De Quiros is a great writer, but is a poor thinker. His concept of making up for his allegiance to Marcos is twisted. If he wanted to make up really well, he should’ve sided with the real good guys – like Gordon – and should stop licking oligarch boot.

  6. ulong pare says:

    … daaaang

    … is this another “movement” to save flipland?

    .. flipland has enough orgs, movements, polactgroups, etchastera, etc already…

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      The initiative we are thinking of regarding media is a movement on the one hand, but eventually this movement should produce an institution, through decisive legislation to create a public service media that can compete with the commercial ones. Our lawmakers should realize the importance of a mass media that truly connects the government with the governed through constructive debate of issues and policies. The problem with the government-run TV now is that it is way behind in media technology, in the countryside, the signal is quite bad and so the reception is fuzzy. I watched a talk show once and I immediately realized why it could not compete with the commercial ones. Besides the technical problems, the format and content of the show left much to be desired.

      • brianitus says:


        If you’re interested in developing something that can deliver on a provincial level, there’s a new company here in RP specializing in the development of the community access channels on local cable TV. Although it’s entirely a commercial venture, they’re still in need of good programming. Since it’s provincial, national controls on this type of media will be very lax.

        The demographic profile they’re interested in is focused on the male-dominated households, typical of a provincial setting. Male comes home and hogs the TV?

        Maybe a dedicated and well-funded group can consider block timing? Get the message across, anyone?


      • Miriam Quiamco says:


        I think that a TV commercial venture will just fall prey to the narrow special interests of the incorporators and their sponsors. But perhpas, for a start, gibordon group could buy airtime there and try to produce documentaries with social and political value, but in the long run, I think we want to establish a truly public media institution to be more effective. Why can’t we have something similar to the BBC, PBS, NHK and the like? It is worth looking into for sure, or the current government channel could be redone in such a way that it will become competitive with the commercial TV stations.

  7. Dino says:

    “People who dare to stop others from being critical of Noynoy are not contributing to the creation of a society where there is healthy dialogue and a robust exchange of ideas.”

    This is so true. I bet these people are the stalwart protectors of the Amor Propio of our leaders; As pointed out in a good read right here in AP

    It may not have the intentions or viciousness of an underhanded gag order, but the plot is fairly similar. Discourage criticism, Disrupt exchange of information, Protect the status quo, Hinder change and reforms.

    I would even hear something to the effect of, “Let’s just all unite and keep our efforts in helping our country.” Though there is merit in this statement, given a Filipino (or a yellow army) context, it implies a call for “uncriticism”, if there is such a word. I believe the true purpose of this statement is a call for CONSTRUCTIVE criticism itself. A call to people to be critical and aware of the society’s flaws and have an effort to correct them. Whether you point out flaws quietly or not is now a question of temperaments and at this point is moot in point. For as long as you send the message across, that there is something wrong and there is effort to either curb the flaw into something productive or stop it in it’s tracks, then you have succeeded in uniting the society into progress.

    • ilda says:

      It may not have the intentions or viciousness of an underhanded gag order, but the plot is fairly similar. Discourage criticism, Disrupt exchange of information, Protect the status quo, Hinder change and reforms.

      Exactly Dino.

      I am so glad that people like you can see through the “let’s give him a chance” order. As far as I’m concerned, Noynoy wasted a lot of chance during the campaign period to prove to everyone what he is made of. Lately, he is proving his critics right instead.

  8. concerned_citizen says:

    Let people realize that blaming all our woes on GMA is and will always be wrong..

    People believe too much in mainstream media that they are willing to put their faith in someone like Noy..

    Good intentions can go a long way but are they enough to run our country? 6 years of enduring another classic

    example of the typical oligarch.. He hasn’t even started running the country, and yet he already faces problems

    especially in the appointing of advisers and dept heads from people who supported him and all want a piece

    of the pie.. To be quite frank, we’re fucked up for the next 6 years… But when the smoke has cleared I will

    proudly say to the faces of these yellow fanatics that he’s your president, not mine so deal with it…

  9. Noynoy? says:

    I agree! Why would they stop us from criticizing Noynoy? Is it because Noynoy is there “manok”? or is it they can’t just handle the truth that Noynoy is making mistakes now that he isn’t a president yet? And to think that some people say that “Noynoy will be doing great things now he is the president, he will be inspired”. The hell? He did not even do a damn thing while he was a senator, much as he will be the next President. I’m saying that people will believe you if your doing your part while your still in a small position. Much like when you’re working in a company, you will be promoted because you are doing a great job for their company. Those little thins that you have done will eventually accumulate and give a positive view of yourself for other people. And what did Noynoy do? Give a bad reputation for GMA and manipulate people using his parents legacy? Wow! That’s kinda low don’t you think?

    • ilda says:

      Hello Noynoy?

      Yes, Noynoy Aquino is one of those responsible for tainting the image of GMA and those who work under her like Gibo. I do not understand why Noynoy’s supporters say he has integrity at all. A man with integrity does not engage in negative campaigning. I find his move strange since GMA and his own mum Cory, were in cahoots once in toppling Erap from his seat. Noynoy is definitely in denial of the truth.

  10. BongV says:

    test… it's all good Chino.. check your browser

  11. Hyden Toro says:

    Noynoy Aquino was voted. I don’t know if Smartmatic elected him or not. But, this is debatable. We will scrutinize his every move. We will bring to light, what he and his cahoots will be hidinbg in the dark. We will expose the activities of the KamagAnak, Inc. This is our country. We, the governed have the right ot speak what are in our minds.

    So, Mr. Noynoy Aquino. We will be a friend, if you will work for us. But, we will be your worst enemies, if you work for your family. and, protect your Hacienda Luisita.

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