Noynoy Aquino: "Water Czar"? More like Chump of the Moment

Water supply has always been a problem in the Philippines. Since time immemorial, many Metro Manila residents have even had to rely on electric booster pumps to suck out the essential juice from city’s decrepit mains and store as much of it in privately-owned storage tanks. In many suburbs, there is an arms race of booster pumps among residents. Households possessing the most sucking power and the most upstream location with respect to the piping layout find themselves at pinnacle of advantage as far as the onerous effort (only in the Philippines!) of availing of this life-giving resource.

In a testament to the perverse enterprising spirit of Filipinos, water delivery businesses operate all over the metropolis. With their own farm of industrial-grade booster pumps, these businesses compete with the rest of Filipino humanity’s water sucking effort to fill their also industrial scale storage facilities at industrial scale volumes. And like a truly industrialised effort, these businesses operate vast fleets of delivery trucks to haul tanks of water to the doorstep of their clientele of thirsty households, many of which are too poor to keep up with their neighbours’ rapidly escalating private water-sucking equipment.

The irony and utter stupidity of this set-up escapes most of the dulled intellectual faculties of the Filipino. Instead they would rather call for the rise of a “Water Czar” to step up and “solve” the “crisis”. Not surprisingly, sights get trained upon the biggest chump in the land — the President of our excellent “Republic”.

“President Aquino should act as the ‘water czar’ so forceful, urgent and adequately-funded measures can be done to ease the crippling water shortage now faced by the country,” Eastern Samar Representative Ben Evardone said.

“Only with P-Noy (President Aquino’s monicker) acting as water czar can the government ensure the seamless, intrigue-free coordination among the various agencies that are concerned with water distribution and water resource management work,” he added.

Spoken like true adherents of the all-Pinoy philosophy of Moronism.

Indeed, “only” with the efforts of powerful chumps does anything get done in the bunghole of the Far East. Never mind that the water “crisis” that grips the regional crapper that is our land is a product of a failure of systemic thinking that stretches back to the time when we Filipinos in our renowned wisdom first decided we’d rather “have a Philippines run like hell by Filipinos“. It seems to escape the vacuous sensibilities of even the most educated of the lot of Pinoys that many of the factors that contribute to this “crisis” have been staring us in our face for the most part of the tragedy that is our half-century history as an “independent” nation — runaway population, rampant deforestation, and degradation and depletion of valuable watersheds.

For that matter, the Philippine Water Crisis of 2010 is a close cousin of the Ondoy Disaster of 2009. As evident in the diagram below, the two disasters share many key contributing factors.

Pinoy nga naman talaga...

Compare the laughable scrambling for “solutions” that Filipinos are caught up with today with the quiet cool of tiny Singapore. It is an island state with no natural ground water and few catchment areas. It’s had to deal with a humbling reliance on Malaysia for much of the 1.36 billion litres per day it needs to satisfy the needs of its 4.4 million residents.

Unlike some countries, Singaporeans don’t manage by crisis.

As a first step, a string of massive reservoirs are being constructed to “harvest as much rain as possible”, so that eventually, some two-thirds of the island’s land surface will be under water, up from about half today, [Public Utilities Board Chief Executive Khoo Teng Chye] explains.

In addition, desalination plants that turn salt water into drinking water provide 10% of Singapore’s current needs.

But the real breakthrough has come from what Mr Khoo describes as NEWater, produced in water reclamation plants from so-called “used” water.

Contrast this foresight to the primitivism of Filipino “thinking”. According to an Earth Times News report on the water crisis faced by the Philippine capital today, 3.5 million residents suffer from an acute supply shortage. That’s almost 80 percent of the population of Singapore!

I recall, during the Ondoy Disaster of 2009, how many of the same dimwits who are pompously weighing in on the water issue today were quick to blame the chump who happened to be sitting in Malacanang at the time.

Tough luck Mr. Benigno “P.Noy” Aquino III.

No amount of being the “prayerful” Aquino that you are will shield you from being the Chump of the Moment as Filipinos foolishly look for Messiahs to save them from another one of the all-too-routine “crises” that all-too-often get politicised true to the primitivist thinking that infests our hopelessly backward society. It’s nothing personal. It’s just Pinoy-style politics at work here. You stepped up to the “toughest job in the land”, remember?


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76 Responses to Noynoy Aquino: "Water Czar"? More like Chump of the Moment

  1. silvercrest says:

    Don’t worry. It will be over soon. Pinoys have very short memories. Funny thing is, Pinoys are very proud to claim that they have the best engineers and architects in the world and yet cannot solve this…I wonder what kind of engineers and architects? and oh..what world?

    Sometimes I’m just wondering if somebody could just nuke Manila.

    • Sharafa says:

      North Korea has a hefty supply. Maybe we can just incite them to nuke us, by invoking our moronism, and make some kind of insult on their ” dear leader”. Abnoy is sure to come up with some political gaffe to achieve this.

      • silvercrest says:

        Yes…wonder if PeeNoyL should’ve insulted Kim Jong-il instead of Japan. Our country is really depressing.

      • RvR says:

        Sooner or later his being tactless will catch up on him. And yeah, if you notice it has always been Manila who’s causing the problems in our country. Ya know, the biased brainwashing mainstream media, the trapos, oligarchs, etc. they are all based there! Hmmmm….I wonder what would it be like without Manila? hehe

      • ChinoF says:

        Switch the capital to Subic, were someone did it right. Hehehe

      • mel says:

        Change the capital of the Philippines? I thought of that also. Subic, Cebu,Davao,CDO? A lot of well-planned and clean cities, why stick in Smoggy and dirty Manila?

      • UP nn grad says:

        Billions 😯 of pesos will accrue to the oligarchy that owns the thousand-plus hectares that is converted :mrgreen: from agricultural to commercial when ➡ Hacienda-this or Ciudad-that becomes the new capital of Pilipinas. One or more of the Cojuangco clan members know this.

      • UP nn grad says:

        Money will be CREATED (not just 😐 earned but CREATED :mrgreen: ) over the next 8 years along that ➡ 85 kilometers distance between Makati and Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. Money of all denominations — Japanese yen, Pilipinas peso, US dollars, Euro, Baht, Singapore- or Hongkong dollar, ringgit.

  2. mulatto says:

    The “best engineers and architects in the world” you are referring to are working overseas…thanks to the current economic situation and the anti-intellectual atmosphere in the good ol’ Pinas. 😆

  3. crab says:

    Tingnan mo ang lintik na nagsabi na “lets be constructive” he cannot even draw any solution or suggestion to the problem! 😈

    Intriga lang ang alam 😆

    • mel says:


      Intriga man..PNoy has still the toughest job in the Philippines :mrgreen:

      Draw any solution and suggestion to the problem? We need a lot of best architects and engineers to attend to the problem.

      Singapore and Malaysia are working with the best European architects and engineers and PNoy is still on his on-the-job training, remember? ❓

      • crab says:


        oh gash mel wat aym toking abawt is kung nakakakita ka ng problima hindi masama na umiyak at magreklamo pero kaakibat ng pagiyak at pagreklamo ay dapat samahan mo naman ng konsern at suhesyon para matugunan ang problima. hindi iyak ka lang ng iyak sigaw ka lang ng sigaw hindi alam nagpapapansin ka lang pala. 😦

        im no fan of aktibistang raliyista pero parang maganda pa pakinggan ang mga nabaggit kesa sikmurain ang mga walang kwentang laman ng utang ng mga awthor ng blog na ito. 😈 na walang ibang ginawa kundi mangsisi ng mangsisi 😡 wala namang ginagawa ❗

      • mel says:

        nyek 😦 Sa aking karanasan, tatlong taon akong nanirahan sa apartment na limang araw sa isang linggo walang tubig lagi dahil walang suplay ang water distrikt pero singil ng singil ng minimum at buwan buwan nagbayad ako ng serbisyo na walang serbisyong kapalit.

        Buwan buwan nagreklamo ako at nagbigay ng suhestiyon para matugunan ang problema sa tubig at bawat reklamo ko, sabi sa akin “i-tsek namin” ang linya…grrrr

        Ako pa din ang nagbigay solusyon, nag-igib sa poso, bumili ng filtered water at nag-ipon ng tubig-ulan.

        Sa palagay mo, tatanggapin ng malalaking kompanya ang mga suhestiyon mula sa taong bayan? Nasa Pilipinas tayo, gising, crab!

        Ikaw, ano ang suhestiyon mo kundi mamuna o mangsisi ng mga nakasulat dito?

        Your turn! Solusyon, plis!

      • mel says:


        adisyunal :mrgreen:

        Para saiyong kaalaman, madali sanang matugunan ang problema sa tubig kung hindi lamang naglalaban laban sa husgado ang mga kumpanyang gustong mamuhunan sa tubig at koryente.

        Ang mga monopol na kumpanya ang sisihin mo dahil ayaw nilang mamahagi ng kanilang kita mula sa taong bayan.

        At habang naglalaban – laban sila sa hukuman, walang tubig ang mga mamamayan!! Pero bayad pa din si Juan!

      • crab says:


        “buwan buwan nagbayad ako ng serbisyo na walang serbisyong kapalit.”

        – ang tawag TANGA 😦

        “Ang mga monopolya na kumpanya ang sisihin mo”

        -mel anu kaya kung magtayo tayo ng MELENCRAP WATER SUPPLY COMPANY para naman at lest di mo masabing monopolyong kompanya ❓


        mel ang saakin lang naman na kung bumanat dahan dahan man lang. bigyan ng kunting puwang na ” ❓ ” hindi pa nga natatapos ang dalawang buwan kung bumanat ng “Chump” parang napaka talino ng awthor. hindi mo pa mababasa ang kabuuan ng blog nanduduon na ang konklusyon sa titulo. kawawang pinas kung dadami ang lahi ng benignO na to 😦

      • mel says:


        nyek again! :mrgreen:

        Ano ba iyan, pag bumanat dahan dahan pa? Huwag ka na lang bumanat para di ka mapuna, di ba? :mrgreen:

        Kawawa ang Pilipinas kung dadami ang crab(s)! 😦

      • waranabatokwa says:


        hi there! i feel your sentiment… i am a graduate of civil engineering and i would rather work for another country than our own.. filipinos just doesn’t show enough appreciation to engineers..

      • mel says:


        Thanks. 🙂 That is why we have professionals. Give the work to those who can do it best. Let the writers write, let the engineers build, let the doctors heal, etc.

        Nobody is “Superman” 🙂

      • ChinoF says:

        Ba’t mo papansinin ang obyus na hindi seryoso? :mrgreen:

      • mel says:

        @Chino F

        Give feedback daw, sabi sa video :mrgreen: Baka lumiwanag din kaisipan 🙂

      • ChinoF says:

        Onga no, feedback. Pakainin ang likod. 😆

    • ulong pare says:

      … daang

      … crab, ang author eh may inesab kahit intriga…

      … ikaw eh pasalpok-salpok sa gilid ng kawali… dapat dagdagan mo ng konting baguio oyel para di ka masyadong masunog…. :mrgreen:

      … ay sarap dito ah… sa pula, sa puti.. labo-labo na…

      … teka… teka… teka… sinong llamado? dehado?

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey Daang…

        Tayo lahat dehado…walang tayong tubig….sila llamado, kahit papapano…meron silang tubig…Kunin mo ang pinaghugasan ko ng plato…ibuhos mo sa inodoro…sanay maranasan ni Noynoy Aquino, ito…sinabi niya: walang water crissis…ano bulag siya???Marami nang “dehin goli. panaspu-naspu na lang.” Kawawa ka pag sumakay ka sa Metro Rail…ala Saudi people ang amoy ng katabi mo…

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … hyden t, it’s the same dito sa insane diego, kalipornya… it’s called T2T (toilet to tap)… :mrgreen:

        … sewage is recycled… in actuality, flipflams are drinking their own piss and hafta pay for it … 😈

        … in flipland, i kinda like to sniff a sexy gurlz’ natural odor… kinda fishy… amoy patis… yum 😳

  4. Dee says:

    I find it incredible that with all the typhoons that Philippines get, the country can still suffer from water shortage. It’s all mismanagement and idiocy.

  5. PEDOBEAR says:


  6. silvercrest says:

    Friend, as in the illustration above, since there are not much trees left, thanks to those jerks still in the gov’t who are the biggest illegal loggers. Rain water cannot be trapped effectively, wasting it and becoming flood waters.

    There are a lot of things that even an ordinary person can do like proper usage of water and smart design of houses and buildings that allows rain water collection, power generation and urban gardening. Unfortunately, our public self-servants are more interested in their own monkey businesses and mistresses.

    What I’m unclear about is where these water delivery trucks get their water. If they’re getting it closer from the source, then of course, less water will be left to flow down the line.

    • benign0 says:

      @ silvercrest, that’s exactly the point I wanted to highlight. These water delivery “services” themselves deprive the very clientele they serve. The insult they add to the injury these businesses cause is that they actually charge you for water that it contributed to depriving you of to begin with.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … water is available for those who actually pay for the product/services…

      … gated/well developed communities rarely suffer the water shortage…

      … water shortage is prevalent in the squat areas… kasi, squats don’t pay jack or do the govt good…

      … when squats “invaded” a community, that community is doomed, becomes dilapilated…! >>> steal electricity, water, trash the area, criminals, drugs, etc., etc…

      … ay sus ginoo…

  7. juan benito says:

    nice picture!

    it’s something you do before you kiss someones ass. :mrgreen:

  8. famous wolf says:

    Wait, philanthropy and community oriented thinking is frowned upon in the Philippines now? Ok that’s it, I’m not sending any more money on an ungrateful nation that contradicts itself with the teachings in Christianity. Turn the other cheek indeed!

  9. Cool Cat says:

    Hindi maituro ni Ngoyngoy ang mga Lopez at Ayala sa problema ng tubig, ahahay. Kaya wala dawwater crisis, sabi niya. So help me God!

    • Hyden Toro says:

      You can become like an Ostrich. The dumb Bird buries its head in the ground hole; when it sees danger. You can call there is no water crissis. However, this will not produce any water for Metro Manila. Maybe, if Noynoy Aquino who believes, he is destined by God to be President. Will, like the Christian Biblical Moses. Can ask his minions to bring a rock in Malacanang Palace. He can strike the rock, and split it. Water may gush from it, then. We will surely believe, he is the God anointed to lead us to the Promised Land. However, at present, I am skeptical, because, I see a Phony..

  10. Cool Cat says:

    Hindi mapagalitan ni Ngoyngoy ang mga may-ari ng tubigan, ang mga Lopez at mga Ayala! Mga campaign supporters kasi eh! Kaya resort siya sa pronouncement na walang water crisis! Ahahay! So help me God! :mrgreen:

  11. Sharafa says:

    The problem doesn’t lie directly in Manila. Manila is just a symptom of disease, much like corruption. The true problem lies in our centralized system of government, with development being all shifted into the capital and is therefore a cause of much of our oligopolistic businesses and one of the causes of corruption. Besides, a centralized governments are never practical, as proven by communism. Once the head is taken out, then the rest of the body dies with it. However, it’s a favorite for power hungry politicians or in this case, the oligarchs. Speaking of North Korea, I feel that the media’s efforts to turn Aquino into a messianic figure is very much in parallel with what they did for Kim Il Sung. Within a few years (or months if the Oligarch-run media are that good), we might become the capitalist incarnation of NK.

  12. Sharafa says:


    Ever heard of the words “constructive criticism”? Quoting Key of the Twilight: “Auguries of destruction be a lullaby for rebirth”. To promote new ideas and concepts (being constructive), you must logically destroy the old, stagnant ideas. Or would you rather we ignore the root of the prevalent water crisis here and just take a low brow at the writers here by calling them hypocritical when they’re clearly consistent? Besides, unless you haven’t read the article in detail, benign0 has already insinuated a solution for the problem, which is to follow the Singaporean model of water management and sewage treatment.

    • crab says:

      ikumpara ba naman ang singapore sa luzon 🙄 moron talaga itong si benignO ❗

      • BongV says:

        e kung buong Pilipinas kinumpara sa Singapore lalong naging mukhang moron si crab – moron talaga itong si crab ❗ 😆

      • waranabatokwa says:

        i don’t think we should be really adapting the water management system of singapore.. those solutions presented there are already being taught to engineers in the philippines..

        we already know what to do.. the government just wouldn’t listen..

        and as mel and everybody pointed out, the best engineers are out of the country.. tough luck for all of us..

        let me share a post of mine on my take on the water crisis..

        i am not really a good blogger but i still try my best to point out the idea..

      • NFA rice says:

        Well I think Metro Manila, urbanized as it is, can be compared with Singapore. Of course urban planners of the metropolis (if they really exist or function) need not copy the Singaporean system. Singapore doesn’t receive torrential amounts of water in the form of typhoons as Manila does so there’s the difference. However, there’s a lesson to be learned. But as you said, it is ignored.

      • ChinoF says:

        For me, it’s not just centralization in Manila that’s the problem. It’s more like centralization in the oligarchs. Who owns the water companies… oligarchs. It’s not Manila vs. outside Manila, but oligarchs vs. the Philippines again.

      • Jay says:

        ikumpara ba naman ang singapore sa luzon

        Eh kahit sa concept nga madali nga makita pag hindi bulag eh. Yung isa, gumagana at ung ingles na salita na efficient. Yung iba naman, palpak at bulok pero pinipilit parin gamitin.

        Wala kay crab ang constructive criticsm dahil basta pinoy at palpak, at least gumagana. Tulad ng Presidency.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      We are doing Constructive Criticism: that is, making them aware of themselves: they are not fitted for the Jobs. They have no capabilities to solve the country’s problems. Because, they themselves, are the problems and stumbling blocks: by claiming they are competent. In truth, they are not.

  13. waranabatokwa says:

    why did my post end up there? that was a reply to the article..

    • ChinoF says:

      Latest first-in-the-branch posts end up above, but branch replies appear below the first-in-the-branch post.

      • waranabatokwa says:

        oh.. i figured out what happened.. i was initially going to reply to crab pero tinamad ako.. i forgot to click the cancel reply button..

      • ChinoF says:

        Now it’s back to everything up-to-down.

        To those who are lazy to scroll down, just use the End key. 😉

  14. 17 Pieces says:

    Water czar? Why not energy czar, considering that he used to work in a nuclear power plant in Springfield? Hur hur hur!

  15. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    may tubig pa raw sa Times St. kaya di pwedeng magdeklara ng state of calamity.

    • waranabatokwa says:

      comment of the week material..

    • alab says:

      tama ka, at pag nagsasalok na ang mga taga metro manila sa ilog pasig, pwede na sigurong state of calamity….maganda nga pala ang mga suhestyon dito para mas mapabuti ang water supply natin gaya ng singapore dahil hindi porket’ sagana tayo sa natural resources ay mas efficient tayo…

  16. Hyden Toro says:

    These are the problems I was talking about in my earlier Blog comments. They are now surfacing, one at a time. Can you solve these problems by EDSAs, or by sloganeering? Even,if you claim your parents were famous and heroes: it will not be of help in facing and solving these problems. No amount of political gimmicks will drive them away. If you fight them. They are sure to fight back in vengence.

    This is where the Gray Matter(Excellent Brain) is badly needed for a President. Advisers and political minions will not be of help. Because, most of them are just there for the Ride. Most of them are just plain political opportunists. They will surely jump ship; if they feel your ship is floundering, and is about to sink….

  17. NFA rice says:

    maybe Manila remains as the seat of administration, while Iligan city or Davao as seats of learning.. Cebu maybe a cultural and commercial center, central luzon, negros, and bukidnon become agricultural centers., Others can become industrial centers.

    Anything that transfers some power concentrated in Metro Manila, develop other provinces, and eventually decongest Manila.

    • mel says:

      @NFA Rice

      Yeah, right. That is a good idea!

      • NFA rice says:

        thanks, it would be nice if every regional unit has some for of independence without losing interdependence with one another. As i see it now, everyone depends on Metro Manila. So all attention, as well as checks and balances, are focused there. Ironically this results to events in the provinces ignored at the national level because everyone is looking at the national leaders only. Only few people concern themselves with the local political climate. There is also the corrupting effect of huge bureaucracy when power is centralized.

      • mel says:

        Certainly. Also, there will be a healthy economical competition in regional areas when Manila will be decongested.

        I am eager to know how the new Congress will tackle the issues on Charter Change. I think there is a good number of lawmakers there wanting a transition.

  18. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … flipland is inundated with torrential rain; with plentiful waterfalls, rivers, bays and esturaries… fresh water abound, the envy of the civilized world who are tapping the oceans for consumption

    … 2 to 3 months of any given year, flipland suffers from cathastrophic flooding…

    … the rest of the year, flips suffer from drought… ano ba ‘yan???

    … kasi, flips, puro gung gongs! :mrgreen:

  19. olivia says:

    Nakakapagtaka talaga kung bakit sa Maynila ay problema ang tubig samantalang sagana tayo sa tubig ulan at napapaligiran pa ng mga reservoir. Magandang aksyon na sana ang pagsasapribado ng supply ng tubig dahil mas matutugunan ng pribadong sektor ang ganitong serbisyo. Ngunit sa kabila nito ay andyan pa rin ang problema.

    Sa Saudi kahit disyerto ay sagana sa tubig. Sa isang taon halos 100 USD lang ang binabayad. Ang tubig pampaligo, gamit sa toliet at iba pa ay binabalik sa treatment plant para magamit ulit. Meron din silang malalaking desalination plants na kung saan ang tubig dagat ay nililinis para magamit sa pang araw araw na supply. Ang bottled water naman ay mas mura ang halaga kesa sa Pinas.

    Sa indonesia, wala ring problema sa tubig. Wala pa ngang 10 USD ang bayad namin kada buwan meron pa kaming swimming pool nun.

    Sa Haiti, yung mga malalaking bahay tulad ng natirhan namin ay may imbakan ng tubig ulan. Tapos nilalagyan ko lang ng chlorine para luminis. Di lang tubig ulan ang source kungdi makakabili ka rin ng tubig na galing sa ilog dala ng truck kada bahay.

    Sa mayayamang bansa tulad ng US at Sweden, yung tubig galing sa toilet sink ay pede ng inumin. Meron pang hot and cold agad at flouride treated.

    Sa madaling salita, mahal na nga ang bayad natin sa Pinas ng tubig pero di pa rin maganda ang serbisyo. Madami rin naman pedeng pagkunan ng tubig kaya dapat walang problema na. Malinaw na ang nangingibabaw na sistema ang puno’t dulo ng problema sa tubig.

    Ang solusyon dito tingin ko ay pagliliberalize ng industriya tulad ng ginawa sa telecom. Kapag pinapasok ang maraming player, madalas na mangyari ay magiimprove ang service at bababa ang presyo. Papasukin ang lahat ng gustong mamuhunan hindi lang 2 – Maynilad at Manila Water. Samahan na rin ng pag gamit ng teknolohiya. Dagdagan ang source ng tubig di lang mula sa La Mesa at Angat. Isama na ang Wawa, ang Laguna lake at iba pa. Kung may BOT na desalination plant, okay din. Magandang potential talaga ang liberalization. Let the market dictate the prices and drive the performance. Lagyan na rin ng imbakan ng tubig ang bagong design ng bahay.

    • mel says:


      “Ang solusyon dito tingin ko ay pagliliberalize ng industriya tulad ng ginawa sa telecom. Kapag pinapasok ang maraming player, madalas na mangyari ay magiimprove ang service at bababa ang presyo.”

      Dito sa La Union, may mga gustong pumasok sa industriya ng patubig. Ang proyekto ay kinasasangkutan ng mga dayuhan galing sa Europa kaya lamang ay natalo sila sa Hukuman dahil ang Water District na hawak ng pribadong kumpanya ay ayaw ng kakumpetensiya sa kanilang kalakal. Ang kaso ay nasa Court of Appeals na, matagal ang proseso sa hukuman habang ang mamamayan ay nagdurusa sa kakulangan at di magandang serbisyo.

      Sagana tayo sa tubig, lalo na dito sa Northern Luzon. May mga teknolohiyang makakatugon sa ating mga pangangailangan. May mga banyagang bansa din ang gustong tumulong.

      Nakakalungkot isipin na kapwa Pilipino ang nagpapahirap sa mga Pilipino.

      • olivia says:

        Tama ka Mel. Alam naman natin kung sino ang may hawak ng La Union. Tumira din ako dyan sa San Fernando at Bauang nuong huling bahagi ng dekada 90. Maunlad, malinis at tahimik na lugar ang San Fernando. Ramdam mo ang respeto (at takot) ng mga tao sa mga namumuno.

        Ang patuloy na pakikialam ng ibat ibang sangay ng pamahalaan sa negosyo ay malaking balakid para sa tayo ay umunlad. Tutal ay niyakap na natin ang kapitalismo, sana naman ay lubusan ng ipatupad ang Laissez Faire at liberalization. Ito ay makakatulong hindi lamang sa issue ng patubig kungdi sa lahat ng bagay.

        The problem in water supply is a microcosm of the myriad of problems we are in right now. The causes are both fundamental and systemic. Unless we put in sweeping reforms we will rely only on band aid solutions which could only help us buy more time but not solve the issues for good. We can only take these band aid solutions too much until a messiah comes and turn this country around.

  20. 17 Pieces says:

    “Water supply has always been a problem in the Philippines.”

    Extremely tragic, considering we’re surrounded in it.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Water…water…everywhere…but nowhere to drink…sighed: “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. It is a living/moving cycle of Paradox. We lack water; we have rivers full of water in Metro Manila…but they are polluted by the Squatters…Noynoy Aquino administration is fighting Philippine problems like the: fabled seven headed Monster. You cut one head; there sprout, another two heads replacements. Next time: vote for people who have the ability and competence to solve problems; who can think on their feet for solutions. This is a lesson to all Filipinos. Sadder…but, wiser…or still is dumber?

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … hyden T, my crib/shack dito sa probinsya is self contained… i have my own watah supply, poultry, and stuff…

        … kaya malakas ang loob to say ” FCUK Y’ALL FLIP GOB’MINT!… :mrgreen:

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … and daaaang ulit….

        … don’t get me started with SQUAAAATTTTTSSSSS!!!! arrrrrrggghh!!!

        … squats, go back to your own tribe in the south of ‘tang inang imperial manila!!!! :mrgreen:

  21. Joe America says:

    Linking the water crisis to President Aquino is like laying the US deficit on President Obama,
    it is impeccable for its logic to sway those with preconceived notions that the President is a moron
    or advance the agenda to attach little labels to the forehead of the President, whether deserved or not.

    To you it is honorable, because it serves your purpose, to me it is not, because it distorts things, and it is hard enough to deal with factual realities, much less distorted ones.

    As in many things Filipino, the Manila water crisis reflects the result of a culture that has little regard for others, a dog-infested, trash-ridden, sewerage-laden paradise of self-involvement. “I got my water, so good luck at getting yours. You want water, pay me under the table.” That is the view of the governmental chiefs responsible for civic water supplies.

    Trading of favors and self-involved disregard for others. Two foundations of Philippine dysfunction.

    Nice that ChinoF and mel and I are finally in sync. I proposed converting Clark-Subic to a New Manila, six months ago, as an example of a positive plank that ought to be written into presidential candidate platforms. A little slow on the uptake, AP-minions, but at least your thinking here is not so stinkin’.

    I originally had a bullet train going from Manila to Clark and Clark to Subic, but withdrew it from my platform because I knew that kind of thing is too advanced for Filipinos who would rather sling dirt about President Aquino’s eccentricities, like daily Wowowee fans looking for an emotional high, than DO anything remarkable.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … joe merkan naman naman namannn

      Linking the water crisis to President Aquino is like laying the US deficit on President Obama,

      … haven’t you read about the ‘merkan neocons blaming da socialist-hitler debonaire obama on passing the ‘merkan trillion $$$ mark deficit?

      … it’s all over the news…

      …stay focus… do not drag my idol, the debonaire b. obam… don’t even try… NO COMPARISON…:mrgreen:

    • BongV says:

      That’s too small – if the Philippines opened up its economy – it can beat Singapore – it has more space – it has more professionals. But, protectionism is keeping investors out – only one culprit – 1987 Aquino Constitution.

      Anything the Philippines is today is a product of the constitution. In IT jargon, the Philippines – its people, its territory – is the hardware. The Constitution is – the source code which when compiled to a binary executable language (the government) makes the operating system generate results as it does. Given the same hardware – a machine running Windows and Unix will have different up-times, reliability.

      While the bugs in the code source remains – the results will continue like clockwork. You don’t change your keyboard because the OS is flawed. That’s what Noynoy and the entire administrations from Cory to Noynoy will be generating.

      Free, responsive markets are the way to go. But we can never go that way – not with the Consitution that we have. Thus, we might sound repetitive – annoying – but what do you expect when you have an endless loop embedded in the source code.

      So while people complain about why they are being made fun about their choices about the color of the mouse and keyboard believing it will fix the problem – and a consensus is need about getting a mouse to fix the performance of the hardware – despite being told..substantiated… verified by praxis.. why should one concede about the correctness about one’s conclusion.

      So naturally – while one says OS – one says mouse – we know how this turns out.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        It makes sense BongV to revise the constitution and let foreign investments pour into all sectors of the economy without protectionism. With the public utilities not provided equitably by the government through its partnership with the oligarchs, competition from efficient foreign investors will jolt them into getting their act together. The same for telecommunication facilities, we are way behind Thailand in providing telephones to all households in the countryside. These oligopolistic businesses mostly dominated by the oligarchs should be forced to improve their record in efficiency. We need water, electricity and telephone everywhere, in the countryside, pork barrel spending is the government’s answer to provide water and electricity to the barrios, and since Mr. congressman has other priorities, not all barrios therefore are on a grid, in cities like Metro Manila, I wonder who is minding the provision of these basic public services. We are sick of seeing the Ayalas and Lopezes along with a few Chinese businessmen choking the Philippine economy. Since our government is too inefficient, we need multinationals to help us develop, okay, you can say this is similar to colonialism, but who cares, instead of a foreign power directly running our government, perhaps, we can let multinationals come in so that the private sector will spruce up their business practices.

        Japan was able to develop before all the enticement of global enterprises, it is in fact a very protectionist state, thus, its long running trade tensions with the U.S. But its government is quite efficient, owing to its size perhaps, all villages in Japan have basic public services, gas lines, electricity lines, water lines, telephone lines, etc. and roads are paved everywhere, even the mountain roads. Having lived in an industrialized country for so long, I have this nostalgia for dirt roads and unlit barrio life, but I understand, this is not good for job-creation for the burgeoning population among the poor.

      • Jay says:

        I’d rather have foreigners remind and teach pinoys the concept of efficient than let the oligarchs trickle down their concepts of inefficiency for another century. At least Japan’s efforts are stories made with a tinge of true nationalistic purpose with passion and effort.

    • Jay says:

      As in many things Filipino, the Manila water crisis reflects the result of a culture that has little regard for others, a dog-infested, trash-ridden, sewerage-laden paradise of self-involvement. “I got my water, so good luck at getting yours. You want water, pay me under the table.” That is the view of the governmental chiefs responsible for civic water supplies.

      Oh so long before overpopulation and the engineers who never had the foresight to see how the leaders in the future would never curb population have no responsibility in all this? Coupled by the fact that the water company owners certainly have all the advantage in this situation that was years in the making and continually exploiting it have no blame? Much of what the elites and the common people’s behavior are sadly mutual.

      . I proposed converting Clark-Subic to a New Manila

      You aren’t the first one to propose to create a new metropolis besides Manila. I’ve been hearing musings of that since 2005 and more than likely before I came to the Philippines then. But guess who runs these major businesses integral for infrastructure, travel and what not. Its certainly not the endangered species known as the middle class pinoy or the rich pinoy. Your bullet train theory has been in the back of certain peoples’ minds, most likely Bayani Fernando long before the 6th months that you received your epiphany. And for me, it was a pipe dream when I marveled at seeing an IBC-13 show about Japan’s awesome railway system as a youngin’ in the country.

  22. J_ag says:

    It is assuming to read through some of the replies to the post of BenignoO. The symptoms of a third world economy cannot be hidden by slogans.

    Part of the most important features of an industrial society are the ffg: Transportation grid, communications grid, water systems and sewage grid and the electricity grid.

    Today sea lanes and the air lanes exist on an international level.

    Evolutionary movement of peoples from agrarian communites into urban areas following innovation and invention around steam and steel.

    James Watt contraption was used to pump out water from coal mines. Then a guy called Henry Bessemer who invented an inexpensive method for mass producing steel.

    In the U.S. the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are responsible for all waterways in the U.S.

    We use the carabao still to large part for our food requirements. That is why we still have to carry our water in pails for the majority of households in the country.

    A familist parochial culture is still domianant in a backward society.

    It just won’t do. You do not and cannot install an industrial society. It is built from the ground up literally.

  23. olivia says:

    I can sum up the the root causes of all our infrastructure problems as lack of money, vision, will and discipline.

    As poor country we do not have enough money for economic development. Our tax collection is always short. Our customs collection is not as high as it should be. Our tourism industry is lagging behind our neighbors due to poor marketing. We dont have original exports to speak about. We dont have oil to export. In short, our sources of income are limited. We have the OFWs to thank for their remittances which have become the life blood of the economy.

    Forty percent of our national budget goes to debt servicing. This amount is equivalent to the budget of three big departments which can easily be used to shore up our economy.

    Every administation has been harping about increasing the revenue through better tax collection, etc… but so far all have come short.

    So how we get our infra project done if we dont have enough money? I know of three ways: We get into BOT (build – operate-transfer) set ups; we get loans or we let in foreign investors (minor shareholders by virtue of consti constraint) to do it for us, or a combination of them all.

    Take a loan and add more to our debt and increase the piece of the pie that goes to debt servicing. We get BOT and by the time the infra is transferred to us (after 30 years) it is dilapidated and becomes a white elephant. The size of investment from foreign land is limited by our constitution thus it limits also the possibility of getting the best infra they can offer. What a vicious cycle we are in.

    Our leaders also lack the clear vision what to make of this country. Every administration, the vision is changed. One admin did well by setting up the vision and all the infra for the next admin to build on. Sad part is the new admin doubts the vision and refuse to build on anything done by the previous admin.

    We need a clear vision for our country for all succeeding goverments to follow and implement. We need a long term, master plan and put it in place, if and when we will have the money. Its absolutely better to have the vision so we know how to spend the limited money that we will have.

    There is a lack of strong will to implement and realize the vision. I admire Bayani for his will. Look at what he did in the metro. He had a vision and used his iron will to implement it. It may not be popular (didnt have to be) but it worked. That kind of will is whats missing from our leaders and us, followers.

    We have gotten a significant amount if infra in place, such the mass transit systems. But we have to show discipline in taking care of them. I have seen basic infra like toilets that are ill-maintained because of our lack of discipline. We always have the knack of vandalizing things.

    Tons and tons of water is wasted because of fauly or leaking pipes. This is not to mention the theft of water through illegal connections. The same is true for electricity where pilferage is commonplace in many areas.

    Once we get the infras, we must have the discipline to maintain and use them properly so we can benefit from them for a long time.

    That all being said, I probable add more more root cause – US.

  24. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    “There is an allegation that after Ondoy and Pepeng, they released several liters of water, they being the Napocor [National Power Corp.] at that point when they were already advised the El Nino was forthcoming,” he said.

    He = abnoynoy

  25. Pingback: Assembly or Convention? Choosing a Charter Change Method

  26. Allan says:

    There is really no water crisis, its only a ploy of the oligarchs and the kamaganak inc to open up the mind of the poor pinoys that more expensive services are in the horizon. Do you want water, they’ll make sure you have water but you have to pay more for it. Remember the Cory administration where brownouts plagued the country and yet who is the biggest winner? the Aboiotiz. One of them the secretary of energy and the other is the number one importer of generators. Now, its the Lopezes, Ayalas and Cojuangcos turn once more. Imagine how many billions of pesos the Lopezes overcharged their Meralco consumers, if not for the falling out with Gloria, they would not have been exposed and ordered to return their overcharges.

  27. Noynoy News says:

    paging the yellow media. paging SWS. oh wait. let’s just blame GMA. let’s all keep on blaming her until the next regime. it’s wonderful how noynoy’s egime is designed after GMA’s persona only. parang may hung up lang sa ex, ganun. parang bata lang sa playground at turo ng turo sa ibang kalaro. tsk-tsk.

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