President Noynoy's SONA: What the clapping audience failed to hear

Speculation is rife that the contestants in the reality show The Biggest Loser drink lots of fluids before the official weigh-in. This is so that they will weigh a lot heavier in the beginning of the show and consequently appear to have lost a lot of kilos dramatically at the succeeding or final weigh-in. In a show that manages to win audiences based on exaggeration and sensationalism, I wouldn’t be surprised if the contestants pull all the tricks in the book just to win the battle against the bulge in front of a national audience. It would certainly do the trick as long as you can hold it in. But like in any other reality show, only people who are desperate for their fifteen minutes of fame would want to participate in a show that cheap. You just know these people have very little shame.

Philippine President, Noynoy Aquino would be a good contestant of The Biggest Loser or any of the reality shows on offer because he is very good at exaggeration and sensationalism. As predicted, the President’s recently concluded first State of the Nation Address (SONA) succeeded at lowering people’s expectations by convincing them that he does not have much left to work with because of the budget deficit left by the previous administration.

As I predicted in my previous article, P.Noy’s SONA would be devoted so much to witch hunting rather than on real solutions. P.Noy’s speech wasn’t even easy on the ears because he delivered it in such an angry manner. He was like someone who was only reading it for the very first time. It was delivered in the manner like any cheap television production trying to pull a cheap stunt that only vacuous audiences can appreciate. And yes, there are currently millions of vacuous audiences who buy into P.Noy’s style. One can be forgiven for thinking P.Noy had some drama coaches from his equally overly dramatic sister, the actress, Kris Aquino. Only someone as desperate and dense would try to trick Filipinos the way P.Noy did in his speech. But unfortunately, with the help of his media friends, P.Noy seems to succeed in fooling majority of the Filipino electorate.

He said in his speech that “For a long time, our country lost its way in the crooked path” but I really wished that he could’ve given a specific date when the country started losing its way in the crooked path because it certainly didn’t start during former President Gloria Arroyo’s term; and even if it started during GMA’s term (which is impossible), wasn’t P.Noy already a public servant by then (since 1998, to be exact)? Just in case P.Noy or anybody else who bought into his “crooked path” intro forgot, I would like to remind everyone that P.Noy was a Congressman of the second district of Tarlac from 1998 to 2004.

He then served as senator from 2007 to 2009. But P.Noy is making it sound like he didn’t have any idea how his own colleagues were mishandling their funds or not doing their jobs. He now gives the impression that there was nothing he could have done about it. But we all know that he could have done more as a public servant. The billion dollar question is: Why didn’t P.Noy say or do anything while he was a Congressman or while he was still in the Senate to guide the country into “the straight path?”

P.Noy mentioned that “The reality was hidden from our people, who seem to have been deliberately obfuscated on the real state.” Again, why wasn’t he more proactive in finding out the real reason the country is poor when he was a Congressman and when he was in the Senate? Could it be that he didn’t care? Could it be that he lived such a sheltered existence prior to the death of his mother? That is the only explanation I can think of because he acts so shocked and awed now at the state in which the country is in despite the very visible squatters who keep multiplying along the path of his daily commute to work. Indeed, P.Noy has very little shame in putting all the blame on Representative Arroyo. If P.Noy is really genuine about having an open book, he will do his best to help pass the freedom of information act.

In his speech, P.Noy lambasted the employees and board of trustees of MWSS for their salaries and benefits just because a few days before his SONA, there was a water crises. I find this part of his speech unprofessional. Why would he accuse them of wrong doing even before any investigations were underway? Wouldn’t his accusations affect the morale of the employees of MWSS? He is certainly doing a trial-by-media here. He embarrassed them and made them look “guilty” in the eyes of the electorate without going through the proper procedure. P.Noy was shifting the responsibility for the recent water crises to others this early on. He is responsible now for everything. The least he could do is study the problem carefully and look for a solution into the water crises like the possibility of using recycled water or desalination plants. Why would P.Noy concentrate on the salary and bonuses of the workers and board members of MWSS when it is obvious that the problem is bigger than that?

P.Noy spoke about the anomalies done by the NFA. He claims that in 2004 and 2007 (years that he was already a public servant), the government bought more rice than what was needed. Again, P.Noy did not analyse the problem very well. Obviously, since there was a shortage of rice, the offense here is not the oversupply of rice but a failure in the distribution infrastructure. Regarding the rotting supply of rice in the warehouse, P.Noy should know that you can’t just give away rice to the public for the simple reason that if you flood the market with free rice, the market will crash. This is the same principle why food chains like McDonalds or KFC cannot just give away the food they don’t sell at the end of the day. If he had only listened in his Economics 101 class, he wouldn’t be talking out of his behind. A consultation with a real economist before the SONA would have sufficed if he had trouble comprehending the reason behind the situation.

P.Noy spoke about the different infrastructure projects of the previous administration and questioned why they entered into so many projects and how some were shelved in favor of another. This is well and good but isn’t what he is saying just part of his job now? We already know that he does not plan to steal. That is old news to everyone. But eradicating corruption is not enough to put food on everyone’s table. And it is funny how he questions the people who he considers “midnight appointees”, making these people look like they had already done something wrong by asking them to resign immediately “if they have any shame left.”

P.Noy boasted about being in talks with some private business concerns that are interested in partnering with the government in providing infrastructure for the public. According to P.Noy, “There are some who have already shown interest and want to build an expressway from Manila that will pass through Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, until the end of Cagayan Valley, without the government having to spend a single peso.” Wow! The government will not spend a single peso! Who are they and what’s in it for them? Is it a relative or a friend who wants to help out P.Noy to smell good to the public? Good for him but I hope that the deal will be open for everyone to scrutinize. Besides, there is nothing sensational about such deals to grandstand about. Build-operate-and-trasfer (BOT) schemes have been around for some time now.

If there is one thing that I appreciate from the drama-filled speech is that P.Noy is advocating the passing of the Whistlebower Bill and the implementation of a Witness Protection Program to “eradicate the prevalent culture of fear and silence that has hounded our system”. I will not question his motives even though he still has GMA in mind because I really think the country needs this for the reason that the questionable election result last May 2010 would have been resolved easily if the bill already existed.

I sincerely wish P.Noy meant it when he said that “It is every Filipino’s duty to closely watch the leaders that you have elected.” At least we now have his blessing here to continue criticizing him. And I really wish he could follow his advise “to take a step towards participation rather than fault-finding” in the future because his entire SONA is pure “fault-finding” directed against the previous administration.

P.Noy would be a good contestant at any reality television show. He is good at exaggerating, sensationalism and not to mention very good at contradicting himself too. The guy has no shame and never ceases to disappoint his critics. Unfortunately, it is the Filipinos, especially the poor who are going to be “The Biggest Losers” in his show.

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  1. Aegis-Judex says:

    “He said in his speech that “For a long time, our country lost its way in the crooked path” but I really wished that he could’ve given a specific date when the country started losing its way in the crooked path because it certainly didn’t start during former President Gloria Arroyo’s term; and even if it started during GMA’s term (which is impossible), wasn’t P.Noy already a public servant by then (since 1998, to be exact)? Just in case P.Noy or anybody else who bought into his “crooked path” intro forgot, I would like to remind everyone that P.Noy was a Congressman of the second district of Tarlac from 1998 to 2004.”

    My maternal grandmother said that it was Diosdado who lead this country south… As she’s a conservative (tbh, I’m moderate with conservative leanings) AND CGMA’s old man served back when my mom was in diapers, I wouldn’t know exactly how.

    • jopet.moran says:

      The blame game is a good strategy to shift focus for one’s inadequacies. What now that the points made by P-Noy were rebuffed point-by-point by the past admin.

      You can never expect great things from anybody with a mediocre history of public service.

      • ilda says:

        That’s true. If you want to deflect people’s attention from what you are doing, point to the sky or the bird behind them by saying, “oh look, what was that?!” and then run as fast as you can.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        That has always been the political tactic of the Aquino’s: the Blame Game. They Blame their political enemies, as the sources of trouble. Then, they project themselves; with the help of the Oligarch’s Media Networks: as the only Hope for the Solution. The gullible Filipino people always bite this Deception.

    • ilda says:


      So, it goes waaaay back! The buck does not stop with GMA. He should include his late mother in his blame game.

  2. innagadda54 says:

    Even here in our office we had an audience of about 8 watching it and one woman could not help from clapping for this imbecile. Noynoy for all this time was not part of the solution as a an elected official (you can make the argument he was not part of anything except in name) so he was part of the problem. I remember the days of watching the Erap SONAs and he refused to be accountable for anything. Noynoy who many make the argument of not being humble considering he has no sterling deeds to be humble about was not accountable to his past. His past helped make this present he is trying so hard to demonize. As a pre emptive excuse that we don’t go anywhere. I just wanna know who’s behind the wheel. Based on what I know, we are going to hell.

    • ilda says:

      Well, he said that “I have an unshakeable faith that Almighty God will give us His blessings and support.” I’d be more worried about the effects of Karma if I were him. God had nothing to do with his negative mental attitude and people’s gullibility. If you follow his logic that God is the reason for his rise, then God was also the reason for GMA and Erap’s rise to power. Excuse me, but we have the ability to think, to use our intellect but Filipinos choose not to use it during the election. P.Noy will soon witness his own downfall if he keeps making a fool of himself.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        God helps those who help themselves. We cannot go on hoping; if their delusions continue…

  3. J.B. says:

    The way I see it is among the crowds who clapped are officials who were rest assured its business as usual in the midst of a weakling president training all his guns towards GMA.

  4. Noynoy News says:

    classic victim complex. he’d rather live under the shadow of the few noisy Filipinos’ disgust for GMA than propagate unity and his solutions for the country’s problems (like he has any solution). sa 2011 kaya ano naman ang isisisi nila kay GMA? may disorder na nga si noynoy sa personality as a result of his depression when he was young. as i have always reminded my friends, more than 60% of the pinoys did not vote for him. and the 83% support that the pro-yellow SWS is making us all believe using the pro-yellow media (inquirer for one) is just a mind-setting effort. sino ba naman ang mag-su-survey for the issue of Filipino hope during the elections? SWS lang. eh kung hopeful ka and you were voting for bro. eddie villanueva or villar that time? they then decided to release the results through the Inquirer the 2nd time nung nakaupo na si Noynoy haha. nilagay sa front page tapos naka-link sa 1st page. napaka-driven nila talaga to paint the town yellow. and recently during the SONA, the inquirer was musing over the non-burning of the noynoy effigy during the traditional (as if culture dictates for us to rally always asus progressive communism at its best) rally. naturally that will happen kasi nga the person they want elected is already there on the presidential seat. yun na nga ang bread and butter nila when GMA was president every single day. sila ang maiingay na minority for how many years na while the rest of the hardworking Filipinos are just, well, working, minding their own business. noynoy’s regime is media-driven to a fault. it’s just about image building and nothing more. reminiscent of China’s Mao.

    • ilda says:

      It’s just mind conditioning at its best. Only the weak minded get affected though.

      Why would the protesters burn his effigy this early? He has only been in the job 3 weeks. Losers!

      • Hyden Toro says:

        To convince people: you have to use Religion. Filipinos are superstitious. If you invoke the Name of God, in any way. Filipinos will believe you. “Cross my heart…peksman…Sumusumpa, ako sa Diyos.” How gullible we have become…We have always taken the name of the Lord, in vain. Liars and Deceivers used the Name of the Lord: to lie and to deceive. It’s okay; as long as people see you kneeling infront of the Altar; pretending to pray…And, Priests and Nuns are there as your supporters…

      • ArticleRequest says:

        I bet God is so sick and tired of being referenced by morons who invoke his name and say “God told me so” he decided to send a 6 year plague in the Philippines named Noynoy Aquino.

      • ulong pare says:

        … daang

        … rewind:

        … GOD PUT ME HERE: ate glo… :mrgreen:

        … ate glo started her days with breakfast prayers at shangri-la, makati… flipland supremo pedophile manila archibusopsop tt… it worked…

        … fast forward (play):

        … GOD PUT ME HERE: prez gung gong… :mrgreen:

        … paluhod na bunoto ng mga gung gongs

        … GOD, what have flips done to you?

        … you are so mean and unfair…

        (me praying: give us this day our daily pan de sal with star margarine… 😳 )

  5. UP nn grad says:

    Pres-Noynoy should pick up this item very fast. Slandering 😯 GMA is not enough. the Noynoy administration has to bring one or more court-cases against GMA. Same thing with his slime attack against MWSS trustees or this or that GMA appointee. Pres-Noynoy is not a deQuiros columnist. He is an officer-of-the-law, in fact, Pres-Noynoy is top-gun and he is expected to follow letter and spirit of the law and the constitution.

    Amando Doronilla already commented on it. Very soon, unless court-cases follow, then the huge majority of Pinoys-in-Pilipinas will discount all the innuendos and accusations and slander that Noynoy brings against GMA. “Palabas lang! All smoke, no nothing.” Nangli-linlang 🙄 ng mga tao.

    • ilda says:

      If P.Noy is not careful, somebody will file a slander case against him. He can’t go around accusing people without any evidence or even without going through the courts! He is disgusting!

      • interested says:

        Yes Ilda, DISGUSTING is the word! His overly dramatic speeches, ‘pikon’ demeanor and his overall incompetence disgusts me to no end! Oh how I wish it were already May 2016….

  6. kid dynamo says:

    ..hey guys watch this….coming from a distinguished Yellow Army herself on how hollow PNoy’s SONA was

    aaahhh yesss sweeet…..sarap sabihin ang mga katagang “I TOLD YOU SOOOOO”

    • benign0 says:

      I’ve seen this. All seems pretty consistent with our observations so far, but with the detail of a real economist thrown in! 😀

    • ilda says:

      Hi Kid

      OMG! Thanks for this! This is a validation on my limited knowledge of economics! 🙂

      • kid dynamo says:

        I was actually surprised on this one last evening, to think in a forum in Philstar yesterday the usual bozos keep on defending PNoy discrediting every arguments we raise to them calling us names even labelling me an Arroyo symphatizer….

        …then came this…..BOOM….goes the dynamite……as one forummer said…

        “nasuntok sila sa panga..tameme…….

        aaaaaahhhhh pricelessssss! 🙂

        ..On a side note…..Great haircut PNoy…clean, neat and looking smart……LOL

      • BongV says:

        Winnie Monsod’s “tangibles” – are spot on with AP’s “intangibles”… tangna nyan 😆

        flailing sticks that miss the mark, an unending attempt to tear AP scribes down by whacking others who agree with AP, down. Highly Pinoy – Joe Am’s assimilation is complete, if you know what I mean. The words indeed define Joe Am for what it is, deceit laden, dark, untrustworthy. Bankrupt, frankly, from the standpoint of integrity – TOTAL DISHONOR! 😆

    • bokyo says:

      maka-Noynoy ba si Winnie? I thought she’s not into Noynoy? hmm..

      But anyway it’s a validation that PNo’ys playing the hocus pocus game of numbers on economy

      • miriam quiamco says:

        I kinda lost respect for her when she endorsed N/A as her candidate, but she has just restored it when she rose to her status as a TV journalist, she showed objectivity and an analytical mind, although kinda late, cause she should have seen this big gaffe coming from N/A before the election.

      • ilda says:

        From what I recall, the yellow mob spread a fake email supposedly coming from Winnie Monsod endorsing P.Noy before the election. She denied writing the said email but I think it was too late by then to undo the damage. The message somehow got stuck in people’s brain that P.Noy was endorsed by a leading economist.

      • miriam quiamco says:

        Really Iida, thanks for this info., I sort of avoided reading anything written by her thinking she was part of the yellow mob.

      • bokyo says:

        that’s what i thought too. She was laugh too hard when , during Unang Hirit’s senatorial “debates” when one of the LP senatorables (i think it was Biazon) described Noynoy’s job as a “fizcalizer” when she ask how Noynoy can do as a president when he wasn’t really performing well as a legislator.

        Too late. That fake email sought the seed of disaster.

      • ChinoF says:

        I thought she was more of anti-GMA, and probably only thought of Noynoy as “anything but GMA.”

    • enteng says:

      yeah! watched it this morning before going to class, and really she got it all, ika nga ay NATUMBOK NIYA!

      God, please let those people from the yellow army watch this and hear what she said and please, give them the openness of the mind to understand it, they’re all praises parin to PNoy on how good his SONA is. Come on people.

      I gotta say, her analysis is the best (for now), no biases and all, she pointed out both the pros and cons of what PNoy have said in his SONA.

  7. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:
    • ilda says:

      Thanks for the link. I just read it. Conrado de Quiros is another dude talking out of his behind. He and I obviously have a very different take on the SONA. He thought it was well delivered, I thought it was too O-A. At least we both agree that it was “bitin.” For him it was because P.Noy missed the opportunity to call on people to “Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” type of thing. But for me, it was bitin because P.Noy spent more time finding people to blame and less on his own agenda.

  8. Sharafa says:

    Or as Excalibur would say: “BAKA”

  9. benign0 says:

    After grandstanding about “revelations of ‘shocking’ anomalies” in Arroyo’s handing of government finances during her administration, P-Noy is now backpedaling yet again to “clarifying” that it was all just a case of an “imbalance of the pattern of spending of the government”.

    Si P-Noy nga naman talaga
    Parang aso
    Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo

    Another pathetic sight to behold: The President eating his words yet again.

    Full story here!

    Look who is no longer
    laughing all the way to the bank

    • NFA rice says:

      It looks like P.Noy’s speech writers are secret Gloria sympathizers intent to embarass him. Alternative explanation is they are all incompetents just like him.

      • benign0 says:

        Actually, even as I write those things, I still for the life of me can’t imagine that gaffes in such scales are being made by these bozos. It’s UNPRECEDENTED!

      • ilda says:

        I read somewhere that P.Noy had a hand in writing his speech. He even said that the Saturday before the SONA, they already had 5 revisions of the draft. He even added that he wanted to be careful with the details. Careful na pala sya nun, pano pa kaya kung naging careless sya?!!

      • interested says:

        Pardon me but I just couldn’t help but think “WOW! ANG BOBO!”. This administration is truly one of the most stupid I have seen. And I read from the newspaper, the cabinet members will have spokespersons, WOW again! Only goes to show how stupid and incompetent they all are just like their boss, that’s why they need to have other people speak up for them. Revolting! Ugh!

      • touchkey says:

        PNoy not reading the The Daily Tribune anymore and the 8th revisions of his first SONA…

      • reynangmgatae says:

        @NFA.. You might have a point about NA’s people embarrassing him.

        “Nothing irregular with past administration’s use of 2010 outlay”

        He was supposed to defend President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III’s claims that the government is almost bankrupt but a senior budget official ended up clearing the Arroyo government of any alleged irregular spending of the 2010 national budget.

        Budget Undersecretary Mario Relampagos said there was nothing anomalous with the use of the bulk of the P1.54 trillion national budget of the year by the past government.

    • ben says:

      Yummy yummy words… I shared your blog on Definitely Filipino on FB. I’m a troll over there 😀

    • Ryunken says:

      Mr AnNoy-ing! is pretty much barking at the wrong tree once again… He is looking at the idiot box which includes Arroyo and its past wrongs… No wonder we’ll be heading downhill from here! Great job Mr AnNoy-ing!

  10. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … i like the SONA thingy… i saw a sea of yellow thingies… waves of jaundiced/malnourished gung gongs…

    … starting from prez gung gong’s yellow teeth (nicotine)… to yellow thongs… to yellow maria clara ensembles…

    … it looked like a bunch of ripe banana… oh yeah… flips gone bananas… :mrgreen:

  11. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … i actually liked the SONA pageantry… waves and waves of yellow thingies…

    … starting with prez gung gong’s yellow (nicotine) teeth… to kris a.’s yellow thongs… to yellow maria clara ensembles – big bird’s fashion line…

    … my monkey in me reminds of ripe bananas … i was salivating :mrgreen:

  12. Gerome says:

    I think he delivered a very detailed status report of the most urgent agendas that needs resolve.

    The previous ultra-corrupt administration of Congresswoman Arroyo emptied the coffers of the nation dry and it is just proper that PNoy points this out as early as possible because if he did not do it, the Arroyo gang, I mean clan, will exploit the “weakness” to revise history (GMA already started that before she stepped down, using more taxmoney to resuscistate her dirty image) and blame PNoy for the missing money.

    PNoy made a bullseye on eliminating the red tapes for businesses and making the country more business-friendly and let private sectors build infrastructures as this will mean billions of pesos in income and thousands of new jobs generated. Even though the ever-complaining, every-angry ultra-leftists clamor for change, we cannot do it overnight and give everybody salary raises and benefits without the economy thriving first which of course will only happen if there are more businesses.

    PNoy also score points when he mentioned more jobs and more help for the medical needs of the poor, and more focus on the Mindanao problem.

    PNoy cannot enumerate everything in his critics’ pick list because if he did then he will need 3-4 hours to address them all.

    Overall, I think PNoy’s SONA is just a taste of what is to come. Indeed, we can start dreaming that our country will rise again.

    • ChinoF says:

      Well, as you can see, the article above already disagrees with these opinions you’ve given. PNoy’s SONA is even based on questionable details. It’s already falling apart, as some papers are already stating. Even Winnie Monsod is finding holes in it.

      Problem with trying to nail the “ultra-corrupt” government of GMA was that he was part of that as a congressman and senator, and he didn’t even lift a finger against the corruption then. Add to that his vote of NOT playing the Garci tapes because he was a GMA supporter until after the Hacienda Luisita massacre investigation results said “give out the Hacienda.”

      In making the country more business-friendly, best thing to do is, remove protectionism from the Philippine constitution.

      Clearly, PNoy is acting on behalf of the vested interests that brought him to power. His SONA certainly is a taste of what is to come – mostly failures and broken promises, and prices become much higher and our economy goes down even more. His camp just said that they’ll borrow P766 billion… yep, we’ll rise again… in debt.

    • ilda says:


      No offense but your comment looks like one of those initial automated replies people get when they book or inquire online for something. I was tempted not to respond.

      I believe you did not even consider any of the issues I raised because you just blabbered on about how “The previous ultra-corrupt administration of Congresswoman Arroyo emptied the coffers of the nation dry”. Did you even understand any of what I wrote? Do you even read the newspapers? Leading economist and lawmakers have already debunked most of the things P.Noy claims in his SONA and you still think that his SONA is great?!? Wow! That’s incredible!

    • Garnet Alexa says:

      The fact that you can’t even mention the previous president’s name without name calling just tells me that you are not able to put aside your bias to critical assess the SONA.

      I applaud the fact that the current president calls to attention a lot of things, like the elimination of red tapes but I believe that the past administration also called attention to this. In fact, I noticed an improvement in the running of the LTO the last time I had my license renewed and that was while the former president was still in power.

      Also, his speech lacked concrete actions from him. I think there were some but for me, it was still mostly vague statement s about what he WANTS to do, but nothing about HOW to accomplish them.

      So before you go declaring that he delivered “a very detailed status report of the most urgent agendas that needs resolving[sic]”, please be sure to be more critical in your assessment. In fact, he might’ve been able to deliver a better speech had he taken the time to get his facts straight instead of putting so much of his time into making sure that the Filipino people are “shocked” by the SONA.

  13. Hyden Toro says:

    These are always the Aquino’s political tactics: (1) they describe the country in state of disrepair; (2) they come in as, people of courage, to right the things that are wrong; (3) they point to their political enemies, as the ones causing the trouble; and (4) they align with the Oligarch’s Media Network, to proliferate disinformations to the public: that; they are the hope of the nation to do the job.

    They are trying to Divert the issues, from the pressing needs of the country. They are good on this tactic. Here are the true agendas, that are waiting to be looked upon:

    (1) Land Reform Program, to be fully implemented.

    (2) The issue of the Hacienda Luisita, and its tenants to be resoved.

    (3) Rice and sugar self sufficiency. Food self sufficiency. We have been importing rice; since the time of his mother: Cory Aquino. We cannot even feed ourselves, since then.

    (4) Creation of jobs. The phase out of the OFWs. People with technical abilities must be encouraged to stay home to develop the country.

    (5) How will he deal with the NPA insurgency? The problem his family had created, by supporting and financing the insurgents.

    (6) Mindanao problem must be neutralized. How will he deal with the Al Queda, in Mindanao?

    (7) Solution of the Squatters problems in Metro Manila. Is there an adequate Flood Control Program?

    (8) Energy problems, to be resolved. Does his administration have a comprehensive Energy Program?

    This imbecile President has done a lot of mistakes already. What is next? He will repeal the Law of Supply and Demand? To bring down prices of prime commodities?

    • ilda says:

      His answer to your questions will be N/A for Not Applicable.

      I just realised that he is not even good at analysing the economic situation during GMA’s term. This means that clearly, we can’t expect P.Noy to come up with a real solution for the economy or just about anything.

  14. touchkey says:

    Economy for Pnoy means borrowing, i’m sure of that…

  15. mel says:

    Now, I believe that every boy can be President :mrgreen: PNoy’s lapses are turning to a “Smokey Mountain II”. which odour is steadily becoming unpleasant.

    He sounded too vindictive in his First SONA. He could have delegated the investigations on alleged Arroyo government’s irregularities and should have concretely focused on what and where is he leading the country.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      That is a classic Aquino Political tactic. Keep people interested and focused on your political enemy’s dirty works.

      This is to divert the attention, far away from yourself. It covers your incompetence in solving the pressing problems and needs of the country. This was the tactic of his late mother, Cory Aquino. She made us preoccupied with the Hidden Wealth of Marcos. So that we will not put the FOCUS on her. She put aside the Land Reform Program; without a whimper from the Filipinos. She ordered the killings of her tenants/demonstrators. Up to now, the case is never investigated.

      This Aquino political tactic is being used by the imbecile, Noynoy Aquino. It is not working. People has the Blogs and the internet to inform other people. So, it is the duty of Patriotic Filipino people, to inform:by Word of Mouth; this DECEPTION that Noynoy Aquino is using. Let us all Focus on him. Do not leave your Focus on Him. And on the pressing issues of our country. Rattle his mind, if you have to: this is a patriotic duty. Don’t believe in the Media; they are part of the Delusion…

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