Filipinos need to use logic by numbers

What’s in a number? A lot actually. If you are starting to lose your religion, try doing the math and you will figure out what life is all about. Truth be told, if President Noynoy Aquino will be honest with himself, he should see his win as no more than a numbers game result, and not the outcome of some imagined divine intervention as his supporters keep claiming. Remember those dubious survey results? Well, before the election, gullible Filipino voters thought that it made sense to vote for P.Noy even if they didn’t want to, but because mainstream media (owned and operated by P.Noy relatives and friends) kept emphasizing that he was leading in the polls before the election, they voted for him anyway (although the credibility of the first automated election is still being questioned by some).

Imagine forming a new religion also based on numbers to rival that of Scientology; a religion, which they claim, is based on science (fiction)? I think it is a great idea and for now I might call it Numbertology. In fact, if there was one place where you can strike it rich establishing a new religion, it would be in the Philippines because of the number of people who are emotional. Indeed, it is a country full of people who are always looking for a scapegoat and, as such, susceptible to joining cults. But then again, a religion based on numbers (which is also associated with logic and not on emo slogans) might not get the right number of people for it to take off. Suffice to say, we will be up against the cult leader of the year, P.Noy, who we all know can be quite difficult to topple off the top of the charts because of his strong hold on Filipino people’s mind.

How important are numbers?

Even before the invention of machines, men studied nature using mathematical approaches. Thanks to the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei, mastering the mathematics of nature allowed people to understand the forces of nature and how to use them. Galileo wrote, “Philosophy is written in this grand book, the universe … It is written in the language of mathematics, and its characters are triangles, circles, and other geometric figures…”

Galileo’s appreciation for mathematics was due to his father’s (Vincenzo Galilei) influence, who was a lutenist and music theorist. According to information taken from the Net, “he performed experiments establishing perhaps the oldest known non-linear relation in physics: for a stretched string, the pitch varies as the square root of the tension. These observations lay within the framework of the Pythagorean tradition of music, well known to instrument makers, which included the fact that subdividing a string by a whole number produces a harmonious scale. Thus, a limited amount of mathematics had long related music and physical science, and young Galileo could see his own father’s observations expand on that tradition.”

Of course, because of Galileo’s countless scientific experiments and subsequent findings, he always had run-ins with the Catholic Church. The Clergy did not take kindly to having their dogma contradicted (some things never change!). Although Galileo tried to remain loyal to the Catholic Church, logic always got in the way and led to a rejection of blind allegiance to authority, both philosophical and religious, in matters of science. It was said that in broader terms, “this aided the separation of science from both philosophy and religion; a major development in human thought.”

It is a pity that until now, the Philippines is still a country that pretty much doesn’t have a functional separation of church and state. Likewise, the absence of leading philosophers in the country means that our countrymen are not capable of internalizing and, therefore, cannot think outside the square.

Numbers rule our lives.

Numbers are very important to our complicated lives. Shallow people actually measure your success by how much money you have or how many accolades you have garnered and by how many friends you have. The latter is so funny and true judging by the number of “friends” people have on Facebook and how information on how many people are following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter became news worthy worldwide. There are even people who lose sleep wondering about how many people will go to their funeral. One wonders though why they even want to know because if they are already dead, why should they care how many people went to their wake?

I didn’t realize how serious some people take the number of “friends” they need to have, until I read an article about this company in Tokyo, Japan, called Office Agents that rents out friends, work colleagues and even relatives to pad some people’s empty lives. “Brides and grooms who want people to believe they are popular are among those secretly hiring fake friends” according to the article and the company even stated that the recent recession has also boosted the popularity of the service. “With unemployment rising and a growing number of Japanese in part time jobs, people rent fake bosses or colleagues.”

Unfortunately, some people also gauge the success of other people’s careers using numbers. Musicians like rock stars or pop artists who made waves with their first single but do not make the same cut on their succeeding songs are often mocked and dismissed as “one hit wonders”. Unfortunately, if your song only debuted above the top ten music charts, it won’t get played as much on the airwaves and that could mean less number of sales for your album and less return on investment for your sponsors.

Actors or actresses who get paid millions of dollars for a film but do not bring in the desired amount of box office receipts can kiss their acting gigs goodbye. In the movie industry, age is not just a number because it can make or break an actors career. The saying that men age better like wine is so true in Hollywood because actors who are in their 40s or 50s still get to play James Bond with a 20 something leading lady while women who hit 40 are limited to “cougar” roles. Sadly, numbers also affect some parts of our bodies. At a certain age, they say that hormone levels can affect collagen levels, which can greatly affect the elasticity levels of the skin. Whew! Talk about life by numbers. That’s bad news for those who were hired solely for their looks.

We need to use numbers more often.

When we are experiencing the moment, any moment for instance, we are ruled by our emotions. When we look at the past and try to figure out how things turned out the way they did, all we have as a guide to explain things are figures and data that consist mostly of numbers. Quite often, when people try to question why they made a bad decision about something in the past, say, wearing a shoulder padded shirt or an acid washed pair of jeans, it can be quite difficult for them to understand the logic behind such decisions. What they will most likely say is that, everyone else was wearing it. When they say “everyone” it means the majority of people. We don’t have to get the exact figure of how many people wore acid washed jeans in the 80s but we will more than likely look at the trend in that era and look at what people wore. This will give us an idea of how people behaved and what they were like then.

The above will be the same for some people who voted for P.Noy. Take away the emotion involved in the past election, Filipino voters will one day ask themselves why they voted for him and most likely dismiss it by saying “Well, the majority voted for him too.” Without the backing of any kind of credible experience behind him or a working platform, it will be quite difficult for people to recall why they did vote for P.Noy even this early.

When looking at the past, logical people can be devoid of emotion because they look at cold hard facts. This is contrary to what most Filipinos do though. Most Filipinos love living in the past; ironic, considering that any knowledge of the Philippines’ past did not get applied to getting a bit more control over the country’s future. It is my opinion that it is high time that Filipinos learn to study past figures or data in analyzing what area the country needs to improve on.

When we deal with numbers, we cannot escape reality. No matter how many times some people say we are talking bullshit here at, they cannot dismiss the fact that there are figures to show that we are right. Just to cite an example, let us look at the population of the Philippines. The CIA World Fact Book estimates the Population of the Philippines at 99,900,177. If you are not familiar with what the state the country is in right now, that figure won’t mean much to you. But just to put it in the right context, we have now made it to 12th place in the list of most populous countries in the world.

The population of the Philippines rose steadily from 27 million in 1960. Furthermore, the country has the highest population growth rate in the region-despite being one of the first to implement a population-control policy in the 1970s. The growth rate is currently about 2 percent per year. According to the Asian Development Bank, “The prospects for development and alleviation of poverty in the Philippines will remain poor unless the country’s spiraling population growth can be brought under control”. And just to add salt to the injury, the Philippines ranks 105th out of 182 countries in the UNDP Human Development Index, down from 77 in 1997 and from 84 in 2003.

Despite the figures staring everyone in the face, our politicians who still answer to the Catholic Church, are still in denial about what needs to be done to kerb population growth. Most are still of the opinion that if they eliminate corruption, poverty can be eliminated.

Progress using numbers

The Christian fate contributed a lot to helping President Noynoy Aquino win the hearts and minds of the voters. The mainstream media, without any data to back up their claim, disseminated debatable assertions — like “Noynoy Aquino has integrity” — to the public. The voting public meanwhile also did not look for data before believing the mainstream media. Despite these assertions being debatable, there was hardly any debate.

It is therefore imperative that for our country to progress, Filipinos need to learn to look at figures and data more in deciding their fate. The numbers in the data will help them decide which person or government policy will be best to meet the needs of the public. Religion actually has nothing to do with it. But if we really want to appear saintly, we can always call worshipping by numbers “Numbertology.”

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76 Responses to Filipinos need to use logic by numbers

  1. Aegis-Judex says:

    What use is logic by numbers to the mindless Pinoy who thinks that all intellect is evil, and all stupidity is righteous?

    • ilda says:

      Well, they just have to take religion out of the equation and the country will be on the right path to progress. Besides, Pinoys who label other people “evil” are just being lazy. They can’t be bothered to even try and understand what is being said.

      You made me realize something though. I know a few people who are actually intelligent but would rather be a fence sitter on most issues because they don’t want to compromise their popularity. Too bad. The country is lacking in people with guts who can stand up for what they believe in. And that’s why it is being run by emos.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        We need people like GMA. We need people with the balls to go against the flow, doing that which is necessary for progress. At least CGMA during her presidency got it well; She did not become president to PLEASE the people. She became the president to SERVE THEM WITH ALL HER POWERS, POPULARITY BE DAMNED.

        Quoting the motto of the 22nd SAS, “WHO DARES WINS!” If no one would dare, no one would surely emerge the victor!

      • killem says:

        yeah., we need gma less mike and mikey arroyo=)

  2. WTF DUDE!!! says:

    we need new term. what is worser than emos??

  3. crab says:

    “we are talking bullshit here at” – Ilda

    You hit it right provocateur philosopher Ilda. 😉

  4. mel says:

    Almost 100Million in population! This is really alarming and scary!

    Involved in charity work, I know that the poorest of the poor families in the Philippines cannot even afford three meals a day. In the Barangays around the majestic and beautiful Mayon Volcano in Legaspi City, Albay – under Governor Joey Salceda (who claims to be an economic expert:roll: ), you can find children who are eating only a meal a day (rice and patis!!) and who, out of poverty, cannot go to school.

    It is an evil cycle. Uneducated and hopeless young girls marry and give birth to many children. Poverty will be a never-ending story when the Roman Catholic Church continues to mingle with the state affairs.

    Responsible governance and citizenship should be more than just providing free education or distributing a bag of school supplies. Scientific learning (that includes numbers) and abilities, logical thinking, orientation, understanding, artistic abilities, writing and speech are brain functions that should be learned at an early stage of life. Failure to do so leads to learning disability. No wonder that the most Filipinos remain dumb and poor! A brain can only work with good nutrition. A child with a hungry stomach cannot activate the functions of his brain.

    • ilda says:

      The Catholic Church should stay away from the affairs of the state and keep their opinions to themselves. They have no business telling the politicians what to do because they are exempted from paying taxes and are not knowledgeable on other matters outside their range of expertise such as the economy. Obviously, they cannot even interpret the census data. If they did, they would be advocating for population control. They cannot even feed and house all the children you mentioned who do not have food to eat. It is high time that the Catholic Church should stop turning a blind eye to the issue of overpopulation because the numbers speak for themselves. They want to keep doing the same thing over and over even if the data shows that it is not working. To be clear, they are doing very little to kerb the population.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Amen to that. Will the CBCP PLEASE leave Caesar’s work to men of Caesar? Your Excellency, Your Eminence, you are, by virtue of your office, men of God. You should focus on your work as men of God, not play the game of Caesar!

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Remember, during the Spanish Colonial times; the Spanish Friars have almost the final say in every government decision. They also abused this power. We have to move away from this Mindset, because it is anachronistic. It does not work anymore in our times.

        Ancient Rulers, used Religion to have their subjects toe their lines. So, they ruled with the High Priest. They have Diviners/ Occultists to consult to; when they make decisions.

        Religion was used by the Aquinos, to gain political power. This is the reason, he is appointing a Priest, in his Cabinet; as a payback to the Church.

      • silvercrest says:

        The the institution and its minions are not dumb as we think they are. They are highly educated. When they appear to be stupid, they do it for a purpose, so that we would lower our guards. Now with all the wealth they have amassed, they could easily bring a country down. May it be through bad economy, political upheavals, armed insurgency, etc. They brought the great depression. They brought Hitler, Mussolini and Franco to power. They financed WWII. However, people need not know this to see their flaws. Dr. Rizal knew this and has warned us. They do not pay taxes, yet they get 5million from the PCSO weekly. During mass there is a second collection, I wonder why they can’t share the first collection to whatever project they have. They have big businesses, yet rely on donations for social work. They don’t share their money they can only give prayers.

      • ilda says:

        During mass there is a second collection, I wonder why they can’t share the first collection to whatever project they have.

        LOL. I’ve always wondered why they came up with a second collection. It’s really greedy of them but the people are just compliant to it, no questions asked. You can tell I don’t really give money during the second collection 😉

        I don’t doubt for a moment that the men in robes are not dumb. They can be manipulative, indeed. The Church has always come up with ways to strike fear in the hearts and minds of the electorate because that’s all they can do to stay in power. They even painted women in a not so good light just to put us in our place. There was this theory, which stated that Mary Magdalene was one of the apostles of Jesus, possibly even the only disciple, but the early Church suppressed this because they didn’t want to recognize her. It was said that this is the reason why women are not allowed to become priest and are mostly treated as second class citizens in some societies that still adhere to backward mentality.

      • silvercrest says:

        I’m not quite sure about that Mary Magdalene being an apostle theory but there were female popes before, even married popes. There shouldn’t be a problem because some of the apostles were married men. Then they believed that marriage was a hindrance to their cause as married priests tend to consider the welfare of their wives and children greater than that of the church. So then came celibacy. If they have nobody to look after, there’s no stopping them in carrying-out their missions.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Look also for the Friar Lands they own. During the Spanish time. The Catholic Priest will go to a landed Filipino, who is dying. Whisper to his/her ears: “he/she will go directly to Heaven, if he/she will give his lands to the Catholic Church.” The Catholic Church is one of the Caciques; other than Noynoy Aquino and his Haciendero political cronies.

      • ilda,

        I do not want to sound a bit, or too religious here, how else can someone, contemplate what a true righteousness is.

        The Catholic Churches are not so stupid themselves. Their beliefs, and its structure, is to imply condemnation to a person, that their stupidity and their action against the HOLY ONE is a transgression, and you shall be condemned. Hell, there is logic here, people.

        The question is, when will you depart?
        Look what happened to Galileo. He used his logic against the Roman Church, and sure ‘nough, he was chastised for thinking logically.

        “This is the 20th century, they won’t throw you in jail for thinking logical.”

        Truth to the matter, and let me lead you on to what I am about say, and correct me if I am mistaken. CBCP, and its administration is part of the COLLUSION process that is being applied against the non-thinkers. It’s highly DELUSIONAL…,[…]

      • Ooppps! 🙄

        “This is the 20th century, they won’t throw you in jail for thinking logical.”

        Should be:
        21st century

      • Scotty,! Bones,

        Beam me up quick, ‘am on a wrong time warp…, 😆

      • ilda says:

        Well, in the Philippines, you might not get thrown in jail for thinking logically but you may end up dead and your head cut-off after!


    • Hyden Toro says:

      Hunger and poverty were the two catalysts that triggered the: French Jacobin Revolution and the Russian Bolshevist Revolutions. They were also triggered by Philosophers like: Rosseau, Karl Marx and Fredrerich Engels. So, watch out! If people become well informed; then they become aware: you are making an Ass out of them. Watch out!

      • ilda says:

        But hopefully when the people finally come to their senses, they will follow the rule of law in getting rid of and replacing their incompetent leaders instead of doing another people power revolution like they are fond of doing in the past.

      • silvercrest says:

        It’s no longer called a people power revolution, It’s a love parade! :mrgreen:

      • Hyden Toro says:

        I am just citing the events of History. if the Oligarchs will ignore these events. Hungry people are very angry people. Lenin of Russia who headed the Bloshevist Revolution had just two words slogan: “LAND and BREAD.” I have to remind again the words of the great Philosopher/Historian, George Santayana: “Those who do not remember the Past. Are condemned to repeat it.” Tsarist Russia fell because of the landed Aristocracy, and the plight of the Russian Serfs. The Chinese Koumintang fell due to land ownership issues and Provincial Warlords. Do our Politicians ever learn from the events of History?

        The Monarchy of Nepal fell just last year to the Maoist Guerrilllas. Because, the Nepalise King refuses to notice, his country was already on the verge of full scale revolution. We have two full blown insurgencies: New People’s Army and the Al Queda supported Muslim insurgency. We have an incompetent President, with a Mob Mentality. Masquerading as for the people. But in truth,is the biggest Haciendero; who refuse to give his lands to the tenants. Just promising them, but no action. Where will we get into this?

    • palebluedot says:

      not sure if already referenced in AP, but this link is one good read for issues on contraception and the “moderate” Catholic: Church:

      • ilda says:


        That was an interesting read. Thanks for sharing it.

        It is crystal clear that the early Catholic Church initiated the idea that women should be treated as second-class citizens (or even lower). To quote:

        “A culture that looks on women as sources of evil like Pandora and Eve is going to have trouble justifying having sex with them and may conclude that only reproduction could justify sexual collusion with women. That is exactly what happened in Christianity. Augustine said that if it were not for reproduction there would be no use for women at all. In his words, “in any other task a man would be better helped by another man.” Early attitudes toward women were poisonous. The Mosaic law assumed male ownership of women. Early church writers said women lack reason and only possess the image of God through connection to men. Luther saw women as being like nails in a wall, prohibited by their nature from moving outside their domestic situation. And St. Thomas Aquinas said females are produced from male embryos that were damaged through some accident in the womb, turned into females. As Professor Gudorf says in her refreshingly sensible book Body, Sex and Pleasure, the church has rejected all of that nonsense but “continues to teach most of the sexual moral code which was founded upon such thinking.”

        No wonder in a staunchly Catholic Philippine society where people are still stuck in medieval mindset, men still prefer their women to be seen but not heard.

        To be fair, there were Popes and Bishops at that time that saw reason and did not excommunicate those who disagreed with the papal teaching regarding the use of chemical contraception. You gotta wonder though how Pope Pius XII knew how the rhythm method worked 😉 It could only be through experimentation, hehe. If only these men in robes had wives and girlfriends, then we can fairly say that they actually know what they are talking about.

        The thing is that, the Catholic Church should acknowledge that sex is not just for reproduction. There are times when people would want to engage in the activity for other reasons and they would need protection so it won’t result in unwanted infants. Women are particularly disadvantaged when this occurs because they will have to invest not just nine months but the rest of their lives into rearing the child while some men only invest 1 minute of their time, the time it takes for them to ejaculate (as I have been told 😉 ).

      • @ilda,

        I like your rebuttal on this one. Specially the very last sentence, and ‘am not going there. Your funny, I’d just had to bust out laughing. 😆 😆 😆

      • @ilda,

        Have you ever tried being[for] a “stand-up comic,” that is what hell of a punchline. 😉

      • Correction:
        “…what hell…”

        should be:
        “…one hell…”

        ie: logically I wasn’t thinking at the moment.

      • ilda says:


        I’m glad someone else has a sense of humour 😉

    • killem says:

      100m population is not scary… the lone super power US has 400m population, the rising power china and india has both 1b population, yet it didnt not stop them from rising their economic, political and social status… human capital was never a liability, in fact it will be a greatest asset if properly utilize…. There’s theory in intellectual property which says ” it is the labor of the people who creates, improves and encourages growth and wealth, without it, progess will not be achieved…”

      its all about proper management and here in the phil, everything are mismanage from resources, labor and the management itself..=) and whats the solution of the gov’t and some self-proclaimed “intellect” person, blame it on the population…a sorry excuse for decades old of corruption, mismanagement and monopoly…

      with regard to the issue on catholic church., yes indeed there is a seperation of church and state enshrined in our constitution., but the seperation is meant for the govt side and not on the church…

      Specifically, it mandates the policy of the govt to adpot a “benevolent neutrality principle” and abstain from prohibiting, encouraging or given favor to an specific church or religous sect….

      Furthermore, since the religous order are compose of people and citizen of the phil., they cannot be prohibited from engaging in partisan politics….

      With regards to taxability of churches, churches are not being taxed because they are a non profit organization, and it is conclusively pressumed that they exist for the upliftment of the society, encouragement of social order and promote the welfare of the people, in general…… Since, the said description is also the main function of the govt, it is deemed that the churches are partners of the govt in maintaining social order and improvement…

      Lastly, people said “always follow the rule of law”….but a revolution is not against the law, if it is successful. Try to understand that if the govt, is no longer the govt of the people, if the laws restricts rather than ecourages growth, if it abuse, rather than help those who are weak., if it promote injustice and inequality rather than justice and equality… Then the govt is not an agent of a state., and the state, through the act of the people has the right to overthrow his agent., since, the state as artificial being cannot commit any wrong(act of state doctrine)…Furthermore., the underlying principle of all govt existence is based on the maxim ” solus populi est suprema lex” the general welfare of the people is the supreme law…

      • palebluedot says:


        “With regards to taxability of churches, churches are not being taxed because they are a non profit organization, and it is conclusively pressumed that they exist for the upliftment of the society, encouragement of social order and promote the welfare of the people, in general”

        based on that notion, how do you suppose this experience will be justified?

        volunteering in a service ministry in one parish, some parishioners would come to me saying they have donated a certain amount for the ministry. but whenever i ask the priests for funds for our projects, they make things really hard. they complain about decreasing income from the offertory, and they keep on suggesting i make fund-raising projects (i hate doing this inside the church coz i feel like i’m deceiving the church-goers) to finance the ministry. what happened to the envelops offered to them solely for the purpose of my ministry?

        my family & relatives have been part of the catholic church’s organization for a long time and there are things we have observed:
        1. most parishes do not have a clear fiscal system (budgeting, accounting, cash flow management, auditing, etc.). and they refuse any form of computerized fiscal system.
        2. many priests are so good in juggling funds. usual in the government, but worst inside the church. i know because i have been inside both.
        3. auditing? check & balance? leave it to God…
        4. reporting income statements to the parishioners? not necessary for them, for they believe parishioners do not really want to be involve in such human activity inside the church structure.
        5. they are all banking on volunteerism and donations, but most do not believe in the vow of poverty. please note that the vow of poverty is only true to religious congregations. diocesans are not obliged.

        i thought, maybe if the government will tax them, they will be compelled to be transparent of their finances. and thereby, allow the church ministries to work, without too much financial restraint, according to the Divine mandate of love and service to others, translated to “upliftment of the society”.

        and i thought, maybe if the government will tax them, they will truly understand the real meaning of corruption, and its implication to a developing society. not just talk about it to the people without trying to analyze that they are actually part of the corrupt culture…or sadly the promoters of it.

      • miriam quiamco says:

        “100m population is not scary… the lone super power US has 400m population, the rising power china and india has both 1b population, yet it didnt not stop them from rising their economic, political and social status… human capital was never a liability, in fact it will be a greatest asset if properly utilize…. There’s theory in intellectual property which says ” it is the labor of the people who creates, improves and encourages growth and wealth, without it, progess will not be achieved…”

        Human capital yes, but to turn a sea of ignorant humans into capital, that’s the challenge, China realized it needed a one-child policy to stem its population growth before the economy could fully take off. India gives free condoms and the U.S. has a rising population, yes, but its land area is what a thousand times bigger than ours, it is after all a land of immigrants. I still think we need to control our population with a rational policy incorporated into our economic policy, otherwise, any economic growth in this country will not make a dent in our poverty figures, more so because it is the poor who are multiplying like ants. It means more government funds for education, health and since we are soooo indebted to international lending agencies, we simply don’t have the money to fork out for these sectors without jeopardizing our capability to pay and to continue to grow the economy. We need infrastructure for economic growth, we also have insurgency problems, where can the government get all the money needed to turn the surge of our population from the slums and impoverished barrios into human capital?

      • benign0 says:

        That’s like comparing a nuclear explosion to a controlled nuclear reaction. The earlier (the explosion) is a useless — and destructive — release of energy, whereas the latter (the reaction) represents energy that can be channel for productive purposes.

        Philippine population is the equivalent of a destructive explosion — an explosion of useless proto-humans who cannot prosper their way out of a paperbag. The key is to control human capital — so that it can be nurtured (through proper upbringing, nutrition, and education) and turned into productive elements of the national economy.

        At the moment each new Filipino baby born represents a liability to the national economy and not the asset that it ideally should be.

      • killem says:

        @palebluedot ., what i said is the reason behind the principle of non-taxability of religous sec., now if you have a problem with your religion, money or otherwise, then get out of it. no one is forcing you to stay in your religion.. Besides., the tax exemption of religous sect pertains only to direct taxes and not to indirect tax, subject to certain exception….

        @miram quimco., its not the one-child policy per se, that catipulate china to ecnomic growth., in fact., what made china now, is they where able to exploit their weakness before, which is the enormous population and turn it as their strength, like offering a very cheap labor price to induce investment, coupled with a investment-friendly environment….besides we already have a 1.95% growth rate., what we need is a proper econimic, social and political policy….

        “it is the poor who are multiplying like ants”– what better way to control the population than to educate and support the poor to rise from poverty..

        @benigno..,That’s like comparing a nuclear explosion to a controlled nuclear reaction. The earlier (the explosion) is a useless — and destructive — release of energy, whereas the latter (the reaction) represents energy that can be channel for productive purposes—remember that nuclear technology was first use as a destructive power before it being use for productive purposes., what we need is a proper management of its of what you call as “proto-humans”…….

        At the moment each new Filipino baby born represents a liability to the national economy and not the asset that it ideally should be.— a normal human born will never be a liabilty to the society in general., it will only be a liability if only there is no proper support for its development…..

      • mel says:


        Those are two diferrent shoes. The USA is a highly industrialized nation. China has made bigger steps to industrialization. India has started to be competitive in the global industries – tires, motorcycles, automobiles, textile industry, steel, etc.

        From 100Million Filipinos, how many are children and youth? How many pensioners? How many are unemployed? Do not forget the “unproductive working segment” like Sari Sari Store owners, tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, bus drivers, etc. – how many millions do we have in the middle-income group?

        What are our main industries? We cannot even sell our tricycles and jeepneys to our Asian neighbors!

        I am not an economic expert and I find it difficult to explain all of these to you but by just seeing the poor families living in slum areas around Manila and suburbs, I can say that there is something wrong with the RATIO of population to productivity in this country.

      • killem says:

        tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, bus drivers, etc.—- yeah maybe you are so rich that you do not need this people., but from a majority of filipino, these people are the one responsible for them to earn they living…. w/o them they cannot go to work,since not everyone can afford a car!!!. besides i dont see any nation that did not need drivers for thier commuters..!!

        im no economic expert also. but what i see is there is a serious management issues in the phil social, political and ecnomic policy, which condemn this people to a life long of poverty., since the society in general, and the govt in particular failed and continue to fail in utilizing their greatest assest., which is the people….

      • @Killem, @palebluedot, @mel, 

        Let me conclude with this. All religious groups in general, are “high liability assets,” this in terms gives them the proclamation to withstands all jurisdiction of the law.

        But, the book of LAW states that, any organizations who are involved in political venue, shall be TAX.

        With that, who controls the society here, the politicians, or the religious groups?

        Think logically here people. 

      • killem says:

        But, the book of LAW states that, any organizations who are involved in political venue, shall be TAX.—what book of law? as far as i know only those profit organization/ or activity for profit are subject to tax…..

      • mel says:


        You are twisting the topic, Killem. Read well before commenting. I am not downgrading those people. You are the one giving galse interpretation.

        Every kind of labor is needed in a society to be able to function. Drivers included. Am talking about the productivity of these people. How much do they earn per day? They only have what we call – “isang kahig, isang tuka”. How much do they pay for income taxes? They cannot even pay for their Philhealth and SSS! You cannot count these people in the Middle Income Group unless they get proper pay for their services.

        A Sari Sari Store owner makes P180.00 per day (acc. to BIR), so get your calculator. The monthly percentage tax is 3%. Every quarter, there is no taxable income because of allowable deductions.

        For a country to be economically stable, you need a middle-income group. There is a BIG gap between the rich and the poor in the Philippines and that needs attention!

      • mel says:


        typo: You are the one giving false interpretation.

  5. ChinoF says:

    logic always got in the way

    I think it’s better stated as “logic clears the way,” since logic is a liberating element for me, and it’s the church getting in the way. Hmm, or it can work too… logic gets in the way of idiocy. 😛

    Looks like this is an article for dear Chiz. Wanna take out math from the curriculum? Here’s Ilda’s answer to that. hehe

    The refusal to examine the numbers more is I guess a sign of our often-bashed trait of laziness. What is dumbness anyway but laziness of thought?

    • ilda says:

      I think that emotion will somehow rule over reason most of the time because humans are programmed to do stupid things. Just think about teenagers acting like jackasses and engaging in buffoonery. Their behaviour is basically just to impress the girls so they can get laid. And in evolutionary terms, they act this way because the best time to pro-create is when they are still in their prime. But now that we have become civilised though (supposedly), it is up to the grown ups to control their behaviour. In the case of our country, it is the role of the government to act like grown-ups in controlling the behaviour of the illiterates who multiply like rabbits.

      • ilda says:

        So basically I just said that most Filipinos still act like teenagers because they are irrational 😉

      • ChinoF says:

        You can thus call our society an emocracy too. 😆

        What’s worse than emo… sub-human? 😆

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Filipinos are emotionally immature. The Politicians know this; they take advantage of it, during elections.

        The solution of this is to get good informations: thru the Information Technology. We must educate ourselves; not to rely on Oligarch owned Media, for information. The Internet is a free society. Books suited to your taste, are also good sources of informations.

        Emotions are for childish people; not for well thinking matured people.

  6. Hyden Toro says:

    Scientology is a religious cult. Hollywood actors like: Tom Cruise, John Travolta, etc… are the prominent followers. They believe in the Power of the Mind to affect things. Man came from Extra Terrestials. Tom Cruise is believed to be well developed Man-Extra Terrestial. Some sort of Humanoid.

    While I don’t discount the Power of the Mind. Like the Yellow Horde of Noynoy Aquino; who need the EDSA Nostalgia, to go ON HIGH, and to sing BAYAN KO, to highten their high. Once, the high is gone, like Shabu trip. You have to take it again to continue your well being.

    Study the lyrics of their National Anthem:”Bayan Ko.” It is melodramatic. It tells of the sentimental feeling of our country’s suffering under colonial rule. It also shows the beauty of our country. Surely, it appeals to the emotions of the Filipinos. Who are poor, gullible and are living from hand to mouth. It gets votes for the Aquinos. However, it will not do anything for the needed Land Reform of Hacienda Luisita, and the rest of the Haciendas of his political cronies. It was used to boot out Marcos. But, Marcos has been fully dead for almost thirty years already. And these imbeciles, like their Leader, Noynoy Aquino are still singing the damn stupid song? Hey, Yellow Hordes, it’s time to move on. Get a life!

    Galileo almost was burned on the Stake, by believing: the world was round. Religious Inquisitors during his time, impose on everybody to believe: the world is flat. The Scriptures of their Religion are the Absolute Truth.
    You follow them, or be branded a Heretic. Sentenced to be burned on the Stake. Is it not what Religions are teaching now? You must follow their teachings, or else, you are not saved. And, face the consequences of burning in Hell. For me, I prefers to burn in their Hell, if I follow my conscience. Than, sing praises on any Deity, with their teachings.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      These days, Hyden, the Catholic Church puts value on personal conscience (Thank God for Vatican II!). That means if one does that which is according to conscience, who are we, merciless, imperfect, and prone to vengeance, to judge him? And yeah, that last term is what the Iglesia ni Manalo, Soriano’s ADD, and fundies have as creed.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Is concience from their Religious teachings, or dogmas? Where did you get the word: concience? Is it a voice of God, inside you? If it is: How can you diferrentiate it, from the useless clatter of your mind and your emotional prejudices?

        How can they explain a Catholic Priest who sexually molest children? Does these Priests have conciences? Why did they employ them; if the Bishop/Employer has a concience?

        Define for me what a concience is? I have my personal definition. It’s personal. I don’t want to share it, to become too controversial.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Weeds among the Wheat. Judas Iscariots among the Simon Peters. Not all of them are evil men. Media, unfortunately, ignores the good man in favor of the evil one, and parades the latter’s evil for all to see. Such a sorry thing.

  7. NFA rice says:

    The issue about separation of Church and State should be achieved on two fronts

    1. Someone really has to complain to the Pope over Philippine bishops meddling in politics. Pope John Paul II reprimanded politically active-clergy in Latin America. This should be possible in the Philippines too.

    2. I don’t remember this constitutional mandate being discussed in the open. It seems to me only a theoretical construct. We need some political activism dedicated to pushing it into the wild, makingV$

    • NFA rice says:

      Something cut from no. 2 of my last post. It should be:

      2. I don’t remember this constitutional mandate being discussed in the open. It seems to me only a theoretical construct. We need some political activism dedicated to pushing it into the wild, making it a part of the political debate.

      • ilda says:


        Yes, no Filipino politician has ever spoken openly about the Catholic Church’s blatant disregard for the separation of the church and state. They just go about imposing their mandate like they are part of the government. In my opinion, they can say whatever the heck they want but it does not mean the politicians have to do whatever they say. Our politicians have no balls to go against the men in robes. It’s that simple.

      • palebluedot says:

        “Our politicians have no balls to go against the men in robes.”

        because these men in robes can control the VOTERS by simply standing in the pulpit every sunday. a 5-minute sermon can hastily bring down these politicians’ popularity.

      • NFA rice says:

        Yes! The problem is more on the side of the politicians than in the Church. We note that it is the politicians that go to churches for their endorsements.The Church just tells what it think it is and nothing in the Constitution prevents the Church from voicing its opinions. However, it should recognize its huge power and its opinion have far-reaching impact.

        That said, the Iglesia ni Cristo is more blatant in disrespecting the constitution. Talk about endorsements! At least the Catholic Church is more issue-oriented.

      • NFA rice says:


        The Catholic Church don’t vote as one block also. We have catholics voting for Noynoy, Erap, Gibo, Gordon, etc. But the INC.. they should be taxed.

      • ilda says:

        That said, the Iglesia ni Cristo is more blatant in disrespecting the constitution. Talk about endorsements! At least the Catholic Church is more issue-oriented.

        I and another blogger here wrote something about the INC endorsement a week before the election. There were moderate members of the INC who expressed their disbelief about the INC leader’s decision to back Noynoy but there were a few who sounded like fundamentalists because they left comments that were really creepy and expressed their blind allegiance to their church. There are a lot of gullible people in the world especially in the Philippines. It was said that P.Noy courted the INC leader during the campaign and after they announced their endorsement, I think the other presidential candidates already lost hope.

    • mel says:

      @NFA Rice

      I will do that. Pope Benedikt is a German and can write to him in Deutsch. You are right, in Europe they do not meddle with politics. Even the Polish with Pope Paul II barely had political discussions.

      The Philippines should impose taxes on religion, like most European countries do. I wonder then how many Catholics will stay in the Church when they are obliged to pay a certain amount of tax every month.
      The Roman Catholic Church is a dying religion in Europe. Buddhism Centers are growing like mushrooms.

      Our neighboring nations have the power of the mind to see and face reality, that is the main reason why they are moving forward.

      • ilda says:


        Good on you. That’s what we want to happen. We blog about these things so we can somehow inspire Filipino citizens like you to be more proactive in writing and complaining. This is the most civilised way to bring about change instead of going to the streets to protest. Street demonstrations is not unique to Filipinos except that we Filipinos gave it a new meaning and nobody takes street protesters in the Philippines seriously anymore. It’s just one big party complete with folk singers.

      • Paolo says:

        Ilda, I guess they are all afraid to go to hell. Maybe if there is someone who’s not afraid to go to hell for the good of others…

      • ilda says:

        Hi Paulo

        To the majority of the Filipinos living below the poverty line and even for some members of the upper class who are not under the yellow spell, life in the Philippines is already like hell. There should be nothing to be afraid of now.

      • NFA rice says:

        The Church in Europe learned its lesson: Politics is Satan’s snare.

  8. silvercrest says:

    Politics in the Philippines is always about popularity. How then can the Catholic Church support other forms of population control other than their own. To control the majority of Filipinos, they have to remain ill-educated. That is why when priests are teaching in State Colleges, there will always be trouble. Fraternity wars whose heads are from the same institution. You’ve got teachers going on strike for low salaries and students for a small increase in tuition fees. Remember the Araneta College Foundation? After urging the teachers and students to go on strike which eventually led to the selling of the school, these priests themselves bought the school, raised the tuition fees and sacked the erring teachers. How may catholic schools are there compared to state schools? During typhoons and other calamities, only public schools are used as evacuation centers. How come these men of cloth who are supposed to be shepherd of God’s flock can just turn their cheeks the other way? How many NPA recruits are from UP compared to those from Ateneo? The church let the others die while protecting their own so that they can be used, because of their indoctrinated views, in the future. Why was the NPA formed when there’s already the HUKs? That’s because the HUKs have been against the church. The supreme commanders of the NPA are priests. Most of those NPAs who are not aligned the the goals of the church have been assassinated during Sunday mass. Filipinos, just as every catholic nation, are taught to good and obedient..never righteous. What’s the difference between oil rich countries Venezuela, Mexico compared to KSA, Malaysia & Norway? Religion. What is the Catholic Church doing with the spiraling drug-war in Mexico and Colombia? With Catholicism dying in Europe, their survival rests on countries with poor, ill-educated majority. Their power lies in the deception of the majority. Remember the St Bartholomew massacre in France and the Irish massacre? It’s all about the number. Since popularity and Philippine politics, is by the number, the Catholic Church will never leave politics alone.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Silvercrest

      That’s a heck of the lot of conspiracy theory but I can’t say they are too far-fetched. I’m not really familiar with some of the cases involving the teachers and the students who went on strike. The problem with a country that has too many available workers who are just too happy to accept any job is that, there is no such thing as security of tenure. So Filipinos should really think twice about going on protest rallies because someone else might be sitting on their workstation when they come back.

      It is indeed true that the Filipinos are fond of popularity contests. The electorate is not voting for the policy of the party but rather they are voting for the personality of the person leading the party.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Fanatics, silver, are fanatics, the world around. You need not generalize the Church just because of the errants populating it, just as it is unjust to generalize Mohammedans just because of their more… fanatical brethren.

  9. WTF DUDE!!! says:

    new term would be Emosapiens or emonkeys or just plain “cheese monkeys!”

  10. WTF DUDE!!! says:

    just trying help to AP with new terms xD and yes “Emosapiens” or “Emobores” it is 😀

  11. MIGHT e2010 says:

    Thanks for the plug! =)

  12. innagadda54 says:

    OK, lets talk numbers.

    Return on Investment (ROI)

    Definition: A profitability measure that evaluates the performance of a business by dividing net profit by net worth

    Return on investment, or ROI, is the most common profitability ratio. There are several ways to determine ROI, but the most frequently used method is to divide net profit by total assets. So if your net profit is $100,000 and your total assets are $300,000, your ROI would be .33 or 33 percent.

    Return on investment isn’t necessarily the same as profit. ROI deals with the money you invest in the company and the return you realize on that money based on the net profit of the business. Profit, on the other hand, measures the performance of the business. Don’t confuse ROI with the return on the owner’s equity. This is an entirely different item as well. Only in sole proprietorships does equity equal the total investment or assets of the business.

    Noynoy spent P16.79 million of tax payer money in 2008.

    What was the return on the tax payer money? Was it enough to buoy him to the Presidency??

    • ilda says:

      Good explanation to compliment my blog innagadda54. Unfortunately, most Pinoys do not have access to, nor are interested in this kind of information. Bizarre isn’t it? Considering this should have been one of the things they should have looked out for in analyzing which candidate to vote for in the recent election!

      Definitely, the ROI of those who spent money on P.Noy’s campaign will be great in the next six years! They’ll be laughing all the way to the bank 🙂

      • WTF DUDE!!! says:

        no they are not laughing all they way to the bank 😉 they are Emoting all the way to the bank!
        remember they are Emosapiens xD

  13. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … ms ilda naman naman namannn “FLIPS NEED TO USE LOGIC BY NUMBERS”???

    … when it comes to NUMBERS thingy, flips are on auto-steal mode…

    … so, when NUMBERS gone, logic followed suit…

    … ay sus ginoo, flips puro kayo buwangwangs! :mrgreen:

  14. NFA rice says:


    Using “asset” to describe every child is kind of stretching it. It is more like society can view each child as an investment to develop into an asset. However investments require capital – food, training, etc. The question is how much capital is required in bringing up a child.

    Note that we are talking about population per amount of resources., not the absolute population. The closest number describing this is the population density (number per square kilometer). The population density in the Philippines is more than two times that of China. This means that holding other things equal, roughly two Filipinos are sharing one piece of pan de sal as compared to one Chinese eating the whole piece.

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