Inception: How Leonardo DiCaprio may have invaded Conrado de Quiros's mind

In the movie Inception the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio leads a team of dreamweavers on a mission to implant a concept in the inner reaches — three levels down, to be exact — of a powerful industrialist’s subconcious. The expectation here is that an idea that originates at even the lowest depths of one’s subconcious ultimately manifests itself in one’s behaviour during the wakeful hours. The mission of DiCaprio’s character’s team involves the inception of an idea deep in their target’s mind that will cause him to make a decision in the real world that is designed to ultimately serve the interests of Di Caprio’s character’s employers.

For avid conspiracy theorists, the premise behind the film Inception could serve as an interesting theoretical framework that could be used to explain the increasingly bizarre behaviour of writer Conrado de Quiros. Perhaps a crack team of Yellow Army dreamweavers had at some point in the past plumbed the mind of the venerable columnist. It would have been a far easier mission. I doubt if anything beyond a first level of subconsciousness exists in the man’s mind.

In his latest piece, de Quiros exhibits possible symptoms of the outcome of such a hypothetical mind invasion. To his credit, I find his adherence to two key ideas — both rapidly degenerating in the wake of the bumbling administration of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III — rather interesting.

In that piece, de Quiros goes on “record” to respond to what seems to be increasingly critical scrutiny expressed by some un-named people acrosss “a few blogs and articles” applied to his writings in the over the last few months or more. His wordy and painfully convoluted treatise on the position he takes on today’s politics focuses on two neat packages that such a crack team could have skillfully delivered and, today, imprison the eminent journalist’s mind.


The above concept is also more poetically termed the “Noynoy phenomenon” by de Quiros in his piece. It basically harks back to how Noynoy supposedly “suddenly [left] everyone biting his dust” in the 2010 presidential elections. The man de Quiros uses this as evidence that the public “did not see him as an ordinary candidate joining an ordinary election”. Quite bizarrely, this contradicts what he says earlier in his article, that these elections were merely “incidental”. How could you use the election as proof of how exceptional a candidate Noynoy is after downplaying its role earlier?

Indeed, de Quiros engineers a clever assertion that disguises what is really just a moot curiosity of hindsight:

If the elections had not been around the corner, I was fully convinced the storm that gathered during Cory’s funeral march would have broken into a full-blown public uprising, like the last two Edsas.

Of course we will never know if de Quiros’s conviction around the above speculation held water at the time he supposedly was visited by such “insight”. That’s the power of engineered hindsight. Clever words can make people fall for what are otherwise plain non-sensicals. In de Quiros’s thought framework, this specific measure of hindsight is a lead up to the pièce de résistance of the buffet of moronisms he regularly serves the hapless readers of the mainly that…

The bigger picture is Edsa.

Conrado de Quiros reiterates that the 2010 elections was “an Edsa masquerading as an election” (one of his moronisms that I took apart a while back), perhaps implying that it was an “Edsa” that, in the bigger scheme of things, 40 percent of Pinoy voters gave a thumbs-up to and not Noynoy per se. This bizarre claim constitutes the crux of de Quiros’s attempt to weasel his way out of the million-dollar question that he himself states:

[D]id I campaign for Aquino?

The many many words that follow revolve around what is basically de Quiros’s simple assertion: He (de Quiros) wanted a revival of the “Edsa spirit”. And thus, de Quiros makes out that President Aquino to him is a mere tool (which he, pardon the pun, is turning out to be, as it turns out) in this grand but nebulous schema residing in his little mind.

It is in that context that the man hides behind a “depends-on-what-you mean-by [insert concept here]” clause to keep his options open; as in try asking him the above question and he goes “Depends on what you mean by campaign”. From this laughable foundation he then proceeds with stacking his house of cards ever higher. As mentioned earlier, the intellectual process is as painful as it is convoluted. In de Quiros’s view, “not wanting to be president” is the mindset framing Noynoy’s presidency that he shares with his mother — that other “spirit” of de Quiros’s “Edsa” — and is what sets him apart from the average Pinoy politician today. In this way, he emphasises that these tools merely gravitated (against their will, de Quiros cannot emphasise enough) into a cause or “phenomenon” that is bigger than their individual personal motivations and agendas — the “Edsa spirit”.

Effectively this excuses Noynoy, his mother, and any person de Quiros sees as subsumed by this made-up “phenomenon” of his — this “Edsa spirit” — from accountability for failure or, at best, mediocre results (basically the broken promises facing Noynoy’s administration even now).

Said by the man Conrado de Quiros himself: “like the last two Edsas”. No distinction is made on their outcomes. Only a beholdenness to their occurence is expressed — as if their happening was the end in itself.

Just say it straight, Mr de Quiros. Your claim today is that you were campaigning for the bigger picture — this “Edsa spirit” that lives in your mind — and not Noynoy Aquino. Fair enough. As you say, you are entitled to your own personal motives and agendas (who isn’t anyway?). And indeed, nobody is suggesting that you have “deviated from [your] original proposition that the elections were an Edsa masquerading as an election”. Indeed you have not. Not at all. And that is my point. An idea, or set of ideas, flawed at its core remain stubbornly lodged in your mind as the cornerstone of the complex of bozoic ideas that you infest our society with.

If there was such a thing as a condom designed to halt the spread of deadly memetic diseases, you should be wearing one.


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34 Responses to Inception: How Leonardo DiCaprio may have invaded Conrado de Quiros's mind

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  2. red says:

    What we are looking at here ladies and gentlemen are bubble burps coming from a puddle of primordial soup, of what seem to be remnants of deQuiros’ degenerated mind.

  3. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:

    nagbabasa ba yan dito o may nagtip sa kanya?

    Like candidate, like supporter.

    Crazy crazy crazy

  4. ako ang simula ng pagkabobo says:


    his 2004 WASTED VOTE article is nowhere to be found at the inquirer website. Weird.

  5. ChinoF says:

    Inception is about a sort of thought implantation? Hmm, that makes me wonder, maybe Golobulus is using his thought implanter to place these thoughts in De Quiros’ head the same way he influenced Dr. Mindbender… 😆

    • Hyden Toro says:

      Inception is Mind Control…no more, no less. Your Parents put inceptions in your mind, when you were young. Some good, some not. As you grow older. You will find: some of the things that worked for you in your young age; are false. As you grow older: it is your duty, to find the truth, and incorporate them in your conciousness. This is the way of Great People. They discovered themselves; that is, their: talents, abilities;weaknesses, strengths; what they can do; what they cannot do; etc…some sort of self fulfillment.

      “KNOW THYSELF”, as the Greek Philosopher Socrates stated…I always believe in the saying: “Whatever men can concieve; it can be achieved.”.

  6. NFA rice says:

    C’est quoi un faux intellectuel? Yet another spew of ash from the De Quiros volcano.

  7. ricelander says:

    Sobrang OA na yang si de Quiroz. Baka me nalunok.

    If it’s not becoming clearer yet, Cory ran to save Hacienda Luisita and so did Noynoy. All else were incidental.

  8. Phil Manila says:

    “The public saw him as an unlikely hero—I used variously Frodo, Arthur and the Lion King, to underscore the mythological aspect of it . . .” – De Quiroz

    I dunno but I’ve noticed this style of Filipino columnists of embellishing events with Camelot scenes , French revolutionary ideas, etc. to compose their ‘truth’ to frame Philippine reality. 😯

    I’ve seen this not only in De Quiroz but with other popular Op-Ed writers like Teddy Benigno, Max Soliven ,a nd others.

    Medyo EMO nga at OA minsan. 8)

  9. concerned_citizen says:

    The thoughts of the deranged mind of Conrado de Quiros. If the 2010 elections were really a sequel to EDSA then it will be no surprise what will become of the Philippines in the next few years under another incompetent Aquino administration. Like mother, like son as they will always say. Who fires an administrator for not being able to accurately predict the weather? NA even needed to make an inventory of the problems of our country. Where was he in his terms as a congressman and a senator? A big slap to his face.

  10. BenK says:

    Bozoic is my new Word of the Week.

  11. CoconutRacist says:


    If you are to remain true and credible in your use of Inception analogy and imagery, CdQ (along with fellow conspirator Billy Esposo) are the dream manipulators ,not the manipulated. Dreamweavers themselves, not the hapless objects of DiCaprio’s dream weaving.

    And boy, you have to admit, were they incredibly good at it. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

  12. Hyden Toro says:

    We don’t know how extensive the BRAINWASHED mindset has Mr. Quiros has. Brainwashing was used to control minds of people. It is done thru:

    (1) Control of Media Informations- Only, the informations favourable to the Mind Controller are released to the Public. The Truth is: sanitized, deodorized and manipulated to fit, what the Mind Controllers wants. You can see this method being used in: North Korea; China; Cuba; Iran and other Conservative Islamic countries. Even in the United States: Corporation and Media Conspiracy. They deodorize the plundering actions of Corporations. So, we have the Financial Meltdown; because the Truth has been hidden and sanitized, for so long. When the Truth was known, it was too late already. The financial meltdown was unstoppable…

    (2) Subliminal Injection of Informations – The Mind of a Human Being has three stages: Concious Mind; Sub Concious Mind and Supra Concious Mind. I will not go in too hard details of this complicated set up of our conciousness. Do you see how they put EDSA on the forefront always? It is because this will revive the yesterday’s “Greatness” of EDSA. Your mind will go back to the greatness of the Aquinos. It’s like: they want you to be reminded always of EDSA. So that, you will vote for them. It stir you up to think: you owe a debt of gratitude to the Aquinos for your so called “FREEDOM.” Without them, no freedom…

    (3) The Showing of HUGENESS – Dictators like: Stalin of the Soviet Union; Kim Il Sung of North Korea ; and Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Built themselves Huge Statues, to remind everybody of their greatness. The ancient King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon (now Iraq); built himself a huge statue. Anyone, not worshipping Nebuchadnezzar’s statue will be thrown into the furnace. This tactic is some sort of : “Shock and Awe”to the gullible subjects/public. Projecting themselves as lesser gods. So, Noynoy Aquino built a Huge Portrait of Cory Aquino, during her death anniversary. Encourage the public (you, I, and the next gullible subject/voter); to see the portrait and remember Cory Aquino. It is a Mind Control Tactic, and it works.

    Watch what you put in your mind. Your mind is like a radio receiving station/complex computer. What you put in, will stay there. If you put garbage; surely you will think garbage/nonsense thoughts: GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. Mr. Conrado Quiros and the Yellow Horde (including Aquino Media People, (hiding, subtle or outright manipulators) are examples of these people. These people are suppossed to be educated / right thinking people. However, they are acting like ROBOTS. No minds of their own.

  13. CoconutRacist says:


    Apart from your false analogy and wrong imagery, your article did not bother to explain why CdQ’s EDSA masquerading as an election thesis is wrong to explain the phenomenal rise of BSA in the last elections.

    • benign0 says:

      Nah, you miss the point Mr Coconut. Read the article. I use the analogy (which by the way is an entertainment-value intro into the article and not its main point) to propose a tongue-in-cheek explanation of the stickiness of the way the edsa-masquerading-as-an-election moronism adheres to the mind of de Quiros.

      But I’ll grant that you have a good alternate take on the Inception allusion too, dude. Indeed, de Quiros has served as the implanter too and has at one point arguably attempted to incite rebellion back during the campaign days.

      So it’s a chicken-and-egg thing, this Edsa-cum-election moronism that de Quiros created in the vacuous minds of Da Pinoy. Was it really an idea that came about because of Cory’s death? Or was it an opportunity seized by the Yellow Army to incite such moronic thinking?

      Abangan ang susunod na kabanata…

  14. benign0 says:

    In fairness to de Quiros, he provides a true getrealist take on the whole moronic brouhaha about the way politicians splash their names and faces all over structures erected using public funds. Check it out here. 🙂

  15. CoconutRacist says:


    CdQ was/is articulating an explanation of the phenomenon, he is not the originator of the phenomenon.

    And what better end does it have than thwart the evil machinations of an evil tyrant?

    • benign0 says:

      What are these “evil machinations” that you speak of? Explain, plez.

      As to not being the “originator” of this “phenomenon”, let me ask you this:

      Who’s to say said “phenomenon” originated to begin with?

      Kaya nga chicken-and-egg e. Which came first: the “phenomenon”, or ths spin?

      – 😀

      • CoconutRacist says:

        You’re late again as usual Benigno. The chicken and egg puzzle had already been solved. Smart science cracked the riddle, check it out here :

        And in case you’re still waiting for that susunod na kabanata, that, too, had already been consummated. Wag ka kasing natutulog sa pansitan. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • benign0 says:

        I’d rather be late and insightful than early and moronic.

        Check out the newspaper. You’ll find an army of dime-a-dozen reporters scrambling for first claims to the latest scoop.

        Best to watch in the sidelines and wait while the 10,000 peso-per-month grunts gather the crumbs of data and publish them on 10-peso rags and then later swoop in, connect the dots, and deliver TRUE insight.

        It’s called the hierarchy of minds, dude. Sitting on top of that pyramid are the folks you read here on AP. 😀

  16. ben says:

    Just a little off-topic 😀 Did you guys know that the story behind the Inception was ripped off of some Duck Tales comics? 🙂

    • ChinoF says:

      It’s really interesting to see how the “inception” of certain movies starts from such unlikely sources. 😛

      • Jay says:

        I actually thought it was inspired from the Japanese Animation movie Paprika. Similar concept where the protagonist (a female) goes to save the world’s dreams. Apparently the director Chris Nolan has also seen that movie as well.

  17. mel says:

    CdQ wrote in November 2004, five days after the Hacienda Luisita massacre, that “Hacienda Luisita will always be the symbol of the failure of EDSA to move the country from tyranny to democracy.”

    As Cory died, he was chosen by Aquino to speak at the funeral. After that, he wrote “Noynoy for President”.

    Either CdQ lost his brain during the funeral or a monthly additional paycheck? ❓

    • Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

      There was a massacre in Hacienda Luisita? REALLY? Calling Rubber-Stamp-President-to-the-Oligarchs, Aquino! Calling his Truth Commission!

      We wanted the truth from Hacienda Luisita Massacre!!!! Looks like Macapagal and Aquino are even. They have their own massacres attributed to them.

      • anonymous bosch says:

        However GMA is guilty by default because her opponents say so and they never lie. They are the judges who can usurp the mandate of the Chief Justice.

        PNoy is innocent by default because of the immunity from all kinds of crimes granted by the surname of Aquino.

        Noynoy is President, so we’re gonna play according to their rules. The Powers have spoken! Any objections are punishable by lynch mob!

  18. Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

    One of those things that Filipinos needed to be freed from is the myth of EDSA Revolution. I read from another forum, that EDSA Revolution was not a revolution. It was a conglomeration of Filipinos who “… wanted to witness the victors of the squabbles between Marcos against Honasan-Ramos-Enrile … ”

    The Thought Peddlers effectively told the wrong story to the Filipinos. LIke Japan delivered a different story on the Rape of Nanking to the Japanese.

  19. Indolent Indio Circa 1521 says:

    It is called Subliminal Messages by Subliminal Messenger who is popularly known as Renato Pacifico.

  20. Nonoy says:

    I really don’t get the point you’re trying to convey here. You should start organizing your thoughts before writing an article, especially if you’re opposing to a respectable icon in journalism and Literature like De Quiros.

    I hate to say this, but your site is for people who have disentangled brains. I even regret that I just wasted a minute of my time to make a comment.

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