Is P. Noynoy Aquino humble? Not by the definition of the word

How can you tell if someone is really humble? They say that someone humble is someone who is modest, reverent, and politely submissive. A humble person is someone who is never arrogant, contemptuous, rude or even self-abasing.

In my not-so-humble opinion, I don’t really believe that President Noynoy Aquino is humble. He is so self-aware about the level of his humbleness that he comes across as more arrogant than humble. Truth be told, it can be hard (for some) to tell the real character of the country’s new leader because he is not totally honest with himself and the people around him.

One can be forgiven for thinking that P.Noy is someone who is living two lives. One moment he addresses the rest of the Filipinos by saying, “You are my boss” and then the next thing you know you will be reading about him trying to exact vengeance on people associated with former President Gloria Arroyo even if there are no substantiable charges against them. His beef with Philippine Chief Justice Renato Corona was so well documented weeks before his inauguration and now his beef with Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is what is keeping him and his secretaries busy in the first few weeks of his term. Humble is not something that can be used to describe his moves.

It’s not like Filipinos even want him to prioritize trivial stuff like the politics behind politics. In fact, most of his critics are waiting for him to talk about his economic plans in greater detail. He is instead telling us in not so many words, not to hold our breath waiting because as he and his supporters keep emphasizing, we have to now lower our expectations because he does not have the answers to all the problems.

Allow me to emphasize here now how the P.Noy mind trick works. P.Noy’s idea of being humble (apart from boasting about not using his wang-wang to get through heavy traffic) is to tell people outright that he cannot solve all the problems in the Philippines, which is of course, contrary to his simplistic campaign slogan “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap.” To quote an article from Malaya:

PRESIDENT-ELECT Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino hopes that the Filipino people will have “reasonable” expectations of him as the 15th President of the Republic, saying he is humble enough to admit that he does not have all the answers to the problems besetting the country.

And this from P.Noy himself:

“You have to be humble to say you are not Superman and Einstein combined. You don’t have all the solutions at your fingertips from yesterday. Once you are aware of your limitations, at the end of the day there are certain things to be left to God,” Aquino said.

Aquino said whenever he is confronted with a challenge, “I look back at what they (his parents) managed to do and what how managed to overcome any challenge.”

“I, so far, seem to pale in comparison to what they have achieved. Both of them taught us repeatedly do the best you can and entrust the rest to God,”

I take my hat off to P.Noy and his handlers on how they managed to engineer the lowering of people’s expectations of his upcoming performance for the next six years. His statement actually worked in convincing people not to expect much. If we are to believe again the latest Social Weather Stations survey which states that “Roughly 88 percent of adult Filipinos trust President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III even though only 14 percent believe he can fulfill all of his campaign promises…” then P.Noy’s stint in Malacanang is going to be a walk in the park.

Indeed, a President that does not plan to exceed people’s expectations coupled with an electorate that does not expect much is, shall we say, a match made in heaven.

One can be forgiven for thinking that it was “God’s will” even if God had nothing to do with people’s gullibility. Of course it has to be mentioned that SWS is owned and operated by friends and family members of P.Noy and that releasing such a survey only serves their purpose.

Let me then break down the definition of the word “humble” for the sake of argument. “Modest” is not the word I would associate with P.Noy because he wasn’t very modest during the campaign particularly when he made that speech on his vision for the Philippine economy at the Makati Business Club’s (MBC). When he spoke, I thought he had all the answers to the problem of the country. To quote:

Aquino outlined his concrete plans for the economy, saying that “good governance and the drive against corruption are critical components to the strategy.”

He said that his administration will “encourage free and fair competition in a level playing field. One not need be a crony in order to succeed in the field of business.”

He will also streamline the approval process for setting up businesses as well as for regular transactions such as the payment of taxes. Others goals of his administration are curbing smuggling and reforming the process of tax administration.

“My vision is to transform our country into one where we have lower tax rates enjoyed by all, rather than have some enjoy absolute tax exemptions while we burden the rest of the economy with very high taxes,” he said.

He will order local government units and the government’s infrastructure agencies to cooperate with the private sector to bring about “a public infrastructure program” that would transform “infrastructure projects from sources of waste and scandal into examples of cooperation and efficiency.”

Aquino ended his speech with this quote from the Clint Eastwood-directed film “Invictus,” which depicts the struggle of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president: “In order to rebuild our nation, we must exceed our own expectations.”

[Text in boldface for emphasis.]

I fail to see the modesty in his statement especially when he said then that he wants to exceed his own expectations. Likewise his talk of leveling the playing field only applies to his own cronies if you look at the number of friends who are now members of his cabinet. And his devotion to reprisals on people even without solid grounds for doing so is turning his term into one showdown after another. I wonder how much real work will get done apart from his futile attempts at getting rid of all those associated with the previous administration?

P.Noy is not even “reverent” simply because he kept dismissing those who are older, wiser and who have held respectable positions in Philippine society. One of them is former President Fidel Ramos who was giving him advice on how to unite the Filipinos and P.Noy’s response was “No thanks.”

It’s not that I want P.Noy to always be “politely submissive”, but he is not even politely assertive. Another article from Malaya recently stated “Aquino totters on brink of diplomatic gaffe.” In a recent statement about policies involving Japan, he was glibly saying that it was hard to deal with a government that always changes its leaders. To quote:

President Aquino yesterday said it is hard for the Philippines to deal with Japan because there is no long-term policy or program due to frequent changes in its leadership.

Aquino was replying to a question from a reporter of Japan’s NHK during a press conference on how the loss of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan in the 2009 upper house elections could affect the Philippine economy.

“You’ve put me on a spot. If I answer that truthfully, I might be causing diplomatic tensions between Japan and ourselves,” he told the reporter.

The DPJ’s setback meant rough sailing for Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the party’s president, who has vowed to stay on his post.

Aquino went on to say that Japan should do something about the frequent changes in its leadership, which affect its policies.

“There was a time when Cabinet ministers served for 10 months on average. So the person (who) was learning the ropes was suddenly out of the job… The Prime Minister would serve for two years, and lately they have not been serving (for that long). That obviously makes it difficult for us to deal with them. There cannot be long-term programs and policies that we can tackle,” he said.

P.Noy seems to be of the opinion that the Philippine government is way better than the Japanese government because Filipino leaders have more staying power notwithstanding the fact that they haven’t done much during their term to alleviate the poverty in the country and even if their stay only results in policies that are made to be broken. His senatorial stint for nine years is a classic example of this.

Hmmm…they say that someone humble is someone who is modest, reverent, and politely submissive. To say that P.Noy is humble is equivalent to saying that former first lady, Imelda Marcos was stingy. No siree, humble he is not. P.Noy is more of a person who is showing the signs of someone who is arrogant, contemptuous, rude or even self-abasing. If you fell for the wang-wang trick, then there’s a lot to be said about you too.

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117 Responses to Is P. Noynoy Aquino humble? Not by the definition of the word

  1. ChinoF says:

    Basically, if P.Noy (how I cringe at this) was really that humble, he’d just act on the right thing instead of mouth out all these contradictions about himself. Looks like we already have a good idea of what to expect in the coming 6 years (or five years and 11 months, lol).

    • ilda says:

      I came across a comment from P.Noy supporter in another forum and she actually said, “If you don’t expect much from him, you won’t get disappointed.” Before the election, we kept saying that his slogan is not the solution and now they are saying they don’t expect much from him anyway. Ayos! Really, it’s like talking to a brick wall with these people.

      I know that to logical thinkers, nothing in the article is new but I just want to stress that P.Noy is giving a new meaning to the word “humble.” Kailangan ba nya talagang buhatin ang sarili nyang silya every time he does something which he thinks is humble just so he can stress that he is being humble? What kind of society are we going to have if everyone will believe that they have to act like him to be considered “humble” and meek?

      • ChinoF says:

        That comment you saw comes from people who merely think that feeling or not feeling disappointed is the whole of it, and not helping in making something real. Sadly, it’s the Filipino tendencies for laziness at work (at work, how ironic, lol).

      • Lurker says:

        ilda, if you are actively lurking in PEx, and if you were quoting that statement as you recall it that statement of yours actually came from the “intellectual” crowds as AP would call non-PNoy voters.

        [I]“If you don’t expect much from him, you won’t get disappointed.” [/I]

        i refer you to this post as this was the first result that came out

        if it was not PEx you were referring to, then apologies for the intrusion.

      • ilda says:

        Hi Lurker,

        I think it was a comment from a thread in Gel Relos blog. I won’t be surprised if some of the regulars in PEX say the same thing. Comments like that are a dime a dozen nowadays. PNoy’s supporters will never admit they made a mistake. They will justify voting for him by saying that “we don’t expect much basta wag lang magnakaw”. Yeah, right! What about the other public officials and his kamag-anak, how can he guarantee they won’t be corrupt?


  2. IceQueen says:

    A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook status. I just love how it cuts the one you’re telling this to at the knees.
    I think it’s an apt message to P.Noy and the sycophants that call themselves his communications and policy advisers.

    “Don’t be so humble. You’re not that great.”

    • benign0 says:

      “Don’t be so humble. You’re not that great.”

      Indeed! One needs to exude convincing greatness first before one can exhibit humility of the sort that President Noynoy wants to project. Perhaps it is because he is wanting in greatness that he struggles to be humble.

      Humility is more evident when in the context of the ironic greatness of the person demonstrating it. In Noynoy’s case there is no such context and, as such, his attempts to demonstrate humility come across as contrived. 😀

      • innagadda54 says:

        I am not saying he’s humble but it’s easy to be humble when you have done nothing. Another quote I forgot to mention was he believed the position of president was his DESTINY. Not exactly humble.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Winston Churchill was not a man for false humility. On the humility of of his political opponent, he said “he should be humble cause he has a lot to be humble about”. Not that N/A is humble in its true sense of the word, but he does fit in the Churchillian view of humility.

    • ilda says:

      “Don’t be so humble. You’re not that great.”

      Hey! That’s a great way of putting it. By assuming that he is humble, P.Noy actually thinks that he is someone who did something significant when in fact he won the Presidency only because of his Aquino name.

      • innagadda54 says:

        “in fact he won the Presidency only because of his Aquino name.”

        that coupled with the fact his mom died around the time campaigns started for May 2010. Personally, I doubt he would have won if mommy was alive, I am not sure she would have wanted him to run. Cory was many things but not a stage mom. Unless I am missing something.

    • ChinoF says:

      Sooooooooo…. apt.

      If you need to tell this to someone, you know that person ain’t humble at all. Maybe humbleeeaaarrrggghhh. hehehe

  3. innagadda54 says:

    1) he referred to Gordon not as a person or competitor but to his place in the survey- humble??

    2) you know in kinder where you would brag about your dad’s car or your parent’s house? Stuff that had nothing to do with you ? That’s how he campaigned and won I might add. humble??

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for the reminder. Imagine, he said so many things that actually proves that he is not really humble. If I had to put all of them in one blog, it’ll become a term paper. But as SWS says, “roughly 88 percent (of respondents in their survey) trust him” ….they are just too gullible for me 😉

  4. Mike H says:

    Persi-Noy is running very fast from event to event that, for now, he manages to confuse 😕 the population as to what the key issues truly are. The most dramatic was the wang-WANG item which became focus for quite a few days. The government is so badly underfunded that it does not know how to provide the five-hundred-peso monthly social allowance to Pilipinas indigent elderly is a big issue but people kept talking wang 😆 Wang. Just a couple of days ago, Pinoys-in-Pinas —- drownings from storms. Media-killings occur at the same rate as the worst periods of previous administrations. Job-creation — no plans yet from Noynoy administration.

    Sooon enough, though, the Noynoy administration will feel the weight when grumblings — “Aba, pareho pa rin, ano nga ba ang nagbago, wala naman!” get louder.

    • ilda says:

      He needs to be seen busy attending some kind of event here and there and all that fluff just for show but the real issues remain untouched!

  5. Kahlil says:

    —Don’t be so humble. You’re not that great.”

    hehe… i love that line already. so applicable to the average pinoy attitude. just so applicable to so many people 🙂

  6. WTF DUDE!!! says:

    Mag Humble Humbolan nlng kayo mga Aquino supporters kaya pala OK lang sa kanila maging MAHIRAP! para maging HUMBLE! wahahahahaha………………………………..guess who’s laughing at the bank? “I Humbly Deposit the money at the bank” wahahahah

  7. Joe America says:

    BenignO is not humble either, but he is effective. I suppose the main complaint is that President Aquino tries to project humility, but fails, and therefore falls short of the standards set by bloggers who themselves have no such character flaws.

    Now, again, this seems to me to be an effort to put President Aquino in a box of AP’s making. Anyone exhibiting any kind of mistake or character flaw gets hammered until he either goes into the box or goes away. Or the shrill cries that sound a lot to me like hyenas baying into the woods continue. That shrillness is not very humble behavior, now that I think about it. Wanting others to toe the line, a line that has become totalitarian and upside down . . . to me, in my opinion, only one of a kind, I would note, in this thread.

    I suppose you want me to exhibit more humility, too, or fall into line with the thinkers here.

    My point is it takes a village, you know? It takes all kinds. Even presidents are people, fer chrissake. My God, the ship of fools the US has had to put up with over the term of its very successful development. The President is not the government, he is one part of it. It is dynamic.

    Let it be dynamic, the way life is meant to be. Enjoy the bumps in the road, the nicks and dents, and appreciate the fine patina of real life. Anything else is just someone’s fictional Eden, flawed by being so arrogant.

    • ilda says:

      Anything else is just someone’s fictional Eden, flawed by being so arrogant.

      Exactly how I would describe P.Noy. He is a fictional Eden of Conrado de Quiros and P.Noy himself believes in the fantasy. You are so spot on! 😉

    • BongV says:

      it’s JoeAm’s yellow kool-aide time again :mrgreen: go to FV joe – where the Noybots abound. N

    • ilda says:

      I suppose the main complaint is that President Aquino tries to project humility, but fails…

      P.Noy is beyond trying to project humility, he already is saying he is humble. Let me quote him again:

      “You have to be humble to say you are not Superman and Einstein combined. You don’t have all the solutions at your fingertips from yesterday. Once you are aware of your limitations, at the end of the day there are certain things to be left to God,”

      Whatever happened to “walang mahirap kung walang corrupt?” So, I suppose anything that he doesn’t accomplish is “the will of God”?!? That’s really laughable.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Hey Joe America:

      Noynoy Aquino is the President of the Philippines. We are common people of the Philippines. Whatever he decides affects our lives. The trouble is: he promised to us too much promises, that are impossible to accomplish. His allies, his fellow Oligarchs, who owns the Media, were active participants in this Deception. We are just giving this PHONY, his due. And, we make sure he will get it.
      Is this not fair? We just want to get even with this Jerk…

    • BenK says:

      You would be right, Joe, if the Philippines had the sort of government framework wherein the President actually was just an individual component. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way here. In this top-heavy structure even though he is functionally just a component he exerts much more influence, real or imagined, than his position can bear.

      He can have it either way: he can either be the strong leader and demonstrate that he is directing relevant action against problems that need to be solved (which do not IMHO include the Ombudsman, or his dinky wang-wang), or he can be the component, and direct his team members to get out there and demonstrate relevant action within their assigned areas of responsibility. Either would work in a positive direction; neither is happening.

      “Humility” is one of those attributes that exists entirely in the perception of others, and if it is his objective to “project humility,” he has to actually DO something to give others that impression. Simply telling everybody that he is “humble” smacks of arrogance, because he alone among the planets 6+ billion people is unfit to make that judgment. Same goes for you, or me, or anyone else — “humility” is an assigned attribute; one can aspire to it, but one can never know if he’s actually achieved it. And I suppose understanding that might be a critical part of actually being humble.

      • Joe America says:

        Now that is the kind of explanation I can appreciate. My eyes just narrowed to a careful squint as I continue to observe, but now with a touch of skepticism.

      • BenK says:

        A touch of skepticism is a good thing to have. I use it like Tabasco — apply it to everything, even the stuff I think I’d agree with.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … joe ‘merkan, ahemm ahemmm ahemmm…

      … firstly, AP has no “box”… APs are as fluid and dynamic as goo coming out of BP’s gulf gooblygook… flowing in every direction…

      … secondly, prez gung gong abnoy is a product of corruption and deception… if not for his political pedigree, he wouldn’t qualify to be a street sweeper… his credentials to run an out- of-whack flipland is comparable to congressman pacquiao’s… (oooopsie, sorry doc pacquiao, i know you invested blood and sweat to be a flip gazillionaire… while prez gung gong, niente!)

      … for sexy gurl’s standard, he’s ugly… that’s he’s still single… atsays will cater to his libido…

      … many a times, i posted that flipland electorate is 80% gung gongs, the overwhelming majority… flip gung gongs are for sale>>> a can of sardines (ligo), a kilo of jasmin rice, a can of corned beef/spam and a package of pretzels will do…

      … see, joe ‘merka… you don’t know jack about flipland form of democrazy… :mrgreen:

      • Joe America says:

        you long padre,

        Number one, as long as you are about I would agree the gobblygook flows, and there indeed is not a box.

        Number two, makes sense. daaang

        Number three, though you stopped counting, and he coughs, hacks and spits . . .

        Number four, my wife was disappointed she didn’t get her P1,500 for the governorship; she didn’t know how to maker her presence known.

        Number five, with your fine instruction, I’ll get it eventually.

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … keep trying. joe ‘merkan… you have a long way to go…

        … soon, you’ll learn the intricacies of the flip mentality…

        … wifey must ‘ve cut you some slack…

        … in addition, you sound better with your long winded posts… :mrgreen:

    • ilda says:


      BenignO is not humble either, but he is effective.

      I just realised that this is by far the only thing that made sense in your latest drivel. And I’m sure the below blog is one of your favorites from Benign0:

      A president trying to be humble comes across as a wang(ker) 😉

      • Joe America says:

        My mother always said, “Son, if you come across people who are intellectually obtuse, give them drivel to feed on, for they will not comprehend intricacy.”

      • ilda says:

        How touching…spoken like a mother who was trying to hide the truth from his son…that only she can ever understand his son’s drivel and that one day his son will come across Pinoys who will vote for someone like P.Noy Aquino… 😉

      • ilda says:

        You are still taking things personally Mr Joe America. It’s as if my blog is entitled: “Is Joe America humble?Not by the definition of the word!” This is an open forum and you are free to comment here but I don’t understand why you have to go personal when you don’t agree with the article. For the record, you are the one who keeps bringing up your family around here. First it was your wife and now it’s your mother. Who’s next? The subject is P.NOY, por favor!

      • BongV says:

        @Joe – and you still haven’t learned your mother advise, tiguwang na ka tonto ra ka gihapon

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … joe ‘merkan, wawa ka naman… (translation: poor thang!)

        … you have to quote momma to keep up to my ascendancy…

        … hang tight, victory joe, you’re getting there… :mrgreen:

    • ChinoF says:

      AP doesn’t have its own box of Aquino. The media is the one making its own box that tries to hide the gaffes of the dear prez… and that box is full of holes. AP is just showing things without the box. 😈

    • BongV says:

      excusez moi joe…. while i was in the philippines i kept my silence … knowing if i spoke i will be shot… now that i am out .. i will speak my truth.. and joe.. or you… can take it or leave it… inasmuch as i take your comments – and either i agree with it or i don’t… i understand your view – you understand my view – or you don’t or i don’t

      state the reasons why – if you agree or not.

      when you include moi in your initial outburst as to “why am i not in the philippines and out there and pissing at the wind” – because I did not agree with your view that I should respect Aquino – I think you should look at yourself seriously and take the advise of your own post.

      if you can’t recall that comment – it’s up to you to look for it.

      so if AP does not agree with you – then it does not agree – you are actually behaving in a manner which you ascribe to AP thugs.. susmaryosep.. Jedi mind tricks are so yesterday get over the melodrama joe.

      you came into ilda’s thread – then you accuse AP of trying to bring Aquino down – WTF? sino ba naman di mafgri-react nyan. that’s a very dangerous thing to say in the Philippines – people and families can die – MINE.. you lived in the Philippines for what? I lived in that country for thirty some years – I bled for it and love it more than you can imagine.

      so dontcha be pulling that dramatics you sound like an ABS-CBN soap opera :mrgreen:

  8. Mike H says:

    How can anyone say that the Noynoy administration is effective?

    Just think of the government website — still down “under construction”. :mrgreen:
    How much work does it take to get a formerly-operating website to be up and running again?

    Noynoy administration will dance around their non-performance saying there are other emergencies. But now sit down and think what are the unexpected emergencies that the Noynoy administration is tackling. UNEXPECTED emergencies —- can’t be the media-killings, those were happening in the prior months. Can’t be a sudden surge of jueteng fever. Can’t be the weather events. Typhoons strike Pilipinas like clockwork. Can’t be the inauguration ceremonies. Can’t be an H1N1 flu epidemic. Can’t be an HIV/AIDS epidemic. Can’t be world rice prices having jumped.

    There are no unexpected emergencies and yet, the Noynoy administration has been unable to bring up the official Pilipinas government website. What adjectives or adverbs do you use for this?!

    • Mike H says:

      Now imagine how responsive the Noynoy administration can be when there is a REAL emergency. What magic ingredient will Noynoy use when such an event happens — 😯 wangWang?

    • ilda says:

      His latest beef is with PAGASA for not personally warning him about the typhoon. Hellooo! What was his staff doing? What exactly are they busy with lately? There’s an article saying he is meeting ombudsman Gutierrez. Is he trying to convince her to resign? As far as I know there is no case against her yet that will stick. We’ll see how the drama unfolds in the next weeks or months. 😉

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        And so, he starts bitching about mere motes… and then gets caught with his pants down and two miserable inches hanging from between his legs. Mater Dei, will the president PLEASE focus on the more important issues at hand instead of tearing assholes out of his subordinates just because they don’t sing the “Laban” hymn as fervently as he wanted them to sing it?!

      • benign0 says:

        Yeah, I wrote about that whole PAGASA thing here. This was a good observation made by a guy in PEx referring to the “scolding” Noynoy gave to PAGASA people over the typhoon devastation:

        kaya pala ha, nagtataray kasi nuhuli nanaman sa pansitan eto si abnoy

        Translated: “That explains it, he is showing false annoyance considering he was caught fiddling while Rome burned yet again“.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Wait until the next Typhoon Ondoy will hit us. I hope he will drown in wherever he is: good riddance for this pest…

    • mel says:

      Few days after election, Past President Arroyo’s staff offered PNoy a smooth transition of power but the latter snubbed the offer. Then came chaos in the palace and they said:

      “pagpasensiyahan niyo po dahil bago kami…”

      If PNoy is humble, the words should be “pagpasensiyahan niyo po dahil GAGO kami” !

  9. BongV says:

    ilda don’t be writing bad about Noynoy – JoeAm’s wife pesters him everytime he reads AP.

    I have this feeling that JoeAm is making AP a scapegoat if he can’t rebut his wif’s asinine worship of Noynoy for fear of sleeping outside the kulambo 😆

    • ilda says:

      lol…but it’s the making up after fighting about AP that he should look forward to 😉

    • Joe America says:


      I don’t like sleeping out on the terrace with the mosquitoes.

      And, as truth would have it, these days, the discussions on AP are much more robust than at FV. Here the sponsors contribute; there they snooze.

      As for Ilda, when do we get to the making up part? Now THAT sounds fun.

      And to be truthful again, I find the President a bit smarmy, personality wise, and disorganized, organization wise. But he is the President, and deserves more time than a month before being skewered and barbecued and tossed to the few sharks that remain in nearby over-fished waters. For me, that is . . . y’all can do whatever skewering you want.

      • BongV says:


        Aquino is not getting a free pass by playing the “victim card”. He’s got you hook, line, and sinker. 😆

  10. bokyo says:

    To name a few
    1. When losing the surveys, he said surveys can be bought in Quiapo
    2. When winning the surveys, he said he has the voice of the people
    3. When asked about Gordon, he said he don’t need the opinion of a “tail” ender
    4. When asked about quitting to smoke, he said it is necessary for his stress he doesn’t need anyone to tell him that
    5. On his campaign, he said he was “destined” to be a president
    6. On Corona, he didn’t acknowledge the guy as the Chief Justice. It took him months to acknowledge him
    7. On FVR’s advise, he said “no thanks”

    . . . Too many to mention. I can’t even believe how people suck up on his false humility. They even want us non believers NOT TO EXCEED EXPECTATIONS of the guy! That’s very submissive IMHO. They will tell you that “you’re thinking backwards, you’re not moving forward” . Tsk.

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for adding to my collection bokyo

      P.Noy cannot escape his own words. It will come back to bite him. 🙂

    • Hyden Toro says:

      The imbecile President just does not know what he is talking about: try to understand this ignoramus whom you elected as your President.

    • Lilly says:

      “3. When asked about Gordon, he said he don’t need the opinion of a “tail” ender”

      Noynoy really said that? Seriously?

      • ilda says:

        Yes, seriously Lilly

        Here is the link to that famous dismissal of Gordon by P.Noy during the campaign.

        And here’s an excerpt:

        At the same presidential forum, Sen. Dick Gordon asked Noynoy what he had done during his nine years as congressman to help his constituents in Tarlac. Noynoy dismissed this undeserving of a reply since it comes from a survey tail-ender. How honest can one be? Spoken like a true son of hacienderos!

      • Lilly says:

        Oh wow. It’s just a small comment but I’m struck speechless with how crass, immature, unbecoming, and STUPID that throwaway line was, including its speaker.

        Sadder still is the way the millions who voted for him even condone Noynoy’s assholery and total incompetency. Apologists sure sprout out like mushrooms. I guess they’re okay with paying their taxes and having most of it squandered due to the president’s inattention.

  11. BongV says:

    Now, again, this seems to me to be an effort to put President Aquino in a box of AP’s making.

    Disagree. This is constructive criticism from AP – more valuable than the media seminar noy paid for where they were taught how to lie with finesse.

    Anyone exhibiting any kind of mistake or character flaw gets hammered until he either goes into the box or goes away.

    Disagree not just anyone – you are talking about the President of the Philippines. His decisions can make or break the country. As such, his mistakes need to be pointed out so as not to be repeated and not to take a course of action that is prejudicial to the national interest.

    Or the shrill cries that sound a lot to me like hyenas baying into the woods continue. That shrillness is not very humble behavior, now that I think about it. Wanting others to toe the line, a line that has become totalitarian and upside down . . . to me, in my opinion, only one of a kind, I would note, in this thread


    The only shrillness is that of a deluded person whose attempts to paint a hunky dory regime as the messiah of the Philippines sounds like the shrillness of a mouse nagged into delusion after marrying a deluded shrew. 😆

    • Joe America says:


      You disappoint me sometimes. I never took you for the type who will distort things for the win, or hit low in the ring, for the win. But I see I was wrong. Your backpack is a little full of bitterness, I think, and it weighs you down with your own delusions.

      • WTF DUDE!!! says:

        WTF? delusions?

        let me see this one? the comment of BongV?

        “Disagree not just anyone – you are talking about the President of the Philippines. His decisions can make or break the country. As such, his mistakes need to be pointed out so as not to be repeated and not to take a course of action that is prejudicial to the national interest.”

        Joe America its common Sense na Noynoy’s decisions can impact our country DUH!!
        and u call that delusional? a person using his common sense? wow ur soo delusional!

      • ilda says:

        Well, the SWS survey is what’s helping convince some people like Joe that P.Noy is someone who needs to be given some slack. The emo mentality is inflicting Joe the American 😉

      • WTF DUDE!!! says:

        u mean turning him into a EMOSAPIEN

      • BongV says:

        @joe – I am enjoying my schadenfreude moment 😈

        draw first blood about bringing my personal circumstances in the scene and I’ll gladly respond – tit-for-tat – it’s a slippery slope joe – you disappointed me first – I am just returning the favor. ball is in your court.

      • Joe America says:

        I honestly don’t recall bringing up your personal circumstances, though I agree that if I did, I was wrong to do so. I do recall having written here and there complimentary remarks about your abilities, and wishing there were more people in government here in the Philippines having those abilities. I have also complimented you on your productivity and constructive blogs. I also commended your excellent history a while back, and referred to it a couple of times in my own writings. And I grouped you with Benign0 and BenK as writers who can attack the issue without unreasonably going personal as the basis for responding to objections.

        But still, one’s personal life is off limits, in my book, so if I did raise it, I regret having done so. The only thing personal I can recall about you is that on occasion you like to sit in the pool sipping martinis or somesuch, and you have been engaged in charitable works, providing books for Filipino kids. Maybe my brain was doing the old age disconnect . . .

      • BongV says:

        @joe – you ought to remember your previous comments on what am doing “out here” and all that jazz as if am trying to “bring a government down” – to the point UP mentions “there is NO box, you can’t box AP , you don’t know jack” — if that doesn’t shake your noggin – so be it – I will not be surprised 😆

        you should have taken your own advise before you hit the keyboard with that sorry-ass comment of yours – believe you me – you wanna take that road – I’ll ride with you.

      • Joe America says:


        I don’t see where those comments are personal. They see a pattern of consistent thought on AP that is negative about the Philippine President, and a tendency to berate anyone who argues otherwise. My point has been that I will hold respect for President Aquino and give him time to work his office, not prejudge him or condemn him for every time he does something I disagree with. He is not required to conduct himself “Joe’s way” or “Bong’s way” or any way but what he considers best. If he does that, and the “Philippine Condition” gets worse, then I’ll condemn the acts I believe are wrong. Otherwise, I’ll be respectful.

        For than, I am accused of being a mindless Aquino backer, and my wife is insulted for making up her own mind . . . because her determination differs from yours.

        No, my wife is honorable. I aspire in that direction. I believe in respect for the nation’s president as a good starting point. I believe it is nearly impossible for anyone to meet someone else’s expectations, when the bar is set up to tilt “fail” at every glitch.

        As for the “My mother said” comment, it just goes to show that some people’s sense of humor is not intricate. I sometimes put words in Mom’s mouth out of artistic license.

        And your threats don’t mean dogshit to me. It is just the old-school Filipino way of reaching for the intimidation first and the gun next.

      • ilda says:

        Wow! Calling someone “intellectually obtuse” is not being personal?!!

        Oh, I get it! If it’s Joe America insulting the blogger, Joe America thinks it’s “begging to differ” but if it’s the blogger trying to explain the point further, Joe America believes it’s “berating him.” It makes real sense just like it makes sense how Pinoys keep voting for leaders like P.Noy!

        Mamang Joe, stop forcing your views on other people. When did we show disrespect to P.Noy anyway? But it is P.Noy who is damaging the position of the presidency with all his gaffes. His supporters are saying it’s time to unite but why didn’t they think of that in the past when they kept writing negative things about the other candidates and the former president?

        What’s their idea of uniting anyway? To keep quiet and to stop criticizing? C’mon Joe, I already dedicated a whole blog explaining this to you. Here’s the link again:

        Filipinos should learn to question authority intelligently

      • BongV says:


        Bingo – you don’t see it as personal, I do. I don’t see it as personal – you do.

        Your interpretation is all yours, people can beg to differ – that their intention is different from your perception – and vice versa.

        As to the consistent thought on AP that the President is negative – we were negative on him BEFORE the election. we are still negative AFTER the elections. Aquino seems to be dancing to the AP forecast BEFORE the election, and on cue 😆 😆 😆 Losing your marbles Joe? 😆

      • Parallax says:

        As for the “My mother said” comment, it just goes to show that some people’s sense of humor is not intricate. I sometimes put words in Mom’s mouth out of artistic license.

        you should try open mic night for stand up comedy and see how far telling your booing audience “tough crowd! down with you thugs!” will get ya, joe emorica.

        drama queens never expect their jokes to fall flat.

        hope you get the clap, joe.

      • Parallax says:

        here you are again joe, deliberately applying the logical fallacy “poisoning the well”.

        it must be so difficult washing off the stench of hypocrisy on you (considering how you bandy about your affinity to “doing something constructive“) like the squirt from a skunk. of the 53 words you used to reply to bongv’s comment, you devoted 48 words (91%) to poison the well here.

        have i told you you’re a real phoney mr. joe america? because if i have, i just wanna remind you again, and again, and again.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey Joe America:

        I respect your belief, even it is out of sync : “respecting a person, because of his office.”
        Noynoy Aquino has no respect of himself. No words of honor. He promised to Land Reform his Hacienda Luisita, give it to his tenants. Is he lifting a finger on this issue? No sir, he is putting it in the Backburner. Including the implemention of the Land Reform Program; that can bring out our people from Feudalism. He is the biggest Feudal Lord. And, he is determined to remain that way…

      • mel says:

        @joe america

        “For than, I am accused of being a mindless Aquino backer, and my wife is insulted for making up her own mind . . . because her determination differs from yours.”

        If your wife is insulted, why not let her speak for herself?

        President Noynoy Aquino is NOT new in the field of politics. He failed as a Congressman and as a Senator. How can you give respect to someone who does not deserve it?

        He ran for the Presidency because he was pushed to by his allies concerned about losing their wealth. He took advantage of emotional voters. He knew (and knows) that he is incompetent to do the job. That is hypocrisy to its truest sense!

        By just visiting Tarlac, you will have an idea of his accomplishments and believe me only made for Hacienderos (Robinson’s Supermarket and Starbucks). If you visit PNoy’s own Barangay, nothing significant. As if time stopped ticking there.

        PNoy has wasted time and still is, wasting time!

      • ilda says:

        Good on you Parallax.

        I always enjoy your comments 😉

      • BongV says:

        @joeam – i am not fond of long winded sentences – and innuendos – i say it straight. aquino is wasting people’s time – he has been governing like a mule since day one – he does not deserve respect! he has not earned it – not on the blood of the farmers who died in Hacienda Luisita – hell no. ❗

      • BongV says:


        and if you disagree… i will not lose sleep over it… i don’t freakin care..
        and you don’t have to agree with me either.. ano ako.. taga-FV? 😆 :mrgreen:

        lighten up joe.. i thought you can handle dark humor.. 😈

      • Joe America says:


        When I see the humor, I try.

        And I say it straight. I’m more a more patriotic Filipino than some of the folk here, no matter how they will twist this comment backwards.

        But thanks for inspiring my current blog, as things rather fell into place with this latest set of reamings I got.

      • BongV says:

        @joe – you are the judge of what YOU define as humor. I am the judge of what I define as humor. as to your post – I think it is a very good reflection of YOUR behavior in AP – how righteous 😆 😆 😆

        what you just wrote about is exactly how you behaved on AP joe… plus the fact that your replies are OFF-TOPIC – and yet you are still being tolerated – and you have the gall to post … sheesh… tingnan mo nga naman – ugaling Pinoy na si mang joe – binigyan mo ng daliri, gusto buong kamay… 😆

        screw you 😆

        having said that.. i’ll still drink beer with you… but i don’t think you can’t handle it…- heck you’ll have lots more to write about…. :mrgreen:

      • ilda says:

        I wonder what star sign he is? He keeps thinking that he is the centre of the universe. He keeps making this about himself and his wife too.

        Now, if he was kind enough to put the link to this thread on his latest blog, at least his readers will have a chance to see both sides of the story. They can judge for themselves who was out of line.

        Now I understand why he likes P.Noy. They both get bogged down with trivial stuff and can’t move on until they exact vengeance.

      • ChinoF says:

        Noynoy Aquino, born Feb. 8, 1960 – Aquarius, year of the… Rat. 😆

        A wet rat? 😈

      • ilda says:

        I was actually wondering about the kano’s star sign because he is so sensitive 😉

  12. NFA rice says:

    The wisdom of Aquino. The nation wants a decisive leader yet he promises humility. Maybe Benigno Aquino works in mysterious ways?

  13. benign0 says:

    Aquino ended his speech with this quote from the Clint Eastwood-directed film “Invictus,” which depicts the struggle of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president: “In order to rebuild our nation, we must exceed our own expectations.”

    Tsk tsk. And now he and his publicity machine are doing all they can to lower the same expectations that their moronic campaign raised to high heavens just a few months ago.

  14. Hyden Toro says:

    It is the characteristic of the Aquinos: they are VINDICTIVE people. Look at Cory Aquino, how he treated Marcos. Now, Noynoy Aquino is doing the same to Gloria Arroyo. The Aquinos built their reputations and had risen to power by: destroying other people, and their political enemies. This is the truth; if you just look at their accomplishment. Had they done anything good for the country. I don’t think so. They were used by the U.S spy agency C.I.A. ; to bring down Marcos thru “EDSA.” Have they Land Reformed Hacienda Luisita? No Sir, they protected it. Even killing unarmed tenants. Humility is a character of true deeds; not by products of: lip services;of journalist paid hack psychophants; or public relation people promoting false appearances.

  15. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … HAMBOG is more like it,.. (for non tangalog – arrogant and boisterous)

    … prez gung gong abnoy “HUMBLE”? (hambol, flip kasi)… nakatambay ako sa tarlac for quite sometimes, rarely he or his family paid any attention to “that basurero”… until somebody whispered who the basurero was…

    … ay sus ginoo… i have yet to meet a humble flip… :mrgreen:

    … in ‘merka, flips/flipflams do not acknowledged me unless i addressed him/her as DOCTOR so and so… bwi hi hi hi :mrgreen:

  16. boombox says:

    Ayan.. natabunan na ang Wang-wang hype after the Basyang hit us… haha..

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … good news about basyang…

      … kilo ng bangus at tilapia is very cheap… beri-beri tsip…

      … the fishponds in laguna de bay were damaged by basyang… the dead bangus and tilapia floating in pasig river…

      … hey mga parekoy, come on down at mamulot ng fresh-dead-fishes…

      … sarap ng daing/tinapa na bangus y tilapia… :mrgreen:

      … ay sus ginoo… may ulam na naman ang aking ‘sang tambaks na anaks sa labas…. 😳

  17. All of my family (except myself) voted for Noynoy, and when I was debating with my father about Noynoy’s shortcomings, his reaction was: he’s not Gloria (meaning he’s honest), and he has enough backing to win. I was simply horrified by the logic. There will be no progress in the Philippines if we cannot get out of that state of mind.

    • ilda says:

      I know how you feel. Sometimes people’s reasoning can make you feel like you are in The Twilight Zone!

    • ChinoF says:

      Hey Richie… Damn! The very deception used by the Yellow Camp… anyone not theirs is Gloria’s! Effective use of the “us versus them” propaganda… sadly, Filipinos bite it.

  18. meh says:

    his tailender comment never fails to make my blood boil.

  19. ben says:

    BongV- “schadenfreude moment”

    Hahaha! I love it! U seen Avenue Q? hahaha!

  20. ChinoF says:

    A friend told me that under Noynoy, “heads will roll, the economy’s looking up…” Problem is, I wonder whose heads will roll (certainly not yellow heads), and whether that will really fix the economy.

    • Lilly says:

      Well, PAG-ASA heads seem to be a-rolling, but I’d rather see the rolling part *after* proper restoration efforts were mobilized. Rescue and restoration first, castigations later!

      • Mike H says:

        A friend mentioned to me that PAGASA scientists, given 4 to 8 months, can find 🙂 jobs overseas.

      • ChinoF says:

        As if head-rolling will solve anything, but cause uglier heads to pop out of the hydra of corruption.

        Poor PAGASA. They’re the victims of more idiocies by a “humble” administration. 👿

  21. Ryunken says:

    Mr. AnNoy-ing![President Noynoy] is somewhat an idiot in himself… We the people should do our best… Higher expectation than what Mr. AnNoy-ing! is telling us what to do.

    He disregards the advice of a wise man, and still listens to idiots on the board.

    Mr. AnNoying!’s government will still be under construction up til’ the end of his term. Thanks to his IDIOT BOX[Himself and his allies and them idiots who believes in Mr. AnNoying!’s Magic]

  22. innagadda54 says:

    The following I wrote on Noynoy’s recent reactions to killing and extreme weather

    • ChinoF says:

      May I react on your reasons:
      1. Even Lady Gaga has talent, since he composes her own songs too. Besides, Filipinos love vocalists, not musicians (know the difference? 😉 ).
      2. “The president wants…” so cliched. And if it comes from the “humble one,” it’s even more useless (Hmm, Humble One or Humbled One? hehehe).
      3. My comment above will suffice for the PAGASA snafu.

      • innagadda54 says:

        1. My guitar friend player came to Manila 2 years ago and he has seen maybe all the great guitarists that are alive. He finds Freddie Aguilar’s son extremely good. That skill took development. Teenaged girls love Charice just like they love Miley amd HS Musical and Jonas Brothers. . I don’t use teenaged girls as barometers for talent. I am over forty.

        2. The President wants. Just like Mr.Bigglesworth wants.

        3. He wants the gullible to think he is Clint Eastwood facing some corrupt Marshall.

    • ChinoF says:

      I forgot to say… Good One! 😀

    • mel says:

      And I thought there was something wrong with me wanting more….

      thanks, innagada54! 🙂 Now, I know I am still sane!

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  24. Daniel R. Malunhao says:

    💡 so what do we do? we always have something to say? we want this and we want that… we dont like it and we like it………bottomline its still up to us as a nation……. majority of our people have spoken……… if we want change, then lets help make a change……..its really a pity… ours is a nation of whiners… we complain to much and we dont even give any suggestions on how to make achange…. masyado tayong magaling lahat……… Let us be simple….. Pres. Noy is PNoy……. wala na tau magawa dun… ang question is what do we about the problem of our country? lets ponder on that first? Ikaw, Ako, ano ang magagawa natin, period. and probably the so called “change” we are clamoring……..may come. as the worn out saying goes, Change starts at ourselves……

    • BongV says:

      exactly wala tayong magawa kundi maghintay at manood ng kabulastugan ni noynoy – simula sa WANGWANG, patungo sa pagiging LATE – change nga… TUMANDA NG PAURONG 😆

    • ilda says:

      @Daniel R. Malunhao

      Wala talaga tayong magagawa sa katamaram at kayabangan ni P.Noy. The majority chose someone lazy, arrogant and someone who does not have a clue what to do next.

      We are pointing out people’s mistake here so in the next election, they will use their brain before voting for someone like P.Noy, any of the Aquinos or someone like Erap again!

      And hopefully, P.Noy’s handlers will talk some sense into him when and if they bother to read stuff like this!

  25. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    i give the idiot masang pinoy until May 2016.

    A repeat of stupidity and the masa can go f_ck themselves.

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  27. He talked via Bloomberg News during the campaign period that if he did not win as president, there would have been cheating. And subsequently, a bloody people power would ensue, something worse than the recent Thailand incident. Humble nga. When it comes to being famous naman among the Filipinos, the survey agencies perhaps do not have a concept of someone being infamous.

  28. ace_of_death_of_ace says:

    Hi guys! I’m new here. I came across this site accidentally.But as the saying goes, accident does happen for some purpose. Anyway, I thank everyone for sharing their views, esp., on our current political situation. I am learning alot from you. How’d I wish that more our of countrymen will see the light before the end of the tunnel. For sure, I’ll be inviting my some of my friends to visit your site for some reflection. And I hope one day, I can join you in the discussions…Thanks to everyone.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Jimi Hendrix

  29. kamote says:

    yeah right, he is definitely humble. (sarcastically speaking)

    He is complaining about his “cell house” na para syang nakakulong everytime na uuwi sya. but he doesnt actually want to live in the palace yet he keeps on complaining and complaining about the malacanang park where he lives now and about the boat ride he uses to cross the pasig river.

    Who gives a f*ck if he stays in the Palace? he’s the president anyway. Showing humbleness at a wrong place?

    Wang wang thing? to show off another humbleness yet he keeps on becoming late from his appointments? 

    What is so great about him to be humble about? I just really dont get it. 

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