Conrado de Quiros explains why the rich and powerful are above the Law

Esteemed columnist of the Conrado de Quiros unwittingly undermines official Aquinoist spin in an amusing attempt to make something of former President Gloria Arroyo’s tardiness…

FOR THE orientation seminar last Thursday for “newbies” in Congress, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo came in late. After signing the attendance sheet at the Batasan entrance, she wound her way to the orientation room and stepped inside.


Frankly, I don’t know why Gonzales did not reprimand her for being three hours late and give her to understand that not being able to use a wangwang or escorted by cops in motorcycles and black SUVs with impenetrable windows was not an excuse to be late.

… and her being subject to procedures that otherwise have to be “endured” by most other Representatives in Congress…

[…] and now to endure the mortification of signing the Batasan logs and attending orientation seminars just to be within reach of the arc of light of power. […] Truly, dignity is of no concern to those who are hooked on shabu, or power. There are no limits to how far they will stoop to get their fix.

It is in the latter where the bigger point I plan to make lies and I begin with a few questions I might throw to the venerable columnist:

So let me get this straight, gramps, are you insinuating that following procedures is something an ex-President should be above? What is wrong with being subject to procedure?

Our man de Quiros goes as far as citing another procedure that most people — not just Filipinos — are subject to in many airports around the world…

I personally am curious to see how they will treat Arroyo when she goes abroad. Will they make her take off her shoes too in foreign airports? Will they ask her to step aside too after falling victim to profiling?

…and finishes with this:

Look how the mighty have fallen.

It becomes clearer to me by the day.

An infestation by Conrado de Quiros’s sort of thinking is the reason why Filipinos are fatally infected by a culture of crime.

Tsk tsk, gramps. You better check with your boss’s spin doctors before you make such public ululations lest you contradict the official taglines of the very Aquinoist ideology you are beholden to like a religious nut. Noynoy Aquino is taking great pains to make sure he is seen to be one of the common Pinoy, to the extent that he has opted (in a burst of populist emotional diarrhea) to subject himself to the monstrous traffic jams of Metro Manila to the consternation of his own security personnel.

And here you are making assertions of how being subject to proper procedure — the stuff that ordinary people “endure” — can be considered to be some kind of “fall”.

We constantly lament how, in our society, the rich and powerful see themselves as being above the Law. Conrado de Quiros induces an epiphany in demonstrating that it is because Filipinos see being subject to the law as a fall from grace, an indignity, and a pathetic outcome.

Nice work, gramps. With every article you publish on the, you cast greater illumination upon the dark underbelly of the Filipino psyche.


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22 Responses to Conrado de Quiros explains why the rich and powerful are above the Law

  1. GabbyD says:

    “And here you are making assertions of how being subject to proper procedure — the stuff that ordinary people “endure” — can be considered to be some kind of “fall”.”

    its a fall for HER. this is quiros’ point.

    still its a unnecessarily vindictive column. so i dont like it.

  2. ilda says:

    Conrado de Quiros is a master manipulator and the Filipinos who believe him are suckers!

    Of course GMA will not have any more of the presidential privileges, she’s not the president anymore! de Quiros is just scraping the bottom of the barrel by picking on Gloria. I can’t believe he’d rather write about this trivial thing than write about something more substantial. If it’s Noynoy enduring the traffic, in the eyes of de Quiros, he is being humble. If it’s Gloria, it’s a fall from grace! Tsk-tsk…what an idiot!

  3. Power Overwhelming says:

    Gloria should’ve made an excuse that she had a tummy-ache.

  4. ArticleRequest says:

    De Quiros: “I am personally am curious to see how they will treat Arroyo when she goes abroad. Will they make her take off her shoes too in foreign airports? Will they ask her to step aside too after falling victim to profiling?”

    Well this is idiotic. Take your shoes of for security reasons. Even monarchs do the same thing. I do not see how the “mighty have fallen”. Conrad has had illusions of GMA having some secret underground weapon or some massive army of manipulators for so long that I BELIEVE Conrad de Quiros is senile. The truth is GMA has little power and has shown little might and no political will.

    In the words of Richard Gordon, GMA is “hardworking but no political will”, “Transactional but not transformational”.
    Whatever happened to all these stories by Noynoy Aquino of GMA and a quest to power anyway? Suddenly they have all been forgotten.

  5. NFA rice says:

    I quit reading de Quiros six years ago. Florid writing but nothing substantial. He’s always on the side of the fashionable politics of the day. Anti Ramos, anti Erap, anti Arroyo, anti American, anti this and that. Wonder why he’s bitter.

    I rather listen to the opinions of the neghboring drunkards, at least I get to laugh with them.

  6. mel says:

    I think CGMA needs no orientation seminar in Congress. She is already an expert in the political field.
    Why waste three (3) precious hours when you know how to play the game?

    Unlike PNoy, Congresswoman Arroyo knows how to manage time and prioritize things.

    De Quiros’ mind seems to stick!

  7. Miriam Quiamco says:

    This article confirms it, de Quiros is a lunatic, glad I never wasted any precious brain cells reading a word he has ever written!!!!

  8. ChinoF says:

    Looks like De Quiros is confirming he’s just like everybody else who believes: Being a leader makes you exempt from the law. So when you are subject to the law, you are trash?

    Didn’t he forget which of these he was? 😆

    • interested says:

      De Quiros is the trash! I think his writing is moronic, you know, typical of speak first before you think mentality. He is clearly a good for nohing writer, just riding on the tide of popular opinion that PGMA is evil and Pnoy is good. What a waste of article space. Can’t that newspaper get a more intelligent columnist who can write more substantial articles than this imbecile? AP writers write 100 times better than this lowlife.

  9. Ryunken says:

    I swear, he’s totally telling us that the oligarchs and the powerful people are the ones who can’t be persecuted… If I was God… Then I’ll tell them this: “You’re rich and powerful… You’re still human… That means, you’re still going to die at my will and your power and wealth won’t help you!”

  10. olivia says:

    De Quiros space in the PDI is a waste of precious space. This fellow writes nothing but bitterness. I cannot fathom how an opinion maker such as him can be so one-sided.

    If I am the ruler, I would just love to jail all scribes like him who writes nothing but bad things about the government.

  11. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … why y’all castigating de q?

    … in any countries, flipland in particular, the rich and famous are above the law… so beat it!

    >>> in flipland:

    … flips HILOminaties oooopsie illuminaties are for sale…

    … supremo abugagos y abugago supremos go to the highest bidder…

    … traposakas are a dime a dozen…

    … mistahs/pmaers/private army are buy one, take a dozen as gift…

    … devout katolickdick padre damasos will barter their services for a li’l dickey…

    … and last but not least… sexy gurlz… i have lots of PESOnality… oooooh la la la … ayayay :mrgreen:

  12. Hyden Toro says:

    It is one way to look at a so called “Journalist/Column Writer” to see a prejudiced view of the country. He is trying to pander to his incompentent Boss, Noynoy Aquino; whom he is beholden to: maybe some sort of financial considerations or some earned influence.

    Gloria Arroyo is History. What she does now, does not affect the lives of the Filipino people. It affects the lives of her constituencies in Pampanga. The unabashed Quiros, who sold his reputation already; is a tool of the DIVERSIONARY TACTIC strategy of the Noynoy Aquino Administration. To cover his incompetence.
    Journalists/Blogsites like : Quiros, Buencamino, Gangelona, Filipino Voices, Lopez Media Networks, etc… Their jobs are to divert or; to take away the scrutiny of Noynoy Aquino. And, make you focus on somebody else. It worked during the Presidential campagn. There was a Presidential Debate, before the final campaign. The Media Networks scraped it all, during the final stage of the campaign; because they knew that the imbecile, Noynoy Aquino does not know the issues; and cannot give a good rebutal in any debate.

    Here are the issues; we have to focus to:

    1. Full implementation oif the Land Reform Program. Hacienda Luisita must be Land Reformed/Liberated from the grips of the Aquino Family. The Filipinos owned that Hacienda.

    2. The Squatter Problem in Metro Manila. It must be solved, as soon as possible.

    3. Food Production. We must be sufficient in rice and sugar. He must solve this in his first year.

    4. Job creation. I don’t know how he will do this. I have sufficient education and enough work experience. However, when I look at the Philippine situation. I have to be honest: I don’t know. Conversely, he told us : he can do it.

    Do not bite and be hooked on the Diversionary Tactic. Focus on Him, with your laser like focus…

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … toro naman naman namannn…

      … 1. akin’os are not the only hacienderos in flipland… there’re ‘sang tambaks na land grabbers all over flipland… if you got the guns, grab-a-land..

      … 2. squatter problem? haul them all up and send them back to the south of ‘tang inang imperial manila… all the way to ampatuan’s land of the backhoe…

      … 3. Food production? IRRI, los banos, laguna produced the world’s agri experts… they used their knowledge back in their own country to produce what flips want >>> IMPORTED RICE… flips will never, i repeat, never plant rice… because…. planting rice is never fun la la la la (me, singing)…

      … 4. job creation? flip gung gongs will demonstrate/rally in front of factories until they closed… once factories relocate to china, taiwan, thailand, etchastera, etc… then, flips will apply for the same jobs… kasi, FLIPS WANT TO GO ABROAD, PARA SIKAT…

      … yooOOoooo hoooOOooo… naka-pag-abroad din…. MGA GUNG GONGS Y BUWANGWANGS! :mrgreen:

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey watch out: the Moronic President Noynoy Aquino may follow your solutions. Then, you will regret afterwards…

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … no worries, toro…

        … prez buwangwang couldn’t follow his own shadow… :mrgreen:

  13. red says:

    Aww cmon, give GMA a break! She was late because she didn’t use the wangwang, she had to eat breakfast, woke up twice the night before because of a brownout, had a stomach ache, and the night before, she went to a congregation by the LP… oh, wait a minute…

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … methinks ate glo was late because kinabayo ni porky mickey all night… :mrgreen:

      … see, ate glo was in good mood lately… no care in the world…

  14. peachgirl says:

    De quiros, another leftist stuck in the past. You had your day you raving lunatic. All you did was provoke and confuse people in hating arroyo. Just reading the excerpts from your column depresses me. Karma is a bitch. You and The Inquirer will pay for all the propaganda you machinated for Pnoy to win the elections OVER Gibo and Gordon. I bet you’re not even a Filipino citizen like your other fellow activist Jim Paredes.

  15. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    nakakasira ng utak ang column niya.

    BOYCOTT the inquirer and also, abiascbn!

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