The Colour Yellow: increasingly obscured as light emerges

I gotta hand it to out-going president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Despite the immense amount of energy expended by the Philippine Media over the last ten years to turn her from hero of the Edsa II “revolution” into the reviled cunning “evil” empress out to divest the hapless Filipino of his hard-“fought” freedom, she manages to consistently remain one step ahead of her detractors. Indeed, in an account of Arroyo’s recent farewell party to Palace reporters one can quite easily discern in author Amando Doronilla’s writing, a consciously pained effort to overcome an instinctive succumbing to the adeptly-delivered charm initiatives of the out-going President. That effort is stunningly evident even coming from a seasoned journalist like Doronilla, who in a monumental exercise in futility peppers his piece with reminders of how Arroyo’s display is a mere case of too-little-too-late. It portends the coming turning of the tables of notoriously fickly Filipino public opinion as the ex-President joins the ranks of the new Opposition.

Indeed, the stunted sensibilities of the Pinoy Voter is a double-edged sword. The capacity of Da Pinoy to overlook the obviously flaccid achievement and abilities of an obscure son of illustrious “heroes” and go on to vote him President can just as easily be morphed into an induced amnesia that will eventually undo the Media’s clever engineering of public perception of Arroyo’s performance as President over the last ten years.

As such, it seems many staunch Aquinoists are starting to hedge their investment in the Yellow One.

Jose Montelibano in his recent article published on the Aquino Family Newsletter sums up the hollowness ringing increasingly louder in the aftermath of a frenziedly zealous crusade to propel Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III to the top office of the land…

The realization that will hit us who supported Noynoy Aquino is that things are not so bright even with Gloria gone. In the past month and a half since the elections last May 10, the ugliness of Philippine politics immediately reared its monstrous head. In-fighting inside Noynoy’s camp started early with accusations of betrayal by Mar and company as long-time Cory Aquino friend and loyal ally, Jojo Binay, produced a political miracle by coming from the bottom of the ladder to win the vice-presidency. The accusations, or insults, formed from gutter language, mostly through text messages from prepaid SIM cards or Facebook postings, hit relatives of Noynoy including his sisters. This scenario produced a life of its own that will persist in the years to come.

Deal with it guys. A pattern has all but emerged now. It seems to me that the fundamental nature of Noynoy’s yellow glow really comes from the contrast of a dark background painted behind him by his propagandists. Indeed, the illusion of Brand Noynoy is more a product of a cleverly recessed background of engineered “evil” to provide the illusion of his yellowness standing out. Start removing that black “evil” that served as an effective context to Noynoy’s campaign and the true nature of the colour yellow emerges.

And it is happening. All the darkly “evil” bogeymen that the Yellow Army used as a crutch upon which Noynoy’s sugar-and-spice-and-everything-nice “campaign” stood have disappeared into the night gracefully — the “failure of election” was not quite the disaster they hoped would incite the next Edsa “revolution”, all who ran against him conceded honourably, and last but not least, the “evil empress” Gloria Arroyo bowed out in a blaze of charm that is sure to capture the hearts of our nation of starstruck ignoramuses.

With that convenient background of “evil” gone, all we are left with is an increasingly-obscured yellow splotch. The challenge to Noynoy is simple, really™. He needs to achieve in absolute terms. We are all on to the tired relativism that for so long propped up his clan’s mystique.


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49 Responses to The Colour Yellow: increasingly obscured as light emerges

  1. mitch says:

    Dear Antipinoy,

    I am with you 100% in saying that Noynoy is the most stupid excuse for change and development. Everything good about him is based on illusions. He reeks of incompetence and has a laughable way of thinking.

    But he hasn’t done much the past few days, good or bad. I say temporarily stop with all the criticisms regarding Noynoy, and wait for substantial (stupid or not) decisions and actions from our president elect.

    This is not to give him a chance, but to change the tone of this website, as I believe you are disengaging readers with the redundant anti-Noynoy essays. I’d rather that those Noynoy voters (aka shallow minded Filipinos) get to read more relevant and substantial Noynoy analysis in the future. IMHO.

    • J.B. says:

      Nice point. This time I started shifting comments to other e.g. Binay who promised “heaven”.

      Kay “Binay, gaganda ang buhay!’, so his ad line went. He seemed reluctant to accept any cabinet post so there must be something magical in him how he gonna fullfill his promise of “heaven” when acting only as spare tire?

    • ilda says:


      Thanks for the suggestion mitch. But could it be that the reason why you think some Filipinos are disengaging themselves from politics is because they believe that their responsibility as a citizen ends on election day?

      You said:

      “But he hasn’t done much the past few days, good or bad.”

      Isn’t that reason enough to keep an eye on the why he hasn’t done much? I think most people are getting carried away with how the mainstream media is playing down his blunders. Do you prefer to hear one version of the story from the likes of Conrado de Quiros? Don’t forget that Gloria Arroyo was given the longest honeymoon period by the media because she was the candidate of choice by the yellow camp to replace Erap Estrada. By doing that, they created what they refer to as the “evil Gloria” and then the media eventually went full gear in criticizing her every move.

      You also said:

      I’d rather that those Noynoy voters (aka shallow minded Filipinos) get to read more relevant and substantial Noynoy analysis in the future. IMHO.

      The above can also be addressed by what you said: “But he hasn’t done much” so there’s not enough substance to write about Noynoy.

      What would be relevant and substantial to you then? What about his decision to stay in Times St instead of Malacanang? Do you think that is irrelevant?

      As a political and social commentator, we feel that it is vital to continue scrutinizing whoever is in office. It does not matter who got the presidency, even if it was Gordon, Gibo or Villar. We should all continue to be critical of the person in charge of the affairs of the nation. It just so happens that the circumstances behind Noynoy’s win are laughable but we have to remain critical just the same.

      Likewise, Noynoy and his supporters embody everything that is wrong about the Philippines that’s why it would be hard to avoid mentioning them.


    • Morga says:

      @Mitch, Aquino has done a lot of bad by omission and commission in the last few days. Each of those issues will be tackled here soon. Stay tuned. You may also visit AP’s Twitter and Facebook pages for quick daily updates on developments in the Noynoy administration.

    • ChinoF says:

      Hmm, I once thought of it this way. But I realize that it’s better to turn the heat up; they help in saying, “don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Criticisms of Aquino even now are not unfounded, because the gaffes he’s been making are so in the open and really reveal his incompetence. But in a sense, what you see here is just a light foretaste of the real storm that’s coming.

      • mitch says:

        I agree with you, but in terms of readership, this site has been branded as Anti-Noynoy. Readers are mostly people who agree with you, and with the purpose of igniting awareness and critical thinking, it has decreased its reach. Again, just an opinion. Imagine the Katipuneros just talking among themselves.

      • Jon Abaca says:

        Sun Tzu, or was it Nobunaga, said something like “Know your enemy, know yourself, and your victory is never in danger.”

        Instead of “knowing their enemy” (that would be the AP crowd) many Noynoy supporters just avoid discussion to begin with. How do they expect to achieve victory then? By hoping for it?

        I think Machiavelli stated that people who are critical are usually more honest than sycophants. So there.

      • BongV says:

        Actually the Katipuneros DID talk about by themselves. So did GomBurza. So did the dudes of La Solidaridad.

        Well – there’s Anti-noynoy and there’s pro-noynoy – and what are their arguments for noynoy exactly? faith and hope?

        noynoyistas are lke vampires who scamper at the presence of AP dudes – it seems flashing the Laban sign can’t stand up to the facts.

        guess what, AP is the base of the vampire hunters – and we are coming after you. 😆

        and I will move next to you, behind your ear, take out a bullhorn, and shout – ESTOOOOPPPIIIDDDEDOOOOOOO 😆

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Nice one, BongV. Bring out the Holy Water, the Silver Bullets, and the Wooden Stakes people. We’re going to bag us some Yellow Vamps!

        In front of a Noynoyista home:

        Me: Knock, knock!

        Noyista: Who’s there?

        Me: You.

        Noyista: Yu who?

        Me: YOU IMBECILES! What did you do to this country?!


      • benign0 says:

        Well, perhaps it is because what you are seeing here are mostly those who comment and engage the other commentors. The number of unique commentors in this site make up only a tiny proportion of the overall number of regular readers of AntiPinoy,

      • mitch says:

        Hope you’re right. Because honestly, I myself who’s even disgusted with Noynoy, just tend to skip and/or browse articles like this. People tend to click whatever link is in front of them, but after reading the title or the first 2 sentences, a big percentage close their browsers. But I really hope you’re right.

      • ilda says:

        I think some people have this misconception that just because we only get a handful of commenters, it must mean that nobody reads the articles.

        Besides, writers should not view the number of commenters as the only motivation to write. I have articles here that have been shared more than a thousand times and I have articles that were hardly shared at all but it doesn’t discourage me from writing because if I have something to say, I’ll say it.

        I’m really surprised that despite the number of articles I’ve devoted to explaining why we need to be more vigilant, some people still don’t get it.

    • BongV says:


      if you think AP is “anti-noynoy” now, just you wait when Noynoy becomes thePres – and the Noy TruthMeter is rolled out – and people will be reminded of their stupidity in voting for Aquino… and it will be rubbed in to and injury to insult.. serves all who voted for Aquino right..

      AP is just warming up. I syet you not.

      • Lorenz says:

        I would really like Sen. NiNoy Aquino to be phased out of the P500 bill. Do you think he really deserves that honor and respect? Is he a great intellectual guy or what? His speeches doesn’t reek of intellect but just of emotions. Noynoy, well, i just don’t care about him anymore. I don’t care about Filipino politics. My interests now lie at Philippine mythology, folklore, and the arts.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      His Campaign Strategist oversold him. The Media networks, that are his allies, covered him. They rationalized his incompetence. Now, Noynoy Aquino is in the limelight. Examined, from head to toe. People are now realizing they have elected a phony. “Natanso sila”.

    • shadowbroker says:


      You know at least the scrutiny regarding Noynoy here has better basis than the whole Erap/GMA scrutiny from the public over the decade. If anything, these off stories are kinda like conversations with these numerous Noynoy followers but engaging them online and trying to see if they themselves know what they preach about the Noynoy politics they are looking forward to come June 30th. Of course the difference is certain AP members engage them on their own page but face the mob mentality and biased moderation while the authors are WILLING to face them here, only if their balat sibuyas and their misinformation doesn’t completely turn them off from trying to make a point.

      Getting acquainted to the site itself is a challenge for those who aren’t really up to reading and expanding their base knowledge and awareness regarding the elections. Considering all you have for mainstream is the yellow media propaganda machine.

  2. ChinoF says:

    Nice graphics! So simple, but represents the point well.

    The yellow sun is more painful to the eye as the surroundings get brighter! It so represents our country.

    Soon that yellow sun will burn. 😈

    • Hyden Toro says:

      We must remove our yellow tinted glasses. It’s long overdue to put aside EDSA and the jaundiced view of our country. Face reality. It is the only way, we can solve our problems.

  3. mel says:


    I like the brainstorming effect of this website. We should be critical at all times. We cannot afford another minute of passivity and apathy. There is no more room for emotional pauses. I think that the AP readers are intelligent enough to get to their own conclusions (though some of my friends are still afraid to comment asking me – “are you sure THEY are not going after us?” 😕

    Somebody must bring contrast to the “Colour Yellow”, or else, we will end up into another Aquino catastrophe!

    • benign0 says:

      I think the argument that this site is “too anti-Noynoy” begs an important question:

      Where are the arguments of the “pro-Noynoys”?

      I’ve seen many AP fans — many of whom are themselves branded “anti-Noynoy” go out and express their arguments on other blogs, many of which are branded “pro-Noynoy”. If we are able to venture outside of our comfort zone to express our views in “hostile” territory, how come the “pro-Noynoy” lot are unable to do the same and express theirs convincingly here? In fact, many of us here used to be active commentors on that other collective blog, and what do we get for our trouble? We get banned.

      • ilda says:

        Obviously, the pro-Noynoy’s are too scared to debate with us here on our home turf. When they come here they just leave hate comments directed at the blogger but don’t even address the issues.

        I think people who assume that this site is just anti-Noynoy are narrow-minded. We already devoted so many articles here that deal with other topics, which proves that we are not just critical of Noynoy for the sake of it. Of course we need to discuss Noynoy, he will be governing the country soon.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        I will be ready to debate, argue, with any of his followers and public relation people. Who claims that we have elected a leader who is the: hope of the nation; ready to lead; can stop corruption; rationalize his avoidance to meet world leaders, etc…We can butt heads, toe on toe…Anybody from the Noynoy Aquino’s camp to take the challenge? We can discuss any subject regarding him. Touch on : politics, technology, history, good governance, management, energy, world topics,etc… I do not claim to know all. However, I have sized them already. They are like their leader.

      • Jay says:

        I think people who assume that this site is just anti-Noynoy are narrow-minded.

        Or they don’t like to read and comprehend and do the whole evaluate the whole site with what I’ve read with a few headline on the articles. You know they are are lazy when they present the argument like that that and consider this site anti-noynoy. Since they don’t want to think anymore (or are concerned for their like-minded peers who can’t exercise a bit of brain power), they disregard the concept of analysis and just want something up front and of face value to easily comprehend.

      • BongV says:

        as a baseball fan would say….hey yellow zombie’s who’s your daddy now 😆

      • Lilly says:

        That’s because pro-Noynoys generally play a different ballgame. Instead of rationalizing their choice, they just choose to snub anything negative being said about Noynoy, or take it into themselves to even make excuses for their hero’s screw ups.

        If a perfectly rational argument is presented to them, they’ll just say that intellectuals (or pretty much anyone who uses their brain) are being elitist and anti-poor…which is evident of the sad victim mentality prevalent among the masses, but that’s another story.

      • J.B. says:

        Banned??!! lol.

        I think it’s high time they should rename to something like

      • innagadda54 says:

        “I’ve seen many AP fans — many of whom are themselves branded “anti-Noynoy” go out and express their arguments on other blogs, many of which are branded “pro-Noynoy”. If we are able to venture outside of our comfort zone to express our views in “hostile” territory, how come the “pro-Noynoy” lot are unable to do the same and express theirs convincingly here? In fact, many of us here used to be active commentors on that other collective blog, and what do we get for our trouble? We get banned.”

        Bruce Springsteen once sung:

        Outside the street’s on fire
        In a real death waltz
        Between what’s flesh and what’s fantasy
        And the poets down here
        Don’t write nothing at all
        They just stand back and let it all be
        And in the quick of the night
        They reach for their moment
        And try to make an honest stand
        But they wind up wounded
        Not even dead
        Tonight in Jungleland

        We just can’t stand back and let it all be. We can’t let the yellow cult claim this country from people who can think.

        The truth will set you free. The Emperor has no clothes. He will sit on his throne June 30th. Naked.

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … flipvoice (FV) banned my ass and my ip add…

        … my posts self-deletes… no need for the neoflips to delete ’em… :mrgreen:

    • Hyden Toro says:

      We are already in to the point of no return. We elected a phony; who in truth is a blatant incompetent.

  4. BELINDA says:

    I find AP too territorial, if a commenter says anything that doesn’t jibe with the general idea that noynoy is abnoy etc.. then expect to be clobbered by abuse. specially coming from the likes of hallelujah, which to me is nonsensical and immature. a virtual blog killer. I love reading Benigno and Chino at least those two are not toxic with those that do not share their convictions. just my 2 cents.

    • Lilly says:

      The disagreeing comment replies only sting if there’s a smidgen of truth to them. If you find that replies to your comments are “nonsensical” and “immature”, then you don’t pay any attention to them, period.

      If they have a point, be proud enough to take a stand in this predominantly anti-noynoy site. Sticks and stones won’t break your bones, but words (in the internet) can never hurt you, so there.

    • ChinoF says:

      Hey, thanks, I appreciate your relatively pleasant view of me. But I think there is a place for people like Hallelujah, since they help complete the microcosm that blog sites like ours tend to be. I believe it represents our being a less suppressed environment. Believe me, before AP, we came from a blog site which is biased and opinions are suppressed… let’s see if you know that story. :p The more liberal environment here represents true freedom of speech. A true blog killer for me is biased moderation.

      Also, some people are toxic because… those they are toxic towards tend to be already poisoned, if you know what I mean. I don’t express it myself directly, but I do get infuriated when some intellectually challenged people come by. Let’s just say I know how to attack the message and not the messenger. 🙄

      Thanks for staying with Channel AP. 😉

    • BongV says:

      i’ll put it this way.

      when someone comes to AP and says – “Aquino is the greatest thing to happen to the Philippines just because” –

      guess what, talagang puputaktihin sila

      now if they say, he is good because his policy is this and that – then we can have a dialogue.

      the thing is at the onset – noynoy’s policies are already squat and noynoyistas come in here barging with platitudes

      guess what, hindi lang sila puputaktihin – they will be sliced, diced, and minced.

    • shadowbroker says:

      I find AP too territorial, if a commenter says anything that doesn’t jibe with the general idea that noynoy is abnoy etc.. then expect to be clobbered by abuse.

      Ah you may possibly add me though there are times when I do ease up. Besides that, the problem like many like you who complain is perception. This site to me is all about an amalgam of rational input from taking an argument and getting all angles of it. If you let your feelings get the better, you miss out on the actual message though it is a bit redundant at times. Also there are many who like to go against the argument but literally go about it the pinoy way; tell their opinion because it is how they feel but have no facts or a different interpretation of the situation that was already conveyed. If they can prove it differently using facts, figures and rationality, then we have something.

      A true blog killer for me is biased moderation.

      Well thats the reason why sites like B7, FV, PEX and other forums of the like are convoluted fan sites with your usapang barbero for your keyboard warriors. Just as bad as inane Pinoy FB pages.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Cry Baby, of Noynoy Aquino. Engage us in topic regarding him. Let the readers be the Judge. If you don’t have anything to say. The best thing is to shut up.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaaang

      … brutal criticsm, either constructive or non-constructive. changes the outcome…direction of things to come will encounter a fork on a road… that’s when alternatives come into play…

      … either take the right route that you believe/suit your belief to be the right one; or, the left route that is alien and scares the heck out of you…

      … apply that to flipland politics:

      … abnoy is useles…as a long time politician, he has not produced a single product…. a trapo by the gung gongs, for the gung gongs…

  5. Hyden Toro says:

    The followers of Noynoy Aquino can praise him to high heavens. They can revel, until their “jaundiced”
    view of their self created delusional world will collapse in the stark reality of our country: Stagnant Economy.
    Now that the bogeyman is gone. They have no one to pin blame to cover the incompetence of Noynoy Aquino. They cannot put EDSA or Marcos on the forefront. EDSA cannot feed 90 million Filipinos; nor give jobs to jobless Filipino.Slogans cannot prevent the coming Typhoon Ondoy again. Marcos is just a long distant memory. To blame him for the ills of the country will be nonsense.

    Noynoy Aquino must produce results. Fulfill his campaign promises. And he must prove to the nation what he and his supporters have portrayed him to be: a hope of the nation. (Now they are conditioning our minds to lower our hopes). These imbeciles are like their leader, Noynoy Aquino. They think we are also imbeciles like them.

    Backstabbing is just the norm of Philippine politics. You cannot trust people. They seem to be working for you. However, the truth may be in the other way.

    There is a crack in the party of Noynoy Aquino. Some lost, and were taken for a ride, like Mar Roxas. It shows his weak leadership . He cannot unite even his followers. This shows he is a double faced, double talking politician . Not supporting what he promised to support. Why did some of his followers worked against his Vice President? Did he know something about it? Was he an active participant? These questions must be playing in the thoughts of Mar Roxas already.

    If he will rule this nation with this kind of attitude. His adminstration is bound for failure. He cannot unite. He cannot define where he will lead this country. He has no plans to solve our problems. How can you solve a problem, if you cannot even understand the problem. Noynoy Aquino, ready to lead! advertised by the Lopez Media Network. Where to?… To hell or to the “bangin”. We will not follow. Unless, he can show us the complete details of where he is taking us.

    I have never seen such incompetent person im my life. And, he happens to be the President of the Philippines. Good Luck, Amigos! Enjoy your President…

  6. sarcasmgasm says:

    if all else fails…

    do the L sign! 😆

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      …or, kris (first laidy) does whatever she does best >>> bj :mrgreen:

      • Hyden Toro says:

        She is planning to seduce you…You will fall into the Seductive Charms of this Seductresss. Like Delilah who seduced Samson. So…watch out…Soon, you will be a pro-Aquino Blogger…

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaaang

        … first laidy kris is a washout knobjobber…

        … there’re more than enough flip sexy gurlz who are better looking and younger…

        … prez abnoy better be prepared to deal with dr abu… the bangsa morons (silent n) – ampats+milf+mnlf+abusabayags+echasteras, etc – is waiting for their kotong tax (kotax)… :mrgreen:

        … da south of ‘tang inang imperial manila will lit like fourth of july/12th jun/new years fireworks combine…

        … siguradong ‘sang tambaks na squats/ampatuanized/masa cared flips will flood ‘tang inang imperial manila… :mrgreen:

    • BongV says:

      L – for LAP DANCE 😆

  7. ulong pare says:

    … daaaang

    … right from the git go, abnoy (retard) akin’o is bad news… a useless piece of work…

    … but flip gung gongs, as usual, did another ineffectual, most ‘toopidiest choice…

    … flips, y’all phucked up!

    … mabuti nga sa inyo, mga gung gongs! :mrgreen:

  8. sarcasmgasm says:

    искоренения желтой сволочь! 😈

  9. freddie says:

    Sa World Cup kagabi, nagtabi ang former US President at isang rock star. Sa Pilipinas naman, ang presidente natin ay feeling rock star.

  10. concerned_citizen says:

    You don’t need to wait for NA to slip up.Basing from his statement that he will make an inventory of the problems facing our country, one can really ask the question of where the hell has he been in the 3 terms that he had as a congressman and not to mention his terms as senator.Was he really just fooling around in the house of representatives?Having smoke sessions in the gardens of the senate?And yet he banks on his parents’ legacy. What legacy?Well Ninoy died, so what if he felt like dying for his country?Cory helped topple a dictator, absolutely wrong.The Filipino people did that.Add that to the fact that Cory’s administration was incompetent and blind to the abuse of Aquino relatives.God help the Philippines for the next 6 years.It’s another round of the oligarchs.

    • benign0 says:

      Actually, I’m seriously hoping Noynoy sees the entirety of his six year term through. You know why? Because being subject to the moronic rule of the Second Aquino Administration for ALL OF SIX YEARS is the only way Filipinos will LEARN what it MEANS to elect bozos to office.

      We lost that opportunity to LEARN that LESSON from Erap’s administration because his term was cut short too soon — before the full extent of the mornism of that administration sunk in.

      Noynoy’s administration represents that new opportunity to LEARN. And I am hoping SIX YEARS of Aquino will be a good TEACHER to Filipinos. 😀

  11. meh says:

    tara na at sumamba kay Santo Noynoy!

    Noy’s inauguration was New Pentecost festival
    Philippine Daily Inquirer
    First Posted 02:18:00 07/17/2010
    Filed Under: Benigno Aquino III,Churches (organisations), Graft & Corruption

    Most Read
    I FULLY agree with Conrado de Quiros in his column “Tongues of fire” (Inquirer, 7/6/10) that there is no need for a Red Mass to be celebrated by Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales for Noynoy Aquino and his government.
    The inauguration of Aquino was in itself already a celebration of a New Pentecost, of tongues of fire brought down on them through the ecumenical invocation at the beginning of the celebration. Cardinal Rosales stood out there–I am sorry to say this–like a sore thumb. Critical collaboration is what the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines had promised Aquino and his new government.
    Critical collaboration was what the Church gave to Marcos and his regime, until the cry of the people forced him out of Malacañang-not the cry of Jaime Cardinal Sin. Critical collaboration is what you do with your enemy, like Pope Pius XII did with Hitler and his Nazi regime and what the bishops should have done with the regime of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.
    But to friends, like Noynoy Aquino and his new leaders, one must give his wholehearted support and utmost cooperation in order to stamp out corruption from government.
    That is what our “spiritual leaders” owe our new President as a matter of Christian love.

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