Noynoy's first 100 days: Highway to hell or stairway to heaven?

Being realistic is a good trait. One of the upsides of being realistic is that you do not get disappointed with the result or at least have a Plan B prepared in case things do not go according to Plan A. You won’t get disappointed with the result because you will have predicted the likely consequences of your actions by using your logic, and will do your best to prevent a negative effect from happening or take another course of action to soften the blow of a disaster. If we are to be realistic about Noynoy Aquino’s first 100 days, the likely scenario we are looking at is one of predictable ordinariness bordering on disorganization even.

One of the reasons why I think Noynoy’s first 100 days will be disorganised is because recent events have shown that Noynoy has a tendency to choose his battles unwisely (i.e., who’s going to swear him in, to receive GMA’s call or not, etcetera, etcetera). He also has a tendency to make a lot of excuses for not accomplishing a task that he hasn’t even started doing yet. This guy did not have plans of running for the presidency in the first place; it would be delusional to expect him to have concrete plans around running the country now.

Another reason to expect a bit of chaos lies in how we don’t know if he is going to work well with his elected Vice President. Unfortunately, the position of Vice President in the Philippines is chosen by the voters separately in contrast to countries like the United States where the President and Vice President come as a team. It would be interesting to watch how the policies or decisions of President-Elect Noynoy will be taken in by a much older and more experienced politician like Jejomar Binay.

Noynoy hasn’t even spoken to Binay yet let alone thought about what post to give him. Reports have him dismissing Binay’s thoughts of assuming the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) post saying “I’ve not talked to him” and asserting his right to choose his cabinet with his statement, “And I think I should be accorded the right to choose who I want to serve as my alter-ego. ‘Yun naman ang description ng alter-ego [That’s the description of alter-ego].” You would think that he would have a clear definition of what his alter-ego would do by now considering he was adamant about getting the job.

Once a slacker, always a slacker

Noynoy Aquino was so confident that he would win the presidency to the point of boldly stating during the campaign period that he will take to the streets if he lost. Despite this confidence, he did not even bother to choose his cabinet members earlier. With just a few weeks before his proclamation, the media is left speculating about who is going to get what job under his government. One wonders what Noynoy was busy with after all these months when in fact, he wasn’t even very active in presidential debates or any other forums during the campaign period.

Star-struck President

Noynoy seems to be eyeing a lot of celebrities to fill government posts. It’s not that there is anything wrong with celebrities, but we all know that they spend more time in front of the camera than on anything else. First it was reported that Noynoy offered talk show host and Aquino friend, Boy Abunda a cabinet post saying that Abunda is “…an icon in the country and even more so for his ability to communicate, to understand the audience and to be able to advance a particular set of ideas.” Noynoy probably thinks that just because someone regularly appears on national television necessarily makes that person an icon. It did not matter to him that Boy Abunda does not have experience in the public sector and that Boy did not even show any interest in occupying any government post. Then there are also reports that Noynoy wants to offer Ding Dong Dantes, Ogie Alcasid, Lilly Monteverde and Jim Paredes other government posts.

It is obvious that Noynoy already failed this early to heed the advice of the country’s much revered scholar F Sionil Jose to “Seek the help of the best — and the best do not normally want to work in government and neither will they approach you. You have to seek them..” The questions we need to ask are: Is Noynoy even aware of who is the best candidate for any of the government posts? Another question is, is he really eyeing them on the basis of convenience or is someone (like Kris Aquino) recommending all of the people for him (which is also convenient for Noynoy). A third question is, what criteria does Noynoy really apply when choosing a cabinet member? Is it the person’s popularity (like in his case) or ability and experience? One wonders why Noynoy does not listen to a leading academic instead of his celebrity endorsers, is President elect Noynoy Aquino anti-intellectual?

He does not even need to replace people who are not doing badly with their jobs at the moment. But he might just feel compelled to replace them out of spite for Arroyo’s administration. The fact that he chooses people who don’t have any knowledge about government policies should already tell us that Noynoy’s administration is going to be one big song and dance routine and nothing of substance.

Too many excuses

You have to hand it to Noynoy, he is good at making excuses. He made so many unrealistic promises during his campaign that so many vacuous Filipinos now believe it is doable. One of them is that that he can eradicate poverty just by getting rid of corruption. But now he is saying things like “I wish the people would give us time. We cannot fix problems acquired over decades overnight” and “I will not proclaim I know everything because I still do not know the true state of the country.” Doesn’t he realise that his late mother is included among the people who acquired problems “over decades”?

The above are statements he recently made over just a period of two days to reporters. These are not very optimistic words coming from a man who is about to be sworn in. We can’t blame Noynoy for being pessimistic now because he did not really come up with concrete proposals as solutions to pressing issues, like policy changes that will see to it that the “problems acquired over the decades” will be solved. All he and his party came up with during the campaign period are motherhood statements that do not translate into much, but which romanticist voters believed in.

He said that not knowing the real numbers would make it harder to come up with solutions. This is in response to the economic data that outgoing President Gloria Arroyo recently released which Noynoy says was tweaked in order to look good. How hard can it be for Noynoy to consult an economist so he could come up with comparative figures? This sounds to me like another silly excuse coming from a person who already feels daunted by the job ahead.

Build a house on rock and not on sand

We all know that if Noynoy’s mother did not pass away, he would not have been voted in as President in the first place. Knowing this, we also know that Noynoy did not win based on an idea. He won based on a people’s mass indulgence in emotion. He basically built his house on sand, which can crumble anytime. What he needs to do is to reinforce the foundation of his house by using rocks and pour in as much concrete as needed. The fate of his legacy will be determined by the way he tweaks the foreign and domestic policies of the country. He needs to find out which of the existing policies are working or need to be changed. Unfortunately, he will have to work with Congress in getting any new policies the nod. It’s all up to Noynoy — whether his first 100 days will be an indication of the next six years turning into a trip down the highway to hell or up the stairway to heaven.

Being realistic is a good trait. It is a hedge that equips us with some idea of what to do if it turns out that our new President cannot handle the pressure of his new job. Being realistic will also give us an idea of what to do when the bubble finally bursts. We should all be ready to duck for cover to avoid the splash.

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  1. Markus says:

    I like Led Zeppelin way better but with Noy around, I’m sure it will be AC/DC for all of us, baby yeah! 😈

    • ilda says:

      Hi Markus

      I didn’t like AC/DC when my older brother used to listen to it but they kinda grew on me. 😀

      Here’s to hoping Highway to hell won’t end up being Noynoy’s signature song…cheers!

  2. Jay says:

    Its going to be a battle of how to handle expectations. Maybe their expectations were low, just hoping if Noynoy delivers he can be a competent leader and deliver with the Aquino namesake. Then its just important to inform everyone that competence has been abound the Pinoy presidency. It is as if expecting for an EFFECIENT leader has never crossed their minds, well of course considering what the peoples’ expectations are for the government is just skewed.

    It is right to expect realistically that he will under perform in his duties. It is also right to scrutinize his leadership and that he sees through his promises. Otherwise, we’re just as responsible if we don’t expect anything.

    • ilda says:

      Noynoy’s spin doctors are now busy coming up with justifications this early on why he will not be able to solve the problems. What Noynoy is saying now should have been part of his campaign speeches. It wasn’t that long ago when he was so confident about solving the problems and now he is requesting Filipinos to lower their expectations because he is not Superman. Ang galing!

  3. Lorenz says:

    There should be a balance. Too much realism and practicality have led many Filipinos to believe there is literally no hope for the country and because of that they would just leave their own country to crumble with the decadent society.

    What Filipinos lack is passion and passion is always accompanied with “hard work.”

    What is passion?

    From (a professional game designer)
    By “passions,” I mainly mean “creative or constructive endeavors or activities that you enjoy immersing yourself in.” Your passions are your own personal Yellow Brick Road. Following your passions will lead you to your own personal Emerald City. Passions are not to be confused with “goals” or “obsessions.” Passion is the gasoline that powers our engines. Passion also powers our steering wheels. The road we follow must be seen clearly, through a windshield not fogged by our “feelings.”

    PASSIONS – Our passions help us know what we want to do, and they drive us in a direction of our own.

    FEELINGS – We need cold hard facts and careful consideration to help us choose which way to go to get where we want to be. “Feelings” are usually what we have when we don’t have the facts (or haven’t considered them fully yet). Feelings, therefore, are not to be used as a guide. They often lead us astray. Heck, you might as well flip a coin, if you’re just going to follow your feelings.

    Teens are forced to take nursing or the cash route. Too many people don’t follow their dreams believing that reality will not let them succeed should they follow them. It’s all about practicality now with great acceptance to defeat from what we call the “good fight”.

    Is there someone following the steps of Jose Rizal? Is there someone who dreams big like architecture, orchestral music, etc.? Yes, but only a few them are strong and bold enough to be prepared to go all the way.

    • KG says:

      So passion is what drives you and feelings are what your senses or gutt tells you to do, I guess you meant is being emo, being emotional can be a potential for wrong decisions and btw sometimes gut feelings hit the mark.

      I remember the fatalism bahala na comments from way back, fatalism is different because in fatalism there is a chance that you won’t do anything and leave it to batman.

    • ilda says:

      Life is short Lorenz. You have to look out for number one. The new president is in not so many words already telling everyone that he does not have the solution for all the problems of the country. He does not have a solution because he is not even aware of the problem. He is not prepared to acknowledge that the main problem is the Filipino culture. We have a dysfunctional culture and Noynoy won the presidency because of it. How can he solve the problem if he is part of it? There are many Filipinos who want genuine progress for the country but they have a brain and they realise that they don’t see progress happening soon with the way Noynoy is behaving.

      • Lorenz says:

        ilda, i am not talking about noynoy at all (oh how i hate him). I am talking about you saying that being realistic is a good trait. Yes i agree with it but it should be balanced (both realistic and idealistic) because too much of realism can lead to “defeatism” considering the state of our country at present.

        Defeatism is acceptance of defeat without struggle.

        What do you say? Does Philippines have a chance of prospering? Reality is likely to say a big “no” but idealism is likely to say “you can do it, go for it”.

      • ilda says:

        Some would argue that I am too idealistic because of my beliefs but I actually prefer to be called a realist. It all depends on how people see things really. Abe Margallo thought he was being realistic when he said that voters don’t care about platforms. I do realise now that before the election, I may have been idealistic in the sense that I did not know the extent of the fraudulent activities during the Election Day itself or even before Election Day even. In hindsight, I now know that trying to convince voters not to vote for Noynoy is like pushing the tide. It is actually so bad that it is beyond any ordinary person’s control. This has been going on for so many decades that one wonders how in the world we can win against systematic cheating. Yes, we can continue to fight and I haven’t lost the enthusiasm to fight because I can afford to but I cannot blame others who want to find peace within their lifetime.

        Idealism is based on an idea. Just simply saying “you can do it, go for it” without knowing the truth is not being idealistic, it’s just a shot in the dark – romanticism.

      • Jay says:

        As I was answered beforehand, passion is certainly not a shortage for Pinoys. It exists in everyone really. Of course the problem is where the passion of the people are being directed towards.

        To answer your question, anyone would answer ‘No’ because of the reality that is given to them on a daily basis. With that kind of reality, they don’t expect much out of it. Of course as Ilda has said, if people knew the truth, analyze it and become critical about it, then they can shift their expectations because they have the knowledge.

        The problem is the standards as to what some pinoys view as realistic. That is certainly things we have to change their views on.

  4. Jay says:

    “Feelings” are usually what we have when we don’t have the facts (or haven’t considered them fully yet).

    I like that statement there. And its okay to control your feelings as well for the greater purpose of reason. And it certainly shows the passion to put aside small differences to pursue that reasoning. I think the only thing that could be stopping what society is now is by having them become passionate WHAT IS practical and completely realistic. I think that is the only way to live and thrive in the kind of Philippines we have now is by being both.

    • Jon Abaca says:

      Ever notice that fictional settings regularly portray unregulated emotions negatively?

      Star Wars: The Jedis control their emotions, while the Sith run rampant with them.

      Star Trek: The Vulcans are an entire race dedicated to rational thought overriding emotion.

      Warhammer: The accumulated emotions of sentient beings become malevolent deities.

      Filipinos are a passionate people. All that hate mail directed at Adam Carolla proves that. Unfortunately, very few people can direct that ethnic passion into anything constructive.

      • ilda says:

        Hi Jon

        That is a very good observation. People who lose the battle with their own demons usually end up on the dark side.

        We should not let emotion take over us because it is a temporary feeling and makes us irrational while in the midst of it all. Rules and regulations are there precisely because their irrational decisions can carry people away. It’s too bad using emotion in voting for our public officials is not banned otherwise, Noynoy would have lost the election.

  5. ArticleRequest says:

    Noynoy sucks. Did you watch the CNN Talk Asia interview? BS! Noynoyistas were jumping up and down when El Presidente was there on international TV. Ano ba ang pinagusapan? Noynoy his own man? Hindi. As usual legacy ni Cory at Ninoy at kung bakit hindi sisirain ni Noy yung legacy ng mga magulang niya.

    What do you expect from a Senate slacker.

    BTW, this post is one of the best ilda posts

    • ilda says:

      Thanks ArticleRequest

      Show us the link! I haven’t seen it.


      • ArticleRequest says:…ino/index.html

        Oh boy.

        CNN: “The Aquino we interviewed turned out to be disarmingly down-to-earth, sharp and engaging. He gave lengthy answers, as he was known for, but showed a keen and detailed understanding of a wide range of issues.”


        He holds no grudges against the Marcos siblings, Aquino also said. “As far as the children are concerned, I think I am in the same boat as they are. We are all victims of the rule of their parents, the only difference is that that I recognize it and they don’t,” said Aquino. When asked what he would tell his parents if they were alive to witness his victory, Aquino did not mince words in basking in his new-found glory. “I’d probably say, aren’t you proud of your favorite son? Aren’t you glad you have a son like me?” 😆

        Kung ikaw yung anak ko magpakamatay nalang ako.

      • ChinoF says:

        There’s where you can disprove claims of integrity. A person of integrity would have no arrogance. He wouldn’t say things like “Aren’t you glad you have a son like me?”

  6. ulong pare says:

    … daaaaang

    … prez abnoy is a retard… with down syndrome…

    … he’s perfect to lead the country of gung gongs… y’all deserve each other…

    … as long as 80% of population are gung gong&squats, flipland will never get off the filth she’s stuck in…

    … buti na lang that i belong to the elitist group (Ilda gang) :mrgreen:

    … ‘musta na ms ilda?

  7. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … one question for y’all…

    … why do flips elect a blatantly unqualified candidate to hold the highest office of the land and then discuss/argue what he can/cannot do/accomplish in the office?

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  9. Hyden Toro says:

    If your General is going to a battle, to defeat a very strong enemy. And your General has no plans and strategies to win the battle. Just trusting luck and fate, for the outcome of the battle. Would you go willingly with him in the battlefield? And get yourselves routed by the enemy?

    This is our situation. Noynoy Aquino was a “tamad” legislator. No good outcome of his works in public office to look to. Like the SMARTMATIC, not good track records.

    Boy Abundia is good for entertainment. I had watched him. He seems to be a hollow head. However, the behind the throne seductress: Kris Aquino, may be pulling the strings, to get her friend a Cabinet position.

    Early in the term of Noynoy Aquino. He has shown, he cannot work with his Vice President Binay. A President must know how to persuade and unite people to work for a good plan. However, the Blockhead does not even have a plan. We are all in Limbo. We were duluded by gimmicks of EDSA. Seduced by the Charm Offensive of Kris Aquino. And, swallowed the disinformation provided by the Lopez owned Media.

    Don’t hope. You will surely disappointed.

  10. mel says:

    Sincerely written, ilda!

    I have accepted the fact that Noynoy Aquino won and I vowed to be rational in thinking so as not to prejudice him in his early stage of Presidency but everytime he speaks in public I do feel helpless and lost. So to speak, he is causing me a mental block!

    • Hyden Toro says:

      One way to get out from Mental Block (Writer’s Block). Just “bang” your head three times on the wall.
      You will surely on the “flow” again. I’ve done that and it worked. Tell Noynoy Aquino, to do the same, if he cannot figure out what he intends to do with our country’s problems.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks Mel.

      Word of advice: It is futile to fight your rational thoughts. Your mind has been freed from the Aquinitrix and there is no turning back 🙂

    • killem says:

      i agree with mel, at first i want to give noynoy the benefit of the doubt, but every time he speaks, it seems there is no doubt afterall… He is full of crap and BS!! Binay for president!hehehe!!

  11. J.B. says:

    During campaign period, Noynoy conditioned the mind of the masses he can eradicate corruption.

    Now it’s ridiculously funny how he’s trying to condition the same people he can’t do it.

    • ilda says:

      This should finally end people’s love affair with the Aquino’s (yeah right!) 🙂

      Six years of sacrifice won’t be too bad if after all that, people will finally realise that the oligarchies are part of the reason why the Philippines still hasn’t progressed and Noynoy is a member of that…yoohooo!

    • Lilly says:

      The saddest thing?

      The saddest thing is that the mind-conditioning will actually work.

      • Jon Abaca says:

        The mind control is really subtle.

        It starts in the family, in the school and in the workplace.

        Filipinos have been conditioned to think negatively.

        That way, any attempt to break the mind control is halfhearted from the very beginning!

  12. jonphil says:

    NOyNOy Aquino’s Scapegoats (

    With the way noynoy aquino finds scapegoats, points a finger, blames, it shows his level of MATURITY and COMPETENCE.

    Pre-election: if he loses, he was cheated; people power may ensue.

    After election: the gov’t. (gma) he will take over is riddled with corruption.

    06.17.10: I’m not Superman and Einstein combined.

    Expect the lines: I’m only human/tao lamang ako. He can blame the justice dept. and/or even the house for his inability to fulfill his PROMISES – “kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap” (my foot).

    What other PALUSOT will our deer president throw at us penoys? Abangan…

  13. Dee says:

    The only way it can be a stairway to heaven is if he hires competent Cabinet members and advisers to help him make good and sound decisions for the country. It’s pretty damn obvious how the country’s retarded economic policies is the reason why Philippines is still a third world country way behind its South East Asian neighbors. And I feel like it’s pretty obvious what changes should be made and what must be done in general. Anyone who took an Economics class and familiar with the economic policies of the Philippines would know that.

    Kung si Noy lang by himself, realistically, wala na talagang pag asa. Pero if he’s surrounded by intelligent advisers with concrete plans, idealistically, pwede pa.

    Pero kung..

    incompetent president + incompetent and idiotic Cabinet members = AC/DC says GET OUT OF THE PHILIPPINES ASAP!

    • ilda says:

      You are so right Dee. What was he thinking when he thought of celebrities for government posts? It’s time for Filipinos to work on plan B.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaaang, Dee

      … ‘incompetent president + incompetent and idiotic Cabinet members = AC/DC says GET OUT OF THE PHILIPPINES ASAP!’..

      … that’s the second mistake flips make… “‘BAKWET TO ‘MERKA (MAG-ABROAD)” as hugas pfwets…

      … allah eh, kaya wala ng matino sa flipland…

      … hay naku, bahala kayo sa buhay ninyo… as long as i have my turo-turo/videoke/loadcenter dito sa looban, tuloy ang ligaya… bwi hi hi hi hi hi pwi! :mrgreen:

    • Hyden Toro says:

      You mean to say, you applied for the job as CEO of the Philippines. When you see the job as President very DAUNTING. You find people to do your job? Why did you want the job in the first place?

      I think the Blockhead, cannot even figure out where to start ot tackle the problems. So, he tries to find people who will do his job for him.

      It’s like a General going to war. He is seeing the huge army of the enemy, arrayed against him. So, he try to find people in the ranks of his command to lead the assault against the enemy. Instead of leading the charge, himself. What a stupid way to fight a war…We really got what we wanted…an imbecile…

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      pssst… dee

      incompetent president + incompetent, *SELF-SERVING and idiotic Cabinet members = AC/DC says GET OUT OF THE PHILIPPINES ASAP!

  14. innagadda54 says:

    “You have to hand it to Noynoy, he is good at making excuses. He made so many unrealistic promises during his campaign that so many vacuous Filipinos now believe it is doable. One of them is that that he can eradicate poverty just by getting rid of corruption. But now he is saying things like “I wish the people would give us time. We cannot fix problems acquired over decades overnight” and “I will not proclaim I know everything because I still do not know the true state of the country.” Doesn’t he realise that his late mother is included among the people who acquired problems “over decades”?”

    That’s why in any election – relying on a politician’s words instead of their actions is for the insane and the ignorant. Noynoy’s deeds were non-existent. Therefore what basis was there to vote for him. It is 2010 not 1986 or 1983. Voters should live in the “is” not the “was”.

    • ilda says:

      The point I was trying to make in this article is that, every Filipino should look out for themselves. The system sucks at the moment because not everyone is given the right opportunity but there are Filipinos who can and need to be more resourceful in finding a way to uplift themselves. Whether Noynoy turns out to be a competent or an incompetent president, he can only do so much with each of our personal goals. Filipinos need to be less of a party or mall-goer and be more thrifty and productive so they can save for their future. Filipinos also need to be more creative and innovative so they can help the government lift the economy.

      How to become a successful Filipino

      Noynoy Aquino plus the economy: did he do the math?

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaaaang

        … Ms ilda naman naman namannnn

        … “The system sucks at the moment because…blah blah blan… ”

        … flipland sucked and hasn’t changed since i was in diaper (better believe it, mommy used istetsayd na diaper for my porselana ass)…

        … my tribe did not, do not and will not depend on flipland govt de gung gongs for scheet!

        … self-sufficiency is the name of the game… survival of the fittest… if your weak >>> ADIOS!!!

  15. sarcasmgasm says:

    best plan is no plan *period* 😆

  16. innagadda54 says:

    Correct, you need to succeed in spite of the government not because of it.

    • Jay says:

      Certainly the qualities that of pinoy society currently embrace does not help or promote a Filipino to succeed by themselves and see the big picture. In this kind of world we live in, you need certain qualities in order to actually thrive and grow than just survive and get by.

  17. J_ag says:

    I come from the group that believes that nothing has changed in the Philippines. Private wealth creation and political power go hand in hand. We are now witnessing another changing of the guard at the Palace.

    NEDA has already prepared the new MTDP for the next amdinistration. Each incoming government will have their economic blueprint prepared by the doctrinaire technocrats embedded in the key economic agencies of government.

    While everyone is worried about Boy Abunda and Kris the systemic and structural imbalances in the country will once again be ignored.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaaang

      … in every changing of the guard at the palacio de gung gong, all directors of the flipland govt agencies have to have the plan to be presented to the incoming ladrones garapales aka magnanakaws… it’s a must.

      … that is a standard operating procedure… that is not news… it’s just another step to cross the Ts and dot the Is for the power and kotong transaction… who’w going toget what and how much share of the loot…

      … the bluprints are only good in paper that it is written – shitpaper…. not even good enough to wipe my ass with it…

      … from dicktator makoy’s to santa ate glo’s reign of terror, the same blueprints, with some modification, were laid out for all the gung gongs to fantasize about…

      … fifty years and counting, still the same shit… :mrgreen:

    • ilda says:


      Welcome to AntiPinoy! 🙂

      You are right. The star struck president and his celebrity friends are trying to razzle-dazzle us. They are hoping we won’t notice the real issues being ignored.

  18. Concerned_citizen says:

    Welcome to another 6 years of being screwed by oligarchs.hahahaha

  19. Grace says:

    Here’s a beautiful song:

  20. brianitus says:

    Hi, Ilda.

    There is an old quote in the marketing profession that nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. I think Noynoy is headed in that direction, you can see him slamming on the brakes on his big yellow taxi — he’s suing for time already. The manner he’s handling himself now also reminds me of the Dolphy comment on running for an elected position — “Panno kung nanalo?” I say that crisis and opportunity make heroes out of the prepared and make comedians out of the idiots.

    I agree with your statement that he should have prepared his cabinet earlier. The people are guessing and they’ll soon get restless. Noy is banking too much on that silly 100-day media honeymoon for a possible bailout on his initial performance. I think that Noynoy should reach out to the people who didn’t vote for him and give them some assurance that he isn’t that much of a screwup. If he can’t do that, then he’s the biggest yellow chicken on the planet today — a big balding yellow chicken.

    I think I’ll take a dose of cannabis-induced optimism and say WTF on June 30 — Noynoy Day. 😆 Anyone care for a hit? Kidding… 😛


    PS John Bonham should rise from his grave and do a bit of percussion on Noy’s hollow head. Angus Young and Robert Plant can sing along.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Brianitus,

      Hahaha…what you are trying to say is that Noynoy will only start working on his 101 day in Malacanang (or Times Street) because someone told him he needs to go on a honeymoon first for 100 days! 😆

      • brianitus says:


        It’s that stupid honeymoon.

        I’m wondering what will really happen on those days. Ultimately, history will be the judge of a Noynoy presidency. There’s nothing like good old-fashioned hindsight.

        While dilly-dallying with foresight, my crystal ball told me that these are Noy’s thoughts while planning for the first 100:

        Day 1 to 30 –
        1. Get botox treatments. On second thought, scrap that botox, Gretchen Barreto looked like a dead singing and dancing geisha on Wowowee yesterday.
        2. Get fashion advice from Kris, yellow is getting to be boring.
        3. Flip flop on few issues. Issue motherhood statements like unity and all that jazz.
        4. Say something antiArroyo — that always works.
        5. Oh, screw that, almost forgot to remember that I need to announce cabinet composition on day 1…maybe there are nice ideas on IKEA.
        6. Say something about the job needing longer honeymoon.

        Day 31 to 60 –
        1. Issue antiArroyo statement — that always works.
        2. Say something that remotely resembles an economic plan.
        3. Issue stronger antiArroyo statements — work up that crowd! Wait! I can even get Mar to curse the Arroyos on Ayala Ave again. That will rock the hell out of the crowd!

        Hmmm, if not for this thinning hair, I could have been a rock star.

        4. Oh, buy a new alarm clock.

        Day 61 to 100 – S#!t! Do I really have to plan way ahead? Krissie!!!!
        Oh, wait.. Say something antiArroyo — that always works.

        Day 101
        1. Issue statement: We lied. It’s actually a 6-year honeymoon. 😛
        2. Remember to buy new alarm clock.


      • ilda says:

        You are too funny buddy boy! 😆

        Blaming GMA will not work his whole term. If he starts blaming his own late mother as part of the reason the country is still in deep poo, then that will actually be an improvement. Let’s see if he is capable of analysing that deep.

  21. BernardP says:

    By spin doctors you mean Kris Aquino? God I hate that person.

  22. Ginji says:

    I think this site should be renamed as antiPNoy. hahaha!

  23. zzzzz says:

    as can be expected from a hate site such as this…what else is new?! boring…..zzzzzz. 🙄

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      madaming namamatay sa katangahan. marami sa tanga ay bored. at dahil sa tanga sya di nya maintindihan ang mga binabasa nya at mga bagay bagay sa mundo… kaya delikado ka brod baka humantong ang boredom mo sa suicide.

  24. meh says:

    as expected with pro-noy peeps, banat ng banat nang di man lang nagbabasa.

  25. meh says:

    kabado na yung mga uto-uto na bumoto kay noynoy baka pumalpak yung kandidato nila.

  26. ilda,

    This is a good reading. Let me get back with you sometime today or tonight, and i’ll submit my point of view in regards to your article here. A very nice chapter to begin with ilda, If I may say so…!

    • Here we go ilda,

      Here is my take on this article of yours. Glad to be here.

      Ultimately and consequently, Filipinos will lose confidence in our tightly convoluted democracy and defer to experts in public bureaucracies. The decree to transmit power from elected legislators to bureaucrats does not, in spite of that, bode well for democracy. Augmenting bureaucratization diminishes the ability for economic competency in performance and ultimately destroys political freedom, or its fundamental basis of governance (which is already is…[…].) This is not simply a matter of the current Congress being unpopular. Filipinos are already disappointed with our democratic process itself. Don’t you agree, or at least I do.

      That’s if our President Elect, Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino is to appoint his newly cabinetry members to the non-educated sector. How stupid can you get. And as often said by Manuel Buencamino, “Rat droppings” and “Sh*tting on the kitchen floor” or its rat turds are being left behind.

      I hope this does not allow the Filipinos to surge the gates, which causes the whole judiciary system to fail; while the governance of its legal procedures tend to allow such act(s) to happened. The Law must provide justice for the common good of its people, and the judicial process to uphold the critical basis of its law. Or what the HELL, this are pinoy laws, as good as it will get. [ your conclusions here… ]

      Philippines faces a perplexing situation in that most Filipinos are committed to democratic governance and many Filipinos want elected officials to postulate responsibility for matters that they cannot manage. Filipinos cannot and should not tolerate endless political bickering over something as important as education, health-care, or such provision for the people, and of our nation. Yet this is how democracy works to manage the economy. Filipinos certainly should not give bureaucrats power over education, health-care or any other commercial (remember the manny villar’s schemes of things…?) industry for that matter. There is, on the other hand. In a strict manner limited constitutional government is relatively exempt to both special interests and ideologues. Our Philippines constitutional government limited to providing internal and external security can be determine the significance by objective criterion. To revert to limited government would, of course, mean much greater confident and trust on private enterprise and not to interfere with the markets.

      Filipino politics are precipitously fragmented, it is working in the dysfunctional way that it should be working, given its unmanageable size and its purpose. What may be reduce to fragments are naive idealistic beliefs that politicians can use a large and intrusive government to serve the Filipino people. And the abdicating of such conclusion would be a good conscious.

      Any conception of public spirited politicians acting through large and unrestricted or its unconfined government is utopian. Due to favorable circumstances, few Filipinos have resorted to the belief that possessing special knowledge can run the frugality in the expenditure of its bureaucrats. Equally, our democracy and our bureaucracy have poor track records historically, and neither system works well in theory. Adversely, Philippines is enjoying the political autonomy, because we, as a nation is not under foreign rule, and its aggressiveness ambition, establish the validity of our government and sound theoretical underpinnings.

      The fundamental lesson here is that, Philippines government and its political rhetoric’s have no alternative but to be fix; we therefore need to avoid it to the greatest extent possible. Filipinos and the Islands we set our foothold on, do not have “Time In A Bottle” for we, are running out.

      • ilda says:

        Thank you for your comment Mario.

        I hope this does not allow the Filipinos to surge the gates, which causes the whole judiciary system to fail; while the governance of its legal procedures tend to allow such act(s) to happened.

        If the above happens, it will be the biggest irony of all. But that is Philippine politics for you. I wonder who will lead it? It certainly won’t come from the yellow camp.

        What’s so funny about Mr Aquino is that he is always on a defensive mode. Just the act of accepting a congratulatory call from GMA is already a big deal for him when in fact, it is merely a phone call. It’s like he has to justify taking a call from an “evil” person just so his supporters won’t think that he is becoming evil himself.

        He is also very cautious to the point of always referring to his lawyers for his opinion if what is being asked of him is “unconstitutional” or not. He seems to be trying so hard to avoid being caught off guard but by doing so, he creates the opposite effect.

        Filipino politics are precipitously fragmented, it is working in the dysfunctional way that it should be working, given its unmanageable size and its purpose.

        I’d say the above is an understatement. Likewise, there are so many egos involved. Things move as slow as a glacier. It is almost immobilized because there are too many feelings that have to be considered before people can arrive at a conclusion and when it does arrive, it’s usually the wrong one.

        We may not be under any foreign rule but unfortunately; we have applied the wrong kind of government. We don’t really practice real democracy because people are not really free to vote out of their own free will. We have religion influencing its members who to vote for, we have the media telling people who is evil and who is an angel and we have people who sell their votes for P200 or a sack of rice. We might as well call what we have “Aristocracy” or some would even say “idiocracy.”

      • ilda,

        “We have religion influencing its members who to vote for,…”

        This is one of the few common denominator that impedes our ability to choose, not just your ordinary Filipino citizens, but to the rest of our government institutions. Who is in control here, politics or religion.

        Ideally, Mr. Aquino needs to relax and smell the coffee till June 30th. After that, then he can let the cannons loose, if it needs be; he does have that cigarette in his hand to light the fuse, for those
        promiscuous canon
        , I just have to laugh on this one, hehehehe…!

        Funny how you’ve even mentioned “Aristocracy” or do they even have sound minds…?

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Where is your rebuttal Taporco, good to see you here at AP, FV sucks huh? LoL

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Oh Mario, sorry to have missed reading your response to Iida before posting above. I have to take you up on the downside of giving bureaucracy too much leverage in policy-making and implementation. Don’t you realize that for the longest time, at least during the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) rule in Japan which lasted 35 years, the bureaucracy had had a strong hand in policy-making and look where this had taken Japan after the war. You are right though that we need a professional bureaucracy, as the ultimate agents of government policy implementation, our executive branch, should foster real sense of service for the country, from the bottom up. And we could only achieve this professionalism in our government service if we are able to attract the best minds in the country to work even in the lowest rung of the bureaucratic hierarchy. Gibo had the right vision on this, and I cannot even begin to comment about what this big loser of a politician who got elected recently, our accidental president has in mind to move the country forward. As I blogged laboriously at FV about the self-defeating prospect of an N/A presidency, I am not positive at all about the future for the country.

        In a way, I am glad I am away from all that nauseating political show, as a Political Science teacher, it is hard to accept the Philippines has not moved into rational politics in the 21st century. It is not only the culture, it is the passivity of those who are in the know of how we can fix our dysfunctional system of government. How can we sustain a campaign for change. AP seems a good place to start and writers like Iida are doing the country a service, but how do we make the culture of AP spread all across the land. Sentro ng Katotohanan is one way, but what happened to that idea of working towards the passage of FOIA, we need political activism now more than ever in our country. The presidency is simply mired in so many shenanigans already, the future looks pretty bleak for all. We should really get active in transforming our political culture, so that we can pressure our lawmakers to make laws that will bring real progress to the country. The citizens-initiative referendum is one way, or just citizens initiative without the referendum, to get our voices heard in the lawmaking chambers of the country.

        The media as a moronic collectivity is hopeless, there are patches of wisdom here and there, but on the whole, our people are kept in total ignorance of the real issues facing the country, and no sustained interest is cultivated by the media “professionals” on coming up with solutions to our problems. Have been tuning in to Sentro ng Katotohanan, perhaps, we can use this medium to launch a sustained campaign to influence our lawmakers pass progressive laws for the benefit of the country. The announcers there should be as bold and challenging as the writers on AP, we should challenge the catholic church on the RH bill, we should hold debates there on why the RH bill has to be passed soon and also for FOIA. Sentro and AP could work closely together. We should have live debates there of people about pressing issues confronting the nation. So far, the Sentro broadcasters have been only touching on issues superficially, there should be in-depth debates there on pressing issues, making people realize the urgency of passing progressive legislation.

      • ilda says:


        You are right though that we need a professional bureaucracy, as the ultimate agents of government policy implementation, our executive branch, should foster real sense of service for the country, from the bottom up. And we could only achieve this professionalism in our government service if we are able to attract the best minds in the country to work even in the lowest rung of the bureaucratic hierarchy.

        Oh, my! Someone tell Mr Noynoy about this because he keeps eyeing celebrities to fill in the vacancies in his cabinet. The best minds might be leaving the country soon. Who can blame them? Most of the Filipinos who voted for Noynoy don’t listen to reason. It’s frustrating to say the least!

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey Mario:

        I would like to inform you: we are not a Democracy. We are Feudal Oligarchy, masquerading as a

        Oligarchs like Noynoy Aquino and Peping Cojuanco, with their “Hacienda Luisita” will call our government Democracy. The rest of us, ordinary people, surviving on “isang kahig, isang tuka”. Will never call our government Democracy. The peasants in the Hacienda Luisita will never call our government Democracy.

        Democracy is: government by the people, of the people and for the people; as defined by the late U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. It resonates the Democracy defined by the the great Greek Athenean Political Philosopher Pericles.

        It is a misnomer in the Philippines, for the word Democracy.

  27. JOn says:

    Like what I said in the past, I will give him only to years and Filipinos will be weary of his campaign promises. Binay will soon to take over.

  28. BernardP says:

    No worries he shallow and annoying personality overshadows her looks.

  29. meh says:

    Ahoy, AP. Take a look at this. Warning signs from a rabid ab noynoy aquino spin doc err supporter

    oh, mga panatiko ni abnoy, tama kami. Hahaha. S*ckers!

    • ilda says:

      Gees…and this is the same guy who helped shape the opinion of the electorate by saying Noynoy’s win will be another “Heaven-made Aquino presidency.” What a loser.

  30. zzzz says:

    @halleluiahhymen : What kind of a nick is that?? Soooo gayish! You’re actually wishing you had a hymen?! -Halleluiah!! You’re trying way too hard bading! Your attempt to sound erudite and dandy gave you away, you’re jealous of Noynoy! For such a homely face and a moronic faculties, he has got all the girls. Crush mo lang ata si Noynoy mare. AMININ?? 😆 😆

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      Papatulan lang si Abnoy ng bakla dahil Aquino sya! Bwahahaha! Tanga! Galit ka ba sa bading? Ang bading daw galit sa kapwa bading.

  31. KG says:


    I remembered this comment of yours.(my memory was google enhanced)

    Man, what a frightful thought, let us all stand aside and to look as if this situation is general: a nation of Filipino people, please do not condemn me for Saying this, but the vast majority of whom “do no” (no typing error here, “do no” not “do not”) thinking for themselves in the area of political economy.

    It jibes with what Ilda told you.

    We may not be under any foreign rule but unfortunately; we have applied the wrong kind of government. We don’t really practice real democracy because people are not really free to vote out of their own free will. We have religion influencing its members who to vote for, we have the media telling people who is evil and who is an angel and we have people who sell their votes for P200 or a sack of rice. We might as well call what we have “Aristocracy” or some would even say “idiocracy.”

    I have to agree.

  32. KG says:

    can someone point to any copy of the bill where noynoy’s name is attached? PLEASE?!.pdf

    • KG says:

      Bill/Res. No. SBN-3122
      Date Filed 3/4/2009
      Legislative Status

      Status Date 4/15/2009
      Session Sequence No. 61
      Session Type



      MADRIGAL, M. A.

      Long Title

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Wow, nakalimutan na ni Aquino na co-author pala siya. . .

      • ilda says:

        I don’t really know what GabbyD is talking about.

      • GabbyD says:


        thanks for bringing this out. first, the senate and the house bill have provisions that are different. second, aquino’s name comes out on SB#3122 ONLY because aquino, and a few others submitted a P.S 376. . this PS was “put into consideration” into the combined bill (combining several versions of similar senate bills authored by jinggoy, biazon, et al.). This created 3122, the substitute bill.

        there are various differences between the HB and the SB. The HB (lagman et al) can be considered a more expansive bill.

        the PS’s name is : “Proposed Senate Resolution No. 376, introduced by Senator Pia S. Cayetano,

        these are IMPORTANT QUALIFICATIONS to be made, and reporters from the manila standard should bone up on these things.


        see above.

      • shadowbroker says:

        Wait wait, so you’re proving that with this, Noynoy as a senator had absolutely no hands, or input in the RF Bill? No stamp of approval or anything?

        If anything that further means his career as a senator was undoubtedly completely useless!

  33. Dennis says:

    He keeps on saying motherhood statements with no point-specific platform. Always looking at the glass half-empty and dwelling on non-issue like the congratulatory call of GMA and unity call of FVR just to please his throng of fans. I don’t know if he is arrogant, stupid or just with a star-complex ego just like her sister. God help us!

    Sometimes I ask myself, what if Noynoy did not run? Can ERap Part II or Villar be a better option to lead? Or do we have to sacrifice first for six years before we can see a Gibo presidency. Then, what? What are we going to do? Am I going to accept the reality that Noynoy won. Is goodness and honesty enough to bring us to properity?

    I don’t know, I really don’t know. God bless us!

    • ilda says:

      I hope those who voted for him will admit to their mistake. The thing about Filipinos is that they will deny they ever voted for him or simply say that Noynoy changed. If they don’t admit to their mistake, the same thing will happen again in 2016.

      • anti-hymen/bading says:

        “The thing about Filipinos is that they will deny they ever voted for him or simply say that Noynoy changed. ”

        Not even officially in office yet, and you’re already asking for apologies from majority of the voters who voted for a democratically elected leader?! Madame Ilda your paranoia borders on absolute lunacy!! Maybe you’re already one like that queer who wishes he was born with a hymen. If I may just ask, what sort of alternative do you have other than your OA-ness?? Get the hang of it, Noy is here to stay. Might as well give him a chance.

      • J.B. says:

        I beg to disagree. “give him a chance” is tantamount to a blasphemy to sociology and politics.

        The more fitting would be, “let’s hope instead for a miracle”.

      • ilda says:


        You can count on a Filipino to be openly homophobic against gay people and discriminatory against women. This is the 21st century just in case you forgot. Your name says so much about why you voted for Noynoy 🙂

        If I may just ask, what sort of alternative do you have other than your OA-ness??

        Here are alternatives for you:

        1. Noynoy to really look into the alleged fraudulent activities of his handlers together with Smartmatic.
        2. Noynoy admitting that he cannot handle the job and resigning ASAP.
        3. Have another election based on platforms not popularity.

        Do me a favour, will ya? Have a nice day! 😆

      • Jon Abaca says:


        The author is not actively trying to make the government fail by performing treason. Tolerating Noynoy Aquino’s existence as the president elect is enough. She does need to shut up.

        Freedom of expression is a nice thing isn’t it?

      • ilda says:

        Oh, okay. I get it. Nobody wants to look into the smartmatic/fraudulent case anymore…great!

      • benign0 says:

        The author is not actively trying to make the government fail by performing treason. Tolerating Noynoy Aquino’s existence as the president elect is enough. She does need to shut up.

        Ayan na. Calls to “shut up”. The argument of last resort. 😀

      • Jon Abaca says:


        Sorry. I admit I forgot about that issue. The last time I thought about it was three weeks ago.

        I guess work and other stuff can be distracting.

        No wonder people with harder lives manage to be less politically active and less politically aware.

      • Jon Abaca says:

        Crap. Sorry. She does not need to shut up. 😦

      • ilda says:

        @Jon Abaca

        I just wish you would elaborate on why you would say such a thing. I thought you understood that we are open for discussion here. A lot of the regulars here express their disagreement without resorting to such tactics. I just didn’t expect it from someone who made logical statements in the past.

        Anyway, I’d charge the experience to the hazzards of blogging.

      • benign0 says:

        Nothing wrong with keeping the Top Man on his toes, folks. That’s the trouble with Da Pinoy Voter. They think their job’s done after chucking their ballot into the slot (physically or figuratively).

        The thing with Noynoy is that he used strong words during his campaign which are now going flaccid even before he takes his seat in Malacanang.

        What a guy.

        He deserves every critical word thrown at him. He does not deserve a break. If he has to break his back and lose his wits trying to deliver what he promised, then so be it. Hazards of the job — one he himself describes as the toughest in the land. He wanted it, well, he GOT IT.

        And treason? Perhaps we can learn a bit around what treason is by referring to his pal Conrado de Quiros who is not above actually committing it to get his man Noynoy elected. Check it out here. Read it and weep. 😀

  34. meh says:

    give him a chance? Hey blind n0ytard, guess what? He already had 12 years to prove himself. Lol. He was a n0b0dy before Cory died. Lol. Dapat yung chance binigay na lang sa mga mas qualified.

  35. KG says:

    I hope those who voted for him will admit to their mistake. The thing about Filipinos is that they will deny they ever voted for him or simply say that Noynoy changed. If they don’t admit to their mistake, the same thing will happen again in 2016.

    I voted for Noynoy but I am not apologizing.

    From my very first vist here,I already voiced out my disagreement with some of his plans like the no new taxes.
    About corruption. i have been following Benign0 for a while and I agree with him that even in corruption we suck. Most first world countries have corruption but they know how to manage it .

    And about that RH bill, Why would I not share to gabyD the link that may show that he might be mistaken in his opinion.

    I know i will get the susmaryoseps from the likes of bongV because he is perceived to be a slacker.

    Paninindigan ko na ang binoto ko. I am here to learn, and I hope this administration listens to sound advise and sound opinions.No matter how hard core sounding they might be.

    He is our president(elect), if the GMA admin had been at the receiving end of critical blogs, I don’t see any reason for PNoy to be exmpted from it.And I don’t see any reason for me to take things personally, blog lang naman ito eh, bakit ako papaapekto.

    • ilda says:


      Try talking some sense into anti-hymen/bading. He sounds like he needs a lesson or two in free speech 😆


      BTW, those who believe in voting for a public official based on a platform and not personality need an apology because we need to know if you have learned your lesson and will not vote for any of the Aquino’s again. If you agree with Benign0’s view on corruption, why did you believe in the slogan “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap?”

      • KG says:

        First of all, I don’t buy that kung walang corrupt walang mahirap.

        I will name drop Miriam , she said that in india and China there is a lot of inequality.

        By the gini coefficient we will know the extent of inequality. There you go two , more developed nations than us with rampant corruption maybe I will include south korea,many ex presidents commited suicide because of corruption.

        I may have voted for him but not because of on that slogan.

        I have seen the last local election campaign and let me just say I know vote buying is not a myth.

        About voting for another Aquino,I will not vote for any other especially not Kris.

        As to my apology, I reiterate my stand even though I know I can’t talk my way out of this spot.

      • ilda says:

        I may have voted for him but not because of on that slogan.

        So why did you vote for him?

      • KG says:

        I voted for him because I believe he can be flexible.
        That is the reason why I did not vote for the transformer(my second choice) because he may not be flexible and more likely insist that he is always right.

        I really hope that he is flexible and listens to reason, if not then I am giving my advance apology.

      • ilda says:


        Why do you think he is flexible? What was the indication for you?

      • ChinoF says:

        Karl, to me flexible seems like, listening to others instead of making up his own mind. I don’t think this is flexibility; more like puppet mentality. But if you mean flexibility as he will turn to reason and listen to people like Gordon or Gibo, this is a really long longshot, my friend. I don’t see it coming and it’s highly unlikely that Aquino will listen to others other than the Kamag-Anak Inc, and yellow network. It would be a miracle for me if he listens to good reasoning at all; he rarely did that during his previous posts in politics. But good thing you make a reasoned stance, I’ll agree with JB on that.

      • May Party Sa Dasma Wala Akong Wheels says:

        Noynoy’s “flexibility” = apologist euphemism for Noynoy’s gullibility as a result of his own arrogant ignorance

        If you call that flexibility, I guess hell is just a sauna.

    • J.B. says:


      I am personally happy about your comments above. I do hope that you can also provide proper elucidation if ever Noynoy will make a good move and under-attacked unnecessarily.

      • KG says:


        I will elucidate,or clarify or explain (just consulted my dictionary) if need be.I respect opinions, I still don’t know know how to disagree without being disagreeable, so i usually keep quiet to avoid being toxic or just say i agree everytime I there is a good point raised.

        About the first hundred days being a highway to hell or stairway to heaven. I’d rather keep it “down to earth”.

      • J.B. says:

        Actually AP people as far as I know is one of the most ironic Filipino resident bloggers.

        They’ve had a emo-provoking site name but having an array of wide-open-minded people.

  36. oliver says:

    Hold on tight ’cause it will definitely be a bumpy ride with Noy at the driver seat. I have no expectations whatsoever from this fellow and I think I have the reason to think that way as he has not shown any pedigree of a leader even after 12 insignificant years as a legislator.

    Highway to hell, here come the idiots’ bandwagon!

  37. boombox says:

    PE-Noy: “Mag da drive ako sa daang matuwid ang potholes…” 😀

  38. bading si hallelujah kaya may hymen says:

    “1. Noynoy to really look into the alleged fraudulent activities of his handlers together with Smartmatic.
    2. Noynoy admitting that he cannot handle the job and resigning ASAP.
    3. Have another election based on platforms not popularity.”

    I’m convinced more than ever that you ilda is nothing but another wannabe blogger who, by propagating a gospel of hate, can attain some sorta mother theresa status on blogosphere and save the “lepers”. You like to label fellow citizens hopeless for simply exercising their right to vote. You call them “names” because they got your candidate whipped pretty bad. Now suddenly you become Madam Auring and Pastor Quiboloy rolled into one – you can now see the future. And oh, it’s so bleak … very bleak…. You remind me so much of Hannity or Limbaugh, conservatives who couldn’t and wouldn’t say anything good about Obama. This after singlehandedly saving the world from economic collapse. Nothing good will ever come from Noynoy. Period.

    There are some bloggers here, I enjoy reading. Not because I agree with them but because they are more sensible, REAL, devoid of classic OA-ness and that’s so characterized yours. Open your mind a bit. Noy’s Day One is still coming. 😀 😀

    • ilda says:

      Wow! A classic rebuttal from a homophobic Noynoy supporter: attacking the writer instead of addressing the issues raised!!! Thanks for exhibiting such a behaviour. Now everyone will see what kind of people support Noy yet again. 😆

      There are some commenters here I enjoy reading but you are too sexist for me. Out of all the bloggers here who criticize Noynoy, you single out a woman who you probably think is the weaker sex, someone you think you can handle easily. You can’t handle the truth Mr homophobe!

      Are you up to Benign0’s challenge of writing a more convincing rebuttal of why you think Noynoy will do a fabulous job? :mrgreen: Of course not!

    • miriam quiamco says:

      Hannity and Limbaugh are two blockhead conservatives, Iida is a liberal who supports freedom of speech. How could you compare her to these two idiots who were blind supporters of Bush-fascist politics. There is really nothing good to be said about Aquino so far in his public pronouncements. He has proven already to be divisive politically by behaving like an immature child. We would not take his actions seriously if he was not the new president-elect, for truly, his public behavior so far is beneath dignity and statesmanship. The public has been treated to a spectacle of childishness and self-absorption of a rare kind from a leader.

      It is amazing the educated members of the media have not taken notice yet. Every word he utters hits the headlines like it is the word of God. An enlightened media outlet could do a segment in their programming on the air similar to Colbert’s “The Word”, this would be truly comical. There are even special flights offered by an airline company for the love of Noynoy, and their Noynoy is an epitome of everything a statesman is not. Iida just like other clear-headed pundits will not find anything to praise Noynoy for, his actions and public pronouncements so far invite only disgust and sarcasm.

      Where was it that I read a comparison between Obama and N/A, it made my hair stand in disbelief!

      • ilda says:

        Hi miriam

        It annoys the heck out of me when people compare Noynoy to Obama. I was just reading an article about Obama and his first 100 days and he actually achieved so much. He also chose his cabinet secretaries well. He was not above getting people who openly opposed his candidacy during the campaign period saying that he wanted people who can challenge him. He also retained people who worked under the Bush Administration because he wanted the continuity of some of the policies and because they were doing a good job.

        We cannot expect the same from Noynoy. I hope he proves me wrong but I doubt he will.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Pres. Barrack Obama of the U.S. is an excellent orator. He went to Harvard University. Became a Professor of Constitutional Law. He was also a good volunteer for good causes. While, I don’t agree that he has performed well in his job. To compare Barrack Obama to Noynoy Aquino; is the result of the OVERACTIVE imaginations of his P.R. teams, backed by the Lopez Media Network. It is absurd; bordering to paranoia. He already told us he can eradicate corruption. Which is nonsense. What’s next that will come out from this imbecile’s mouth.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Abe Margallo over at FV compares Obama to Noynoy, this is truly WTF!!!

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaaang

        … retard abnoy akin’o vs debonaire obama!?

        … WATDAPAK flips snorted to make the comparison? or, mga nalipasan na naman kayo ng gutom???

        … da debonaire is very intelligent, brain fully developed…. while flipprez abnoy is a retard, with down syndrome…

      • Jay says:

        You remind me so much of Hannity or Limbaugh, conservatives who couldn’t and wouldn’t say anything good about Obama. This after singlehandedly saving the world from economic collapse.

        Guys, this alone is the fallacy that makes the commenter much more of a troll than anything else. Beside the face that they themselves are shook up over Halleluyah.

    • ChinoF says:

      The Gospel of Hate is what the Yellow Camp raised against Villar and GMA. Pretty soon, they’ll earn it upon themselves.

      Noynoy’s Day One still is coming indeed… and it’s not hard to see what after it will be like. I think the future is not hard to see once you know how to identify a pattern that repeats itself over and over again.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        They have a taste of the dose of their own medicine… a good yellow colored pill, that will take them out of their Cloud Yellow environment. And make them face reality. Gloria Arroyo maybe laughing at them now…

    • HalleluyahHymen says:

      damn!!! my handle is being bashed… hehehehe… my pleasure ZZZZZZZZZZZ… at least now you’re evolving from a ONE LINER MORON to a multiliner homophobic freakozoid… a combination of a freak and a mongoloid.

      It wasn’t Ilda or anyone else in the Philippines who has the capability of broadcasting hatred than NOYNOY himself… HE CALLED HIMSELF THE F-UCK-ING SAVIOR OF THE PHILIPPINES because VILLAR, GLORIA and the rest are ALL EVIL…

      Stupido ka talagang mahadera ka… pati ako ginagamit mo sa pag papapropagate ng KATANGAHAN MO!!! BAKLA!!! bwahahahaha!!!

  39. KG says:



    Why do you think he is flexible? What was the indication for you?

    I maybe wrong,but I heard his spokesman on dos por dos saying that he is open to new taxes.
    I also read that the business sector is proposing that he change his stand on taxes.

    I maybe wrong.

    Being open to new ideas and not insisting on something if and when presented with better ideas is to me is an indication of flexibility rather than having no backbone.

    got to go.

    • Morga says:

      KG, I understand where you’re coming from, but the problem here is, Aquino got himself elected by promising not to raise new taxes, among other things.

      Suppose someone tells you you should buy a 2nd hand car from him because he promises it is in good condition. But he says you have to pay up first, “as is, where is”, no return, no exchange, before you can get inside the car. He says don’t worry, you can trust him, because he has the “legacy” of his mama and papa. On good faith, you believe him, so you hand over the money, then get inside the car. That’s when you find out it won’t start because it apparently has a lot of defects.

      How would you feel? Would you say the guy was just being “flexible”? After he already took your money, no return, no exchange?

      • KG says:


        Duly noted.
        Yes trust is very fragile and can easily be erased just by a single act.

        I humbly submit that flexiblity should have prerequisites like a definite stand,not just mere pedigree or Legacy.

        My parameters for flexibility is being flexible to right a wrong.
        In that case I would cite a breach of trust and since I can’t ask for a refund, I will let others know and that he can not be trusted. It may result to two things :People believe me or will just say that i am just trying to destroy his reputation.That is where influence comes in,either you have it or you don’t.


        Duly noted as well.A leader must lead.But I forgot the lines from the movie i just watched” The prince of Persia” about listening to good councel that must also be a factor in leading.


        Thanks for the exchange of notes.

  40. benign0 says:

    Check out this latest moronism from the growing army of Noynoy brown-nosers:

    “It’s a trust in governance. It is not Noynoy you are voting for but what you feel what will happen to the country if he is president. I expect investment to shoot up to about 8% of GDP, or about P632 million so that’s 632 million jobs being created without him doing anything but just be president,” he said.

    (My boldface added for emphasis)

    I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that 632 million jobs “created” may be a typo, although I wouldn’t put it past morons to come up with a figure like that and stand by it proudly.

    The real gag here is that the article from which the above was quoted is actually today’s top story on the ABC-CBN New website!

    On another note: By the way, Mr “bading si hallelujah kaya may hymen“, I’m wondering, instead of going around stomping your feet about how people so clearly see the so-evident bleakness of a future under the Second Aquino Administration, why don’t you step up and provide us with some convincing arguments that might point us to an alternate view.

    Up to the challenge?

    • Morga says:

      How can there be 632 million jobs created in a country that has only 90 million people (babies and children below age 16 included)? And what’s P632 million in investments? The SM malls combined make more than that in one month. Joey Salceda must be getting confused trying to justify why he turned traidora just one week after leading the palabra de honor signing of a manifesto of support for Gilbert Teodoro with other governors during the campaign. Karen Davila asked Salceda on Headstart this morning if what he did was turncoatism. He said, “No, I just followed my heart.” What an answer 😉

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        To the 5 million Gibo voters, Salceda is the face of a true traitor. It proves he is heartless, a complete Judas, turning away from his party only after all bogus surveys projected an Aquino-win. He did it too with the classic Judas-style of stabbing a political colleague behind his back. If this were a more principled country, the likes of Salceda would be ridiculed no end in the press and in many stand-up comedies, but as it is, his act in our hypocritical society is just part of the normal run of things. He should be ashamed of himself!!!!

      • miriam quiamco says:

        Maybe the writer on the 632 million jobs has taken a page from the Smartmatic technicians, 200 million registered voters instead of the 50 million, there will be adjustments to be announced later when the day of reckoning comes. And it will be no worry, cause the technicians know how to adjust figures in accordance with what is desirable.

    • benign0 says:

      @ Morga, that’s why it comes across as quite INCONCEIVABLE that such inane words coming from some two-bit politician would be given solo space on an entire article plastered up as a “Top Story” on a major network website.

      Indeed, “just followed [one’s] heart”. That’s just so typical of the sort of people who turn into Aquinoists. It’s surrendering one’s free will from the disciplines of deliberate thinking to the comfy arms of moronic emotional indulgence.

      Like follower like leader. 😀

      • ilda says:

        Careful, careful guys. This commenter called bading si hallelujah kaya may hymen might think you are trying to be “Mother Theresa” by criticising Noy and the rest of his supporters 🙂

        On second thoughts…carry on!

      • Morga says:

        Salceda’s line “I just followed my heart” is a classic.

        It’s like Bill Clinton’s “There is no sexual relationship, no improper sexual relationship” during the Lewinsky trial. “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” Clinton said. Then the cigar and the blue dress turned up. His game was up but he kept rationalizing and said “It depends what the meaning of ‘is’ is”, then said the legal definition of oral sex did not include sex per se.

        The lesson: Some things you just have to admit so you can move on with what little shreds of dignity you have left, Tita Joey. Now look what you’ve done. You’ve given us a new line.

        a) Oprah to John Edwards: “Did you cheat on your wife while she had cancer?”
        Edwards: “No, I just followed my heart.”

        b) Boy Abunda to James Yap: “Did you cheat on Kris while she was pregnant with Baby James?”
        James: “No, I just followed my heart.”

        Remember that folks, you’re never a dick. You just followed your heart.

      • miriam quiamco says:

        I know, that was shocking how an intelligent man like Clinton would drag the whole country through such filth and indecency at a staggering cost of millions of dollars in litigation fees. He could have just admitted the obvious and everyone would have moved on from such an immaterial transgression, considering he was not running for reelection anymore. No, he stuck to his arrogant stand and thus, Al Gore lost the presidency. It would have been a landslide victory for Al Gore had it not been for such democratic blunder in the White House which lasted for two years. The Bush presidency was a curse brought to the world by the hypocritical Clinton.

      • Morga, I just have to add this with a little bit of laughter, to add a spice into it.

        Wasn’t it the other way around, Clinton drop the cigar and Monica went looking for it, and smoked it.

        Then Chuck Norris says, way to go Bill, I knew you would come…! 😆

      • benign0 says:

        Remember that folks, you’re never a dick. You just followed your heart.

        Precisely. Many modern-day philosophers lament this sad reality of how an utter INABILITY to take personal responsibility for one’s actions has been euphemised into that quaint line “follow your heart”. It is the option of last resort for those who experience an epic failure of THINKING.

        At a loss for a logical construct to guide one’s actions? Simple. Follow your heart. 😀

    • ChinoF says:

      Ahaha… there’s a manifestation of the Filipino wish to get something out of being idle. So Noynoy can work magic without even lifting a finger… haha, trabahong tamad talaga.

  41. ArticleRequest says:

    95% sure that the comments on this page will spawn a follow up article… 🙂

  42. Morga says:

    For the benefit of GabbyD:

    Sun Star, October 17, 2009

    CEBU CITY — Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III will go on supporting the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill despite the possibility that Roman Catholic Church leaders and voters will boycott him in the 2010 elections.

    He also clarified he did not co-author the bill, but would like to introduce some clarifications in the Senate’s committee report on it.

    “There are provisions in the bill that I want to correct and I also want to clarify some results made by the Senate committee handling the bill,” said Aquino.

    The Liberal Party’s (LP) standard-bearer was in Cebu Friday for a two-day visit, which included the oath-taking of his supporters at the Sacred Heart Center in Cebu City.

    He said legislation on reproductive health can help provide the sex education that present and future generations need, in answer to the misinformation they may get from the Internet and other media.

    Aquino said he supports the plan to have government health centers ready to let the public avail themselves of contraceptives and that parents should take responsibility for birth spacing.

    Should the Catholic Church boycott him in the 2010 elections because of his support for the RH Bill, he said he would rather heed his conscience.

    “Palagay ko, meron po tayong problema sa populasyon. Palagay ko meron akong responsibilidad bilang may konsensyang tao na tumulong na yung mga batang dinadala sa mundo ay may pagkakataon na gumanda ang kanilang buhay (I believe we have a population problem. I believe I have a responsibility to help so that our children have the opportunity to live better lives),” he said.

    He pointed out the population has “probably doubled” since the first Edsa revolution, which installed his mother Corazon as the first female president of the Philippines.

    While his stand on reproductive health legislation may not match exactly that of his mother’s, the senator stressed that every parent should be accountable for meeting his or her child’s needs.

  43. ulong pare says:

    … daaaang

    … prez abnoy akin’o’s dna is a mix of superman’s and einstein’ s s#it…

    … flip gung gongs who voted for him need to’bakwet to ‘merka and be whiteys’ hugas pfwets and sperm repository… katulad ng inyong prez, puro kayo mga walang silbi… :mrgreen:

  44. ulong pare says:

    … daaaang

    … last election was another MISSED OPPORTUNITY to better outselves… to face our future with enthusiam and hope…

    … due to overwhelming number of flip gung gongs/squats, once again, flipland is stuck the cesspool…

    … hay naku, puro kayo pandamay… BWISETTTTTT!!!!

    … kaya mga gung gongs, puro kayo SUCKCESSPOOL pipol… bwi hi hi hi hi pwi! :mrgreen:

  45. Dennis says:

    Flexibility is not enough. Filipinos deserve to know his postion in a lot of things and not just depend on others. What will happen if there will be conflicting position among his followers? Who will decide? His sisters? A President should provide critical thinking and I hope that he will say it in his first 100 days.

    What is Noynoy’s position in the following? generating power from nuclear technology, GMO seeds, dept repudiation, increasing salary of government officials (distorted salary scale), opening up the economy especially for the print and broadcast industry, educational industry, utilities etc… Can he fight the Lopez Empire? What will he do with the protected industries (inefficient and depend so much on government subsidy) owned by the oligarchs?

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for your comment Dennis

      At least we still receive comments from new commenters that make sense. It makes me feel less like I’m in the twilight zone or something.

      • J.B. says:

        Facebook AP followers are increasing though not so significantly. Hence increasing readership. Hence more possibilities of fresh comments from newbies.

      • ilda says:

        Hi J.B.

        Well, not all AP readers are members of the Facebook AP page. I personally know of people who regularly read this blog but are not on FB. According to our stats report, there are thousands of people who read this everyday but you only see a handful who leave a comment.

      • J.B. says:

        @ilda, that’s more comforting to know then.

        There are literally oceans of thinkers among the ranks of college students seemingly untapped by internet. They all have lesson breaks so it easy to find time and participate.

      • shadowbroker says:

        Yeah J.B. is right. Plus they aren’t exactly the argumentative type so they are probably playing it straight, reading articles and getting a feel for the overall message before writing some meaty, constructive responses. For example the certain few I’ve had arguments with here in which they justify that both of us believe in the message of the article but argue about the methods; Their feelings v.s. rationality that leads to some form of progress.

        Its much better than the sad attempts of few at trolling 😉

  46. J.B. says:

    Gordon was prophetic about oil prices hike. I think Noynoy should realign his priorities to combat this one more than anything else.

    He should learn that the 20 years to chasing ill-gotten will lead you very little to effect the general well being of the poor populace.

    • ilda says:

      He should stop trying to protect his angelic image by discussing how he is going to tackle real issues rather than continue playing word games with the media.

  47. Linda Blue says:

    This site is poorly moderated. Pwedi pa lang magbastusan dito, everyone can say the most foul thing at ganon pa rin filthy comments that have nothing to do with the blog get published?

    • shadowbroker says:

      eh di mag bastusan ka, kung bastusan lang ang gusto mung atupagin dito.

      So are you going to add more to the issue or give us a Seinfeldian take on the current activities in this specific article?

    • J.B. says:


      You should provide examples of what should be clean and raise objections to what is dirty.

      After all, the Philippines is lorded over by people who wallowed up in the mud all day.

    • ChinoF says:

      You must he referring to Halle… well, I prefer unmoderated sites because they really test your mettle. If you can’t deal with what you see here, you have the choice to leave. This blog site is not for faint hearts… especially yellow hearts. 😛

    • ilda says:


      To tell you the truth, I don’t like the below the belt jibes that have no basis but that’s how majority of Filipinos really think and behave. Besides, after my experience recently, I’d rather know what the person actually thinks about my blog than be surprised after a few months of him agreeing, that he actually disagrees and go freaky all of a sudden. If you were a regular here you would know what I am talking about. 😐

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang


      … if you want to hear/read bulls#its, propas and lies that flipland and its administrators do good for the betterment of flips, there’s a lot of blogs that do that….

      … start with the commercial flip media/press…

      … flips need their head busted to wake them up…

      … kaksucker padre damaso’s hold on flip mentality needs to be broken…

  48. shadowbroker says:

    And some wonder why we call those who just won’t believe stupid. Its not just an insult. Its a condition worst than cancer since there is no medical cure for it! Its worst than alzheimers because you can actually prevent it! Its not just something you say to get cheap laughs out of it. It is horribly justified and they should feel horrible about it.

  49. @miriam,
    Just wanted to say hi and nice to hear from you once again. I like the way poke fun at me upstairs, we do need some kind of initiative, and to get referendum pass, to kick start our nation, but how?

    We can all talk our heart out, but without a common goal from us all pundits, we are doom.

    You have any ideas…!

    Nice, how did you even managed to find that, ahhh, with googled mind. Amazing.

    I’ve always been astonished with ilda’s rebuttal. She’s cool calm and collective, with her response.

    So true about our uneducated sides of our culture. Hopefully, they will learn from their pass mistakes. We do need critical thinking, to be able to hurdle our ways to a better life, and of course our future.

    As ilda made a comment to one of her commentator, “You have to look out for number one” and that number one is you…!

    @Hyden Toro,
    Nice to run into you again.
    Thanks for watching my back. democracy is still there, true to its nature, “Oligarchy” is how they are functioning. Dem bastards…[…]

    I stand corrected.

  50. Miriam Quiamco says:

    Hi Mario,

    I like this blog more because of the irreverence of the writers and most commentators. You are right, time to think of ways to make a difference in transforming our political culture. Bong V broached the idea of citizen-initiative referendum. Where do we start, how to get the ball rolling. We need support in congress and the senate to get this legislated into a law. As you can see there are many policies our lawmaking chambers can debate and legislate, as it appears, they are more stuck now on investigating the crimes of GMA. Didn’t they do enough of these in the past? With the senate controlled by the opposition, why couldn’t they get down to the bottom of the corruption allegations, and why no one got jailed so far? With the ZTE scandal, only Neri and that other guy were going to be charged, and they are still going to appeal their conviction. This is going to be a time-consuming and a long-drawn out process, do we really have the luxury of time to bypass more important pieces of legislation and focus on seemingly useless investigations in the senate?

    I agree with Enrile, our law-enforcement bodies could do this, let our legislators, focus on law-making that matters for the progress of our country, re: RH bill, FOIA, revision of our constitution, political reforms, land reform which should include the Hacienda Luisita and other sugar estates to ensure food security, when are ever going to be self-sufficient in rice, being the only agricultural country that is not so in Asia, key industries to be developed, etc,. etc., Are we going to spend once again all our political capital on bickering under the N/A presidency? What is his vision for the country? Abe Margallo is full of verbosity quoting popular books that are irrelevant in describing the lack of concrete vision of Aquino to move the country forward. Talking about ivory-tower intellectuals, no one can beat Margallo on FV, totally divorced from reality. Aquino is a new liberal, and Hacienda Luisita not being an issue, and Aquino resembling Obama, wow, the guy needs to come down to earth.

    • ChinoF says:

      Irreverence is a necessary ingredient of freedom of speech. 😉

      I’d like to think of it as a value. 😛

    • benign0 says:

      Irreverence requires imagination, something that is sorely in short supply in medieval society such as the Philippines where personal validation (like personal accountability) comes from without rather than from within. 😀

  51. NFA rice says:

    From his track record we see that he is lazy. The corrupt Gloria was energetic so it must be that a lethargic president is honest and good for the country. The people said so, so it must be true. While we’re at it, lets allow him those sorely needed cigarettes. We understand he can’t give up the smaller addiction of Hacienda Luisita so it must be impossible for him to give up smoking. I love smoking and believe me it is a hard habit to break. Criticizing the president would be like pot-kettle-black. Let us not demand impossible things from the President. He might break from the pressure. And yes, he is now choosing people to do the hard job of thinking while he is puffing the smoke away. Don’t whine. I call it presidential flexibility. Just smoke and, voila!, the papers are there for him sign with his mighty pen. See what miraculous powers our president has. It must be St. Mother Corazon, ever pure in heaven, shining down on him.

  52. mel says:

    Five days closer to hell! The first week of PNoy’s Presidency is a wish-wash!

    If PNoy will give up the Presidency and admit his incompetence for the job, I will admire him forever because that would be true love and concern for the people of the Philippines!

    • ilda says:

      LOL 🙂

      Well, apparently PNoy limited his choices in looking for his cabinet members. It was either a celebrity or a member of the church. It seems that the latter has the same effect as the former judging from the way his cabinets are performing at the moment 😉

  53. Pingback: Hostage crisis fallout: P-Noy’s supporters should admit their mistake to support unity among Filipinos

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