How exactly does one "deplete" a "budget"?

After reading an English-translated transcript of President Benigno “P.Noy” Aquino III’s recent State of the Nation Address (SONA), it started to bug me that there was no easy way to verify the true financial position of the Government on the basis of what P.Noy said in his speech until this question is answered: What exactly is meant by a “depleted” national budget?

In accounting there are many concepts that describe outgoing funds, and just as many words to articulate these concepts: spent, disbursed, appropriated, accrued, allocated, provisioned, etc. Choosing the right word to use among those examples basically comes down to deciding whether funds referred to were set aside or moved to or from one account to another. A “budget” does not necessarily imply the existence of actual money. A budget is planned expenditure, and as such, the concept of a depleted budget does not make sense. We may exceed a budget, but to say it’s been “depleted” is to state an oxymoron; which is exactly the way P.Noy stated it in his SONA

Our budget for 2010 is PhP1.54 trillion. Of this, only PhP100 billion – or 6.5% of the total budget – can be used for the remaining six months of the current year. Roughly 1% of the total budget is left for each of the remaining month.

Where did the funds go?

The amount of funds, say cash, in an account, say a bank account, on the other hand, represents something that could be depleted — both in principle and in practice. Perhaps if P.Noy made specific reference to an actual statement of account and made use of more precise accounting terms, then his speech would have made better sense. Albay Representative Edcel Lagman does exactly that in a statement challenging P.Noy’s accounting acumen (or that of his handlers). Lagman makes use of precise words on the matter, in the way that a more informed person would:

Quoting the Bureau of Treasury, Lagman said the total cash disbursement or the national government expenditures as of June 30, 20010 amounted to close to P789 billion. This means that close the P752 billion pesos or 48 percent of the budget remains unspent, he said.

“The problem in the President’s accounting must have been caused by a lack of understanding of the difference between allocation as covered by a Special Allotment Release Order and actual disbursement to pay accrued or matured obligations,” Lagman said.

The general principles of what Lagman says seem consistent (in the way that it raises the right issues to discuss and debate) with Arroyo’s stated position on the matter as evident in how “Former Presidential Management Staff (PMS) chief Elena Bautista-Horn, who is now Arroyo’s spokeswoman, told Mr. Aquino to ‘please get your numbers right’.” in this Philippine Star report

Horn, who also served in various capacities under the Arroyo administration, pointed out that Mr. Aquino might have been misled into believing that Arroyo overspent by P1 trillion in the first half of 2010, thereby leaving his administration with only P600 billion to spend.

Horn pointed out that P300 billion of the total amount was “automatically appropriated for debt service.”

“First of all, the President should also realize that 100 percent of the annual budget for government salaries or personnel services, and 75 percent of other operating expenses are automatically deemed disbursed on the very first working day,” she said.

As such, the present administration would, in fact, have the convenience of having already paid for future salaries of government personnel and other operating expenses, Horn explained.

She said, “This is a budget practice that Budget Secretary Florencio Abad would have become aware of if he spends less time churning out anti-Arroyo press releases.”

“Come to think of it, it’s probably worth checking with Secretary Abad as well if, by the word ‘releases,’ is he referring to actual cash disbursements or just allocations or SAROs (Special Allocation Release Order) to the different government agencies which they may have not spent yet,” Horn said.

Note the precise terminology used in both Lagman’s and Horn’s/Arroyo’s statements. Their take on the matter may be wrong or may be right. For that matter, so could P.Noy’s take. But then, that is beside the point. The point is more around the clarity of the assertions they make which, in turn, makes an effort to either debunk them or verify them more straight forward.

Then again, it may be a reasonable bet that Lagman and Horn are pretty confident about the validity of their assertions considering they did not shy away from being precise in the way they articulated said assertions. The same thing could not be said about the way P.Noy articulated his own claims in his SONA. In at least a thousand words, he tried to tell us that his government is broke. But he did it in a way that would make anyone with even the most basic understanding of accounting principles cringe. Bottom line is that the concept of budget is not logically compatible with the concept of depletion. Whoever supplied the President with the fodder for yesterday’s SONA should step up and clarify. Plez.


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  1. interested says:

    This is precisely the reason why my confidence in this new administration is almost zero: they are all in OJT (on-the-job-training). The people in the past administration (Lagman, Horn, Yap) all seem to speak with more sense and authority than the new president! They seem to know pretty much what they are talking about as compared to PNoy who relies on speechwriters. Is this what 77M people (minus the 15M who voted for him) deserve?

    I just cannot fathom how a non-performer in Congress and in the Senate could ever bring this country to greater heights when he has no achievements in the past to speak of. Thus, he really needs to surround himself with advisers who know how to run this country yet whose intentions may not necessarily be aligned with his. I believe deep inside PNoy, he has good intentions for the country, but that is not enough to move us out of the deep-seated problems like corruption, injustice, poverty etc.

    I must admit though that no matter how much I dislike this new administration, it is clear that we are stuck with them for the next 6 years. I fully subscribe to constructive criticism, so on this particular issue and the future ones to come, I hope PNoy makes sure he knows his data and is fully aware of the fundamentals so as not to unjustly mislead our people into believing otherwise erroneous statements, specially in the SONA.

  2. ulong pare says:

    … daaang


    … accounting: flipland style…

    … ah-wan… ah-tu… ah-tri… a-por… that’s flip accounting y’all…

    … ‘sang tambaks ang flip magnanakaws y ladrones garapales in the government… they are in cahoots amongst themselves… they divide the budget and allocate them between familia…

    … recent example: P10.5B loan from the France intended for climate change thingy (PAGASA, et al)… disappeared within 90 days… typhoon basyang flattened PAGASA due to dilapilated equipments…

    … nobody knows where the ‘sang tambaks na bilyon went or who were culprit/accountable.. ..

    … kaksucker padre damaso, bless my pipol… :mrgreen:

  3. mel says:

    Miriam said it before: SLANDER!

    He continues to embarass himself not only in the Philippines but also in the global community. He did not know that every word he utters will be subjected to scrutiny?

    His SONA gave me the conclusion that the President and his advisers are HIGHLY incompetent people, who do not check facts before they release information to the public.

    The President should step down now. He has not the mind to lead this nation. He is qualified for that non-sense and intriguing show – “The BUZZ!”

    • NFA rice says:

      As much as I would love P.Noy to be replaced soon, I am loving every moment of his comedy-laden presidency. It’s just the show is too expensive. Oh, well.

    • Jay says:

      Don’t have him step down yet. I haven’t got my fill of schadenfreude yet! I want to lick the delicious tears of those yellow mobs when they revolt and finally wake up from their fantasy!

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Just so they don’t replace him with a lesser mind… Knowing the yellow zombies, they slag PNoy only to put worse minds in his place…

  4. Parallax says:

    wasn’t noynoy supposed to be well-versed in the financial jargon of public administration? he and his campaigners did insist that he spent his dandy time not contributing to legislature (for longer than gloria was president), but rather in oversight of appropriations as “fiscalizer,” didn’t they? 8)

    • BongV says:

      he said it was shocking – i am more shocked he didn’t know that as “fiscalizer”. was he really “fiscalizing”? 😆

      • ArticleRequest says:

        I remember in 2007 Noynoy Aquino became Senator and promised specifically “reforms over fiscalizing”

        2009 – 2010 dahil walang nagawa sa Senado at Kongreso sabi ni Noy magaling siyang mag fiscalize.

        As per Dr. Jose Rizal IIs argument on this site (I dont know how to hyperlink sorry) and a quick look up Webster’s and many dictionaries, fiscalizer is a non existent job.

        Tapos sabi ni Noynoy siya ang lider ng oversight and he specialized in fiscalizing. According to Noynoy, he was instrumental in oversight appropriations.

        Ngayon biglang shock na shock si Noynoy dahil depleted daw ang budget.

        Noy, pare, kung sabi mo noon ipinaglaan mo ang oras mo sa Kongreso at Senado sa fiscalizing at yun ang dahilan kung bakit wala kang naipasang batas at walang kang ginawang initiatives sa lehislatura, bakit shock na shock ka ngayon sa depleted budget? Akala ko pa yun ang trabaho mo hindi ba? Hindi po ba yun yung posisyon na ipinagmalaki mo bilang patunay ng iyong “kagalingan”?

        Self contradictory liar. Ran around the country telling fools you were Mr. Honesty, Mr. Integrity, etc… Fools from squatter areaas to UP Phd holders who sucked it up without thinking twice.

        He really didnt do anything significant in Congress and Senate now did he? He’s been caught contradicting himself over fiscalizing – that last bastion of Noynoy apologetics. Now it’s out in the open.

        Noynoy you are a liar.

  5. Hyden Toro says:

    The imbecile President, Noynoy Aquino has too much gaffes already. Everytime, he opens his mouth: nonsense and ignorance comes out. His Handlers/Ventroloquists are at fault also: they are ignorant of the subjects, he is talking about. Two ignorant people, will never amount to sensible people. Hey Speechwriters/Handlers: your Dummy (Noynoy Aquino) is talking nonsense. It is reflected on you also. Showing you are: hollowheads and ignorant, as he is.

    Budget are based on projections. They are just figures in your worksheets. You may, or you may not have the Cash. If you don’t have the Cash. This will result to your:Budget Deficit. To balance your budget, or to be on Black ink. You can : steal, borrow, pickpocket ,or borrow some money from your mother-in-law, if she will lend you any. Otherwise, you will be on Red.

  6. BongV says:

    Budgets are made to be depleted… and replenished. If the budget is not disbursed or appropriated – then service stops, it’s that simple.

    The thing is – he promised he will not raise taxes. Given the budget deficit, he realized – he opened his mouth too soon –

    He may not raise taxes BUT he can:

    1. Increase government transaction fees to cover for the taxation shortfall

    2. Decrease public services (live within the budget)

    3. Generate more fund inflows from trade. (Philippine exports are expensive due to high electricity costs – these led Intel to transfer to Vietnam). What has been the typical Pinoy response. Let’s just look for other products that don’t need electricity. Hello – whatcha gonna do, sell sampagita garlands in the world market? – open up the economy – let companies who do a better job than MAYNILAD, MERALCO, or MWSS come in)

    4. Generate more FDI. (Given the protectionist constitution – we know how this goes. What’s the point of coming up with Anti-Trust legislation when the constitution itself protects Filipino monopolies – Sec 10 and 11, Article 12, Philippine Constitution) – that’s a smoke and mirrors trick)


    It’s going to be a looooooonnnggg six years of

    1. High utility rates – paying for electricity while in the middle of a brownout, paying for water while being waterless

    2. Minimal trade and investment flows compared to ASEAN

    3. Reduced public services.

    4. Expansion of oligarch businesses and contraction of the Filipinos paychecks

    After six years, ang mga niluto sa sariling mantika magmumukhang sunog na lechon kawali

    Sow hot air. Reap the whirlwind. L-for Losers!!! 😆 😆

  7. Joe America says:

    Pesos to dollars the day before SONA: 46.48
    Pesos to dollars the day after SONA: 45.81

    It would appear that those with money shifted from dollars to pesos, rather at odds with those pushing an agenda to tear down confidence in the Philippines rather than cheer it, or build it.

    • BongV says:

      Previous close (Jul 26) USD 0.7701: 1 ECU
      Last trade (Jul 27) : USD 0.7673: 1 ECU

      Dollar depreciated: Down 0.0028 (0.36%)

      If the peso gained value – it’s not due to SONA – it’s due to depreciation of the dollar.

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        .,.. that only shows that flipland is a major player in the financial market and world bourses…

        … flipland SONAs would shake any monetary benchmark to its knees… devalued below flipland’s BSP remittance holdings… :mrgreen:

        … sige lang… arya ng arya…

      • BongV says:

        i’m impressed the SONA caused the Euro to change its rate against the dollar 😆

      • Joe America says:

        The peso gained 1.44%

        The market reaction was “improved confidence”, or
        “better place to invest”.

        In the light, you see darkness
        and you wouldn’t acknowledge a good thing for the Philippines
        if it were a brick between the eyes.

      • NFA rice says:

        Wow a second miracle by Tita Cory! P.Noy just said the word and P.Noy shot the moon!

        Quick! Someone’s gotta give me the hotline to Ratzinger!

      • BongV says:

        yeah… the SONA caused investors to lose confidence in the US and move their dollars to the Philippines – brilliantJoe 😆
        what makes you so sure – for all you know, the BSP increased the supply of dollars into the Philippine economy creating an artificial appreciation. laos na yan noy.

      • BongV says:

        Better place to invest? Really? Wanna bet? 😆

        Talk is cheap.

        What makes you think that with unchanged economic fundamentals you’ll get different results?


      • Aegis-Judex says:

        @NFA rice

        I’m not sure if Papa Ratzi would call it a miracle outright… Lest memory fails me, when Ben 16 gave his condolences, PNoy didn’t receive them because he spent time smoking instead of attending Cory’s funeral…

      • ulong pare says:

        … daang

        … @joe ‘merkan naman naman namannnn

        … you’ve been in flipland too long…

        … you need to visit the “land of meek and homeys” oooopsie milk and honey once in a while to “regroup”…

        … i didn’t see billionaire soros putting his billion$$$ in pesos…

      • Joe America says:

        I was looking for tangibles, as opposed to the bluster of AP scribes, who I no longer trust to deal forthrightly. The interest here is pursuing an agenda, not a search for truth or knowledge.

        Trust is a big deal to me, eh?

        You are free to read the tea leaves as you like, as people here are mainly talking to like-minded people, not interested in other readings of the tea.

        I finally figured out why AP and I are not a good fit. When AP says “open minded”, it means it will allow anyone to comment, without censorship (wayward exceptions excluded). Then the people who submit views that oppose the teardown agenda are whacked with sticks until they come to the realization there is nothing to be gained here.

        I view “open-minded” to mean welcoming discovery. In that context, any comment is respected for being a part of the dialogue.

        So we have diverse goals, and it is futile for me to expect objectivity here. When trust is lost, all is lost.

        It is not the kind of relationship I can respect any longer. I tried, at the urging of Benign0 and BenK, but it is not the vibrant, open kind of site that I think benefits the Philippines. It only benefits the egos of a few people, to feel the power of a gang-style ripping of earnest people.

        You can call me crybaby. You can call me old faggot. Those are just flailing sticks that miss the mark, an unending attempt to build AP scribes up by whacking others down. Highly Pinoy, if you know what I mean. The words indeed define AP for what it is, deceit laden, dark, untrustworthy. Bankrupt, frankly, from the standpoint of integrity.

        You may ban me now if that gives you your jollies. Makes no difference any longer. This site is irrelevant to me. Y’all enjoy your romp in the mud of intimidation and manipulation.

      • BongV says:

        knock yourself out joe – and remember to pay the electric bill – and enjoy the DAILY power outages by the way 😆

        AP: 1+1 = 2

        Joe: 1+1=5

        AP is unfair because it can’t see that 1+1=5


      • Parallax says:

        oh stuff it up your nether regions, joe.

        you’ll be back wanting more. 8)

        even your drama is phoney.

  8. CoconutRacist says:

    Ah yes…it’s the classic Gaudencio Rosales’ theory of relativity : everybody steals anyway so let’s just not mind those that had been stolen by Gloria.

    Ang saya-saya. :mrgreen: 😀

    • BongV says:

      Wrong. It’s not just gloria who steals. Let’s get all who steal not just Gloria. :mrgreen:

      • CoconutRacist says:

        And especially Gloria. :mrgreen:

        Come to think of it BongV and all P-Noy haters and ranters on this site; if there had been proper accounting of Gloria’s misdeeds and she had been made to pay for it early on, Noynoy would not even register on the radar screen of Pinoy voters. Villar or even Nick Perlas might have been strong contenders in the last elections. 😉

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        I doubt your conjecture, with an Aquino last name, a billion peso war chest and a TV station to support his candidacy, he would still be the sure winner, that is how undeveloped the political system is, let’s go for cha-cha.

      • NFA rice says:


        You are conveniently forgetting that Noynoy was one Gloria’s bedfellows. It’s our fault that he did not run after the b*tch right? And again our fault that NA3 capitalized on the death of his mother?

      • BongV says:

        Noynoy was “shocked” – I thought he was “fiscalizing” in the Senate? FIXcalizing the pork barrel kamo 😆

      • Jay says:

        Come to think of it BongV and all P-Noy haters and ranters on this site; if there had been proper accounting of Gloria’s misdeeds and she had been made to pay for it early on, Noynoy would not even register on the radar screen of Pinoy voters. Villar or even Nick Perlas might have been strong contenders in the last elections.

        Good to know you can pull random crap out of your a$$. The people already knew of Gloria’s misdeeds but what did Noynoy do? He was too busy fiscalizing as a senator to figure out where all this money is coming and going, not to mention fighting bouts of beauty sleep. Not as if he, being a big name himself doesn’t have the ability to access information regarding the budget now. And what did the people do? Wait until the alpha idiot told relevant news of 3-6 years ago because you were all too busy (and lazy) cursing Gloria.

      • BongV says:

        Remember this?

        Estrada vs Roco – Estrada dahil “winnable”

        Arroyo vs Roco – Pinili Arroyo dahil “winnable”

        Pinoys elected the “winnable” – the Philippines LOST.

        In 2010, Aquino vs Gordon – Pinili si Aquino dahil “winnable”

        4 weeks pa lang…. SAYA SAYA NA 😆

        6 LONG YEARS OF Schaudenfreude… –

        Pinoys will remember this every day, every water bill, every electric bill, every phone bill, every plane ride, every TV show, every brownout, every shipping disaster

        they will be reminded on the Internet, on FB, on Twitter, on websites, by Adam Carolla, Alec Baldwin, Chip Tsao – Get your sh*t together Philippines 😆

        the people are being “protected” for exclusive use of the Filipino monopoly businesses – pay the water bill – kahit walang tubig….
        they asked for it – they got it – BEH BUTI NGA 😆

      • BongV says:

        @CR – that’s what the Philippines got for not choosing Roco :mrgreen: choosing Erap over Roco.. mga Pilipino roco-roco kasi ayan

        pure schadenfreude – 6 years of Cory; 2 years of Erap; 9 years of Arroyo; – di pa rin natuto

        so far, 4 weeks of Aquino… another 6 years


      • ChinoF says:

        LIke I said, jail Gloria, but leave all the korakots in Congress running loose, that’s one of the greatest acts of hypocrisy the country has even known.

      • Noynoy News says:

        it’s because only a showbiz intriga authority can do something like what you are suggesting. clearing someone of something is useless if wala naman nagbabato ng controversy.

      • NFA rice says:


        Flips are like evolution. try and try, always trial and error. But unlike evolution, flips can’t make it korek

      • ulong pare says:

        … daang

        @ NFA r: flips haven’t fully evolved… flips are the missing link…

        … prez gung gong: humanoid depletus brainus – the new specie…

    • Jay says:

      Cory technically has stolen more than Gloria, but CR isn’t willing to admit it since he can’t see any fault with the yellow admins. And if your Yellow hammer of Justice is intent of integrity, why has he not called for enforcement of the laws regarding politicians stealing even before he became president? Because just like you he woke up and finally found out the money was gone from the government?

      CR, don’t be a mexican. Only they can have a siesta and sleep on the job.

      • NFA rice says:

        Cory is prayed the rosary, novenas, and attends masses more diligently than the pope. She has made a miracle of making wine out of fish sauce. There are only two miracles left for her to do to be declared a saint. She could not have done anything wrong!

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @NFA r: santa ate corakot canonization is in full swing….

        … flip OFWs in the vatican threaten to walk out if herr ratzinger (papa sa roma) do not entertain the idea… only set aside by another request for ate glo to be considered just the same…

        … without flip italian OFWs, herr ratzinger’s pfwet will stink to high heavens…

        … you don’t want that, do you?

      • NFA rice says:

        @ulong pare
        I just called Herr Ratzy. He said flips must prepare for a big disappointment because Beata Cory committed a Cardinal Sin.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        @ulong pare

        Trust Papa Ratzi to play the Inquisitor and verify all that slag. Is Cory worth canonizing, or would it be an insult to those that suffered the most under her watch?

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @NFA r: according to holy buy bull ooopsie bible, 2010 ed, verse IV: cardinal sin and santa ate corakot were caught doing the “wild thang” in paradise behind the apol tree..

        … they were ejected and ‘bakwet to impiernong luma where everything goes… haping hapi si santa ate corakot ‘coz she liked satan’s horns and fock oooopsie fork…

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @Aegis-J: herr ratzinger as the inquisitor? that’s gonna be no problem…

        … two pairs of red prada shoes from prez gung gong as a “gift” will do the trick…

        … in addition, an invitation to “bless 80M devout katolickdick flip gung gongs” will boost herr ratzinger’s place in the pedophile realms…

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        @ulong pare

        Ten says Ratzi the Nazi is gonna slag those dimwits whose devotion to Cory borders on Aquinolatry. Mater Dei, these brutes make me ashamed of being a Filipino Catholic! Frankly, I’d rather be more Catholic than Filipino if it had to come to that!

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @jay: ate corakot’s nakaws were overshadowed by a series of coup de taes…

        ,,, ate corakot made flips serial coup de taes…. coup coup coup rooo kooooo kakadoodle doooo…

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @!CR… ain’t happy at all…

      … when my “cut” posted in my jose velarde account, t’was less than i expected…

      … flips, talaga, mang gagantso…

      … dang you ate glo…

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        …@mirriam q… ate glo & familia ladrones garapales made it to the guinness of world records for ‘sang tambaks ang nasa gobyerno; not based on merit but based on nakaws…

        … ate imeldifcuk & atm (awan ti money) is sisiw in comparison…

      • BongV says:

        meanwhile, the people who benefited from the insertion of protectionist provisions in the constitution wind up in the Forbes Fortune 500. While the rest of flips – 93% remain poor. Tuloy ang palabas para sa mga gunggong :mrgreen:

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Don’t be an imbecile, CocoRacist! If you want to slag the robber barons in Congress, don’t just focus on GMA. Easy prey are just that, easy prey not worth the steel. Besides, Cardinal Rosales was right: pinning the blame on only one person shows the irresponsibility of the slave minds that put that person to office.

  9. J.B. says:

    Kaya pala hindi nabayaran yong project ko sa bundok kasi wala na palang pambayad ang gobyerno. Pambili ko sana yon ng exercise machine. 🙂

    On a serious note, Ed Angara already said something in defence of GMA how the budget was spent. Except of course, the funds that went to GMA hometown which raise a red flag.

    But then again, it’s not very clear if there would be legal chasing game after this. Or GMA bank will be frozen soon after this so called shocking news.

    Not even the legal chasing game of Cory was able to appease the RAM boys to stage a coup. I don’t know how long the people gets feed up with empty rhetoric.

  10. olivia says:

    There is nothing new about the budget being depleted at this time of the year. The executive deparment requests for a budget at the start of the year based on it’s projections. This becomes the general appropriations act when passed by the congress.

    During the same fiscal year, some unforeseen things happen such as disasters and recessions or shortage of revenue collection.. Measures that cost a lot needs to be taken. This is when budget deficit happens. Having the deficit is not a unique problem to the Phillipines. Even the US has this problem every single administration that is put in power. If you recall, Clinton during his last term earned praises for having a balanced budget. With his able finance genius Greenspan, he succeeded in earning this rare feat.

    What about the salary of MWSS people? As a utility agency, it is excempted from the salary standardization cap imposed on government employees. The same is true with Napocor. The government needed to do this to prevent them from leaving the company in favor of private ones that give even fatter salaries.

    Why didn’t Noy mention the kind of benefits lawmakers make? Sen. Santiago mentioned it in one article that the main reason people wants to be lawmakers is the big cash that comes with the post. Each senator and representative gets tens if not hundreds of millions per year from the same budget that Mr. Aquino was talking about.

    The SONA was nothing but a blame game and an excuse combined together aimed at lowering the expectations from this lost administration.

    It’s amazing how the puppeteers play the role so well without the fool noticing it.

    I am sure these people know exactly whats happening but they continue to paint a bleak picture to bash GmA and make the fool look better.

    • miriam quiamco says:

      Wow Olivia, this is a very reasonable and rational comment, I don’t think this is a rant, it is full of unquestionable and irrefutable facts. You sound better than the one who just delivered a SONA that is full of useless rants, OMG, how could our country have such a leader. Is it even worth our time to tell him what is soooo wrong about how he started his administration, a big show of incompetence and pettiness. Would it ever land on receptive minds, I guess, some people here just don’t like our style.

    • miriam quiamco says:

      Olivia, where is your sexy avatar, not only that your avatar is sexy, you definitely have a swell mind, I think it is good you removed that avatar, see how The Judge started fantasizing about you. LoL

  11. CoconutRacist says:

    Three main groups in this echo chamber :

    First Group

    The Losers – supporters of different losing presidential candidates in the last elections. 🙄

    Second Group

    Gloria Loyalists/Apologists – all kleptotyrants of the world have loyalists; including Marcos and Kim
    Jong-il. :mrgreen:

    Third Group

    Ideological (economic) Dissenters – headed by BongV but J_ag calls him the resident moron
    which might, in fairness, just a hyperbole. 🙂

    Ang saya-saya. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • wowie says:

      You forgot three more groups:

      the Fourth Group

      Those people who sometimes would agree or not agree with the articles and can state their claims and go with the flow of discussion without the emo-nes and stupid rebuttals.

      the Fifth Group

      Those who actually voted for PNoy, who, no matter how much you present the facts to them, would still somehow think of something to rebut even if their logic is obviously flawed;

      which brings us to

      the Sixth Group

      People who are just arguing for the sake of argument.


      I wonder which group are you part of Mr. CoconutRacist? 🙂

    • BongV says:

      and the largest group – the millions of FILIPINOS who are paying for high utility rates, lousy service, and lack of choice – starting with 15 million Aquino supporters – MERALCO laughing all the way to the bank :LOL:

    • Jon Abaca says:

      I prefer this grouping. It’s broader and goes beyond blog borders.

      There four groups of Filipinos.

      Filipinos who want to fix this country.
      Filipinos who want to leave this country.
      Filipinos who don’t care.
      Filipinos who want to burn the Philippines to the ground.

    • Phil Manila says:

      And then there’s kinda a Fourth Group:


      Somewhat like the Philippine Daily Tribune, which profess ‘without fear or favor’ opposition to every administration: wala nang nakitang maganda o mabuti. 😦

      They profess a philosophy of ‘Basta ganito dapat, kasi kami ang tama.’ 😯

      Masaya nga! :mrgreen:

      • BongV says:

        Opinion 1: 1+1=2

        Opinion 2: 1+1=5

        supporters of Opinion 2 are angry that Opinion 1 supporters will not believe that 1+1=5. GO KNOCK YOURSELVES OUT! 😆

      • Phil Manila says:

        Ngek! Wrong analogy or simile Bong V! 😯

        Opinions are subjective. 1 + 1 is an objective appreciation of facts. From what I remember its called Arithmetic. 🙂

        I believe 90 percent of Filipinos went to at least Grade I. That is an opinion. 8)

      • BongV says:

        yeah.. and they stayed in Grade 1 – didn’t make it to Grade 2.

        Opinion 1: Philippines is a “liberal” economy.

        Opinion 2: Philippines is not a liberal economy – Sec 10, 11 and Article 12.

        Wanna dispute that? 😆

      • NFA rice says:

        @Phil Manila
        There lies the crux of the matter. INGSOC wants the proletariat, like Winston Smith, to know that 2+2=5 is the truth. However that is only a politically expedient truth. Mathematical objects and operations on them are defined by the postulates that form the basis such a mathematical system. Maybe INGSOC uses a math system different from what we are used to. In this sense 2+2=5 and 2+2=4 are not objective because of the differences in mathematical system. However, I wouldn’t accept INGSOC’s system because it is not supported by physical facts, like two fingers make four.

      • NFA rice says:

        correction: 2 fingers and 2 fingers make four

      • CoconutRacist says:


        Ninez and Tiu Laurel could be our slight approximation of the Huffington Post while this echo chamber is a proximate version of Faux News. :mrgreen:

        Ninez, Tiu, and BongV seem to share a strong contempt for the oligarchy but they differ on the method on how to get rid of them. :mrgreen:

        Tiu wanted to put a chasity belt on our ports whereas BongV wants our mother Filipinas to spread her legs wide open to big MNC dicks. 😆

      • Caloy says:

        CoconutRacist, the reason you’re hearing echoes is despite the lid being closed, you haven’t been flushed 8)

      • BongV says:

        @CR – ABS-CBN=Faux News to Arroyo; CNN to Aquino 😆

        BongV wants our mother Filipinas to be taken cared of by nurturing more compassionate bigger dicks than the teenie weenie dicks with a LOSER attitude 😆

      • Jon Abaca says:

        “wala nang nakitang maganda o mabuti.”

        That’s odd…

        When a certain bespectacled man did that, he got voted into office, but when other people do it, they’re just douchebags.

        Odd indeed…

  12. kid dynamo says:

    heck, even Winnie Monsod, a distinguished yellow can’t agree with PNoy’s rantings and datas on this one…

    mukhang nakuryente na naman siya dito…

    Maybe for this SONA of Noy his cabinet should have done more “FINE TUNING” like the botched Memo…:-)

  13. redd says:

    Just when I thought that the mistake of electing erap was the height of utter ignorance and lack of sound analytical judgment, we just outdid ourselves by electing pnoy who is less competent, less experienced and less accomplished.

    At least erap had more than two decades of experience as mayor and at lease one law passed (the Carabao Center Act) as a senator. Pnoy had, in his 12 years as legislator, 8 bills and none getting passed as a law.

    The SONA was another showcase where pnoy’s incompetence was unravelled. Its unimaginable how can he not know what is factual and what is opinion.

  14. GabbyD says:

    i think alot of people are misunderstanding that paragraph… it is a POORLY WORDED PARAGRAPH… however, its clear what it means.

    first, most important, B0 is wrong when he means pnoy said the budget is “depleted”. this is a strawman argument, coz pnoy never used the word.

    the poorly worded paragraph is the following:

    “Our budget for 2010 is PhP1.54 trillion. Of this, only PhP100 billion – or 6.5% of the total budget – can be used for the remaining six months of the current year. Roughly 1% of the total budget is left for each of the remaining month.”

    what monsod said is right — pnoy says that the un-allocated part of the budget is only 6.5%. the rest of the money has already been allocated on PGMA’s budget priorities. [note that allocated is different from disbursed, which is what the BTreas is measuring]

    this is indeed what PNOY MEANT. how do we know? the next SEVERAL PARAGRAPHS talk about what the funds were allocated to, as he asks: “Where did the funds go?”

    the funds were allocated to :
    1) Calamity Fund
    2) MRT subsidy
    3) NAPOCOR subsidy


    now, Pnoy is criticizing these budget choices of the govt. he is arguing they are MIS-allocated and that the GMA admin wasnt transparent with its budget priorities.

    the arroyo camp obviously disagrees with Pnoy’s contention that these are bad decisions.

    so i agree with B0… this is a poorly worded paragraph that needlessly confused alot of people. this paragraph is truly a gaffe that takes away from his arguments, me thinks.

    • NFA rice says:

      Obviously, P.Noy wanted people to be shocked, thus the poor wordings. Misallocation is shocking! I tell you, shocking!

    • Jon Abaca says:

      He’s the president now.

      He should not word his sentences poorly.

    • miriam quiamco says:

      So, what is so shocking about the budget which the senate and congress approved????

    • Parallax says:

      he only got a clue about the (mis)allocations AFTER he became president?

      what was he doing when he was “fiscalizing” so many years – counting sheep?

      • GabbyD says:

        yes. thats why he said that “it was hidden” from the people.

      • ChinoF says:

        Even that allegation of being “hidden” is questionable. If it were “hidden,” why would Congress and Senate approve them? What makes them hidden?

        If the record’s being “hidden” is the reason he could cite, then he should have said that more efforts will be made to pass the FOI bill. That’s another thing missing from the SONA.

      • Parallax says:

        then he’s an epic failure at being da fiscalizer!

        geez, he was claimed to have been so darn focused on fiscalizing he had no law enacted for how many years gabs?

        yet these things get past under his nose as da fiscalizer, then it only means he’s been sleeping on the job.

        fiscalizer, fiscalizer, neknek niya niloko niya! pa-hidden hidden pa siya. you can hide a lot of things from a guy who’s always on sleepy time. 🙄

  15. Patrick_HBS says:

    kvetch kvetch kvetch.

    You are true pinoys.

  16. s3r910 says:

    p.noy’s like roxie hart in the song “they both reached for the gun” in chicago, but probably p.noy has no right to sit in richard gere’s lap…haha…you should watch the vid to see it for yourselves

    i mean it’s not an accurate analogy, but oh well.. i read a comment above about p.noy being a puppet and this is the best way i can visualize it..

  17. Noynoy News says:

    when noynoy claimed that meron na lang ganireng amount left when it was contented na may ganito pang amount, asan yung missing amount? may balak ba sina noynoy na gawin sa missing amount na shielded nila by a lousy controversy? ginagawa nyang the buzz ang philippine government.

  18. Noynoy News says:

    and in reply to BongV, if Rocco won, destiny pa rin nyang mamaalam from this life which would have made Gloria still the PResident and a more legitimate one at that than the status that she had.

  19. Pingback: The DAP is a product of PNoy’s flawed understanding of the government’s financial position in 2010 « Get Real Post

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