The Kamaganak Inc mapping project

One of the great traditions of Philippine politics involves government officials extending their renowned family “values” out and into the fabric of governance. Indeed in the Philippines, governance, like success, is relative. Relatives and family friends (even clan “friendships” that go back a generation or two) making up the immediate officiating circles of everyone from lowly Barangay Captains to sitting presidents is pretty much a banality in our backward feudal nation. The Year 2010 marks the year that President-Elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III takes his turn to assemble his court mainstays with relish. No big deal there. He merely reflects the way most ordinary Filipinos routinely regard civic or even professional duty. They look inward into their respective families or clans. My colleague Chino put it quite well:

Nepotism is the obvious fault of our local Filipino families. When you have a business and are looking for the right person for the job, Filipinos often look within the family. Or even family friends. It’s not a fault by itself to consider someone because of familiarity or connections; but it is when you choose that person or service because of those connections and not because of competence.

The Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clans (and their extended network of cronies) arguably make up the single biggest oligarchic bloc in Philippine society. Collectively called Kamaganak Inc, it has tentacles that extend all over Philippine society. It pervades the nature of governance, influences policies that impact the economy, and brokers political power even as its patriarchs sing praises to the “people’s will”.

Some of the factions within Kamaganak Inc are already scrambling for the spoils of Noynoy’s “landslide” win in the polls, to name a few:

– The Aquino Siblings (Kris, Ballsy, etc.).
– The “Hyatt 10” – emo officials who resigned at the height of the Great “Hello Garci Scandal” of 2005
– The cast and crew of Noynoy’s Hindi ka Nag-iisa campaign video (Ding Dong Dantes, Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez, etc.)
– Peping Cojuangco – who is a power bloc in hig own individual right
– The “New Media Bureau” of the campaign headed by Enteng Romano that delivered Noynoy his million-strong “fan” base on among others.

… and much more! The number of moving parts and interconnections is vast and dizzying. What other best way to understand this complexity than to apply that excellent modern-day tool of simplification — Information Technology.

Check out our latest initiative:

The Kamaganak Inc Mapping Project
[iframe: src=”” width=”100%” height=”640″ frameborder=”1″ scrolling=”YES”]
[Patience, as you may have to wait a bit for the above frame to load. Note too that some parts of the diagram (lines linking nodes, etc.) may not render properly on WordPress. Click here for an alternative viewing frame.]

We plan to use this as our primary knowledgebase and a repository where bits and pieces of intelligence on the Aquino-Cojuangco Kamaganak Inc and its extended Yellow Army we come across can be assimilated into the Bigger Picture.

Best of all, everyone is invited along the journey and has complete visibility into the intel we assemble through the wonders of Mind42 technology which hosts the above facility. You have two options for bookmarking the Kamaganak Inc Mapping project:

On (this page right here); or,

On (which offers a slightly larger viewing field).

Comment facilities are available on both, so do send in your pieces of the puzzle or even suggestions on new relational links between existing nodes on our map. Like fighting terrorism, every bit of intel counts in our efforts to maintain transparency amidst the closed, opaque, and primitivist backwardness of Philippine society.


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28 Responses to The Kamaganak Inc mapping project

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  2. GabbyD says:

    so kamaganak inc doesnt refer to relatives? even distant relatives?

    it encompases ALL supporters?

    so all politicians (in the world) have kamaganak inc, if u define it so loosely

    • ChinoF says:

      Yep. All supporters, even distant relatives who have a stake in it. But the primary factor is family relationships. Most of these non-relatives in Kamaganak Inc are still involved through a family member. Distant relatives are included, but some relatives are excluded as well. Obviously, Gibo’s/Danding’s side is not here. Another key is willingness to connive. Obvious what that is. All these entities and family members in the chart are cooperating to prevent meaningful change in our country.

      No, I find that wrong (to your 3rd line), not all politicians in other countries would have Kamaganak Inc., because not all involve businesses and friends through families. There are many cases abroad (look in the US, Reagan Clinton) who enlist friends’ help, and these friends have no family relations with them. But it is certain that Filipinos use more family relationships more than most. We’re a typical nepotist society.

    • BongV says:


      Kamaganak, Inc – is a term for crony capitalism within the Aquino administrations. Cronies isn’t just family it includes associates as well.

      Haven’t you come across crony capitalism this with fellow dodo’s in FValapagos island 😆

      Why not have your equally challenged grandfather dodo DJB explain it to you 😆

      • GabbyD says:

        ok. u can define the term kamag-anak as cronies, blood/marriage relation notwithstanding.

        what is the difference between cronyism and hiring people whom u trust and share the same vision (of the job)? if the difference exists, how can u tell?

      • BongV says:

        let me ask you the question – how can you tell?

        educate us on how YOU make a decision – by gut? 😆

        what is the basis of your trust because they are your family? trust them to steal for you? 😆

        GabbyD – i have seen so many naive people in the world – but i swear no one can beat your naiveness 😆

        i need a fifth grader to answer your questions.

      • jethernandez says:

        … … define mo muna yan GabbyDodo bago ka mag post ulit.

      • jethernandez says:

        **** delicadeza at nepotismo

    • HalleluyahHymen says:


      …………..ahhhhhhhhhhhrg!!!! missed it… the context…

      EQUATION 1:
      sQ = Fn(mC) => sQ = Fn(mC) ….. sQ = Fn(mC)

      Economic Equation of GabbyD:

      Stupid Question is a function of missed context (or comprehension) that leads to more stupid questions and missed contexts.

      tsk… tsk… tsk…

    • Jay says:


      stop proving this article correct!

      Oh and this is the perfect summarizing statement for this article: We’re a typical nepotist society.

      You’d be an idiot not to believe that. Not that 100 years of Aquino-Cojuanco politicking hasn’t been enough of an evidence but choose what you want to believe.

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  4. Earl Canlas says:

    I remember the novel by F. Sionil Jose with the title, “Tree.” Truly this old oligarchic feudal Cojuangco clan is just like that characterization of a long political feudal family in Jose’s novel. They have protected their interests well though the years of holding Hacienda Luisita.

    I wonder what made some voters think they will be better this time. And Kris isn’t the innocent kid at Laban political rallies in 1978 or 1986 now. She is the “eeny-witchy” showbiz talk show hostess who gets to bite into anything her naughty queries might fancy to look at.

  5. fullofhatred says:

    walang ganito sa FV. wahahahaha. me likes this. malaki lang masyado.:evil:

    • jethernandez says:

      ang FV ay puro porma. mahahaba ang mga sinusulat pero walang laman. pinagmamalaki nila ang kanilang mga pinag aralan at pinanggalingang lugar. puro first person I arguments.

      Karamihan pero di naman lahat ay may sariling interes kaya sila nagsusulat. Kagaya ni Pokwang, sa kalagitnaan ng kampanya ay biglang sumulpot at nakihalubilo sa mga pro-Aquino, Benigno Noynoy (ABNoy) “experts”. Yun pala ay may “humble ambition” para maging Department Secretary. Wala namang masama dun kung qualified at competent pero palagay ko mas bagay sya sa Central Bank tutal marami namang nag pa five six dito sa Pilipinas. O di kaya sa Department of Trade and Industry… pwede syang magtinda ng banig… kasya sampu… kaya lang nakatayo lahat.

    • ChinoF says:

      Pro-Kamaganak Inc. ang FV in my view. You’ll barely hear anything against it from them.

  6. benign0 says:

    At the end of the day it’s still comes down to how the average Pinoy regards his/her future. Does he/she want to be the captain of his destiny? Or does he/she abdicate personal responsibility to “forces” beyond their control. By selecting the latter, Filipinos pretty much resign themselves to living in a society ruled by the oligarchs. My point is, ultimately it is up to Da Pinoy.

    Indeed, the question remains: WHO elected these bozos to office to begin with? 😉

  7. GabbyD says:

    "let me ask you the question – how can you tell?
    educate us on how YOU make a decision – by gut? 
    what is the basis of your trust because they are your family? trust them to steal for you? "

    steal? has noynoy stolen anything? has he asked anyone to do so?
    how can i tell, you ask? thats it — to tell if noynoy is practising cronyism or not needs more information than you have currently provided.

    ex: if obama appoints his friend rahm emmanuel to be his chief of staff, is that cronyism? what is cronyism here? 
    simpler explanation: he appointed rahm coz he's a trusted associate, who he believes is competent. 

  8. mel says:

    It seems to me that you are not aware of the Aquino's family history and background.
    The Kamaganak, Inc. Mapping Project will help you in your research. As you start, be neutral first. Maybe it will help you get some answers to your questions. This is not an easy task because you have to start  all theway back in 1954, as Corazon Cojuangco married Ninoy Aquino, with President Ramon Magsaysay as one of the Ninongs. You will come across the History of Hacienda Luisita and Central Azucarera de Tarlac.
    "A background on the troubled history of Hacienda Luisita is essential to understanding why the issue is forever haunting Noynoy Aquino and his family." (GMANews.TV/Special Reports

  9. ChinoF says:

    I think GabbyD is aware, he just believes it's a fluke. He probably doesn't believe that Kamaganak Inc exists and that it is a source of corruption. If you prove that it exists, he'll probably say that it's beneficial for the country. But correct me if I'm wrong about your view, Gabby.
    If you ask me, proving that Kamaganak Inc doesn't exist is like trying to prove that electricity in the clouds is not the cause of lightning, and is rather caused by St. Peter playing bowling in the clouds. There are the scientists who already prove that it's electricity, and when you know the properties of lightning, you can easily surmise that lightning is electricity.

  10. mel says:

    Hmmm, I am in the midst of dilemma, if I can add Manong Johnny and FVR to the map???

    I was with them (Lina Group) during the Manila Peninsula Dawn Meeting, after the Marcoses left the country. Few days after, I left for Germany and lost track of the “inside” happenings.

    I need to check and justify reasons why not to….

  11. jcarlos says:

    Nakakalungkot lang na ang una sa listahan ni Pnoy ay ang Truth Commission!!! Hindi pa nga nakakabawi ang Pilipinas sa gulong ginawa ng Tatay at Nanay nya, heto na naman tayo. Mr. Future President ano bang UNITY ang pinagsasabi mo… eh ikaw itong nangunguna sa pakikipag-away eh? Gagamitin mo pa ang pera ng bayan sa mga imbestigasyon mo. Tama na yung ginawang gulo ng mga magulang mo. Meron naman tayong Dept. of Justice. Binabayaran na sila ng gobyerno eh bakit magtatayo ka pa ng hiwalay na commission? Kurakutan lang yan ng pera ng bayan eh! Biro mo ilang tao na naman ang ilalagay mo dyan? Ilan pa ba yang mga naninilaw mong kampon at kamag-anak ang hindi pa nailuluklok sa pwesto? Ano ba ang napala ng bayan sa PCGG ng Nanay mo? Ang maiparada sa buong mundo yong mga sapatos at gowns ni First Lady Imelda? Ang pag-interesan ng kamag-anak mo ang ibang mga alahas ni First Lady? Magkano na ang nagagastos ng gobyerno sa sweldo ng mga PCGG employees mula noong 1986 hanggang ngayon? UNITY KA NG UNITY EH, UNAHIN MO MUNA YUNG MGA KAMPON MONG NAGLALABO-LABO NA!!!

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