First Aquino SONA: Just the latest of P-Noy's growing list of gaffes

By my reckoning (on the basis of its English translation), President Benigno “P.Noy” Aquino III devoted 1,558 words out of the 4,055 words in his 35-minute State of the Nation Address (SONA) to whining about the plunder of the National Budget (whatever that means exactly) and the salaries and bonuses of some Government employees. That’s 38.4 percent of his speech devoted to what was supposed to be the “shocking” “exposé” that would be his SONA. Thanks to P.Noy’s childish teasers last weekend, everyone was pumped up to get a load of just that, so much so that his own Family Newsletter was left no choice but to mount a rather laughable attempt to downplay the shock value of this speech last Sunday.

Even now, the top headline on the, We can dream again, supposedly a “report” to highlight the salient points of P.Noy’s SONA, grossly misrepresented its content. Only 32 words out of the 937 (i.e., 3.4 percent of the content) in this “report” was in reference to the majority whiney bashing-the-previous-administration parts of P.Noy’s SONA.

That’s false publicity in my book.

In P.Noy’s SONA, we have a product composed of 38.4 percent whininess by volume now being pitched as containing only 3.4 percent of the “shocking” ingredient.

But then let’s be fair. Like the alleged plundering of the national budget, there is nothing “shocking” about a Family Newsletter playing down the latest gaffe of its Golden Boy — which brings me to the point of this piece:

The first SONA of the Aquino Administration is no more than another addition to the President’s growing list of gaffes.

Indeed, it is a gaffe that played out over the last several days. It began when teasers about it being a “shocking” “exposé” were first released to the press on the 23rd of July

MANILA, Philippines-President Benigno Aquino III may decide to reveal the alleged irregularities in the previous administration that were uncovered by the new Cabinet when he delivers his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday.

… followed by a backpedalling by the Family Newsletter that carried the story on the 25th of July in an attempt to highlight more of its “truth-telling” aspect…

MORE THAN its “shock and awe value,” President Aquino’s first State of the Nation Address (Sona) will be an educational and “truth-telling” speech.

“This is not simply about exposés or accusations,” Presidential Communications Group member Herminio Coloma yesterday said of the speech that Mr. Aquino is to deliver at the first joint session of the 15th Congress tomorrow afternoon.

… and finally capped by today’s “We can dream again” top headline report on the — a “report” that pathetically pleads for the SONA to be perceived by the public to be a forward-looking solutions-focused message — a tough PR job considering the unfortunate reality that half of this message was a big whine over a “depleted” budget and a bunch of overpaid government employees that would have been best left within the jurisdiction of agencies that specialise in audit, investigation, and prosecution.


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95 Responses to First Aquino SONA: Just the latest of P-Noy's growing list of gaffes

  1. ben says:

    Title typo… FYI.

  2. ChinoF says:

    People seem not to mind that it’s a hate campaign being brought to them by their supposed saviors. 😕

  3. BenK says:

    You know what struck me as the most ludicrous thing about the whole speech was that plan to rent out the Navy headquarters, and he acts like it’s a good thing.

    Island nation. People whose native boat design skills are excellent, and whose sailors are universally acknowledged as among the best in the world….has to sublet its Navy headquarters for what? Probably another shopping center?

    Hooray for sovereignty.

  4. inflame says:

    Here’s my dissection of it.

    I finished that about half an hour after the actual speech.

    More of the same. Same shit, different day.
    A few pinpoints of light, which if exploited correctly could lead to actual reform. And maybe his eventual downfall. “Recodification of Law”? Looks like an invitation for Charter Change.

  5. Redd says:

    A fool on the hill. That’s what he is. Living in his own world.

    Perpetually detached from reality and completely lacking in intelligence.

    Wake up, my f**cked up people!

  6. Xuan says:


    You should check this online entry from fit to post: (The noynoy supporters are giving me the creeps which reminds me of the Death Eaters!)

    This is a really good post and I had to admit that I really like this site as well.

  7. ChinoF says:

    Some fool: “Look! It is Aragorn!”

    Samwise Gamgee: “Nay, that not be Aragorn. That be me gaffer makin’ all ‘is gaffes in the flippin’ Philippines.”

  8. Chiruu says:

    *Giggle* you made my day sweetie and I guess that you read too much 🙂

  9. olivia says:

    Welcome everyone to our very own version of the “TRUMAN SHOW”.

    Let’s call our version the “The Fool’s Show”.

    We have a larger than life reality show where in the main character is completely unaware of what is happening. People around him has created this world of make-believe for the sole purpose of foooling the masses while enriching themselves in all possible means. Those people who didnt get what they wanted during the past administration are now back.

    When will the fool realize that the puppeteers playing with him?

    When will the fool realize that everything was a set up and that the people around him have chosen him to star in the show because he is such a big fool?

    When will the fool realize that he doesnt have the gifts to run this country? The only thing he can do is play his role, unknowingly, as a fool

    When will the puppeteers realize that this show must stop and give way to a genuine leadership?

    This reality show is turning up to be a huge hit with the fool being continuously egged on by the puppetteers to bash the mole.

    The fool and his spin doctors enjoy doing one thing- shit steering.

    The fool will be here for a while so lets just sit back and continue to laugh at the way the fool makes a fool for himself, until it hurts.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      SONA is just like the WOWOOWEE extravaganza. They have already gone to such a low level, as that….

  10. Chiruu says:

    I just check the site and I’ve notice that there’re other people bash to the Analyst a lot. If I’m remember correctly right after his proclamation that he said that he is open to constructive criticisms. (To be honest that I have become doubtful of noynoy’s capability of handling criticisms).

  11. boombox says:

    Just what I saw today in Daily Tribune headlines… “Where are the solutions?”

    • ChinoF says:

      Dang, Tribune Online came up as a harmful page… was it hacked or virus-infected?

      • Hyden Toro says:

        No, they hired some Hackers to stop people from telling the truth about them. My Webpage was also hacked. I traced it from a hacker, who gave me some computer viruses…they are frustrated, because I am fully knowledgeable on computers…better lucky next time, hackers…

  12. mel says:

    At least, he finally acknowledged the presence of Chief Justice Corona.

    But still, the damage is done. It was already in history and will remain a gaffe.

    Next, he will use his Wang Wang ….

  13. NFA_rice says:

    P.Noy is delivering exactly what his supporters want – a government of sensational gossip.

  14. NFA rice says:

    Boy Abunda should be concerned. He has serious competition from P.Noy.

  15. Hello says:

    To the author of this article:

    I find it hard to believe that you people were not shocked by the speech. Maybe you’re trillionaires, that millions of pesos gone in the government budget does not shock you that much. And please, don’t give us “38.4%” of his SONA was just whinning. SONA stands for “STATE of the Nation Address” and i believe that the past administration contributes to about 9 years to the “STATE” of the nation compared to the 3 weeks of the present administration. So I think that 38.4 % is still not enough to deliver everything about the effect of the past administration to the STATE of the nation. If i use your mathematical inference: THE STATE OF THE NATION is 99.31% Past Admin Causality and 0.69% Present Admin Causality.

    Let me stress this again: SONA stands for State Of the Nation Address (not SOlutioNs to problems Adress.)

    • miriam quiamco says:

      Hey, check reliable sources and see if the hysterics in the N/A speech is based by facts, otherwise, you have no business trying to shock us here. We are shocked by the blatant lies of the president, how can he be so irresponsible, quoting figures that are not true. He looked like a fool, take off your blindfold.

    • ChinoF says:

      Why we’re not shocked the way P.Noy advocates intended:
      1. We already knew about the millions gone even before he ran for office… or even before his mother died. Nothing new.
      2. While SONA gives the state of the nation, solutions are expected when problems are mentioned. Stating proposed solutions in the SONA is a sign that the president is serious about addressing these problems. If he doesn’t mention solutions… some may interpret this as, “it’s not my problem, you fix it.”
      3. Why only point to the previous admin and GMA? As if they’re the only ones who are corrupt? Hello?

      • Hello says:

        To ChinoF:

        1. We already knew about the millions gone even before he ran for office… or even before his mother died. Nothing new.

        – Like you, I also knew about the unexplainable expenses made by the past government. But I did not compute for the totality of the lost funds. For me, I was really shocked looking at the figures the President stated. I will do more research on that for clarification.

        I guess you must already have an idea of the totality of the lost funds so you find the revelations as “nothing new”.

        2. “While SONA gives the state of the nation, solutions are expected when problems are mentioned. Stating proposed solutions in the SONA is a sign that the president is serious about addressing these problems. If he doesn’t mention solutions… some may interpret this as, “it’s not my problem, you fix it.”

        – Well, I was really expecting that the SONA is purely a speech about the “STATE” of the nation, no problems, no solutions, just STATE. I think PNOY’s error here is that he stressed so much on the PROBLEM part of his speech so the people are expecting solutions (still he gave some solutions but it was not concrete).

        3.Why only point to the previous admin and GMA? As if they’re the only ones who are corrupt? Hello?

        – Let me stress that in his speech, he is pointing to the previous government. By stating “previous government” this will include all governing bodies, including him as senator. His assessment of the STATE of the nation includes everyone in the government. He just stressed out the most important anomalies.

        I believe President Aquino said in conclusion “Akin pong paniwala na Diyos at taumbayan ang nagdala sa ating kinalalagyan ngayon.” So according to Aquino, everyone is responsible, not just the previous government.

      • waranabatokwa says:

        “Akin pong paniwala na Diyos at taumbayan ang nagdala sa ating kinalalagyan ngayon.”

        i think he was referring to his ascent into the presidency.. you know how he always uses God in his campaign.. if i were to interpret this as everyone should be blamed, then God should be blamed too? that’s just rude imo..

      • famous wolf says:

        Blasphemy is more like it. Humble? LOL

      • NFA rice says:

        Yeah. It was God’s will that he’s President. Seems like Filipinos are guilty of a lot of grave sins. Maybe stupidity is a deadly sin?

      • Hello says:

        God is responsible for us. I did not state the the word responsible for you people to interpret it as “BLAME”. And what is blasphemous about saying that God is responsible for our state. If his is not responsible then he better leave us to ourselves.

      • Aegis-Judex says:


        God did create us in His image and likeness, but He never imposed anything on us! In fact, He respected our free will. Are you suggesting that we become a theocracy like Iran? True, the Lord is provident, but don’t you think He helps those who help themselves?

      • NFA rice says:


        Actually he meant that it was God’s and the people’s will that he is president. There can’t be no other interpretation if he did not intend to blaspheme. And God is not responsible for us. We have free will and reason so that we can take care of ourselves. It’s blasphemy against God if you refuse to use those gifts. For reference, ask your religion teacher.

        yours truly,
        Pope Benedict XVII

      • ChinoF says:

        We should question the figures he stated. Touchkey has posted a reference below saying that they imply as countering the president’s assertion. Read and see if it does.

        If everyone is responsible, as he is supposed to say in his SONA, why is his camp harping on GMA? LIke I said before, if they jail GMA, but leave all the other corrupt officials in gov’t running around, then that’s hypocrisy. The actions of his camp don’t really follow these kinds of pronouncements.

        “Akin pong paniwala na Diyos at taumbayan ang nagdala sa ating kinalalagyan ngayon.” – Good grief, anyone can say this. Even Hitler can claim that God told him to mass-kill the news. It’s most likely a lame attempt to say that he’s something special. Everyone in power today does that. “God put me here, I’m here because of him,” etc. Sorry, for me, he is not.

      • famous wolf says:

        It is presumptuous of you to say that God would intervene in the affairs of man, it is much more presumptuous for a politician, known for their exclusion from the affairs of the church. There’s teaching from St. Paul to never believe those who proclaim that they are sent by God, chosen by God.

        As the second commandment has taught us, Thou Shall not use the name of the Lord, your God, in vain. It is vanity to say that he was propelled to the presidency, the will of the people, probably, but not God.

        Then should it be said that Poverty is God’s fault? That those media men that were shot was willed into the men that did those heinous crimes of shooting down with utter impunity?

      • bokyo says:

        So ibig sabihin ng SONA sabihin lang kung ano ang kalagayan ng bansa ?

        Pag may malaking issue ang bansa, enough lang ba na sabihin sa bayan kung ano kalagayan ng bansa natin?


        Real live Juan Tamad si PNoy nyan kung ganun. Sabihin lang na may mansanas sa ibabaw ng puno tapos “mangangarap muli” na malaglag yung mansanas sa bibig.

        Ayos. Yan pala ang pagkakaintindi mo ng SONA, dong 😀

      • ulong pare says:

        … daang

        … prez gung gong: “Akin pong paniwala na Diyos at taumbayan ang nagdala sa ating kinalalagyan ngayon.”

        … ate glo was god’s anointed… “god put me here”…

        … which/whose god are they talking about?


        (me, praying… give us this day, our daily pan de sal with star margarine… AMEN) :mrgreen:

      • Jay says:

        I will agree that the SONA is up to the president or leader to divulge and convey the information. The term itself is a formality, which Hello takes took much to heart but it is merely a chance for the president to connect to the citizens their plans and proposals. But it doesn’t take it away that the current SONA discussed too much in detail about corruption of the past but didn’t do the same for his changes for the future, even with a ring of uncertainty to it. It is only common sense that when someone discusses problems that they too offer solutions, considering the President’s HEAVY responsibilities to the country and its people.

    • NFA rice says:

      And why are you shocked? Were you born just yesterday morning?

    • touchkey says:

      Below is the link of the updated expenditures from Bureau of the Treasury up to June of this year.


  16. BongV says:

    passing an anti-trust law within a protectionist economy is a mockery. susmaryosep. anti-trust under a regime that discrimnates against Filipinos who can’t put up the 60% to match a joint venture – that’s not a free market. Filipinos who only have 40% can’t play. How do you protect against that discrimination? You can’t trump the constitution.

    this is like having a snake bite victim take aspirin. useless.

  17. Ian Lopez says:

    Hooray! We can dream again! Maybe we can dream the impossible and watch them become reality before our very own eyes!


    Puro rekalmo, walang solusyon.

    Some tell us that we should rally behind the President. However, it is an exercise in futility, since Noynoy is a symbol of division, not unity. And why should we rally behind him? Do we have to endure the yellow ribbons, propaganda and prolefeed dished out by the Communications group? I’d rather find a deserted island somewhere in the Philippines and call it Freedomland 2.0 than to kowtow to the yellow mafia and join the yellow zombies in the “stupidification” of the isles.

    Keep it up, Anti-Pinoy. You guys are truly in the service of the thinking, rational and competent Filipino.

    • NFA rice says:

      People have been in a deep sleep for such a long time. REM should occur any time by now and the sweetest of dreams should set in.

  18. touchkey says:

    Di ako maka-Arroyo, pero sa tingin ko sa data ni PNoy sa SONA niya, maraming mali. First and major point is declaring our country bankrupt, he should look for the correct data before airing it to the people. Below is the link of the updated expenditures from Bureau of the Treasury up to June of this year.

    • Hello says:

      I’ll read on this. Thanks BTW.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      The imbecile! Had it NOT have been for CGMA’s tough calls, he WOULD HAVE BEEN CORRECT in saying that the country is bankrupt!

    • GabbyD says:

      if u look at the fiscal position, from the same website BTreasury, it says the govt is in deficit, EXACTLY WHAT PNOY SAID.

      its financed thru foreign and local borrowing…

      • UP nn grad says:

        GabbyD: 😯 Pilipinas is not bankrupt. In fact, if there is another 👿 ONDOY next month, I am sure that Japan and three or four other countries will willingly lend Pilipinas another US25Million or US$75million for reconstruction. A person/institution that is 😦 bankrupt will not receive loans from banks.

      • touchkey says:


        Since before, our government were always deficit in the budget because sad to say the BIR did not accomplish their task in the collections of tax revenues. if you notice on the link you provided, the cash operation is up to June not up to December. That means, we still have a collection of taxes for this month up to Decemeber of this year which will be then will be use to finance the country’s expenditures. And if you look closely on the tax revenues, the revenues is not consistent. Have you notice that April month we have a surplus of 2.6, because they are on the target collection. If our tax revenues is always consistent we have always a surplus that will be spend next year and the government is right in their budget.

        PNoy should study these revenues closely and focus how he will solve the tax collections. Which i think I’m in doubt because as he says, he will not impose on tax increase as he promise in his campaign and still up to now.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Excuse me Gabby D., PNoy should study, hmmmm, this seems too much to ask, as Monsod pointed out, he did not even detect an elementary inconsistency in the figures in his speech, and you want him to look up sources to study. It seems to me the word “study” is an alien word to the new president, how could he have missed such a simple logical loophole in his speech, there is a disconnect in the mind of this president. I am now verging toward the side of those who accused him of some mental disorder. There is simply no excuse for such a misinformation about the country, when all cameras were focused on him. He has done great damage to the country, whose fundamentals the former president worked so hard to build. They should really make him accountable for this. Even a college student would immediately find these elementary errors, Monsod, a supporter could not possibly ignore her analytical mind amidst the idiocy and inconsistency of that speech. He needs to fire his speech-writers and he himself acknowledge the misinformation he sowed by offering a public apology. Thank god to the internet, misinformation could be corrected now, with the government websites telling the facts. But what about the ignoramuses in the barrios, and to think that he made Estrada happy by delivering his speech in Tagalog, darn, this president is staying true to my image of him, a mindless politician!!!!

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Pnoy said, only 100 billion pesos cash left in the budget, midway through the fiscal year, a lie, a lie, a lie, since disbursements have not been made yet, only around 50% of the budget thus far has been spent. And even if we are on deficit which is more likely, we will be, we are not bankrupt and it is right Japan will more than gladly offer loans to us because we are very liquid with an all time high of 45 billion dollars in international reserves, any country would gladly extend loans to us. Your president is an idiot for painting a dire strait for the Philippines.

  19. Hello says:

    I’ll read on this. Thanks BTW.

  20. dj says:

    i think penoy was given the wrong data. for example if you compute the salaries of 300 mwss employees from the 190 million a year, minus the php 2,000 allowance, php 5,000 cash gift and minus php 1650 a month being received by the mwss employees and divide it by 13 months then you will get an average of php 44,000.00 per employee. i think the salary received by the employees are reasonable. and being a GOCC, they have their own charter and have the authority to increase their salaries by a mere board resolution not like employees from the national government wherein their salary increase will have to ask for the approval by the congress and the seante.

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Okay, he was fed the wrong data, but even with the presentation of the wrong data, his addition and subtraction when it comes to the deficit was still wrong. Why wasn’t he able to immediately see this when he was reading his speech, he was mentally sluggish or is he always mentally sluggish. . .

  21. Phil Manila says:

    “First Aquino SONA: Just the latest of P-Noy’s growing list of gaffes.”

    Sabi ko na nga ba,eh!

    Let me quote AP’s anti-thesis at the same time its raison d’etre:

    “Humakbang mula sa pakikialam tungo sa pakikilahok. Dahil ang nakikialam, walang-hanggan ang reklamo. Ang nakikilahok, nakikibahagi sa solusyon.”

    For example,

    NAKIKIALAM (passive, semi-active): Rant here at AP.

    NAKIKIBAHAGI (pro-active): E-mail P-Noy’s communication guys about the perceived weaknesses of the SONA.

    By all means, don’t stop ranting. At the same time, don’t stop at ranting.

    • BongV says:

      Yellow bot Theses: We’ll continue with protectionist policy. Magpapatiwakal kami and you can’t don anything about it.

      AP Anti-Theses: mag-hunos-dili ka, don’t jump into protectionism.

      Phil Manila’s Theses: AP – itulak mo na sa bangi gustong magpatiwakal eh, cooperate naman.


    • Jay says:

      NAKIKIBAHAGI (pro-active): E-mail P-Noy’s communication guys about the perceived weaknesses of the SONA.

      Oh, lets e-mail the guys up top who should have an idea to how the run the country where they are intentionally messing things up. Then again, one of the citizen’s best ways to cooperate happened at an event called THE ELECTIONS.

      • CRAP says:

        I think Jay and other AP’s are contented with RANTING. Pag ayaw, madaming dahilan. Pag gusto maraming paraan. GOOD POINT Phil Manila BTW.

        Oh yeah, for JAY: If that is your way of thinking, then you must hibernate today and just wake up for the next elections. FYI, Your event called THE ELECTIONS maybe is the best way to cooperate for us citizen’s, but it is not THE ONLY WAY.


      • ChinoF says:

        Madaming paraan… nagsisimula rin yan sa reklamo. Pag walang reklamo, walang magkakalam tungkol sa problema – at walang gagawa ng paraan. Mananahimik nalang. Talo.

      • BongV says:

        What PAGBABAGO are you talking about? Will the protectionist economy change in Aquino’s term? Pag ayaw magbago maraming PALUSOT!

      • Parallax says:

        @crap: sige nga, baguhin mo si noynoy. 8)

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        E-mailing the communications guys of N/A is not going to lessen their agenda of vengeance and thirst for revenge. Buti nga Monsod pointed out that the NFA rice importation is a complex process and since the years mentioned which purportedly had rice rotting in warehouses, had Roxas, Purisima and another of N/A’s cabinet member responsible for reaching the decision on how much rice to import, they should take the blame too.

        What misinformation indeed his advisers wanted to sow, I think they are getting desperate in their malicious intent to blame the former administration and to paint it as a failed regime, when in fact, despite the failures, it also had successes. These people are blinded by hatred, they are unable to see the illogic in their actions, now I can say for sure, the country is in the hands of a bunch of incompetents, full of themselves and of hatred.

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      But don’t you think that by providing a different point of view, you are part of a solution. Only after hearing the other side of the story can you be able to tell the truth.

      Also, I think that another point of view can help in developing critical thinking which I think is crucial that everyone should possess to be able to help our country progress.

      As for me, I think that these articles are a good means of educating people about the truth. You don’t have to fully believe everything that is said here, but at least you’d be able to draw your own conclusions and be able to provide your own solutions to how you can help the country.

  22. Parallax says:

    lacierda was asked by media why the hacienda luisita issue was not covered in pnoy’s sona, and lacierda said there’s just not enough time to cover all topics.

    was it the filipino people that told him to limit his speech duration to a half hour? lacierda’s a bit of a douche to think we’d fall for that excuse.

    • Jay says:

      Its all about priority. Noynoy and his team got people wanting to know about the old administration, which is not as relevant anymore unless you are one of those yellow zombies who can’t think. People want good news about the new administration so he divulged it as well, although still vague at best. Finally, none of the people wanted to hear about Noynoy’s anomalies or him being a murderer of farmers. So technically, El Presidente gave the people what they wanted to hear.

      • Parallax says:

        it’s not about priorities when there’s plenty of room for what was omitted. he could have included those, briefly even, yet still retain the pandering of his shockingly anticlimactic sona. just add 30 minutes more.

        keeping it brief doesn’t mean leaving big ticket items unmentioned. it might entail leaving some details out but it all should be covered as part of an overarching policy.

        but buknoy can’t afford to declare a concrete policy on hacienda luisita can he? nosirree. 👿

      • Aegis-Judex says:


        Does his Stupidity know the difference between keeping his address short and NOT adding meat to his words? Nyet, Non, Nein, Iie, Hindi, Laa, NO!

        Am I right, or am I right? 😈

      • Parallax says:

        right you are, a.j.! right you are. 😀

  23. UP nn grad says:

    Cut-and-paste from a news story: “Inatasan si Sec. [Leila] de Lima sa SONA na kung may anomalya, imbestigahan at kung may sapat na ebidensya, magsasampa po ng kaso sa appropriate agencies (Sec. De Lima was directed in the SONA to investigate anomalies and to file charges before the appropriate agencies if there is sufficient evidence),” said Palace spokesman Lacierda.

    Malacanang is backpedalling. Malacanang is trying to make people not realize that Presi-Noynoy is not sure yet — presiNoy did ➡ not have sufficient evidence while, in his SONA he was asking for MWSS trustees’ and NFA heads’ to resign or be fired.

    Maybe Noynoy doesn’t think so, but I believe a president has higher standards than just mouthing off yakking-yakking like he is he is a blogger :mrgreen: or a news paper columnist.

  24. NowIKnow says:

    We have for a president who can not even interpret numbers after the math has been done. Shame on us! Can we all just die Philippines? Anyway, he did say that he is God’s chosen one. Talk about renaissance English monarchs in the form of a monkey!

    • Jay says:

      Which false idol declared him and chosen for what exactly?

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey, it is a devolution; not evolution of the Philippine political leadership. Our leaders are degenerating into: simian beings…Watch out… Noynoy Aquino, will grow some tail, including his political cronies…and some of his Speechwriters…

  25. ulong pare says:

    … daaang


    … i did… this time, it’s a wet dream… 😳

    • Hyden Toro says:

      I dreamed of making love to Kris Aquino…good dream…hope I will not be seduced by her…

      • bokyo says:

        or catch her STD’s lol 😀

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @Hyden T: in the midst of my wet dream, kris a. appeared; my nightmare began… woke up in a pool of sweat…

        … i’m not used to making out with a mamasan… kris a looks like a WW2 left-over sex slave…

      • innagadda54 says:

        @ Hyden Toro

        let me guess” you were dreaming of making love to Kris Aquino. ” Then she pushes you off and yells “NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!” You felt fortunate because of the two dozen guys lined up behind you waiting for their turn. Turns out she is trying to help her brother un deplete the budget. To entertain the people patiently waiting their turn , her commercials that hit airwaves last month are playing on endless loop.

        Am I the only one who thinks of Kris Aquino that way?

      • miriam quiamco says:

        I don’t know why I feel offended when guys talk or write about Kris Aquino in this light, perhaps because I am a woman too. Just to let you know. . .

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @ mirriam q: any public figure is the subject of all sorts of conversation/scrutiny…

  26. Hyden Toro says:

    The dream is sadly turning into a Delusion. Depletion of the Budget is not the right word; because budgets are based on financial projections. His handlers; mostly “journalists”, are good in writing prose. But, has no true knowledge and experiences on the subjects; that their Dummy (Noynoy Aquino) is trying to convey to the people. Ignorance, may be a bliss. However, these are not the times, we have to have this bliss.

    These are the fault of Filipino Journalists. They can write good prose; but, don’t have the full and thorough knowledge and understanding; of what the subject, they are writing about. I found this; as an experinced Blogger, in Filipino Blog Websites. They just enclose a reference article about the subject; without fully understanding it. Now, who will “Cover the Ass” of Noynoy Aquino? Because, they made him, as ignorant as an Ass, as he truly is….

  27. touchkey says:

    They should have hire an accountant but i wonder, how come he did not refer his SONA speech to his finance secretary or anyone who is in knowledgeable in the budget and finance… Tsk… Tsk… Tsk…

  28. innagadda54 says:

    @Garnet Alexa

    You mention critical thinking. Noynoy has never engaged in it, nor is he used to addressing any practioners of critical thinking, The plague on this nation known as yellow fever got him elected. Yellow fever removes all critical thinking and analytical skills.

    At some point if you keep asking a yellow infected person about their idol using method , facts and logic it will always devolve into “basta”. It was like that during the campaign and it will detoriate in the actual term. The guy is clueless. The Emperor has no clothes

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      I agree wholeheartedly.

      I’ve never believed that he would make a good leader. Since the campaign, he has never shown any signs of being a great leader.

      I’m so proud I didn’t vote for him. It’s just sad though that he still won.

      I’m hopeful that by the next elections, more citizens will be able to think more critically in terms of selecting the right leader. We don’t all have to vote the same person, as long as the person we’re voting for is a logical choice based on his credentials and qualifications.

  29. innagadda54 says:

    @miriam quiamco

    Sorry that you feel that way. Kris just not represent your gender well the same way Ramon Revilla and Erap do not represent my gender well either.

    We all reap what we sow and Kris with her man collection just seems to really make her a magnet for this. For her no such thing as bad attention. And she still plays it up. And she is even more appealing to sponsors. I am sorry about that but her insatiable thirst for attention on a nationwide level has made her an easy target for jokes.

    If you want to also peer into the unlevel playing field of the genders. Erap and Revilla are known as Studs but Kris etc labelled as Slut. And the connotations of the terms are not equal. Again my apology for making you feel like that.

  30. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    @juantamad: hoy pinabili ka lang ng suka at bawang eh, tumambay ka pa sa internet cafe… unggoy…

    … uwi na, baka ma wang wang ni his excellency gung gong…

  31. Miriam Quiamco says:

    Juan, sounds like you just checked out of a mental hospital and forgot to take your medication, be careful, stick to your medication, it looks like you haven’t completely recovered yet. . .

  32. Uncle Pinoy says:

    That didn’t sound like a SONA. It sounded like a Senate privilege speech. Noynoy (and apparently his people) still thinks and acts like a legislator instead of an executive.

  33. CRAP says:

    AP’s Justifying their favorite way of starting a change: RANTING… what a shame. Ang MANAHIMIK nang may tulong sa MAGANDANG PAGBABAGO ay PANALO. Ang MAINGAY na PURO REKLAMO, ASA Lang sa IBA na MAGSIMULA ng PAGBABAGO, mukang TALO.

    • ben says:

      The logic here is seriously flawed…
      Enjoy your next 6 yrs of confusion and suffering, unless maybe if you’re one of those who benefit off of a hopeless nation.

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      If no one calls attention to the bad, no change will happen. By pointing out the wrongs that they see, they are providing others with a look at the truth. By seeing the truth, you will be able to think of a solution. With more people thinking of solutions and doing their part in righting the wrongs, then change will surely come.

      And I also agree there’s something wrong with your logic. Maybe because your argument comprises of compounds. Instead of there being 4 parts to your argument, you only presented 2.

      One: quiet without doing anything
      Two: quiet with doing something
      Three: noisy without doing anything
      Four: noisy with doing something.

      As for me, I don’t think that all AP does is rant and rant and rant. I think that by telling people about what they perceive as faulty, people will be able to question things. After all, you can’t say you know the whole story if you only know one side.

  34. Pingback: President Aquino's Second State of the Nation Address (SONA) 25 July 2011 | Get Real Post

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