Noynoy Aquino: Being President is no longer a popularity contest

So President Noynoy Aquino is popular. Okay, already. Frankly, his minions in the are over-praising him for just being popular with the public and rating highly in a trust “survey”. There are even newspaper columnists who give P.Noy too much credit on things he hasn’t accomplished yet — even without laying any kind of concrete plan of action for the future. They say he “now holds the highest ever trust rating ever earned by a public official.” The thing is, former president and convicted plunderer, Joseph Estrada was popular with the electorate too and he even almost won the presidency again in the recent election. So clearly, popularity is not a big deal especially if one is only popular for the wrong reasons like, say, having a popular mother, father and sister. Besides, all newly elected presidents are popular at the beginning of their term anyway (think: Obama). P.Noy’s popularity is not something that should define his presidency this early.

Inquirer columnist Jose Ma. Montelibano said in his sorry excuse for P.Noy’s lack of a roadmap in his SONA, “The roadmap is about character, the character of the leader and the character of the follower, the character of P-Noy and the character of the Pinoy.” But exactly what type of character does P.Noy have anyway? I fail to see any redeeming qualities that can make up for his lack of foresight and vindictive nature. In fact, more and more people are starting to become vocal about his character flaws and one of the many obvious character flaws of P.Noy is his boastfulness about being someone with integrity.

Can you imagine yourself announcing to your friends, “Hey, I’m really someone with integrity!” They might just think you are delusional or something. One does not go around telling people about one’s own goodness. One should just show his or her good intentions through his actions and let other people be the judge of their character. People’s perception of you can be totally different from what is in your mind and you just can’t force everyone to believe what you are saying especially if you haven’t done much to prove yourself.

To be fair, it’s only been a few weeks since P.Noy was sworn in as the President. But it’s been one heck of a gaffe-filled few weeks culminating with his state of the nation address (SONA), one that was filled with what seems to be unsubstantiated claims, empty rhetoric and negativity. No wonder the media outlets owned and operated by relatives and friends of P.Noy are coming out swinging and on the defensive about his “character”. It is like scraping the bottom of the barrel because they haven’t got much to work with. P.Noy’s supporters are just banking on his popularity to help him through his term.

So now Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda is saying that “the President instructed all the Cabinet secretaries to come up with an individual spokesperson for all departments.” Perhaps this move was prompted by the coming to light of all the inconsistencies in P.Noy’s SONA in recent days. So this means that there could be at least 19 new spokespersons added to P.Noy’s communication team. Great! Increasing the number of people to speak on behalf of the President will make it even easier for P.Noy to blame someone for being misquoted or being misunderstood. Indeed, this will be a very convenient excuse for all the future gaffes by the Chief. And whatever happened to working in simple ways for better coordination and less labor cost? Obviously for the P.Noy Administration, less is not more.

Speaking of communication, could it be true that P.Noy’s original mouthpiece, Conrado “Nonoy is like Aragon” de Quiros was “bitin” with P.Noy’s SONA?!? I had to read his analysis of the SONA twice just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. It had a hint of dissatisfaction that was very unlike those other public relations pieces of his that were dedicated exclusively to P.Noy.

De Quiros was actually saying that P.Noy missed the opportunity to take advantage of the people’s mood because the Filipino people are so “inspired” at the moment and they are just waiting for P.Noy to tell them what to do. He said “It should have been obvious from the campaign that the people were no longer in the mode of ‘What’s in it for me?’ They were in the mode of ‘What can I do to help?’” But then he had to add the delusional statement in the end by saying that John F Kennedy’s proposal during his time was now a reality for P.Noy. He says, Filipinos are asking “what can I do for my country?”

The sorcerer couldn’t be more wrong because the electorate is still in the same mode as before which is to leave every problem to the government to solve for them. Where is the evidence of this you might ask? It is in the same statement of Inquirer columnist Montelibano that P.Noy “now holds the highest ever trust rating ever earned by a public official.” It is not a good sign when the electorate has complete trust in their government. When the electorate does not even question or use their critical analysis faculties when listening (or not listening) to their public officials, it only means that they are not in the mode of “what can I do to help?” They are more in the mode of “we can trust him to take care of everything for us.”

The Filipino electorate is indeed dreaming again. They are back in their comfy stupor. They keep going back to being less vigilant every time there is a newly elected head of state. It was the same with former President Gloria Arroyo when she was new to the office. It’s because voters believe that their duty ends on election day and anyone who complains or makes a fuss of the new president’s “errors” of judgment are just being unpatriotic or sore losers.

If you believe the surveys conducted by polling firms owned and operated by friends and family members of P.Noy, he is indeed, the most popular guy in town. Unfortunately, popularity is just like gravity. What goes up usually will come down one day.

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78 Responses to Noynoy Aquino: Being President is no longer a popularity contest

  1. redd says:

    Two things I see with regards to these surveys. One is the integrity and reliability of the survey firms and the other is the kind of respondents selected for the survey. Are the survey firms still believable? Did they really perform a real survey or they have just churned out another propaganda for NA3 through a fabricated survey? They probably did but another question is what kind of respondents have participated in the survey. Based from the high rating that NA3 got, the respondents possibly could’nt careless on how NA3 has been running the country so far. They paid no attention even after gaffe after gaffe by NA3.

    Popularity based on dubious survey and respondents alike is meaningless, except that it serves its purpose of conditioning the people’s mind. They have succeeded doing this during the past elections with the continuous stream of surveys showing NA3 way ahead of the pack.

    The sad thing, the people seem to continue to buy the BS.

    • Jay says:

      >Are the survey firms still believable?
      >The survey firms are owned by the Lopezes who also own ABS-CBN as well as many of the major corporation in the Philippines

      choose one.

      There is a good reason to believe why the an mediocre Aquino president has his powerful media conglomerate as his allies. The major surveys are about as convincing as GMA’s bid for popularity using ratings as an excuse.

    • ilda says:


      These survey firms should actually divulge how many people they interviewed and emphasize it. Something like, “out of 50 respondents, 30 people said this…” When they report the result of their survey, they make it look like they actually interviewed millions of Filipinos. Pretty deceiving. The media also do not know how to report with accuracy. What’s worse, they give their own interpretation. Naglolokohan lang talaga mga agency.

      • Redd says:

        @ ilda

        I completely agree with you although i doubt if it will even matter. Now it so obvious and we should all realize that the machinery has started its work long before the campaign period. It is all part of a grand design by the oligarchs. Media outlets and survey firms have been used extensively to condition the minds of the electorate that 1. Gloria is evil and 2. Noy is the best choice.

        The suckers that we Filipinos are, we just took everything hook, line and sinker. This country is indeed a country of suckers.

        Now it has happen. The incompetent one won. The grand plan is in full swing. Who really is calling the shots? Who is pulling all the strings? The answer may come in time when the plot thickens, it will eventually unravel.

      • bruckner says:

        It has become a family feud. Then it was Aquino versus Marcos. Then came Aquino versus Arroyo. It seems to me that the Aquino family is activating all their propaganda machineries to bring their opponents down.

        Family feud between traditional politicians. If you cannot shoot your rivals, kill them with the use of media and false allegations. The gullible public will be the jury. Tiring and hopeless Philippine politics!

      • Jay says:

        Who really is calling the shots? Who is pulling all the strings? The answer may come in time when the plot thickens

        If you read Rizal II’s new article and some of the past AP ones, you’ll get an understanding who are the group of people pulling the strings. The answer is already there, just that nobody wants to accept it for the sake of not wanting to be wrong when in all honestly, their motives are clear as day hidden in all the distractions out there.

  2. innagadda54 says:

    “The Filipino electorate is indeed dreaming again. They are back in their comfy stupor. They keep going back to being less vigilant every time there is a newly elected head of state.”

    Noynoy says we can dream again. You know who was a famous dreamer? Walter Mitty. Who is about as accomplished as Noynoy.

    Noun 1. Walter Mitty – fictional character created by James Thurber who daydreams about his adventures and triumphs

    The name Walter Mitty and the derivative word “Mittyesque”[5] have entered the English language, denoting an ineffectual person who spends more time in heroic daydreams than paying attention to the real world, or more seriously, one who intentionally attempts to mislead or convince others that he is something that he is not. In military circles, this usually refers to people who try to fake an impressive career.

    The problem is the readers of the short story are not supposed to buy into Walter Mitty. Our electorate and the PDI and ABS CBN have.

    • Hyden Toro says:

      The Dreamer President can dream for a good Philippines. However, we are all living in a nightmare…
      He can dream all he wants to dream. The rest of us just dream of basic neccesities to come into our lives like: low prices of basic commondities; low LRT fares, self sufficiencies in food; NPA and MILF insurgencies neutralized; sufficient supply of water; Hacienda Luisita given to its tenants/tillers; low power rates (no brown outs); etc…the poor tenant/farmers can also dream: the full implementation of the Land Reform Program…

      These are the dreams, even our Fathers had dreamed. Until now, we are just dreaming about them. And, our imbecile President Noynoy Aquino is also caught up with our dreams…he just dream…not moving, or thinking for solutions to these problems… we have to dream again, indeed…not moving…just dreaming…

    • ilda says:

      P.Noy’s image is indeed a fabrication. There are a lot of Aquino fanatics who try to mold him into an image they have of someone in their brain. They’ve put a face into that imaginary person in the name of Noynoy Aquino. They probably think that they can replace former President Cory Aquino with his son. This is because they are afraid of the unknown and they just want to hang on to something familiar. Filipinos are not really known to take risks. They actually believe that P.Noy is a safe bet.

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        PNoy, a safe bet? My ass!

        Really, how can some scion of big shots who was not his own man be considered “a safe bet?” All he did as a legislator was glorified jerking off, and he had the balls to call THAT “fiscalizing!”

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @A. judex: naman naman namannnn…

        … for the cojuangco clan/oligarchs, prez gung gong is the safest bet…

        … he is punching douche bag… cojuangcos are behind the curtain, pulling all the strings…

        … and, flip gung gongs will not do jacksh!t… they can’t see beyond the puppet…. :mrgreen:

      • innagadda54 says:

        “They probably think that they can replace former President Cory Aquino with his son. ”

        If the world really worked that way then Frank Sinatra Jr. would be a legend. But sadly I only him as teh singing sword in Who Framed Roger Rabitt? and an episode of the Sopranos.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        We have to remove in our minds, things about Cory Aquino. If we want to move on. She was a fabrication of the U.S. State Department, C.I.A. Disinformation Agency. She was a U.S. tool to win the Cold War; against the Soviets, during the time of Reagan and Goerbachov. Remember, the Soviet Union disintegrated, after the success of the Philippine EDSA. The EDSA like revolution was tried in China. However, Deng Ziao Peng was very strong. He won the Tiennamen Square struggle against the student activists. China had the capability also to Nuke the U.S. In my opinion, Cory Aquino did nothing good in her term as a President. Except to be photographed infront of the altar, pretending to pray. The Catholic Church is also guilty in promoting this delusion. Democracy?, my ass…it’s Feudal Oligarchy, in reality…with the blessings of the Catholic Church, that is also one of the biggest feudal lords…

  3. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    i wish future would take the time to read.

    Immediately blurting out emo-ness shows the world why our country s*cks.

  4. Phil Manila says:

    @ Redd, Innagadda54, Ako ang simula ng pagkabobo, etc.

    Hmmm, slow down on the AP weed you’re smoking, will you? You guys are Group thinking again. 8)

    What emo or dreamland are you talking about? For heavens sake, don’t you get it? 🙄

    It’s all about physical survival!!! Desperation even: forty percent of Filipinos are below the poverty line.

    The poor Pinoys’ thinking, the value proposition being: who could best get us out of misery? 😯

    1. Si Teodoro magaling sana pero kay GMA siya.
    2. Si Gordon kaya, pero kakampi rin GMA.
    3. Si Villar mahusay sa pag-angat,pero may tama sa kalokohan.
    4. Si Erap para sa mahirap, pero convicted.
    5. Kay Noynoy na lang. BAKA SAKALI.

    So there. Kapit sa patalim. Sana matalim nga si P.Noy. . . 8)

    As I keep saying: poverty is the absence of choice. No EMO there. 😐

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @philma: nag “BAKA SAKALI” na nga ang mga gung gong eh, bakit doon sa walang utak nag”BAKA SAKALI”?

      … kahit ang mga binanggit mo eh may tama, at least, my “konting utak naman naman namannnn… :mrgreen:

    • ChinoF says:

      2. Si Gordon kaya, pero kakampi rin GMA.

      What an assertion to make with no proof to back it up. It falls under the “busted myths” category.

      Kung kapit sa patalim… baka ginusto ang patalim? 🙄

      Poverty is a result of absence of choice… then give the right choice… i-CHAp-CHAp mo ma yung Article12: sec. 1, 2, 10, 11 & 14 sa Konstitusyon. 😈

    • Jay says:

      @Phail Manila

      wow balik tayo muli sa eleksyons. Naku diba sabi ko na dahil pinili ng tao si Noynoy talong talo ang buong Pilipinas?

      Absence of choice? They already made the choice. That is why they are suffering the consequences for over 50+ years now. And they continue to make bad choices even to this day. Because if they didn’t, we’d be talking about an alternate reality Philippines.

    • ilda says:

      @Phil Manila

      The poor Pinoys’ thinking, the value proposition being: who could best get us out of misery?

      1. Si Teodoro magaling sana pero kay GMA siya.
      2. Si Gordon kaya, pero kakampi rin GMA.
      3. Si Villar mahusay sa pag-angat,pero may tama sa kalokohan.
      4. Si Erap para sa mahirap, pero convicted.
      5. Kay Noynoy na lang. BAKA SAKALI.

      The poor Pinoys are not the only ones who have the above kind of mentality. There are so many educated and elite Pinoys who don’t use their critical analysis. The members of the elite are the ones who came up with the yellow propaganda. So therefore, it is not as simple as “kapit sa patalim” na decision. Filipinos both rich and poor are just easily duped. It is the culture. Emotional talaga.

      • potaters says:

        “The members of the elite are the ones who came up with the yellow propaganda.”

        Very true. Being a relative of one of Noy’s classmates, I can say that they really got behind Noy. Their “fervor”, I must admit, almost carried me away to and it wasn’t until I saw the resume of both Noy and Gordon in the Senate that I began to truly discern that it doesn’t make sense to vote for Noy.

        And can I just say that “propaganda” is the correct term for what they are doing. I always see it in my relative’s attitude, that fanaticism and intolerance to have Noy criticized. *shudder**yuck*

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        That reminds me of my own family… My stepdad’s side is simply Yellow, while my mom’s side is outright Green (I sided with the more competent Green). In short, we’re somehow split along political lines. My Yellow side is extrememly Yellow… If you’re not Yellow, you’re not Filipino. Such was their political credo… To think my stepdad’s pop was one of the first industrial engineers in the country…

      • ilda says:

        There really is no chance to penetrate their cult and talk some sense into the Aquino fanatics. They simply dismiss our arguments as being negative. It is an effort in futility to try and reach out to them because the type of mentality they have is already embedded in their psyche. I just do this for people like you guys who are still searching for any signs of life form left in the Aquinatrix.

        The good thing is that, since they don’t want to listen to us, they will eventually make a huge mistake and we will be ready for the “We told you so.” Hopefully, when that happens they be willing to have a dialogue for real change.

      • potaters says:

        And… the elites/well-off are also the ones who encourage the non-elites to vote for this and that candidate. It had a very big impact on the campaign of Noy.

        I actually hate how this is turning out to be. Even personal relationships with family members are being affected. And there’s also a conflict in my mind… I do not want to tell them that “I told you so.”, I do not want Noy to fail, I do not want this country to be in a more decrepit situation that it is now.

      • Jay says:


        You aren’t the only one who felt like that. During the election many here (who aren’t doing as much writing) have told their stories about how Noynoy and the Yellow uh, Fanaticism has put a wedge in their families. Even a friend of mine since he himself was the only one who knew better while the rest were brainless zombies looking for the easy way out.

        The die has been casted though and when its time to take sides, you have to. At least for the sake what the future Pinoy will become.

    • Ryunken says:

      Filipinos made their choice… So let’s wait for the six years and get happy when Noynoy gets Kicked out of office!

      Let’s see what makes the others non-winners good enough to run…

      1. Gibo – We need a genius to run the country… Apparently they don’t want a genius to run a country.
      2. Gordon – We need a good leader with a concrete pedigree to run the country… They don’t want a good pedigree of a leader to run a country.
      3. Villar – A business-minded person will help the country get out of the quagmire of economic instability… They don’t want that either.
      4. Erap – OK! We can forgive him… Just this once! They don’t want him either.
      5. Noynoy – An idiot with the names of two modern heroes… That’s all! He has no concrete evidence of doing good, a slacker beyond comparison, a baka[Japanese for stupid/idiot/and any synonyms of it], & Somewhat a broken-minded person… They get it and he wins it.

      Noynoy will prove to us if… He can make our country ride the dragon and become one of it… Or begin his legacy as the idiot of the state…

  5. Hyden Toro says:

    Three fallen Dictators were popular in their countries:

    (1) Adolf Hitler of Germany – He built the auto bahns (super highways) during his term. He also put people to work; including prisoners-of-war slave labors, together with the Jews and other minorities; political enemies, included. To equip the NAZI German War Machine. Anyone, who did not agree with his popularity was thrown in the Concentration Camps.

    (2) Benito “Il Duce” Mussolini of Fascist Italy – He was very popular. Lovely Italian women loved the Fascist Dictator, so much. They wrote him letters; requesting sex quickie sessions with the Dictator. Mussolini died hanging in a nearby Gasoline station.

    (3) Saddam Hussein – He got almost 90% of the referredum votes, in the last years election of his term. He was not popular with the Iraqui Shiites majority. So, he killed them and buried them in mass graves, a la: Ampatuans. He was popular according to the Iraqui government surveys, Iraqui government spokespeople, and election votes.

    Popularity is nothing but a fad. It is relative term. I can just claim :” I’m popular, because my name is:Hyden”. Like the Show Biz people:”sikat ka ngayon, bukas kupas ka na.” It has nothing to do with presenting solutions; and solving our country’s problems. A Monkey can become also popular, with acrobatic manuevers in his shows. However, he still remain a Monkey.

    Noynoy Aquyino’s spokespeople consist of staffs, that are not knowledgeable on the subjects, they are talking about. They are like the Babylonian ruler: Nimrod, who built, the Biblical Tower of Babylon, in order to reach God in the skies. God struck them. Until they speak, in different languages. Finally, they were dispersed, because, they cannot understand each other.

    Pride always takes place, before detruction. The Aquino administration is too proud, as Oligarchs ruling the country. They think they have the monopoly of : power, knowledge and truth…

    • ilda says:

      Too right, Hyden. Too right.

    • Ryunken says:

      I so totally agree with you.

      When Aquino is resigned… If not… Or finishes his term… And we don’t like it… We can so kick him out of office…

      Wait! Sabi niya… “Kayo ang boss ko…” Kaya… “Mr. Aquino… You’re Fired!”

      • Jay says:

        @ Ryunken

        True enough. True enough but in reality justice was never served. Just evaded for the next puppet to come along until the people wake up and start using their heads for once. It would just prove how destitute the country is.

  6. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … i not good at characters… nahihirapan kong salatin ang “characters”…

    … are we talking about “characters”, as in mah jong? 😳

  7. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    Noynoy the Incorruptible

    member of the ruling class

    son of the mother of nepotism and babysitter of Kamag-anak inc, santa Cory.

    Puppet of the oligarchs

    What now?

  8. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    Tita Cory, sana nung tapos na ang filing ng COC, dun ka na lang namatay.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @ beginner bobo: heaven needs ate santa cory more than flipland… cardinal sin was lonely, kasi card sin, allah eh, walang pumatol na angel… :mrgreen:

      … kaya COC was filed after her deach, but before she rot in hell… 😳

  9. NowIKnow says:

    “dream if you must.. but reality will remain unfazed..” – ESPECIALLY WITH A MORONIC PRESIDENT!

    He’s not corrupt, or so he claims, but he does hang out with a lot of corrupt people.

    Not to mention the ever-present and perfect attendance, Mr. Estrada, on almost all of his (Abnoynoy’s) publicity stunts. Like his wowowee inauguration and his recite-in-front-of-the-class-SONA.

    What a prick!

    • Hyden Toro says:

      The Daacer-Corbito case is now out of sight…this is the reason Erap Estrada is seen with Noynoy Aquino. Sen. Lacson, the main suspect of the case is hiding: showing, he has something to do with the case. A good Journalist and his Driver were presumably murdered by the Police. At the order of a President. Noynoy Aquino is already quashing the murder case. Is this the change, he is talking about?
      Hope? Hope that the case will be forgotten?

  10. NowIKnow says:

    Correct me if i am wrong? The Dacer-Corbito happened during the last 9 years right?

    OK truth commission.. where are you now?

    Or is this an obvious case of Kamag-anak Inc/ I-dont-care-if-your-corrupt-as-long-as-your-anti gloria inc?

    Talk about BIAS! Sheesh!

  11. ulong pare says:

    … daaang

    … prez gung gong: ampatuanization of maguindanao… masa care of muklos… o ano na ang balita?

    … my informant said that, “the backhoe was found guilty… backhoe would be sent to intsik beho para kiluhin… magkano na ba ang kilo ng bakal?” :mrgreen:

  12. BAYANI2010 says:

    Bah, namamatay lang kayo sa inggit dahil natalo ng todo sa politika ang idolo niyong si Dick Gordon na kaparehas niyong lahat: mayabang, mapapel, mapagkunwari,matapobre, mapanglait, mapagkunwari, at higit sa lahat, mapa-dayuhan. Magsilayas na nga lang kayong mga nagnanais maging Puti at iwanan niyo na ang bansang ito sa katahimikan. Tutal, wala naman kayong naibibigay sa bansang Pilipinas kundi bwisitin ang mga tunay na Pinoy at ayaw naman natin sa isa’t isa kaya maghiwalay na tayo ng landas ng tuluyan.

    You have as much credibility as your soul-sister and fellow race-traitor Michelle Malkin, which is none whatsoever. You’re just biased against the current President because you are either a mongrel who hates the non-white part of her hybrid heritage or a wannabe-whitey who hates all of her genetic origins. Why don’t you just do what she did and marry a rich white guy already and migrate to the anglosphere to spare us all the sad spectacle of you pathetically projecting your own self-hatred on other colored people like us.

    Hah, you hypocrites sure can dish it but can’t take it all, which is why this post will most likely get deleted immediately after I post it no? What’s the matter, can’t handle the truth because it hurts? Too bad for you…not!

    • NotMasochisticFilipino says:

      “Tutal, wala naman kayong naibibigay sa bansang Pilipinas kundi bwisitin ang mga tunay na Pinoy at ayaw naman natin sa isa’t isa kaya maghiwalay na tayo ng landas ng tuluyan.”

      Wala naman problema kung kuntento ka na sa buhay mo ngayon e. Basta wag ka lang magreklamo sa kung anumang masamang nangyari (at mangyayari) sa buhay mo dahil siguradong ang mga pasya mo ang dahilan kung anuman ang meron ka ngayon (tulad nung eleksyon).

      Akala mo lang na nang-aasar ang mga tao dito pero ang totoo, pinapakita nila ang mali para malaman ng mga tao sa gobyerno para sila naman e magsampa ng kaukulang aksyon. Minsan nga, yung mga tao pa dito ang nagpapayo kung paano iahon ang bansa sa kalagayan nito. Ganun nila kamahal ang bansa kaya ganito ang ginagawa nila. Sana may gawin ka din imbes na purong panlalait ang ginagawa mo dahil kung hindi, masakit malaman kung sino talaga ang laban sa Pinoy.

    • famous wolf says:

      [quote]Bah, namamatay lang kayo sa inggit dahil natalo ng todo sa politika ang idolo niyong si Dick Gordon na kaparehas niyong lahat: mayabang, mapapel, mapagkunwari,matapobre, mapanglait, mapagkunwari, at higit sa lahat, mapa-dayuhan. Magsilayas na nga lang kayong mga nagnanais maging Puti at iwanan niyo na ang bansang ito sa katahimikan. Tutal, wala naman kayong naibibigay sa bansang Pilipinas kundi bwisitin ang mga tunay na Pinoy at ayaw naman natin sa isa’t isa kaya maghiwalay na tayo ng landas ng tuluyan.[/quote]

      The envy card has been a failure argument that has never gotten anywhere. Those that want to be white? Forgive me for that statement but a lot Filipinos want to be white, the whitening cream that looks like semen would want to talk to you. LOL ONION SKINNED failure hahaha. 😆

      [quote]Hah, you hypocrites sure can dish it but can’t take it all, which is why this post will most likely get deleted immediately after I post it no? What’s the matter, can’t handle the truth because it hurts? Too bad for you…not![/quote]

      I took and quoted your sentence so why isn’t it deleted yet? BongV, you’re the mod, right? Don’t delete this utterly idiotic comment that provides no source of contribution other than to serve this fool’s utter incompetence in life that is the pot calling the kettle black. Hypocrisy? You should look in the mirror first. 😆

    • mel says:


      “Magsilayas na nga lang kayong mga nagnanais maging Puti at iwanan niyo na ang bansang ito sa katahimikan.”

      Magsilayas man kami, ganun pa din ang sitwasyon ng Pilipinas. Marami pa ding nagugutom at patuloy pa ding yayaman ang mga Oligarchs!

      Nagsilayas na nga ang karamihan at patuloy pa din na nagsisilayas ang mga nagnanais na maisaayos ang kanilang mga pamilya. Hindi mo ba nakikita ang kahirapan ng ating bansa? Ipinipikit mo lang ba ang iyong mga mata kapag dumadaan ka sa mga slum areas? Nakita mo na ba ang mga batang halos walang makain, maisuot at hindi makapag-aral?

      Kung ganyan ang iyong pananaw ay isan kang taong ayon saiyong mga salita “mayabang, mapapel, mapagkunwari,matapobre, mapanglait, at mapagkunwari”

      Isipin mo na marami ang mga Pilipino na nasa dayuhang lugar at kung walang mga dayuhan, wala ding Pilipinas!

    • ChinoF says:

      I’ll never be inggit with someone who’s gonna be the fall guy for every gaffe that’s gonna happen to this country…

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      So you’re telling me “anyone who is not for Noy is not a Filipino?” That is the height of lunacy, “BAYANI”2010! Why should any THINKING FILIPINO envy someone who thinks PNoy is the next best thing after God Himself?! Wala naman siyang nagawa nang matino as a legislator, but (nyet, non, nein, iie, hindi, laa) noooooooo, that MPOS had to have his mom go to God three hundred and sixty-four days ago! Now, if you still assert that we THINKING FILIPINOS are NOT Filipino, then you are correct… for we are too great to be encompassed by your definition of “Filipino” as someone who supports His Incompetency BSCAquino III. And I’m not even a Gordonite!

    • red says:

      You may not like Ilda which explains why you’re attacking her.
      I am assuming however you agree with her arguments in this article because you have not refuted anything from it. 🙂

    • boombox says:

      “Hah, you hypocrites sure can dish it but can’t take it all, which is why this post will most likely get deleted immediately after I post it no? What’s the matter, can’t handle the truth because it hurts? Too bad for you…not!”

      -(Diabolical Laughter) aha ahaha.. –
      “Monthy Phyton – Spanish Inquisition”

      Anong can’t handle the truth…. Bulag ka ata eh or masyadong babad ka na yellow media… LOL..

    • NFA rice says:


      Magsilayas na tayo. Pero huwag kalimutan ang padala!

    • ilda says:


      Nah…you are just talking out of your behind just like P.Noy. Get a grip of reality will ya!

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @BAYAGNI2010: …”mayabang, mapapel, mapagkunwari,matapobre, mapanglait, mapagkunwari, at higit sa lahat, mapa-dayuhan…”

      … bakit mo di binanggit ang our most obvious characteristics? >>> BRAINIACS… we have and we use our brain….

      … ikaw naman, sobrang gung gong…. once in a while naman, use your brain… kinakalawang yan eh…and you could be one of us…

      … hindi yung panay ang putok ng butse mo, wala ka namang mahinahon na inesab… itong atsoy/atsay ko eh, at least may logic… :mrgreen:

  13. innagadda54 says:

    @ Hyden etc.

    Written well before the Orwellian Truth Commission.

    @ Phil Manila. – are you really justifying your support whose election strategy was – “that’s my mom, that’s my dad, that’s my sis ” vote for me. ”

    the guy has the nerve to talk about thieves when he himself has been on the public payroll for 11 years with zero accomplishments. Yet he has the monopoly on wisdom of what to do. Just because he he is a do nothing dreamer does not mean you have to be one too.

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      “That’s my sis?” That slu†?! What the [CENSORED] did she do aside from [CENSORED] around? She disproves outright the “Mama at Papa” theory of His Incompetence. Just because you’re the scion of fame doesn’t give you the right to do whatever the [CENSORED] you want!

  14. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    a vote for President Benigno Aquino is the hardest to defend.

    His supporters’ comments show it all.

    Mas madaling mamersonal kaya dumepensa sa mga ebidensya. 😛

  15. mel says:

    “What goes up usually will come down one day.”

    So true..and the bigger it gets , the harder will be the fall.

    PNoy continues committing mistakes, using his popularity in condemning the previous government, questioning authorities, and forcing officials to resign. He is creating his own chain of distrust. Disgusted people will doubt his integrity and competence and the more his gaffes will be visible to the public.

  16. BAYANI2010 says:

    “PNoy continues committing mistakes, using his popularity in condemning the previous government, questioning authorities, and forcing officials to resign”

    Ibig sabihin SUPORTADO niyo ang mga MIDNIGHT APPOINTMENT ni GMA?!

    Aba, hindi lang pala kayo PRO-GORDON , kayo din ay PRO-GLORIA . Kung ganon, e di wala na talagang tulong para sa inyo, at sa impyerno na kayo diretso. Sinasabi niyong anti-noynoy kayo pero ganun lang kayo dahil naging kalaban siya ng dating commander-and-thief. Kung alam ko lang, kung naging annointed si aquino ni arroyo, aminin ninyo, tahimik lang kayo ngayon, mga hypocrito…

    • Naiintindihan kita BAYANI2010.

      Alam kong mahirap mag-isip at magresearch kapag walang saluwal kaya I understand how you feel pare.

      Kung sakali mang mapitik ka ng iyong kapitbahay sa isang di kanais-nais na pagkakataon, lumundag ka na lang at isipin mong may nakakaintindi sa kalagayan mo.

      Paki-check mo na lang kung sino-sino yung mga dating-makaGMA na kapit-tuko ngayon kay PNoy ha.

      Kasi nagmumukhang napabayaan ka sa kangkungan kapag humihirit ka ng ganyan, okei?


    • ilda says:


      You are in the wrong blog. Pay attention to what you are doing next time. Don’t be like P.Noy, try to avoid gaffes. 🙂

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      It seems “BAYANI”2010 has adopted every trait of the supporters of PNoy’s idiocracy. How else can one explain the fact that he has gone so low he resorts to personal attacks against those who THINK?! Here’s a poem I have written prior to the last election, and it goes like this:

      A Sage among Fools

      When intellect and merit are trounced by fame,
      The society shall know naught but great shame.
      Those who think shall shudder and flee,
      Leaving simpletons in joyous glee.

      I am one whose thoughts differ from those of my race;
      That is, if they think, which is a sin in this place.
      No, they follow what the masses choose,
      Even if they will ultimately lose.

      I value intellect, I value my head.
      For this, I am evil, or so the fools said.
      I care not for surveys, for they are for fools.
      Those who think are true humans; those who don’t, mere tools.

      No fool can understand that which I put to pen,
      For truly, it is but beyond his ken.
      Intellect and merit are needed the most,
      For it proves one worthy of holding high post.

      Notice the middle two stanzas? They paint a sad picture of this country: There are those among the brown race that think, which is a sin in this place. Intellectuals are castigated and branded as demons, while lemmings reproduce like rabbits, no thanks to Holy Church (I think she should limit that adage “go forth and multiply” to cover the thinking Filipino!) and the Oligarchs. What makes you incapable of critical thinking, “BAYANI”2010? Have you been so heavily indoctrinated that you have treated Manila as the new Rome and PNoy as the new God-Emperor? If that is the case, I have found justice in the last line of my third stanza. You denounce us as not Filipino for thinking. Fine. At least we are human beings, unlike you, a mere tool.

      • Hyden Toro says:

        The lively interaction of thoughts and opinions must not be curtailed. These are the faults of the Yellow Horde loyalists: they refuse to listen to the opinions, contradictory to their opinions. Opinions are just opinions. Some are educated opinions; some are pedestrian opinions; some are Barbershop opinions; some are “bangus vendor” opinions; some really comes from the intellectual and informed people, tested by experiences, and supported by proper educations. These intellectual opinions are like Gold, embeded in the rocks of useless opinions. They have to be valued and looked upon. Because, they are given by people who really care for our country. Many are giving valuable time in their works, or daily jobs; just to share us these opinions and help us. These people really cares and love… 😯

      • ilda says:

        What a lovely poem Aegis-Judex. Unfortunately, our dear friend BAYANI2010 might not get it. I’m so glad there are more commenters who make sense nowadays. Unfortunately, there are still some who ranks right up there with GabbyD. Nevertheless, they make it a little more interesting here at AP. They represent the millions more who cannot grasp reality.

        Luv it! 🙂

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Thank you, Ilda. Sweetening the bitter truth is, personally, somewhat like trying to turn slag to gold. Impossible. I just hope there are more of our ilk.

      • benign0 says:

        Hey Mr Judex, hope you don’t mind; I reposted your nice poem above on my blog here. Good work man! 🙂

      • Aegis-Judex says:

        Thanks. Anyone say it was condescending, by the way? (My response to that was: “Why sweeten the bitter truth?”)

      • BongV says:

        it’s the philippine idiocracy.. what can i say – bawal mag-isip

    • ArticleRequest says:

      *Facepalm* 🙄

      Susmaryosep talaga ang logic ni Bayani2010. Non Sequitur agad. Hindi naman lahat ng mga anti Noynoy ay makaGloria. Marami namang anti Noynoy diyan na anti Gloria din o anti Erap.

      Noon noon pa, bago pang inihayag ni Noynoy ang kanyang hangaring tumakbo ayaw na namin si Noynoy kasi alam namin na wala naman yang ginawa sa kanyang termino bilang Congressman at Senador.

    • ulong pare says:

      … daaang

      @BAYAGNI2010: allah eh, pabago-bago ka naman ang lipstick eh ganoon din ang bagsak mo >>> gung gong…

      … my idolo-bigotilyo-iyutero prez erap, allah eh, sobrang kagung gungan, nahuling natutulog sa pansitan while in office… walang ginawa kundi pag-iiyutin ang ‘sang tambaks na startlets…

      … next, ang bangkang papel ni ate glo eh di pumatok… tapos, ‘sang tambaks ang naging anomalya niya sa pwesto, bilyong – bilyon kontratas ang ipinamudmod sa kanyang mga anaks… kaya ate glo, eh, hanggang naging “stalker” na lang ni debonaire Obama on her last days…

      … so we were looking for a good replacements… maganda na sana ang biyaheng bicol…

      … tapos, biglang natepok si santa ate corakot… ang mga flip gung gongs, allah eh, kunyari mga nagdusa sa kanyang pagkamatay… pero ang sa totoo lang, gusto lang nilang makapapogi/makita sa TV during the funeral… alam ko naman ang mga glip gung gongs, kahit hindi kamag-anak eh nakikiramay (daw).. :mrgreen:

      … tapos, pumapel si gung gong wowowee willie… lalong nagkagulo ang mga flip gung gongs… tapos, media oligarchs saw a humongous financial potential to be made in flip gung gongs’ emotional chaos… pinagtulakan ng media oligarchs si gung gong abnoy…

      … sa kagung gungan naman ni senatong gung gong at sa kasasalsal ni birhen kris aquino, sumige si abnoy… and the rest is history… :mrgreen:

    • Miriam Quiamco says:

      Ako pro-GMA, may problema ka doon?????

      • ulong pare says:

        … daaang

        @mirriam q: ako pro-erap… he’s good on forex Pph60+:$1… nothing else…

        … ibalik my idolo-bigotilyo-iyutero-gung gong prez erapppppppp!!!!! :mrgreen:

        … magkano na ba ang forex?

        … dang you ate glo… 😳

  17. Noynoy News says:

    message to the polling firms and yellow media that release so-called results: why the stress over the surveys? why the approach to bombard the Filipinos with it?

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Surveys are one way of deluding the public. Surveys are based on Statistics. Don’t believe in them. I can put arbitrary figures in the Statistical data. Then, claim the results are true…

  18. JOn says:

    the only thing we can look forward to if nonoy becomes overwhelm and suddenly loses his mind, binay should take over asap. it just scares me to see a huge cover up from his kamag-anak inc. i prefer bayani, however, filipinos have no choice…. just like with erap being convicted gma has to take over prematurely.

    • ilda says:

      I don’t know about that JOn. It’s hard to tell which one has the worse character trait. Binay also has a lot of friends in the wrong places. And I have a feeling that P.Noy’s handlers are filtering the bad news so it won’t reach him, which means he is not really getting affected by the criticisms. It’s sad really because it is becoming obvious that he does not have a clue of what’s going on.


  19. Pingback: Mendoza’s hostage drama and P-Noy’s culture of distrust

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