In the News: Charice Pempengco undergoes cosmetic enhancement

Philippine society is full of contradictions. One of its many contradictions is that the Philippines is populated mostly by religious zealots and yet its people are quite tolerant of sexual and lifestyle deviants. About ninety percent of the population in Philippines are Christians, eighty percent belong to the Roman Catholic Church while ten percent belong to other Christian denominations. Considering the country’s population is reaching its 100 millionth mark, that’s a lot of Christians bundled together in one place. It is said to be one of two predominantly Roman Catholic countries in Asia, the other being East Timor. However, a lot of Filipinos behave very un-Christian like. Their behavior is actually enough to put other people off Christianity.

If you don’t believe me, just look up the name Kris Aquino and you will see pictures of her praying but at the same time, you will also see write-ups about her marriage annulment, sexual liaisons, plastic surgery, public spats with other people, marriage annulment (again), etcetera, etcetera. I don’t know how one can possibly reconcile that kind of behavior with her Catholic upbringing . Despite her very public meltdown, she is still hot property among advertisers because of her appeal to the masses. Filipinos both young and old still adore her. How’s that for inconsistency with Christ’s teachings?

But enough about Kris Aquino. Many people actually think she is just being herself and are quite forgiving of her. Maybe it has a lot to do with her last name too. Any further discussions about her and people will think you are either being petty, corny or even envious of her. People don’t expect her to behave in any way different to most other celebrities, like working out differences in a civilized and private manner. Some people actually admire her and want to emulate her in the way she shows everyone how to make problems go away — through having a lot of connections and more importantly, a lot of money to live the carefree life.

That’s how it is in Philippine society nowadays. People will forgive you for anything if you belong on the right side of the fence. Hey, they will even vote you in as the head of state even if you are one of the most unproductive Senators in the Philippines. Now, that’s another contradiction in itself because sloth is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

One of the most shocking things I have read lately is the news about the new Filipina singing sensation, Charice Pempengco. The news item stated that the eighteen year old had recently undergone non-invasive plastic surgery courtesy of the Belo Medical Clinic. Read an excerpt below from the article and weep:

MANILA, Philippines – Charice recently underwent non-invasive cosmetic procedures at the Belo Medical Clinic as part of her preparations for the second season of “Glee.”

It was Dr. Vicki Belo who did the thermage and Botox procedures on the 18-year-old international singing sensation.

While the 30-minute thermage procedure was painless, Charice was in tears as Belo injected Botox in her face, specifically in the jaw area. Charice admitted that she was afraid of needles.

Belo explained that the thermage and Botox were meant to make her “naturally round face” more narrow.

“Charice’s face, I’ve been noticing, it’s been getting wider… That’s why she looks mataba, although the body is very small, because your face is getting wide. One of the reasons for that, nagchew-chewing gum [siya]… Our chewing muscles, if you chew a lot of gums, it gets bigger,” Belo said.

Call me old fashioned but whatever happened to loving yourself for how God made you? I’m not the most religious of people and I believe that what people do with their lives is none of my business. But I’m just trying to point out that Filipinos are fond of quoting God and using the Almighty to justify their actions but do the opposite of what God supposedly wants them to do.

I really don’t understand how the rest of my fellowmen can tolerate such superficial preoccupations. I don’t see anyone else being outraged by Charice’s decision to alter her looks.

There are so many things that actually bothered me with the above news item. One of them is the fact that at a young age, Charice is being made to believe that she needs to do something about her looks in order to fit into the Hollywood scene. I wonder who among her handlers initiated the idea that she needs to look a certain way in order to make it there? It is quite ridiculous considering she already got noticed with her original appearance anyway. Someone needs to tell Charice pronto that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” before she starts looking like Joan Rivers at twenty years old.

Another thing I found disturbing are the lies that doctor Vicki Belo is telling her. How big a factor does chewing gum play on the size of or amount of fat in people’s cheeks anyway? That lady is one piece of work.

Unfortunately, in a country so obsessed with titles and diplomas, the title “Dr” before Vicki Belo’s name makes her so credible that people believe her nonsense. The problem is, one does not need to be a psychiatrist to see that Ms. Belo is promoting an unhealthy way for Charice to regard her physical appearance. Years of therapy may be needed to undo the damage she could potentially be inflicting on Charice. It is also sending the wrong message to the rest of society; a message that you need to be perfect to be accepted by everyone and to be considered successful.

As of this writing, that article has been shared almost 600 times and retweeted almost 200 times. I can only assume that people find it great that she went through the procedure, which is sad and disturbing. I suppose it is because almost every Filipino is proud of her at the moment for making it in Hollywood. Here we go again latching on to the very few times a Filipino makes a name for herself overseas. Why can’t we be proud of our own even while they are still within our shores? Why do we only pay attention to someone when they are making waves in the international scene?

For that matter, if Charice really wants to prepare for her role in Glee and a career in Hollywood, she’d better be ready to bare a bit of skin. Sadly, not too many in Hollywood had ever made it big without showing a bit of flesh. Let’s face it, Charice might have a voice good enough for the international audience but what other talent does she have? She cannot write her own songs, and we (and the producers) have yet to see if she can really act. It remains to be seen if her stint in Glee will bear fruit in the long term.

If I were in her shoes, rather than concentrating on enhancing my looks with plastic surgery, I would work on enhancing my talent in the performing arts if that is really what she wants to pursue because talented people are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Any one can sing but if you don’t have the “it” factor, then you won’t last there. If Charice’s fifteen minutes of fame runs out and she does not have any other alternative other than doing a karaoke songfest, it is “bye-bye” as soon as she says “hello” to Hollywood.

Don’t get me wrong though. I am happy for her success; it is just a shame that she has to ruin her reputation by undergoing cosmetic enhancement. A newspaper headline from one of the newspapers overseas is even titled “Glee Teen’s ‘tox shock!” It makes one wonder if Kris Aquino as a role model has desensitised the whole of Philippine society to the whole plastic surgery world and made these procedures more acceptable.

Philippine society is full of contradictions. In a society that is so afraid of hell, Filipinos would do what it takes to make it anywhere even if they have to sell their soul to the devil.

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187 Responses to In the News: Charice Pempengco undergoes cosmetic enhancement

  1. FreeSince09 says:

    Old news but still depressing.

  2. Ian Lopez says:

    According to your post, “…It is also sending the wrong message to the rest of society; a message that you need to be perfect to be accepted by everyone and to be considered successful.”

    Tell you what – you conform to “high” society and the elites, you’re destroying your dreams and ambitions. Don’t let those crabs pressure you to conform to the inhibitors of creativity and imagination. Make your own path, and screw those who try (or even force you) to follow the beaten path.

    • enteng says:

      I think I know what you’re getting at.

      Also, Charice is now a public figure, known and idolized by many people. Most public figures must remember that most of their fans look up to them and sometimes, what they do to their own (body and) lives, most fans thinks it is right so they emulate and follow them. :/

      • ilda says:

        Your comment is spot on again enteng!

        Please read this comment GabbyD!!!

      • Lilly says:

        [quote]Most public figures must remember that most of their fans look up to them and sometimes, what they do to their own (body and) lives, most fans thinks it is right so they emulate and follow them.[/quote]

        While this certainly is what’s happening nowadays, the thought that kids depend on their favorite celebrity to teach them what’s okay and what’s not when it comes to this things is a way of thinking that should be abolished. Fat chance that this lemming tendency will be unlearned though, since pop culture is heavily trend-driven, with the stars as the leaders.

  3. ChinoF says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t add “more skin whitening” to the procedures performed on her. 😆

    • ilda says:

      I haven’t seen her in person, but pictures of her looks like she isn’t that dark so she probably decided she doesn’t need it 😉

  4. Lilly says:

    Hmm. While I’m saddened that Charice let them do away with her cute cute CUTE round face, I’m not really one to raise an eyebrow when someone undergoes the knife to alter their looks, especially if they’re in show business. Their looks are their main assets in show biz, never mind if their strengths lie in other talents like singing.

    Nonetheless, I really don’t care if people want to change what they were born with, not in this day and age when even companionship is something that can be considered expendable.

    Just that…nakakahinayang. I really think Charice looks cute as she is. If Charice WANTED the surgery or at least made to believe she wants it, then good. But if she was FORCED to undergo the surgery, then that’s where my indignation comes in.

    • ilda says:

      Well, like all teenagers Charice probably sees something that other people don’t. Like she probably considers her face fat. Thing is, it does not help that the people around her (like her mom or dad) and Vicki Belo did not discourage her considering she is still young and can still change her mind once she’s older and wiser. They fed her insecurity with artificial solutions but the effect won’t even last long. If she becomes dissatisfied with the procedure, it might lead to more procedure in the future. I heard plastic surgery can be addictive.

      • Lilly says:

        That’s what probably happened. They probably fed her with a lot of fashion magazines and made her believe that their idea of beautiful is her idea of beautiful.

        If I had a daughter who’s undergoing insecurity over her looks I’d help her out by advising her on how to choose the most flattering haircut, or helping her out with her choice of wardrobe depending on her preferred style, like what my mum did for me.

        But I’d never ever tell her to go under the knife–that’s essentially saying “you’re not good enough the way you are”.

  5. richard sison says:

    she’s only 18? she looks like math teacher. and she’s famous? why?

    • ilda says:

      She’s famous because she appeared in Oprah and she had a duet with Celine Dion. Now she guesting on the hit show Glee.

      I don’t think she looks old at all. She still has that young looking face which is why I was shocked to read about the procedure she had undergone. I wouldn’t even dream of having my face done and I’m a bit older than her 😉

      • Parallax says:

        i didn’t buy it either when dra. belo pitched the bullsh1t that chewing gum made her chewing muscles bigger. she must think everybody’s an idiot to believe that.

        if chewing gum makes chewing muscles bigger, then we ought to be scared about moving our eyebrows in any direction eventually thickening our foreheads where the eyebrows are tugged to form expressions. heck, we prolly should never ever move any part of our face to keep it from developing thick facial muscles. best if we ate lechon, isaw and sinugba through a straw! babyfood will be all the rage for keeping a youthful, non-thickened face. no chewing needed.

        if belo is to be believed, then we all might as well put all the contents of the pot into a blender and then try to enjoy sinigang na bangus as a smoothie.

        oh, what about this – imagine your tongue becoming thicker and thicker because of daily use. yipes!

        then again, belo’s line of business involves bullsh1tting people into believing they need stuff fixed/improved.

      • ilda says:

        LoL 😆

        I read somewhere that botox actually adds more lines in the long run. What it does is it freezes the muscles to supposedly prevent wringles, among other things. But there was a research that says other parts of your face that did not receive the botox will give (something’s gotta give!) while you speak or do your facial expressions. So eventually when the effects of the botox wears off (it only last for a few months), not only will you develop the natural frown lines, you would have added lines on areas that weren’t supposed to not have lines! Creepy!

      • miriam quiamco says:

        Actually, the opposite is true, the more you use your jaws for chewing, the stronger they get and the more pronounced the facial contours of your face become. Older people whose chewing prowess is compromised by their lack of appetite and their weakening teeth may not chew sufficiently, so that they develop weak jaws, contributing to that sorry look on their faces, accentuating their wrinkles and age. Many experts in Japan lament the bad diet of younger people who subsist on fast-food which does not require a lot of chewing, thus, their jaw-lines get saggy and they start to get a deformed facial expression, like that of an older person. Many a TV program here educate the public on the importance on using the jaw muscles by eating chewy food like dried squid and meat everyday so as not to change the natural shape of one’s face.

        What is the doctor talking about, she must think the media are idiots and surely enough, they will propagate such an ignorant opinion and the public will believe this charlatan uncritically.

      • mel says:

        Chewing is also important to avoid inflammation of the parotid glands or the salivary glands.
        Saliva is the liquid secreted into mouth containing water, proteins, and enzymes. It moistens food and starts the digestion of carbohydrates. Reduced chewing activities can lead to maldigestion and obstipation. It is also a cause of bad breath because a dry mouth is prone to bacteria multiplication.

        Quite irresponsible from a well-known doctor to say in public that chewing makes one face “mataba”. Charice has still her baby fats she will surely lose by exercising and without Botulinum!

    • ChinoF says:

      She’s lucky. That’s all. 😆

      • ChinoF says:

        Oh, and she went abroad, because here, she won’t become that famous. 😉

      • crab says:

        correction: she is famous in pinas. she just go THERE to conquer the globe. you know ❓

      • ChinoF says:

        You know, some people may not know that she was a contestant in Little Big Star in 2005, a show on ABS-CBN. She didn’t win. Years later, she kept on posting Youtube videos hoping for another chance. So who took notice? Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres! None of the local producers did! Thus, she would have not become famous here if she did not become famous abroad first. Hence, we go to the message of one of my articles. 😆

        You know, some people may have advised her, “you have to look older.” Probably like that little girl who wants to grow up fast. The cute round face won’t work for that… but I agree with Lilly. I actually like the cute round face.

      • miriam quiamco says:

        Mel, thanks for a well-informed opinion on chewing, now, Bello has a lot to learn from you.

  6. GabbyD says:

    ” But I’m just trying to point out that Filipinos are fond of quoting God and using the Almighty to justify their actions but do the opposite of what God supposedly wants them to do.”

    did god say we cant change our physical appearance? where did god say that?

      • GabbyD says:

        yes. the answer is: “The Bible does not specifically address a Christian having plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. There is nothing in the Bible to indicate that plastic surgery is, in and of itself, wrong. ”

        there u go. thats the answer.

        the rest is the author quoting various passages that are tangentially related. but one must understand the context in which these are interpreted.

      • ChinoF says:

        But the message is also that cosmetic surgery, when done for the purpose of vanity, is prideful, and things done for this kind of pride indicate a sinful nature.

        Plastic surgery is not wrong when you’re fixing the harelip of a child or a face burned off in an accident. But it is when you do it just to feel like looking good, even when you already look good, or no matter what you do, you’ll never look good. Remember, the act itself is not necessarily the sin, but the mentality behind the action is.

      • GabbyD says:

        ah, thats the KEY issue! is it about VANITY? more importantly, how can u tell?

      • WTF DUDE!!! says:

        In short the means does not justify the end.

    • ChinoF says: on Biblical principles about appearance, which is the root issue in cosmetic surgery.

      What the Bible Says About… Appearance

      Vanity, vanity… all is vanity.

      • GabbyD says:

        what is vanity? go ahead, define it.

      • ChinoF says:

        Vanity (Wikipedia) – excessive belief in one’s own abilities or attractiveness to others.

        1. excessive pride in one’s appearance, qualities, abilities, achievements, etc.; character or quality of being vain; conceit: Failure to be elected was a great blow to his vanity.
        2. an instance or display of this quality or feeling.

        Vanity is a subset of pride, and pride is noted as one of the greatest sinful attitudes.

      • GabbyD says:

        oh, hindi mo na-completo ang analysis…

        now that u have a definition, does it apply to charice’s case?

        is this because of her excessive belief in one’s attractiveness?

        does she have excessive pride in her appearance?

        is that the reason for the non-invasive plastic surgery? do u have proof of this?

      • GabbyD says:

        so just to be crystal clear: the actual SIN is VANITY. cosmetic procedures MAY or MAY NOT be VANITY.

        u need to prove she is “guilty” of vanity first, before accusing her of violating a religious argument[which she may or may not hold personally… but thats another issue].

      • ChinoF says:

        I guess the other people here like Enteng and Eleanor have better explanations on why Charice’s cosmetic surgery is not a good thing. Still, the procedure she underwent is related to vanity since it was for beautifying reasons. There’s excessive pride in this case, and that’s what Ilda is pointing out. Asking for proof that vanity is related to this is like asking, “why did the guy change the flat tire? Show me proof that it needs to be changed!” Sorry, GabbyD, you’re not missing the point anymore… you just refuse to accept it.

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … it’s the same as education…

        … to land a good job, you have to have an education…

        … to land a good job in the entertainment biz, you must look good… NO UGLYASSFLIP por favor…

        … it’s part of the game…

      • GabbyD says:


        did u not read ur link? i’ll summarize it for you:

        1) cosmetic surgery is not bad in and of itself
        2) its bad IF it involves vanity.
        3) vanity is “excessive pride in her appearance” among other definitions

        now ur argument is: ALL cosmetic surgery is vanity coz it involves beautification… that TOTALLY IGNORES UR OWN DEFINITION.

        once u say “all cosmetic surgery is vanity” u’ve abdicated all critical thinking for a lazy algorithm.

        its not that easy. the tire example doesnt work either: it is possible to have excessive pride in how full of air ur tire is?

        i hoped more from u. i hoped u could correctly apply a word’s definition to a moral issue.

        1)-3) ARE ALL ur arguments/links chino. i didnt link them. u did. i’m merely taking them at face value. u are ignoring them when it doesnt suit u.

      • ChinoF says:

        You did not get the basic message of the articles I linked to.
        They say that it is better NOT to have plastic surgery, when your natural features are what God gave to you. Because if you decide to have plastic surgery to beautify yourself, it is most certainly vanity, and a wrong motive. Basically, for what other reason would you have plastic surgery if you don’t have an injury or medical reason?
        Learn to center on the main message of a writing rather than bog yourself down with details on how the article said this and said that. I’m afraid you’re the one who’s abdicated all critical thinking and gotten down to fabricating all these tangents that you put into the articles you read, because only you can see them.

        Good day.

      • Parallax says:


        it’s the oldest trick in the book to bog the other guy down by asking for the definition of this or that every step of the way. unless you’re having fun educating a brick, suggest you respond to this guy rather sparingly. believe you me, sometimes, less is more.

        in his case, more is none. 😕

      • ChinoF says:

        I’ll just post stuff to benefit the other readers. They could use it. The other guy of course, could not. I’m sure they’re either laughing or pulling hairs in frustration at the other guy’s reaction. 😆

      • mel says:


        I must admit I lost my patience with GabbyD with his/her asking for definitions and examples (repeatedly, as if in a classroom spoonfeeding a student), but I admire his/her quench for knowledge and the patience of ChinoF dealing with the situation.

        @GabbyD. In case you will read this, please take it as a constructive criticism and get over it.

      • ilda says:

        Thank you Master Chino for responding to our GabbyD. His comments look very urgent and needed the utmost attention. Fortunately, I have been busy and was unable to respond quickly. I can see you have done a good job. The rest of the wise commenters here should suffice to answer his desperate rebuttals.

        Muchos Gracias.

    • Parallax says:

      did God say you’re a point-misser, gabbyd? because he might not have said it, but we sure as heck know it.

      • GabbyD says:

        is that it? nothing more to add? how about AN ACTUAL ARGUMENT?

        geez, this is boring…

      • Hyden Toro says:

        The Christian Bilble was written 2,000 years ago. When people walked and ride in donkeys. Some part of it are relevant. Some are not, for today. Take the teachings that work for today, in our age, in our times. Leave the rest behind. Same as other Holy Books like the: Holy Koran; Bhagavhad Gita; Shik Holy Sriptures; Mormon Bible; etc…They were writen many years ago.

        This is the reason we have: suicide bombers; religious fundamentalists; religious radicals; religious wars; religiuous persecutions and disenfrachisements; etc…

        You are applying the beliefs many years obsolete; to our present digital age…They just don’t coincide…

      • Parallax says:

        how about you grow a brain so that you won’t bore yourself, gabbyd?

      • GabbyD says:

        ouch! serously? no arguments? NOT EVEN ONE?

        i have faith in u. i think u can come up with an argument.

      • Parallax says:

        why, thank you, gabbyd. so sweet. mmmmwahh!

      • GabbyD says:


        my point is distinct.

        before u use religious arguments, u must KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN first.

      • Jay says:

        is that it? nothing more to add? how about AN ACTUAL ARGUMENT?

        Awww, beaten so fast that you have to take an exit already? Last I checked the person who doesn’t agree with the argument has to give burden of proof to supplant the current points of the argument already made. I’m utterly surprised you made ChinoF do all the work for definitions. You would have been the MAN if you went through with it and succeeded.

        Too bad GabbyD, you are getting lazy. I’d love to do your work but by doing that, I may eventually have to supplant you. And I don’t want to see that.

    • GabbyD says:


      i surprised u used religion as ur main argument. u could have used a secular theme, which would also aid ur “cultural” argument, which is ur conclusion anyways.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey Dude:
        I’ve read and studied these religious books, for many years. All of them have the same premises:
        (1) we are all created by an Almighty Creator; and you must love Him above all else. (2) love your fellowmen, as yourself. ( Do not do unto others, what you don’t want others do unto you.) These are Universal Principles. The concept of God,on each religion is different. God is in the form of Trinity in Christian faith. God is a Spirit and Formless, in Islam. Bhagavad Gita tells us of our Astral self. Extra Terrestials once came to Earth. We are still like Blind people figuring what an Elephant looks like. There is no Absolute Truth regarding any religion. The tenets of every faith came from these Holy Books, written many years ago. They do not coincide with our digital age. This is my opinion. If you share them. Thanks. If not, Thanks, also. So, take what you believe works, for you. Leave the rest behind…

      • ilda says:


        I’m not surprised that you are surprised what ever angle I and the others use around here.

  7. IceQueen says:

    Somehow, I’m reminded of the “Sunscreen Song” particularly the line that says:
    “Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.”

    I’ll follow up on that one and say “Do not consult aestheticians, they’ll always tell you you can be prettier.”

    Some people are just never satisfied. Oh well….

  8. innagadda54 says:

    As for Kris. Same old cliche. If you are poor you are weird or insane. If you are rich you are eccentric.

  9. innagadda54 says:


    Who is Charice? If you believe local concert promoters, she is the most talented girl in the world.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      She is just one of the famous singers in the world of entertsinemnt. And, she happens to be a Filipina…

  10. famous wolf says:

    This is why Invictus is my favorite poem. I will tread a different path from what is the norm, I will dare to be different, I will not listen to anyone who insists that I forgo who I am and be part of a faceless society that sees the norms as a stagnant repetition of living. Which is why I think this and being Filipino is slightly contradictory.

    • ilda says:

      I haven’t seen the film. I will have to add Invictus to the list of films I need to see before I die 🙂

      It sounds like the message of the film is spot on to what I am trying to say here. We need to try and be different! Good on you.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey Ilda:

        You have all the right to disagree with me. I respect your point of view; the same way you will respect mine. I see the trend of thinking of Filipino women improving. No longer the submissive and passive:Maria Clara…

        Celebrities should not be placed on Pedestals. Worshiped by adoring fans thruout the year. They are good for entertainments. Not good as role models. If they make an ass of themselves: to gain fame; to be noticed by adoring fans, in order to market themselves; or to be just some kind of assholes, then, let them do it. It does not bother me. Does it bothers you?

        Dr. Belo is a licensed medical practitioner. If she promotes Botox treatments, and Plastic surgeries. She is only doing good marketing practice. She is running a business, that is: appearance enhancements on all kinds of people…

      • ilda says:

        I can understand your point in saying that people are free to make an ass of themselves. Of course not everyone will copy Charice. Rational people will see the procedure done on Charice for what it is: something unnecessary and a bit indulgent. Rational people will not fall into the same trap as Charice. The problem is, the Philippines is populated by a lot of irrational people. Irrational people will see her procedure as something that can be accepted in society.

        As I said earlier, the preoccupation with this kind of extravagance can lead to all kinds of other unlawful behaviour in the long run like stealing money just to continue with the lifestyle. I am not saying Charice will steal one day but others who don’t have money might because they will get the impression that stuff like cosmetic enhancements can make them happy. I hope you realize that people like Gloria Arroyo (who they say also had breast augmentation) are accustomed to a certain lifestyle that is why they easily succumbed to corrupt activities.

        I hope you get what I’m trying to say here. Society’s problems should be attacked on all fronts. People’s bad behavior will eventually lead to any society’s downfall. It does not matter if the country is rich or poor, it is not good when the people overindulgence.

        The irony here is that Filipinos claim to be followers of the teachings of Christ and yet defy what he is saying. His core message is humility. I don’t believe that having cosmetic enhancement is a sign of humility. If they want a different lifestyle to what the Bible is saying, then they should not be quoting God all the time. They look very hypocritical when they do.

        As to Vicki Belo, I think she should be disbarred for revealing something that should have been confidential.

  11. Hyden Toro says:

    Charise Pempengco wants to look good. What she does to her body is her own business. If she makes her face bigger; her breasts bigger; her skin whiter, etc…does not affect me. Kris Aquino is different. Because; she involved herself in the deception of the election of her brother; the imbecile Noynoy Aquino. The family portrays itself, as Holy, compared to anybody else. Supported by Priests and Nuns of the Catholic Church. They are violating the tenets of the Catholic Church dogmas: adulterous relantionships. Why did the Church people never raised any voice? In truth; they even become part of the “sinning”; by providing: marriage annulments to Kris Aquino; to satisfy her raging libido for a new man. We are all confused, because these people teach us all: not commit adultery. But, we found their Poster Family of religious ideals; prominent members in it; flagrantly commiting adultery. Truth is strange for this religion…

    • Dee says:

      I agree. She had botox, big deal. Yeah it’s a little sad to hear an 18 year old getting botox, but well, she is in a legal age to decide for herself. As long she is really willing, the procedure is safe, and the changes are for the better, I don’t see the problem. I think the issue is being over analyzed. How could you compare vanity with adultery? You might as well mention idolatry since there’s so many Filipinos who seem to be worshipping celebrities.

      • ilda says:

        Gees. I’m not old yet but has times really changed that fast that Filipinos hardly raise an eyebrow nowadays on cosmetic procedures?!?

        Not even on someone who is only 18 and still growing?!?

        I’m sure you were a teenager before and you know what it’s like to be preoccupied with your body. You don’t seem to realise the implications of what she did for her self-esteem. She might not be engage in sexual liasons as Kris but if her self-esteem reaches the same level as Kris, you can bet that she will go down the same path.

        Over analyse? Most Filipinos don’t even know how to properly analyse anything. Your comment is proof of this.

      • Dee says:

        Haha. If I underwent a cosmetic enhancement at the age of 18, I would be embarrassed. Didn’t I say that I found it sad that Charice had to do it at 18? I know someone who had a nose job at the age of 15. He’s now 20 with no regrets of going through that procedure. He said it boosted his self esteem and there’s no doubt he’s very much happy with his new nose. He’s not even embarrassed about it at all. I was definitely shocked since he was the first person I know who underwent such surgery. I don’t know Charice on a personal level so I don’t want to judge her. I assume you don’t know her either. So neither you nor I can be sure what this procedure will do to her self-esteem. Maybe like my friend, Charice will be happier with her appearance.

        You don’t think I understand its implications for her die-hard teenage fans who might emulate her cosmetic procedures? This is not new. Britney Spears. Lindsay Lohan. Bad role models. I know that because she’s a celebrity know, she might have been forced into doing it. The fact remains that she is a celebrity. And as a celebrity, her assets include her talent and her appearance. So again, if it’s safe, she’s willing and she’s happy with the results, I don’t see the problem.

        I don’t know how majority of the Filipinos reacted to her botox procedure. But based on the article, you’re saying most Filipinos approve of it? Would you have really liked it better if it was the other way around? Or would you say ‘Oh here goes the overreacting Filipinos again?’

      • ilda says:

        You and I both know that not all cosmetic procedures end up successful. You and I both know that it costs a lot of money to hire a very good cosmetic surgeon. What if a fan of Charice is desperately unhappy with her looks and seeing that Charice had undergone the said procedure will conclude that it is the only way for her to be happy? What if she does not have the money to do it? You and I both know the likely outcome of that kind of mentality.

        Again, I am shocked at the way you dismiss cosmetic enhancements as if it’s just like getting a haircut. You need to step back a bit and think about what you are saying.

      • Lilly says:

        Actually ilda, I think majority of the FIlipinos are still prejudiced *against* cosmetic surgeries. The societal stigma that cosmetic surgeries hold over people’s impression towards those who have them still stands.

        Hence, we still have news items in the boobtube like “Si Blahblah Nagparetoke! ALAMIN!”. If Filipinos are dismissive about noselifts and chinjobs we wouldn’t be encountering those types of useless news fillers.

      • ilda says:

        One other thing that others like Dee fail to realise is that Charice will attract the wrong kind of men. No man in his right mind would want to go out with someone who has voluntarily undergone a procedure to alter her appearance. Cosmetic procedure is cheating.

        A friend of mine told me that Charice was in the news in the US because her age has ignited a debate about how young is too young to have a procedure done.

        You read it here first at AP: if Charice is not careful, she might attract negative publicity for the hit show Glee and the producers might just fire her.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Hyden

      I would have to disagree with you on some of your comments. You said that “Charise Pempengco wants to look good.” Who says she doesn’t look good? Is it her opinion? Her fans? Her parents? Or is it Vicki Belo’s? If she got noticed by Oprah, Celine Dion and finally the producers of Glee with her original look, why change it? It’s obsolutely ridiculous!

      She is still young and the minute she decided to announce to the world a very private matter, it is my opinion that the rest of world, especially the Philippine society needs to weigh in on the negative implications of her actions. Cosmetic enhancements will not be the end of it. She needs to feel good about herself and the body that she has by working on her self-esteem. There are a lot of people who underwent boob jobs, nose lift and still felt inadequate after the procedure. People should not use cosmetic enhancements as a weapon to use in fighting their own demons.

      • Dee says:

        Ilda, you’re basically saying that it would be Charice’s fault if one of her poor fans underwent an unsafe and unsuccessful cosmetic surgery. Charice should obviously not be held personally responsible if someone emulates her cosmetic procedures and fail. And plus, there could be so many celebrities to blame.

        Just because I don’t condemn Charice’s botox like you and others here, it doesn’t mean I’m a supporter of cosmetic enhancement. Just because someone is pro-choice, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he/she is pro-abortion, does it? It simply just means the person believes the every individual should be given the choice and the ability to control his/her own body. Do I think she’s too young to have botox? Yes, I personally think so. When I think of botox, I think of old women. But bottom line, it’s Charice’s face, so she can do whatever she wants with it. If the procedure turned out to be unsuccessful and she regrets doing it in the end, well there goes the problem. But it’s a problem that’s neither yours nor mine. So all I can really say is that I hope she knows what she’s doing and she remains happy with the result.

      • ilda says:


        I cannot believe that you can be so insensitive as to not care if some innocent misguided girl becomes a victim of the cosmetic industry. Is this your pride talking? Because you are not making any sense anymore. Charice is a victim of the pressures of the industry she has entered into. The industry demands that they see someone perfect on screen but society must tell her that it is ok to be imperfect.

        You have no concern whatsoever with where the morals of society is heading. You are a classic example of someone who has been desensitized because of your exposure to friends who have undergone plastic surgery. Now you are making it sound like it is ok for people to mess with their bodies. You should be a spokesperson for the cosmetic industry because you will make lots of money.

        There are some things that would have made a difference to the idea of someone having cosmetic enhancement. If the person was a grown woman and have thought things through for one; or if the person has had a big weight loss and needs to remove some excess skin; and there are other circumstances involving adults needing cosmetic surgery that can be justified but altering your face to get an acting gig is just plain cheating. And the bottom line is that the matter should be kept in private. Charice chose to broadcast it so the public has the right to air their opinion.

        When people try to discuss things the way we do here in this forum, it means we care and we try to nip our society’s problem in the bud before it becomes an even bigger problem. I just hope that messages of encouragement like yours will not reach Charice lest she thinks that everyone is ok with what she has done.

        As I’ve said earlier, even media in the US, Australia has weighed-in on the matter and if Charice creates negative publicity for the show Glee, that might be the end of her career in Hollywood.

        BTW, the fact the you are not bothered by how Vicki Belo made fun of Charice’ “fat face” says a lot about you.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hi Ilda:

        Charise Pempengco feels, she does not look good. She went on for the Botox treatment. She is old enough to have a mind of her own. Let us all respect her decision; and not become nosy about it.
        Our country maybe a Feudal Oligarchy, masquerading as a Democracy. However, we still have some rights; including the right to make an Ass of ourselves…

      • ilda says:


        I will have to respond by saying I don’t totally agree with you lest some people think that you are 100% correct.

        For one you are not a woman and you don’t know what it feels like to feel the pressure to be beautiful especially when you haven’t got the maturity yet or built up confidence through years of living. Two, every teenager goes through a phase of being obsessed with their bodies but it will pass. Someone close to me almost had a breast augmentation and I am glad that with the help of her family and friends, she managed to come to terms with her body.

        What I am trying to say is that Charice is at a vulnerable age when she is still gullible to believe these so called “experts” who give her the wrong advice. If she had given it some thought, researched about the procedure, then it would have been a different story. It is plain obvious to the whole world that it was Vicki Belo’s idea for her to have the procedure done. Some of her fans are now saying that it was for a medical procedure but that statement was no where in the original publicity stunt (even with videos) of her and Vicki Belo explaining why and what needs to be done to her.

        As I said before, she is now a public figure and she has a responsibility to her fans to avoid sending the wrong message. Cosmetic procedures will not solve every individual’s image problem because not all cosmetic procedures are successful and not everyone has the money to do it. If she had done it in private and not told everybody, it would have made a difference because certainly she was limiting the harm to herself and not influencing other ignorant fans.

        We need to help each other create a society where superficiality is not tolerated. Since they have made this matter public, people need to say what they think. And if you notice, even the media in other countries have written against what she has done primarily because she is still young and she doesn’t even need it. Not to mention they are disgusted with what Vicki Belo has done just to promote her clinic. If anything Hyden, you should be angry at Vicki Belo for promoting this kind of lifestyle.

      • ilda says:

        If we look at the bigger picture Hyden, people’s obsession with image will eventually lead to other activities like corruption. Think about it, if people have to support their excessive lifestyle, they will resort to stealing.

        The situation with Charice is not as simple as some people think. It’s not just about someone’s right to mess with her or his body. It is also about making ignorant people, those who live mostly below the poverty line, understand that it is not ok to be obssessed with the goal of catering to a lifestyle created by the media.

        This is why in my blog, I had to introduce Kris Aquino because most people dismiss her as only harming herself but it is not true. Her lifestyle is actually admired by a lot of people and they have wrongly accepted that she can afford to behave that way because she can. Kris Aquino has contributed to the spiralling of the moral standard in the Philippine society and we have to correct that.

  12. enteng says:

    omo, she’s too young for that … 😦 ,

    The news actually saddened me, though im not that much of a fan. I heard in the news that it is not for any “cosmetics” or “beautifying purpose”. Belo said that because Charice grinds her teeth, doing botox can help her get rid of it. Uhm, I don’t think Belo is the right person in that field, I have a few friends who grind their teeth and they didn’t have botox but was cured in other ways!
    Sheesh, just say it was for beautifying purpose, ugh! she really is too young for that. :/ and I agree with what Ilda said, why didn’t her parents or other adult people discourage her from doing it?? They’re supposed to guide her since she’s still young.

    One Chinese proverb actually says that a womans face changes 7 times during her lifetime. Based from experience, I actually looked so different just 5-7 yrs ago and she’s actually younger than me. Her feature will still change through time so why do botox?? 😦

  13. crab says:

    talk about showbiz: hehe

    im not against to any botox , plastic surgery or what as long as she can carry. a 21st century thread.

    ang kokontra mga oldest. 😆

    good lock Charice. show to the world that pinoys are talented.

  14. crab says:

    ruin her reputation by undergoing cosmetic enhancement. ❓ i cant find any logic on this statement.

    parang nagiging inconsistent na si ilda. 😀

    • ilda says:


      honey, I don’t expect most Filipinos like you to get what I’m trying to say here. Most Filipinos like you have to resort to riding on other peeople’s success just to feel good about being Filipino. Do yourself a favor and try to make a name for yourself or just be proud of what you do if you do it well enough.

      She is now a public figure and the whole of society has to weigh in on what she does. If you are proud of her for what she has accomplished because you think she is doing the country proud, then you should also be ashamed of what she does when she does something that will taint the image of Filipinos.

      Don’t think that just because cosmetic procedure is common in Hollywood, it is already ok. Ay naku naging Katoliko ka pa!

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … manang ilda naman naman namannnn

        … everything was okey-dokey until the trailer >>> “Ay naku naging Katoliko ka pa!”

        … 1. the aquino clan is a devout katolickdicks… santa ate cory…

        >>> kris a is a sex maniac…. notorious maneater

        >>> prez gung gong abnoy is a bigamist… left hand in morn, right hand at night…

        >>> the rest of the aquino sistahs, nan doon pakalat-kalat sa vegas…

        … 2. ditto with the arroyo clan… santa ate glo, santo porky mickey…

        >>> start their day with a breakfast prayers at shangri-la with archbisupsop tt …

        >>> the entire arroyo trapos are ladrones garapales…

        … 3. don’t get me started with santa ate imeldifcuk ooopsie imeldific… :mrgreen:

  15. bokyo says:

    Kung gusto magparetoke ni Charice, di ok. Basta ba alam nya yung ginagawa nya, after all, 18 yrs old is the considered age of maturity for the ladies.

    Just expect another round of tweets and fb status like “Charice is oh so great in Glee! I’m proud to be a Pinoy!!” . New bandwagon in the making

    Come on, the “I SAW A JOLIBEE IN GLEE” scene made the Pinoys go crazy (I don’t recall Americans t go crazy when they see McDonalds or Burger King on TV) , how could this be any different.

    Though I watch Glee because of the show and not because of Jolibee or Charice 😛

    • ilda says:

      I believe at 18, she is not mature enough to understand the implications of her actions. They say that the human brain is not fullly developed yet until 25. She will either reget the procedure or love it and come back for more and before you know it, we won’t recognise her anymore because her face will be totally altered.

      Even Britney Spears in her mid-twenties was forced to let her dad take care of her personal and business life again after her very public meltdown.

      • Lilly says:

        [quote]I believe at 18, she is not mature enough to understand the implications of her actions.[/quote]

        A lot of 18 year old kids will be enraged with this comment. But yes, 18 year old kids are still kids even if they feel that the world (or how they perceive the world to be) is their oyster.

        I think I was the same too, when I was 18. Then I realized how stupid I was when I started working and earned my own dough. 😀

      • bokyo says:

        Lol. 😀 Charice may have earned her first dough at the young age, but consenting to Belo for a botox is a new level

      • Joe America says:

        Ilda, say, I was going to say the same thing! What’s goin’ on with this likeminded thinking? To be young and famous sometimes seems to cause a gap or twist in the maturity link, ala Michael Jackson or Brittany, and all the others whose names escape me because I am old and senile but too arrogant to admit it.

        Where youth moves through stardom well, they usually have strong and well-balanced parents. I wonder about Charice’s parents? Are they engaged in her upbringing and choices, or are her “handlers” in charge of all of her development?

        Inquiring if forgetful minds who don’t really care about stars or researching the question are wondering . . .

      • ilda says:

        What’s going on is maybe one of us has loosened up in bit in the last two days 😉

        Celebrities have a world of their own. Their mind is their own enemy and it can be very powerful. If people keep saying you are great, you end up believing them. If you don’t mingle with common people for a long time, you end up being deluded just like Britney, Lindsay and the late Michael Jackson just to name a few. Ones in a while someone has to bring us back down to earth for some perspective.

        Charice’s parents are obviously not well-balanced. Who in their right mind would subject their 18 year old child to Botox? Crazy, just crazy!!!

  16. ben says:

    I actually don’t blame Charice here… I blame Belo really, coz she pointed out Charice’s big head making her look fat. I think there’s more to the story than just what the article says. But in any case, I don’t think Charice has done much wrongs here, regardless of her “Christian” beliefs or what not. Kris is a different story tho. Best we keep topics on Kris and the likes.

    • ChinoF says:

      I guess that’s it. It seems someone endorsed her to Belo, and Belo is using it as another publicity stunt to boost her business. This is business anyway. It’s just that the way it’s conducted sometimes has us shaking our heads, no matter how harmless it seems. 😐 It’s not Charice per se is at fault. She’s another ladybug caught up in the deadly web of Pinoy showbiz.

      • ben says:

        Yeh shes more of a victim. I mean, this was her first goal, to get famous in her own nation. She didn’t get it at first, but after being internationally recognised, the pinoys took advantage of her. It’s a sad site really. Being Filipino is such a bummer sometimes. tsk tsk…

      • ilda says:

        She’s a victim alright. She’s a victim of society. I blame the adults around her for not guiding her.

      • Zadkiel says:

        Yeah! another Belo’s way to promote herself

  17. eleanor says:

    That should be easy to figure out. By undergoing cosmetic enhancement, Charice is sending the wrong message to people, especially young girls, that it’s something you have to do, instead of putting out the message that you should be happy with yourself. Nobody really likes it when an 18-year-old has cosmetic surgery, hard to believe you can’t wrap your head around that.

    • eleanor says:

      Oops, I meant this as a reply to crab, somehow the comment appeared here even after I clicked “reply” under crab’s post.

  18. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … yo flips, it’s called TALENT and luck!

    … ya hafta have both to be at my homegurl’s league…

    … the gurl got talent to be noticed… now that’s she’s rich and famous, she can do whatever she wants…

    … puro kayo inggiteros y inggeteras… :mrgreen:

    • ChinoF says:

      ‘merkans recognize charice’s talent, flips, dont.

      merkans manage talented flips; flips ginagago ang talented flips…

      if not for ‘merkans, cong fcukiao would still be a squat in cdo

      I agree she has talent… and have to agree with these observations of yours from the Shoutbox…

  19. Welcome_To_Earth says:

    I wonder who convinced her to get botox in the first place? Maybe changing her appearance is a shallow attempt to hide the fact that she has very little talent to begin with.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … ‘merkas’ premier talk show hostesses, multi-billion $$$ music record companies, and first rate shows recognize charice talent…

      … and who are you to say that she has itty bitty talent?

      … at least, charice shows her botoxed face while you are hiding behind a whitey avatar…

      • Welcome_To_Earth says:

        Again, they are just cover artists who are known for mimicing others, rather than coming up with their own material. Let’s just see how far this will take them. Not very many people here in the U.S. really know who she is, just the philam community.

        Hmm, then I guess that avatar’s your real picture then.

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … ‘merkans are shrewed biznezmen… they do not sink in $$$ for nothing…

        … flipflams/’merkan wannabes are different breed… they are lost soulS in the sea of immigrants… :mrgreen:

        … i don’t have an avatar… dang you auto avatar… go away… : 😳

      • cardcrusher says:

        To a certain extent, Welcome To Earth is correct. How Charice’s album performed on the Billboard 200 indicates that she didn’t cross over to a wider demographic of mainstream audiences. It was the Fil-Am community and an Oprah boost propelled Charice’s album sales for the most part.

      • ChinoF says:

        I guess talent, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. And if the beholder is a bit vision-impaired… well, you know. 😆

      • Welcome_To_Earth says:


        Then we have differing definitions of what talent is then.

    • @Welcome_To_Earth,

      Arnel Pineda gots talents. Not only this guy can sing on stage, Arnel is “Jackie Chan” on steroids. He can also shoot guns, quite well. Tell me any Filipino that don’t know how to cap a gun?

      Here a [photo shoot] with Arnel at the gun range in California. This guy is down to earth.

      I cannot pass judgment on Arnel’s talent, specially shooting a gun(s)

    • ChinoF says:

      I think Charice, et al, have talent… but arguably not the best talent in the world.

      I guess some people have talent for making use of these “talents” for their own purposes… as is the topic of this article… other Filipinos have the talent just to be inggit… right, Ulong? 😛

  20. @ilda,

    Just a thought.

    Why didn’t you include CGMA on this post of yours,? it would have been perfect; her breast enhancement. GOD who knows, what else she has spent our TAX money on.

    Rather using Kris Aquino, as a subject.

    Maybe next time…[…]

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for adding to the list of those who have done it Mario

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      Wasn’t GMA’s breast enhancement done years before? A teacher told us in class once that she had it before she entered into politics, some time after she graduate from college.

      Just asking. 🙂

      • miriam quiamco says:

        Yeah, I also heard this, so Mario, no worries on GMA spending tax money on her breast implants. . . And besides, she has not publicized it to be emulated by the gullible types.

      • bokyo says:

        Though the public still made a big fuzzed out of GMA’s implants . . . Basta chismis, mabilis! 😀

  21. silvercrest says:

    I liked Charice when she dressed and looked according to her age. Then she started wearing those skimpy clothes and heavy make-ups. I thought, “here comes another Britney”. Now having this operation…urgh! I knew it!

    Though we have the right to do anything with our own body, being a public figure has specific obligations. Just like Spidey’s Uncle Ben said, “With great power come great responsibility”. Think about all those fans thinking, if she did it, it must be OK. Unfortunately, those around her failed to give her the right advice. She may be young and still is unaware of the showbiz scene but her parents, managers and Vicky should know better. I agree that Vicky is using her considering the major blow to her business by of Hayden’s videos. Being in her profession, she should know that a person’s face transforms several times in a lifetime. Knowing this and still encouraging Charice is immoral.

    I hope this reaches Charice and hopefully allow her to make better decisions in the future. For now, I don’t support her.

  22. Joe America says:

    Nice to have this change of pace. Drop Kris Aquino from the message and you would have posted the first breath of fresh air here in a long time.

    Two thoughts.

    I am struck by the difference between Catholic faith as it is practiced in the Philippines and the evangelical movement in the US. The Filipino Catholic seems to incorporate his or her religious beliefs as a part of a bigger umbrella of superstitions. It is amazing how many superstition guide the faithful flock. At the other extreme, the evangelicals are steeped in spiritual connection with Jesus Christ, and pretty much set aside God and His shenanigans in the Old Testament. For myself, I think religion simply provides an anchor for people who can’t figure out the chaos and occasional unkindness of life rationally.

    The biggest cosmetic industry in the Philippines is the whitening cream business. Like, do you you happen to run for the shade to keep away from the browning effects of the sun? This is not done for health reasons, but for reasons of social standing. Much like Charice. The Philippines may be the only place in the world that discriminates against itself for its own skin color.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … joe ‘merkan naman naman namannnn

      … flips practice fake catholicsm…

      … flips pray to fake gods, i.e. santos y santas >>> i.e, santa ate cory, santa ate glo, santa ate imeldifcuk… :mrgreen:

      … in ‘merka, flips become fake ‘merkans aka ‘merkan wannabee aka flipflams…

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … joe ‘merkan naman naman namannn

      … now, you know why you’re treated like a royalty in flipland… and i know that you’re loving it… don’t lie!

      … flips idolize and worship anything white… they’ll kiss your ass in a heartbeat…

      … i tried to bathe in eskinol with papaya extract to be treated differently by my fellow monkeyassflip… to be “treated” like you, a whitey… daaang eskinol burnt my balls instead… now, it’s like porcelain… no wrinkles… :mrgreen:

      • Joe America says:

        dear porcelain padre,

        alas, whilst some are kissing and have me distracted, the rest are grabbing my wallet and fairly well emptying it . . .

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey Joe America:

        You have lived long in the Philippines to have observe our culture. You are married to a Filipina. The Roman Catholic religion has deep roots in our culture. We were originally:Animists. Our ancestors worhiped: the forrest; nature; trees, etc. I remember my grandmother used to tell me; when I have some stomach aches; to give some offerings of food to the trees; to placate the angry spirits of nature.

        Roman Catholicism was introduced by the Conquering Spaniards. They may had observed our ancient Animist religion: they brought in Religious Icons that looked like Joe America: white skin, sharp noses, blond or brunnete hairs, etc… I’ve never seen a Religious Icon in the Philippines that looked like me: brown skin, flat nose, chinky eyes, etc…typical Filipino features. The Roman Catholic Church encouraged the worhip of these Religious Idols. They were looked upon: to give us miracles in our lives; to solve our daily problems; and to protect us from harms.

        This is the reason the Aquino Family used Religion to gain power; and to bring down their political enemies. Remember, the late Cory Aquino was always photographed: praying on her knees infront of these Religious Idols. Noynoy Aquino went to romp with the Nuns in covent. Pray to these Religious Idols, before, announcing his Cadidacy for the Presidency…Filipinos will always be superstitious. The superstition will always be mixed with Religion.

    • ilda says:


      Filipinos definitely practice Christianity differently from the West. We are religious but not spiritual. Most Filipinos do not know how to internalise but they do know how to chant. Filipinos have only been practicing Christianity for 400 years while the West have been practising it for thousands of years so it is ingrained in their psyche. As you said, we are more into superstition and this my friend (naks!) is why P.Noy won the election 😉

  23. J.B. says:

    What I really don’t understand is why the media was all over her when she did the operation. “walang professionalism”

    This sort of thing among people who make a living in front of the camera oftentimes cover their privacy what they did to themselves. It’s all for their fans to guess.

    • benign0 says:

      More like

      Why is “Doctor” Vicki Belo discussing in public what should be a private matter that should be kept between doctor and patient?

      Doctor enclosed in quotes nga naman talaga itong si “Doctor” Vicki Belo. 😀

      • miriam quiamco says:

        Simple, Bello is crass and wants free ad and star power for her useless enterprise, although we have to admit she does provide jobs.

    • ilda says:

      That’s right J.B.

      The fact that the media is reporting on her every move now that she is going to be in the hit show Glee means that Charice needs to be careful about her actions.

      If majority of Filipinos think that she represents the Philippines now, then she has to think twice about doing something that will harm our reputation.

      • J.B. says:

        @Ilda, I understand. But I can easily forgive Charice for doing something wrong at her tender age of 18.

        But seeing her face where the instrument was run to me was disgusting knowing her stature now.

    • ChinoF says:

      Enteng’s comment shows the danger here… “most fans thinks it is right so they emulate and follow them.” 😕

  24. benign0 says:

    Lol!! This public statement by the “Doctor” is quite laughable both for its content and technical (grammatical) quality:

    “Charice’s face, I’ve been noticing, it’s been getting wider… That’s why she looks mataba, although the body is very small, because your face is getting wide. One of the reasons for that, nagchew-chewing gum [siya]… Our chewing muscles, if you chew a lot of gums, it gets bigger,” Belo said.

    It prompts me to ask the obvious question:

    Is “Doctor” Vicki Belo a quack?

    Bottom line is that there is no authoritative take on the subject that trumps the dubious armchair “expertise” in a quick Google search. Perhaps, as I suggested earlier, it is because the subject does not warrant serious consideration by a serious medical practitioner. That said, even some of the responses made by casual commentor to questions regarding the effect of chewing gum on the size of one’s cheeks are even better than the public assessment made by “Doctor” Vicki Belo.

    • ChinoF says:

      My searches on Google of chewing gum and jaw muscles seems to indicate that chewing muscles do grow a bit after chewing. This is mostly found in bodybuilding websites. However, the harm seems to come more from Belo’s own interpretation of the phenomenon. She’s saying that it will make you ugly. Problem is, it’s more of an opinion rather than an official diagnosis (as if you could make an official diagnosis). If she could tell you that being white makes you ugly, the gullible will believe.

      I think we have a doctor who’s built up a lot of her reputation so she could get away with being a quack once in a while. A person without critical thinking is going to just believe and believe and not know whether the doctor is making a mistake. Of course, once she makes you believe because… out comes the money from your wallet to undergo her procedure. Simple as that.

      • silvercrest says:

        In the Philippines, if you have a jaw problem, don’t visit your dentist, oral surgeon or chiropractor. Visit your cosmetic surgeon. Vicky’s right, botox is all natural…doh! 😉

    • Lilly says:

      I think this much is obvious: No matter how you look or feel, all subpar doctors will always ALWAYS tell you there is something wrong with you and they have the means to fix whatever made-up ailment you have.

      In Charice’s case, she’s letting them destroy her CUTE face. Shame. I really think her face is super cute. T____T Bah.

    • famous wolf says:

      Vicky is a class A idiot. The Jaw muscles do not grow because of constant chewing, if that were the case, then a simple throwing of gum is all that is needed to atrophy the jaw muscles a little and it will be alright again. Cosmetic surgery is a drastic change of it, it wasn’t needed if chewing gum was the problem. Lesser muscular activity = atrophy results.

      I have faith in the Philippine Medical System though, it’s one of the best systems in SEA if we are going for hospital care affordability. People there complain about poor health care systems when they don’t even have to pay for the government working doctors and nurses there. It’s the middle class who pay their taxes monthly that pays for the doctors and nurses that only charge on laboratory fees and gives free bed space. They have the Community Health Services in the form of Barangay Health Centers that emphasize prevention of sedentary lifestyle diseases and teach about proper hygiene and sex ed for couples. The problem in health care is not the system but the people.

  25. ChinoF says:

    I’ll add a bit more from the site I quoted to GabbyD:

    “But many, if not most, plastic surgeries are attempts to meet emotional voids in physical ways, to attract attention, or to seek approval from others….” – which serves vanity.

    So: “When vanity motivates a person to undergo surgery, he/she has become his/her own idol…”

    Kay Harms of Power to Change said:

    “To accurately evaluate the issue of cosmetic enhancement, I must put all the cards on the table, side by side. When I honestly look at the issue, I come to the conclusion that while some procedures may be more costly, invasive, risky or drastic, ultimately they are all similar in nature: artificial and unnecessary. (I am only addressing surgeries and procedures done for primarily cosmetic reasons, not those done for medical reasons.)”

    These are very applicable even from a secular perspective of things.

    • ChinoF says:

      Why did her parents not dissuade her from undergoing it?

      Well, she’s their money cow now. Their famous daughter could be the bread winner, and the parents or other relatives may quit their jobs and live off her. Again, giving rise to a “dole-out” mentality. They don’t want anything, including the “round cute face,” to ruin their little money cow. 😉 Well, assuming they are those type of family members (I hope not). Wiser family members could manage a business for Charice, using her funds, and hopefully make enough so once their money cow becomes laos, they could have a little more security in life.

  26. ChinoF says:

    OK, it’s official… Ilda’s not the only one commenting about the Charice-Botox case… 😛

    Yahoo! News on Charice’s Botox

    Did some of you believe it would not cause an uproar? 😉

  27. benign0 says:

    @ Dee re your comment specifically this excerpt:

    But bottom line, it’s Charice’s face, so she can do whatever she wants with it. If the procedure turned out to be unsuccessful and she regrets doing it in the end, well there goes the problem. But it’s a problem that’s neither yours nor mine.

    Indeed, it is not the problem both of the author of this blog and the public who reads it. But the information has become public domain ever since Charice and her cosmetic “Doctor” went on record about its details.

    Public information then becomes fair game to equally public commentary which this blog article essentially is.

    And there you have it. This here piece is commentary (something everyone is entitled to make) on information voluntarily made public.

    So dude, make a distinction between what is someone’s business and what one is entitled to making commentary about. Because if you haven’t noticed yet, the entire Media Industry is all about reporting on and making commentary on information that is not necessarily the business of the authors of said reports and said commentary.

    Comprende, senor?

    I hope so, for the sake of my opinion on how cluey you truly are. 😀

  28. innagadda54 says:

    Dra. Vicky Belo is not an idiot. As proof look at her taste in men. OOOPS , there goes my argument.

    • ilda says:

      Didn’t Belo’s ex-boyfriend get involved in this sex video scandal just last year? This is what I mean about attracting the wrong kind of men when you undergo cosmetic enhancements. Ay, naku. Some people think this is no big deal but the repercussions of her actions will be bigger than what they think.

  29. mel says:

    Charice should look at current Zsa Za Gabor’s pictures so she would have an idea how Botox ruins one face when one becomes older. It is very irresponsible of people around her to let her undergo such procedure at a very young age. Dr. Bello is only concerned of her business. Obviously, she is taking advantage of Charice’s popularity to gain customers.

    It is frigthening how our society deals with the word beautiful. Giant billboards show of rich-looking, white and “ironed” faces in the midst of polluted air, chaos and garbage. Brrrr, ugly, just ugly!

  30. innagadda54 says:

    Ms. Pempengco is the flavor of the month. By virtue of being a pinay signed on for a hit show. Vicky “Dr.Video” Belo wants promotion as well as justification for her Frankenstein business. So why not ride the coattails of the Birit one? Hitch your wagon onto a star.

    • famous wolf says:

      You know, I honestly want to deck Bello in the face because of this idiocy. Botox is a dangerous material and giving it to a teenager to boot. She needs to be shot.

      • ilda says:

        Filipinos should rally against this “Dr” Bello! She should be ashamed of what she has done to Charice!

      • ilda says:

        This is a comment from Perez Hilton’s blog:

        Uhm…the doctor who said it should be disbarred. Medical procedures are supposed to be confidential.

        I agree!

  31. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    pacman, unanong pinoy- mayweather (tv patrol)

    watch how flippens respond

  32. Garnet Alexa says:

    Quite frankly, I’m disappointed in Charice for having undergone those procedures. Who cares if her face looks a bit chubby? She got on the show for her talent and not for her looks. Just look at Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina). Her face looks a bit chubby but she’s doing just fine. If she wanted to prepare for Glee, I think she should’ve just gotten lesson for performing arts. She needs to train her acting, singing, and dancing skills.

    I’m also quite appalled that a few of the people here aren’t even phased by the fact that Charice got cosmetic surgery. She’s 18 years old for crying out loud. She can still lose that baby fat which I’m sure is what is making her face look chubby. People need to learn from celebs who’ve gotten cosmetic procedures which turned disastrous. Case in point: Megan Fox. Just look at her pictures from Transformers and compare them with recent pictures.

    • ilda says:


      And she’s 18!!! Just a little too young to start that shiz!

      In order to look “fresh on camera” for her Glee debut, Charice Pempengco underwent a 30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure and Botox. According to celebrity cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo, she wanted to make her “naturally round face” look narrow.

      Who the eff would do that to an effing teenager in good conscience?!

      “All people will be anticipating how will Charice look? Is she good enough to pit against Rachel Berry? So of course there is tremendous pressure,” Charice said.


      “It’s really a blessing,” said the singer of her Glee gig, adding she was “very proud to be an Asian, very proud to be Filipino.”

      Obviously not or she would accept her naturally round face. Get some help, bb – or you’re not gonna last very long!

      Here’s the link and read the comments too. This guy is very influential in Hollywood.

      Charice got botox for Glee Debut

  33. NFA rice says:

    I am one of the people that don’t quite understand what the fuss is all about. Isn’t Charice at the age of maturity to decide for herself in improving her looks as she sees fit?

    • ilda says:

      NFA rice, I’m afraid 18 is still too young. Women usually use it when they reach middle age. The grown-ups around Charice should have talked her out of it. They should have convinced her there is nothing wrong with her face. I’m sure Oprah, Celine liked her for her girl-next door look and demeanor but ironically, Charice wants to change all that.

      The problem is, most Filipinos don’t see anything wrong with what she’s done but the rest of the world think it’s crazy to subject an 18 year old to that kind of procedure!

      • NFA rice says:

        You are right. I did not know that botox is something for the older people. Also I just noticed what’s going on with the blue/gray contact lenses on Charice’s eyes. She certainly looks like a slut.

      • innagadda54 says:

        There is a phrase for that. I think it’s called “selling your soul”.

    • ChinoF says:

      Another thing I can add is… she’s another demonstration of the maladies of Filipino culture. Nuff said.

    • Baron Von Cruzer says:

      You’re assuming it’s her decision.

      Let’s face it! She hasn’t showed any assertiveness at all. She most likely is being exploited.

  34. ChinoF says:

    Guys, make sure to remove one L. She’s not Walden Bello, but Belo is still a dinosaur so the same. 😆

    Although I do like the Belo Essentials soap…

    OMG, wait a minute, does her soap have Botox?! 😯 😆

  35. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … flips, what’s the big deal with botox???

    … blonde flipflams sexy gurlz, anyone? nose jobs?

    … i’ve met ‘sang tambaks na blonde fliplam sexy gurlz with big gazongas loitering in casinos from europe to ‘merka… there’s some working as peter checker at the LAX/SFO erpot… :mrgreen:

    … japayukis??? asian exotics displayed in windows in red light districts of hollands/netherlands, gay paris, etc…. some of them are from flipland… (somebody told me, really…) 😳


    … hay naku, flips, puro kayo gung gongs.!

  36. Anonymous says:

    naku inday charice nakakhiya ka, role model ba ito?? nakakdiri 18 year oldng pa botox na. ikaw naman belo mas nakakahiya ka, hahanapan mo ng flaw ang isang tao para lang mapag laruan mo pag mu mukha nya. for gods sake 18 yr old? wrinkes much?

  37. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    sana masibak ka sa GLEE. 😆

    • ilda says:

      Wag naman. Ang sana wala ng maniwala kay Vicki Belo. Actually, sira ang ulo ng mga taong maniniwala pa duon! :mrgreen:

      • J.B. says:

        I read in the news that it was actually Bello who suggested the idea to Charice and the lady just believe in what the ‘doctor’ said.

        It seems that the Belo’s Facebook account confirmed her jubilation on what she done to Charice which is supposedly a very private matter.

  38. innagadda54 says:

    Come one, come all to Vicky Belo’s Frankenstein Factory and Video Fun House.

    Where it’s all form and no substance.

    Where it’s all icing and no cake.

    No self esteem? We have the scalpel for you!!!

  39. bokyo says:

    While most Filipinos are still on the high of Charice and her upcoming Glee appearance, the rest of the international community has taken notice of Charice and her “treatment”

    • ilda says:

      Thanks for the link Bokyo. I read it and I must say that Filipinos should be ashamed of themselves because it had to take the international media for them to realise that there is something wrong with what Charice did. Tsk-tsk.

      I risked being ridiculed by commenters like Dee in publishing this blog. I knew that there will be Filipinos who will think that I am making a fuss about such a small thing. It’s good to know that my thinking is in line with the people from the first world.

      • Jay says:

        Well odd enough since the news is making it out that she is doing this botox treatment to prepare for Glee, which is a musical based TV show that is taped. Honestly it would impress the hell out of me if she started training her voice to sing for musicals though I was second guessing that the show’s producers and editors will find ways to modify her voice somehow if they don’t find the audio on par for the show.

        But it also indicated to me how weak in creativity Charice is. Is she only propelled by her God given pipes to belt out corporate manufactured cover songs? Or can she join the rest of the many other musicians who go beyond sound and incorporate the rest of the senses in creating the product that IS Charice and best represents her?

  40. Jay says:

    While I’d like to focus on the Pinoy’s reaction towards this, I’d like to focus mostly on Charice. Like what some agree here (and probably know REAL music) I myself have an affinity to music much like Bill Hick’s view on pop music in general. I honestly feel its unnecessary considering she HERSELF needs to get a hold on a winning formula on an recognizable image to sell herself. That certainly is one reason why Stephanie Germanotta, who is not only music capable was loopy enough to create an entity that was profitable due to a recognizable image with LADY GAGA. And the big difference between a real musical prodigy to the caliber that of Charice, but she is still young and experiences will certainly teach her.

    I don’t know who guided her to get into botox but if it has to do with her upcoming appearance in Glee, she should not consult the Bello-meister but fellow Leah Salonga who is best recognized for her musical performances. Charice’s singing style is definitely not going to transfer easily to that of a musical (done one when I was in high school so I have a bit of experience) and even musician and ex-boy band member of Nsync Joey Fatone was HORRIBLE when he was in RENT and totally showed his lack of uh, vocal ability.

    Ultimately though, if the problem is one to shape Charice’s image as a music artist, it has to go beyond the botox. Botox does wonders for people who are kinda beautiful already (read: Honey Lee) and exudes grace based on appearance alone. Though I don’t think Dave Foster had a hand in promoting her to go under the knife.

    • ilda says:

      Hi Jay

      Yes! Pop singers like Charice can be manufactured just like how they manufactured Britney Spears, Avril Lavine and the rest of the Spice Girls. They don’t have real talent apart from having a nice set of pipes. Behind all these successful singers are the real artists who write the songs and arrange the music. They can easily abandon their singers and move on to the next even before the effects of Charice botox wears out. It is a very tough industry that Charice entered into. It’s not exactly saving the planet but hey, if that is what she wants she should concentrate on enhancing her talents rather than preoccupying herself with cosmetic enhancements.

      I remember reading about a write up on Fleetwood Mac a few months ago. We all know how rockstars become millionaires from album sales but the money can easily go pufff if you are not entitled to the royalties. Mick Fleetwood went broke so many times due to mishandling of his finances. Unfortunately, he wasn’t entitled to the royalties from the songs because most of them were written by Stevie Nicks. She’s swimming in money until now and claims that she does not even know how much money she has because she leaves it up to her handlers to deal with. Now, that is what we call real talent. I might try and write some song myself (fat chance!) 😉 Thing is, these people didn’t have money in mind when they were writing their songs. They were passionate about what they were doing.

      I’ve always wondered why Filipinos never become good at making music, I mean internationally acclaimed. It’s not that we don’t have enough angst to write down, I just think that Filipinos are too cautious and don’t want to reveal the real nature of their hardship. Even in song writing they don’t want to “get real”. They want everyone to see that they are always “ok” and “happy”. Sadly, we lack soul and depth even in our music.

      • 17 Pieces says:

        Agreed. I’ve stopped listening to contemporary Filipino music (well, to the radio in general) because it’s all pa-kyut and patawa and shit. Occasionally, I do like the stuff, but most of it is really just cheap.

        I miss Filipino music before the millennium. E-heads, Wolfgang, Razorback, Death Angel, Teeth, Rizal Underground, Francis M. Now all we get is the corporate-produced crap, and the real talents are stuck in oblivion.

      • Jay says:

        Well I do give some respect to the corporate crap since they know when their fame is up and pretty much engineered plans to be able to go in, become big and regroup/recoup when their fad dies down. Of course there are always exceptions when they exploit their own long term marketability (i.e. Justin Timberlake) and put those good years of their old project behind them.

        I think you can blame in part of why pinoy pop music hasn’t evolved to the way it is due to the people in the backstage who are influential parts of that industry. I remembered reading an Ogie Alcasid interview in FHM or something and he said something that he’s not a fan of negative songs since he feels like its insulting to the creative process or something. This is the same guy who pretty much built his career writing songs of nearly the same kind of flavor for different stars from the 70’s on. Now he definitely is talented however his heart is certainly not where the music really should be. He’s part of that industry where it doesn’t promote evolution, but contributes to the same kind of pinoy consumerism.

        The media now dictates what mainstream music should be, even if it is to be a heartless media-whore-spokesperson. Its guys like Jimmy Hendrix, who despite having died young, gave total and complete meaning to their songs because they played from the f*&%ing HEART!

        Much of the blame is due to the whole reality show/create-a-star western fad that started a decade ago. Especially in the Philippines where it was easy to convince to create manufactured talent than being passionate when you see a person really pouring their efforts and talents in a live concert, almost as if extinguishing their flame just for that moment because it feels right. And as much as Charice proved herself well from Youtube videos and American Talk shows, she’s a similar product like Justin Bieber and Imburnal Sundalo Boy.

        Ultimately everyone will like to say music is music, but remember saying someone was successful doesn’t mean it reaches high in the artistic merit. Success is always measured in a variance and someone’s opinion as well.

  41. cardcrusher says:

    The story about Charice getting botox has been covered by major US celeb rags/sites/papers like US, People, E!, HuFo, NY Mag, and etc.

    It’s not just because Charice is 18 and already getting botox that made many even ABC and CBS to run the story. It’s the blatantly public nature of it that propelled the story going global. In Hollywood, celebs will deny till the end of time the issue of whether they had cosmetic surgery. Notice the mockery (coming from pro and amateur film critics) of Travolta and Kidman who obviously got treatment and are mum about it.

    It’s downright stupid for a celeb to have that procedure with a TV crew filming the whole thing. That’s a big no no in Hollywood outside of D level celebs/ reality TV castoffs.

    • ilda says:

      Unfortunately, now that the news has spread, her debut in Glee will be affected. People might not see her as a fresh faced actress anymore but a “botoxed faced” one. She might have ruined her career at the age of 18.

  42. manong gard says:

    just you wait guys, we’ll soon have our own Michael Jackson lookalike in the shoes of Charice. hehehe.

    • ilda says:

      Hopefully, she has learned from this or her handlers have learned from this at least. Unfortunately, everyone around her is very ignorant. They are not good enough to be her adviser.

    • Jay says:

      Michael can look like a purple alien with 3 fingers and nothing will take away his legacy. Except the child related cases. But there was a reason why he’s the king of pop.

  43. 17 Pieces says:

    I’d probably have enjoyed this article more if it had steered clear of the “religious aspect” of plastic surgery, and focused more on the risks/repercussions. As it was, I thought it was trying too hard to do too many things: explain contradictions between religion and lifestyle, as well as the risks of what she did. The latter is the more important issue, I think. I do not agree with her decision, but commentary on the Pharisaic tendencies of our countrymen was probably best saved for another article.

    Of course, this comes from someone who thinks that the way we actually practice religion is the reason for our backwardness, and not just our lack of it in some debatable aspects. Case in point: RH Bill, and pretty much all the shit the bishops stick their noses into. What ever happened to separation between Church and State?

    • ilda says:

      @17 Pieces

      I’d probably have enjoyed this article more if it had steered clear of the “religious aspect” of plastic surgery, and focused more on the risks/repercussions.

      I’m a blogger not a doctor. Obviously , there are a lof of medical risks associated with plastic surgery but for me to write about all those information and be accurate means that I would have to do some research. As it is, my take on the other repercussions of Charice’s actions like in society in general is already unappreciated by a lot of Filipinos based on some of the reaction in this thread. So you would have to ask yourself why I would even bother to go to such lengths and waste my time looking up and writing about stuff that are already obvious to many like yourself.

      What I wanted to point out which was not obvious to some is that, apart from the medical risks, the moral standards of society will also go down the wrong path if we tolerate such a behaviour. This to me was easier to tackle but apparently so hard for others to comprehend. As I’ve already mentioned, Filipinos prefer to project an image of being so close to God and yet do not practice what God preaches. Filipinos are fond of saying that they are humble but indulging in cosmetic enhancements is not being humble at all. Kris Aquino claims to be a member of the most humble family in the Philippines and yet her family tolerates her not so humble lifestyle. It is important that we see how a culture becomes dysfunctional and it starts with the contradiction in people’s beliefs. So there you go.

      I was hoping that people would see the obvious contradiction in their religiosity and their tolerance for overindulgence. Obviously, Filipinos don’t think deep enough to realise the deeper repercussions of what Charice has done.

      • ilda says:

        I’d like to share another analysis by a doctor in the US doctor which is similar to what I was saying earlier on to commenter Dee

        Manila: The admission of internationally renowned Philippine singer Charice Pempengco, 18, that she had botox injections and minor facial surgery in preparation for her part in Glee, a US TV show, will embolden more teenagers to undergo life-changing facial procedures, a doctor said.
        Even before Pempangco’s admission on TV that she had a facial procedure, “a lot of teenagers have been wanting to change their face. They have been undergoing the knife for facial operations,” Dr Roberto Vasquez said on GMA 7.

        “That kind of procedure is socially accepted now. It is no longer hidden and it is flaunted by teenagers who have had radical facial treatment. Marketing has influenced people’s attitude on this,” said Vasquez, adding, “For myself, I do not accept patients who are below 18 years old.”

        At the same time, he hinted that Pempengco underwent a more radical facial enhancement, adding, “Normally, botox injections are not used to lessen the size of a big jaw [Pempengco’s alleged problem].”

        Pempengco went under the knife to re-shape her rounded face in preparation for her shooting for Glee, a source said, alleging the singer had an eye operation to change her Chinese-looking eyes.

        Earlier, critics and fans criticised popular celebrity doctor Dr Vicki Belo for her decision to undertake facial surgery on the singer.
        Meanwhile, psychiatrist Estrella Magno hinted that Pempengco who will be working with Caucasians in the production of the TV series Glee, was pressurised to change her face.

        “She’s going to be competing with the Glee Club. That’s not a joke. They [Caucasians] are very tall, very fair, and they all look beautiful,” Magno said on TV.
        “Charice has to be reminded, ‘When you sing, we stop and listen. You don’t have to do anything to your face because when you sing, you look so beautiful. You don’t have to change your face,'” said Magno.

        “We have to support our children so that they don’t feel rejected and thus resort to changing their face,” said Magno who turned to parents and advised them teenagers must be loved and cared for so that they will not feel rejected and resort to facial enhancement procedures.

        Sadly, in the Philippines, no one saw this coming. Even before the international media weighed-in on the situation, I already published this blog and some people thought I was making a big deal out of it. It wasn’t until the international media wrote negatively about it that the rest of the Philippine media realised what was wrong.

        Here’s the link:

        Other teenagers will copy-medic

      • 17 Pieces says:

        Fair enough, and thank you! I didn’t think my ridiculously superficial comment merited such a long and well-researched response! 😀

        As for contradiction between religiosity and tolerance for overindulgence, I like to think that most Filipinos do not practice Catholicism but some other odd blend of folk religions with occasional Christian influences. I don’t believe Catholics should really crucify themselves during Good Friday, or depend on anting-anting. The moral aspect of Filipino religion probably isn’t Catholic, either, so I think it’s not so much an issue of hypocrisy but of mistranslation and miseducation. The fact that many of our bishops are loud but intellectually bankrupt doesn’t help.

        Meh, it’s probably just a superficial quibble I had with it. It’s a good piece, really.

  44. silvercrest says:

    Very true…pity. As of now, that’s how she’ll be remembered. Foreigners propelled her to stardom, Pinoys were hitching a ride on her fame. Unfortunately for her, it is also her kapwa Pinoy who flattened her tire.

  45. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … WOWOWEE will lose audience against GLEE…

    … so flip media have to preempt that by releasing a botoxed new player… :mrgreen:

  46. Ponse says:

    Not that I’m saying her new look looks bad but I don’t think it is necessary. I think her natural original look was cute. Also I think Belo is a good business woman but a poor doctor, look at all her lawsuits from her unhappy patients.

  47. Well… what can I say? It’s just like adding make up on your face which you actually did in order to look good on cam and on picture… Charice is giving pride to the country. She wanted to stay longer in her chosen career… Yes your right.. she doesnt know how to compose songs but she sings very well…. can you? You’re good in writing because you made me respond to you but you’re not too good at all when it comes to talent… show first of what you’ve got and let me see the difference with you and Charisse…

    We all look forward for her appearance on Glee… Why not apply as a cast?…

  48. puranzu says:


    Seriously kng nagygym lng ang mukha madami na sana ang gumagawa


    sure its a shoop but in any case it really looks unnatural unless she does something on her nose

    in any case you may not be aware but the fact that some of the avatars here depict Caucasian women and their Caucasian features and this topic gives me the impression that you guys find it a bit more attractive than your typical round face asian,even those who had anime avatars..

    so I really don’t blame her cause even I thought she was fat just by looking at her face



    HAHA ofc

    I swear most “good” pics of fat? chicks are taken from above

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