Not even the pen of the Editor can save President Noynoy Aquino

The Editor has gone on a defensive strike against “so-called pundits” critical of President Benigno “P.Noy” Aquino III’s 26th July State of the Nation Address (SONA). The Op-Ed piece came across to me as no more than a long-winded admonishment of how so much of what was in the SONA that could be “chew[ed] on” even by “non-fans” was left unappreciated.

And how did Mr Editor go about convincing us that these chewie aspects of P.Noy’s SONA were worthy of our appreciation? Three words:

Appeal to emotion.

The Editor juxtaposed the excess rice stocks “rotting” in National Food Authority (NFA) warehouses, against “the context of people going hungry and millions of others forced to travel to various hells overseas to earn the wherewithal to keep their families’ heads above water”. Tell us something we don’t know, Mr Editor.

Of the need to dismantle monopolies and cartels and expand basic education which was also mentioned in the SONA, Mr Editor reminded his dear readers of “the intent to bring about a level playing field and, no matter how slowly, to stamp out the ignorance that effectively keeps populations in the yoke of servitude”. Last I heard, “intent” does not fill stomachs or enrich bank accounts, Mr Editor.

More laughs come our way in how Mr Editor saw those who found “the lack of ‘shockers’ in the Sona, and those who complain of being left high and dry on the scaffold of heightened arousal” as a bunch of androids desensitised to endemic crime and corruption in Philippine society. Just a question Mr Editor, whose bright idea was it in the first place to release teasers that hyped up this SONA’s “shock” and “awe” value to begin with? I do recall too that even the post-SONA report devoted only a measly 3.4 percent of its wordage to covering P.Noy’s “shocking” accounts of the previous Administration’s criminality.

Perhaps Mr Editor, all of what you say would’ve been valid if Mr President was coming from a zero base; as in, the forward-looking parts of this SONA would’ve been truly enlightening and the retrospective aspects of it truly shocking if we were all hearing this for the first time. But the reality is that P.Noy’s SONA is not jumping off from a zero base. There already is in place some baselines on which his SONA was expected to be built upon.

Firstly, he already has some semblance of a platform. And though Professor Solita Monsod observed a while back that this platform had now been deleted from Noynoy’s website, copies of it continue to live on, and continue to be used as a baseline for on-going evaluation of the current administration. So why then is a big deal being made about a few odd references to the future in P.Noy’s SONA when there already is a broader and (to now give a bit of credit to it) deeper body of work on the subject in his original campaign platform. Considering the existence of this plartform, the SONA’s forward-looking aspects should have been framed by it.

And second, P.Noy’s campaign was almost entirely built upon the notion that the (at the time) incumbent administration is “evil” (and therefore crooked, thieving, and malicious) and that his is the “good” option, the anti-thesis of this “evil”. As such, much of the hyped up shock value in P.Noy’s SONA was already pre-empted by his good-vs-evil campaign. In effect, Noynoy already convinced the electorate during the campaign that former President Gloria Arroyo was a thief and a cheat and that he is the warrior Aragorn who will raise an army to of ghosts to battle the Evil One’s forces. So why did he stand before us making reiteration of this concept the key point of his speech?

It’s simple, really.

The more P.Noy relies on his handlers and his circle of Kamaganak Inc assets to do his work for him, the more he will be putting himself at greater risk of suffering the sorts of gaffes that have come to characterise his presidency.

The call to the President remains fundamentally the same:

Be a man.
Be a statesman.

Not even the pen of the Editor of the mighty can save you from the gaffes that your handlers expose you to, Mr President.


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77 Responses to Not even the pen of the Editor can save President Noynoy Aquino

  1. GabbyD says:

    “Firstly, he already has some semblance of a platform…. broader and (to now give a bit of credit to it) deeper body of work on the subject in his original campaign platform”

    now, u think he has a platform that he can be evaluated on? NOW, AFTER the elections?

    ur funny 🙂 after all the comment ink was spilled on whether or not he had a platform, u’ll change ur mind and say YES rin pla.

    • benign0 says:

      Indeed, Mr GabbyD. It’s all relative. In relative terms back in the campaign days, that platform just didn’t cut it. But now relative to the way this SONA is being hyped and defended, it becomes quite convenient for moi to use this platform as a concept to frame the new issues that have come to light.

      Try to keep up, dude. 😀

      • GabbyD says:

        “it becomes quite convenient for moi to use this platform as a concept to frame the new issues that have come to light.”

        yes. “quite convenient for me” is the RIGHT TERM to describe this change in your “position”.

      • benign0 says:

        Exactly what part of my “position” do you think has “changed”, Mr GabbyD?

        Cite specific examples, plez. 😀

  2. touchkey says:

    I can’t find his platform anymore, it says:

    Error 404
    The page you’re looking for is lost due to Corruption.

    The link seems correct i think.

    • BenK says:

      Yes, the platform was quietly removed a couple weeks ago.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        His platform is gone…Don’t bother…You can see now the work of this Deceiver…He is here to Deceive…not to solve our problems…Did he touched anything about his Hacienda Luisita?

    • benign0 says:

      That kind of sneaky behaviour among Noynoy’s handlers is not unprecedented. Even way back they’ve already been known to sneakily delete incriminating doctrines from Noynoy’s website:

      Noynoy’s platform: HTTP 404 – File not found
      (article c. October 2009)


      Aquino’s glossing up of his website and the disappearance of the only section in it that would have housed the only semblance of substance underpinning his candidacy is symbollic of our society.

      See full article here!

      Look who’s tiptoeing
      all the way to the bank…

    • red says:

      i don’t know if they’re trying to be cute or what but this looks like they’re finally admitting they’re corrupt themselves.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        They are part of the corrupt Oligarch hierarchy of our country. What will you expect from these people?
        HOPE? CHANGE? My ass…

      • Ryunken says:

        It totally agree with you… The Oligarchs hold the freedom of the people and the advancement and improvement for the country… Some of us better get the hell out of dodge… After Mr Ab-Noy! does something… STUPID! Not just stupid… SOMETHING STUPID BEYOND THE RECOGNITION OF MANKIND! Riot, chaos, disorder… And whatever we can think about… will happen to our country… And we can all blame one person!

        Not Villar, Gibo, Gordon, Erap, Arroyo… Just Mr. P-Noy… Now we can call Mr. Stupid Ab-Noy!

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      That was just idiotic. Kanang nag-boto ni Noy, hala, pag-mahay na mo!

    • Ryunken says:

      They’re just removing it, so we the common tao can’t find a way to fight against mister stupidhead Noynoy! Yes! We can use the platform to make it our weapon against him

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      … @touchkey: just like his excellency gung gong, it’s a hollow shell… :mrgreen:

      … his excellency gung gong is a bubblehead, a puppet manipulated by the familia cojuangco&aggregates…

      … dang you ate glo! 😳

    • ChinoF says:

      How it comes to me is, “my site was lost due to corruption… ergo, I lost against it.” 😉

  3. red says:

    Oh Inquirer, how far you have fallen. I need to grab a copy today. I am out of toilet paper.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @red: you’re better off with banana leaves… use the yellow ones to match the team yellows in palasyo de gung gongs…

      … the team yellow insane diego and fliptowns, ‘merka are wearing black… mourning the demise of their superior intellectual wisdom…

      … it’s going to be a long novenas for this so called HILOminatis… bwi hi hi hi hi :mrgreen:

    • Hyden Toro says:

      See how these Oligarchs control the Media? They control the Television and Newspapers. They control major sources of informations.They have paid Hacks in the Blog Sites. They even hired Hackers to harrass people contributing to the BlogSites. I have recieved : viruses, rootkits, trojan horses, malwares, etc…all traced to them..It’s good, I know how ro repair my computer…and trace the sources of these harrassments…

    • Ryunken says:

      The Inquirer is just to keep the not yet Intellectual Filipinos cling to the hope that is Noynoy… Only to realize in the end, that they’ll totally REGRET IT! in the end!

  4. benign0 says:

    I find this statement coming from Communications Group Head Herminio “Sonny” Coloma rather interesting…

    Coloma acknowledged that President Aquino may also commit “some lapses” in his six-year term.

    “But as you have seen, he is ready to own up to those lapses. He’s open to suggestions for improving himself,” he said.

    Four days since the SONA, all we have is a conflicting statement from his Budget Undersecretary and a defensive Op Ed from the Family Newsletter. Does that count as P.Noy “owning up” to the growing number of questions coming from those who apply a bit of brain to evaluating his SONA?

    I think not. We need to hear from The Man himself.

    • ChinoF says:

      Some will surely find it disturbing that the president will have lapses. Can’t we just do without them? Anyway, ‘yan ang binoto ng taong bayan. Pagtiya-tiyagaan natin lahat ito.

      Yeah, the P.Noy supporters might say, “yeah, puro media yan, wait for the prez himself to speak up before you judge him.” Then why is media doing all the talking now? Because when the prez himself spoke up before, there were serious lapses? 🙄 As Ulong Pare would say, ay sus ginoo. 😆

      • NFA rice says:

        I can’t help imagining Gloria’s giggles as P.Noy’s SONA is being exposed for what it really is – another episode of P.Noy shooting himself on the foot.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        No wonder she didn’t see his SONA in person. Apparently, CGMA knows how stupid PNoy is, and still found it tactless to laugh at his State of the Vendetta Address to the imbecile’s face! At least away from the Zerg called Noynoyistas she could laugh all the way to the bank.

    • BongV says:

      We knew about these lapses BEFORE the election BUT people voted anyway. Enjoy the lapses 😆

  5. archie says:

    noynoy abnoy is seeking refuge to the people that his mother “helped” during the administration. this is one of the reasons why i don’t subscribe to inquirer anymore, very biased columns and opinionated journalism even in non-editorial pages. especially that conrado de quiros? yuck to his article halatang ac-dc type na writer walang paninindigan. abante is much better to read now

  6. J_ag says:

    From the inquirer to the almost majority of the posts on this blog – the blind leading the blind. I am still shaking my head as to the complete idiocy of almost everyone commenting on the speech.

    Here you have the Chief Executive of the State saying that he stands ready to privatize most of government functions. Government is almost incompetent a lot more than it is effective. But in the scheme of things it is still govenrment who can create credit because of its taxing power (fiscal and monetary) and can borrow at the cheapest rates. Also it is the only economic agent that can pay for its debts with new debt ad infinitum.

    The buidling and installation of public goods remain to be a government responsibility.

    Any attempt to privatize this function like it was during the 18th and 19th century before the rise of nation states will fail. Private capital is concerned with private returns with a definitive short time frame.

    It is no surprise that almost all quasi public concerns require public subsidies of both explicit and implicit in nature.

    Hence the Philippine State has been long in privatizing gains for the private sector while socializing its losses.

    We have a President who obviously does not understand the gravity of what he says.

    The lack of aggregate demand in the country is a direct result of systemic and structural impediments. Not a temporary economic relapse. Anyone who talks about Keynesian stimulus package in the Philippines is a complete idiot.

    Foreign investments are an adjunct of development and not the proximate cause. Just recently a Chinese bank floated the larrgest IPO in the planet. The world was allowed to invest through the HK capital marekts. Yet the Chinese economy remains closed to free trade, capital mobility and labor migration inward.

    Private capital always will leverage investments with minimal equity and mostly debt.

    That is how private capital makes money. Minimizing risk….

    • BongV says:

      Inefficiency in government is quite well-known. Thank you for stating the obvious.

      Here you have the Chief Executive of the State saying that he stands ready to privatize most of government functions. Government is almost incompetent a lot more than it is effective.

      That’s true but at what expense. It can borrow at the cheapest rates but if its processes and policies restrict its ability to generate revenue that can pay off the borrowings – it will be in a deeper hole.

      But in the scheme of things it is still govenrment who can create credit because of its taxing power (fiscal and monetary) and can borrow at the cheapest rates. Also it is the only economic agent that can pay for its debts with new debt ad infinitum.

      There have been several ways by which governments across the world have approached privatization of services. The early ideas of privatization began in the late 1970s and 1980s, with governments like that of Margaret Thatcher in the UK and Ronald Reagan in the USA. In this context, privatization came to mean a shift in activities or functions from the state to the private sector as well as the shift of production of goods from the public to the private sector. Governments then began to stop directly producing services, but enacting legislation and the framework for these to be privately produced.

      The buidling and installation of public goods remain to be a government responsibility.

      It’s the 21st century and thus far this is the path that the market has taken:

      – It has been evidential in developed countries, for example, the case of British Airways, that privatization of government services or state-owned enterprises improved operational efficiency and quality of service by getting rid of the bureaucratic system of the government.

      Privatization improved operational efficiency while reducing cost because, like any other business in the private sector, it has to be sure that it can compete in the market, that is through providing satisfactory service to customers without going over the budget.

      Developed countries like USA, Canada, and England have privatized many of their previously owned government services, such as British Airways, or Air Canada and as a result, these services have been quite successful in terms of quality of service improvement, increase profit margin etc. ever since.

      Process of decision making and implementation:

      Policies and measures: With privatization, fees will be collected for the service instead of tax that used to go to the government. Although some say that privatization will increase the cost of service, as compared to what was once collected by the government, but if compare the rate of fee/tax to the quality of service at a certain price, it turns out that, privatization does actually provide better service compared to government service at the same fee/tax level.
      Cost efficiency:

      It is almost always the case that the reason for privatization of government services or state-owned enterprises is to get rid of budget deficit that has been created while the service was ran by the government. Privatization will get rid of budget deficit, which is through increasing the cost efficiency of the operation.

      Any attempt to privatize this function like it was during the 18th and 19th century before the rise of nation states will fail. Private capital is concerned with private returns with a definitive short time frame.

      There’s a lot of quasi-public concerns because the current constitution restricts the markets ability to come to play. Thus, it has to operates quasi-public services. Case in point – Philpost and USPS. It used to be that the postal service was a public monopoly. Then came competition – Fedex, UPS, DHL. These companies were more innovative, more responsive, and more resilient.

      The market started to use these services more than the post office. This allows government to free up money and put it elsewhere. Of course, the employees will go postal BUT overall – the loss of jobs in the public postal service is more than compenstated for by the gain in private courier services.

      It is no surprise that almost all quasi public concerns require public subsidies of both explicit and implicit in nature.

      Hence the Philippine State has been long in privatizing gains for the private sector while socializing its losses.


      We have a President who obviously does not understand the gravity of what he says.


      The lack of aggregate demand in the country is a direct result of systemic and structural impediments. Not a temporary economic relapse. Anyone who talks about Keynesian stimulus package in the Philippines is a complete idiot.

      The question is how long can China keep on doing that before its bubble bursts?

      Foreign investments are an adjunct of development and not the proximate cause. Just recently a Chinese bank floated the larrgest IPO in the planet. The world was allowed to invest through the HK capital marekts. Yet the Chinese economy remains closed to free trade, capital mobility and labor migration inward.

      Not always. There are others who are willing to risk major equity betting that the big risk comes with big rewards. The smaller the risk, the smaller the reward.

      Private capital always will leverage investments with minimal equity and mostly debt.

      That is how private capital makes money. Minimizing risk….

  7. J_ag says:

    The Lopez groups abandonment of Maynilad with very little penalties is proof of this.

    It appears they forgot to include the foreign exchange adjustment in their contract with the state. Now it is part and parcel of every form and substance of the BOT system.

    Guarantees of forex loses. Ask any importer if he has got the same privileges. Privatizing natural monopolies with guarantees of fixed rate of profits with risks almost minimized to zero.

    P.Noy may be popular but he could possibly be a curse to the vast majority of people in the Philippines. The men around him who belong to the Washington Consensus/U.P. School of Economics Complex that decides economic policy in the country may finally have the popular stooge they need.

  8. NFA rice says:

    The gaffes in the SONA reminded me of P.Noy’s criticism against the Japanese government. Very eager to condemn, but can’t get his facts straight.

  9. ulong pare says:

    … daang

    … his excellency gung gong: “ay sus ginoo, ganito pala ang maging presidente… mommmyyyyy…. mommMMMMYYyyyyy…. daddddyyyyyy… waaaaah…. waaaAAAAaaahhhHHHH… singhot….. hikbi… ‘ikbi…prrrrsssttt… :mrgreen:

    … kris a: ‘lika dito, my gung gong utol… you’ll be my feature singer in my show… 😆

    … hootsie momma first laidy (girlfriend): daddy, i’ll give you some-some tonight… 😳

  10. mel says:

    I do not believe nor approve of politicians using religious and moral talks. Politicians should practice secular humanism so as not to increase the gullible tendencies of the society. In that way, people will learn how to think with reason and logic thus act in accordance to their clear perception.

    PNoy’s First SONA sounded vindictive and full of excess in faith. It was like telling the people that the previous administration will go to hell because of their wrong deeds. He convicted Past President Gloria Arroyo with his own moral judgment. What is the purpose of the Truth Commission when he, prior to the investigations, already publicly condemned his predecessor?

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @mel: i do not believe in (any) religion…

      … any politician who utter religion is a waste of time… he/she is useless and weak…

      … the civilized countries do not campaign or include religion in their platform… unless, it’s allah ahbar la la la la la la allah…. :mrgreen:

      • Hyden Toro says:

        Hey DAAANG:

        Religion is used by Politicians to get votes. You can frighten people: “if you don’t vote for me. You will be fried in Hell.” Filipinos who runs to the Priests/Nuns/Pastors, etc…will counsel them to vote for a certain Politician – Look at the Iglesia Ni Kristo. INK members being told by their Supremo to vote for Benigno Simeon Aquino III; or you will be “tiwalag”; or” be toasted in Hell”…it is quite a bargain. Voting for an imbecile President or being burned in eternity in “dagat-dagatan na apoy?” I rather vote for what the will INK Supremo will tell me, than be thrown in the “dagat-dagatan na apoy”…

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @Hyden T naman naman namannn…

        … religious teachings and threats only work to devout flip ijits, ignos & ‘toopids >>> da gung gongs…

        … me, singing: “i was once lost and now i’m found.. tra la la la”

        … been to heaven >>> boring and dangerous… who wants to play the harp with san pedro???… according to koran, suicide bombers go to heaven… also, all despots, murderers and killers who do such despicable acts are/were aligned with god… i don’t want to play my harp next to them… :mrgreen:

        … hell is exciting… every thing goes…. all the sins and vices allowed…

        … ay sus ginoo…

  11. Hyden Toro says:

    We have heard the same premises of SONAs before, from various Presidents. We’re tired of listening to them. After the SONAs; all turns into disappointments. It is good, if they will be able to fulfill, 30% being promised by the SONA. They leave off the pressing problems of the country. They put a lot of disinformations on their speeches. They confuse the listeners, by giving arbitrary figures. You don’t even know how they arrive at those figures. We want results. We want the pressing problems of the country to be attended to.
    We are already tired of the political shows. Bored already…boring to listen to…since no concrete results we have seen in previous SONAs…they are just waste of time and energy for his Speechwriters/Ventroloquists…

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @Hyden T, not so fast, mi amigo…

      … remember ate glo’s “bangkang papel”?

      … i was one of the galising pulubi featured in that SONA speech… 😥

      … i was so innocent…. ate glo took advantage of my helplessness/haplessness… :mrgreen:

      … mga SONAngaling kayong lahat… dang you ate glo!

  12. UP nn grad says:

    Another ➡ non-partisan blogsite ( propinoy (dot) net ) has archived the campaign promises and inaugural promises that Noynoy Aquino had uttered, to include:
    — Uphold the people’s right to information on matters of public concern and support the enactment of the 💡 Freedom of Information Bill in Congress
    — Double the budget of the ➡ Judiciary to enable it to pursue its reform program and deliver justice for all;
    — Cabinet positions and portfolios including the Undersecretaries and Assistant Secretaries would be distributed among the three major islands (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) without sacrificing competence and trustworthiness criteria.
    — UNIVERSAL PRE-SCHOOLING FOR ALL: All public school children (and all public schools) will have pre-schooling as their introduction to formal schooling by 2016;
    –Our health infrastructure needs a boost given the gaps in health facilities. Beginning at the barangay level we will fund 22,000 more barangay health stations, 3,000 more outpatient Rural Health Units and at least 150 more 💡 district hospitals;

    at marami pang iba which can be found here

    –I will revoke EO546. Never again will public funds be used to support and maintain a private security force.
    –Kidnap-for-Ransom 👿 incidents are national security concerns. I will commit full budgetary support to PACER in establishing and implementing an anti-kidnapping strategy in Mindanao; provide full support for the filing of charges against suspected perpetrators, including full protection for released victims and their families.

  13. benign0 says:

    Another quaint defense of the SONA:

    Jose Montelibano takes a swing at the Forces of Enlightenment

    Montelibano argues against the observations of Noynoy’s critics using facts about Noynoy’s popularity.

    After what is basically a thousand words of emotional diarrhoea this, in essence, is Montelibano’s argument in his own words:

    Two record-breaking trust ratings tell P-Noy he is listening to the Filipino people. It gave the right SONA to the right audience.

    But I do agree on one point Montelibano makes in his article. The arguments he goes up against armed with his appeal-to-popularity sword are indeed those of the “intellectually superior” — the elite as he himself terms it. One ain’t elite for nothing. Intelligence is indeed rare — specially in the Philippines. And if it wasn’t so rare, then we wouldn’t be stuck with a president like Noynoy, would we?

    My detailed verdict on the soundness of Montelibano’s appeals are here, but can be summarised in one word: FAIL. 😀

  14. Roborat says:

    Ang tanga ko. Kaya pala “Anti-Pinoy” tong website na to dahil si Noynoy Aquino ang laging tinitira dito. Anti-“PNoy” – yung palayaw na binansag ng bagong pangulo sa sarili nya. Lilinawin ko lang ha, di ako maka-Noynoy. Peks man. Sang ayon ako sa mga sinasabi ng karamihan sa inyo tungkol sa mga kapalpakan at kakulangan ng abilidad ng nahalal na pangulo. Pero napansin ko lang din na maka-GMA din ang karamihan dito (hindi lahat). Napansin ko lang to dahil kung gano ka-kritikal ang mga manunulat dito kay Pnoy, halos di naman nababanggit ang mga isyu na sangkot si GMA, Mikey at iba pang ka-alyado nya. Parang dinedepensahan pa. Parang hindi tuloy “objective” ang pananaw ng mga matatalinong manunulat at nag-kokomento dito sa Antipinoy. Sa opinyon ko lang.

    Nababasa ko din dito na isinusulong din ng Antipinoy ang Charter Change. Na palitan na ang presidential system ng parliamentary. Kung anu anong “facts” at ehemplo sa mga ibang bansa ang ipinapakita para patunayan na ang parliamentary system ang susi sa pagbabago at pag unlad ng bansa natin. Nakakabilib ang mga argumento at kumbinsido ako na mas ayos nga ang parliamentary system. Maganda pakinggan at isipin, lalo na kung idealistic ka.

    Pero nag-aalala ko na kung ang systema lang ang palitan, tapos ang mga trapo pa rin ang uupo. Etong mga trapo na magaling humanap ng lusot sa systema at sa batas, na gagawin ang lahat para manatili sa pwesto. Tignan na lang natin si Rep. Mikey Arroyo ng AGP party list. Di ba ang party list ginawa para mabigyan ng representation ang mga marginalized/hirap sa buhay/kababaihan/etc? Tapos etong si Mikey, dahil ang nanay nya kumuha sa pwesto nya, naghanap ng paraan para makabalik sa kongreso! Ang dating pa nya e wala syang ginawang mali at tama lang na sya ang magrepresinta sa mga sekyu at trisikel drayber. Isipin nyo na lang kung ganito mangyayari sa parliamentary system. Ang mga kapal muks na sakim sa kapangyarihan, bababuyin lang ang integridad ng systema. Apat silang mga Arroyo sa kongreso, kaninong karapatan pinapaglaban nila? Isama na rin ang mga iba pang pamilya political dynasties. Kung sabagay tayong mga “bobo-tante” ang naghalalal sa kanila. Yung paboritong target ng Antipinoy kasama na dun.

    Sana lang na kapag naipatupad nga ang charter change ay mahugasan ang gubyerno sa mga gagong sakim sa kapangyarihan, career politicians, magnanakaw, tamad na mga artista na sa gubyerno naghahanap buhay, etc. Sana nga ito ang isang hakbang sa malaking pagbabago at hindi maging daan para lalo pa tayong abusuhin ng mga demonyong nakapuwesto.

    • BongV says:

      sa magaling na sistema, tanggal ang trapo. :mrgreen:

      • Roborat says:

        Ang sistema, tao lang din ang nagpapatakbo. Marangal ang intensyon ng party list system pero tignan mo ang ginawa ni Mikey A. at iba pa.

      • ChinoF says:

        Party list system, inilunsad ng mga leftist para makapasok ang impluwensiya nila. Pero dahil palpak ang sistema, nakapasok ang mga tulad ni Mikey A at mga grupong hindi naman “marginalized.” Kita mo, si Satur Ocampo, isa sa mga promotor ng party list, natuto at tumakbo nalang para sa Senado. Pinakita na ang sistema mismo kailangan baguhin.

        Parang sa pamilya, paano mo masunod ang kagustuhan mong maging matalino ang mga anak mo, kung ang sistema mo ay sabay-sabay kayong manood ng Wowowee o ASAP kapag lunch, at kung gusto nilang manood ng Knowledge Channel o Discovery, hindi puede kasi ikaw bilang magulang ang pipili ng panonoorin nila? Baguhin ang sistema. Hayaan mo ang mga anak mong pumili ng panonoorin nila.

      • UP nn grad says:

        Roborat: takbo ka sa ➡ proPinoy(dot)Net at sa FilipinoVoices(dot)Com.

    • GabbyD says:

      salamat roborat… what a refreshing POV.

    • miriam quiamco says:

      Parliamentary system will ensure that political dynasty is going to see the end of its heyday in the Philippines, the Filipinos could reject a party that will have more than one of the family represented. In Japan, both Hatoyamas, brothers were members of the LDP for a while, the other brother joined to form DPJ and his brother even revealed wrongdoing on the part of the other, because they were now in different parties. It is not always true that family members are going to cover one another if they belong to different parties. In the case of the Arroyos, it is indeed disgusting, but are they the only family in congress with this bulky representation. It seems to me that wives of senators are now in congress, Villar’s wife and Bongbong’s wife, I wouldn’t oppose so much the presence of Villar’s wife as apparently she is smart and has accomplishments in business, but Lani Mercado and Gomez? Arroyo’s children may be unqualified, but how many more non-Arroyos in congress that are just as unqualified? It seems to me you are just an Arroyo hater. A parliamentary system will at least have that focus on policies rather than personalities, so this sort of weakness in fielding this sort of politicians in the legislature is corrected, there is of course no fool-proof system. Japan is also a parliamentary system, and in the recent election, the ruling party fielded celebrities in the elections, the Japanese people rejected them. The party may include members of a dynasty in their proportional representation ticket, but if the public finds this loathsome, they can always reject this party.

      You are picking on the sons of Arroyo in congress, but what about the druggie Singson supported by Ramos? If the security guards want to be represented by Arroyo, so be it, it could be that they want somebody to represent them with more clout and influence. Other partylists have chosen outsiders with elite qualifications to represent them, so this is not entirely unique, except that you are picking on the Arroyos, who the people think are evil. . .

      • Roborat says:

        Ikaw siguro ang Arroyo lover. Bakit mo pinagtatanggol ang mga Arroyo na sila ang gusto ng mga security guards? Sigurado ka ba na siya ang gusto nila? Ginamit ko lang na example si Mikey kasi sya ang mainit sa balita ngayon. Tama ka na dapat din pagtuunan ng pansin ang iba pang mga kwestyonable sa kongreso at iba pang pwesto sa gobyerno. Ang hangad ko lang ay maging unbiased tayo.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        So you’re using the “if you’re not against Arroyo, you’re for Arroyo” argument. The way I see it, that first statement is a manifestation of the inherent bigotry fueled by the Lopez Media Group. Might I suggest you apply your last statement to Mikey? Just because he’s an Arroyo doesn’t make him as depraved as, for instance, those pedo-padres that give Catholic priests (or clerics in general — it’s NOT LIMITED to those who are of Holy Church) a bad name.

      • Roborat says:

        Oo nga pala. sa totoo lang, naniniwala ba tayo na sa parliamentary system ay maalis na natin ang pagpili ng kandidato base sa kama-kamag-anak, asa-asawa, kaklase, etc.? Maari siguro kung ang pagboto natin ay maging tulad ng sa Amerika na gumagamit ng electoral college o indirect voting. Pero sa tingin ko lang malabo yun. Malalim na sa kultura natin na humusga ng tao base sa asosasyon, or kamag-anak. Sana may mas mabuti pang solusyon.

        Si Ronald Singson na tinutukoy mo, anak ni Chavit Singson na naging ka-alyado ni GMA (balimbing lang at kumakampi sa may kapangyarihan). Nakakahiya sa international community.

    • ChinoF says:

      Kapag bago ang sistema, mababawasan ang corruption, dahil yung mga bagay na kasama sa sistema na nakaktulong sa corruption, tulad ng pork barrel, ay matatanggal, at mababawasan ang mga corrupt practices tulad ng patronage politics.

      Basahin mo ang librong Presidential Bandwagon ni Yuko Kasuya. PInapakita nito na ang presidential system ng Pilipinas ay palpak, at kahit hindi sinabi ng awtor mismo ito, ang maiging solusyon ay baguhin ang sistema. Kung ayaw mo ng parliamentary, tanggalin nalang ang Senate. At ang presidente, kongressman o kahit anong pusisyong inihahalal, dapat walang term limit upang hindi maging unstable ang mga parties. At yung presidente, wag nang nationally elected. Mga kongresman lang ang mage-elect. Dapat hindi hiwalay ang pagboto ng presidente o vice, straight ticket lang puede. Pero patche-patche lang mga solusyon na yan, pinakamaiging mag-parliamentary pa rin.

      • Roborat says:

        Salamat ChinoF. Sang-ayon ako jan.

      • Roborat says:

        Kung mawawala ang mga noontime shows, masasabi siguro natin na umaasenso ang pilipinas. Ibig sabihin hindi na “prime slot” ang tanghali kasi konti na lang nanonood dahil karamihan nagtatrabaho na. Ibig sabihin din nito na tumatalino na tayo at di na tayo natatawa kapag may contestant na nilalait at pinagtatawanan. At di na rin tayo umaasa sa game show para sa pagbangon sa kahirapan.

      • ChinoF says:

        Nasobrahan nga lang sa bold, hehehe.

  15. miriam quiamco says:

    Now, I am really in doubt of these survey outfits, the Filipino people couldn’t be this stupid, N/A obviously lied and not only that, he proved incapable of understanding simple Arithmetic as Monsod pointed out. Even his inaccurate data and the accompanying numbers did not follow proper addition and subtraction results, what a true idiot!!! One columnist said, a paid hack (????), leadership by example is what N/A is all about, what kind of leadership can you expect from a liar? Is lying a good example, omg!!!

  16. Roborat says:

    Nang makita ko tong website na to at nabasa ko ang “Who really is the Antipinoy”- kung saan sinasabi na ang greatest enemy pinoy ay ang sarili natin at ang coach sinesermonan ang atleta para sa ikabubuti nya, etc. Sinabi ng manunulat na:

    The path to prosperity, the path to the place the Philippines deserves among the world community, the path of patriotism for all true Pinoys is to first honestly and bravely acknowledge the ills of society and then have the initiative to seek to fix them.

    Ang buong pagkaintindi ko ay ang pag-amin sa lahat ng mali ng lipunan, kahit sino man ang gumagawa, ang isa sa mga unang hakbang na kailangan natin gawin para umunlad. Akala ko na walang pinapaboran tong website na to, at walang kinikilingan, walang pinoprotektahan (hehe slogan ata ng GMA news yon). Pero ang lumalabas, ang paboritong target lang dito si N.Aquino et al. Pano naman ang mga iba pa? Wala din sinusulat ang mga matatalinong bloggers ng Antipinoy tungkol sa iba pang mga kwestyonableng personalidad tulad ni Mikey Arroyo. Kung meron man, parang daplis lang kumpara sa paghimay ng mga kilos ng Pnoy, pati sa mga dumedepensa sa kanya. Nagmimistulang “defense team” tuloy ng mga Arroyo ang Antipinoy. Sayang ang talino at galing sa panunulat.

    Kung ang layunin ng Antipinoy ay maging patas at “objective” sa pagkilatis, hindi nito kayang magbigay din ng patas o tamang solusyon sa mga problemang panlipunan kung kay Pnoy lang sila lagi naka-asinta. Magpakatotoo sana ang Antipinoy sa orihinal nitong hangarin. At sana hindi ito maging Pnoy vs Gloria na parang Star Wars (the force vs the dark side, jedi vs sith). Eh parang mudslinging lang din ang nangyayari. Wag na natin lalong ipag mukang bobo at tanga ang mga kababayan natin at gatungan na ang laban ay ganun kasimple lang.

    Tulad ng mga Gloria haters, ang mga PNoy haters ay walang magagawa kung puro reklamo at pintas lang.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @burat: “Tulad ng mga Gloria haters, ang mga PNoy haters ay walang magagawa kung puro reklamo at pintas lang…”

      … gung gong ka pala eh… kung si ate glo or si his excellency gung gong ang nakapuwesto at puro kagung gungan ang ginagawa sa gobyerno, eh dapat lang pintasan…

      … kahit saang bansa sa mundo ka magpunta, kapag ang kanilang administrasyon ay bugok (tulad mo), dapat pintasan at magreklamo ang tao…

      … itulad mo na lang sa ‘merka, hayun, nagkakagulo sila doon… negro vs puti vs kulay tae (brown)…

      … ang flipflams, okey lang, kasi wala namang bilang doon sa ‘merka… walang sinabi… panay tinikling at pot luck… bwi hi hi hi :mrgreen:

      … kaya, ikaw burat eh gumising ka at maghilamos doon sa imburnal – pasig river…

      • Roborat says:

        @ulong pare, pakamatay ka na lang. para ma-extinct na ang mga “troll” katulad mo. wala kang masabing matino. basta lang makahirit ka kala mo ang talino mo. mahihilamos sana ko sa imburnal kaso andun pa nanay mo nagmumumog.

      • Miriam Quiamco says:

        Hey Roborat, welcome fellow Gibo supporter, masanay ka na sa style ni ulong pare, he means well, ganyan lang talaga siya, nasanay na rin ako. Sayang talaga si Gibo, hope his GTP will evolve into a political party in the future. I still strongly believe in his ideas of governance and issue-oriented politics. . .

      • mel says:


        I find Ulong pare’s style because it prevents me from one-sided thinking. Para di makalimutan ang mga bagay-bagay at hindi lamang ang mga reklamo. Take it with humor, we have to laugh once in a while 😀

      • mel says:

        oops, typo

        I find Ulong pare’s style good..

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        … @burat: ikaw ang dapat magpakamatay at para mabawasan ang mga gung gongs dito sa flipland… magbigti sa doon sa puno ng kamias… :mrgreen:

        … kung ayaw mo namang magpakamatay, allah eh, ‘bakwet ka na lang sa ‘merka or kahit saang panig ng mundo… doon ka magwala at magkalat… :mrgreen:

        … kitams mo nga ang ‘sang tambaks na pulubi sa ‘tang inang imperial manila, nagkalat ang squats sa lahat ng sulok ng imburnals at esteros at ‘sang tambaks ang nangangamatay sa gutom sa hacienda luisita… tapos si padre damaso, allah eh, panay pa rin ang iyot at gahasa sa ating mga poging teenajas… allah eh, dapat naman ilagay sa pwesto ang may utak…

        … mga katulad mo ang nagpapabagsak sa ating lupang hinarang eh…

        … ay sus ginoo, wala na kayong ginawang matino, puro pa kayo mga pandamay… 😆

    • ChinoF says:

      Grabe, si Morato noon, strict ang dating sa morality at conservatism nung MTRCB chairman siya. But under his watch, lumusot ang title na “Supermouse and the Roborats”. Kaya yung pagiging strict and old-fashioned, nakakabobo pala. 😆

      Kaya ang tawag dito ay demokrasya. Dapat magpasalamant nga tayo na makakareklamo tayo. Freedom of speech yan, ‘dre. Panahon ni Marcos, pag nagreklamo ka sa gobyerno, Ampatuanized ka kinabukasan. 😯

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Hey Roborat:

      Gloria Arroyo is past already. She is out of power. Mike Arroyo is also past. All these people are History already. They have nothing to do now, with the decissions in governing our country. Ninoy Aquino is the present President. All his decissions and the results of his works, affect our lives.

      The Yellow Horde loyalists strategy and tactic : to Divert our attentions away from Noynoy Aquino and his incompetent cahoots; is not working. We will FOCUS on him daily. Shake his incompetent mind; until he will fulfill all the promises he made to us during election. We will never be distracted or diverted…Hacienda Luisita given to his tenants/tillers on the forefront of the agenda…No compromise on this issue…Land Reform Program to be fully implemented is the next…

  17. olivia says:

    There probably is a bigger reason why the oligarchs have selected NA to be the president. People around NA has duped him when they egged him to run for presidency. NA reluctantly accepted the challenge and fast forward today, we have him as the sitting fool, err..president. I am sure that the people around him are smart to know that what NA has said in his SONA is inaccurate. I cannot believe that the people who fed him the speech aren’t competent enough to know what is real and imagined.

    The oligarchs could not have chosen a better candidate to protect their interests. These are smart people. The have chosen the least competent candidate who will be clueless of whats happening around him. His handlers will continue to feed him fiery but erratic rhetorics to sway the people’s attention to the past administration while the group quietly goes around their business without the public noticing it.

    Had they chosen a discerning and smart leader, for sure, they will not get what they want. It was the same scheme used by huge businesses when Erap ran in 98. In fact, if you look at the list of contributors of both Erap and NA’s campaign kitty, you will find the whos who of the business circle.

    And what about GMA? There was an uncanny silence on her part during the campaign period. We didnt see her campaign hard for Gibo. Some people may see that she tried to distance herself from Gibo, mindful of the possible backlash due to her dipping popularity (harped by the yellow machineries). Perhaps, GMA was also in approval of NA being the eventual winner in the polls. NA, not being known as a sharp and intelligent man, might be less than capable of chasing GMA for her alleged misdeeds. I am sure that GMA may be laughing secretly now after seeing how NA has performed so far.

    Which brings us eventually to what may happen in this country. Sooner or later, the people will get tired of NA and his government will be brought down. Leading to that stage, there will be massive realignment in the congress, which will pave the way for a charter change leading to a change in government form.

    Will GMA be back in harness as the PM? Or will it be somebody else, we have yet to see.

    • Jay says:

      The oligarchs could not have chosen a better candidate to protect their interests. These are smart people.

      You don’t have to be smart to find ways to dupe the lower classes of society under you and milk them for all their worth, what with their massive resources, businesses and the kind of highly secure position they are in. Resourceful yes but what they do are pretty much what drug lords and cartels do. All they have to do are turn people in perpetual sheep (which has been done long ago) and in extreme measures, get rid of foul evidence (interestingly, what would ever become of Ralph Nantes if he testified?).

      It is the same practice of deception and promoting a mass mediocracy and idiocracy that allows them to sway the public opinion over political issues and keeps the 1987 Constitution a non-issue even to esteemed intellects.

      One thing even my father, whom isn’t politically interested but seems to know the practicality of the personalities in politics knows that GMA’s name is volatile to the people in the country. For her to throw support to GIBO automatically kills his potential to speak for himself, his goals and win minds and hearts of pinoys his own way. The same reason why nearly everyone thinks Cha-cha has been tried once by Marcos and claimed it but by practice HE NEVER EVER ACHIEVED IT. Its the same kind of things where Pinoys like to believe in myths (even scientific ones about Pinoys inventing the Flourescent lamp and the Land Rover) but don’t understand the truth behind them, only to explore other avenues of pointless opinions and banter for cold, hard facts, analysis and REASON.

      The Oligarchs will never go away, but that doesn’t mean the common people can express their voices and start anew by wanting to understand a government that completely levels the playing field. Its quite possible even for Dick Gordon to become a leader for once and make Kris Aquino the figurehead she always hoped to be. Its a government tied to the efficiency of results and consequences, not the kind of Pilipinas WinNAwiN mentality. GMA may make a bid for PM but at the very least, she was a better statesman than the recent leaders the Philippines had in the decade. And in a parliamentary, that at least demands that and knows when to give up the leadership based on key factors of popularity 😉 and effiency ❗

      And who knows, the changes may also affect the circles of the Oligarchs for once to think about the progress of the country. The old order dies and the new ones are going to have to deal with the changes or suffer the consequences.

  18. UP nn grad says:

    Noynoy Administration to Metro Mayors: Allow Emergency Leak Repairs without Permit

    July 30, 2010. To help address the current water shortage in Metro Manila and Cavite, Secretary Jesse M. Robredo of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) today called on the provincial governor of Cavite and mayors of Metro Manila to allow the emergency repairs of leaks within their respective jurisdictions even ➡ without the required excavation permits.
    As part of DILG’s role to provide standards and rules on local governance, Noynoy Administration says
    MWSS and Maynilad :mrgreen: do not have to comply with regulations about excavation permits.

  19. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    kabayang roborat, pansin ko lang na parang nauuna ang emosyon sa mga post ninyo.

    Kung maglilibot lamang po tayo sa net, maging yung mga media na todo promote kay pnoy dati ay mayroon ng mga negatibong artikulo laban sa kanya.

    akalain po ninyo, hindi inere yung latest na palpak sa sona ni pnoy.

    • Roborat says:

      @ako ang simula ng pagkabobo: di ko pinagtatanggol si Pnoy. wala akong sinabi na pro-aquino ako. basahin mo ulit mga post ko. & di ko binoto yan. Si Gibo ang binoto ko. Yan pwede mo kong pintasan sa pagboto ko sa kanya.

  20. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    because we chose to have pinas run like hell by filipinos

    THE bulk of the “rotting rice” bloating government warehouses was donated by the United Nations World Food Program to the previous administration’s food-for-work and food-for-school programs, which President Benigno Aquino III has dumped, former Presidential Management Staff chief Elena Bautista-Horn said Thursday.
    Mr. Aquino had also scrapped the program to distribute cheap rice to the poorest of the poor, who were able to buy subsidized rice at P18.25 a kilogram but which now cost P25to P35 a kilo, Zambales Rep. Maria Milagros Magsaysay said.

    And btw, don’t forget to check lacierda’s repeat performance!

  21. Noynoy News says:

    it’s official. The Philippine Inquirer is just a puppet newspaper and online source of sensationalized journalism. This is why I read Manila Bulletin. Whenever I eat at McDonald’s and I’m handed the Inquirer as a freebie with my breakfast meal, I push it back. I don’t read puppet-oriented information. it reminds me of the martial law days.

  22. Phil Manila says:

    “Be a Statesman” – benign0

    Yes, P.Noy should acknowledge/give credit to former President Arroyo for this:

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Wow, ang kapal talaga ni N/A, wala man lang acknowledgment sa efforts ni GMA, puro lang siya batikos and now he is claiming this accomplishment as part of his achievements, darn, this president needs to get real!!!!

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      Mater Dei, PNoy calls giving CGMA a REALLY BIG FINGER an “accomplishment?!” Jesuchristo, how the Philippines managed to endure this kind of bull is just beyond me.

  23. touchkey says:

    Now is the time to open the Philippine skies open to major airlines to lower more the air fares…

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      We know what the oligarchs’ response would be: Nyet, non, nein, iie, hindi, laa, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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