President Noynoy Aquino’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA)

President Noynoy Aquino will be giving his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) soon. If his army of speechwriters will have their way, his speech will be all about giving people “hope”. Hopefully, it will not be full of motherhood statements similar to his election platform and inauguration speech. Heaven forbid that Conrado de Quiros have his way in writing it lest it be full of allusions to myths and legends again, and nothing of real substance. One thing is for sure; P.Noy’s first SONA will be filled with what he will refer to as a list of the former administration’s “faults.”

P.Noynoy Aquino will have another opportunity to lambast the former administration and to stress that he is “not superman” and that he “hopes that the Filipino people will have ‘reasonable’ expectations of him” or something to that effect or anything to lower peoples’ expectation of his performance for the next six years. We’ve heard it all before, but we’re crossing our fingers this time that he will give enough details in his speech to give and his other critics, something they can sink their teeth into.

If dealing in real estate is all about “location, location and location”, in government addressing the country’s problems should be first and foremost all about the “economy, economy, and economy.” As economic expert Winnie Monsod had warned: “The President must be specific in his budget message during the SONA so that both houses of Congress can clearly understand what government plans to undertake annually for realizing such agenda.” For his part, blogger Benign0 also offers key performance measures for evaluating how successful the President is in meeting his corruption eradication promises. Obviously, people are waiting for P.Noy to speak clearly and realistically about how he is going to tackle the economy. Unfortunately for P.Noy, there is no way he can wing it this time.

Why should P.Noy prioritize the economy? P.Noy has to prioritize the economy because the economy affects everything. Those who challenge the President to look into their causes like the environment, the Mindanao peace deal, human rights abuses, etcetera, etcetera, need to wait until the economy has picked up before the administration can even begin to start drawing something on the drawing board.

Those groups who want P.Noy to look into the environment and climate change should not hold their breath because achieving an economic boom does not go hand in hand with being environmentally friendly. It’s sad, but that’s reality. It just “ain’t gonna happen” under P.Noy’s watch. Why do you think some countries like the United States and Australia haven’t signed the Kyoto Protocol until now? It’s because signing it means that their economies will be compromised.

This is precisely the reason why talks about the environment in G-20 summits keep getting stalled because not all industrial countries like China and India are prepared to reduce their green house gas (GHG) emissions. For many of them, it is because they feel it is unfair to emerging economies to come to an agreement to prevent further damage to the environment when countries like the US and the UK have achieved their economic prosperity without signing up to such in the past. Although it all sounds very greedy, economic stability is also vital to achieving cultural stability. Only when people have moved on from the struggle of providing for the most basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing and enjoy “luxuries” such as education and recreation can people think about the environment. And this situation can only be achieved through prioritizing the economy.

Looking at the big picture

P.Noy has to look at the big picture and not just Gloria Arroyo’s picture to delete vengeance from his agenda. So many times before P.Noy has been quoted criticizing former president Gloria Arroyo for overspending, something he claims resulted in a P340 billion budget deficit. It should be stressed here that the huge spending done by the former administration was not all for travels and huge dinners. As Senator Edgar Angara said, expensive dinners and too many travel entourages notwithstanding, if former president Arroyo did not pump-prime the economy, it would have contracted like other European nations did. To quote:

Angara, the chair of the Senate finance committee, does not see the country going bankrupt after Ms Arroyo leaves office next week.

The deficit was still “manageable,” he said, noting that a deficit of 3.45 percent of GDP or gross domestic product (P340 billion) was “sustainable.”

Some European economies had contracted because the ratio of their budget deficits to GDP ranged from 12 to 14 percent, he said.

“The deficit is part and parcel of public finance management. If the economy grows, the deficit and debt will lessen proportionately,” he said.

Angara said that the country would not have achieved a 7.3-percent growth in the first quarter if Ms Arroyo did not spend that much.

Ms Arroyo has described this as pump-priming the economy.

“If she did not pump-prime, the economy could have contracted,” Angara said.

The deficit that Escudero is going on about might be the biggest but “it was also the biggest economy ever,” said Angara.

In the second quarter of 2007, the economy posted at 7.5 percent the fastest annual growth in 20 years, the highest since the 7.7 percent in the third quarter of 1986, the year the dictator Ferdinand Marcos was overthrown. The economy finished 2007 with a 7.3-percent growth.

Despite Senator Angara’s acknowledgment however, I’m pretty sure that P.Noy will highlight the huge deficit mentioned above in his first SONA as more of a burden passed on to him. But to put things in perspective, the United States of America is in danger of sliding back into another recession despite a brief rebound after the first recession, this even after spending almost $862 billion to stimulate the economy. Doomsday sayers are predicting that the US could be headed for “a terrifying reprise of 1937 when the US economy fighting its way out of the Great Depression crashed a second time ” according to TIME magazine.

The difference between P.Noy and US President Obama is that, Obama does not go around every other minute harping about how it was all George W. Bush’s fault. In contrast, it is a safe bet that P.Noy will keep blaming GMA for all the ills of the country up until the last few days of his term. Never mind that his own late mother, former President Corazon Aquino is responsible for the 1987 constitution which is part of the reason why the economy can’t compete with the international market. Come to think of it, Filipinos hardly ever heard former President Arroyo complain about past administrations, which includes again Cory Aquino and her own Administration’s poor economic track record, for all the ills of the land.

It has been reported that some of the leading economists in the US are even recommending adding another $150 billion in stimulus spending just to keep the threat of “double-dip” recession at bay. But most US voters are already of the opinion that the first stimulus spending did not work so there is a growing discontented group questioning the proposed additional spending because of the rising budget deficit. To put it simply, ordinary folks do not trust the US government to handle the economy this time.

While Obama is worried about the voters who don’t understand the long- established economic theory of John Maynard Keynes on stimulus spending, P.Noy critics hope that the head of the Philippines (who should be more knowledgeable than the average schmoe) can understand why there was a need for former President Arroyo to spend and ward off the effects of the recession that gripped the rest of the world in the last quarter of 2008.

But we can’t really expect P.Noy to acknowledge anything good that “evil” Gloria has done during her term. To do that would be like dishonoring the promise he gave to his supporters and that is, to prosecute GMA and her cohorts at all cost. Good luck to him then and the rest of the public who will have to endure six years of another Aquino administration devoted to “witch hunt.”

Hard Act to Follow

Like it or not, P.Noy has to admit that the accomplishments of GMA will be a hard act to follow. Apart from the fact that she did what she had to do with little regard for what her detractors said, she also had the luxury of implementing her policies for nine years instead of six. This meant that there was a bit of continuity on the projects that she started. Her last SONA in 2009 stated this:

Had we listened to the critics of those policies, had we not braced ourselves for the crisis that came, had we taken the easy road much preferred by politicians eyeing elections, this country would be flat on its back. It would take twice the effort just to get it back again on its feet—to where we are now because we took the responsibility and paid the political price of doing the right thing. For standing with me and doing the right thing, thank you, Congress…

The strong, bitter and unpopular revenue measures of the past few years have spared our country the worst of the global financial shocks. They gave us the resources to stimulate the economy. Nabigyan nila ang pinakamalaking pagtaas ng IRA ng mga LGU na P40 billion itong taon, imparting strength throughout the country and at every level of government…

Compared to the past, we have built more and better infrastructure, including those started by others but left unfinished. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway is a prime example of building better roads. It creates wealth as the flagship of the Subic-Clark corridor.

We have built airports of international standard, upgraded domestic airports, built seaports and the RORO system. I ask Congress for a Philippine Transport Security Authority Law….

Some say that after this SONA, it will be all politics. Sorry, but there’s more work….

Sa telecommunications naman, inatasan ko ang Telecommunications Commission na kumilos na tungkol sa mga sumbong na dropped calls at mga nawawalang load sa cellphone. We need to amend the Commonwealth-era Public Service Law. And we need to do it now….

Kung noong nakaraan, lumakas ang electronics, today we are creating wealth by developing the BPO and tourism sectors as additional engines of growth. Electronics and other manufactured exports rise and fall in accordance with the state of the world economy. But BPO remains resilient. With earnings of $6 billion and employment of 600,000, the BPO phenomenon speaks eloquently of our competitiveness and productivity. Let us have a Department of ICT….

In the last four years tourism almost doubled. It is now a $5 billion industry…

Our reforms gave us the resources to protect our people, our financial system and our economy from the worst of shocks that the best in the west failed to anticipate….

They gave us the resources to do reforms para palawakin ang suportang panlipunan and enhance spending power….For helping e raise salaries through joint resolution, thank you Congress.

Cash handouts give the most immediate relief and produce the widest stimulating effect. Nakikinabang ang 700,000 na pinakamahihirap na pamilya sa programang Pantawid Pamilya.

Our preference is to invest in projects with the same stimulus effects but also with long-term contributions to national progress….

Sa pagpapamahagi ng milyun-milyong ektaryang lupa, 700,000 na katutubo at mahigit isang milyong benepisyaryo ng CARP ay taas-noong may-ari na ng sariling lupa. Hinihiling ko sa Kongreso na ipasa agad ang pagpapalawig ng CARP, at dapat ma-condone ang P42 billion na land reform liabilities dahil 18% lamang ang nabayaran mula 1972. Napapanahon dahil it will unfreeze the rural property market. Ang mahal kong ama ang nag-emancipate ng mga magsasaka. Ii-mancipate naman natin ngayon ang titulo….

Nakinabang ang pitong milyong entrepreneurs sa P165 billion na microfinance. Nakinabang ang 1,000 sa economic resiliency plan. Kasama natin ngayon ang isa sa kanila, si Gigi Gabiola. Dating household service worker sa Dubai, ngayon siya ay nagtatrabaho sa DOLE. Good luck, Gigi…
Nakinabang ang isang milyong pamilya sa programang pabahay at palupa, mula sa PAG-IBIG, NHA, community mortgage program, certificates of lot awards, at saka yung inyong Loan Condonation and Restructuring Act….

Whether you believe her statements above or not, it has become hard for ordinary folks to believe that former President Arroyo did anything good. This is because the Philippine media were good at highlighting her inadequacies but played down every good intention that she had. Sadly, the media in the Philippines has never been balanced in reporting the good stuff that came out of Malacanang while GMA was still running the show. Filipinos just have to look outside of the Philippines to see that there were other nations whose economies were run to the ground by their administrators (think Greece) and you will appreciate the fact the GMA did a good job despite the odds.

P.Noy now has acquired so many options since he has taken on “the most difficult job in the land”. He can continue with what GMA has started in order to achieve continuity; or improve on the policies; or sit down with those who are clamoring for the change in the Constitution and discuss the merits of removing and replacing some parts that prevent our country from moving forward (think protectionism clauses); to change the system of government from a presidential to a parliamentary system, among other things.

The Philippines is P.Noy’s oyster. He has to prioritize the things that will benefit every citizen in the long term not just those who supported and financed his campaign. It would be too disappointing if P.Noy devotes most of his State of the Nation Address to the blame game. It is time for P.Noy to put his sleeves up and get his own hands dirty. He has to make up his mind about whether his administration will be about spending to stimulate the economy or about austerity if he prefers to have an image of (false) humility. He just has to be careful not to get stuck in analysis paralysis because of his preoccupation with maintaining an image of someone who is the opposite of the GMA. It’s just plain unproductive.

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198 Responses to President Noynoy Aquino’s first State of the Nation Address (SONA)

  1. ArticleRequest says:

    The Yellow Army will rave about Noynoy’s imaginary greatness… FOR SURE.

    They did it with TIME magazine. (Even if that did not put him in a good light)

    But they ignore The Economist calls Noynoy an unremarkable senator and implies Filipinos will get it bad in the end. The Economist also claims that Cory’s protectionist administration sucked.

    The Philippines changes president
    Sic transit Gloria
    Hope’s six-yearly victory over the Philippine experience
    Jul 1st 2010 | Manila

    THE inauguration of Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino as the Philippines’ new president on June 30th looked less like a ceremony of state than the climax of a revolution. Huge crowds, many of them dressed in yellow, chanting “Noynoy! Noynoy!”, packed Manila’s main park to hear Mr Aquino take his oath. It recalled the people-power revolution of 1986 when Mr Aquino’s mother, Corazon “Cory” Aquino, became president with the help of yellow-clad crowds, chanting “Cory! Cory!”

    Filipinos revered Mrs Aquino because she toppled a corrupt dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, and restored democracy. The assassination of her husband, Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Marcos’s chief opponent, led eventually to the dictator’s downfall. “My parents sought nothing less and died for nothing less than democracy, peace and prosperity,” said Mr Aquino in an inauguration speech frequently punctuated by cheers and applause from the crowd. Mrs Aquino’s death last year let loose a wave of nostalgic popular sentiment which swept her son (an otherwise unremarkable senator) to victory in the presidential election held in May.

    The echoes of 1986 were intentional. Mr Aquino has portrayed himself as the deliverer of the Philippines from what he regards as the corrupt regime of the outgoing president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. “If there’s no corruption, there’s no poverty,” was his campaign slogan. In his inauguration speech, Mr Aquino promised “the end of a leadership that has long been insensitive to the suffering of the people”.

    The similarities, however, were superficial. Unlike his mother, Mr Aquino was elected in an indisputable election, and he took office in an orderly handover of power, all according to the constitution.

    Mrs Arroyo was no dictator, although many of her opponents said she would have liked to have been one. Her administration was, however, beset by accusations, which she denies, of corruption—not least that she won the 2004 presidential election by cheating.

    Just as his mother set up a commission to try to recoup the fabulous fortune amassed by Mr Marcos, Mr Aquino is setting up a “truth commission” to investigate corruption during Mrs Arroyo’s nine years in office. The precedent of his mother’s commission is not encouraging, but he expects results, stridently warning “those who are talking about reconciliation” that past corruption cannot simply be forgotten, because “there can be no reconciliation without justice.”

    Mr Aquino’s mother also failed to solve the many other problems that bedevil the country. They include, in the economy, sluggish growth, widespread poverty and rapid population growth. The political culture remains fractious and often violent. Communist and Muslim separatist insurgencies persist, and the security forces are often abusive and sometimes mutinous.

    Solutions to these problems also eluded Mrs Arroyo. Now Mr Aquino has six years in office to confront them. However, despite the pseudo-revolutionary fervour of his inauguration, he has come up with little, in his speech then or elsewhere, that smacks of revolutionary solutions.

    Filipinos have been disappointed before. Mrs Arroyo first took power in 2001 in a genuine people-power uprising, that succeeded in booting out another prodigiously corrupt president, Joseph Estrada. And yet the opinion polls suggest that Mrs Arroyo went on to become the most unpopular president since Marcos.

    Im also pretty sure the LP spin doctors will spin his speech as the antithesis of La Gloria. El Presidente is the new hero.

    In the end, Mr. Aquino is a big chump compared to his predecessors. Heck, even convicted plunderer Erap had a better track record than Noynoy and he was awful.

    But the blame game will have to end sometime and when the smoke clears Aquino will be exposed as a lameduck.

    But noooo.. Noynoyistas will never accept that. They will pin it on other factors. It’s time to cut the crap and starting from now list down Noynoy Aquino’s litany of gaffes and do nothing ass to wake people up. By 2016 Filipinos need to get their sh!t together. That involves a harsh wake up call.

    ” Filipinos have been disappointed before. Mrs Arroyo first took power in 2001 in a genuine people-power uprising, that succeeded in booting out another prodigiously corrupt president, Joseph Estrada. And yet the opinion polls suggest that Mrs Arroyo went on to become the most unpopular president since Marcos. ”

    And so Noynoyistas claimed that being hardworking and having a good track record are not necessary. Ask why and their lame duck excuses point to Gloria and Marcos whom they claim of being hard working and having a good track record. It’s a failure of understanding the basics principles of causality. Being hardworking and having a track record is INDISPENSABLE.

    This idiotic post from B7 sums it up:

    Manny Villar and Dick Gordon are missing the point
    13 January 2010 33 Comments
    They’re missing the point
    By Ricky Poca of the Cebu Daily News

    In a recent no-holds-barred forum, presidential aspirants Manny Villar and Dick Gordon took the opportunity to question the competence of Noynoy Aquino, who’s been leading in the surveys. They asked him what he has done compared to their achievements as government officials.

    Gordon showcased the transformation of Olangapo City and the former United States military bases in Pampanga after the Americans pulled out. Villar questioned Noynoy’s performance as a legislator in the House and the Senate.

    I don’t know if attacking other candidates would win votes for them, especially because the issue cited by the two may no longer be effective in convincing voters. We had presidents of remarkable competence who were seduced by power and created political crises unheard of in mature democracies.

    A classic example is Ferdinand Marcos, who wanted to be president for life. Another is the best educated and well experienced president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who has become the most unpopular president in Philippine history because of serious public doubts about her character.

    What Filipinos are looking for now is not primarily good track record in government and competence but integrity. Fortunately for Noynoy, the people believe it’s something the other candidates are found lacking.

    What’s striking is Noynoy’s response to the latest Social Weather Station survey, showing that Villar is closing the gap between them. Noynoy said the result was expected, given the frequency of the broadcasts of Villar’s paid political ads flooding the radio and television. Noynoy said his camp didn’t put out a lot of political ads yet because he wanted to abide by the rule against early campaigning.

    Indeed, a character such as Noynoy’s is a rarity in politics nowadays, and this endears Noynoy to the people even more because it just shows that Noynoy does respect the rule and the spirit of the law, which Villar disregards. I guess it’s the attitude of politicians like Manny Villar that scares people. They will do everything just to get elected, so what will stop them from doing everything just to stay in power or acquire more of it?

    There is no question that Villar is ready to spend billions of pesos for his campaign. His tab right now may be in the hundreds of millions already. And so people are asking – what will a businessman like Villar do when he gets elected president?

    In Dick Gordons’ case, he wants to know what the Aquinos have done for Tarlac. I think Gordon has forgotten that Cory Aquino’s contribution went beyond Tarlac. She was instrumental in restoring democracy in our young, sad republic, for which she was recognized by leaders and peoples the world over.

    Cory also showed that she was not hungry for power because she readily stepped down when her term ended, despite the advice of her allies who enjoyed being in power more than she did.

    Sino ba yung tumakbo sa 2010 ? Si Cory ba?

    Filipinos really need to be pointed out how Mr. Aquino is: (1) Not Mr. Humble, Mr. Integrity, not Mr. Honesty.
    (2) Show that qualities of leaders are INDISPENSABLE. You either have ALL of them or None at all because they are INTERDEPENDENT.

    If Pinoys dont realize this now expect a sucky 2016 halalan. Noynoy Aquino’s failure to lead the country will be blamed on a bunch of nonsensical things such as the EDSA spirit not being in him or Kris Aquino’s marital woes. Pinoy society abhors logic and therefore ignores the laws of causality and metaphysics.

  2. Bong v. as in vayot says:

    “the difference between P.Noy and US President Obama is that, Obama DOES NOT go around every other minute harping about how it was all George W. Bush’s fault”

    DUH! Another one of AP’s @$#@^@^@ You obviously don’t watch much Fox or CNN, do you? Obama’s been pounding on W any chance he’s got., shove it in your head. That’s as clear as crystal, baby. Are you black? 😯

    “Like it or not, P.Noy has to admit that the accomplishments of GMA will be a hard act to follow.”

    What weed have you been smoking Ilda?? Have you become such a jerk you will now be Gloria’s official mouthpiece on AP?? The only thing The Filipino will miss about Gloria is her mole, and she ain’t Cindy Crawford. 🙄 🙄

    “Filipinos just have to look outside of the Philippines to see that there were other nations whose economies were run to the ground by their administrators (think Greece) and you will appreciate the fact the GMA did a good job despite the odds.”

    I just realized how big a Moron you are Ilda, you’ve been raving and ranting about the ills of this country much of which was precipitated by your Idol gloria, by the way, and now you want to cover her ass?!! I have to give it to you, GMA’s been farting in your face, and not contented you now want to lick her shit! Wag mo kaming idamay BOBA!!

    • ArticleRequest says:

      Inasmuch as I believe Mrs. Arroyo is a lameduck, Mr. Aquino who has done next to nothing in his tenure as congressman and Senator pales in comparison to Arroyo. Heck Noynoy’s track record is SOOOO empty he even pales against Lito Lapid and makes Erap look like a hard worker and I hate them both.

      Heck he was the worst of the candidates in Halalan 2010 with every other candidate being a league to a lightyear over him in terms of competence. Remove the Aquino brandname and he is a nobody. On his own merits he cant stand on his two feet.

      • pedro_cebu says:

        ang SONA ginawang pang-entertain sa mga karaniwang PILIPINO!….parang showbiz noh??? na ba kayo??? 😀

    • BongV says:

      Emo doesn’t do you any good. The facts speak for themselves.

      Fox and CNN – kanya kanyang manok yan 😆

      If GMA has been farting in your face – send her to jail. But why stick to GMA only, does this absolve OTHER CRIMES – Hacienda Luisita? Hello?

      since the time when HLI should have been distributed to farmers – 50 some years – the Cojuangcos and Aquinos made a profit out of HLI – how much revenue was generated every year out of HLI – revenue that should have belonged to the farmers instead of the Aquinos

      so while Aquino sees the Mote in Gloria’s eyes – he does not see the LOG in Aquinos and Cojuangco’s asses – it is called Haceinda Luisita

      Out of these revenues, the Cojuangcos were able to diversify into other businesses – ecoparks, golf parks, real estate – revenues which came from the land that should have been distributed to farmers – BUT the Cojuangcos and Aquinos kept for themselves.

      So this indictment of Gloria’s past nine years is a JOKE considering the corruption that surrounds Hacienda LUisita for the PAST FIFTY YEARS.

      Aquino is a PHONEY!

      • crab says:

        Hacienda Luisita?

        oh gash bongV moron ka talaga i told you beffore na dumaan sa dalawang plebiscite ang SDO ng Hacienda Luisita hangang ngayon hindi mo parin maintindihan. tanga ka talaga 😈

        asaan ba ang utak mo at napakaBOBO mo. ang hirap mo paliwanagan. tuyot na siguro ang utak mo sa kakaBJ ng mga fafa na nakabuyangyang sa kalsada. 😆

        bakla si bongV bakla 😆

      • BongV says:

        @crab matapos pinili ang SDO – hirap pa rin sila! LUMALA ANG PAGKABOBO 😆 hindi pa rin naintindihan – NILUTO SA SARILING MANTIKA.. mga bobo kasi 😆

        amuyin mo utot mo crab 😆 😆

      • Jayce says:

        Even if it takes TEN plebiscites for the SDO, it won’t do any good because the farmers are still poor.

        Any implemented policy that is wrong to begin with, no matter how many plebiscites it goes through, will definitely, if not, always end up being wrong.

      • ChinoF says:

        Baka yung mga farmers pinilit na mag-boto in favor of SDO, tulad ng pinipilit na pag-boto for Noynoy sa Hacienda Luisita. Pinapili lang sila: Prinsipyo o Caldero?

      • Jay says:

        Hey crab, how do you like having a murderer of farmers as a president?

      • crab says:

        you missed the point may dear Jayce. the HL workers choices the SDO in two plebiscite it is their prerogative kung ano ang gusto nila at pabor sa kanila. alangan namang ikaw ang pipili sa kanila. at kahangalan ang sabihing ikaw ang mashigit na nakakaalam ng ikakaganda ng buhay nila. hindi ka naman siguro ganun kagaling para sabihin un db 😥

        oh benigO este jay bibigyan kita ng pangbayad sa korte kasuhan mo lang si PNoy para matigil ka na sa iyong kahangalan. 😆

        ipadala mo saakin ang iyong bank acount. 😉 sa baklasibongv(at)tangatalagasiChinoF(dot)com 😀 now na ❗

    • ilda says:

      @Bong v. as in vayot

      I really love it when rabid P.Noy supporters demonstrate their unique behaviour for everyone to see. Calm down though; think about your stress levels -you have to keep it down for Monday’s SONA.

      If you read my blog again I said “Obama does not go around every other minute harping about how it was all George W. Bush’s fault.” I didn’t say “Obama does not blame Bush”. There is a difference. Tsk-tsk…read carefully my dear or you will misinterpret. 🙂

      And regarding GMA, I said she will be a hard act to follow only because she had nine years instead of just 6, and there was continuity. Well unless P.Noy plans to stay longer than six and defy the constitution, he can also stay longer but that means he does not have integrity, right? Right. Don’t panic. P.Noy simply just has to prove that he can do a better job than her. If you believe in P.Noy then what I wrote here should not affect you so much.

      What makes you think I am a GMA fan? Some of my statements are just merely echoing what other people were saying like Senator Angara. And just to reiterate, I didn’t say Gloria was perfect. I just said “the Philippine media were good at highlighting her inadequacies but played down every good intention that she had. Sadly, the media in the Philippines has never been balanced in reporting the good stuff that came out of Malacanang while GMA was still running the show.” Don’t tell me that you really believe that everything that Gloria did while in office was evil? Our economy would have been bankrupt by now if that were the case.

      Why don’t you instead read her 2009 SONA again and refute everything that she said. Let’s see if you can prove that she didn’t do anything right.

      Do yourself a favor and quit the personality attacks because you are embarrassing yourself.

      • Bong v. as in vayot says:

        STUPIDA!! Just because I raised some moronic points in your article that would automatically make me ‘rabid yellow’?? 😯 Anyone that disagrees with you is ‘yellow’?? HELLO! How convenient! Moron!

        And don’t lecture me on personality attacks, that is pretty much the norm in here. What would AP be without name calling? So now that I speak your language, you’re asking me to stop?

        “Do yourself a favor and quit the personality attacks because you are embarrassing yourself.”

        DUH! Moron! 😡

      • ChinoF says:

        I wonder why you have to come in namecalling and pointing out supposed “moronic” points, when you have no or weak proof that they are moronic? Thanks anyway for helping us out, showing that we don’t delete comments that are against us, and showing that those who are “against us,” well… tend to be of a much lesser quality. 😉

      • Jay says:

        @potential AP troll

        We’re not asking for you to stop, but it would REALLY HELP if you can stick with the topic on hand. You pretty much came here white knighting your president and hurling insults like it was going out of fashion the next day.

        What would AP without the name-calling? Everyone being completely rational. You sir are irrational with your attacks and your lack of position as to what you want to argue about.

      • ilda says:

        @Bong v. as in vayot

        No one attacked you here. You are the one who keeps resorting to such tactics. Even your name is attacking BongV.

        Are you ever going to give me a rebuttal that has substance? You disagree with what I say in my blog but you don’t state your reason in detail.

        Wala ka naman palang masabi to counter GMA’s 2009 SONA.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        One generation go; the other generation comes in. The new generation will always blame the previous generation for the present ills of their generation. Same as administrations. An old administration is replaced by a new administration.Tthe New administration will surely blame, the old administration for the ills of the nation. As if, Noynoy Aquino was a newcommer. He was a Congressman; then a Senator. Did he passed any House Bills, to improve the situation of the country? He did not do anything in his terms. So, it is like the provervial Fault Finder, pointing his forefinger on the previous administration. Four others of his fingers, are directly pointing back to him. If Noynoy Aquino blames Gloria Arroyo. He is also part of the blame; because he is a Sitting Senator. He did not do anything about it. Instead, he just sat there in Batasan Pambansa: letting things happen.

      • ilda says:

        He is also part of the blame; because he is a Sitting Senator. He did not do anything about it. Instead, he just sat there in Batasan Pambansa: letting things happen.

        Exactly Hyden! He is not new in politics. In fact, during the campaign, they kept harping about how “evil” Gloria is. That’s suppose to mean that they already knew everything, so why is he acting so surprised now?!?

      • BongV says:

        @ilda no worries – he is bong v as in vayot… i’m bong v – as in virgin breaker 😳 :mrgreen:

      • ilda says:


        I don’t even know what vayot means and I don’t want to know actually…

    • Parallax says:

      You obviously don’t watch much Fox or CNN, do you? Obama’s been pounding on W any chance he’s got., shove it in your head. That’s as clear as crystal, baby. Are you black?

      hey vayotboy, obama doesn’t “pound on” bush “any chance he’s got,” moron. eh ikaw pala hindi nanonood ng international news eh. did you shove your head up your arse kaya you miss the news?

      emote pa, dali. 😈

    • ChinoF says:

      You sure everything you say here is true? Like Obama always pounding on Bush and Gloria having achieved nothing? I’ve heard guys shot on LSD say truer things. 😆

      Actually, talagang madadamay ka, since you probably voted him, and you seem to demonstrate the worst features of Philippine culture (like emotionalism), and the effects will rebound to you. As the saying goes, “ako ang simula,”… (adding one commenter’s name) ng kabobohan. 😆

    • Ashurbanipal says:

      Glad he’s not blocked/banned, at least we can see what kind of quality these yellow supporters are. 😆

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        What quality? They are the scum of the nation. Why? Because they indulge in “Aquinolatry,” that is, the worship of ANYTHING that screams Aquino. Unfortunately for us REAL FILIPINOS, they are many, while we are few.

        BongV as in Vading, here’s some advice: GROW A BRAIN. Think, for Christ’s sake! If all you see are the mud that ABS slings towards CGMA, look at the other side of the coin. What has she done during those nine years? Enough to make the oligarchs cream their pants. If you don’t like it, just sit around and let them bleed you dry.

  3. Pingback: President Noynoy Aquino SONA 2010 Reaction Paper

  4. mel says:

    What kind of President is PNoy warning the Filipino people two (2) days before his speech that they will be schocked on Monday’s SONA?

    He sounded like his own “Joseph Goebbels” conditioning the mind of the broad masses and creating an eruption of emotional distress.

    He is schocking the Filipino people so that the latter will hold their breath, which will hinder oxygen to enter the Filipino brains so that they cannot think and make their own picture of his speech?

    Almost everything about Arroyo’s government is already written and published. There is nothing new to it. I am expecting his solutions not redundancies of his campaign messages.

    • ilda says:

      Hence this blog to counter the mind conditioning that the yellow mob are doing 🙂

      • Phil Manila says:

        “Hence this blog to counter the mind conditioning that the yellow mob are doing”

        Or, we could first listen to the actual SONA delivered before we begin to over-analyze. In that way, second-guessing and ‘I told you so’ are avoided. 8)

        BTW, our good, gracious host Manolo Quezon over at The Daily Dose is now part of the president’s communications team as messaging guru.

        For old times’ sake, why don’t you invite him here at AP to personally engage and interact with you zealous Anti-P.Noy fans. Who knows, it might clear some air. 😉

      • ChinoF says:

        Oh, the “gracious host” who kept on singing yellow praises so he could be part of that communications team. That’s an observation I’ve seen everywhere. Those who are fanatic supporters want a piece of the action in government – in other words, “bigyan mo ko ng pwesto!” Clearly self-serving. A demonstration of patronage politics that is part of the system of corruption. I know one yellow singer who’s sour-graping because they didn’t get a position. 😆

      • ilda says:

        @Phil Manila

        P.Noy was the one who kept setting the mood of the public by saying “the public will be shocked.”

        Why does he keep saying that when the campaign period is already over? The use of shock tactic is so passe already. And he can’t say he is shocked himself because he should have known the real status of the economy even before running for the presidency. Now the people just want to hear how he is going to deliver his promise in detail.

        As for Mr Quezon, I don’t think we need to send him an invite anymore because he already reads with his coffee every morning 😉 It’s up to him if he wants to comment here. I have a feeling though, that he will just use the mainstream media to deliver his message because he has now moved on from blogging.

      • benign0 says:

        @ Phil Manila: In case you hadn’t noticed yet, dude, the doors here have always been open to everyone. Trouble is there hasn’t been anyone who’s provided any convincing challenge to any of the assertions made in this site.

        Tough luck.

      • !@#$%^ says:

        How to listen to a Sona

        By Randy David
        Philippine Daily Inquirer

        MANILA, Philippines—Every year, at the opening of Congress’ regular session, the president of the Philippines is required by the Constitution to address it. Following American tradition, this annual speech by the president is called the “State of the Nation Address” or Sona. Yet such a speech need not be about the state of the nation. In fact, there is no reference to a Sona in our Constitution. If he wishes, the president may also speak before Congress at any other time to report on the state of the nation.

        In the United States, when newly inaugurated presidents address Congress just weeks after taking office, their speeches are not officially considered State of the Union addresses. There is a good reason for this. A State of the Union Address is the president’s opportunity to inform the people of the overall condition of the nation and the challenges this poses for every citizen. More specifically, it is supposed to be the right moment for the president to state his priorities and to propose a legislative agenda to Congress. A president who has just assumed office cannot be expected to come up with an accurate assessment of the state of the nation, or to produce a detailed agenda of what needs to be done.

        A new president who assumes this task too soon, like the Philippine president, runs the risk of providing an incomplete or distorted picture, one that is likely to be informed more by the residual vitriol of the preceding election than by an objective grasp of the facts.

        This has always been one of the delicate paradoxes of democratic politics. Democracy demands a sharp differentiation between contending political groups. But when the elections are over, the winner is expected to rise above the din of battle and begin to speak for the whole nation. Only in this manner does he become a figure of political integration, committed to the pursuit of the common good. This is the ideal to which all mature democracies aspire.

        And so, even in wrenching political transitions, American presidents are given enough space to rid themselves of the toxins from the partisan campaign so they can re-emerge before the nation as its singular leader. Barack Obama, America’s first black president, embraced this role from day one. Before describing the magnitude of the crisis that American society faced, he began his inaugural address thus: “I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.” Then, without any hint of sarcasm, he proceeded to acknowledge the one president who had done the most to bring America to its present woes: “I thank President Bush for his service to our nation, as well as the generosity and cooperation he has shown throughout this transition.”

        These are words that we cannot expect President Aquino to say of his predecessor. Not because he lacks the magnanimity and grace of a true leader, but because people would read insincerity in these words if he said them. They would not be a truthful description of the nasty way former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo behaved throughout this transition. I refer, of course, to the spiteful exercise of presidential powers inherent in the “midnight” appointments. It would probably be enough for President Aquino to acknowledge her presence as a former president, but even that could unleash a torrent of heckling.

        From all indications, President Noynoy’s first State of the Nation Address is going to be blunt. It will not feign politeness. He has promised to state the bare facts of the nation’s present condition. But, while doing so, he needs to find a way of saying that this is only what we know at this point. There is far more that will likely be uncovered in the coming months, confirming the wanton way in which the past government violated its contract with the nation’s citizens. Those responsible will be made to account for their deeds, but the new government will not be deterred by the enormity of the problems left behind. This needs to be said.

        But, again, reference to past errors and abuses can be double-edged. If overstated, it can create an overwhelming sense of gloom and anger from which the speech may not be able to recover. No president, even in the midst of the most difficult crises, can afford to communicate a sense of helplessness before the nation’s problems. Certainly not Noynoy, who was precisely brought to the presidency by a surge of the most baffling optimism. He must sound hopeful and, more importantly, resolute. Indeed, resoluteness has always characterized the most effective presidential speeches.

        “Today, I must say to you,” Gerald Ford told Congress a few months after he became president following the disgraced Richard Nixon’s resignation, “that the state of the Union is not good.” He then read a litany of facts showing the dire straits in which the country found itself. “Now, I want to speak very bluntly. I’ve got bad news and I don’t expect much, if any, applause. The American people want action.” From here, he went into his concrete proposals. He defined the problem, what the solution required, and what his government had decided. He acknowledged that some problems were knottier. He stated the general direction in which he intended to solve these, but he asked the public for more time.

        That style seems to suit President Aquino perfectly—a straight-speaking approach to the nation’s problems. But beyond merely giving the facts, I hope he takes the trouble to explain what they mean, and what the quest for enduring solutions will require of all of us who care for this country.

      • Phil Manila says:

        @ Benign0,

        Bloke, speaking about blog openness, didn’t MLQ3 still welcome somebody who commented, no-holds barred, straight in-your-face, that the reason the site used ping backs, was to increase blog traffic. 8)

        And you know what tough luck is? Manolo is now presidential communications message director, while you and me are still yelling in shot boxes. 8)

      • Parallax says:

        And you know what tough luck is? Manolo is now presidential communications message director, while you and me are still yelling in shot boxes.

        as if anybody here ever held the ambition of being one of noynoy’s spin doctors / excuse writers / propaganda planners. do you? 8)

      • ilda says:

        @Phil Manila

        Who says we even want to be a presidential communications message director (whatever the heck that is) anyway? Especially not for the yellow mob.

        One day Manolo is going to wish he was in our shoes 😉

      • ChinoF says:

        And you know what tough luck is? Manolo is now presidential communications message director, while you and me are still yelling in shot boxes.

        Call that achievement if you want. I’ll still call it “utang ng loob” or patronage politics, still part of the ugliness of our society.

        Besides, after a few years, let’s see how the presidential communications message director handles failure when it comes.

      • ChinoF says:

        Hmmm, why are you here? Did the old playground dry up and stagnate because none of you got government positions? Funny you keep on mentioning MLQ, MLQ, as if you’re jealous. 😆

      • Phil Manila says:

        “Hmmm, why are you here? ” – ChinoF

        Why do you ask? Are you know ChinoFBI?

        Top 3 reasons why I am here:

        1. To give moral support to Crab, GabbyD, and Joe America. 😀

        2. To present a counter view point to the die-hard Anti-P.Noy fans. 🙂

        And most importantly,

        3. To adore the beautiful (avatar or personally) of Ms. Ilda. 8)

      • ilda says:

        @Phil Manila:

        Why thank you Phil. I’ll buy you a beer when I become presidential communications message director of President Benign0,hehe 😉

      • benign0 says:

        @ Benign0,

        Bloke, speaking about blog openness, didn’t MLQ3 still welcome somebody who commented, no-holds barred, straight in-your-face, that the reason the site used ping backs, was to increase blog traffic. 8)

        And you know what tough luck is? Manolo is now presidential communications message director, while you and me are still yelling in shot boxes.

        Goes to show you don’t know me as well as you think you do, dude. What makes you think I or anyone here see being part of the Establishment in the Philippines as something to aspire for? In fact, that was the downfall of FV. Too many bloggers having too many real-world ties with the who’s who in the Establishment. That’s the reason why FV lost its edge — because everyone there needed to be careful about who they offended and who they favoured.

        But one thing I am not remiss with is in acknowledging MLQ3’s fairness as far as his openness to dissenting views in his own blog. I’ve cited that many times across some of my articles and some of my comments.

      • ChinoF says:

        Well, that’s a sense of purpose, I gotta hand it to you. I guess it must feel sad to not have gotten a position in the P.Noy administration if you were vehemently supporting it. Or it must feel exciting to keep defending it from us hoping to get a position. 😛 Anyway, good luck in it. 😆

      • Ano ni Mos? says:

        MLQ3 was a higher-up in 😉 Malacanang — really close to ➡ Gloria — just like Dinky Soliman.

        But me!!! Me!!! Take me!!! I’ll join and work inside Malacanang. Give me a desk, phone, list of responsibilities. I’ll provide my own 😈 bodyguards and wangWang and I’ll pay for my own trips when I visit Beijing, Osaka, Brunei, Singapore, San Francisco.

        I have great ideas!

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        I would have been totally impressed by the piece written by Randy David below, had he not made it quite clear, he is an N/A apologist. By bringing up the midnight appointments of the past administration as the poison to reaching out to the hands of the former government and acknowledging the acts of goodwill the Gloria cabinet extended to N/A in making the transition smoother, which N/A rejected and ignored. David says this is the reason why N/A could not be gentlemanly and magnanimous to the former president in his speeches thus far, starting from the inaugural to his answers to the press. Randy of course is a rabid GMA hater and so I find his commentary below tainted by that bias against GMA. There is no justification at all for the childish behavior of N/A toward the former administration. Midnight appointments done by GMA may not be to N/A’s and David’s liking, but hey, they were not unconstitutional, they were still part of GMA’s prerogative as president. Why would this last act of GMA inconvenience at all the N/A presidency. He could do the same toward the end of his term, is it enough reason for his successor not to stay out of a hateful course and unite the nation at the onset of his new mandate as president?

        Randy David selectively points to GMA SONAs in which she used the occasion to defend her administration’s accomplishments. What about GMA’s first SONA, did she play the blaming game or did she rise to the occasion by uniting the country behind her administration’s agenda of governance. Clearly, David’s piece is biased against GMA and a pro-N/A piece of propaganda, struggling to be objective by saying that N/A could stay the course by just enumerating facts and offering solutions without offering some words of reconciliation. Now, how is that for a double-talk? He couldn’t possibly liken the Nixon presidency to the GMA one, Nixon was going to be impeached due to irrefutable evidence of cover-up during his administration. He resigned from the presidency and that was why Ford could take over as president. It would be clearly hypocritical for Ford to say anything good about a discredited administration. The GMA administration in contrast had not committed the egregious acts of the Nixon administration, and she did not resign as president, she was still the sitting president when N/A got elected, she did not deserve the treatment the N/A presidency gave her upon the turnover of power. Only an undeveloped statesman or a twit is capable of such an unpresidential act.

      • ilda says:

        @Miriam Quiamco:

        I noticed that too. Mr David said that it would be hypocritical of P.Noy to be civil to GMA because of her midnight appointments. She didn’t do anything that was against the constitution. If it was wrong, why can’t they file charges? They can’t even get rid of the said appointments precisely because it is covered by the constitution. They have such evil thoughts. They are so negative.

    • IceQueen says:

      You’ve gotta give his publicity people credit. They know their stuff.

      If I wanted to distract people to the fact that my guy has done squat to be fully suitable for the job he’s in, I’d pull out all the stops and do a song and dance number that’d “shock and awe” the audience.

      Pointing to a boogeyman and telling people he/she is to blame for all of their problems is one way to do it.
      Maybe, when he delivers the SONA with GMA in the audience he suddenly points a finger at her in classic Jacques Clouseau fashion and she gets hauled away, kicking and screaming.

      That’d make for great television for sure. But as for actual progress…. I don’t know about that.

      Oh, and generating hype to get people excited about something that’s really not much of a big deal is also a classic strategy.

      It’s all about the spin, baby.

      “Why does the dog wag its tail? Because the dog is smarter than the tail.
      If the tail was smarter, the tail would wag the dog.”

      • BongV says:

        @IceQueen – Amen. Mismo. Exactamente. That’s the media plan and the “media communications team” for you. As Marie Antoinette once said – “let them eat cake”. Where the French beheaded Marie Antoinette, we elect our Marie Antoinettes into positions of authority – bloody idiots.

      • Jay says:

        You’ve gotta give his publicity people credit. They know their stuff.

        I’m not surprised. They helped condition the fat cows they milk from and even better, social awareness is pretty much a stigma for these folks. It doesn’t take much thinking power but quite a bit of work and incentive.

        ASAP after Sunday, continues on with SONA the next day. Its like one SUPER SUNDAY, even more so if Monday was declared a national holiday.

  5. J.B. says:

    I can’t fathom what’s in P.Noy’s mind that he expects people will be in treat of massive shock even if they’re used to it.

    Perhaps, Kris told him shock can feed the masses regardless how poor they are.

    It appears to me Kris emo now is the main theme in the upcoming SONA.

    • ilda says:

      Ma-drama sila. Full stop!

      P.Noy just needs to state the facts in his SONA and move on to doing his job.

      • ArticleRequest says:

        ‘SONA to shock Pinoys’ – Saturday, July 24SendIM StoryPrint.

        MANILA, Philippines – In his first State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, President Aquino said he would shock his listeners with a litany of his predecessor’s alleged misdeeds and how they had shrunk the national budget from P1.54 trillion to just over P100 billion.

        “I’m not comfortable revealing the details to you now. But you’ll be surprised at what’s left of the budget,” Mr. Aquino told reporters in Filipino.

        “There will be at least a minimum of five (anomalies) that we have uncovered. You will be very, very surprised at the things that we have discovered,” Mr. Aquino said.

        “I think the common reaction was, among those who already know, the expression was, ‘Ha? They did that? Why did they do that?’ There is really no sense, no rhyme, no reason, but we will be the ones to fix that,” he said.

        Mr. Aquino explained that little is left of the current budget because much of it had either been used or earmarked for congressional initiatives.

        The President said he has instructed Budget Secretary Florencio Abad and his other officials to “re-sharpen their pencils and do the computation again” to determine why only 10 percent of the original budget was left when it was only the middle of the year.

        “It’s still a work in progress,” Mr. Aquino said of the ongoing re-computation.

        Mr. Aquino did not use the word bankrupt in describing the current fiscal condition but said the government would have to work on revenue generation measures.

        He admitted that the figures he mentioned would be verified so that he would be able to give the public the correct information on Monday.

        Mr. Aquino said the budget would be a “major part” of the SONA because the people would have to be informed of the capabilities and limitations of his administration for this year.

        5th rewrite

        The President said they were now on the “fourth or fifth” rewrite of the speech because the initial SONA documents had “24 pages, single spaced, font (size) 16.”

        “I said this is too much and I have to be very, very careful of what I say because it might create the wrong impression,” the President said.

        He stressed that the current water shortage would be treated in his SONA as one of the urgent concerns his administration would have to address immediately.

        He said even the Calamity Fund had been misused to benefit selected districts.

        “It seems there was a particular district that benefited that was not affected by ‘Basyang’ or even ‘Ondoy’ or ‘Pepeng’ but 20 percent of the 70 percent (funds used) allegedly went to this district,” Mr. Aquino said.

        Mr. Aquino stressed that they would have to get a clearer picture of the problem so that proper solutions could be put in place.

        “If you misidentify the problem you are guaranteed to not come up with the correct solution and you will exacerbate the problem,” he said.

        “The problems left a lot of us gasping at what has been done,” Mr. Aquino said.

        “In terms of gaining knowledge, Monday’s SONA will really shed light on so many things,” Mr. Aquino said.

        He also said his administration might re-align some funds or tap the Kilos Asenso savings program of the Arroyo administration.

        “How do we take care of the funds? There is an authority to realign savings. There are savings coming from a program called Kilos Asenso. This has been there since 2004 and there have been allegations that there are no guidelines; bottom line, there are no takers for the fund, it’s about P1 billion or P1.5 billion that can be tapped (to counter) the depletion of the calamity funds,” Mr. Aquino said.

        Aquino added the drive against tax evaders and smugglers as well as other schemes could enhance the government’s revenue collection.

        “(We will) seek the help of the legislature to enact certain laws that would enable us to do innovative solutions,” Mr. Aquino said.

        He declined to elaborate, saying he’d “rather be the doer than the promiser.”

        Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said the first SONA would be “straightforward and will also be in Filipino” with “intersperses of English.”

        “Well, this is the first SONA of the President so we’re coming from the situation where we’re going to inevitably describe what we inherited from the past administration. So there will be a discussion of, for instance, the problems left behind by the Arroyo administration,” he said.

        “How you put it, how you describe it – whether it’s criticism or not – it’s going to be factual,” Lacierda stressed.

        “The things that would be described, the ills that we are inheriting – these are all factually-based, there will be no criticism beyond the objective presentation of the ills that we are inheriting,” he said.

        But for former President Fidel V. Ramos, Mr. Aquino’s first SONA should focus on the positive.

        “For me, it (message) is healing because the country is wounded,” Ramos said.

        “The composition of the SONA can be anything. But if they would talk about the problems of the past, which had been discussed interminably, just talk about the future. It should be a bit brighter,” he said.

        Will she attend SONA?

        As the new representative of Pampanga’s second district, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s presence is expected at the opening of the 15th Congress, but will she stay long enough for President Aquino’s SONA?

        “I think the former president will attend the SONA since it will be more awkward if she didn’t,” said La Union Rep. Victor Ortega, chairman of Lakas-Kampi-CMD for Northern Luzon.

        Rep. Arroyo chose to be silent on the issue when sought for comment at Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga where she, along with Lakas-Kampi-CMD House members, attended a training course on the “dynamics of legislation.”

        Mrs. Arroyo’s son Camarines Sur Rep. Diosdado Arroyo said he would attend Monday’s SONA, but declined to say if his mother would also be attending.

        “Ask her, I am not her spokesman,” he told reporters.

        Neophyte Pangasinan Rep. Leopoldo Bataoil also said he expected all Lakas-Kampi-CMD members to be at Mr. Aquino’s SONA.

        Another Arroyo ally, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, also said he wasn’t aware of the former president’s plans for Monday.

        “I am not privy to that information,” he said.

        Harry Potter theme

        Militant groups led by the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) said they would come up with a Harry Potter themed visual representation of Mr. Aquino during their planned SONA rally, Bayan secretary-general Renato Reyes said.

        An artist group, Ugat Lahi, has been commissioned to produce a “kinder” effigy of Mr. Aquino. The same group had made effigies of Arroyo for her nine SONAs.

        Mr. Aquino, Ugat Lahi said, would be portrayed as a magician waving his wand, and surrounded with effigies representing the different problems of the country.

        “President Aquino campaigned on the strength of promises of change. As president, he is in the best position to address the people’s demands for change,” said Max Santiago of the Ugat Lahi Artists Collective, one of the artists working on the effigy.

        “After showing the effigy, we will listen to President Aquino’s speech, since we are interested to know whether or not he will take up the challenge of carrying out the reforms the country badly needs at this time,” he said.

        Reyes, for his part, said he was disappointed with Mr. Aquino’s call for them to just hold their rally at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

        “We had hoped the new administration would be more flexible in listening to the peoples’ clamor for change. His predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, during her first SONA, allowed rallyists to march as far as the Sandiganbayan and Batasan Road,” Reyes recalled.

        “Our issues include human rights, jobs, land, social services and justice and the various problems left behind by the Arroyo regime. If the issue is simply traffic, this can be easily discussed and resolved, as had been done before,” he pointed out.

        Reyes said even the Commission on Human Rights had expressed openness to allowing militant groups to march close to Batasan during a dialogue with the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Quezon City government.

        “The PNP itself did not immediately object. We would have wanted our lawmakers and top government officials to see the different issues of the various sectors, which would be impossible if the rally would be hidden inside the QCMC. We would have also wanted to listen to P-Noy’s first SONA,” Reyes said.

        Reyes stressed that launching of mass actions during a SONA has long been a tradition and part of the democratic process. With Delon Porcalla, Rhodina Villanueva, Ding Cervantes and Evelyn Macairan – By Aurea Calica (Philstar News Service,

      • Ano ni Mos? says:

        In a speech last week, Presidente Noynoy says that he will still expect the AFP and PNP to help the population especially people in slums and other poor neighborhood when there are floods 👿 and other disasters. But because of the budget crisis and not enough money left in 2010 budget, he expects them to do to their job but they ➡ should not expect money from Malacanang for gasoline or emergency supplies.

        Ang galing ni Noynoy, ano? [Gawin niya dapat ang ginawa ni GMA — borrow from the next-year budget kung talagang kailangang-kailangan ng bayang-tao, pero this Noynoy likes drama-drama palabas.]

      • ilda says:

        @Article Request

        Nakakatawa ang mga sinasabi ni P.Noy, hahaha.

        Mr. Aquino did not use the word bankrupt in describing the current fiscal condition but said the government would have to work on revenue generation measures.

        It’s only natural that he should work on revenue generation measures. It does not matter what state the former administration left the economy, it’s his job to find a way to generate more income like any company CEO.

        “The problems left a lot of us gasping at what has been done,” Mr. Aquino said.

        It’s not as if he wasn’t a public servant before being the President. Why is he acting so surprised? I think he wants to project an image of someone who was unaware of the enormity of the problem so he can tell people exactly that. “Ay, naku! Ang laki pala ng problema. Kung alam ko lang hinde na ako nagsabi na kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap!” Ayayayyay! -(P.Noy said in his SONA 🙂 )

      • BenK says:

        He needs to have someone explain the difference between a calendar year and a fiscal year to him.

      • red says:

        @Ilda of course Pnoy was unaware of what happened the past administration!
        he was asleep most of the time! 😆
        Rip Van Winkle is our new president. 😯

      • innagadda54 says:

        But that’s the thing. I can’t find evidence of this guy doing his job in the past whatever job that was. What makes the yellow army so confident he will do this multi faceted job when he could not excel in a simpler job before?

      • Jay says:

        What makes the yellow army confident is that they are armed with the Hope and Positivity they bought in from their fearless leader. Lets see how much longer they hold out with this Presidential disaster and the yellow zombies could potentially behave like REAL ZOMBIES like in Romero’s classics once the desperation sets in.

    • silvercrest says:

      Isn’t it what they usually do in celebrity talk shows? “Hindi nauubos ang showbiz intriga.” What can you expect out of PeeNoyL when one of his advisers is Kristeta? The content may be different but the delivery will be like “The BUZZ”! Mala-noontime show naman ito!

  6. alab says:

    The SONA will probably sound more like a movie script, complete with moving quotes and of course their favorite, finger pointing statements…abias cbn’s scriptwriters must be working overtime now along with their acting coaches, galingan mo noy umarte because they’re grooming you to be the next best actor, at the same time, polishing you to have superstar-like celebrity status rather than a working president kasi naman pag mas sikat ka the madlang people wouldn’t notice your non-performance..

  7. Ano ni Mos? says:

    Gusto ko lang malaman ninyo na in my opinion for this particular minute of this particular day of 2010, I want to say that Presidente Noynoy Aquino is the best President of the Philippines. My evidence — his vision and leadership when he declared the wangWang no-counterflow pronouncement. Right there is imagination that will rule the world.

    Of course (and this is my 🙄 opinion) President Noynoy Aquino will never be better than President Corazon Aquino who will eventually become a saint of the Iglesia Ni Kristo church because of her foresight in energy — Bataan Nuclear Power Plant closed — and disaster management (Paranaque Spillway project stopped). And 😕 Hacienda Luisita.

    • ArticleRequest says:

      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

      Hi Ano Ni Mos,

      Ano po ba talaga ang tayo mo kay P-NOY ?

      “in my opinion for this particular minute of this particular day of 2010, I want to say that Presidente Noynoy Aquino is the best President of the Philippines”

      Pero kung siya nga ang Best President ng Pilipinas bakit sinabi ninyo po : “President Noynoy Aquino will never be better than President Corazon Aquino”

      Paunawaan ninyo ako. 8)

      • Ano ni Mos? says:

        I just want JoeAm the patriot that antiPinoy-dot-Com will allow blog-comments that say nice things about the Mother and the Son even though they really do not have the leadership and vision to be presidents.

        But more important than JoeAm is this —- Another human rights activist killed. 36-year-old teacher Serafin Villahermosa Jr. of Tubod Elementary School, Cebu.

        I wonder if in his SONA, Presi-Noy will give marching orders to Gazmin to control the CAFGU’s and AFP and to ➡ Secretary Lima to find the “lost commands” inside the AFP!!!

      • BongV says:

        Gordon had leadership and vision to be President. Idiots chose Aquino. ’nuff said.

      • Ano ni Mos? says:

        A mediocre president can be 😆 helpful as long as the mediocre president knows to get out of the way for the more capable leaders.

        Maybe Robredo or Ona are super-capable and can make good things happen, but a great cabinet secretary becomes inutil 😥 when a president gets in the way. Noynoy gives me the impression being very capable
        of ruining programs for progress with innate clumsiness and pettiness to result in persidente getting
        in the way of capable leaders. This is my personal opinion (obviously not shared by that 😯 patriot, JoeAm).

      • NFA rice says:

        Precisely my feelings when Noynoy decided to run for presidency. The best he could have done is inhibit himself from running. I read somewhere that his mother did not want him to run. Maybe he was forced. Opportunists found that the death of his mother made him a nice candidate 🙂

    • BongV says:

      he’s the best because he’s doing the job of an urban planner? talk about lowering the bar of expectations. this is going to be a long six years :mrgreen:

    • Jay says:

      You are certainly entitled to your opinion Ano ni Mos however it is far from anything factual.

      Like mother, like son. Horrible crisis management in the face of different forms of it. Cory got it easier because the people prayed harder. Maybe if Noynoy barred the entire population in to churches and had them pray harder (while cutting off internet connections from those evil bloggers) will help gather enough positive energy to run the country back to relevance.

  8. NFA rice says:

    Corazon Aquino included SDO in CARP. (In 2009 SDO was removed in CARPER)

    SDO is illegal says the UP Center of Law and Fr. Bernas, one of the framers of the 1987 Constitution. According to the then President Corazon Aquino, it is only the opinion of a few lawyers.

    The Secretary of Justice, who was Franklin Drilon, back then made the legal statement that SDO was legal.

    Why was SDO passed in the legislature? The legislature was controlled by landlords, Peping Cojuangco Jr, being the most conspicuous.

    • Ano ni Mos? says:

      Presidente Noynoy gives me the impression that he can focus only on short-term issues, just a little beyond what color shirt to wear tomorrow. So I don’t think that his SONA will talk about irrigation projects or rice-self-sufficiency and he will focus more on “TUBIIIIGGGGG! 😯 !!”. He will spend very little time about building more schools or programs about refugee resettlement in Mindanao, law-and-order against the NPA banditry or Abu Sayyaf kidnappers or MILF “lost commands”. I doubt he’ll say more than five sentences about administration bring garcification-charges against GMA or on the anti-jueteng projects (considering— ehemmmmm ehemmmm kamag-anak jueteng lords ).

      • Jayce says:

        If indeed Pres. Aquino can focus only on short-term issues, then it spells a disaster already (not like it has been since campaign period…) because as a leader, he should have foresight and long-term plans for the development of the country. And his plans should be SMART — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

  9. innagadda54 says:

    If PGMA did rob the country blind, well wouldn’t our fine Congress and Senate be blamed for letting it happen? Oh yeah, Noynoy was part of that.

  10. boombox says:

    Noy’s first SONA…?

    Cool Story Bro…. 😀

  11. olivia says:

    This president is literally going berserk, crying endlessly and making a litany of alleged faults of the past regime, cover his inadequacy.

    This guy is mad. No wonder he was chosen by the oligarchs because he is a fool, a puppet.

    He harps about the spending of the budget without understanding why the money was spent. He shows no sign of having learned a thing or two about economy. I wonder how was his performance as an economics student during his time. Time and again, he always comes out as clueless as he can be.

    Now who is more stupid, the person who receives the advice or the ones giving it? His army of advisers, who are in clear collaboration with the yellow media, seem to know clearly what to do-continue to condition the people’s mind that everything is the fault of GMA. And the ignorant masses will buy it hook, line and sinker.

    GMA, in spite of the bad media mileage she had, did well as president. She didnt care about popularity. She didnt care about approval surveys. Her strong-will and clear vision for the country were the prime reasons why we are better off than most countries during the recession. Of course, someone will always say it was too miniscule for the masses to feel it.

    I hate to say it but I have to rub it in to the Filipinos and say that “you asked for it, now you have it and live with it”.

    Chalk another huge reason to leave PI for good.

  12. interested says:

    All this drama comes out as scripted and annoying. It’s quite obvious PNoy is finding excuses not to perform well and to lower people’s (at least those who voted for him) expectations of him. Perhaps this year he can get away with this soap opera style of doing things. But next year, let’s see if his followers would still believe everything he says. PGMA will definitely be a hard act to follow because she worked hard to keep our economy afloat. She also used her intelligence to manage this country for 9 years, not merely relying on advisers and spin doctors whom I imagine will pretty much run the show till 2016 under this incompetent PNoy administration.

    Honestly, I am trying my best to give this new president the benefit of the doubt, however every time he opens his mouth, I get turned off by his negativity and finger pointing attitude. He’s like a bratty, old schmuck. Not the least bit humble and pikon pa. It would be so easy to sway the typical pinoy mind because not everyone studied economics and the theories applied by the past administration to keep the economy strong will not be understood. If only someone could come up with a counter-SONA to address the issues that will be raised by PNoy, then at least the typical pinoy would have a better understanding of how the the budget was spent and why it had to be spent at all. The good vs evil story will soon wear off, I just hope it will not be too late for all of us.

    • Parallax says:

      what makes pnoy a huge buffoon is his promising miraculous change without a commensurate grasp of the situation he’s about to get himself into. during the campaign period he made all sorts of commitments to various people and people believed him. now the same people will find out what it’s like to pin their hopes and dreams on someone without ethics, integrity, or plain balls to admit he wasn’t even competent enough to fulfill all of his commitments.

      only a liar would make promises he’s not even sure he could actually keep.

      he doesn’t have to keep his promises now that he’s already gotten what he wanted from the people he duped during the courtship stage.

      so on his first sona, we’ll be hearing excuses, blame, and who knows, maybe even more promises that yellow cultists like to hear. (he’s been lying to us already so might as well go for broke.)

    • Jay says:

      PGMA will definitely be a hard act to follow because she worked hard to keep our economy afloat. She also used her intelligence to manage this country for 9 years, not merely relying on advisers and spin doctors

      Thats going to be one hard act for the Yellow faithful and those undecided like one of the AP fail-trolls who posted above to swallow. You know at LEAST PGMA admitted to most of her corruption and it is implied she definitely had to max out the pork barrel and pay off certain individuals in order to keep the stability of the government and the entire country. She didn’t really have much allies upon winning her position in the coup and it didn’t help when she had her own agenda to run the country for another 6 years.

      I never bought in the Yellow manufactured propaganda of either wait-and-see or the whole hope/positivity/I’m-no-superman story. Dick Gordon in one of the interview shows made it pretty f&%$ing clear for the election then; Your vote decides who will run the country. If it turns out bad, you lose. AP may sound antagonizing but the hard reality that they see that none of these shmuck followers of P.Noy or other sympathizing, diplomatic individuals see is how the ENTIRE COUNTRY LOSES. In the context of time, money, people, resources and what not, the entire country will definitely be set back in P.Noy’s tenure. It is a solid, stark reality that whatever PGMA built in her 9 years (easy to be blinded if you look at her simplistic body of work with her corruption that SHE ADMITS TO!) is all going down the drain.

  13. kapay says:

    Hope ! More Hope coming ! I hope these idiots choke on Hope! Amazing how so many of the people “hoping” love getting screwed and then get patted on the head for it. Idiots! You get what you deserve! It will take years to undo the mind-f**** here.:)

  14. BongV says:

    If P-Noy has to manage expectations – my unsolicited advise

    keep it short and sweet.

    deliver in Tagalog. then put in some words from other dialects – cebuano, ilocano, tausug, etc – to communicate national unity.

    If I were to do it – I’ll do it using this structure.

    Greetings – Greet based on protocol – or greet the filipino people first for pogi points, then proceed to greet based on protocol,

    I – Present the AS-IS State:

    Show the numbers and how this will impact people. For example – because the budget of agency X is only XYZ million. It can only do the following: X miles of roads nationally, regionally, locally.


    Show what could have been done more with those XYZ million – nationally, provincially, locally,


    For each priority area (education, health, agriculture, governance, etc)
    * identify agencies to be used
    * XYZ more million for agency X so that there will be
    – XYZ number of classrooms nationally
    – XYZ regionally
    – XYZ per barangay


    A. New Revenues – How?

    B. Reallocation of Appropriations – – How?

    C. Right-sizing – How?

    D. Process Improvement – How?


    Establish these goals as a challenge to his government – and that he himself will hold himself accountable – nothing sweeter than that.

    Take the Pepsi Challenge 🙂

    Identify how citizens can contribute towards solutions

    Thank everyone for being patient with him –

    Solicit for support.

    Closing – tagline – pander to the crowd.

    Peace out.

    • ChinoF says:

      That’s a positive input from ya. 😆

      P.Noy or one of his advisers should read Presidential Bandwagon by Yuko Kasuya. If he wants to know what to really do for a truly successful presidency, this book will help him pinpoint the problems, and hopefully convince him or the adviser to really go for charter change.

      • BongV says:

        the business community needs indicators – it will serve as their bearings and will be factored in in their strategic planning sessions.

        without knowing what to expect from the Aquino regime – the Philippines becomes a tougher sell.

        If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it i

        You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure!

        You Can’t Control What You Don’t Measure

        What are the standards he has set upon himself – how should his performance be evaluated? What is his scorecard?

      • NFA rice says:

        At the very least, he can set a date for his sister’s despedida party.

      • BongV says:

        @ChinoF – that’s the “prism” or yellow UV protection filter for my sunglasses 😆 – I’ll see which of these were addressed – what percentage was pandering or fluff talk, pie-in-the-sky – and what percentage had substance.

        The fluff talk can either be – rebutted or – ignored.

        The interpretation of the AS-IS state, THE BETTER STATE, and THE DESIRED FUTURE STATE will be the proverbial bone of contention. The range of possible results from each the policies can be presented – and discussed – disputed, affirmed, discarded.

        Then validate and watch the praxis. Noynoy’s theory being his policy pronouncements in the SONA. if his only theory is that poverty exists because of Gloria – the Philippines is in for a ruder awakening.

        Now knowing MLQ’s, Carandang’s and Noynoy’s populist streak, and the branding of the P-Noy campaign – they will deliver a narrative – long in the details, colorful in its language, rich in populist rhetoric, moderate in terms of economic goals.

      • ChinoF says:

        That’s gonna be another daaaaaaang… for six years. 😈

  15. I thought the SONA was for the current state of the nation not “what anomalies my predecessor did”. Well, that’s Noynoy for ya.. Man, we’re royally screwed.

  16. Joe America says:

    My personal principle on this is, I don’t listen to pundits who examine the speech AFTER it is given. I listen to the speech and parse it myself. I certainly would not listen to a pundit who examined the speech BEFORE it is given.

    It is best to drink the wine, not listen to what some high-falootin’ wine connoisseur says it tastes like.

    • mel says:

      @joe america

      President Noynoy Aquino said publicly that his SONA will shock the people giving hints on empty coffers and Arroyo anomalies.

      He was the one who has given his speech BEFORE his speech, just like an over-excited birthday child who could not wait to open his gifts.

      • Joe America says:


        ha. I don’t listen to him, either.
        His personal style drives me nuts, frankly.
        Still, if sitting in a room with him, I would be respectful.
        And I would prefer that he succeed, not fail.
        So why in the world would I attack him here?
        He has only just begun.

      • BongV says:

        succeed in what exactly?

        the economy? how? given the protectionist policy in the constitution how will he succeed? first define what it is it that he is going to be successful at.

        a) watching the electricity rates go up? – small business have low margin – Lopez reaches global Forbes 500

        enlighten us joe on item a – let’s be specific – there’s a whole lot more – we can review all the sectors in the FINL – then you give your prescription – 60% – 40% – how will you convince the congressman when he is in the pockets of ABS-CBN? bring it on. present your theory – HOW? praxis? or are we reaching another aporia?

      • me says:

        @joe america

        ha. I listen. Carefully.
        His personal style matters the least.
        Sitting in a room with anybody
        I shall give respect
        No matter who he is
        not only the President.

        Gut, he has 100 Days Schonfrist
        but hell, he was sitting there
        for almost ten years!
        Unity and not vengeance
        a leader should strive for.
        Unsinn, Unsinn, no more! 😐 😐

      • Joe America says:


        search for a sense of humor
        in my remarks.

        “ha, I don’t listen to him either”

        Lined against the accusations that I am a yellow-clad Aquino backer
        is rather amusing, no?

        Same with his personal style, which, as you point out, is largely irrelevant.

        I am not a yellow-clad Aquino backer. I believe in respect for the President. I think calling him a Moron is bad for the Philippines. I think disagreeing with his specific proposals or actions can be constructive if the criticisms are not part of a broader agenda to tear the President down.

      • Joe America says:


        “Succeed in what exactly.”

        Superb question. In general, getting the economy growing better, birthing slowed, education improved, government corruption curtailed, that sort of thing.

        More specifically, he should set measurable goals for GDP, for debt, for revenues, for standing on international corruption rankings, for birth rate, for transparency in government, etc. On education he should set the standard that Philippine high school graduates will be accepted directly into US colleges by 2020.

        Put it on paper then work toward it.

        But then you already knew that. You are just funnin’ with me again. You tease you . . .

    • ilda says:


      You do what you want to do and I’ll do what I want to do.

    • ChinoF says:

      If you know the hi-falootin’ wine connoisseur has already tasted the wine, you should listen.

    • BongV says:

      That’s your opinion @Joe – and it’s not the only one in town. But thanks for sharing it most appreciated. Now, here’s another opinion – it’s not the same as your – no better than yours – but another opinion.

      Here it is – this post is a precaution that if the SONA will turn out similar to the Inaugural Speech – it’s plain fluff talk.

      Note that Aquino came with the Theses: – A-Shock and Awe about “corruption” –

      Anti-theses: I say bring it on and file it in court if it can stand the rules of evidence. The government set up their rules, let them play by the rules they themselves created. If they are not able to comply with the rules nor enforce it – it says a lot about the kind of rules they make – or the work put into the creating the rules. Or the choice of legislators even.

      Meanwhile, where exactly are we headed for? The ASEAN Free Trade Area is coming up soon. A liberal tariff policy with a protectionist investment policy will be disastrous to the Philippines. Look at yourself personally Joe – can you Joe Am – own a piece of real estate in the Philippines. Did you marry the woman so you can own property? If No, then good for her. But not all are like you – some marry a woman who can serve as their dummy.

      So enlighten us joe – how you, Joe America will be able to own land – titled to your name – so that even if you an your wife get annulled or divorced – your retirement pension is safe.

      • Joe America says:

        No, she married me so SHE could own the property. I am afraid you have it backward, I am the pawn, she is the player.

        Don’t worry your pretty little Alfred E Newman lookalike head about me or the little lady. We are doing just fine under the current set-up.

        That said, and as you know, I am for foreign investment and land ownership in the Philippines.

        You are just funnin’ with me again. daang you do that a lot

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        JoeAm, okay I am gonna give you a dose of your own medicine, “no, she married me so she could own the property”, wow, for me who has seen a lot of these forms of marriage for convenience, this comment hits me in the face as very low-minded. Where is your high-mindedness here which is the well of your constant lectures about AP bloggers putting N/A down. At least for us, this is for the common good, it is nothing personal, but reading comments like this about your wife give me a very bad impression of the woman you married as I cannot possibly assess her whole personality, not having had immediate and personal contact with her.

        But here you are in a public forum giving us bits and pieces of who she is a human being. The picture I have of her is an uneducated woman, a gold-digger, from a poor family, quite shrewd and calculating, quiet and demure, but actually the domineering type, and you an indulgent, rich Kano among the economically deprived Filipinos in your barrio. Now, where is the nobility of marriage, of two people deciding to tie the knot because they feel strongly for each other regardless of the economic issues. I have this feeling that you are treating her like an object, okay you say occasionally, my beautiful wife, but other stuff you say is an objectification of the supposedly the muse in your life, someone you value, you would just not make off-handed comments about her here, in a very, very, very public forum.

      • mel says:

        @joe america

        I can see that you have a lot of time for writing. You excel on that, no doubt, but some lines sound like fathering or teaching children. If we can only avoid personal evaluations and attacks, there will be a healthy discussions on pros and cons here. Even I have called you senile because I read a lot of inconsistencies in your messages. Remember I asked you to let your wife speak for herself when she felt insulted. I find it disgusting when you do the defense on her behalf. Is she that weak that she cannot stand on her own feet?

        Assertiveness and intelligence can sometimes be perceived as arrogance. I can sense that you are already influenced by the Filipino people giving respect to all situations. Try to react without emotions or try to live in France and Germany to experience how it is communicating with a lot of assertive people out there. You will be surprised on how they intensively argue on something, shouting on each other, afterwards, enjoy a glass of beer together.

      • Joe America says:


        thanks for the hint of a compliment. There was another from Phil Manila elsewhere, like whiffs of fresh air on a very hot and occasionally fetid desert.

        See my note to Miriam below. I tried to be someone else when I type, but somehow it always ends up me doing the typing. Even my daughters think I am arrogant, what’s an old man to do? It is too late to start over. I think one needs to rejig his emotional character either at age two or 14 or 55, and I’ve skipped past those dates.

        I either have to shoot myself or keep typing.

        I will refrain from asking advice here on which is preferred.

  17. Joe America says:


    My comments on AP were moderated.
    Deal with it.
    Stop pretending it is otherwise and stop bragging about the open-mindedness of AP.
    Prove it by welcoming opposing views without insult.
    AP is not open-minded, and does not encourage dissent. It stifles dissent.
    It edits by verbal club when it is not busy deleting posts.

    • Ano ni Mos? says:

      to JoeAm: we welcome your views. We disagree 😡 with many of it. Heck, you disagree with your own views, too, so patas lang.

      And what about insults ? In my honest opinion, you, 😈 mister JoeAm, ay ubod ng magaling umakyat ng puno para kunin ang mga hinog na bunga. At siguro, araw araw ay you go to naliligo, iyon lang ang hula ko. If you don’t understand 🙄 many of mga sinanasabi ko na siguro magaling kang magsalita ng Hiligaynon at siguro marunong kang mag skiing on ice or even on snow slopes, then you are one hell of a siguro you have gotten lost already.

      Consider the thought that you are estranged, which explain you getting angry. Just cool it! 😡 !

      Heh heh heh…. that is 😆 funny, heh heh heh. I bet joeAm’s ➡ wife will find heh heh her husband will be look hilarious going akyat da puno para piliin iyong hinog na bunga. hyuk hyuk hyuk.

      • Joe America says:


        “Heck, you disagree with your own views, too . . .”

        Good to see that someone here finally understands me.

        As for me and my beautiful wife,
        try also to sort out fact from dialectic fiction.

        And as for non-English,
        you have to fit within the framework of the 200 Visayan words I understand,
        otherwise it is babble to me, though not to you, I know.

        I’m pleased to give you lots of hyuks though, I understand them,
        even if at my expense.
        Laughter seems missing here, amongst the wailing and weeping,
        except for the porcelain padre
        who has a mind way too elastic for mere mortals to comprehend.

      • BongV says:

        this one’s for you joe

    • ilda says:


      What are you talking about “AP does not encourage dissent?!?”

      Have you read your own comments? You have been disagreeing with us since you joined AP. Just because some people here call you names it does not mean everyone else does. You are fond of name-calling yourself and engaging in self-righteousness.

      Do you want more proof that dissent and moronic comments are tolerated here? Just scroll back up and look for the alter nick Bong v. as in vayot and crab and count how many times they resort to name calling. Yes they disagree but they don’t even address the issues.

      There you are again trying to divert everyone’s attention from the topic of the blog. Do you have anything to say about the economy?

      • WTF DUDE!!! says:

        Hayaan mo nlng sila , most of them are Not-Openminded ,they instantly get offended by the Blog and
        they Instantly do NAME Calling..

      • ilda says:

        Thanks Dude!

      • Joe America says:

        The economy of the Philippines is thin, but broad-based, and it would only take a few key steps to turn it into a vibrant growth engine to the benefit of many. Welcome foreign investment. Stop sucking off value by favor trading; focus instead on return value to citizens. Open up the courts so citizens can get redress of harm and lost values. Firm up tax assessments and collections. Designate certain companies as essential utilities (cell phone operators, power companies, water companies) and hold them to a higher public service standard; get the regulators out of bed with the industries they regulate. Stop using customs and immigration as taxing agencies, and direct them to provide services that energize trade and tourism rather than going for this year’s peso. Long term, improve education standards and stop the ridiculous over-birthing. I have more thoughts on the economy than you can hold in this blog thread.

        President Aquino has some of this on his agenda. Whether or not he can move in the directions he wants, whether from his own incompetence or obstructionism, is an open question.

        AP does not seek the higher path of respectful discourse and does little to encourage contributors to aim at issues. You are a master manipulator yourself, misleading the reader by assigning labels (like I am an FV guy) or other sly disparagements. The double whammy used by some of your fellow thugs is to attack the person making the comment, then when he objects, call him a crybaby. So that effectively closes the lid on the box of free discussion, and nails it shut.

        I still say AP has discouraged people from contributing, because many indeed want the higher plane of discourse. Why, for instance, do FV contributors not participate here?

        It is an exclusion you are probably fine with, but it IS an exclusion. You blame them for not having the guts to whither the fire here. I blame AP for encouraging a low level of discourse. I would not expect people who desire respect to change, to get more base in their personal standards. I would hope this blog community would aspire to a higher level of discourse..

      • Joe America says:

        Additional thought,
        I laugh to think that Benign0 might think the discourse that occurs here is any different, as a cultural style, than the Philippine culture he so intelligently criticizes. It is the same. Power. Intimidation. Lack of constructive agenda. Reactive. Lacking respect of other views. Pollution, that being personal slurs in what should be issues-based discussions.

      • BongV says:

        The economy of the Philippines is thin, but broad-based, and it would only take a few key steps to turn it into a vibrant growth engine to the benefit of many. – WRONG.

        You can’t eliminate protectionism without undergoing charter change. Be my guest. Go show your discourse.

      • ilda says:


        I have more thoughts on the economy than you can hold in this blog thread.

        No one is stopping you from writing them down here. But you’d rather write down all your complaints about AP. You don’t want to talk about ideas. You want to talk about people.

        The economy of the Philippines is thin, but broad-based, and it would only take a few key steps to turn it into a vibrant growth engine to the benefit of many. Welcome foreign investment.

        Easier said than done. The Philippine culture does not encourage innovation so it’s hardly surprising that there aren’t a lot of factories churning out useful products that can be sold locally and internationally. The most you will see being produced here are little trinkets, which are of no value and in which people can live without. With a President like P.Noy who champions mediocrity, I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the next generation to suddenly become another Bill Gates. It takes a lot of training and education to become an innovator and that’s not going to happen overnight.

        Foreign investors are not exactly given the welcome mat because of the protectionism clause. So, it will have to take a revision of some of the policies to attract more of them. BongV has already discussed this in detail once too many times and you know it.

        AP does not seek the higher path of respectful discourse and does little to encourage contributors to aim at issues. You are a master manipulator yourself, misleading the reader by assigning labels (like I am an FV guy) or other sly disparagements. The double whammy used by some of your fellow thugs is to attack the person making the comment, then when he objects, call him a crybaby. So that effectively closes the lid on the box of free discussion, and nails it shut.

        If you would stop calling too much attention to yourself, stop-inviting ridicule, stop calling the bloggers names and stick to the topic of the blog then the discussion will go along the path of respectful discourse. If you want people to stop calling you crybaby, it is simple. Stop being one.

        Why, for instance, do FV contributors not participate here?

        GOOD QUESTION! Where are they? Why are they so scared to comment? Is it because they cannot rebut any of the issues we raise?

        And you are not exactly accurate because a lot of the FV regulars are now participating here from time to time like Mario Toparco, J_ag, Phil Manila, GabbyD,UPnn Grad, ricelander and not to mention, Miriam Q. You are not even sure if some of the others are using another alter nick just to be able to participate here without being obvious. I think Crab and Bong V is vayot are from FV because they are very familiar with BongV and Benign0. And in fact, Bencard who used to be a regular commentator on FV has just published his first article here. So, once again you have been proven to be wrong on what you are claiming!

        You do not want to be associated with FV people and yet here you are again expressing your affection for them. You brought them up not me.

      • BongV says:

        Does Nissan make Fords?
        Does BMW Make Acuras?

        In Joe Am’s world – it does – that’s why he wants FV authors to blog on AP.

        DEAL WITH IT JOE – NO.
        Do what you want on your property.
        You are starting to get rude.
        You are not in your property – you are wearing out your welcome joe.
        AP is under no obligation to allow you to speak.
        And yet you still speak.

        I will give you the decision joe – if you are indeed not being made to speak.

        Do you want AP to Ban you joe. Then you can go back to your blog and say you were banned.

        SO, I give you the choice

        YES – Ban Me.

        NO – I’ll keep on ranting on AP.

        Your choice – I follow.

      • Jay says:

        Welcome foreign investment. Stop sucking off value by favor trading; focus instead on return value to citizens.

        Preaching to the choir there man. AP has long been discussing the source of your musings regarding how the government is a bottleneck for the economy from its basis on the constitution. You’ve had many thoughts but it is that central one that really matters because its fact. DEAL WITH IT.

        President Aquino has some of this on his agenda. Whether or not he can move in the directions he wants, whether from his own incompetence or obstructionism, is an open question.

        Its been proven that the direction he wants to move is also motivated by is current actions. He has never shown any sort of pretense to be unpredictable before his presidential gig and has not shown the kind of change that warrants any short or long term benefit. DEAL WITH IT.

        You are a master manipulator yourself, misleading the reader by assigning labels (like I am an FV guy) or other sly disparagements.

        Because FV themselves have shown characteristics of why they themselves are to be labeled! The rest of the other sites like PEX, B7 all revel in their characteristics as being pro-nationistic, pro-Yellow propaganda and shooting down anything constructive. If you want to make a compendium of history regarding the Philippines for pinoys to become educated and romanticize about the past, make a website about it. Just don’t complain when it comes to an argument where you have to back up your facts and not taking them from your the hole where the sun don’t shine. You want to deal with thoughts, loose opinions and musings then stick to FV where you get a pat in the back for being diplomatic. If you want to defend the pro-noynoy, then you best justify as to why so because no one has posted any hard evidence to support that side of argument. Otherwise there is a reason why your embellishment of the truth with your musings doesn’t hold up.DEAL WITH IT.

        Why, for instance, do FV contributors not participate here?

        Why don’t they? If they can discuss rationally about the current issues AP presents with some coherence, logic and reason then maybe they won’t be so discouraged. Or they just don’t like hearing about the ideas in the site and condemn it as easily considering there are many other sites that do what FV does anyway, ironic how you defend their free-exchange of ideas yet many of those with certain voices have been ostracized. Try justify that. If you can’t, DEAL WITH IT.

        I blame AP for encouraging a low level of discourse.

        And you are completely stubborn about about this idea and continue to exaggerate the issue further. Plus your inability to take the pants back in your happy relationship. DEAL WITH IT.

      • Parallax says:

        Why, for instance, do FV contributors not participate here?

        because they can see joe “self-righteous” america resort to BLATANT LIES just to draw attention towards himself and derail meaningful discourse, only to fail miserably and look whipped in the process.

        when they see joe america stoop this low and STILL fail, why would they even try his shenanigans?

        hey mythomaniac joe!
        bongv gave you an ultimatum.

        what will it be, phoneyboy? 😈

      • Joe America says:


        The amazing thing about the surreal lunacy of the railing about Joe America’s perspectives here is that I agree with the Anti-Pinoy critical views about 95 percent of the time. I usually comment when I disagree; what is the point of lining up and back-patting people? So I am viewed the malcontent crybaby.

        Take respect for the President of the Philippines. Here the mode is generally attack. M77ZNo one sees respect as a legitimate issue, or is willing to find a middle ground and say, simply, the tension between “allegiance to country” and “contrary opinion” is a natural and important confrontation that keeps democracy honest.

        It is win at all costs, no matter whose reputation is slandered. Like I referred to elsewhere, the Ampatuan approach to blogging.

      • Joe America says:

        Bong “Ampatuan” V,

        “SO, I give you the choice
        YES – Ban Me.
        NO – I’ll keep on ranting on AP.
        Your choice – I follow.”

        I am here blogging earnestly, offering up my views, flawed and not so flawed, contributing to the dynamics of a healthy blog site. That is my choice. It is fairly simple to grasp that, neh?

        Why do you offer me a “ban or no ban” choice?

        Simply to demonstrate your power. Your arrogant, hypocritical, thin-skinned, thuggish, sarcastic editorial power.

        I’ve made my choice. I am here.

        You do whatever the fruck you think is honorable.

      • Parallax says:

        You do whatever the fruck you think is honorable.

        joe am is such a lying drama queen that it’s apparent he’s a martyr wannabe.

        i’d love to ban him as much as the next guy, now that i think about it, he enjoys the whoopin’ he gets from ap so much that he’ll be back as somebody else if he were actually banned, so what’s the point?

        he can’t get enough of demonstrating his butthurtness so let’s just enjoy setting this crybaby straight everytime he throws a tantrum.

        i’m sure the readers of ap are smart enough to see where joe phoneyboy’s claims are false and deliberately misleading. if there’s anything joe isn’t counting on, it is that ap’s target readership is those pinoys who have minds of their own, those who aren’t gullible, those who can see joe am for the fv-lovin’ phoney that he really is.

      • Parallax says:

        joe, you can call the ap crowd “ampatuan” till the cows come home. it won’t work. 😛

        why don’t you try “i’m a real boy!” and see how that suits you? 😆

    • ChinoF says:

      Well, I’ll just repeat this:

      Statement: “1 + 1 = 2, and that’s a fact.”
      Dissent: “No, it is not a fact, it is only an opinion. I say 1 + 1= 5. Your opinion is as good as mine.”

      If the Dissent here complains about being suppressed or feels being “ganged upon,” it should find out why. There’s an obvious reason. It’s free to express opinions, but it’s also free to point them out as wrong when they really are.

      Good day, Joe.

    • Parallax says:

      joe “real phoney” america, cut the bullsh*t and show your PROOF of having had your comments moderated. the onus of proving your claim in on you, the accuser.

      show ONE piece of proof – a screenshot, a googled cache result that shows what you say “vanished” – something that shows your wife hasn’t done a lorena bobbitt on you yet for being a failed noynoy apologist here.

      if you can’t provide proof then be a man and deal with it.
      (if wifey took away your family jewels which prevents you from being a man, then deal with it. it’s not anybody else’s problem.)

      don’t be a sorry excuse for a grown man, joe “snip snip” america.
      stop your lies. don’t shame your son.

      prove you’re not a spineless liar by proving your claims, joe america.

  18. Hyden Toro says:

    I’ll give the imbecile, Noynoy Aquino, a chance to present his programs; before I can comment. If he will present the true State of the Nation. Good – because we are fast deteriorating into a Failed State. We are No. 51, in the list. Somalia is the No.1. However, if the Political Warlords will have their ways. Sure we will may even replace Somalia.

    It would be stupid, for his Speechwriters, to present a bogus State of the Nation. Remember, people listening will disect your words; like they have disected, Noynoy Aquino’s brain. If they will find hallowness in his State of the Nation speech. Like they found the hallowness of his brain. They will surely know it. Don’t fool people; will you?

    • Jay says:

      Thing is Hyden, the speech writers are smart enough to know how easy it is to undermine the masses. They’ll do just enough to satiate them and then once they catch them hook line and sinker, they can write anything and they will eat it up. Even the knowledgeable pro-noynoy supporters will attest to this but look at it as a way to turn the people further into sheep for a greater good, whatever that may mean to those individuals.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        These are failures of State of the Nation speeches. They are long winding. They are long on Rhetorics; but are very short on Substances. I know this will be the strategy of his speech Writers. Put the Blame on previous administrations: Shock and Awe, that this was where we are in. Then, comes in their Bogus Hero: the imbecile Noynoy Aquino; to set things right – a la EDSA. Put him on Pedestal. Spotlight his “strong” characters, as if he has any. Play the beauty and the goodness of EDSA again. Then, this will be what will be: the country will prosper; like some place at the End of the Rainbow. We will all live happily ever after.

        Some sort of stealing your reality. They steal your Hopes. Now, they are stealing : your reality… These people are good in deluding people…

        Ther Lopez Media networks will surely dessiminate and give tumultous praises, for the State of the Nation address. It is already planned and predetermined. They are active part in the delusion.

  19. benign0 says:

    According to the, Noynoy’s SONA is gonna be:

    (1) an “exposé” (as of their 23rd July top headline story)

    (2) a “truth-telling” and “not simply about exposés or accusations” daw (as of their 25th July top headline story)

    Talaga naman oo. readers must be REALLY stupid.

    Check out details here.

  20. concerned_citizen says:

    Filpinos are gullible. The greatest proof is that 40% voted for an imbecile and incompetent candidate who can’t stand on his own laurels but has to invoke the memory of his dead parents. I’m laughing my ass of for the next 6 years.

    • Ano ni Mos? says:

      Presidente Noynoy has a foreign relations issue 😯 on his hands.

      Congressman Ronald Singson — arrested, jailed by Hongkong authorities — drugs.
      Chavit says son admitted bringing drugs to HK
      JERRIE M. ABELLA, GMANews.TV 07/25/2010 | 11:15 PM

      Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis “Chavit” Singson on Sunday said his son, Ilocos Sur Rep. Ronald Singson (1st District), has admitted that he was in possession of illegal drugs when he was arrested in Hong Kong early this month.

    • NFA rice says:

      Laugh as much as you can because the gullibility of others also affects you, and me for that matter.

  21. reynangmgatae says:

    Someone posted this at Gibo’s FB page. A pro-noynoy shares his excitement about penoy’s SONA tomorrow:


    lahat na lang! obama. superman. czar. edward cullen. braveheart. Di ko alam kung matatawa ako o maiiyak.

    • ilda says:


      The guy who wrote this needs serious help. Dang!

      Let’s wish him good luck! Cheers!

    • WTF DUDE!!! says:

      Ayoko na aalis na ako sa bansang ito and i will never COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!
      I dnt care if sya na si “BRAVEHEART” of the Filipino’s! or “Superman” or even if they call him the next “rizal”

      quick! AP lets buy a Plane ticket and Lets get outta here!!! xD (kidding 😆 )

    • Jay says:

      Jose Rizal would quick to relocate to some other international country before he hears more about what Pinoy’s braveheart and King arthur have to say about the country.

    • NFA rice says:

      Sounds like a cry of desperation. What I don’t understand is people putting all their eggs in one basket. It’s not only the Presidency. There are the Congress and Senate, the Judiciary, and all the LGU’s.

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      This is a puke, I doubt that a Gibo supporter has written this.

      • reynangmgatae says:

        ah hindi 🙂 someone from Gibo’s page posted it from somewhere else. di ko sure kung san nya nahagilap yung message, pero ibang klase e. those pro-noynoy really do seem like they’re high on something…

  22. innagadda54 says:


    funny you should mention lemmings.

  23. Ano ni Mos? says:

    Other Pinoys-not-in-Pilipinas write about Nogi-Noy Presidente Aquino, son of Cory Aquino who will make it to sainthood maybe (or maybe not)
    Miscues and False Starts
    Posted by Doy Santos aka The Cusp on On July 25, 2010, In Opinion // h-ttp: proPinoy(dot)NET

    Barely a month in office and already the administration of PNoy has appeared to have taken a series of miscues and false starts on a number of fronts. Are these the signs of a novice adjusting to his new post or is it a trend that will mark his presidency?

    . . . the administration has committed “rookie” mistakes, beginning with its poorly constructed memorandum order on day one (a bad omen really) seeking to declare all political appointments vacant, followed by the inappropriate handling of the media by some cabinet officials, the appearance of nepotism (in the case of the Abads), political bias (in the case of Hilario Davide in the Truth Commission) and incestuous relationships (in appointment of captains of industry in regulatory agencies) . . .</b.

    rash pronouncements on PNoy’s part . . . . There was a meaningless and unhelpful rant over inaccurate/untimely forecasts by the weather bureau, meaningless since the predictable response from the bureau was a request for adequate resources and equipment, unhelpful because there seemed to be no direction from him on how to correct the problem.

    There was the disavowal of the policy of forced disappearances and extra-judicial killings following a command conference with the AFP which reinforced popular belief that elements within the military were largely to blame for these acts. The continuing incidence of activist and journalist killings (3 in 10 days) is an affront to the president’s authority and credibility as commander in chief in terms of bringing “rogue” elements within the security apparatus to heel . . . . .Will Pres N/A be like his mother who failed to control the culture of impunity during her term as president? These are still early days, but PNoy has a steep hill to climb in this regard.

    . . . . .Trillanes review …. Although denied by the administration to be in any way connected to senate intra-murals, the appearance of meddling in judicial processes hurts and undermines Presidente N/A law and order/good governance credentials.
    . . .
    here will come a point though … when the blame for such errors …will have to be shouldered by him and him alone. …
    If pRES nOY AQuino doesn’t lift his game quickly . . .then Pres N/A… find the public’s patience with him wearing thin.

    And there is antiPinoy (dot)… where many already have lost patience with NoyNoy (thank goodness JoeAm reminds the antiPinoy ranters of the visionary leadership especially the goodness-of-heart inside Noynoy, the 50-year who does not have a son of his own )

  24. brianitus says:

    The PNoy’s statement on shocking the people with his SONA means only one thing. It means that he’s been hanging around Kris and Boy A way too much. Having a vivid imagination, reading that “shock” headline the other day gave me ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” style flashes in my head…with matching Boy Abunda “SUSUNOD…” VO.

    At this point, I’m wondering how much shock he can really deliver. Just like everyone else who reads the news and watches TV, I’m already fed-up with the “GMA is corrupt” coverage. Even before Noynoy won, we’ve had that as regular fare. Fine, she’s corrupt. Send her to jail already so all of us can move on. Show us the numbers without the drama, state your plans and execute. No more emo speeches. Even if you’re no superman, at least be a man who will do the job. Wag mo naman pahiyain mga diehard fans mo.

    I guess he’ll shock me if he says and discusses something that resembles a plan to really improve the condition of this country. Let’s see. Malay natin.


    PS So what’s the Truth Commission going to do? Noynoy did its job na.

    PPS Noynoy is superman after all. As in, super mansisi.

    PPPS Cheers ulit.

  25. Hyden Toro says:

    I reserve my further comments, until I will be able to listen and read the full gists of Nonoy Aquino’s State of the Nation address.

  26. Joe America says:


    See, herein lies the problem with name calling and other deceits. One is forced to let them stand, and have one’s credibility undermined, or respond and be labeled a crybaby by the name-calling thugs. You and other thugs have no consideration for truth; you only seek the win.

    I’ll respond to your various attack-minded comments in this thread, and your casting of doubt on the truth of my comments regarding my posts being deleted.

    Basically what happened is Bong got upset when I disagreed with one of his articles and then, based on an aftermath of name-calling, described AP as “thuggish” on my own blog site. So to harass me – not as a matter of AP policy, but a point of personal power-wielding – he decided to yank my posts. I suggest you consult with either Benign0 or BenK behind the scenes to get confirmation if you can’t find it within yourself to believe me.

    My comment that irked Bong is recited below. It deals with the issue of respect for the democratic process, for the President, and for the Philippines. I issued no obscenities and no personal slurs, just objected to what was written.

    Respect is indeed something you can be for or against as an issue. I am for it. That is why you get tired of me raising it as an issue you would rather not see discussed. I honestly believe in the importance of integrity, respect and compassion, and see an almost overwhelming flood of deceits in the modern era of the sound bite and reality-show emo-entertainment. Both in the US and in the Philippines. And sure, you can find exceptions in my own behavior; that does not deny my ASPIRATION to rise above the schit that flows so freely about us. At least I have taken step one, to realize the problem as endemic to modern forms of communication.

    That you would prefer to mislead others and paint me a liar about my post deletions so you can claim some kind of higher-minded stand is an example of how you consistently use the power of this forum to twist my integrity the wrong way and misstate my thoughts to try to make me look the fool. You also do it with others who offer contrary views to your writings. It is a losing game, for these manipulations eventually stand starkly clear for what they are.

    I see that others are starting to figure you out, too.

    Credibility is so important for a writer, I think. Which is why I dislike it when you undermine mine through sly deceits.

    I would add that, with the apparent demise of Filipino Voices, AP has a chance to rise to a new level of contribution to the shaping of Philippine society. It can remain a small rat pack of namecalling thugs or aspire to a broad, deep, influential site engaged on important issues. As I would personally like to see the success of President Aquino in guiding the nation, I would also hope for a robust, influential, respected AP, generating a progressive and meaningful debate about today’s issues. I would like to see a group of intelligent, edgy writers aspire to become the “Fifth Estate” of the Philippines. But not to the point that the edginess becomes a closed-minded, thuggish, agenda-pushing, totalitarian, deceit-laden voice. As it is now.



    As you are consistent and persistent in your condemnation of President Aquino, I must offer up the alternative view that favors respect of the democratic process and the voice of the collective citizen represented in Mr. Aquino’s election as President. An aspect of this respect is to separate past from present and to grant the President the latitude both to make mistakes and do things in a way that we might not do them ourselves. The crucial question to me is, “what drives the man and his machine?”, dysfunctional though you may believe the machine to be. Is it good intent for the well-being of Filipinos, or is it substantially self-serving and/or incapable of bringing the Philippines into the modern world, as were the two prior presidential administrations?

    Three weeks is a rush to judgment, I fear, for the most intricate and challenging of jobs in the Philippines. This rush to judgment strikes me as being an “agenda” rather than a fair, careful and rational weighing of good and bad. It is opinion, not analysis. Expectations of perfection also smack of agenda, not consideration of what real life is about.

    It does not take a critic to do a painting; it takes a painter. The critic is only a bystander with a pen, who makes himself relevant or irrelevant depending on the credibility his readers grant. I note that most of the readers here assign credibility to the conclusions of this well-crafted article. I do not. It is too brazen in its hostility and lack of balance and is totally missing any inclination of respect for the democratic process and the voice of the collective citizen.”

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Hey Joe America:

      You are sufffering from the EDSA’s: Noynoy Aquino Syndrome. This illness affects people who are rabid EDSA/Noynoy Aquino followers. Some yellow tinted membranes grow that cover their eyeballs. They see everything in “Yellow”. The “Yellow Delusion” are their realities. And, they indulge into it. They also suffer from some Psychological Disorder called: Persecution Complex.

      Only a good blow on their Medula Oblongata, can stiaighten their Celebral Cortex. This will straighten their thinking ; and surely will get them back to reality again…

    • ilda says:

      @Joe America:

      That you would prefer to mislead others and paint me a liar about my post deletions so you can claim some kind of higher-minded stand is an example of how you consistently use the power of this forum to twist my integrity the wrong way and misstate my thoughts to try to make me look the fool. You also do it with others who offer contrary views to your writings

      WTH?!? I mislead others?!? You give me too much credit for what you do to yourself old man. People can read your comments. I do not have control of what you write here. If you choose to continue to make a fool of yourself, go ahead.

      I see that others are starting to figure you out, too.

      And you are talking out of your behind. Figure me out? What's there to figure out Joe? I don't write about myself. I write about Filipino culture and politics while you keep talking about yourself, your wife and how AP has allegedly "wronged" you every day of our lives nowadays. Get a life Joe. Whatever happened to "I have more thoughts on the economy than you can hold in this blog thread?"

      Let's talk about ideas now Joe I am sick of talking about you. Don't think I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to provoke the writers here but I suggest that you don't hold your breath. I can see through it.

      Just disagree with the article if you want. Don't be trying to bring AP down "Ampatuan style"


    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Joe, you just have too much time on your hands, I admire the time you devote to writing comments on this blog, BongV happens to be the editor and so he gets to read your comment impromptu, fresh from the oven, still hot and when you call him Ampatuan V, that is really provoking him to rebut your name-calling with further name-calling, thus the spiral, never ends. My unsolicited advice to both of you: Truce

      With your unceasing defense for the newly-elect which is not really being heeded here, I predict you will soon get a call from the handlers of the Malacanang boss to join his damage-control communications staff or whatchamacolit. . .

    • benign0 says:

      I suggest you consult with either Benign0 or BenK behind the scenes to get confirmation if you can’t find it within yourself to believe me.

      @ Joe America, I think I already advised everyone about this issue. I checked out the trash and spam folders of AP and found no evidence of your posts being deleted. As ChinoF suggested earlier, you may have been confused by an earlier modification in the way the comments are arranged on a blog post. The modifcation changed the sequence from ealiest to most recent TO most recent to earliest.

      My recommendation was to try commenting again and see if the posts disappear or do not appear. Last I checked there was no further issues raised on the matter from anyone here.

      Perhaps a lot of this slinging of accusations and glib assertions stems from being a bit too trigger happy. You’ve exhibited this trigger-happiness yourself Joe — in your own blog.

      On the 20th of July you posted a blog entry (now deleted and therefore the link provided at left is now broken) where you made this claim…

      Let it be known that AntiPinoy editors are afraid of certain voices, and do what they so loudly decried regarding their attacks on Filipino Voices. They censor comments.

      The following two posts were removed from the AP web site by the editors on July 17 and 18 […]

      …after which you proceeded to quote comments you made on the 17th and 18th of July on AP that were supposedly deleted.

      Then on the 20th July you published another blog post (now also deleted and the link at left broken as a result) that retracted that previous claim…

      Joe America has not been banned from Anti-Pinoy. Damn, and I was hoping to receive the honor.

      Still, he gets beat up pretty well there.

      The only post on your blog on the matter that remains online is your 22nd July entry Anti-Pinoy: Deceit or Honor?. The following excerpt is the main point you make:

      AP broke new ground when it removed Joe America’s comments from the site on July 17, 18, and 20, 2010. He had been arguing against the grain for respect for the President as a democratic or patriotic principle, a view that got him labeled pro-Aquino, a critique that missed the point entirely but fit into the simplistic slander and tear-down mode of arguing. He did not swear, name-call, or in other ways abuse readers. He only disagreed and tried to state a point.

      The remarks were later returned to the site after the discussion threads had grown crowded and stale, and where the comments were out of sync with the original sequence of remarks. It wasn’t exactly banning Joe; it was diluting and harassing him, possibly in hopes he would storm off. As the AP founders did, from FV.

      So I might ask you a few questions Mr Joe America

      How are you able to come here and make claim about post deletions and lack of transparency when you yourself engage in the bad form of (1) firiing your blogging guns before thinking things through and (2) retracting and deleting what you fired instead of rectifying in a transparent manner (i.e. with all the errors in plain sight)?

      This behaviour of yours in your own blog indicates an impulsiveness and inconsistency on your part — both traits are themselves consistent with my own observations of how you conduct yourself both in FV and here.

      Perhaps step outside of yourself every now and then so that your intellectual faculties are regularly purged of the effects of your brain’s reptilian complex. All of us struggle to keep that part of our psyche in check, and you seem to be particularly inept at overcoming its effects a lot of times, which is probably what inclines you to shoot first then think — and delete — later.

      If there is any credibility that is being undermined here, Joe, it is yours.

      • Joe America says:

        Ah, Benign0, I wondered where you would come down on things.

        I’ll answer your questions and pose one of my own.

        I agree that I am impulsive and inconsistent but would argue that I step outside myself better than most. I was chatting with my daughters today, and my youngest (high school) typed “it was a good idea until I thought about it.”. We laughed for five minutes. So yes, I put out ideas and later laugh or slap my forehead when I put out the opposite idea. But, then again, I don’t have a goal or an agenda, just a path. The path is to think and learn and encourage thinking if there is occasion to do so. Also, to have fun and not be a zombie.

        My question. Put the personalities and specific accusations aside.

        Is it appropriate for an editor of a blog site to use his editorial prerogative to delete posts he personally disagrees with, in cases where those posts are within the acceptable parameters of the editorial policy of that blog site?

        That is the question, the issue, in the case of Bong vs. Joe. It doesn’t matter if I am lying or imagining or whatever. And it can be answered simply.

      • benign0 says:

        @ Joe America, here is my answer to your question which i will phrase as two principles:

        (1) A site administrator taking the role of Editor is held to editorial policy/guidelines (where they exist).

        (2) A site Owner on the other hand can exercise personal prerogative — one that trumps any other property or aspect exhibited by said site.

        The question now, Joe, is (1) whether you are regarding BongV as the owner or as the Editor of AP and (2) whether BongV has ever considered himself as taking the role as Editor of AP.

        Nick for his part was quite clear about the role he takes in, that of “Editor-not-Chief”. BongV, as far as I am aware, has made no such claim to any such role.

        Bottom line in my view is quite simple (as you yourself assert):

        BongV can do pretty much as he pleases here in AP.

        But, see, how he behaves as owner of AP has a direct impact on his reputation. For me, personally, the stability of one’s reputation comes down to the consistency of one’s behaviour and judgment (just like we can rely on Mc Donalds to serve us the same Big Mac any time of the day anywhere around the world).

        If for any reason, McDonalds single out one or a group of people and exclude them from access to their products and service, my choice as a customer is whether to concern myself with the “morality” of such a policy or to keep coming to McDonalds because I can pretty much expect the sort of burger I’m gonna get for my money. At the end of the day, there are some things that McDonalds will do that simply will not subtract significantly from the quality of their burgers and the trust that they enjoy from their greater customer base because of the consistency of the quality of said burgers.

        So now I ask: How is it then, Mr Joe America, that people for whose work you have so many times expressed admiration choose to continue to associate themselves with Mr BongV and his blog

        Obviously we see something you don’t. So if you choose to maintain in your mind that you are being unfairly treated here, then there really isn’t much that any of us can do, is there?

        One can lead a horse to water but one can’t force it to drink. I’ve checked the facts surrounding your case as far as what I can access given a reasonable amount of effort. And at the end of the day, I choose to err on the side of my trust for BongV. 😉

      • Joe America says:


        An honorable and thoughtful response. As per usual, you make sense, and I am done with my diatribe in this thread.


    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      I think that BenK, your fellow foreign resident in the Philippines states his views objectively without lecturing in a professorial way people here he disagrees with. This is more effective, you can challenge people into giving more substance to their claims that may contradict yours, without being condescending by telling people off. I sort of understand where you are coming from and I want to be tolerant of your tone, but for those who spend a lot of time and energy making this blog site work, it could really be irritating reading your high-minded lecture which does not seem to appreciate the effort these conscientious writers here put into keeping this blog site in the radars of interested readers. Who wants to be lectured about respect for the democratic process, goodness, this stuff is only for university students, pretty self-explanatory. . .

      • ilda says:

        @Miriam Quiamco:

        Thank you Miriam. Some people think that we don’t have a responsibility to provide the most accurate data when we write our blogs. We do our best to dig out the correct information and make sense of it. If Joe disagrees with our views, he needs to do his own digging, provide details of why he thinks we are wrong and discuss it in a mature way. He just keeps repeating himself by saying he is right and we are wrong without any proof. We want data from him to prove himself especially about P.Noy. He needs to give us a reason why P.Noy deserves to be given some slack. P.Noy’s honeymoon period is not enough of a reason for his critics to go easy on him.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Iida, I appreciate all the efforts you put into your articulate and brilliant pieces here, all of you regular bloggers on AP. I always find myself recommending this site to my friends and have even posted some comments on my FB account. Keep it up. . .

      • Joe America says:


        Well, you know, I have tried to be someone else, but every time I sit down at my keyboard it is me that types, and the thoughts that come out from my brain cannot be detached from me, as inconsistent or arrogant as they may be. How do you propose that I be you, or somebody that thinks like you do? I thought the idea was to have different perspectives, said uniquely, not little tin men lining up alike.

        That aside, your suggestion to “move on” is a good one.

  27. BongV says:

    @Joe – How can AP get engaged with P-Noy’s program when he is talking fluff talk? How can you manage what you cannot measure?

    How can AP say Noynoy did an excellent job when we don’t what his baseline is. All we are hearing now is how bad Arroyo is – we are not hearing how good Aquino will be based on the parameters that he has yet to define and quantify. He missed the opportunity to do that in his inaugural – and what AP is saying – is don’t blow this opportunity to let people know where this country is headed.

    AP is just a mirror – and a really nasty one – it’s not a magic mirror that will tell you that you are the fairest of them all. It will show you all your warts, pimples, acnes – so you can take the necessary action – take care of your skin.

    It’s obnoxiousness does not arise from its message – it’s obnoxiousness arises from the person standing in front of the mirror.

    Mirror, mirror, on the wall – I have a three day shadow – I need a shave – That’s AP.

  28. The Judge says:

    Hmmm … so Bong V. is stifling dissent on AP? Why issue an ultimatum to old Joe Am? Tsk! Slowly this blogsite is unraveling itself – Joe Am too hot to handle? Keep it coming Joe, you’ve got the the whole tribe shitting in their undies, such a prettty sight!! 😆

    Pick any thought-dish from this smorgasbord of judgmental, accusatory and holier-than-thou articles, then digest it completely … and you will find yourself suffering from the worst case of indigestion imaginable. It may smell good even satisfy your rhetorical palate during the time you are consuming it, but it will leave you searching for something else …uhm …where’s my Glock, I’m blowing off my head, there’s no hope for this ‘effing country! DUH! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    Now, where’s my crush Miriam, Are you there girl? Yohoo!

    @Olivia: nice racks! 😉 😉

    • benign0 says:

      Si The Judge nga naman talaga.
      Parang aso.
      Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo.

      Still dishing out their fearless forecasts about who is falling down and who is rising?

      At least we do not have an “Editors-not-Chief” that simply ABANDONS his site and leaves everyone who’s invested their time on his blog looking like a bunch of chumps.

      I doubt whether a blog such as AP that lacks any significant rivals of consequence is even capable of “unraveling” even if we wanted it to.

      Whereas P.Noys supporters were once “united” under a moronic campaign, there is no semblance of this “unity” today. Compare that to which remains consistent to the message it’s delivered from the very beginning.

      Sayaw Pinoy, sayaw.

      – 😀

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      So you are a man? I initially had the impression you are a woman, only a girl would address another as “girl”.

      • benign0 says:

        @ Miriam Quiamco, or perhaps more like a boy than a “man” the way I see it.

        Only a boy posing as a man makes reference to a lady’s “racks” in a public forum. 😀

      • The Judge says:

        Ouch! You got a prancing stallion in me mademoiselle! That I can assure you. Unless you’re a boy then I’d stop calling you ‘girl’. 😉

        Coffee? 😳

        Kinda bored waiting for Noynoy to shock me! I heard that he’s gonna expose Gloria for what she really is – a manananggal!The reason why she’s short is because she couldn’t find her true legs. :mrgreen:

        So, how’s the Green Army?

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Coffee with a prancing stallion, hmmmm, sounds tempting, but I think Olivia will be more up to it. . .

      • Jay says:


        Funny, a crook exposing a crook. Took you a while to figure out there is no honor amongst thieves?

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … a typical flip judge…

      … whistleblowers (dead & in hiding), public docs, fellow traposakals hurling allegations/accusation at each other (privilege speeches), etchastera, etc >>> not admissable in your (flipland) court….

      … no high end crimes/murders solved so far… ano ba ‘yan?

      … i.e. the ampatuans masa care ooopsie massacre, the backhoe was/is the only one found guilty…

      … supremo abugagos y abugago supremos… flipland’s finest…

  29. benign0 says:

    Noynoy is now being taken up on his being made out to possess some sort of “magic” by his army of moronic handlers. It started with his being likened to the Lord of the Rings character Aragorn by the venerable Conrado de Quiros and continues with the multitude of allusions to the “magic” and “miracle” of the Edsa “Ocho-Ocho” Revolution that the Aquinos are supposed to be the mortal incarnates of.

    More on this @ Noynoy Aquino: the Magician President!

    Watch P.Noy as he conjures up
    his mighty “army” as foreseen
    by Conrado de Quiros…

    • UP nn grad says:

      The odds are high about this forecast —- shortly into rainy-season 2011 if not sooner, Conrado deQuiros will be frothing at the mouth hurling invectives screaming that P-Noy has betrayed the legacy of (san) Tita Cory and the loyalty of the “Yellow Army”. Conrado deQuiros will be among those first to say “… hah?!!! Pareho pa rin, ano ba naman ito. Pilipinas had high expectations, sinayang ni Noynoy ang pagkakataon, bokya na naman.”

      Apparently, P-Noy is about ready to return corporate tax rate back to 35% (GMA lowered it to 30%). And I still have the impression that P-Noy (also known as N/A) really has no strategy to create jobs for Pinoys (other than wait for Europe, Japan and USA to “order more OFW’s”). No new strategies to null out the banditry, murder and kidnappings, no plans to bring more classrooms and clinics to Mindanao nor to the Cordilleras.

      And this one, which will sting the low-middle and middle-middle class : P-Noy is about to remove NFA’s support of very low-cost-rice (NoyNoy admin will just send additional cash-payments to the identified 977,000-families that are extremely poor).

      • UP nn grad says:

        BUT… but Pilipinas has an ace in the hole. Maybe very soon, Congress realize the importance of making 😯 changes to the 1987 Constitution. Maybe, just maybe, ➡ Santa Claus visits Pilipinas after all.

    • benign0 says:

      According to Winnie Monsod, Noynoy’s detailed campaign platform has since been deleted from his campaign Website. But fear not folks! His “platform” remains captured in the Noynoy Truth-o-Meter section of AP.

      So there is no escape from THE BASELINE Mr. “P.Noy”.

      No escape.

      – 😀

  30. The Judge says:

    paita aning istoryaha, basted man pud dayon! 😦 is there a place here where i can weep?! waaahhh!

    @maligno: “Only a boy posing as a man makes reference to a lady’s “racks” in a public forum.”

    > char! magpakatotoo ka baby! hypocrito pud ning dako ai! :mrgreen:

    @p.noy ( wherever you are) : wangwang show is over dude, no more gimiks! give us your VISION…The greatest CEOs, the greatest Leaders never dwell on the failings of their predecessors. Never!!! ❗

  31. ALJID says:

    Of course, the yellow zombies will eat the upcoming crappy speech from their deity and will point forks at us for not worshiping with them in the same altar..

    • Jay says:

      I can’t wait until the zombies have no more hope and positivity to feed on and turn the forks on themselves.

  32. brianitus says:


    Hay naku. If I turn yellow, call my doctor — baka hepa/ jaundice na yun. 😆



    ps is everyone wearing their rubber boots today?

  33. shock attack says:

    this is fuckin awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. bob says:

    Bakit naman Anti Pinoy and site? Hehehe Well, just wish for good of the Pinoy. Now let us see if Pinoys will not suffer from Pnoy’s government.

  35. waranabatokwa says:

    hmm.. a lot of people might think that this site is purely anti-noynoy because of the p.noy moniker..

    • ilda says:

      Well, it only means they don’t have comprehension skills. 😉

      • Parallax says:

        or they shoot before asking questions – basically the same as commenting before reading the whole thing.

      • ilda says:

        Exactly! They get turned off by the name of the site without even reading any of the articles as quickly as they get attracted to P.Noy Aquino because of his name.

        AntiPinoy bloggers know the Pinoy psyche like the back of their hands! 😉

      • Parallax says:

        it’s soundbite culture taking its toll.

        it afflicts not just the underprivileged less educated but also the schooled but wowoweefied people of da pinas. 👿

    • Jay says:

      Well P.Noy is mostly discussed since while every other pinoy site is celebrating his mediocrity, AP would rather get past the formalities these sites over analyze and promote answers. And there are some non P.Noy related stuff as well in the past week but the national news are a bigger priority.

      Or we’ll have to wait until pinoys make it back in the western news again, usually being pissed off over another person making errant comments about the people and the country in general.

  36. Pingback: P.Noy’s SONA: What the clapping audience failed to hear | Anti-Pinoy : World Edition :)

  37. Noynoy News says:

    correct. noynoy’s demeanor as blame-maker only reveals his victim complex disorder. no one likes working with someone like that unless the person is ass kissing you only. di ba nga, misery loves company. they are in the position to make changes now and yet all they do is be miserable and propagate that misery in the media and even force it onto the people. we are ok na sana that we did not experience the recent economic fate of greece, iceland, the US pero mukhang dun din pala papunta if sisirain lang ng noynoy regime ang efforts ng past administration with smear campaigns.

    • ilda says:

      GMA worked hard in promoting the image that the Philippines is economically stable and now P.Noy is telling the whole world that it is almost bankrupt. What the heck was he thinking?!? Oh, I guess he wasn’t thinking!!!!

      • Garnet Alexa says:

        This will obviously bite him in the backside.

        What kind of person in their right mind would invest in something that is already bankrupt?

        We’ll need a miracle to survive now.

      • ilda says:

        I think his mom was really angry at Gloria before she passed away that’s why his number one agenda is to pin GMA down. GMA is actually slowly gaining more sympathizers because of what P.Noy is doing. I didn’t think much of her before but the more I dig deep, the more I am convinced that she has been demonised by the media.

  38. says:

    You can watch the full movie of Ninoy sona at

    Thanks a LOT

  39. ulong pare says:

    … daaang


    … tapang naman ang dating mo, unggoy! :mrgreen:

    … takutin mo ang lelong mong panot… gung gong… 😆

  40. bokyo says:

    Ad Hominem at it’s finest . . . .

  41. Miriam Quiamco says:

    Juan de la Cruz, you must have just checked out of a mental hospital and forgot to take your medication, careful, stick to the medication, it looks like you haven’t recovered completely yet. . .

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