My Way

The Paul Anka song “My Way” is perhaps the most popular song choice in the Philippine karaoke/videoke pastime. Perhaps its popularity is because some people find it easy to sing, but it’s a very prophetic song as well. It very much reflects the Filipino attitude of people in political power today…. I’ll do it “My Way.”

Some people who supported Aquino may be shocked at the infighting that’s happening. They may be flabbergasted and wondering: why? Weren’t we all united in bringing the Philippines’ anointed to power? But that’s it: being united was a subterfuge. The way I see it, Aquino was brought to power by vested interests who correctly guessed he was the most bankable political figure to date. Thus, they invested in it. Now, they’re going charge their ROI (return on investment) from it – and that’s where the infighting comes in.

So we have a lot of people singing, “Noynoy, Noynoy,” while underneath it all, they mean, “My Way, My Way.” Thus, with Noynoy now seated, infighting had begun because they were all quarreling for the piece of the pie. It’s so obvious. The Noy-Bi/Noy-Mar article by Jose Rizal II explained very well how two opposing camps temporarily allied to bank on Aquino and make him win the election. And now that he’s won, they’re fighting over the spoils.

Little did Anka know that his song would become so popular that some people in a far-off Asian country would kill over it. Not his fault, though

It’s pretty obvious to me that many people vehemently supported Aquino because they wanted positions in his regime. We have bloggers, activists and journalists like Manuel Quezon III, Edwin Lacierda and Ricky Carandang who kept praising Aquino till they became part of the presidential media team. Of course, there are people with more honest intentions, with their own plans on how the Philippines will be changed, with their own causes and advocacies. But they might want to remake the country in their own image, according to what they want – not what others want. So if the others get in their way, it’s war. Thus, infighting occurs. Of course, some others may be fighting over the access to loads of money (presidential pork) that the president has, and will want it for their own causes. It’s “My Way” all the way.

This is how Philippine politics works. It’s basically patronage politics. Our country doesn’t have this exclusively, but it is flagrantly dominant in our politics today. That’s why so many influential figures supported Aquino. That’s probably what gave the illusion of being “united.” They think many supporters from this sector (the rich and famous) means, it’ll really lead to something good. But in truth, these are vested interests each wanting something for themselves. They want to be in gov’t some way in order to propagate their own way – “My Way.” So if they don’t get “My Way,” they’ll be on the warpath.

Perhaps the news of videoke brawls and killing over the song symbolizes this situation very well. Some men were quarreling for the mike to sing “My Way.” One becomes pikon, brings out a gun or knife and does in the other guy. In the Yellow camp, there’s no literal shooting, but there is a lot of figurative shooting going on.

Mar for example has filed a protest against Binay’s win. Juana Change has recently opposed the appointment of the Abads. Mareng Winnie Monsod, who probably latched onto Noynoy during the campaign as an anti-Villar move and as a gesture of loyalty to Cory Aquino, is now heavily critical of the 2010 SONA. Not to mention the appointee issue: however controversial GMA’s “midnight appointees” are, some of Noynoy’s appointees are considered equally questionable.

Sometimes, these cumbersome looking enjoyment machines become death machines at the wrong time.

Nearly everyone’s noticed; a lot of people in the Aquino administration are chosen on basis of closeness to the Aquino camp rather than qualifications. And it has led to a “My Way” versus another “My Way” against a lot of other “My Ways.” It shows that he’s not in control. Vested interests have given him patronage; they expect his patronage in return. Probably he was talking to them when he said, “kayo ang boss ko.” And in the end, no way will the Philippines have the change it needs to get better. There’s no real change from the former system that supports this patronage politics and relatives-friends-kakilala first mentality. on the other hand offers an alternative to the “My Way” course. We were all brought together here by the same stance; that Filipino culture is defective and is a major cause of the country’s poor situation. We also have the same stance on the solutions – that economic protectionism has contributed greatly to the poverty of the country and has quelled any real effort for positive change, so this must be removed. We also mostly agree on charter change, parliamentary government, federalism, and others. And we’re not looking for government positions.

Thus, it’s time to sing a different song. Stop it with “My Way.” Time to go “The Right Way.”


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18 Responses to My Way

  1. inflame says:

    Paul Anka’s song is too tame.

    Limp Bizkit’s My Way is way more appropriate

    Check, check, check check… out my melody

    You think you’re special
    You do
    I can see it in your eyes
    I can see it when you laugh at me
    Look down on me
    You walk around on me
    Just one more fight
    About your leadership
    And I will straight up
    Leave your shit
    Cause I’ve had enough of this
    And now I’m pissed

    This time I’m ‘a let it all come out
    This time I’m ‘a stand up and shout
    I’m ‘a do things my way
    It’s my way
    My way, or the highway

    • ChinoF says:

      Wow. Strong song there.

      Thing is, Anka’s song is still the one that videoke freaks kill each other over. 😆

    • Hyden Toro says:

      “For what is a man…What has he got.
      If not himself; then he has not.
      To say the things; he truly feels.
      And not the words, of one who kneels.
      The record shows; I took the blows.
      And, did it my way.”

      My Way, is one of my favorite songs. I sing it with feelings on occassions.

  2. aaron says:

    not related to the post but u might like it. an open letter of f. sionil jose to noynoy aquino

    • ChinoF says:

      Yeah, thanks, we saw this before. Very much the same message. Unfortunately, it seems that Noynoy’s being handled by others was the planned arrangement after all. Don’t think he could snap out of it.

  3. bokyo says:

    I also thought “My Way” is also a symbolistic song of Pinoy machosism 😀

    • Hyden Toro says:

      No, I think:it is a song for those who have confidence in themselves…I love the song…Frank Sinatra or Matt Monroe version.

  4. Correlation =/= Causation says:

    I pity the fools who believe that Paul Anka’s My Way is the true cause of videoke murders among Filipinos. Actually the real cause is the drinking excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages. In other words, drink too much until you’re drunk. Videoke murders are neither exclusive nor limited to the Philippines. It happens in other countries too. For every Pinoy’s info, there was a Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho episode that discussed the My Way videoke murders topic.

    • ChinoF says:

      Don’t worry, I agree with you. It’s just that the various “My Way” or videoke brawl can be seen as a metaphor for what’s happening in government. Everyone wants the mike, and they’re willing to kill for it. They’re “drunk” with power… or at least the vicious desire for it. 😛

    • Aegis-Judex says:

      I watched that. Turned out “My Way” wasn’t the grand lethal the media claimed it was… obviously.

      • ChinoF says:

        Yeah, I’m just playing around with the stereotype the media used. They spread a lot of these misconceptions around, don’t they?

    • Hyden Toro says:

      It depends on how you interpret the lyrics of the song. You can have Your Way to kill somebody… You can have Your Way to be an opportunist; because you are in the ship of Noynoy Aquino….Or, you can have your way to better yourself; and be of help to others…
      Like a knife in your hand: you can use it, to cut food and feed yourself…Or, you can use it to cut your neighbor’s throat…

  5. ulong pare says:


    (me, signging) … my weeeeeeeee… (bisdak kasi eh) :mrgreen:

  6. Hyden Toro says:

    I think a Pirate Captain in the Carribean, had better leadeship than Noynoy Aquino. After, a merchant vessel was seized. Everybody had a good share. These people are behaving worse than the Carribean Pirates…

  7. Hyden Toro says:

    The infighting shows; he lost control already of his own people. It is just a case of Weak Leadership. You cannot satisfy all your followers. This will start the enmities among themselves. The Noynoy Aquino ship is in trouble. Those who are there for a ride. Prepare to jump off. Maybe, Bongbong Marcos, or V.P. Binay ship is their next tempting target to ride on…

  8. reynangmgatae says:

    An example of someone powerful wanting to do it ‘her way’??
    Got this from TFM Facebook:

    MARAMAG, Bukidnon– “ The armed men formed a line, pointed their guns at us and fired,” This was how Erlinda Bacandon described how around ten gunmen fired at a group of farmers who occupied a ranch owned by a prominent supporter of President Benigno Aquino Jr., in Maramag town, Bukinon this morning.

    Two of the farmers were hurt and have to be rushed to a hospital in Maramag but Bacandon said many more farmers sustained bruises as they tried to run away from the withering fire from the armed men.

    Bacandon said the gunmen were armed with M16 and M14 rifles, shotguns and pistols.

    The farmers were able to take dramatic pictures of the gunmen as they fired at the farmers who lay flat on the ground.

    “They just fired and fired their guns. Many of us tripped over the wired fences. We were terrified,” Bacandon narrated.

    Mansueto Jocaris, a farmer, sustained a shotgun pellet wound on his arm and was rushed a nearby hospital in Maramag town.

    Also rushed to the hospital was Fe Panelo whose face was nearly crushed when one of the gunmen kick her as she lay on the ground to cover.

    Bacandon, who heads the Nakagawa Dulugon Farmers Association, said they have taken shelter at a covered court beside the barangay hall in Dulugon, Maramag.

    “We are scared to go back. We have to look who among us are injured,” Bacandon said in a phone interview.

    Bacandon said around 100 members of the Nakagawa Dulugon Farmers Association occupied the 200-hectare ranch owned by the late Roberto Montalvan, one of the pioneers in Bukidnon province.

    The ranch is now managed by Montalvan’s wife, Rosario, a known supporter of President Benigno Aquino III.

    Bacandon said the ranch was operated by Montalvan for the last 25 years under an Agro-Farm Lease Agreement but she said this had already expired.
    She said hours after they occupied the ranch this morning. The gunmen arrived on a truck.
    Bacandon said the leader of the armed men came and told them to leave. When they refused, Bacandon said the gunmen fired.
    Lt. Col. Triumph Dominic Bagaipo, spokesperson of the Army Fourth Infantry Division said the Army will conduct an investigation after the farmers noted that the unidentified leader of the gunmen was wearing a white tshirt of the 4ID Division Training Unit which was based in Camp Bahian, Malaybalay City. (Maribel Dano TFM Information)

  9. ChinoF says:

    Comic relief break….

    Here’s “My Way” being performed by Gary Oldman in the 80s movie “Sid and Nancy,” where he plays the late Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols:

    I didn’t watch the whole movie yet, but I loved this scene.

    Here’s the actual performance, longer, no kissing scene in real life 😛 :

    Clearly “My Way” was the subject of gunfire performances early on. 😆

  10. kid dynamo says:

    i know its a bit off topic but can’t help to post this song dedicated to PNoy….


    Wish I may
    Wish I might
    Have this I wish tonight
    Are you satisfied?
    Dig for gold
    Dig for fame
    You dig to make your name
    Are you pacified?

    All the wants you waste
    All the things you’ve chased

    Then it all crashes down
    And you break your crown
    And you point your finger
    But there’s no one around

    Just want one thing
    Just to play the king
    But the castle’s crumbling
    And you’re left with just name

    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?
    Where’s your crown?

    Hot and cold
    Bought and Sold
    A heart as hard as gold
    Yeah! Are you satisfied?

    Wish I might
    Wish I may
    You wish your life away
    Are you pacified?

    All the wants you’ve waste
    All the things you’ve chased

    Then it all crashes down
    And you break your crown
    And you point your finger
    But there’s no one around

    Just want one thing
    Just to play the king
    But the castle’s crumbled
    And you’re left with just a thing

    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?
    Oh, where’s your crown?


    I wish I may
    I wish I might
    Have this wish I wish tonight
    I want that star
    I want it now
    I want it all and I don’t care how

    Careful what you wish
    Careful what you say
    Careful what you wish
    You may regret it
    Careful what you wish
    You just might get it

    Then it all crashes down
    And you break your crown
    And you point your finger
    But there’s no one around

    Just want one thing
    Just to play the king
    But the castle’s crumbled
    And you’re left with just a name

    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?

    No you’re just nothing
    Where’s your crown, King Nothing?
    No you’re just nothing
    absolutely nothing

    Off to never never land

    Were all off to never never land after this came to pass……haaaayyyysss

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